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AGREEMENT This Agreement is between Prism IT Solutions & Mr. Dharmesh Makrubiya. By duly signing the agreement, the joining employee confirms that he/she abides by all the terms and conditions as mentioned within ANNEXURE I & ANNEXURE II as mentioned within this very Agreement that Mr. Dharmesh Makrubiya has been appointed as Junior Developer of Prism IT Solutions post his conditional probation period of 2 months and will then be liable for a valid Appointment Letter once this Agreement has been signed Withness as given below.


All employees by order are requested to submit their following documents at the time of joining. o 1 Original Certificate (Any)/2 Cheques drawn on the name of Prism IT Solutions/Amount equivalent 2 month salary to be deposited over a period of 4 months. o Photo Copies of all other Certificates o Appointment Letter from previous employer o Salary slip/Certificate with duly signed credentials from the previous employer o 2 Passport sized photographs

A probation period of 2 months is mandatory for any new employee hired within the company. The salary structure within the probation period is fixed prior to hiring the employee. The salary structure is liable to change post the probation period depending upon the performance, conduct, dedication, ability to undertake responsibilities as well as regularity towards and within the company. Each employee will have to submit one of his original certificates to the company which he/she can retain back at the time of leaving the company. Alternatively they can submit 2 cheques drawn on Prism IT Solutions or 2 months salary as security deposit to be paid up within a tenure of 4 months (50% of the salary will be deducted for 4 months to make up for the amount). All employees have to provide a prior notification of 2 months to the company before making a move from the company and an approval letter will have to be obtained from the management. If the company is not notified prior to 2 months, for an employee leaving his/her position, company is entitled to not to produce the original certificate/will be liable for clearance of the cheque amount/is entitled not to return the 2 month security deposit, as well as, may go for legal actions against the particular employee and the employee can be fined for an handsome amount. Salary appraisals will be conducted once a year in the month of July, and overall performance of a developer within the span of past 12 months would be taken into consideration. Company will have the rights to anytime upgrade or degrade the salary scale of any developer in case of extraordinary performance or for a below par performance ratio respectively. The company however holds right to terminate any of the employees at any given time or date without giving any valid reason or notification to that particular employee should the company find any valid reason for that particular developer or developers. The company considers it as an offence if any of the developer/s tend to disgrace the company environment or stands as an unnecessary obstruction to any old or new company terms or takes any provocative measures towards other developers against the company management. In such a case, the company will be liable to immediately terminate that

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person/s and his/her supporters with penalty and company will be even liable for legal actions. ANNEXURE II • • • • • •

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A Team leader and a project Coordinator will be deputed on the working floor who will be responsible for delegating the work to the other developers. Each developer is assigned with a stipulated timeframe on each or all individual projects and failure to achieve without any potential reasons, may result in a potential penalty which may be in the form of salary deduction. Each developer will have to be clear with any new given project and will be provided with a document with modules to be implemented within each project for better understanding. Company henceforth will not tolerate any excuses for project delays out of misunderstandings, or personal reasons. If an employee is stuck on some issue, it will be his/her responsibility to get through the issue on their own or consult their project coordinator and team leader (post probation period) and ensure the timeline of the project. Any or all given information on any or all of the projects will be considered as the property of Prism IT Solutions and is confidential and not supposed to be leaked out by any employee and it will be considered as a huge offense and sever and legal steps will be taken in case any such thing happens. To avoid any leakage of information a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) will have to be signed between Prism IT Solutions and each of its employees. Office Timings are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM form Monday to Saturday (Sunday is an official weekly off). Though, each of the developers’ can stay back for work towards achieving the stipulated timeframe on each of the projects whenever needed. Anyone coming late than 10:15 AM is supposed to inform the management before entering the workplace or half day salary deduction will be implemented. The company may ask the employees to stay back in case of priority projects and each one is supposed to abide by it strictly. The official salary date is 15th of every month (the company is liable to change this with prior notification). The internet service on each computer is a facility for official use only and usage of internet for personal matters is strictly not allowed. This will include usage of internet for personal mails, social bookmarking, downloading personal stuff or any other leisure activities. If anyone is found doing so, will be penalized Rs. 500/- each time, which will be deducted directly from his/her next salary. No outsiders are allowed on the work floor without permission There will be a back-review performance meet every now and then which is mandatory for every employee to attend. Failure in doing so without a genuine reason may result into adverse actions. In case of any issues, all employees may let the company management know and the management will be more than helpful in a possible way to resolve any or all problems. Each one of the company family is entitled to follow these policies by rule and failure in doing so may result in a heavy penalty.


Company holds all the privileged rights to make changes to its terms and policies at any given time without prior notifications.

In case of any dispute as to the interpretation of this agreement as to the breach of enforcement of any of the terms and condition thereof, the dispute will be referred to mutually agreed Arbitrator as provided under the Arbitration Act. The decision of the Arbitrator/s will be final and binding on both the parties. IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE EMPLOYER AND THE EMPLOYEE, have set hereunder their hands to this agreement without any external influence or pressure on the date about mentioned. WITNESS:


______________________________ Prism I.T. Solutions (Employer)


_______________________________ Mr. Kshitij James (Employee)