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Offshore Liferay Development Team Can Now Get Their Liferay Source From Github Offshore Liferay development teams have been recently made aware that Liferay’s source code can now be found at GitHub. At GitHub outsource liferay portal development team can find source code for liferay portal, Alloy UI, liferay plugins, liferay docs and liferay faces. Many offshore liferay development forums have been wondering why this change took place and if there are any real benefits in store for them. There are many reasons on why liferay development decided to take this step, among which one of the reasons happens to be the growing popularity of liferay.

Offshore liferay development communities are aware that Liferay has grown immensely as an enterprise portal and there are many companies out there who are approaching offshore liferay development centers for liferay. In fact it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that liferay development is giving a tough competition to some of the bigger names in portal and enterprise development too. Since Liferay is an open source and a free enterprise portal, therefore offshore liferay development vendors are catering to a growing number of organizations that are looking to switch to Liferay or get their enterprise portal developed on this platform.

At liferay portal development, I am sure the team must have noticed this growing inclination among the developers to access the source code of various Liferay projects due to which they decided to switch over to GitHub. With a growing number of outsource liferay development members looking to download the source code, the pressure was building on the centralized subversion repository. This repository was frequently witnessing problems, due to which a decision was taken literally overnight to give GitHub a try. It’s been over a year now that the source code has been shifted to GitHub and there has been a considerable improvement in the processes. It has definitely allowed offshore liferay development teams to enjoy a more streamlined process at the same time given the liferay management to stringently synchronize the code review process. If there are any outsource liferay development teams that are not accessing GitHub to get the Liferay source code, then it is a good idea if they start doing so. One of the main reasons being that no one is aware when Liferay management decides to stop syncing the old Subversion repositories and they do plan to eventually stop it. Therefore, it is in the benefit of offshore liferay development teams to switch to GitHub. Since Liferay is an open

source platform, there is also a major benefit attached with using GitHub to get the source code. In fact a dual purpose gets solved because outsourced Liferay development team do not only get the opportunity to download the source code but can also contribute towards a particular project. Offshore liferay development communities can now fork a project and if need be even make changes to it as well. Since Liferay is an open source platform and has large communities therefore this is definitely an excellent option that allows outsource Liferay development teams to make use of contributions made by other developers as well as make their own contributions to the Liferay project too.

Offshore Liferay Development Team Can Now Get Their Liferay Source From Github