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I’m Dharmala Arief, a Nature Graphic Designer and Visual Communication student majoring as DKV NewMedia. Born in West Borneo and moved to Jakarta to continue study as a Good Designer also, passionate to improve self attitude. To be part of your team, im a critical thinking Designer that will bring satisfactory execution, i’m a teamplayer and having a good communication skill.

illustration Crayon media - The Great Kanagawa

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illustration Crayon media - Gigantic arrival

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illustration Pencil media - Omniscience Managarmr (Cardfight Vanguard)

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illustration Black Pen - Little chaos red hood

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illustration Watercolour - Free will

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illustration Watercolour - To be blued

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Digital illustration

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Digital illustration

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Logo Design

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Smashing position, means a strong momentum the get a point. Hornet appearance symbolized a group team character

A sting point on the serif claim that they have a serious font means to be a proffesional, include the logo itself





Rebrand - Xparring


A badminton organization, made by a group team that have a same hobby. Rebranded in order to make their identity more visualize and it would take another step to be more proffesional, they love to sparring each other to compete and training at the same time for themselves.

Using 2 components colours, orange and yellow also blue navy and brown, those components have their own unique, orange and yellow describe a youth spirit, brown and blue navy symbolized a proffesional colour because as a proffesional have to be a bold and serious. Page 10

Rebrand - Xparring

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Infographic - Krisbee

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the story is about saving the ecosystem, and the objection to put animal to the base before they get caught by extinction


An Interactive story apps for kids to learn and games that kids love to learn easily. ECOHEROES comes with friendly character and education story that they have to learn and survive the habitats while global warming caused the extinction.

Every section comes with different ecosystem with education about rain forest, artic, and underwater

Meet The Character A tribe protector and a Polar bear that will accompany reader and need reader helps. Polar bear needs help for kid to help his home and help the ecosystem too

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Mockup Newmedia - ECOHEROES

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Redesign packaging - Krisbee original

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RED SPICY Redesign packaging - Mockup krisbee

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BLUE SALT Redesign packaging - Mockup krisbee

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CHOCO BBQ Redesign packaging - Mockup krisbee

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Redesign packaging - Bandrek original

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Redesign packaging - Mockup Bandrek

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Packaging design - Chic’s fashion

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Packaging design fashion Redesign packaging Packaging Design- -Chic’s Chic’s - Mockup fashion Bandrek

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JackFrost Photography - Model Jack frost

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Photography - Red bull advertising

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Typography - Editorial front page Visi Kata

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Typography - Editorial middle page Visi kata

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