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SAVE YOUR DAY March 11, 2017 Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi 10 am to 10 pm

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Path to retail success

TAKE YOUR RETAIL BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL Dhanam, Kerala’s iconic business magazine, has great pleasure in announcing the first edition of Dhanam Retail Summit & Award Nite 2017. The much-awaited event which brings together retailers in Kerala and outside under one roof would be the perfect congregation of the Who’s Who of the retail industry in Kerala and outside, along with entrepreneurs, professional service providers, e-commerce specialists, consultants and suppliers.






WHO SHOULD ATTEND Business leaders & Professionals in : lFMCG lBanking & Finance lFood and Beverages lHome appliances lInsurance & Brokerage firms lStock broking lJewellery lTelecom lSupermarkets & Malls lAutomobiles lIT & IT enabled services lEducational Institutions lTravel & Tourism lBuilding materials lOnline & E Commerce


1. Managing Challenges in retail in turbulent times 2. How to build a brand and scale up business 3. Customer delight – The way to go 4. Opportunities and challenges in retail 5. E commerce in retail 6. Franchisee opportunities 7. Grooming new leaders in family businesses 8. Technology adoption in retail industry 9. Impact of GST in retail 10. Demonetisation – shape of things to come

Conference Exhibition

Award Nite

Added attraction : Glittering Award presentation ceremony

For the first time, Kerala will be honouring outstanding performance in retail industry and related services in this Summit. The Award winners will be selected by an eminent jury of Dhanam Awards consisting of some of the industry’s most accomplished and inspiring leaders as well as experts in brand building and marketing. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE

For more information, please contact

For Sponsorship: 90725 70050 | 90725 70051 | 90725 70056 For delegate registrations: 90725 70069 | 90725 70062 For special issue advertisements: 90725 70051 | 90614 80718

Delegate fee

Regular rate : Rs. 8500 + 15% service tax – Rs. 9775/Early bird offer (upto 15 January) : Rs. 7500 + 15% service tax – Rs. 8625/Spot registration : Rs. 10,000 + 15% service tax – Rs. 11,500/Special rate for students & faculty : Rs. 5000 + 15% service tax – Rs. 5750/-

Payment by Cheque/Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Dhanam Publications Pvt.Ltd.’ payable at Kochi Or Bank Transfer details: Federal Bank, Girinagar Branch, A/C No. 10580200003399. IFSC /RTGS Code : FDRL0001058 Or Register online

Stall charges

Early bird rate upto January 30, 2016 : Rs. 30,000 + 15% service tax – Rs. 34500/Regular rate : Rs. 35,000 + 15% service tax – Rs. 40250/-


Dhanam Publications Pvt.Ltd. Kadavanthra, Kochi – 682 020, Kerala Phone : +91 484 2315840/2316494 |; |



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D h a n a m P u b lic a t io n s P r iv a t e Li m it e d Editor Kurian Abraham Executive Editor Maria Abraham Associate Editor T.S. Geena Assistant Editor Pushpa M Special Correspondent N.S.Venugopal (Tvm) Senior Reporters Binnu Rose Xavier, K. Ajayakumar (Northern Kerala), Vice President - Marketing Vijay Kurian Abraham General Manager (Operations) Antony Konnoth General Manager (Marketing) R. Surendran Manager - Advertising Mohana Kumar Manager - Marketing M.V. Muraleedharan Circulation Manoj George Design & Layout Boban Devasia, Roji John, Biju V.O Editorial & Business Offices Cochin: Dhanam House, 29/609, Cheruparambath Road, Kadavanthra, Cochin-682 020 Phone: 0484-2315840, 2316494


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Mind  Performance and Efficiency Enhancement Workshop


{]Xn-k-ÔnI-sf a-dn-I-S-¡m³, {]-IS-\w sa-¨-s¸-Sp-¯m-³

H-cp ]-cn-io-e-\-¡f-cn Cover Design : Boban Devasia

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t\-Un-b³ tIm-So-iz-c³ t{]w h-Õ-bp-sS C-S-s]-S ho|pw tI-c-f _m-¦pI-sf tZ-io-b-X-e-¯n NÀ-¨m hn-j-b-am-¡nbn-cn-¡p-¶p. Im-\-U-bn-se hm-d³ _^-äv F-¶-dn-bs¸-Sp¶ sSm-dtâm B-Øm-\-am-bp-Å hÕ, Xr-iqÀ BØm-\-am-bp-Å Im-¯-en-Iv kn-dn-b³ _m-¦n 1,000 tIm-Sn cq-]-bp-sS \n-t£-]w \-S-¯m-\p-Å {i-a-¯n-emWv. _m-¦n-sâ 51 i-X-am\w Hm-l-cnIÄ hm-§m-³ dn-kÀ-hv _m¦v Hm-^v C-´y-bpsS A-\p-a-Xn h-Õ tX-Sn-b-tXm-sS-bmWv tI-c-f _m-¦p-IÄ ho-|pw {i-²m-tI-{µ-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv. C-´y³ _m-¦nw-Kv cwK-¯v eb\ NÀ-¨-IÄ k-Po-h-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶ km-l-N-cy-¯n-em-Wv ]-Xnäm-|p-I-fp-sS ]m-c-¼-cy-ap-Å tI-c-f-¯n-se kz-Im-cy _m-¦n-sâ ]-Ip-Xn-bn-tesd Hm-l-cn-IÄ

B-cm-Wv t{]w h-Õ? tem-I-{]-ikv-X hmeyp C³-sh-ÌÀ hm-d³ _-^-än-s\ t]m-se X-{´-]-c-am-bn \n-t£-]w \-S¯p-¶, C´y-bn P-\n-¨p h-fÀ-¶v I-t\-Un-b³ ]u-cXzw t\Snb t{]w h-Õ, s^-bÀ-^m-Iv-kv C-´y tlmÄ-Unw-Kv-kv tImÀ-¸-tdj³, s^-b-À^m-Iv-kv ^n-\m³-jy tlmÄ-Unw-Kv-kv en-anä-Uv F-¶n-h-bn-eq-sS C-´y-bn h³ \n-t£-]-am-Wv C-Xn\-Iw \-S-¯n-bn-cn-¡p-¶-Xv.

h-Õ-bp-sS C-´y-bnse ap-Jy \n-t£-]-§Ä

hntZ-i \n-t£-]-I Øm]-\w G-sä-Sp-¡m³ H-cp§p-¶-Xv. h-Õ-bp-sS D-S-a-Ø-X-bn-ep-Å s^-bÀ^m-Iv-kv C-´y tlmÄ-Unw-Kv-kv tImÀ-¸-tdj-\v BÀ._n.sF-bn \n¶v Cu am-kw X-Xz-¯n A-\pa-Xn e-`n-¨m 2017 amÀ-¨n-\p-Ån Hml-cn G-sä-Sp-¡Â {]-{In-b ]qÀ-¯n-bm-Ip-sa-¶m-Wv kq-N\.

_m-¦nw-Kv ta-J-e-bn A-`n-am-\mÀ-lam-b ]m-c-¼-cy-am-Wv tI-c-f-¯n-\p-Å-Xv. kzm-X-{´y¯n-\pw ap-t¼ _m-¦nw-Kv cwK-¯v tI-c-f-¯n-sâ a-®n- ]n-d-¶ Øm-]-\-§Ä i-àam-b km-¶n[y-am-bn-cp¶p. G-sä-Sp-¡-ep-I-fn-eq-sSbpw e-b-\¯n-eq-sSbpw tI-c-f-¯n-sâ A-`n-am-\-am-bn-cp-¶ \n-ch-[n _m-¦p-IÄ A-{]-Xy-£-am-sb-¦nepw C¶pw A-©v {]ap-J _m-¦p-I-fp-sS B-Øm-\w tI-c-f-amWv. C-Xn tÌ-äv _m¦v Hm-^v {Sm-h³IqÀ, tÌ-äv _m-¦v {Kq-¸n e-bn-¡p-¶-tXm-sS H-¶v CÃm-Xm-Ipw. ti-jn-¡p-¶ s^-U-d _m¦v, ku-¯v C-´y³ _m¦v, [-\-e-£v-an _m¦v, Im-¯-en-Iv kn-dn-b³ _m-¦v F-¶n-h-sbÃmw ]m-c-¼cyw sIm|pw im-Jm hn-\ym-kw sIm|pw AX-Xv ta-J-e-I-fn-se i-àam-b km¶n[yw sIm|pw tI-c-f _m-¦v F-¶ ]-cn-an-X-amb-hr-¯-¯n \n-¶v ]p-d-¯p-I-S-¶p-I-gn-ªp. ZoÀ-L ZÀ-in-Ifm-b a-e-bm-fn kw-cw-`-I-cp-sS B-i-b-¯n \n-¶v ]n-d-hn-sb-Sp-¯ Cu _m-¦pI-fpsS Hm-l-cn-I-fn ap-Jy ]¦pw C-t¸mÄ ssIh-iw sh-bv-¡p¶-Xv ]pd-¯p-Å hy-h-km-bnIfpw Øm-]-\-§-fp-amWv. AXn hntZ-i \nt£-] Øm-]-\-§fpw DÄ-s¸Spw. A-Xmb-Xv H-cp-Ime-¯v tI-c-f-¯n-sâ kz-´w _m-¦p-I-sf¶v A-`n-am-\n-¨n-cp-¶ Cu _m-¦p-I-fp-sS ta- a-e-bm-fn-IÄ-¡v \n-e-hn ]-d-b-¯-¡ \n-b-{´W-sam-¶p-anÃm-¯ km-l-N-cyw. tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fp-sS h-fÀ-¨m {]-{In-b-bn-se A-\n-hm-cyam-b L-«-sa¶v H-cp Iq-«À C-Xn-s\ \n-co-£n-¡p-t¼mÄ a-säm-cp hn-`m-Kw C-¯-c-samcp Øn-Xn hn-ti-jw tI-c-f-¯n-\v tZm-j-I-c-amIp-sa¶pw hm-Zn-¡p-¶p.

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

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2,149 tIm-Sn cq-] _mw-¥qÀ cm-Pym-´-c hn-am-\-¯m-h-f-¯n l 1,341 tIm-Sn cq-] sF-sF-F-^v-F tlmÄ-Unw-Kv-kn l 1,550 tIm-Sn cq-] sF-kn-sF-kn-sF sem-_mwÀ-Un l 800 tIm-Sn cq-] \m-j-W tIm-fm-ä-d am-t\-Pv -saâv kÀ-ho-k-kn (74 i-X-am\w Hm-lcn) l 2000 tIm-Sn cq-] k³-amÀ {Kq-¸n l tXma-kv Ip-¡v C´y, kv-säÀ-enw-Kv dn-tkmÀ-Svkv, tIym-\n C-´y {Sm-h F-¶nh-sb G-sä-Sp-¯p.

A\pIq-e hm-Z§Ä a-Xnbm-b aq-e-[-\hpw an-I-hp-ä {]-h-À-¯-\-hp-

\n-b-{´-Ww ]pd-¯pÅ Øm-]-\-§Ä¡v


tIc-f _m-¦p-I-fp-sS \n-b-{´-Ww A-\p-Iq-en¨pw F-XnÀ-

Hml-cn- DS-aIÄ

anÃm-sX H-cp _m-¦n\pw ]n-Sn-¨p-\nÂ-¡m³ ]-äm¯ km-l-N-cy-am-Wn¶v. ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å-hÀ \n-t£-]w \-S-¯p-t¼mÄ tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-Ä-¡v a-Xnbm-b aq-e[-\w e-`n-¡pw.

]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å-hÀ H-cn-¡epw _m-¦p-I-fp-sS \n-b-{´-Ww ]n-Sn-s¨-Sp-¡m³ B-{K-ln-¡p-¶nÃ. _m-¦p-I-fp-sS Un-hn-Uâpw \n-t£-]-¯n \n-¶p-Å t\-«hpw am-X-am-Wv C-h-cp-sS e-£yw. C-Xv an-I-¨ {]-IS-\w Im-gv-N-sh-bv-¡m³ _m-¦pI-sf \nÀ-_-Ôn-X-am-¡pw. B-Xy-´n-I-ambn C-S-]m-Sp-ImÀ-¡v C-Xv Kp-Ww sN-¿pw. Hmtcm ]m-Z ^-e-§fpw \n-t£-]-IÀ Ir-Xyam-bn hn-i-Ie-\w sN-¿p-¶-Xn-\m FÃm X-e¯n-epw an-I-¨ s{]m-^-j-W-en-kw _m-¦n sIm-|p-h-tc-|n h-cpw. CXpw C-S-]m-Sp-ImÀ-¡v Kp-W-I-c-am-Ipw. ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å \n-t£-]w kzo-I-cn-¨v _m-¦pIÄ h-ep-Xm-tI|-Xv Im-e-¯n-sâ B-h-iyw. h³In-S ]-²-Xn-IÄ-¡v hmbv-] e-`y-am-¡m³ hen-b _m-¦p-IÄ th|-Xv A-Xym-h-iy-am-Wv. _m-¦nw-Kv _n-kn-\-kn {]m-tZin-I hm-Z-¯n\-¸p-dw Im-e-¯n-sâ B-h-iy-§fpw km-l-N-cy§fpw ]-cn-K-Wn-¡pI.

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s^Ud _m¦v

]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å \n-t£-]w h-cp-I-sb-¶m _m-¦p-Isf ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å-hÀ G-sä-Sp-¡p¶p F-¶Ã AÀ°w. ]p-d-¯p\n-¶v \n-t£-]w BÀ-Pn-¨m tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fp-sS {]-hÀ-¯\ aq-e[-\w hÀ-[n-¡pw. an-I-¨ {]-hÀ¯-\w Im-gv-N-sh-¡m³ _m-¦pI-sf C-Xv k-lm-bn-¡pw. _m-¦p-IÄ Ip-td-¡q-Sn s{]m-^j-W-em-Ipw. G-{_lmw X-cy³

Ww ]p-d-t¯¡v,


_m-¦nw-Kv hn-Z-Kv-[³


hm-bv-]m hn-X-c-W-¯n ]n-¶n-te-¡v

]p-d-¯p-Å-hÀ ssI-b-S-¡p-t¼mÄ A-Xn-s\ ¯p-ap-Å hm-Z-§Ä i-à-amWv


{]-XnIq-e hm-Z-§Ä tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fpsS Hml-cn ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å-hÀ ssI-b-S¡p-t¼mÄ tIc-fw C¯-cw _m-¦p-I-fp-sS A-kw-kvIr-X h-kvXp kw`-c-W im-e (^-|v k-aml-c-W tI-{µw) bm-bn am-dpw. tI-c-f-¯n-sâ km-aqly, km-¼¯n-I D-¶-a-\-¯n Cu _m -¦p-IÄ-¡v XmÂ-¸-cy-anÃm-Xm-Ipw. G-Xp- hn-t[-\bpw _n-kn\-kv h-fÀ-¯n em-`w t\-Sp-I-sb-¶ X-{´w _m-¦p-IÄ kzo-I-cn-¡pw. C-Xv C-S-]m-Sp-ImÀ-¡pw kw-Øm-\-¯n\pw tZm-jw sN-¿pw. ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å \n-t£-]w h-cp-¶-tXm-sS tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-

fp-sS B-Øm-\w tI-c-f-¯n-\v ]p-d-t¯¡vv t]m-tb-¡mw. C-Xv tI-c-f-¯n-\v tZm-j-I-c-am-Ipw.


kw-Øm-\-¯n-\v ]p-d-t¯-¡v am-ä-s¸-Sp-¶-tXm-sS tI-c-f-¯n-sâ hn-]-Wn-sb ap-¶n I-|p-Å DÂ-¸-¶-§fpw tk-h-\-§-fp-am-Inà _m-¦p-IÄ sIm-|p-h-cn-I. C-Xv tI-c-f¯n-\v e-`n-¨p sIm-|n-cn-¡p-¶ ]-cnK-W\ t]mepw CÃm-Xm¡pw.

_m-¦v h-ep-Xm-Ip-¶-tXm-sS kq-£v-a-X-e-¯n-te-¡v Cd-§n sN-¶pÅ t^m¡-kv \-ã-am-Ipw. C-Xv ap³-KW-\m hn-`m-K§Ä-¡v Xn-cn-¨-Sn-bm-Ipw. tI-c-f _m-¦p-IÄ A-Xn-sâ Xp-S-¡-Im-ew ap-X Nn-e

{]-tXy-I hn-`m-K-§Ä-¡v {]-tXy-I ]-cnK-W-\ \Â-Ip-¶p|v. ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å \n-t£-]-Icpw \n-t£-]hpw F-¯p-t¼mÄ Cu ]-cnK-W-\ \-ã-am-tb-¡pw.

]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å \n-t£-]¯n-s\m-¸w _m-¦n-s\ \-bn-¡m³

]pXn-b km-c-Yn-Ifpw ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p h-t¶-¡mw. C-hÀ-¡v _m-¦p-I-fp-sS kw-kv-Im-ctam cm-Py-s¯ _m-¦nw-Kv Øm-]-\ §-sf Ip-dnt¨m A-dn-hp-|m-I-W-sa-¶nÃ. a-sä-hnsStbm {]-tbm-Kn-¨v ^-en-¨ Im-cy-§Ä A-¸m-sS A-hÀ C-hn-sS ]-IÀ-¯m³ {i-an-¨v ]-cm-P-b-s¸-« ap³Im-e N-cn-{X-ap|v. A-Xv C-\nbpw B-hÀ-¯n-¡pw.


Hml-cn i-X-am-\-¯nÂ

[\e£van _m¦v

t£-]-hpw hm-bv-]-bpw ]-cn-tim-[n-¨m tI-c-f¯n \n-¶pw k-am-l-cn-¡-s¸-Sp-¶ ]-Ww C-hn-sS hm-bv-]-bm-bn \Â-I-s¸-Sp-¶n-sÃ-¶v Im-Wmw. tI-cf-¯n-se Cu ]-Ww A-\y-kw-Øm-\-§-fn-te-¡v H-gp-Ip-I-bm-sW-¶ ]-|-s¯ B-tcm-]-W-s¯ A-Xv i-cn-sh-¡p-I-bm-Wv sN-¿p-¶-Xv. tI-c-f-¯nse sam-¯w hm-bv-]-bp-sS 41.57 i-X-am-\-w am-{X-amWv tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fp-sS hn-ln-Xw. C-Xn tI-c-f {Km-ao¬ _m-¦m-Wv 115.35 i-X-am-\w kn.Un tdB-sI \n-t£-]wFkv_nän 80059 sIPn_n 10521 kn-F-kv_n 9093 [-\-e-£v-an 8229 s^-U-d 55030 FkvsF_n 30448 B-sI 193380 _m-¦v


\n-t£-]w 33798 534 3004 1681 30614 13331 82962

hm-bv-] 37046 12136 3577 3513 26088 16405 98765


td-tjym 46.27% 115.35% 39.34% 42.70% 47.41% 53.88%

(XpI tIm-Sn-bnÂ)

tjym-tbm-sS ap-¶nÂ. ku-¯v C-´y³ _m-¦v 53.88 i-X-am-\w ssI-h-cn-¨-t¸mÄ a-äp-Å F-Ãm _m-¦pI-fp-sS-bpw tI-c-f-¯n-se hm-bv-]m-þ-\n-t£-]m-\p]m-Xw 48 i-X-am-\-¯n-\v Xm-sg-bm-Wv. hm-bv-]-¡v tI-c-f-¯n th-|-{X Un-amân-sÃ-¶ ]-g-b ]-Ã-hn X-s¶-bm-Wv _m-¦p-IÄ C-t¸m-gpw B-hÀ-¯n-¡p¶-Xv. H-cp-]-s£ tI-c-f-¯n-se tam-i-am-b hy-hkm-b A-´-co-£-am-Imw C-Xn-\p {]-[m-\ Im-c-Ww. tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-sf tImÀ-¸-td-äp-IÄ G-sä-Sp¡p-t¼mÄ A-Xn-se \n-t£-]w tI-c-f-¯n-sâ kmaq-ln-I km-¼-¯n-I hn-I-k-\-¯n-\v {]-tbm-P-\s¸-Sp-¯p-I-sb-¶-Xv Xn-I-¨pw Zp-jv-¡-c-am-tb-¡pw. ImcWw, h³-Xp-I-bp-sS \n-t£-]w \-S-¯p-¶hÀ Iq-Sp-X t\-«-ap-|m-¡m-\m-Ip-¶ Øe-t¯ {]-kvXp-X _m-¦p-I-fn-se \n-t£]-s¯ hn-\y-kn¡m³ {i-an-¡p-I-bpÅq.

Hml-cn- D-S-aIÄ

Hml-cn i-X-am-\-w

















K-h¬-saâv a-äpÅh

0.00 20.49

K-h¬-saâv a-äpÅh

0.00 20.38

hntZ-i a-e-bm-fn-I-fp-sS DÄ-s¸-sS C-hnS-s¯ \n-t£-]w ap-gp-h³ H-¸n-sb-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p¶Xv tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fm-sW-¦nepw hmbv] þ \n-t£-]m-\p-]m-X¯n A-h C-t¸mgpw hf-sc ]n¶n-emWv. C-hn-sS hmbv-] \ÂIn-bm em-`-I-c-am-bn Xn-cn-¨pIn-«n-sÃ-¶ Xn-cn-¨-dn-hv C-t¸mÄ X-s¶ _m-¦p-IÄ-¡p-|v. C-hnSp-s¯ hym-h-kmbn-I A-´-co£w sa-¨-s¸-Sp-¯m³ kÀ-¡mÀ X-s¶ ap³-ssI-sb-Sp-¯v C-Xn-\v ]-cn-lm-cw Im-WWw. tUm. ta-cn tPmÀPv km-¼¯n-I Im-cy hn-ZKv[

_m-¦p-IÄ-¡v \n-t£-]w k-am-l-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-\p-Å hn]Wn am-{X-am-bn tIc-fw am-dn-bncn-¡p¶p. a-e-bm-fn _m¦v, a-ebm-fn AÃm-¯ _m-¦v F-¶-Xà {]-iv\w. \-½p-sS kw-Øm-\¯n-sâ km-¼-¯n-I, km-aq-ly D-¶-a-\-¯n- \nÀ-Wm-b-I ]¦vv h-ln-t¡-| I-S-a C-hÀ-¡nÃmXmIpw F-¶-Xm-Wv hm-kv-Xhw hn.sI {]-kmZv Ubd-IväÀ, C-FwF-kv ]T-\ K-th-j-W tI{µw

tI-c-f _m-¦p-I-fp-sS e-b-\hpw B-Øm-\w am-äepw A-h-bp-sS D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v am-{X-aà Po-h-\-¡mÀ¡pw kwØm-\-¯n\pw Kp-W-I-c-am-InÃ. _m-¦p-IÄ tI-c-f-¯n-sâ B-hiy-§Ä-¡v A-\p-kr-Xam-b D¸-¶-§fpw tk-h-\-§-fp-am-Inà ]p-d-¯n-d-¡p-I G-{_lmw jm-Pn tPm¬, kwØm-\ sk-{I-«dn, HmÄ C-´y _m¦v Hm-^o-tk-gv-kv tIm¬-s^-Utd-j³

Hmtcm Ø-e-s¯bpw Un-amâv A-\p-k-cn-¨m-Wv DÂ-¸¶-§fpw kÀ-hokpw h-cp-¶Xv. ]-t£ _m-¦v h-ep-Xm-Ip-¶tXm-sS kq-£v-a-X-e-¯n-epÅ t^m¡-kv \-ã-am-Ipw Pn.BÀ P-b-Ir-jvW³,

F-kv._n.än bq-Wn-äv sk-{I-«dn, A-tkm-kn-tb-äv _m¦v Hm-^o-tk-gv-kv A-tkm-kn-tb-j³

F-kv._n.Sn-bp-sS e-b-\-¯n cm-Py-XmÂ-¸-cy -am-Wv ap-Jyw. A-Xn cm-{ão-bw I-eÀ-¯-cpXv F. P-b-Ip-amÀ,

P-\-d sk-{I«-dn þ tI-c-f kÀ-¡nÄ, tÌ-äv _m-¦v-kv Ìm-^v bq-Wnb³

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


amt\-Pvsaâ v


sNe-hv Np-cp-¡-n-

em`w hÀ-[n-¸n-¡m³

amÀK § Ä 12

F-fp-¸-¯n \-S-¸m-¡m-hp-¶Xpw aq-e-[-\-\n-t£-]w B-h-iy-anÃm-¯-Xp-am-b 12 amÀ-K-§-fneq-sS _n-kn-\-kn a-Õ-c-£-a-Xbpw em-`hpw hÀ-[n-¸n¡mw ss\-\m³ ]n.Nm|n


«n-¸n-¡p-¶ th-K-¯n-em-Wv ]-e _n-kn-\-kp-Ifpw A-S¨p-]q-«n-s¡m-|n-cn-¡p-¶Xv. t\m-¡n-b, sIm-UmIv, hqÄ-hÀ¯v, _n-F-¨v-Fkv, F-¨v-Fw-hn Xp-S§n-b {]-i-kv-X {_m³Up-I-Ä AS¨p ]q-«p-Itbm ]q«m-s\m-cp§p-Itbm sN-¿p¶p. F-´m-Wv Ah-sb aÂ-k-c-£aaÃm-Xm-¡n-bXv? Cu DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä/tk-h-\-§Ä DÂ-¸m-Zn-¸n-¡p-hm\pw hn]W\w sN-¿phm-\pw A-hÀ sN-e-h-gn-¨ Xp-I A-hcp-sS h-cp-am-\-t¯-¡mÄ Iq-Sp-X-em-bncp¶p, A-Xv Øm-]\-s¯ XpSÀ-¨bm-bn \-ã-¯n-te¡pw H-Sp-hn AS¨p]q-«-ente¡pw \-bn-¨p. C-Xv C-t¸m-gp-Å _nkn-\-kp-IÄ-¡v H-cp ap-¶-dn-bn-¸m-tWm? A-sX F-¶p-X-s¶-bmWv D¯-cw.

tIm-kv-äm-¡n am-äp-I. A-Xn-\p-Å Nn-e amÀ-K-§-fm-Wv B-h-iym\p-k-c-W-ap-Å \n-b-a-\w, hn`h§Ä ]-¦nSÂ, hm-§-en-\p ] I-cw eo-kn-s\-Sp-¡Â, Hu«v-tkmgv-knwKv, {]-I-S-\-¯n-\v A-\p-kcn-¨p-Å thX-\w Xp-S-§nb-h. \n-§-fpsS {Sm-h G-P³-knbn aq-¶v _-kp-s|-¶n-cn-¡-s«. A-h Hm-Sn-bmepw C-sÃ-¦nepw hm-l-\-¯n-sâ knkn, ss{Uh-dp-sSbpw I-|-Iv-ä-dp-sSbpw i-¼fw, C³-jp-d³-kv Xp-S-§n-b ^n-Ivk-Uv tIm-kv-äv A-Xn-t·Â D-|m-Ipw. F-¶m _-kp-IÄ eo-kn-s\-Sp-¡p-Itbm k-_v tIm¬-{Sm-Iv-äv F-Sp-¡p-Itbm sN-bv-Xm- sN-e-hp-Ip-d-bv-¡mw.

h-chpw sN-e-hpw hnÂ-¸-\ hym-]v-X-¯n-sâbpw H-cp bq-Wn-än-sâ hnÂ-¸-\ hn-e-bpsSbpw ^-eam-b h-cp-am-\w Im-em-\p-kr-X-ambn Ip-d-bpw. F-¶m i-¼-fw, A-kwkvIr-X h-kv-Xp-¡-fp-sS hn-e, F-\À-Pn tIm-kv-äv Xp-S-§n-b-h Im-em-\p-kr-X-ambn Iq-Spw. sN-e-hv h-cp-am-\-t¯-¡mÄ Iq-Sp-t¼mÄ em-`w A-{]-Xy-£-am-Ipw. hnÂ-¸-\ hn-e Iq«p-Ibpw t{]m-U-Ivän-sâ ^o-¨-dp-IÄ Ip-d-bv-¡p-Ibpw Po-h\-¡m-cp-sS F-®w Ip-d-bv¡p-I-bpw a-äpam-bn-cp-¶p C¯-cw km-l-N-cy-§-fn ]-g-b Ime-s¯ \S]-SnIÄ. F-¶m C-¶v C-h hn-]-co-X^-ew D-|m-¡pw. Cu Ip-g-¡p-¶ {]-iv\-s¯ F-§-s\ a-dn-I-S¡pw? sNe-hp Np-cp-¡Â ]-²-Xn-IÄ B-hn-jv-I-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv G-ähpw ^-e-{]-Zam-b amÀKw. F-´m-Wv sN-e-hp Np-cp-¡Â? D¸-¶-¯n-sâ bp-Wn-äv tIm-kv-äv Ip-d-bv¡m-\m-bn _n-kn-\-kv Øm-]-\-§Ä \-S-¸m-¡p-¶ hf-sc B-kq-{Xn-Xhpw Nn-«-tbm-Sp-Iq-Sn-b-Xpam-b {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fm-Wv sNe-hp Np-cp¡Â. "D-]-t`m-Kw Ip-d-bv¡p-I/D-]-tbm-Kw hÀ-[n-¸n¡p-I' F-¶ e-£y-t¯m-sS-bp-Å H-cp ka-{K k-ao-]-\-am-WnXv. {]IS-\w sa-¨-s¸-Sp-

8 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Sp¡pw Nn-«bpw hr-¯n-bp-ap-Å H-cn-Sw sN-e-hpw A-]-I-S-§fpw A-\n-ã-kw-`-h-§fpw Ip-d-bv¡pw; - \-ã-s¸-« hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å -km-[-\§Ä ho-s|-Sp-¡m\pw F-fp-¸-am-bn-cn¡pw. IrXy-am-bn X-cw-Xn-cn-¨v tUm-Iyp-saâpIÄ kq-£n-¨p-«p-Å ^-b-enw-Kv kwhn-[m-\w Hcp Hm-^o-kn-sâ Imcy£-a-X hÀ-[n-¸n-¡pw.

[n-¡p-¶n-S-s¯Ãmw ^n-Iv1 kmkv-Uv tIm-kv-än-s\ th-cn-b-_vÄ



H-cp HmÀUÀ \-S-¸n-em-¡m-\p-Å Im-e-Xma-kw Ip-d-bv-¡p-I. C-³ thm-bv-kp-IÄ th-K-¯n \ ÂIp-I. \n-§-fp-sS _n-kn\-kv I¬-kv-{S£³ ta-J-etbm tlm«-tem G-Xp-amIs« HmÀ-U-dpIÄ Ir-Xy-am-bn \-S-¸m-¡p¶-Xv A-an-X-sNe-hv Ip-d-bv¡pw. H-cp hÀ-jw sIm-|v sI-«n-Sw ]-Wn-bWw F-¶ HmÀ-UÀ sX-än-¨m \nÀ-am-W-s¨e-hp Iq-Sp-a-tÃm. A-kw-kvIr-X h-kv-Xp-¡Ä-, ^n\n-jv-Uv Kp-Uvkv, D-]-t`m-àmhv, hm-l\w, \n-§-fp-sS Poh-\-¡mÀ F-¶n§s\ G-Xp-am-I-s«, FÃm bm-{X-I-fp-sSbpw Zq-cw Ip-d-bv-¡pI. F-«p \n-e-I-fn-epw t]m-Ip-¶ aq-¶v en-^v-äp-IÄ \n-§Ä-¡p-s|¶n-cn-¡-s«, c-s|-®w H¶mw \ne -ap-X A©mw \n-e-h-scbpw H-sc-®w A-©mw \n-e ap-X F«mw \n-e h-scbpw t]m-Is«.

(Sort/Set/Shine/Standardise/ 4 5SSustain) \-S-¸n-em-¡p-I. A-

Unkw_À 31, 2016

h-cp-sSbpw ]-¦m-fn-¯w 5 FÃmD-d-¸p-h-cp-¯p-I. Po-h-\-¡m-cnÂ

\n¶pw B-i-b-§Ä kzo-I-cn¡pIbpw, \-S-¸m-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿p-I. t\-«-§Ä ]-¦p-h-bv-¡p-Ibpw sN¿p-I. A-h-cp-sS Zn-\N-cy-bp-am-bn _-Ô-s¸-«-Xmb-Xn-\m sN-e-hpNp-cp-¡m-\p-Å an-I-¨ h-gn-IÄ A-hÀ-¡p \nÀ-tZ-in-¡m-\m-Ipw.


B-i-b-hn-\n-a-b-¯n-\p-Å sN-eh-pIÄþ kv-ssI¸v, hm-«v-kvB-¸v, C-sa-bv t]m-epÅ CâÀ-s\-äv A-[n-jvTn-Xam-b Sq-fp-IÄ D-]tbm-Kn-¡pI. H³]-Xv ap-X G-gp h-sc _n-F-kv-F³-F tImÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw. k-µÀi-\-§Ä-¡p ]I-cw hnUntbm tIm¬-^-d³-knw-Kv \-S-¯mw.

dn-bÀ sN¿p¶Xv Ip-d-bv-¡p7 sImI. F-¶pw Hm-^o-knsâ FÃm

{_m-©p-I-fn-te¡pw km-[-\§Ä sIm-dn-bÀ sN-¿p-¶ ]-Xn-hv ]-e Hm-^o-kp-I-fn-ep-ap-|v. AXn-sâ am-{Xw I-W-s¡-Sp-¯m e-£-§Ä B C-\-¯n t]mIp-¶p F-¶p a-\-kn-em-¡m-\mIpw. A-Xym-h-iy-sa-¦nÂ, B-gv-Nbn H-cn-¡Â sIm-dn-bÀ sN-bvXm \-sÃm-cp Xp-I em-`n-¡mw.

_-Ô-a-sÃ-¦n hy-Xym-k 8 \nÀhpw ssh-hn-[yhpw Ip-d-bv-¡p-I. D-Zm-lc-W-¯n-\v \n-§-fp-sS s{]m-U-£³ hn-`mK¯n 10

bq-Wn-äm-Wv DÂ-¸m-Zn-¸n¡p-¶sX-¦n F¶pw A-§-s\-bmbn-cn-¡Ww. AÃmsX 9, 11, 12 F-¶n§-s\ bq-Wn-äp-I-fp-sS F-®w am-dm³ ]m-SnÃ. \n-§fp-sS I-S Xp-d-¡p-¶ k-a-bw 10 a-Wn F-¶p \n-Ý-bn-¨n-«p-s|¦nÂ, F¶pw B k-ab-¯v Xp-d-¡p-I. A-Xv ]-t¯-Imepw ]-¯-cbp-am-Im³ ]m-SnÃ. AXpt]mse, Ip-dª _nkn\-kv hym-]v-X-apÅ D¸-¶w/kÀ-hokn \n-¶v ]n³-hm-§p-I. {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fpw ap³9 F-Iq-ënm¹m³ sN-¿p-I. hm-¡p-IÄ sIm-|v hn-h-cn-¡m-hp-¶-Xn-sâ A-¸p-d-¯mWv A-Xn-sâ {]m[m\y-w.

gv-sNe-hv Ip-d-b-v¡p-I. 10 ]m{]-Xn^-ew In-«m-¯ G-Xp {]-hr¯n-bpw ]m-gv-sN--ehmWv.

cy-{]-Im-iw, D-bcw, Imäv, a-g11 kqshÅw, X-W Xp-S§n-b {]-IrXn hn-`-h-§-sfÃmw ]-c-amh-[n D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯p-I. kzm-`mhnI {]-Im-iw ap-dn-IÄ-¡p-Ån B-h-iy-¯n-\p-s|-¦n ]-I sse-äv C-Sp-¶-Xp-aq-e-ap-Å I-d-âv NmÀ-Pv Ip-d-bv-¡mw.

{]-hr-¯n-IÄ tbm-Pn¸n¨p12 ]e sIm|pw (Combining) H-tc-ka-

bw ]-e {]-hr-¯n-IÄ (Multitasking) sN-bvXp-sIm|pw "C-¡-tWm-ao-kv Hm^v kv-sIbvÂ/kv-tIm-¸v' (H-cp DÂ-¸-¶¯n-sâ DÂ-¸mZ-\w hÀ-[n-¸n-¨Xp-aq-ew B-h-td-Pv tIm-kv-än h-cp-¯p-¶ sN-e-hp-Np-cp-¡ep-I-fpw, ]-e DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä Htc-kabw \nÀ-an-¡p-t¼mÄ Bh-td-Pv tIm-kv-än h-cp-¯p-¶ sN-e-hp-Np-cp-¡-ep-I-fpw) ]-c-amh[n {]-tbm-P-\-s¸-Sp-¯p-I.

¯m³ G-Xp k-a-b¯pw \S¸m-¡m-hp¶ H-cp kz-bw t{]cn-X k-ao-]-\-hp-am-WnXv. F¶m am-ä-t¯m-Sp-Å hn-apJ-X, ]-cmP-b-`oXn, sN-e-hp Np-cp-¡Â D-|m-¡mhp-¶ s\-K-äo-hv C-ta-Pv Xp-S§n-b Im-cW-§-fm sNe-hv Np-cp-¡Â Im-cy-am-bn \-S-¸m-¡m-sX t]m-Ip¶p. {]-Ir-Xn- Xs¶ sN-e-hp-Np-cp-¡Â coXn-IÄ \-ap-¡v Im-Wn-¨p-X-cp-¶p|v. P-e-¯n-sâ D-]-t`m-Kw Ip-d-bv-¡p-¶-Xn-\p th-|n a-c-§Ä Ce s]m-gn-¡p-¶-Xpw (Minimise consumption), kq-cy-{]-Im-iw ]-c-amh-[n D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯m-bn kq-cyIm-´n kq-cy-sâ {`-a-W¯n-s\m-¸w Nmbp-¶Xpw (Maximise utilisation) hn-P-b-Icam-b sNe-hp Np-cp-¡-en-\v {]-Ir-Xn-bn \n-¶p-Å D-Zm-l-c-W-§-fm-Wv.

s{_-bv-¡v- Cu-h³ N-e-©v Id³-kn ]n³-h-en¡Â, km-¼-¯n-Iam-µyw, F®bpÂ-¸m-Z-I cm-Py-§-fp-sS \-S-]-SnIÄ, ]-W-¯n-sâ Ip-dhv, ]pd-ta \n-¶p-Å a-äp L-S-I-§Ä F-¶n-h-sbÃmw CXn-\-Iw Xs¶ I-ã-¯n-em-bn-cp-¶ _nkn-\-kp-I-fp-sS {]-iv-\-§Ä-¡v B-¡w Iq«n. A-Xn-s\ t\cn-Sm³ sN-e-shÃmw a-c-hn-¸n-¨m I-S-bn-se-¯p-¶hcp-sS F-®w (Footfall) Ip¯-s\ Ipd-bpw. BfpIÄ hm-§m-\mbp-Å Xo-cp-am-\-w ]n-¶ -t¯-¡v am-äpw. A-SnØm-\ B-h-iy-§Ä t]mepw amän-sh-¡m³ AhÀ \nÀ-_Ôn-X-cm-IpI-bmWv. tlm«Â, kn-\n-a, sSIv-ssÌÂkv, dn-b F-kv-tääv, {SmhÂ, Sq-dnkw, ssh-äv Kp-Uv-kv, tIm¬-^-d³kv, ]-»n-jnwKv, lu-kv t_m-«v-kv, kÀ-ho-kv Hu-«v-se-ävkv apXem-b ta-J-e-I-fn am{Xaà B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fn t]mepw h-cp-am\-¯n hen-b Ip-d-hp-|m-bn-«p|v.

_nkn\-kv hym-]vXw Ip-d-bp-t¼mÄ s{_-bv-¡v-Cu-h-\n-se-¯m (em-`hpw \-ãhpw Hcp-t]m-se B-bn-cn-¡p-¶ AhØ) I-gn-bm-sX h-cpw. F§-s\ s{_-bv¡v-Cu-h-\n-se¯mw? ^n-Iv-kv-Uv tIm-kväp-IÄ H-gn-hm¡p-I/Ip-d-bv-¡p-I-bm-Wv Htc-sbm-cp amÀKw.

sNe-hp Np-cp-¡-en-sâ {]-tbm-P-\-§Ä sNe-hp Ip-d-bp-¶-Xn-\p ]pd-ta sNe-hp Np-cp-¡Â ]-²-Xn-IÄ \S¸m-

sNe-hp Np-cp-¡Â aq-e-ap-Å {]-tbm-P-\-§Ä F-hn-sSbpw tNmÀ-¶p t]m-Im-sX I-¼-\n-bp-sS em`-¯n-te-¡v tNÀ-¡s¸-Sp¶p ¡p-t¼mÄ hn-e-]n-Sn-¸p-Å hn`-h§Ä kw-c-£n-¡p-hm\pw I-gn-bpw. _mlyamb L-S-I-§Ä hy-Xym-k-s¸-Sp-t¼mgpw AXnt\m-Sv anI-thmsS s]m-cp-¯-s¸-Sp-hm³ X-¡h-®w F-t¸mgpw {I-ao-Ir-X-hpw {]-hÀ-¯-\-£-ahpw B-bn-cn-¡m³ k-lm-bn-¡pw. A-Xn-e-[n-Iw F-´p-

thWw? sNe-hp Np-cp-¡Â aq-e-ap-Å {]-tbm-P-\-§Ä F-hn-sSbpw tNmÀ-¶p t]m-Im-sX I-¼-\n-bp-sS em`-¯n-te-¡v tNÀ-¡-s¸-Sp¶p. em`w hÀ-[n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn sNe-hp Np-cp-¡-en-sâ kzm-[o\w: sNe-hp Np-cp-¡-en\pw hÀ-[n-¡p-¶ h-cp-am-\¯n-\pw em-`-¯n-t·-ep-Å kzm-[o-\-¯nsâ H-cp Xm-c-X-ay-w tS-_n-fn Im-Wn¨n-cn-¡p¶p. em-`-¯n 140 i-X-am-\w F-¶ hen-b \nc-¡v sNe-hp Np-cp-¡ -en-\v k-am-\-X-I-fn-sÃ-¶v Im-Wn-¨pX-cp-¶p.

{]-tbm-P-\-w e-`n-¡p-¶ ta-J-eIÄ kÀ-hokv, am-\p-^m-Iv-N-dnw-Kv, ]-»n-Iv bq-än-enän, I¬-kv-{S£³, ÌmÀ«-¸v XpS§n G-Xp _n-kn-\-knepw sNe-hv Np-cp¡Â \-S-¸n-em-¡mw. sI-F-kv-BÀ-Snkn,

sI-F-kv-C_n, sd-bvÂ-th Xp-S§n-b ]-»n-Iv bq-«n-en-än-I-Ä-¡pw Kp-W-I-c-am-Wv. kv-ss]-kv sPäv, A-tim-Iv sse-em³-Uv Xp-S-§n-b-h-bv¡v hn-P-b-I-c-am-bn sN-e-hpNp-cp-¡Â \-S-¸m-¡n-b-Xn-sâ hn-P-b-I-YIÄ ]-d-bm-\p-|v. ]p-d-¯p-\n-¶p-Å `o-j-Wn-IÄ e-Lq-I-cn-¡m-\pw a-Õc-s¯ t\-cn-Sm \pw _n-kn-\-kp-IÄ tIm-Sn-IÄ sN-e-h-gn¡m-dp|v. G-ä-hpw Ip-d-hv km¼¯n-I hn`-h§Ä D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶Xpw (Bootstrapping) B´cnI {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä kp-kw-L-Sn-X-am-¡p-¶Xpw aÂ-k-c-s¯t\-cn-Sm³ X-¡-hn[w _nkn-\-kpIsf i-àn-s¸-Sp-¯pw, hnP-bw \n-e\nÀ-¯m\pw k-lm-bn-¡pw. sUÂ-ä-Cuä tIm-kv-äv dn-U-£³ I¬-kÄäâv-kv ss{]h-äv en-an-ä-Un-sâ am-t\-Pnw-Kv U-b-Iv-ä-dm-Wv te-JI³. Phone: 0091 471- 6 888 076 / 77360 88076,

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Châ vkv


Mind  Performance and Efficiency Enhancement Workshop

{]Xn-k-ÔnI-sf a-dn-I-S-¡m³, {]IS-\w sa-¨-s¸-Sp-¯m³

-Hcp ]-cn-io-e-\ Ifcn 2017 P-\p-h-cn 12\v kwL-Sn-¸n-¡p-¶ inÂ-¸-im-e-bp-sS thZn sIm-¨n-bn-se se sa-dn-Un-b³ I¬-sh³-j³ skâ-dmWv[\w \yqkv _yqtdm


-kn-\kntem I-cn-bdntem {]-iv-\-§Ä D-|m-Ipt¼m-Ä \-½n ]-e-cp-sSbpw a\-kv X-f-cm-dp-|v. kz-]v-\-§-fn-te-¡p-Å ]m-X-bn F-{X henb X-S-k-§-fp-s|-¦nepw ]-X-dm-sX ap-t¶m-«p \o-§p-¶-hsc \-ap-¡v A-dn -bmw. AXp-t]mse a-\-kn ]pXn-b DuÀ-Pw \n-d-¨v, \-h-ssN-X-\y-t¯m-sS {]-Xn-k-ÔnI-sf a-dn-I-S-¡p-h-m³ \n§-sf {]m-]v-X-cm-¡p-hm-\mbn Hcp hÀ-¡vtjm-¸v [-\w H-cp-¡p-¶p--þ s]Àt^mÀ-a³-kv B³Uv F-^n-jy³-kn F³-lm³-kv-saâv hÀ-¡vtjm-¸v. 2017 P-\p-h-cn 12\v se sa-dn-Un-b-\nse I¬-sh³-j³ skâdn \-S-¡p-¶ Cu hÀ¡v-tjm-¸n-sâ Xow, _q-Ìv bphÀ ssa³-Uv, am-t\-Pv bp-hÀ N-e©-kv F-¶XmWv. tkm-^v-äv kv-In s{S-bv-\nw-Kv cw-K-¯v 20 hÀjs¯ A-\p-`-h k-¼-

¯pÅ {]-ikvX tam-«n-th-j-W s{Sbv-\ dmb tUm. am-Wn t]m-fpw A-t±-l-¯nsâ a-Ifpw A-h-Xm-cIbpam-b t]-fn amWn-bp-am-Wv hÀ¡v-tjm-¸n-\v t\-XrXzw \Â-Ip-¶-Xv. F-bÀ C´y, C-´y³ t\hn, temIm-tcm-Ky kwLS\, sk-_n, _nF-kv-F^v, s]m-eokv, tdm«-dn CâÀ\m-j-WÂ, sF-kn-Fw-BÀ, ]n-Fw-sF, sFFwF Xp-S-§nbh tUm. am-Wn t]mfn-sâ tkh-\w e-`y-am-¡nbn-«pÅ{]-apJ Øm-]-\-§-fn Nn-e-XmWv. kw-cw-`-I-À, s{]m-^-j-W-epIÄ,- hnZymÀ-Yn-IÄ F-¶n§-s\ hnP-bw t\Sm³ B-{K-ln-¡p¶ BÀ-¡pw {]-tbm-P-\-Icam-b hn-[-¯n A©v tam-Uyq-fp-Ifm-Wv hÀ¡v-tjm-¸n H-cp-¡n-bn-«p-Å-Xv. hÀ-¡nw-Kv hn-¯v C-¶À kv-s{S-MvXv, ]hÀ Hm-^v en-k-WnwKv, ]hÀ Hm-^v I-ayq-Wnt¡j³, t]m-kn-än-hv A-^À-ta-j³kv,

tkm-^v-äv kv-In s{S-bv-\nw-Kv cw-K-¯v 20 hÀjs¯ A-\p-`-h k-¼-¯pÅ {]-ikvX tam-«n-th-j-W s{Sbv-\dmb tUm. am-Wn t]m-fpw aIÄ t]-fn am-Wn-bp-am-Wv hÀ¡v-tjm-¸n-\v t\-XrXzw \Â-Ip-¶-Xv

Uo-enw-Kv hn-¯v C-tam-j³-kv F-¶o ta-J-e-IÄ-¡v {]m-[m\yw \Â-Ip¶p. Cu ta-J-e-I-fn-seÃmw, Kp-W-]camb am-äw h-¶p-I-gn-bp-t¼mÄ G-sXm-cm-fpsS-sbpw s]À-t^mÀ-a³kpw F-^n-jy³knbpw sa-¨-s¸-Spw. A-Xv Po-hn-X-¯nepw sXm-gn-enepw kw-cw-`-¯nepw {]-Xn-^en-¡pw. \-½Ä t]m-ep-a-dn-bm-sX D-Ån D-d§n-¡n-S-¡p-¶ I-gn-hpI-sf D-WÀ-¯n s{]m-^-j-W hn-P-b-¯n-\v h-gn-sXfn-¡p-¶ Cu hÀ¡v-tjm-¸nÂ, {]-Xn-kÔnI-sf a-dn-I-S-¡m\pw hnP-bw kp-\nÝn-X-am-¡m\pw B-{K-ln-¡p-¶ BÀ-¡pw ]-s¦-Sp-¡mw. k-a-bw 9.30 apX 5.30 hsc. hn-h-c-§Ä¡v: 0484 2316494 / 2315840, 907 2570050. E-mail:, advertise


Date: January 12, 2017 Venue: Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi Time: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

25 Organised by:


Mobile: +91 90725 70051

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kmw k-t´m-jn \n-¶v _n-kn-\-kv tI-c-f-¯n-\v

F-´v ]Tn-¡mw? \m-sf-bp-sS A-h-k-c-§Ä Xn-cn-¨-dn-ªv, Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv t]m-se k-¦oÀ-W-am-b H-cp ta-J-e-bn C-´y-bp-sS km-[y-X-IÄ a-\-kn-em-¡n kw-cw-`w Xp-S-§n-b kmw k-t´m-jn-s\ tX-Sn h-cp-¶-Xv h³ hn-P-b-§Ä X-s¶ {]o-X Sn.Fkv


-h-km-b-s¯ Ip-dn-¨p-Å a-ebm-fn an-¯p-IÄ ]m-sS Xn-cp¯n-sb-gp-Xp-¶ Nn-e kw-cw-` -§Ä C-S-bv-¡v tI-c-f-¯n kw-`-hn¡m-dp-|v. "C-sX-§-s\ km-[n-¨p' F-¶v a-äp-Å-h-sc sIm-|v tNm-Zn-¸n-¡p-¶ hn-P-b-§Ä, h-f-sc \n-i-Ð-am-bn D-b-c§-fn-te-¡v I-b-dn-t¸m-Ip-¶ _n-kn-\kp-IÄ, B-tKm-f-hn-]-Wn-bn a-e-bmfn-IÄ-¡v A-`n-am-\-am-Ip-¶ t\-«-§Ä. kmw k-t´m-jv tI-c-f-¯n-\v \Â-Ip-¶-Xv C-¯-c-sam-cp hn-kv-a-bn-¸n¡p-¶ kw-cw-` hn-P-b-am-Wv. A-ta-cn¡-bn-se sF.än kw-cw-`-¯n \n-¶pw h-gn-am-dn sIm-¨n-bn kmw B-cw-`n-¨ ssk-Po-t\mw F-¶ Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv dnkÀ-¨v em-_v C-¶v Cu cw-K-¯v C-´ybn ap³ \n-c-bn-em-Wv. P-\n-X-I ]T-\w, X-·m-{Xm im-kv-{Xw, P-\-änIv F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv F-¶n-h-sb-Ãmw im-kv-{X ]p-kv-X-I-§-fn-se hn-j-b-amWv, kw-cw-`-§Ä-¡p-Å B-i-b-§-f-à F-¶v C-t¸m-gpw I-cp-Xp-¶-h-sc A-¼-c¸n-¡p-¶-{X D-b-c-¯n-em-Wv C-¶v km-apw km-an-sâ hn-P-b-§-fpw. a-\p-jy-cpw ar-K-§-fpw ]-£n-I-fpw hr-£-§-fpw DÄ-s¸-sS Po-h-\p-Å FÃm h-kv-Xp-¡-fp-sS-bpw Un-F³-F L-S\-sb-¡p-dn-¨p-Å ]T-\-am-Wv Po-t\man-Iv-kv. Um³ {_u-Wn-sâ s_-Ìv sk-ÃÀ t\m-h-en \n-¶v ]-eÀ-¡pw ]-cn-Nn-X-am-b Un-F³-F ko-sIz³knw-Kv Xp-S-§n-b tk-h-\-§Ä \Â-In -s¡m-|v 2010 sIm-¨n-bn B-cw-`n-¨ ssk-Po-t\mw em-_v c-|v hÀ-j-§Ä¡p-Ån X-s¶ C-´y³ hn-]-Wn ]n -Sn-¨-S-¡n. C´ysb t]m-se ssh-hn-[yam-À¶ kw-kv-Im-c-hpw ]m-c-¼-cy-hp -ap-Å H-cp cm-Py-¯v P-\n-X-I ta-J-ebn-se ]-co-£-W-§Ä-¡pw K-th-j-W§Ä-¡pw G-sd km-[y-X-bp-s|-¶ km-an-sâ I-W-¡p-Iq-«Â sX-än-bn-Ã. C-´y-bn-se {]-ap-J B-ip-]-{Xn-I-fpw K-th-j-W Øm-]-\-§-fpw hn-hn-[ sSÌp-I-fpw kÀ-ho-kp-I-fpw B-h-iy-s¸-«v F-¯n-b-tXm-sS ssk-Po-t\mw hn-P-bam-bn. I-gn-ª aq-¶p hÀ-j-§Ä-¡p-

12 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Unkw_À 31, 2016

Ån aq-¶v hy-Xy-kv-X I-¼-\n-I-fm-Wv ssk-Po-t\m-an \n-¶v cq-]-sa-Sp-¯v kz-X-{´-am-b-Xv-. P-\n-X-I ]-cn-tim[-\-bpw K-th-j-W-hpw \-S-¯p-¶ sa-Uv-Po-t\mw, Ir-jn- ar-K-]-cn-]m-e-\w F-¶o cw-K-§-fn P-\n-X-I hn-h-c§Ä Iq-Sp-X-em-bn D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯n an-I-¨ hn-f-hpw em-`-hpw t\-Sm³ th-| tk-h-\-§Ä \Â-Ip-¶ A-{Kn-Po-t\mw, Po-h im-kv-{X ta-J-e-bn B-h-iy-amb hn-hn-[ DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä \nÀ-an-¡p-¶ am-Kv-Po-t\mw F-¶n-h-bm-Wv Cu kwcw-`-§Ä. C-´y-bn-se G-ä-hpw an-I-¨ ku-I-cy-§-fp-Å Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv C³Iypt_-ä-dm-Wv C-¶v ssk-Po-t\mw.

A-h-k-c-§Ä ]m-gm-¡m-sX

kmw k-t´m-jv

]Tn-¨-Xv F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kpw Fw-_nF-bpw. sImÂ-s¡m-¯ sF-sFF½n ]Tn-¡p-t¼mÄ X-s¶ tI-cf¯n-se Iw-]yq-«-dp-IÄ-¡m-bn a-e-bmfw t{]m-{Kmw sN-bv-X-Xm-Wv km-an-sâ B-Zy kw-cw-` {]-b-Xv-\w. kÀ-¡mÀ am-dn-b-t¸mÄ Iw-]yp-«-dn-sâ `m-hn A-hXm-f-¯n-em-sb-¦n-epw Cu t{]m-P-Iv-äv G-sd B-ß-hn-izm-kw \Â-In-sb¶v kmw. "eo-UÀ-jn-¸v F-¶m H-cp {]-iv-\-¯n-\v ]-cn-lm-cw Im-Wm-\p-Å I-gn-hm-Wv F-¶v a-\-kn-em-bn. A-h-k-c§Ä Nm-Sn-¸n-Sn-¡-W-sa-¶pw.' A-Xp-sIm-|v X-s¶-bm-Wv ]T-\w I-gn-ªv, tkm-^v-äv-sh-bÀ cw-K-s¯ km-[y-X-IÄ a-\-kn-em-¡n km-apw H-cp kn-en-¡¬ hm-en F³-{S-{]-WÀ B-bXv. 1992- ImÂ-tkm-^v-äv F-¶ t{]mU-Iv-äv F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv I-¼-\n-bn-eqsS. H-¶n \n-¶v Xp-S-§n, sF-]n-Hm DÄ-¸-sS-bp-Å H-t«-sd A-_-²-§Ä sN-bv-sX-¦n-epw H-cp B-tKm-f I-¼-\nbm-bn ImÂ-tkm-^v-än-s\ h-fÀ-¯n-b-Xv km-an-sâ hn-j³ X-s¶. 2004 ap-X 2008 h-sc-bp-Å Im-e-b-f-hn F-«v I-¼-\n-IÄ G-sä-Sp-¯-m-Wv ImÂ-tkm^v-äv _n-kn-\-kv hn-]p-e-am-¡n-b-Xv. H-Sphn 2009-- \mep I-¼-\n-I-fm-bn,

kzo-I-cn-¡p-t¼m-gpw sh-©zÀ ^-|v tX-Spt¼m-gpw Øm-]-I-sâ sj-bÀ 50 i-X-am\-¯n-\p ap-I-fn-em-bn-cn-¡-Ww I-¼-\n-¡v th-|n kz-X-{´-am-b Xo-cp-am-\-§-sf-Sp¡m-\pw \-S-¸n-em-¡m-\pw C-Xv B-h-iyam-Wv.

i-cn-bm-b k-a-b-¯v kw-cw-`-§-sf kz-X-{´-am-¡p-I

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tI-c-f sIm-¨n-bn kwL-Sn-¸n-¨ ]-¯m-a-Xv "tIm-^n s] NÀ-¨'bn kmw k-t´m-jv A-hX-cn-¸n-¨ kw-cw-`-bm-{X-bn-se Nn-e {]-[m-\ ]mT-§Ä l \n-§-fp-sS ^n-\m³-jy tam-U-epw _n-kn-\-kv tam-U-epw X-½n s]m-cp-¯w th-Ww. l Øm-]-I Sow h-f-sc {]-[m\-am-Wv. G-ä-hpw an-I-¨ H-cp {Kq-¸v \n-§Ä-s¡m-¸-ap-s|-¶p D-d-¸p h-cp¯p-I. ^n-\m³-kn ssh-Z-Kv-[y-apÅ H-cmÄ A-Xym-h-iy-am-Wv. l k-b³-kv t]m-ep-Å ta-Je-I-fn \n-§-sf k-lm-bn-¡m³ k-bân-Ìp-I-fp-sS k-lm-bw tX-Smw. C-´y-¡m-cm-b H-t«-sd k-bân-ÌpIÄ hn-tZ-i-s¯ {]-ap-J bq-Wnth-gv-kn-än-I-fn-ep-|v. C-´y-bnÂ

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I-¼-\n-I-sf G-sä-Sp-¡mw, _n-kn-\-kv hn-im-e-am-¡mw \m-ev hÀ-j-¯n-\p-Ån F-«v I-¼-\nI-fm-Wv km-an-sâ ImÂ-tkm-^v-äv G-säSp-¯-Xv. A-ta-cn-¡-bn-epw C-´y-bn-epw aq-¶p ho-X-hpw, bp.sI-bn-epw P-¸m-\n-epw Hm-tcm-¶pw. F-Ãmw F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv t{]m-U-Iv-äv I-¼-\n-IÄ, c-|v ap-X ]-¯v an-ey¬ tUm-fÀ h-sc B-kv-Xn-bpÅ-h. ImÂ-tkm-^v-än-sâ B-tKm-f km¶n-[yw hn-im-e-am-¡m-\pw I-¼-\n-bp-sS

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ssk-Po-t\m-an-sâ tk-h-\-§Ä hnhn-[ ta-J-e-I-fn-te-¡v hym-]n-¨-tXm-sS hy-Xy-kv-X I-¼-\n-I-fm-¡n am-än kmw Hm-tcm-¶n-sâ-bpw t^m-¡-kv Iq-Sp-X IrXy-am-¡n. a-\p-jy-Po-h-]-c-am-b sS-Ìp-IÄ F-Ãmw sa-Uv-Pn-t\m-an-sâ Io-gn-epw a-äpÅ-h A-{Kn-Po-t\m-an-sâ Iogn-ep-am¡n. 350-te-sd P-\n-X-I sS-Ìp-IÄ \-S-¯n-b sa-Uv-Pn-t\mw C-¶v P-\-än-Iv U-b-Kv-t\mÌn-Iv-kv dn-kÀ-¨v cw-K-¯v C-´y-bn-se G-ä-hpw {]-ap-J I-¼-\n-bm-Wv. 2011- C³Iyp-t_-äv sN-bv-X sa-Uv-Po-t\mw B-Zy-L«-¯n \m-ev an-ey¬ tUm-f-dpw ]n-¶o-Sv 20 an-ey³ tUm-f-dp-am-Wv hy-Xy-kv-X ^-|nw-Kn-eq-sS k-am-l-cn-¨-Xv. I-gn-ª hÀ-jw kz-X-{´ I-¼-\n-bm-bn am-dn-b sa-Uv-Pn-t\m-an-sâ B-Øm-\w _mw-¥qcm-Wv. A-ªq-dn-te-sd tlm-kv-]n-ä-ep-Ifpw B-bn-c-¯n-te-sd tUm-Iv-äÀ-am-cp-am-bn tNÀ-¶v {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-¶ sa-Uv-Po-t\man-sâ hÀ-¡n 30 ap-X 40 i-X-am-\w h-sc sa-Un-¡Â sS-Ìp-I-fpw _m-¡n dn-kÀ-¨p-am-Wv. A-Sp-¯ ImÀ-jn-I hn-¹h-¯n-\v t\-Xr-Xzw \Â-Ip-I F-¶-Xm-Wv,

ssl-Z-cm-_m-Zn-epw kv-amÀ-«v kn-än-bn-epw km-¶n-[y-ap-Å A-{Kn-Po-t\m-an-sâ hnj³. A-©v an-ey¬ tUm-fÀ ^-|nw-Kv e-`n-¨ Cu I-¼-\n-s¡m-¸w Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv cw-K-¯v B-h-iy-am-b DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä \nÀ-an-¡p-¶ amKvPo-t\m-an-\pw kmw cq-]w \Â-In.

A-h-k-c-§Ä sF.än-bn am-{X-a-à km-t¦-Xn-I hn-Zy-tbm-sSm-¸w X-s¶ k-b³-kv t]m-ep-Å cw-K-§-fn h³ km-[y-X-bm-Wv C-\n-bp-Å-Xv. C-´y t]m -se h-en-b P-\-kw-Jy-bp-Å cm-Py-§Ä t\-cn-Sp-¶ {]-iv-\-§-fpw G-sd-bm-Wv. Ch-bv-¡v ]-cn-lm-cw \Â-Im³ I-gn-bp-¶ kw-cw-`-§Ä h-en-b hn-P-b-hpw t\-Spw. "\-½p-sS {]-iv-\-§Ä-¡v ]-cn-lm-cw I-s| -t¯-|-Xv \-½Ä X-s¶-bm-Wv. A-ta-cn-¡ -bn-epw a-äv hn-tZ-i cm-Py-§-fn-epw C-h-bv-¡v {]-Xn-hn-[n-bp-|m-Ipw F-¶v I-cp-X-cp-Xv. ]p-Xn-b cw-K-§-fp-sS km-[y-X-IÄ a-\-knem-¡p-I, Iq-Sp-X hm-bn-¨pw CâÀ-s\-äneq-sS hn-h-c-§Ä ti-J-cn-¨pw C-h-bn ssh-Z-Kv-[yw t\-Sp-I,' kmw ]-d-bp-¶p. ]p-Xn-b a-cp-¶p-IÄ, Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv cw-K-¯v tcm-Kn-IÄ-¡v G-sd B-izm-k-amIp-¶ sS-Ìp-IÄ F-¶n-§-s\ ssh-hn-[yamÀ-¶ ]-²-Xn-I-fm-Wv C-\n km-an \n¶v tI-c-f-¯n-\v e-`n-¡m³ t]m-Ip-¶-Xv. \m-sf-bp-sS A-h-k-c-§Ä C-t¶ I-s|¯n-b H-cp kw-cw-`-I-sâ hn-P-b-hn-ti-j§Ä Xp-S-cp-¶p.

]p-Xn-b a-cp-¶p-IÄ, Po-t\m-an-Iv-kv cw-K-¯v tcm-Kn-IÄ-¡v G-sd B-izm -k-am-Ip-¶ sS-Ìp-IÄ F-¶n -§-s\ ssh-hn-[y-amÀ-¶ ]-²-Xn-I-fm-Wv C-\n km-w k-t´mjn \n-¶v tI-c-f¯n-\v e-`n-¡m³ t]m-Ip-¶-Xv aq-eyw hÀ-[n-¸n-¡m-\pw Cu Gsä-Sp-¡epIÄ k-lm-bn-¨p. l I-¼-\n-IÄ t\-cn-Sp-¶ {]-iv-\w F-´m-sW-¶v a-\-kn-em-¡n, A-h ]-cn-lcn-¡m³ \n-§Ä-¡v I-gn-bp-sa-¦n G-säSp-¡Â hn-P-bn-¡psa-¶v kmw ]-d-bp¶p.

5 hÀ-jw, 50 i-X-am-\w C-Izn-än H-cp ÌmÀ-«-¸v Xp-S-§p-t¼mÄ hn-P-bn¡m³ A-©v hÀ-j-s¯ k-a-bw \ÂIp-I. C-sÃ-¦n A-Xv h-en-¨p-\o-«m-sX A-h-km-\n-¸n-¡p-I. i-cm-i-cn hn-P-b-t¯ -¡mÄ \-Ã-Xv ]-cm-P-b-am-sW-¶m-Wv kman-sâ t]m-fn-kn. A-Xp-sIm-|v hn-P-bn¡m³ I-gn-ªn-sÃ-¦n kw-cw-`w th-s|¶p h-bv-¡p-I. H-cp F-Iv-kn-äv t]m-fn-kn B-Zyw X-s¶ cq-]o-I-cn-t¡-|-Xpw B-h -iyw. kw-cw-`w kz-´w ^-|v D-]-tbm-Kn¨v Xp-S-§p-I-bm-Wv G-ä-hpw \-Ã-Xv, kmw ]-d-bp-¶p. ]n-¶o-Sv G-bv-©Â ^-|v

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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A-Xn-b-{´-hÂ-¡-c-W-¯n\v ]pXn-b DÂ-¸-¶-§-fpw tk-h-\-§fpw Iq-Sn-tb Xocq. F-¦n B ta-J-e

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thWw, {]m-tbmKn-I B-i-b§Ä A-Xym-[p\n-I b-{´-§Ä-¡v A-Xn\q-X-\am-b sk³-k-dp-Ifpw b-{´-LS-I-§fpw Ah-sb X-½n Iq-«n-bn-W¡p-¶ "CâÀ-s\äv Hm-^v Xnw-Kvkv' t]m-ep-Å km-t¦-Xn-I-hn-Zy-Ifpw thWw. A-hbp-sS Ir-Xyam-b {]-hÀ¯-\-¯n-\p-X-Ip¶ tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ

DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä [m-cm-fw thWw. C-Xph-sc \-½p-sS tkm-^v-äv sh-bÀ ta-J-e {i-² tI-{µo-I-cn¨n-cp¶-Xv tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ kÀ-hok-kn-emWv. hn-tZ-in-IÄ \nÀ-an¨

tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ {]-hÀ-¯n-¸n-¡m\pw {]-iv-\-§-fp-|m-bm ]-cn-l-cn¡m\pw In-«p-¶ -{]Xn^-ew C-\n-bpÅ Im-ew B-IÀ-j-I-am-hnÃ. Imc-Ww C¯-cw km-[m-cW tPm-enIÄ (low

\-ap-¡n-hn-sS [m-cm-fw F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv tIm-sf-PpIfpw hy-h-km-b -im-e-Ifpw K-th-j-W tI-{µ -§-fp-apï­v. {]m-tbm-Kn-Iam-b B-i-b-§fpw Ah-sb DÂ-¸-¶-§-fm-¡p-¶ {]-{Inb-I-fpw- t{]mÂ-km-ln-¸n¡-s¸-SWw end jobs) b-{´-§-tf-sä-Sp¯p-sIm-|ncn-¡p-I bmWv. kz-´-am-bn hn-I-kn¸n-s¨-Sp-¯ DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä hn-ä-gn-¨m sse-k³-kv ^okv, {]-Xn-hÀ-jw In-«p-¶ sa-bvâ-\³-kv ^okv, ]n-s¶ ]-cn-jv-I-cn-¨ ]-Xn-¸p-IÄ¡p In-«p-¶ A-[n-I h-cp-am-\w C§-s\ kpØn-cam-b \n-e-\nÂ-¸n-\pw h-fÀ-¨bv¡pw km-[y-X-tb-sd-bmWv. F-¶mÂ, B-tKm-f-X-e-¯n- C-Xv \-S-¸n-em¡p-I A-{X F-fp¸aÃ. A-Xn-\m Un-Pn-ä amÀ-¡änw-Kv t]m-ep-Å X-{´-§-fn-eq-sS hnÂ-¸-\ \-S-¯m³ hntZ-i I-¼-\nIsf GÂ-¸n-¡p-¶-Xm-Wv {]m-tbm-KnIw. \à \n-e-hm-c-ap-Å DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä-t¡ CXv km-[y-amIq. A-hn-sS-bm-Wv tI-c-fw {i-²n-t¡-|Xv. \-ap-¡n-hn-sS [m-cm-fw F³-Pn-\o-b-

dnw-Kv tIm-sf-Pp-I-fp-|v. hy-h-km-b-ime-Ifpw K-th-j-W tI-{µ-§-fp-ap|v. {]m-tbm-Kn-Iam-b B-i-b-§fpw Ahsb DÂ-¸-¶-§-fm-¡p-¶ {]-{In-b-I-fpwt{]mÂ-km-ln-¸n-¡-s¸-SWw. C-Xn-\v D-¶-X _n-cpZ-§tfm D-bÀ-¶ amÀt¡m \nÀ_-Ô-anÃ. C-sXm-¶panÃm-¯-hÀ k-¦oÀ-Wam-b {]-iv-\§Ä-¡v e-fn-Xamb t]mw-h-gn-IÄ I-s|¯n-b ]-e D-Zm-l-c-W-§fpw Rm³ {]-hÀ-¯n-¨ A-©v hy-h-km-bim-e-I-fnepw Im-Wm³ I-gn-ªn-«p-|v. C¯-cw {]-Xn-`I-sf I-s|-Sp-¯v th-|-{X ]-cn-ioe-\w \Â-In t{]m-UIv-äv kv-s]-j-en-Ìp-I-fm-¡n am-än-bm A-hÀ I-gn-hv sX-fn-bn-¡pw. F³-Pn-\ob-dnw-Kv tIm-sf-Pp-I-fn A-Xn-\q-X\ sXm-gn-ep-IÄ-¡pÅ Add-on tIm-gv-kpIÄ GÀ-s¸-Sp-¯m-hp-¶-tX-bpÅq. sF.än.sF-If - n ]pXn-b Im-ew B-hiy-s¸-Sp¶ tIm-gk v- p-IÄ Xp-S§ - Ww. MOOC AYhm Massive open online course, Edu Tubers Xp-S§n-b ]p¯³ Hm¬-sse³ co-Xn-Ifpw A-he - w-_n¡mw. tkm-^v-ävsh-b-dp-I-tfm-sSm-¸w \mt\m sk³-k-dpIÄ, sN-dp-b-{´-LS-I§Ä, 3-Un {]nânw-Kv, 4þUn {]nânw-Kv F-¶n§-s\ lmÀ-Uvsh-bÀ ta-J-e-bnepw A-h-k-c-§Ä \n-c-h[n-bmWv. hm-l-\ \nÀ-amWw, hnam-\ taJ-e, b-{´-km-a-{Kn-I-fp-sS \nÀ-amWw Xp-S§n-b cw-K-§-fn [m-cm-fw A-h-k-c-§-fp|v. BÀ-«n-^n-jy Câ-en-sPâvkv, \m-t\m-sSIv-t\m-fPn, Uo-]v te-WnwKv, sa-jo³ te-Wnw-Kv, sIm-Kv-\n-än-hv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv Xp-S§n-b ta-J-e-I-fn-se ]-cn-Úm-\w F³-Pn\o-b-dnw-Kv kÀ-ho-kv DÂ-¸-¶-§-fp-sS B-hn-jv-Im-c-¯n\pw \nÀ-am-W-¯n\pw {]-tbm-P-\-s¸-Spw.

sF.än \-bw ]-cn-jv-I-cn¡Ww tk-h\ - - ta-Je - b - p-sS Cc-«n th-K ¯ - n-em-Wv DÂ-¸¶ - hn-]W - n-bp-sS h-fÀ ¨ - . b-{´-h¡cW-¯n-sâ th-K¯ns\m-¯v \-½psS sF.än \-bhpw Im-em I - m-e§ - f - n ]-cn-jvI - c - n¨p-sIm-|n-cp¶mte, A-Xn-th-Kw am-dn-s¡m-|n-cn¡p-¶ hn]-Wn bm-YmÀ-°y-§Ä-s¡m¯v \-ap-¡v hnP-bw sIm-¿m-\mIq. C-hn-sS ]-cm-aÀ-in¨-Xv hn-h-c-kmt¦-Xn-I-ta-J-e-bn-se ]pXn-b {]-h-WX-Ifn-sem-¶p-am-{Xw. C-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å a-äv Im-cy-§fpw I-W-¡n-se-Sp-¯v Pm{K-X-tbm-sS {]-hÀ-¯n-¨m A-Xn-b{´-hÂ-¡-c-W-sa-¶ A-Xym-]-¯n-s\ kp-hÀ-Wm-h-k-c-am-¡n h-f-cp-¶-Xn-sâ kp-Jhpw kw-Xr-]v-Xnbpw þ A-Xv \-ap¡p-am-Imw.

14 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Unkw-_À 31, 2016

IhÀ tÌmdn



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t¸mÄ Im-jyÀ s]¬-Ip-«n ssI a-eÀ-¯n. _m-¡n X-cm³ I-d³-kn-bnÃ. A-hn-sS \n¶v Cd-§n s]-t{SmÄ ]-¼v X-¸n \-S¶p. s]-t{SmÄ A-Sn-¡m-\Ã. 2000 am-än-sb-Sp¡m³. H-Sp-hn A-Xv kw-L-Sn-¸v _nÃS-¨v dn-t¸mÀ-«v hm-§n B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-se-¯n. H-cp Znh-kw B-ip-]-{Xn-bn sN-e-hn«v cm{Xn ssh-In _nÃS-¨v ]p-d-¯n-d-§m³ t\m-¡n-b-t¸mÄ A-Xm ho|pw hnÃ-\m-bn I-d³-kn. B-ip-]-{Xn-bnepw _nÃv I-d³kn-bm-bn aXn. ^mÀ-a-kn-bn-epw em-_nepw sh-tÆ-sd _nÃS-¨v ssI-bn-ep-Å \q-dv cq] t\m-«p-IÄ A-t¸m-tg¡pw XoÀ-¶n-cp¶p. _m-¡n-bp-Å c-|m-bn-c-¯n-sâ H-ä-t\m-«v B-ip-]-{Xn-bn \Â-In _n-Ãv XoÀ¯p. _m-¡n X-cm-\p-Å Xp-I _nÃn F-gp-Xn X¶p. A-Sp-¯ X-h-W h-cp-t¼mÄ A-Xp In-gn-¨v _m-¡n X-¶m aXn. Im-jyÀ hen-sbm-cp D-]-Im-cw sN-¿p¶ t]m-se ]-dªp. cm{Xn ]-¯n-\v A-X-Ãm-sX a-äv h-gn-bnÃ. C-Xv I-Å-¸-W-¯n\pw I-Å-t\m-«n \pw F-Xn-sc {]-[m-\-a{´n \-tc-{µ tam-Zn {]-Jym-]n-¨ bp-²w 30 Znh-kw ]n-¶n-Spt¼mÄ Cu te-Jn-I-bv-¡v t\-cn-«v A-\p-`hn-t¡-|n h-¶ Im-cyw. B-ip-]-{Xn-bn sN-e-hn-« t\c-¯v ]-e-cp-sSbpw hn-j-a-§-fm-Wv ap-¶n h-¶p \n-c-¶Xv. tIm¬-{Io-äv I-«nw-Kv sXm-gnem-fnbm-b bp-hm-hn-\v H-cp am-k-am-bn tPmen Xo-sc-bnÃ. ap\-¼w ^n-jnw-Kv lmÀ-_dn ao³ sam-¯-¡-¨-h-S-¡m-cp-sS am-t\ -P-cm-bn tPm-en sN-¿p-¶ Kr-l-\mY-\v




\-hw-_-dn-se thX-\w In-«n-bn-«nÃ. sN¡m-bn-«v a-Xn-sb-¶v ]-d-ªn«pw X-cp-¶nÃ. F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kn\pw ¹-kv Sp-hn\pw ]Tn¡p-¶ c-|v Ip-«n-I-fp-sS ]n-Xm-hv B-sI hn-j-a-hr-¯-¯n-emWv. t\m-«v £m-aw X-s¶ C-hn-sSbpw hnó. 2016 \-hw-_À F«v. cm{Xn F-«n-\v {]-[m-\-a{´n \-tc-{µ tam-Zn t\m-«v A-km[p-hm¡n-b A-km-[m-c-W-hpw A-{]-Xo-£nX-hpam-b Xo-cp-am-\w {]-Jym-]n-¡p-t¼mÄ aq-¶p e-£y-§-fm-Wv ap-t¶m-«p sh-¨Xv. I-Ÿ-Ww ]p-d¯p-sIm-|p-h-cn-I, I-Åt\m-«v CÃm-Xm-¡p-I. `o-I-c {]-hÀ-¯-\¯n-\p-Å km-¼¯n-I t{kmX-kv A-S-bv¡pI. I-Å-¸-W-anÃm-Xm-¡n C-´y³ k¼Zv hy-hØ-sb ip-²o-I-cn-¡m-\p-Å {ias¯ B-Zy Zn-h-k-§-fn P-\w ssIbSn-tbm-sS-bm-Wv kzo-I-cn-¨Xv. F-¶m t\m-«v £m-aw km-[m-c-W-¡m-sc A-km[m-c-Wam-b Pohn-X Zp-cn-X-¯n-te-¡v ]n-¶o-Sp-Å Zn-h-k-§-fn X-Ån-bn«p. P\-hn-Im-cw t\-sc Xn-cnªp. {]-Xn]-£w H-ä-s¡-«m-bn `-c-W-Iq-S-¯n-s\-Xn-sc {]-Xntj-[n-¨p. C-tXm-sS tI-{µ kÀ-¡mÀ I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡Â Xo-cp-am-\-¯n-sâ e-£yw Un-Pn-ä C-´y-bn-te-¡p-Å Np-h-Sp-sh-¸msW-¶ hym-Jym-\w Iq-Sn \ÂIn. I-d³kn cln-X C-´y-bn-te-¡p-Å cm-Py-¯nsâ bm-{X-bp-sS C-t¸mg-s¯ L-«-¯nsâ b-YmÀ-° Nn-{X-am-Wv ap-I-fn hn-h-cn-¨ kw`-hw sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xv. F-´m-bm-epw 2016 \-hw-_À F-«v kzmX-{´ym\-´-c C-´y-bn-se \nÀ-Wm-b-I

\-hw-_-dn-sâ \-ãw

60þ70% C-Snhv

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60% C-Snhv tlm«Â, sdsÌmdâv ta-J-e-bnÂ

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\à h-i§Ä Un-Pn-ä C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ hÀ-[n-¡pw: t\m-«v A-km-[p-hm-¡-en-sâ I-ã-¸m-SpIÄ XmÂ-¡m-en-I-am-sW-¶v hm-Zn-¡p¶-hÀ cmPyw Un-Pn-ä C-S-]m-Sp-I-fn-te¡v am-dp-¶-Xn-\v C-Xv h-gn-sh-¡p-sa¶pw Nq-|n-¡m-«p¶p. FÃm {I-b-hn-{I-b§fpw Ir-Xy-am-b I-W-¡p-I-fn-eq-sS \-S-¡p-¶ kp-Xm-cy-am-b, Un-Pn-ä C-S]m-Sp-I-fp-Å \m-Sm-bn cm-Pyw am-dm³ C-Xp-]-I-cn-t¨-¡pw. C-tX co-Xn-bn I-d³-kn cln-X k¼-Zv hy-h-Ø cm-Py¯v A-©p- hÀ-j-¯n-\-Iw 14.5 tIm-Sn sXm-gn-e-h-k-c-§Ä Xp-d-¡p-sa-¶v C þ sIm-ta-gv-kv I-¼-\nbm-b kv-\m-]v-Uo \-S¯n-b ]T-\w ]-d-bp-¶p. I-Å-¸-W-¯n-sâ kzm-[o-\w Ip-d-bpw: t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡-en-eq-sS {]-[m-\-am bpw e£yw sh-bv-¡p¶-Xv I-Å-¸-Ws¯-bm-sW-¶v `-c-W-Iq-Sw ]-d-bp¶p. C-Xn F-{X-am{Xw hn-P-bn-¡m-\m-Ipsa¶-Xv Im-ew sX-fn-bn-¡m-\n-cn-¡p¶-tX-bpÅq. F-¦nepw I-Å-¸-W-¯ns\-Xn-sc kÀ-¡mÀ I-À-i-\ \n-e-]m-Sv

70% {]-hr-¯n-IÄ \ne¨p I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡-en-eq-sS \nÀ am-W {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn h³ C-Sn-hp-|mbn. _m¦vv F-¡u-|pÅ C-X-c kwØm\ sXm-gn-emfn-I-sf-bm-Wv ]-ecpw ]-Wn-¡p hn-fn-¡p-¶Xv. A-\y kwØm\ sXm-gn-em-fn-IÄ Iq«-t¯msS kz-tZ-i-t¯-¡v Xn-cn¨p-t]m-bn. ho-Sp]-Wn A-S-¡-ap-Å \nÀam-W {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä XmÂ-¡m-en-I-ambn \nÀ-¯n-sh-¨p.

t\m-«p-cln-X C´y, ssI-sb¯pw Zqsctbm? I

-Ÿ-Ww B-Xy-´n-I-am-bn CÃm-Xm¡p-I F-¶Xn-s\m-¸w Un-Pn-ä C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ \-S-¯p-¶ C-´y km-£m-Xv-I-cn¡p-I F-¶ e-£yhpw Cu L-«-¯n hf-sc hn-Zq-cam-b H-¶mWv. A-Xv hy-àam-¡m³ Cu I-W-¡p-IÄ t\m¡n-bm a-Xn. C-´y-bnse A-©n \m-ep {Km-a-§-fn C-t¸mgpw _m-¦nwKv ku-I-cy-anÃ. kv-amÀ-«v t^m-Wp-I-fp-sS F-®w sh-dpw 25 tIm-Sn {Km-a-§-fn-se sSen-t^m¬ km{µ-X 51 i-X-am-\w CâÀ-s\-äv ku-I-cy-apÅ-Xv P-\kw-Jy-bn-se aq¶n-sem-¶n-\v hym]m-c Øm-]-\-§-fn-se kzbv-¸nw-Kv sa-jo-\p-I-fp-sS F-®w sh-dpw 14 e-£w F.än.Fw 2.2 e£w. H-cp e-£w t]À-¡pÅ-Xv sh-dpw 20 F.än.F-½p-IÄ. sU-_n-äv ImÀ-Uv F.än.F-½n D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-hÀ 94.8 i-Xam-\w sU-_n-äv ImÀ-Uv kz-bv-¸nw-Kv sa-jo-\n D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶hÀ 5.2 i-X-am-\w km-t¦Xn-I hn-Zy-bp-sS e-`yX 100  15 Ip-Spw-_-§Ä-¡v am{Xw C-´y-bn C-t¸mÄ \-S-¡p-¶ t\m-«v cln-X C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ shdpw c-|p-i-X-am-\w. 98 i-Xam-\w C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ¡pw B-{ibw I-d³kn.

kzo-I-cn-¡p-sa-¶ {]-Xo-Xn kr-ãn-¡m³ CXp-sIm-|v km-[n-¨n-«p-|v. 50 i-X-am-\w \n-Ip-Xn \Â-In-bm I-Ÿ-Ww \n-b-a-hn-t[-b-am-¡m-sa-¶ \nb-aw Ip-d-¨p-t]-sc-sb-¦nepw Cu h-gnbn-eq-sS k-©-cn-¡m³ t{]-cn-¸n-t¨-¡pw. A-Xv \n-Ip-Xn h-cp-am-\w hÀ-[n-¡m³ CS-bm-¡n-tb-¡pw. \n-Ip-Xn hÀ-[n-¡pw: C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ kpXm-cy-am-Ip-Ibpw D-bÀ-¶ Xp-I-bv-¡p-Å {I-b-hn-{I-b-§Ä Un-Pn-ä C-S-]m-Sp-Ifm-bn cq-]m´-cw {]m-]n-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿pt¼mÄ FÃm X-c-¯n-ep-ap-Å \n-Ip-Xn ]n-cn-hnepw hÀ-[-\-bp-|m-Ipw. cmPyw Un-Pn-ä C-S-]m-Sp-I-fn-te-¡v am-dp-¶-Xn-

sâ `m-K-am-bn C-t¸mÄ Nn-e C-f-hp-IÄ {]-Jym-]n-¨n-«p-s|-¦nepw Im-e-{Ita-W Iq-Sp-X ta-J-e-IÄ \n-Ip-Xn h-e-bn-te¡v h-cpw. B-Zm-b-\n-Ip-Xn-bnepw hÀ-[-\bp-|m-Ipw. ]n-g-bn-\-¯nepw aäpw h³ Xp-I kÀ-¡m-cn-te¡pw Xt±-i kz-bw `-c-W Øm-]-\-§-fn-te¡pw F-¯n-tb¡pw. kp-Xm-cyam-b k¼-Zvhy-h-Ø-bnte-¡v {]-th-in-¡pw: Ø-ew hm-§nbmepw kzÀ-Ww hm-§n-bmep-sam-s¡ B ]-W-¯n-sâ D-d-hn-Sw Im-Wn-t¡-|n h-cpw. D-bÀ-¶ \n-t£-]-§fpw B-Zmb-\n-Ip-Xn h-Ip-¸n-sâ I-®n h-cpw. C-tXm-sS cmPyw F-¡u-|Uv B-b k¼-Zv hy-h-Ø-bn-te-¡v I-S-¡m-\n-Sbp|v. C-Xv k¼-Zv hy-h-Ø-bv-¡v I-cpt¯-Ipw. cm-Py-hn-cp-² {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä¡pÅ ]-W-sam-gp-¡v X-S-b-s¸t«-¡mw: Xo-{hhm-Z {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä \-S-¯p-¶-hcp-sSbpw hn-[zw-k-I {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn GÀ-s¸-Sp-¶-h-cp-sSbpw km-¼¯n-I t{kmX-kv ]-e-t¸mgpw I-Å-¸-Whpw hym-P I-d³-kn-bp-amWv. D-bÀ-¶ Xp-Ibv-¡pÅ t\m-«v ]n³-h-en¨-Xv AÂ-¸Im-e-t¯-¡v Ah-sc {]-Xn-Iq-e-am-bn _m-[n-t¨-¡pw. Im-iv-ao-cn-se Xo-{h-hm-Z {]-hÀ-¯-\-¯n-\v A¸-Im-e-t¯-¡v i-a-\-ap-|m-b-sXm-s¡ C-Xn-sâ `m-K-ambm-sW-¶v hn-e-bn-cp-¯-s¸-Sp¶p. h-S¡³ kw-Øm-\-§-fn t\m-«v am-dm -s\¯n-b am-thm-hm-Zn {]-hÀ-¯I-sc A-d-Ìv sN-bv-Xn-cp-¶p.

{]-Xym-Lm-X-§Ä \-ã-¡-¨-h-S-§-fp-sS am-k-am-bn-cp-¶p \-hw_À. \n-b-a-k-`-bn FIv-ssk-kv a{´n ]-d-ª I-W-¡p-{]-Im-cw tI-c-f¯n-se a-Zy- hnÂ-¸-\-bn- \-hw-_-dnep|m-b \-ãw 143 tIm-Sn cq]. tem«-dn hnÂ-¸-\-bn- \-ãw 386 tImSn cq-]. tem«-dn hnÂ-¸-\ ]-Ip-Xn-bmb-tXm-sS CXp-sIm-|v D-]-Poh-\w \-S¯p-¶ 12 e-£-t¯m-fw t]À I-Sp-¯ km-¼¯n-I sR-cp-¡-¯n-embn. kwØm-\ kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ \n-Ip-Xn h-cpam-\-¯n K-Wyam-b C-Sn-hp-|mbn. cPn-kv-t{S-j³ ^okpw Ìmw-]v Uyq-«n-bpw 40 i-X-am-\hpw tam-t«mÀ hm-l-\ \n-IpXn 34 i-X-am-\hpw hm-Wn-Py \n-Ip-Xn H³]-Xv i-X-am-\hpw Ip-dªp. \n-Ip-Xn h-cp-am-\-¯n hcpw am-k-§-fn Iq-SpX C-Sn-hp-|m-Ip-sa-¶m-Wv [-\-h-Ip¸n-sâ hn-e-bn-cp¯Â Un-kw-_À a-[y-t¯m-sS P-\-§Ä I-d³-kn £m-a-t¯m-Sv k-a-c-k-s¸-«p Xp-S-§n-sb-¦n-epw Im-cy-§Ä kp-K-a-ambn F-¶p ]-d-bm-dm-bn-«nÃ. _m-¦n \n ¶pw P-\-§Ä t\-cn-s«-¯n \q-dp cq] t\m-«p-IÄ hm-§p-¶p-|v. B-gv-N-bn 24,000 cq-] F¶-Xv C-t¸mgpw P-\-§Ä¡v FÃm-bn-S¯pw In-«n-¯p-S§nbn«nÃ. ]-IpXn-tbm-fw F.än.F-½p-Ifpw C-t¸mgpw Im-en-bmWv. F.än.F-½p-Ifn 100 cq-] In-«p-¶p-s|-¦nepw A-Xv `m-Ky-hm-·mÀ-¡m-sW-¶v P-\-§Ä. t\m-«v {]-Xnk-Ôn aq-ew sI-F-kv-BÀSn-kn-bp-sS {]-XnZn-\ h-cp-am-\w 70 e-£w cq-]- Ipd-ªv Øm]-\w Iq-Sp-X {]-Xnk-Ôn-bn-emWv. _m-¦pIÄ, _m-¦nX-c [-\-Im-cy Øm-]-\-§Ä, Nn-«nIÄ, {]m-Yan-I klI-c-W kw-L-§Ä ap-X-em-b-h h-gn-bpÅ hm-bv-]m hn-Xc-Ww kv-Xw-`-\m-h-Øbn-te-¡v \o-§n. C-Xv kwØm-\ k-¼-Zv L-S-\-bp-sS FÃm ta-J-e-sbbpw X-fÀ-¨bn-em-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-I-bmWv. I-d³-kn ]n³ -h-en-¡-en-\p-ti-jw tI-c-f-¯n-se H-cp amk -s¯ sam-¯w B-`y-´-c DÂ-¸m-Z-\-¯n aq¶n-sem-¶n-e-[n-Iw C-Sn-hp-|m-bn-«p-s|-

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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I-cmÀ F-gpXn-b h-kv-Xp C-S-]m-SpIÄ h-sc D-t]-£n-¡-s¸-Sp¶p. C-S-]m-SpIm-cp-sS ssIh-iw ]-W-anÃm-¯-Xm-Wv {]iv\w. _m-¦n hm-bv]-¡v A-t]-£n-¨-hÀ¡v, _m-¦n-se ]-W-hn-X-c-W-hpw ]-g-b- t\m-«v Xncn-¨p-hm-§epw Imc-Ww hmbv-] e-`n-¨n-«nÃ. _m-¦p-I-fn \n-¶v B-gv-N-bn ]-c-amh-[n ]n³h-en-¡m-hp-¶ Xp-I-bv-¡v \n-b-{´-Ww h¶-Xv C-S-]m-Sp-Im-sc I-¨-h-S-§-fn \n-¶-Iän. \-hw_À F-«n-\v ti-jw ]m-«, hm-S-I I-cm-dp-IÄ am-{Xam-Wv Im-cy-am-bn \-S-¶n-cn-¡p-¶Xv. I-cmdp-IÄ ]-e-Xpw C-cp I-£n-I-fp-sSbpw [m-c-W {]-Im-cw \o-«n-sh-¨n-«p-|v. t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡-en-\p ti-jw H-cp am-k¯n-\n-sS `q-an-bp-sSbpw ^v-fm-äp-I-fp-sSbpw hne-bn 25 i-X-am-\w Ip-d-hp-|m-b-Xmbn Cu cw-K-¯p-Å-hÀ ]-d-bp¶p. I-¨h-Sw kv-Xw-`n¨Xp Imc-Ww hn-e C-\nbpw Ip¯-s\ C-Sn-bm\m-Wv km-[y-X. sIm-¨n-bn c-Pn-kv-t{S-j³ Ìm-¼v hnÂ-¸-\-bn \-hw-_À am-kw am-{Xw 10 tIm-Sn cq-]-bp-sS Ip-d-hm-Wp-|m-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv. sIm-¨n-bn \nÀ-am-Ww \-S-¶n-cp-¶ ^v-fm-äp-Ifn ]-e-Xn-sâ-bpw \nÀ-am-Ww \n-e-¨n-cn-¡p-IbmWv. A-Xn-\n-sS ^v-fm-äv hn-e-bn C-\nbpw Ip-d-hp-|m-Ip-sa-¶ {]-Xo-£-bn hm-§m³ X-bm-dm-bn ap-t¶m-«p-h-¶-hÀ t]mepw Xo-cp-am\w ssh-In-¸n-¨n-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv. C-Xv hnÂ-¸-\ Ip¯-s\ Ip-d-bm³ Im-c-W-am-bn-«p|v. dn-b F-tÌ-äv C-S-]m-Sp-I-fn 30þ40 i-Xam-\w I-Å-¸-W-¯n-sâ kzm-[o-\-ap|m-bn-cp-¶p-sh-¶m-Wv I-W¡v.

C-X-c kwØm\ sXm-gn-em-fnI-sf B-{i-bn-¨mWv Cu ta-J-e-bn-se \nÀam-W {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä. _m-¦v F¡u-|p-Å-hÀ hf-sc Ip-dhv. ]-Wn Ip-dªv, ]-Ww In-«m-sX h-¶-tXm-sS ]-ecpw kz-tZ-i-t¯-¡v Xn-cn¨p-t]mbn. \n-Àam-W {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn-se kv-Xw-`-\m-h-Ø sI-«nS \nÀam-W km-a-{Kn-I-fp-sS I-¨-h-S-s¯bpw henb tXm-Xn _m-[n-¡p¶p. kv-äoÂ, knaâv I-¨h-Sw Ip¯-s\ Ip-dªp.

I¬-kyq-aÀ Kp-Uv-kv \n-tXym-]-tbm-K km-[-\-§-Ä H-gn-sI-bp-Å-Xn I-¨h-Sw Ip¯-s\ Ip-d-ªp. {Km-ao-W, AÀ-² {Kmao-W ta-J-e-bn-ep-Å-h-cp-sS {I-b-ti-jn-bn Ip¯-s\ C-Sn-hp-|m-b-Xn-\m C-cpN-{I hm-l-\§Ä, Ce-t{Îm-Wn-Iv-kv, Kr-tlm-]-I-cW-§Ä F-¶n-h-bp-sS hnÂ-¸-\-bn C-Sn-hp|m-Ipw.

_m-¦pIÄ \-hw-_À 10 ap-X _m-¦p-I-fn \-S-¡p-¶ G-I {][m\ tPm-en ]-gb t\m-«p-IÄ hm-§n \n-t£-]w \-S-¯p¶Xpw ]pXnb t\m-«p-I-fp-sS hn-X-cWhpw am-{X-amWv. _m-¦p-IÄ-¡v h-cp-am-\w e-`n-¡p-¶ hm-bv-]-IÄ hn-Xc-Ww sN¿mt\m H¶pw km-[n-¨n-«nÃ. C-Xv hen-b \-ã-¯n-\v h-gn-sh-¡pw.

_m-¦n-X-c [-\-Im-cy Øm-]-\-§Ä

Sqdn-kw I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡-tem-sS Sq-dn-kv-äpI-fp-sS h-c-hn ]-Ip-Xn-bn-te-sd C-Sn-hm-Wp|m-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv. tI-c-f Sq-dn-kw sU-h-e-]vsaâv tImÀ-¸-tdj-sâ \-hw_-dn-se h-cp-am\-¯n 50 i-X-am-\-am-Wv Ip-dhv. tlm-«Â, Sq-dn-kw ta-J-e-bm-sI -{]-Xn-k-Ôn-bp-sS I-cn\n-g-en-emWv.

¶m-Wv I-W¡v. sXm-gn \-ã-hpw 35 i-Xam-\-t¯m-f-amWv.

C-\n F´v ? b-YmÀ-°-¯n tI-{µ kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡Â shdp-sam-cp an-¶-em{Ia-Ww am-{XaÃ. C-Xn-\p ap-t¼ \-S-¶ Nn-e kw-`-h-§-fp-sS Xp-SÀ-¨-bmWv. skIyq-cn-äo-kv B³-Uv F-Iv-kv-tN-©v t_mÀUv Hm-^v C´y (sk_n) ]mÀ-«n-kn-t¸ä-dn t\m-«p-IÄ-¡v ssI ssh kn \n-_-Ô-\IÄ IÀ-i-\-am-¡n-bn-cn-¡p¶p. _n-\man {Sm³-km-£³kv (s{]m-ln-_nj³) A-a³-sa³-Uv B-Îv 2016 IÀ-i-\-am-bn \-S-¸m-¡m³ H-cp-§p-I-bm-Wv kÀ-¡mÀ. A-Xn-\p-ti-jw I-Ÿ-Ww kz-ta[-bm sh-fp-¸n-¡m³ kÀ-¡mÀ A-hk-cw \ In. ]n-¶o-Sv 2017  Nc-¡v tk-h-\ \n-IpXn \-S-¸m-¡m³ \nÀ-Wm-b-I-am-b Xo-cpam-\-§-sf-Sp¯p. A-Xn-sâ FÃmw Xp-S-À¨-bm-bm-Wv D-bÀ-¶ aq-ey-ap-Å I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡epw I-S-¶p-h-¶-Xv. \n-e-hn I-Å-¸-W-¯n\pw hym-Pt\m-«n\pw F-Xn-sc-bp-Å Cu \o-¡-¯n-\v IÀ-i-\am-b Xp-SÀ-¨ D-|m-bn-sÃ-¦n tamZn¡-v A-Xv cm-{ão-b-]-cam-b Xn-cn¨-Sn Iq-SnbmIpw k-½m-\n-¡p-I. Cu bm-YmÀ°yw H-cp]-t£ tam-Zn-tb-¡mÄ \-¶m-bn A-dnbp-¶-hÀ Np-cp-¡-am-Ipw. AXp-sIm-|p X-s¶ A-Sp-¯ _-P-änepw Xp-SÀ \-S-]-Sn-

18 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Zn-h-k-¯nepw B-gv-N-bnepw _m-¦n \n-¶v ]n³-h-en-¡m-hp-¶ Xp-Ibp-sS Im-cy-¯n \n-b-{´-Ww h-¶-Xn\m hm-bv-]-I-fp-sS Xn-cn-¨-S-hn-epw aäpw h³-tXm-Xn C-Sn-hp-|mbn. Un-Pn-ä C-S]m-Sp-I-fn-eq-sS hmbv-] Xn-cn-¨-Shpw aäpw \-S-¯p-¶-h-sc {]-iv-\w _m-[n-¨n-sÃ-¦nepw

I-fn-eq-am-Wv P-\w Däp-t\m-¡p-¶-Xv. GXm-bmepw hcpw Zn-h-k-§-fn I-Å-¸-W-¡m-cp-sS-ta BZm-b \n-IpXn h-Ip-¸v \-S-]-Sn-IÄ IÀ-i-\-am-¡p-sa-¶v D-d-¸mWv. I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡Â \-S-]-Sn-


e-£w tIm-Sn cq-] bp-sS \-ã-am-Wv- \-hw-_À F-«p ap-X Un-kw-_À 31 h-sc-bp-Å 50 Zn-h-k-§Ä sIm-|v t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡Â aq-ew cm-Py¯v I-W-¡m-¡-s¸-Sp-¶-Xv

15,000 35,140

tIm-Sn cq]


tIm-Sn cq]


16,800 61,500

tIm-Sn cq]


Unkw_À 31, 2016

tIm-Sn cq]

d-_À ta-J-e hn-e X-IÀ-¨ aq-ew I-ã-¯n-em-b kwØm-\-s¯ d-_À IÀ-j-IÀ-¡v t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡Â Iq-\n-t·Â Ip-cp-hm-bn. `q-cn-]-£w d-_À IÀ-j-I-cp-sS-bpw F-¡u|v k-l-I-c-W _m-¦p-I-fn-em-Wv. a-¡-fp-sS hn-hm-l-¯n-\m-bn Iq-«n-sh-¨ ]-W-a-S-¡w C-hcp-sS k-¼m-Zy-sa-Ãmw k-l-I-c-W _m-¦p-I-fnem-Wv. k-l-I-c-W _m-¦p-IÄ-¡v ta \n-b{´-Ww h-¶-tXm-sS Cu ]-Ww ]n³-h-en-¡m³ ]-äm-¯ A-h-Ø-bm-Wv. ssI-bn-ep-Å jo-äv hnäm ]-Ww In-«m³ 15þ20 Zn-h-kw th-W-sa-¶mWv Øn-Xn. ]-Ww aq-¶pw \m-epw X-h-W-bm-bmWv e-`n-¡p-¶-sX-¶v IÀ-j-IÀ ]-d-bp-¶p. d-_À jo-äv hn-äm ]-e hym-]m-cn-I-fpw ]-W-¯n-\p ]-I-cw sN-¡m-Wv \Â-Ip-¶-Xv. sN-dn-b Xp-I-bv-¡p-Å sN-¡p-am-bn _m-¦pIÄ I-b-dn-bn-d-§p-I-bm-Wv IÀ-j-IÀ. d-_À IÀ-j-I-sc kw-_-Ôn-¨n-S-t¯m-fw D-bÀ-¶ DÂ-¸m-Z-\w \-S-¡p-¶ k-a-b-am-Wn-Xv. G-ä-hpw {]-Xo-£-bp-Å Im-e-b-f-hn-ep-|m-b {]-Xn-kÔn kw-Øm-\-s¯ d-_À IÀ-j-I-sc I-®o-cn-em-gv-¯n-bn-cn-¡p-I-bm-Wv.

C-X-c- kw-Øm\ sXm-gn-em-fnIÄ t\m-«v A-km-[p-hm-¡n-b-tXm-sS i¼-fw \n-e¨p. hm-cm-´y-§-fn \m-«n-te-¡v ]-Ww A-b-¡m³ km-[n-¡m-sX h-¶-tXm-sS sXm-gnem-fn-IÄ kz-tZ-i-t¯-¡v a-S-§n-t¸m-¡v B-cw`n-¨p. sI«n-S \nÀ-amWw, tlm«Â, sdsÌmdâv F-¶p XpS-§n C-X-c kwØm\ sXm-gn-em-fnIsf h³-tXm-Xn B-{i-bn-¡p-¶ FÃm ta-J-eI-sfbpw C-Xv _m-[n-¡p-¶p|v. ]-t£ I-d³kn £ma-s¯ Xp-SÀ-¶v ]e cw-K-§-fnepw _nkn-\-kn 60 ap-X 70 h-sc i-X-am-\w C-Sn-hp-|m-b-Xn-s\ Xp-SÀ-¶v sXm-gn-em-fnI-sf \nÀ-_Ô]qÀ-Æw ]n-cn-¨p-hn-Sp-I-bm-Wv ]-e-cpw.

¡p-ti-jw I-Å-¸-W-¡m-cp-sS hn-h-c-§Ä ti-J-cn-¡m³ C-Xph-sc ]-b-äm-¯ ]-e X-{´-§fpw A-hÀ {]-tbm-Kn-¡-p-¶p-|v. \-hw-_À F-«n-\pw A-Xn\v ti-j-ap-Å Zn-\-§-fnepw e-£z-dn am-fp-I-fnepw I-S-I-

\ÂtI-ïn h¶-Xv `o-aam-b hne!

a-\p-jy-Zn-\-§-fp-sS \-ãw

I-d³-kn h-gn am{Xw hmbv-] Xn-cn-¨S-hv \-S¯m³ ]-äp-¶ _m-¦nw-Kv C-X-c [-\-Im-cy Øm-]-\-§Ä {]Xn-k-Ôn-bn-embn.

I-d³-kn ]n³-h-en-¡Â aq-ew t\m-«v am-dm\pw F.än.F-½n-\p ap-¶nepw \n-c- \n-¶v \-ãam-b a-\p-jy-Zn-\-§-fp-sS \-ã-am-Wv CXn-ep-Å-Xv. A-[n-I th-X\w, A[nI kpc-£, F-än-F-½p-I-fp-sS dn Im-en-_-td-j³ F-¶n-h-bp-sS sNe-hm-Wv _m-¦p-I-fp-sS I-W-¡n h-cp-¶Xv. ]pXnb t\m-«p-IÄ A-¨Sn¡Â, A-Xn-sâ {Sm³kv-t]mÀ-t«j³ Xp-S§n-b Im-cy-§-fn-em-Wv kÀ¡mÀ, _m-¦p-IÄ F-¶n-h-bn A[n-I sNe-hv h-¶n-cn-¡p-¶Xv. IÀ-j-IÀ, sam-¯-hn-X-c-W-¡mÀ, do-sä-bv kv-täm-dpIÄ, am-\p-^m-IvN-dÀ F-¶n-h-cm-Wv kw-cw-`-§-fn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¶Xv. (A-h-ew_w: kn.Fw.sF.C)

fnepw h³-tXm-Xn ]-Ww sN-e-h-gn-¨-hcp-sS hn-h-c-§Ä I-s|-¯m-\m-bn am-fpI-fn-se ImÀ ]mÀ-¡nw-Kn-se Im-dp-I-fp-sS \-¼À-t¹-äv hn-h-c-§fpw Nn-{X-§fpw h-sc AhÀ ti-J-cn-¡p-¶p-|-s{X. F¶m C-t¸mgs¯ Cu \o-¡-§Ä ap-tI-jv Aw-_m-\n A-S-¡-apÅ tImÀ-¸td-äv `o-a-·m-sc k-lm-bn-¡m-\m-sW-¶ No-¯-t¸-cv tam-Zn-¡v t\-Sn-sb-Sp-¡m-\mbn-«p|v. C-´y³ P-\-X-bv-¡v \à Zn-h-k§Ä k-½m-\n-¡m³ C-\nbpw A-Ûp-X§Ä Im-Wn-t¨ a-Xn-bm-Iq. Nc-¡v tk-h-\ \n-Ip-Xn H-cp hnt[-\ kÀ-h I-£n k-½-X-t¯m-sS ap-t¶m«psIm|p-t]m-Im³ {i-an-¡p-¶-Xn-\n-sS-bmWv t\m-«v ]n³-h-en-¡epw hn-hm-Z-§fpw I-S-¶p-h-¶Xv. C-tXm-sS in-Yn-e-am-bn \n-¶n-cp-¶ {]-Xn]-£w H-¶n¨p. C-Xn-\nsS Nc-¡v tk-h-\ \n-Ip-Xn \-S-¸m-¡p-¶Xn-\p-Å Xp-SÀ \-S-]-Sn-Ifpw ]m-fw sXänb a-«mWv. tamZn-tbm-Sv hn-tcm-[-ap-Å a-a-X _m-\À-Pn A-S-¡-ap-Å-h-À-¡v ]pXn-b kw`-h hn-Im-k-§Ä I-cp-¯p ]-IÀ-¶n-cn-¡pI-bm-Wv. C-Xn-s\-sbÃmw F§-s\ tam-Zn ssIImcyw sN-¿pw F-¶-Xn-s\ B-{i-bn¨n-cn-¡p-¶p Im-cy-§-fp-sS ]p-tcm-K-Xn. A-sÃ-¦n F-en-sb Np-Sm³ CÃw Np-« {]-[m-\-a{´n F-¶ t]-cv tam-Zn-s¡m-¸w Im-ew F-gp-Xn tNÀ-s¯-¶n-cn-¡pw.

t\m-«v \n-tcm-[-\w: k-À-¡mÀ \-S-]-Sn-IÄ A-¶p ap-X C-¶p hsc \-hw-_À 8mw Xnb-Xn cm-{Xn-bn 500, 1000 cq] t\m-«p-IÄ ]n³-h-en-¨-Xn-\p ti-jw K-h¬-saâv \n-ch-[n D-¯-c-hp-IÄ ]p-d-s¸-Sp-hn¨p, \nÀ-tZ-i-§Ä ap-t¶m-«p-h-¨p, \n-ba-{]-Im-c-ap-Å N-«-§-fn ]-e am-ä-§fpw \-S-¸m¡n. A-Xn-te-¡v H-cp F-¯n-t\m«w [\w \yqkv _yqtdm \-hw-_À `500,


1000 A-km-[p-hm¡n

t\m-«v \n-tcm[-\w cm-Py-¯v hn-¹-h-I-cam-b am-ä-§Ä sImïp-hcpw

I-Å-¸-Whpw I-Å-t\m«pw \n-tcm-[n-¡p¶-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn {]-[m-\-a{´n \-tc{µtam-Zn 500, 1000 cq] t\m-«pIÄ \-hw-_À 8 sNm-Æm gv-N cm{Xn ap-X A-km-[p-hm-¡n. _m-¦n \n-¶p {]-Xn-Zn\w ]n³-h-en-¡m-hp-¶ ]-camh-[n XpI 10,000 cq-]bpw B-gv-N-bn ]n³-h-en¡m-hp-¶ XpI 20,000 cq-]-bp-am-sW-¶v A-dn-bn-¨p. AXp-t]m-se F-Sn-F-½n \n-¶v H-cp Znh-kw ]n³h-en-¡m-hp-¶ Xp-I 2000 B¡n. ]n-¶o-S-Xv 4000 cq-]bm-bn D-bÀ-¯p-sa¶pw A-dn-bn-¨p. ]-gb t\m-«pIÄ Un-kw-_À 30\p-Ån _m-¦nepw t]m-kväv Hm-^oknepw am-än-sb-Sp-¡m-\p-Å ku-Icyw \ÂIn. Un-kw-_À 30\-Iw A-km-[p-hm¡nb t\m-«p-IÄ Xn-cn-¨-S-bv-¡m³ I-gn-bm-¯-hÀ-¡v dn-kÀ-hv _m-¦nsâ Iu-|-dp-I-fnÂ, A-Xn-\p-Å Imc-Ww t_m-[n-¸n¡p-¶ k-Xy-hm-Mv-aq-ew \Â-In 2017 amÀ-¨v 31 h-sc Xn-cn-¨-S-bv-¡mw.




Cu am-kw A-h-km -\-t¯m-sS {]-Xnk -Ôn ]qÀ-W-ambpw a-dn-I-S-¡m-\m-Ipw

_m-¦p-IÄ {]-hÀ-¯n-¨nÃ

A-cp¬ P-bv-även

\-hw_À 9\v _m-¦p-IÄ s]m-Xp-P-\§Ä-¡mbn {]-hÀ-¯n-¨nÃ. c-|p Zn-h-kt¯-¡v F-Sn-F-½p-Ifpw {]-hÀ-¯n-¨nÃ.



_m-¦p-IÄ Xp-d¶p



F-Sn-F-½p-I-Ä {]-hÀ-¯n-¨p Xp-S§n


_m-¦p-IÄ {]-hÀ-¯n¨p

_m-¦p-IÄ km-[m-cW t]m-se {]-hÀ¯n-¡m³ Xp-S§n. I-d³-kn am-än -hm-§p¶-Xn-\m-bn-cp-¶p ap³-KW\.

F-Sn-F-½p-I-fn-eq-sS 100, 50 cq] t\m-«pI-fm-Wv B-Zy Zn-h-k-§-fn e-`n-¨Xv. {]m-Y-an-I k-lI-c-W kw-L-§-fnepw Pn-Ãm k-l-I-c-W-_m-¦pI-fnepw Cu Znh-kw ap-X \n-t£-]n-¡m³ A-\p a-Xn \ÂIn.


i\n, Rm-bÀ Zn-h-k-§-fn _m-¦pIÄ Xpd-¶p {]-hÀ-¯n-¨p. C-âÀ-s\äpw _m-¦nw-Kv kw-hn-[m-\-hpw Cu Zn-h-k-§-fn {]-hÀ¯-\-£-a-am-bn-cp¶p. \-hw-_À 14 hsc ]g-b- t\m-«p-IÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-³ Iq-Sp-X C-f-hp-IÄ {]-Jym-]n-¨p. \-hw-_À 18 h-sc

20 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Unkw_À 31, 2016

2000 cq-] F-Sn-F-½p-I-fn \n-¶v ]n³-h-en-¡mw. \-hw-_À 24 h-sc _m-¦n \n-¶v am-än-sb-Sp-¡mhp-¶ ]-c-amh-[n Xp-I 4000 cq-]-bm-¡n. kz-´w F-¡u-|n \n-¶v sN-¡ph-gn H-cp Zn-hkw 10,000 cq-] ]n-³-h-en-¡mw. F-¶m H-cm-gv-N-¡pÅn- ]-c-am-h-[n 20,000 cq]-tb ]n³-h-en-¡m-\m-Iq F-¶v BÀ-_n-sF \nÀ-tZ-in¨p. 14mw Xnb-Xn h-sc tZio-b ]m-X-I-fn tSmÄ H-gn-hm-¡n. 14 hsc A-h-iy-tk-h-\-§Ä-¡v A-km-[p t\m-«p-IÄ \Â-Im-sa-¶v A-dn-bn-¨p. sshZyp-Xn _nÂ, sh-Å-¡cw, \n-IpXn, tImS-Xn ^okv, sd-bvÂth, hnam-\ Sn¡-äv _p-¡nwKv, kÀ-¡mÀ Bip-]-{XnIÄ, ^m-À-a-knIÄ, s]-t{SmÄ ]-¼pIÄ, ]m _q-¯pIÄ, k-lI-c-W tÌm-dpIÄ, ]m-NI-hm-X-I hnX-c-W tI-{µ§Ä, ayq-kn-b§Ä, kÀ¡mÀ Aw-KoIr-X iv-a-im-\-§Ä, kÀ-¡m-dn-sâbpw X-t±-i-kz-bw`-c-W Øm-]-\-§-fp-sS-bpw ^o-kp-I fpw ]n-g-Ifpw C-¡q-«-¯n s]-Sp¶p. \-hw-_À


]-Ww ]n³-h-en-¡p-¶-Xn C-f-hp-IÄ

H-cm-gv-N-bv-¡p-Ån _m-¦n \n¶v ]n³-h-en-¡m-hp-¶ XpI 20,000 \n-¶v 24,000am-bn

D-bÀ¯n. F-Sn-F-½p-I-fn \n¶v H-cp Znh-kw ]n³-h-en¡mhp-¶ Xp-I 2500 B¡n. H-cp Znh-kw _m-¦n \n-¶v am-än-sb-Sp-¡m-hp-¶ XpI 4,500 B-bn D-bÀ¯n. sN-¡v D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v ]n³-h-en-¡m-hp-¶ Xp-I-bp-sS ]-cn-[n 10,000 F-¶-Xv \o-¡w sN-bvXp. Idâv F-¡u-|v D-Å-hÀ-¡v B-gv-N-bn ]-Ww ]n ³-h-en-¡m-\p-Å ]-cn-[n B-gv-N-bn 50,000 cq-]-bm-bn D-bÀ¯n. \-hw-_À


A-h-iy-tk-h-\-§Ä-¡v A-km-[p t\m«p-I-Ä 24 h-sc D-]-tbm-Kn¡mw A-km-[p t\m-«p-IÄ A-h-iy-tk-h-\-§Ä-

h-Ip-¸n-\p ssI-am-dpw. ]-e Idâv F-¡u-|p-I-fn-em-bn C-{Xbpw Xp-I \n-t£-]n-¨mepw hnh-cw ssI-am-dpw. \-hw-_À


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Hmtcm hy-àn¡pw _m-¦n \n¶v am-än-sbSp-¡m-hp-¶ Xp-I-bp-sS ]-cn-[n 4500 cq-]-bn \n-¶v 2000 cq-]-bm-bn Ip-d¨p. hn-hm-lm-h-iy-§Ä-¡v h-c-sâbpw h-[p-hn-sâbpw IpSpw-_-§Ä-¡v c-|-c e-£w cq-] ho-Xw ]n-³-h-en-¡mw. Un-kw-_-À 30 h-sc-bp-Å hn-hm-l-§Ä-¡mWv Cu Cfhv. Ip-Spw-_-¯n H-cmÄ-¡p am-{X-ta Xp-I ]n³-h-en¡m³ B-Ip-I-bpÅp. A-bmÄ ]m³ \-¼À \Â-Ip-Ibpw thWw. IÀ-j-IÀ-¡v hm-bv]-bn-\-¯n B-gv-N-bn 25,000 cq-] h-sc F-¡u-|n \n¶v ]n-³-h-en-¡mw. In-km³ s{I-Unäv ImÀ-Un\pw Cu B-\p-Iqeyw e-`n-¡pw. hnä Im-ÀjntImÂ-¸-¶-§-fp-sS hn-e _m-¦n-eq-sS e-`n-¡p-¶ IÀ-jIÀ¡pw B-gv-N-bn 25,000 cq-] h-sc ]n-³-h-en-¡mw. ImÀjn-tImÂ-¸-¶-§-fp-sS hym]m-cw \-S-¯p-¶-hÀ-¡v B-gv-N-bn 50,000 cq-] h-sc ]n³-h-en-¡mw. tZ-io-b-]m-X-bn-se tSmÄ H-gn-hm-¡Â 24 h-sc \o«n. \-hw-_À


ap-XnÀ-¶ ]u-c³-amÀ-¡p am{Xw t\m-«v am-än- hm-§mw

\-hw-_À 19\v _m-¦p-I-fn \n-¶v ap-XnÀ-¶ ]u-c-·mÀ-¡p am-{X-am-bn-cp-¶p t\m-«v am-än- hm-§m-³ A-\p-aXn. a-äp-Å-hÀ-¡v t\m-«v am-ä H-gn-sI-bpÅ C-S]m-Sp-IÄ am-{Xw.

t\m-«v \n-tcm-[-\w aq-ew h-e-bp¶-Xv km-[m-c-W-¡m-cmWv ]n-W-dm-bn hn-P-b³


t\m-«p-am-äm-hp-¶ A-hkm-\ Znhkw


ssh-Zyp-Xn¡pw sh-Å-¯n-\pw 500 cq] Un-kw-_À 15 hsc D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw


A-km-[p t\m-«p-IÄ am-än-sb-Sp¡m-\pÅ Im-emh-[n \-hw-_À 24 AÀ-[-cm-{Xn-bn A-h-km-\n-¨p-. F-¶m Ah A-Sp-¯ Znh-kw apX _m-¦n \n-t£]n-¡mw.


A-km-[p-hm-¡n-b 500 cq-] Un-kw_À 15 hsc ssh-Zyp-Xn, sh-Å-w F¶o A-h-iytk-h-\-§Ä-¡v D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-sa-¶v tI-{µ-kÀ¡mÀ A-dn-bn-¨p. A-km-[phmb t\m-«p-IÄ Un-kw-_À 30 hsc _m-¦p-I-fn \n-t£-]n-¡mw.


A-km-[phmb t\m-«p-IÄ C-\nbpw am-ämw


I-Å-¸-W-¡mÀ-¡v H-c-hk-cw IqSn


A-km-[p-hm¡nb t\m-«p-IÄ dn-kÀhv _m-¦v Iu-|-dp-I-fn am-än-sb-Sp¡m-\m-Ip-w. H-cmÄ-¡v am-än-sb-Sp-¡m-hp-¶-Xn-sâ ]-cn-[n 2000 cq-]-bmWv.


tc-J-I-fn CÃm-sX kq-£n-¡p-¶, A-km-[p-hm-¡n-b 500, 1000 cq] t\m«p-IÄ Un-kw-_À 30\-Iw sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯n-bm 50 i-X-am-\w am{Xw \n-Ip-Xn \Â-In-bm a-Xn. _m-¡n Xp-I-bn ]-Ip-Xn (25 i-X-am\w) \m-ep hÀ-j-t¯-¡v ]n³-h-en-¡m-\m-hnÃ. Cu Xp-I-bv-¡v ]-en-ibpw In-«p-I-bnÃ. _m-¡n Xp-I ]n³h-en-¡mw. sd-bv-Un-eq-sS I-Ÿ-Ww I-s|-¯n-bmÂ, D-d-hn-Sw sh-fn-s¸-Sp-¯m³ km-[n-¨m 30 i-X-am\w hsc ]n-g A-S-bv-¡-Ww. D-d-hn-Sw sh-fn-s¸-Sp¯m-³ I-gn-ªn-sÃ-¦n \n-Ip-Xn-¡p ]p-d-ta 60 i-X-am-\w ]n-gbpw \Â-tI-|n-h-cpw.


]-g-b 500 c-|v Zn-h-k-t¯¡p Iq-Sn am{Xw


Un-Pn-ä-em-Im-\m-bn C-f-hpIÄ


t\m-«v \n-tcm-[-\-w cm-Py-¯v `o-I-cam -b A-cm-P-IXzw kr-ãn¡pw

s]-t{SmÄ ]-¼p-I-fnepw hn-am-\Sn¡-äv hm-§p-¶-Xn\pw ]-gb t\m-«pIÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-\p-Å ku-Icyw Un-kw-_À 15 h-sc B-bn-cp¶Xv c|mw Xnb-Xn h-sc-bm-bn Np-cp-¡n

tXmakv sFkIv

¡v D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xn-sâ Im-em-h-[n 24 h-sc \o«n. \-hw-_À


hn-c-en a-jn ]-Xn-¸n-¡m³ Xo-cp-am\w


hn-h-c-§Ä BZm-b \n-Ip-Xn h-Ip-¸n-\v ssI-am-dp-w

A-km-[p t\m-«p-IÄ H-cmÄ H-¶n-te-sd Xh-W am-än-sb-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn-\v \n-b-{´-W-taÀ-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn hn-c-en a-jn ]-Xn-¸n-¡m³ Xo-cp-am \n¨p.


tk-hnw-Kv-kv F-¡u-|n H-cp Zn-h-kw 50,000 cq-]-bn Iq-Sp-X-tem, \-hw-_À 9 ap-X- Un-kw_À 30 h-sc sam-¯w c-|-c e-£w cq-]-bn Iq-SpXtem \n-t£-]n-¡p-¶-h-cp-sS hn-h-c-§Ä _m-¦p-Ifpw k-l-I-c-W-_m-¦p-Ifpw t]m-kv-täm-^o-kp-Ifpw BZm-b \n-Ip-Xn h-Ip-¸n-\v ssI-am-dp-sa-¶v A-dn-bn¨p. _m-¦v F¡u-|n ]m³ -ImÀ-Uv \-¼À tNÀ-¯n-«nsÃ-¦n 50,000 cq-]-bn Iq-Sp-X \n-t£-]n-¡p-¶-hÀ ]m³ ImÀ-Un-sâ tIm-¸n \Â-IWw. Idâv F-¡u-|n 12.5 e-£w cq-]-bn Iq-Sp-X \n-t£-]n-¡p-¶-h-cp-sS hn-h-c-§fpw BZm-b \n-Ip-Xn



k-lI-c-W _m-¦p-I-fn t\m-«v am-dm-\m-InÃ



tem-¬ Xn-cn-¨-S-hn-\v km-h-Imiw


ImÀjn-I hmbv-] e-`y-am-¡m-³ \-S]Sn

Pn-Ãm k-l-I-c-W-_m-¦p-I-fnepw {]m-Yan-I k-lI-c-W _m-¦p-I-fnepw A-km-[p t\m-«p-IÄ ssIImcyw sN-¿-cp-sX-¶v \nÀ-tZiw. k-l-I-c-W-_m-¦p-I-fn \n-t£-]-ap-Å-hÀ-¡v sN-¡pIÄ \Â-In kn-hn k-ss¹-kv tÌm-dp-I-fn \n¶pw kÀ¡mÀ Øm-]-\-§-fn \n-¶pw km-[-\-§Ä hm-§mw.

t\m-«v A-km-[p-hm-¡n-b-Xp-aq-e-ap-Å _p-²nap-«p-IÄ I-W-¡n-se-Sp¯v H-cp tIm-Sn-bn Xm-sg-bpÅ `h-\, ImÀ-jn-I, hm-l-\-hm-bv-]-Ifp-sS Xn-cn¨-S-hn-\v dn-kÀ-hv _m-¦v 60 Znh-kw A-[n-I-ka-bw \ÂIn.


{]m-Yan-I k-lI-c-W kw-L-§fpw _m-¦pI-fpw h-gn IÀ-j-IÀ-¡v hmbv-] e-`y-am-¡m³ dn-kÀ-hv _m-¦v \nÀ-tZ-in¨p.


Un-Pn-ä ]-W-an-S-]m-Sp-IÄ t{]mÕm-ln-¸n-¡m-\m-bn tI-{µ kÀ-¡mÀ Iq-Sp-X C-f-hp-IÄ \ÂIn. s\-äv _m-¦nw-Kv, s{I-Unäv, sU-_n-äv ImÀ-UpIÄ, C hm-e-äpIÄ, a-äp Un-Pn-ä amÀ-K-§Ä D-]-tbm-Kn-¨p-Å C-S-]m-Sp-IÄ-¡v C-f-hp-IÄ e-`n-¡pw. s{I-Un-äv, sU-_n-äv Im-À-Up-Ifpw a-äp t]-bv-saâv ImÀ-Up-Ifpw D-]-tbm-Kn-¨pÅ 2000 cq-] h-sc bpÅ H-ä C-S-]m-SpI-sf tk-h-\ \n-Ip-Xn-bn \n¶v H-gn-hm¡n. ImÀtUm C hm-e-äp-Itfm a-äp Un-Pn-ä kw-hn[m\-§tfm D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v s]-t{SmÄ A-Sn-¡p-¶hÀ¡v 0.75 i-X-am-\w C-fhv. k-_À-_³ s{S-bn-\p-I-fn Un-Pn-ä amÀ-K-§fn Sn-¡-sä-Sp-¡p-¶-hÀ-¡v 2017 P-\ph-cn H-¶p apX 0.5 i-X-am-\w C-fhv. apwss_ k-_À-_³ Xo-h-|n-bn-em-Wv BZyw \-S-¸m-¡pI. sd-bvÂ-th Hm¬-sse³ Sn-¡-sä-Sp-¡p-¶-hÀ-¡v 10 e-£w cq-]-bpsS kuP-\y A]-I-S C³-jz-d³kv {]-Jym-]n-¨n-«p-|v. sd-bvÂ-th-bp-sS Xm-akw, dn-«-b-dnw-Kv dq-apIÄ, tI-ä-dnw-Kv Xp-S-§n-b-h-bv-¡m-bn Un-Pn-ä amÀ-K-§fn-eq-sS ]-Ww A-S-bv-¡p-¶-hÀ¡v Cu tk-h-\-§fn A-©p i-X-am-\w C-fhv.

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016





{_m³Un \n¶v

{_m³-Uv F-Iv-̳-j\n-te¡v {_m³-Uv F-Iv-kv-ä³-j³ F-¶ {_m³-Uv hn-]peoI-c-W X-{´w hn-P-b-I-c-am-¡m³ amÀ-K-§Ä ]-e-Xp|v. A-hsb-¡p-dn-¨v hn-i-Z-ambn a-\-knem-¡mw

s{]m-^. A-c-hn-µv tPm-jn tPm-k^v c-Lp-\mY³


´y³ hm-¨v hn-]-Wn-bn- h-fsc-b-[n-Iw N-e-\-ap-|m¡n-b {_m³-Up-Ifn-sem-¶m-Wv ssS-ä-sâ 1998 ]p-d-¯n-d¡n-b "^m-Ìv {Sm-¡v'. AXn-eqsS bp-h-Xo-bp-hm¡-sf X-§fp-sS ssÌ-e³ hm-¨p-I-fp-sS D-]-t`màm-¡-fm-¡n-btijw Cu {_m³-Uv a-säm-cp- hn-`m-Kw DÂ-¸-¶¯n-te¡pw Iq-Sn I-S-¶p-sNÃm³ Xo-cp-am-\n¨p: k¬-¥m-kpIÄ. I-W-¡p-Iq-«n-sbSp-¯ Cu {_m³-Uv hn-]p-eoI-c-W X{´w km-am\yw h³ hn-P-b-am-bncp-s¶-¶v \n-§-Ä-¡v A-dn-bm-am-bncn-¡pw. Inw-Kv ^n-jÀ F-¶ _n-bÀ {_m³-Uv thym-a-bm-\ cw-K-t¯-¡nd-§n-b-t¸m-gpw, sam-_o t^m¬ amÀ-¡-än-se h-¼³ I-¼-\nbm-b MI F-bÀ ]yq-cn-^-bÀ hn-]-Wn-bn-te-¡nd-§nb-t¸m-gpw Cu F-Iv-̳-j³ X-{´-am-Wv ]-b-än-bXv. C§-s\ hfsc {]-Nm-c-¯n-ep-Å {_m³-Uv F-Iv̳-j³ F-¶ X-{´-s¯-¸-än-bm-Wv C¯-h-W hn-i-Zo-I-cn-¡p-¶Xv. Ipd-¨p hÀ-j-§Ä-¡p ap-¼p h-sc an-¡ I-¼-\n-Ifpw H-cp {_m³-Uv \m-a¯n Hcp D¸-¶w/tkh-\w F¶ co-Xn-bm-bn-cp-¶p kzo-I-cn-¨n-cp-¶Xv. \q-dp-I-W-¡n-\v {_m³-Up-IÄ kz-´am-bn-«p-Å bq-Wn-enhÀ, t{]m-Iv-äÀ B³-Uv Kmw-_nÄ (P&G) F-¶n-§s\-bp-Å \n-tXym-]-tbm-K km-[-\-§fp-sS h-¼-·m-cm-bn-cp¶p Cu co-Xn-¡v Np-¡m³ ]n-Sn-¨n-cp-¶Xv. F-¶m B-tKm-f-hn-]-Wn-b-n-sebpw D-]-t`màm-¡-fp-sS A-`n-cp-Nn-bn-sebpw am-ä§Ä I-¼-\nI-sf am-dn Nn-´n-¡m³ t{]-cn-¸n¨p. A-tXm-sSm-¸w Xs¶ "{_m³Uv' aq-ey-ap-Å H-cp kw-K-Xn-bmsW¶pw A-h-bp-sS km-[y-X-I-sf-¸änbpw A-hÀ a-\-kn-em-¡n-¯p-S§n. A-§-s\-bm-Wv H-cp {_m³-Uv X-s¶ ]-e DÂ-¸-¶, tk-h-\-t{i-Wn-bn-te¡v \o-«n-sb-Sp-¡m³ Xp-S-§n-bXv. A-Xmb-Xv H-cp {_m³-Un-\v Io-sg -]-eX-cw DÂ-¸-¶, tk-h-\-§Ä. bq-Wn-en-h-dn-sâ X-s¶ tem-I {]-ikv-Xam-b "B-Ivkv' F-¶ {_m³-Uv t\m¡q: Un-tbm-U-dâp-I-fn \n-¶v

22 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

A-\p-_-Ô ku-µ-cy-hÀ-[I tkm-¸v, j-hÀ-sPÂ, jmw-]q F-¶n-h-bn-te-¡v {_m³-Uv I-S-¶p-h-¶n-cn-¡p¶p. H-cp I¼-\n ]pXn-sbm-cp DÂ-¸-¶w/ tkh-\w ]p-d-¯n-d-¡p-t¼mÄ, {_m³Unw-Kn-\p-th-|n {]-[m-\-ambpw aq-¶v km-[y-X-I-fm-Wp-ÅXv. 1. H-cp ]pXn-b {_m³-Uv \m-a-¯n A-Xv ]p-d-¯n-d¡pI. 2. t\c-s¯ X-s¶ ssI-h-i-ap-Å {_m³-Un-sâ Io-gn A-Xv A-h-X-cn¸n¡pI. 3. ap-I-fn ]-d-ª c-|n-sâbpw H-cp Iq-«p-sI-«m-bn ]p-d-¯n-d-¡p-I. AXmb-Xv ssI-h-i-ap-Å {_m³-Un-sâ Io-gn X-s¶ ]pXn-sbm-cp {_m³-Uv \m-a-¯n DÂ-¸-¶w/tkh-\w ]p-d-¯nd-§p-¶p. (k-_vþ{_m³Uv)

hnP-b-km-[y-X IqSpw {_m³-Uv F-Iv-̳-j³ F-¶ co-Xn C-Xn c-|m-as¯tbm aq-¶mas¯tbm km-[y-X-I-fn s]-Sp¶p. C-¶v hn-]-Wn-bn ]p-d-¯n-d-§p-¶ DÂ-¸-¶/tk-h-\-§-fn 80 i-X-a-m\ -¯n-te-sd C-§-s\-bp-Å \o-«n-sb-Sp¡-ep-I-fm-sW-¶v I-W-¡p-IÄ kqNn-¸n-¡p¶p. \-¶m-bn I-W-¡p-Iq-«n an-I-thmsS \-S-¸n-em-¡n-sb-Sp-¡p-¶ {_m³-Uv F-Iv-̳-j-\p-IÄ-¡v ]-ehn[ Kp-W-§-fm-Wp-ÅXv. {_m³-Un-sâ {]-XnÑm-b X-s¶ am-än-sb-Sp-¡p-¶Xnt\m-sSm¸w, ]pXn-b {_m³-Uv ]p-d-¯nd-§p-¶-Xn-se ]-cm-P-b-km[y-X X-s¶ C-hn-sS Ip-d-bv-¡m³ ]-äp¶p. tkm-Wn F-¶ Ce-t{Îm-Wn-Iv {_m³-Uv D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡n-S-bn an-I-s¨m-cp {]-XnÑm-b kr-ãn-¨n-cp-¶Xp-

Unkw_À 31, 2016

D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-sS a-\-kn kr-ãn-s¨-Sp¯n-«p-Å {_m-³-Uv {]-Xn-Ñm-b-bv-¡v H-¸w \nÂ-¡p-¶-h-bmI-Ww F-Iv-̳-j³ X-{´-§-fpw

sIm-|pX-s¶ em-]vtSm-¸v hn-`m-K-¯nte-¡v A-tX {_m-³-Uv \m-a-¯n I-S¶p-sNÃm³ A-hÀ-¡v c-|m-a-sXm ¶m-tem-Nn-t¡-|n-h-¶nÃ. B-sI sam-¯w ]p-Xn-b-Xm-bn-«p-Å H-cp {_m-³-Uv A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡m³ th-|nh-cp-¶ ]-c-ky-{]-Nm-c-W sN-e-hp-Ifpw C-Xn-eq-sS \n-b-{´n-¡m-hp-¶-XmWv. X-§-fp-sS D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v Iq-Sp-X sX-c-sª-Sp-¸v k-m[y-X-IÄ \Â-Ip-¶ Xn-t\m-sSm-¸w ]p-Xn-b-Xm-bn ]p-d-¯n-d¡p-¶ DÂ-¸-¶/tk-h-\-¯n-eq-sS ]pXn-b D-]-t`m-àm¡-sf kr-ãn-¡m \pw ]pXn-sbm-cp DÂ-¸-¶ t{i-Wnbn-te-¡v Iq-«n-s¡m|p-t]m-Im\pw ]-e-t¸mgpw {_m³-Uv F-Iv-kv-ä³-j\pI-fn-eq-sS I-¼-\n-IÄ-¡v km-[n-¡p¶p. A-tXm-sSm-¸w X-s¶ hn-izm-ky-Xbpw {]-Xn-Ñm-b-Ifpw ]p-Xp {_m³-Un-te¡v ]-I-cm\pw I-¼-\n-¡v I-gn-bp¶p. A-Xmb-Xv ^m-kv-äv-{Sm-¡v {_m³-Uv

k¬-¥m-kv hn-`m-K-¯n-te-¡v I-S-¶psNÃp-t¼mÄ t\c-s¯ {_m³-Uv kr-ãn-s¨-Sp-¯ "IqÄ' {]-Xn-Ñm-bbpw hn-izm-ky-Xbpw \n-e-\nÀ-¯m³ km-[n-¨p F-¶À°w.

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tIm-gn-t¡mSv sFsFF-½n-se amÀ-¡-änw-Kv hn-`m-Kw A-tkm-kn -tb-äv s{]m-^-k-dm-Wv te-JI³. _n-kn-\kv I¬-kÄ-«nw-Kv cw-K ¯pw {i-t²-b-\mWv. C-- sa-bvÂ: joshyjoseph

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tIm-gn-t¡mSv sF-sF-F-½n-se amÀ-¡-änw-Kv hn-`m-Kw K-th-j-I hn-ZymÀ-°n -bm-Wv A-c-hn-µv c-Lp -\mY³. {]ap-J _n-kn \-kv Izn-kv am-Ì-dmWv. C sa-bvÂ: arvindr08

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Kn¡mw F-¶p Nn-´n-¡pI. e-fn-X-am-bn ]-d-ªm \n-§-fp-sS e-m-`-¯n-sâ 80 i-X-am-\w e-`n-¡p¶-Xv \n-§-fp-sS D¸-¶-¯n-sâ A-sÃ-¦n tk-h-\-¯n-sâ 20 i-X-am-\-¯n \n-¶mWv F-¶-XmWv Cu XXzw. em-`-¯n-sâ C-tX i-X-am-\w ]-e-t¸mgpw e-`n-¡p¶-Xv C-tX i-Xam\w D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fn \n-¶mWv. G-ähpw Iq-Sp-X em-`w e-`n-¡p-¶ D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fn {i-² tI-{µo-I-cn¨m Ip-d-ª em-`w X-cp-¶ D-]-t`màm-¡Ä t]m-bmÂ-t]mepw I-cp-X-temsS ssI-Imcyw sN-bv-Xm \n-§-fp-sS em-`£-a-X Iq-Spw.

-§-fp-sS _n-kn-\-kn-sâ {][m-\ e£yw F-´mWv? Pm-¡v Iym³^oÂ-Uv A-t±-l-¯n-sâ ]p-kv-X-Iamb "Z t^m-¡-kn' A-h-X-cn-¸n-¨ Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) s\-¸-än-bà Rm³ kw-km-cn-¡p-¶Xv; A¯-cw hen-b hm-¡p-I-fp-sS Dt±-iys¯-¡p-dn¨pw -ZuXy-s¯-¡p-dn-¨p-aÃ. H-cp Øm]-\w D-bÀ-¶ X-e-§-fn-te-¡v F-¯p-¶-Xn-\v C-h-sbÃmw B-h-iy-amWv. F--¶m _n-kn\-kv em-`-I-c-a-sæn C-h-sIm-|v Im-cy-hp-anÃ. AXpsIm-|v kw-cw-`-I³ F-¶ \n-e-bn _n-kn\-kv em-`I-cam-¡p-¶-Xn-em-Wv \mw {i-²n-t¡-|Xv. A-Sp-¯ G-Xm\pw e-¡-§-fn Cu hn-j-b-s¯-¡p-dn-¨mWv Rm³ {]-Xn-]m-Zn-¡p-¶Xv. "_n-kn\kv B-Iv-k-e-tdäÀ' ko-co-kv inÂ-¸-ime-I-fn \n-s¶-Sp-¯, kw-cw-`-IÀ-¡v G-sd {]-tbm-P-\-s¸-« Nn-´-I-fm-Wv C-hn-sS ]-¦p-sh-¡p-¶Xv. sN-e-hp (Cost) I-fn \n-¶v Xp-S-§mw.

sN-e-hv h-cp-Xn-bn-em¡mw sN-e-hv \n-b-{´n-¨m A-Xv \n §-sf em-`-£-a-X-bn-te-¡v \-bn-¡pw. FÃm _n-kn-\-knepw Ip-d-bv-¡m³ Nn-e ]m-gv-sN-e-hp-I-fp-|m-Ipw. F-¶m \n-§-fp-sS DÂ-¸-¶¯nsâtbm tk-h-\¯nsâtbm Kp-W-ta-· Ip-d¨p-sIm-|mbn-cn-¡-cp-Xv sNe-hv Np-cp-t¡|Xv. sN-e-hn-sâ {][m-\ ta-J-eI-sf \n-co-£n-¨n-«p-t|m? sN-e-hn-sâ {][m-\ ta-J-e-IÄ Xm-sg ]-d-bp-¶-h-bm-Wv. $ k-¹-tb-gvkv: k¹-tb-gv-kn \n¶v \n-§Ä-¡v G-ähpw an-I-¨ Uo BtWm e-`n-¡p-¶Xv? an-I-¨-Xn-\pth-|n \n-§Ä hn-e-t]-in-bn-«p-t|m? k-¹b-sd am-tä-|-Xp-t|m? k¹-bÀ t_-kv G-Io-I-cn-¡p-¶-Xn-eq-sS \n-§Ä¡v C-\n-bpw sa-¨-s¸-« Uo e-`n¡ptam? \n-§-fp-sS aq-e[-\w Iq-Sp-X ^-e-{]-Z-am-bn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡m³ A-¸t¸mÄ B-h-iy-ap-Å-h-bv-¡v am-{X-am-bn sN-e-h-gn-¨m a-Xn-bm-IntÃ? $ ^n-\m³kv: \n-§-fp-sS ^n-\m³-kv ku-I-cy-§Ä Ah-temI-\w sN-¿m-dpt|m? A-h G-ähpw sa-¨-s¸-« hy-h-ØI-fnemtWm \n-§Ä-¡v e`y-am-Ip-¶Xv? $ ]-cnkcw: \n-§-fp-sS Øm-]-\¯n-se Ø-ew ]-c-amh-[n D-]-tbm-Kn-¡s¸-Sp-¶p-t|m-? ]-cnkcw Iq-Sp-X Imcy-£-a-am-bn F§-s\ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw? D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-¯ Ø-ew ]m«¯nt\m hm-S-I-bvt¡m sIm-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn-s\-¡p-dn-¨v Nn-´n-¨n-«p-t|m? $ DÂ-¸m-Z\w: ]mgv-sN-ehpw km-[\-§-fp-sS sN-ehpw Ip-d-bv-¡m-\mIptam F-¶p t\m-¡n-bn«pt|m? Ip-d-¨p-Iq-Sn kp-kw-L-Sn-Xam-b s{]m-U-£³ t{]m k-kv kzo-I-cn-¨v tPm-en-ka-btam hn-`-h-

hn-e am-{X-aÃ, G-Xp X-cw D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡m-W-v D¸¶w hnÂ-¡p¶-Xv F-¶Xpw em-`-¯n hen-b hy-Xym-k-ap-­ïm-¡pw tijntbm Ipd-¨v sXm-gn sN-e-hp-IÄ Np-cp-¡m\mI-p-tam-sb-¶v t\m¡p-I. b-YmÀ-° sN-e-hp-IÄ I-s|¯pI Hmtcm _n-kn\-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\§Ä¡pw b-YmÀ-°-¯n F-{X sNe-hv hcp-¶p-s|-¶v I-s|-¯m-\p-Å ^-e-{]-Zam-b amÀ-K-am-Wv {]-hÀ-¯-\m[n-jvTn-X sNe-hv I-s|-¯Â (Activity based costing). H-cp {]-tXy-I _n-kn\-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-¯n-\v b-YmÀ-°-¯n F-{X sNe-hv h-cp-¶p-s|-¶v I-W-¡m-¡m³ A-Xn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¶ FÃm sN-e-hp-I-fpw (Po-h-\-¡mÀ-¡p-Å th-X\w, A-kw-kvIr-X h-kv-Xp-¡Ä Xp-S-§n-b-h-sbÃmw) ]cn-tim-[n-¨v I-s|-¯p-¶-XmWv Activity based costing. {]mcw-` A-h-tem-I-\-¯n-\v A-Â-¸k-a-bw- Iq-Sp-X-se-Sp-t¯-¡mw. ]-s£ ]-c-¼-cm-K-Xam-b sNe-hv I-s|-¯Â amÀ-K-§Ä h-gn I-s|-¯m³ km[n-¡m-¯ sN-e-hp-IÄ t]mepw Cu amÀ-K-¯n-eq-sS \-ap-¡v a-\-kn-em-¡m-\mIpw. C-Xph-gn A-Xn-i-bn-¸n-¡p-¶ ^-ew R-§-fp-sS ss¢âv-kn-\v e-`n-¨n-«p|v.

AXv hnÂ-¡p-¶Xv? F-´v hn-e-bv-¡m-Wv hnÂ-¡p-¶-Xv? A-Xv Iq-Sp-X sa-¨-s¸-Spt¯-|-Xp-t|m? hn-e- ]-cn-K-Wn¡p-t¼mÄ \n-§-fp-sS tk-h-\-¯n-sâ/DÂ-¸-¶¯n-sâ hn-e Øn-c-am-bn A-h-temI-\w sN-¿p-I-sb¶-Xv hf-sc an-I-¨ B-i-bamWv. hn-]-Wn-bn-ep-Å am-ä-§Ä-¡-\pk-cn-¨v hnÂ-¸\-sb _m-[n-¡m-¯ X-c¯n \n-§Ä-¡v hn-e Iq-«mw. F-¶m hne Iq-«Â Øm-bn-bm-¡p-¶-Xn-\v ap-¼v A-Xv ]co-£-W-hn-t[-b-am-¡p-I. \n-§-fp-sS G-ähpw an-I-¨ D]-t`m-àm¡-sf I-s|¯p-I \n-§-fp-sS hn-e \n-e-hm-cw am-{X-aà \n-§-fp-sS em`-s¯ _m-[n-¡p-¶Xv. G-XpX-cw D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡m-W-v \n§Ä hnÂ-¡p¶-Xv F-¶Xpw hen-b hy-Xym-k-ap-|m-¡pw. 80/20 \nb-aw F¶dn-b-s¸-Sp-¶ La Pareto X-Xzw \n-§fp-sS _n-kn-\-kn F§-s\ {]-tbm-

\n-§-fp-sS an-I-¨ D-]-t`m-àm-h-n-\v F§-s\ Iq-Sp-X hnÂ-¡mw? \n-§Ä-¡v Iq-Sp-X em-`w X-cp-¶ D]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v Iq-Sp-X hnÂ-¡m³ I-gn-bpw. AXn-\mbn Xm-sg ]-d-bp-¶ A-h-k-c-§Ä ]-cn-K-Wn¡pI. \nÀ-tZi§Ä {]-tbm-K-¯n hcp¯pI $ Up-selling: {][m-\ D-]-t`m-àm¡Ä-¡v {]o-an-bw DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä hn-äv \n-§-fp-sS em-`-¯n-te-¡v hen-b ]¦v t\-Sp-I. $ Cross selling: \n-§Ä e-£yw-sh¡p-¶ D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä hm-§p-¶-sX´m-sW-¶v hn-i-Ie-\w sN-bv-Xv AXn-\v k-am-\am-b DÂ-¸-¶-§Ä hm-Kv-Zm-\w sN-¿pI. $ ssh-hn-[y-hÂ-¡-cWw: \n-§-fp-sS {][m-\ D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-sS B-h-iy§Ä Xn-cn-¨-dn-ªv A-hÀ-¡v B-h-iyamb tk-h-\-§fpw ]pXn-b D-Â-¸-¶-§fpw hn-I-kn-¸n-s¨-Sp¡pI _n-kn\-kv I¬-kÄ-«³-kn Øm-]-\am-b {_Ò te-Wnw-Kv skm-eq-j³-kn-sâ No-^v saâ-dmb te-JI³ ko-cn-b F-³{S-{]-Wdpw sse-^v tIm¨pw {K-Ù-Imc-\p-am-Wv. Cþsa-bv-Â: sh-_vsskäv: hm-«v-km-¸v \-¼-À 09526505533

Hm^À ]cn-tim-[n¡p-I \n-§-Ä F´m-tWm D]-t`m-àmhn\v "Hm^À' sN-¿p¶-Xv A-Xv kq-£va-am-bn ]cn-tim-[n-¡p-I. BÀ-¡m-Wv

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kp-µ-c-am-¡mw Po-hn-Xw dn-«-bÀ-saâv hÀ-j-§Ä A-I-se-bm-bn-cn-¡mw, F-¶m sN-dp-¸w ap-X-ep-Å \n-t£-] io-ew hmÀ-²-Iy Po-hn-X-s¯ kp-µ-c-am-¡pw [\w \yqkv _yqtdm


dp-¸-¯n X-s¶ D-bÀ-¶ h-cpam-\w e-`n-¡p-¶ D-tZym-Kw e-`n¡p-¶ sN-dp-¸-¡m-cp-sS F-®w tI-c-f¯n Iq-Sn h-cp-I-bm-sW-¶v I-W-¡pIÄ ]-d-bp-¶p. k-aq-l-¯n hn-Zym -k-¼-¶-cp-sS F-®w hÀ-[n-¨v h-cp-¶-XmWv C-Xn-\p Im-c-Ww. \m-e-¡ i-¼fw e-`n-¡m³ ]-|-s¯ X-e-ap-dbv-¡v {]-tam-j-\p-IÄ \n-c-h-[n Xm-t|-| A-h-Ø-bm-bn-cp-s¶¦n C-¶v Xp-S-¡-¯n X-s¶ B-d-¡ i-¼-fw e-`n-¡p-¶ bp-h s{]m-^-j-W-ep-IÄ G-sd-bm-Wv \-ap-¡v C-S-bnÂ. F-¦n-epw am-fp-I-fn-epw ]-ºpI-fn-epw Po-hn-Xw A-Sn-¨p s]mfn-¨p h-cp-am-\-t¯-¡mÄ A-[nIw I-Sw h-cp-¯n sh-bv-¡p-Ibm-Wv A-h-cn ]-e-cpw. ]-t£, B-Uw-_-c-w AÂ-¸w \n-b-{´n ¨v sNdp-¸-¯n X-s¶ Nn«bm b \n-t£-]-io-ew B-cw-`n-¨m Po-hn-X-sa¶pw A-Sn¨p-s]mfn ¡msa¶m-Wv hn-Z-Kv-[cp-sS A-`n{]m-bw.

kp-tc-jn-sâ I-Y kp-tc-jn-\v 25 h-b-kv D-Åt¸m gmWv H-cp sF.än I-¼-\n-bn tPm-en e-`n¡p-¶-Xv. aq¶v e-£w cq-]bm-bn-cp-¶p hmÀ-jn-I h-cp-am-\w. kÀ-¡mÀ Po-h-\ -¡m-c-\m-b A-Ñ-\m-bn-cp-¶p A-¶v Ip-Spw -_-¯n-sâ sN-e-hp-IÄ t\m-¡n-bn-cp-¶Xv. H-ä¯-Snbm-bn-cp-¶-Xn-\m kÀ-h kzX-{´-\m-bn-cp-¶ kp-tc-jv ]mÀ-«n, {^|v-kv, I-d-¡w F-¶n-§-s\ Po-hn-Xw "B-kz-Zn¨p' h-cp-t¼mÄ - A-Ñ-sâbpw km-¼-¯n-I hn-Z-Kv-[-\m-b kp-lr-¯nsâbpw C-S-s]-S- aq-e-amWv \nt£]w io-e-§-fp-sS `m-K-am-¡m³ Xo-cp-am\n-¨Xv. A-Xn-\m-bn kp-tc-jv kzo-I-cn-¨ h-gn-IÄ C-sXm-s¡-bm-Wv: l k-¼m-Zy io-ew D-|m-¡m-\p-Å {i-aw B-cw-`n-¨p. ho-«n-se sN-e-hp-I-sf-Ãmw A-ѳ t\m-¡n-bn-cp-¶-Xn-\m X-sâ h-cp-am-\-¯n-sâ 25 i-X-am-\-t¯mfw tk-hv sN-¿m³ kp-tc-jv Xo-cp-am\n¨p. l F-kv.sF.]n, C-Izn-än en-¦v-Uv tk -hnw-Kv-kv kv-Iow Xp-S-§n-b dn-kv-Iv Xm-c-X-tay-\ Ip-d-ª ayq-Nz ^-|v \n-t£-] amÀ-K-§-fn-eq-sS H-cp ZoÀLIm-e \n-t£-]w I-s|-¯m³ XpS-§n. l kz-´w B-tcm-Ky-¯n-\v C³-jp-d³kv ]-cn-c-£ e-`n-¡p-hm³ H-cp- e£w cq-]-bp-sS B-tcm-Ky C³-jp-d³-kv F-Sp-¯p. l s{I-Un-äv ImÀ-Uv D-]-tbm-Kn-¨n-cp-¶ kp-tc-jv Ir-Xy-am-b C-S-th-f-I-fnÂ

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

B-Uw-_-c-w AÂ-¸w \n-b-{´n¨v sNdp-¸-¯n X-s¶ Nn-«bmb \n-t£-]-io-ew B-cw-`n-¨m Po-hn-X-sa¶pw A-Sn¨p-s]mfn¡msa¶m-Wv hn-Z-Kv-[-cp-sS A-`n-{]m-bw

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I-Y Xp-S-cp-¶p 35 h-b-km-b-t¸m-tg¡pw kp-tc-jnsâ hmÀ-jn-I h-cp-am-\w F«v e-£-am-bn hÀ-

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Kp-W-]mTw kp-tc-jn-tâ-Xn-\v k-am-\-am-b Po-hn-X km-l-N-cy-§-fn-eq-sS I-S-¶pt]m-Ip¶ ]-e-cpw B-Uw-_-c-¯n-sâ ]n-¶m-se t]mbn In-«p-¶ Im-iv ap-gp-h³ \-in-¸n-¨p I-fbp-I-bm-Wv sN-¿m-dp-Å-Xv. h-cp-am-\w XnI-bm-sX h-cp-t¼mÄ I-Sw hm-§n- ChÀ {]-iv-\-¯n-em-Ip-¶p. F-¶m B-Uw_-c-§-fn a-Xn-a-d-¡m-sX kp-tc-jn-s\ t]m-se A¸w hn-th-I-t¯m-sS {]-hÀ¯n-¨m Zm-cn-{Zy Zpx-Jw A-\p-`-hn-¡msX kp-J kp-µ-c-am-bn Po-hn-Xw B-kzZn-¡mw.

C³sh-Ìvsaâ v ssKUv


]pXp-hÀ-j-¯n sX-c-sª-Sp-¡m³

A©v Hm-lc- n-IÄ \n-t£-]-IÀ¡v an-I-¨ em-`w t\-Sm³ k-lm-b-I-camb A©v Hml-cnIÄ \nÀ-tZ-in-¡p-I-bm-Wv sj-bÀ-shÂ-¯n-sâ am-t\-Pnw-Kv U-b-d-Iv-äÀ cmwIn RBL BANK LTD


Øm-]n-Xam-b c-Xv-\m-IÀ _m-¦v en-an-ä-Uv cm-Py-s¯ G-ähpw th-K¯n h-f-cp-¶ kz-Im-cy _m-¦p-I-fn H-¶mWv. h³ tImÀ-¸-td-äpIÄ, sN-dp-InSþC-S¯-cw kw-cw-`IÀ, IÀ-jI - À, Xm-sg¡n-S-bn-ep-Å km-[m-c-W-¡mÀ XpS§n G-XpX-cw D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡p-apÅ k-a-{Kam-b tkh\w Cu sj-UyqÄUv sIm-ta-gv-ky _m-¦v \Â-In h-cp ¶p. amÀ-¨v 2016 se IW-¡p {]-Imcw 16 kw-Øm-\-§-fn-embn 197 im-J -I-fpw 362 F-än-F-½p-I-fpw 19 e-£w D]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-ap|v. \S¸p km-¼¯nI hÀ-j-s¯ sk-]v-äw-_-dn A-h-km\n¨ c|mw ]m-Z-¯n _m-¦n-sâ Aä-em-`w 89.89 tIm-Sn cq-]-bm-bn-cp¶p. ap³-hÀ-js - ¯ CtX Im-eb - f - h - n se 66.93 tIm-Sn-sb At]-£n-¨v 34 i-X a - m-\w Iq-Sp-Xe - m-WnXv. G-gp Z-im-Я - n-



CMP `354 te-sd \o-| ]m-c¼ - cyw D-s|-¦nepw _m¦v XoÀ¯pw s{]m-^j - W -  co-Xn-bn-te¡v am-dn-bX - v 2010 km-¼¯n-I hÀj¯n am-{X-amWv. Xp-SÀ-¶v h³ h - f - À¨ t\-Sm³ _m-¦n-\m-bn. 2011þ2016 km-¼ ¯n-I hÀ-j§ - f - n 62 i-Xa - m-\w tem¬ kn-FP - n-BÀ h-fÀ¨ t\-Sm\pw _m-¦n-\v I-gn-ªp.

CMP `60

Zm-\n {Kq-¸n \n-¶p-Å, ]-hÀ {Sm³-kv-an-j³ cwK-s¯ {]ap-J Øm-]-\-am-Wv A-l-½-Zm-_m-Zv BØm-\-am-bp-Å A-Zm-\n {Sm³-kv-an-j³ en-an-äUv. \S-¸p km-¼¯n-I hÀj-s¯ c|mw ]m-Z-¯n I¬-tkm-fn-tUä-Uv s\-äv s{]m-^näv (t_m-«w sse³) 39 i-X-am-\w CSn-thm-sS 99.54 tIm-Sn cq-]-bm-bn-cp¶p. sXm-«p ap³-hÀ-jw C-tX-Im-e-b-f-hn 162.20 tIm-Sn cq-] em-`w t\-Sn-bn-cp¶p. F-¶m tSm-¸v sse\n (sk-bvÂ-kv) 21 i-X-am-\w h-fÀ-¨ t\-Sm-³ I-¼-\n-¡m-bn. 564.24 tIm-Sn-bn \n-¶v 682.70 tImSn cq-]-bm-bm-Wv hÀ-[n-¨Xv. Cu A-Sp-¯v dn-e-b³-kv C³-{^m-kv-{S-Iv-tN-gv-kp-am-bn H-cp sj-bÀ ]À-t¨-kv F-{Kn-saâv \-S-¯m³ I-¼-\n-¡m-bn. C-Xp h-gn e `n-¨ 3100 kÀ-Iyq-«v In-tem-ao-äÀ AS-¡w I-¼-\n-bp-sS B-sI s\-ävhÀ-¡v 10,000 kÀ-Iyq-«v In-tem-ao-ä-dm-bn hÀ-[n-¨n-«p|v. I-gn-ª H-Iv-täm-_-dn Pn-Fw-BÀ F-\À-Pn-sb bpw I¼-\n G-sä-Sp-¯n-cp-¶p. cm-Py-s¯ G-ähpw h en-b ]-hÀ {Sm³-kv-an-j³ I-¼-\nbm-b F-Sn-FÃn-\v 1 {Sn-ey¬ cq-]-bpsS HmÀ-UÀ e-`n-¨n-«p-|v. I-¼-\nbp-sS h-fÀ-¨ Hm-l-cn-bp-S-aIÄ-¡v t\-«-am-Ipw.





B-Zy-am-bn en-kv-äv sN-¿s¸-« tZio-bX-e-¯n-ep-Å F-Iv-kv -tN-©m-Wv 2003  {]-hÀ¯-\w Xp-S §n-b Fw-kn-F-Iv-kv. 89.49 i-X-am\w hn]-Wn ]-¦m-fn-¯-ap-Å C-Xv cm-Py -s¯ G-ähpw h-epXp-am-Wv. 2017 km-¼

¯n-I hÀj-s¯ c|mw ]m-Z-¯n 37.65 tIm-Sn cq-]-bp-sS A-äm-Zm-bw t\Sm³ Fw-kn-F-Iv-kn-\mbn. sXm-«p ap-¼s¯ hÀj-s¯ CtX ]mZ-s¯ A-t]£n-¨v 23 i-X-am-\w A[n-Iam-WnXv. dnkÀ-hv _m-¦v hn-tZ-i \nt£-] ]-cn-[n D-bÀ-¯n-bXpw Fw-kn-F-Iv-kv {Sm³-km£³ ^o hÀ-[n-¸n-¨Xpw aq¶mw ]m-Z¯n {]-Xn-^-en-¡p-sa-¶m-Wv {]-Xo-£n¡-s¸-Sp-¶Xv. sk-_n-bp-sS `mK-¯p \n-¶p-Å Nn-e A-\pIq-e Xo-cp-am-\§fpw Fw-kn-F-Iv-kn-\v Kp-W-I-c-amIpw. ZoÀ-L-Im-e-t¯-¡p-Å \n-t£-]¯n-\v sX-c-sª-Sp-¡m-hp-¶ H-¶m-Wv Fw-kn-F-Ivkv. A-tX-ka-bw \m-j-W tÌm-¡v F-Iv-kv-tN-©v I-t½m-Un-än hn`m-K-¯n-te-¡v I-S-¡p¶-Xv I-Sp-¯ a-Õ-c¯n-\n-S-bm-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿pw.


CMP `127

Kv _-kmÀ, Cu-kntU, ^m-j³ _n-Kv _-kmÀ(fbb), ^p-Uv-lmÄ, tlmw Su¬, C tkm¬ F-¶o B-dv {_m³-Up-I-fn-eqsS ssl-¸À amÀ-¡ä,v kq-¸À-amÀ-¡äv, tlmw- sk-Kvsaâv ta-J-e-bn {]ap-J Øm-\w t\Sn-b I-¼-\n-bmWv ^yq-¨À do-sä-bv enan-ä-Uv. 2007  In-tjm-À _n-bm-\n-bm-Wv C-Xv Øm-]n¨Xv. \S-¸p km-¼¯n-I hÀj-s¯ c|mw ]m-Z¯n 73.63 tIm-Sn cq-] A-äm-Zm-bw t\-Sn. sXm-«p-ap¼-s¯ hÀjw C-tX Im-e-b-f-hn 70.55 tIm-Sn cq]-bm-bn-cp-¶p A-äm-Zmbw. I-gn-ª am-kw sl-dn-tä-Pv ^p-Uv-kn-s\ G-sä-Sp-¯ I¼-\n Z-£n-tW-´y-bn-se {]-hÀ¯\w DuÀ-Pn-X-am-¡n. 2021 Hm-sS 4000 kv-täm-dp-IÄ F-¶ e-£y-am-Wv I-¼-\n-¡p-ÅXv. C-Xn 1000 F-®w {^m-ss©-kn tam-U-en-em-bn-cn-¡pw. \n-e-hn 243 \-K-c-§-fn-embn 743 kv-täm-dp-IÄ {Kq-¸n-\p|v. tÌmÀ s\-ävhÀ-¡v hÀ-[n¸n-¡p-¶-tXm-sS cm-Py-s¯ do-sä-bv ta-Je-sb \-bn¡p-I ^yq-¨À do-sä-bv en-an-ä-Um-Ipw. ZoÀ-LIm-e h-fÀ-¨ D-d-¸p-X-cp-¶ C-´y³ do-sä-bv ta-J-e-bn \n-t£-]n-¡m³ XmÂ-¸-cy-s¸-Sp-¶ \n-t£-]-IÀ-¡v DNn-Xam-b sX-c-sª-Sp-¸mIpw ^yq-¨À do-sä-bv enanäUv Hm-l-cnIÄ.

CMP `1300

CMP `306

1965 Â Øm-]n-Xam-b s]m-Xp-taJ-em Øm-]-\

amb C-sF-F \-h-cXv-\ I-¼-\n-Ifn-sem-¶mWv. Hmbv & Kymkv, s]-t{Sm-sI-an-¡Â hy-h-km-b ta-J-ebv-¡p-Å C-]n-kn kÀ-ho-kkv, F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv I¬kÄ-«³-kn F-¶n-h-bn-em-Wv I¼-\n {i-²-bq-¶p-¶Xv. A-SnØm-\ ku-I-cy taJ-e, hm-«À & th-Ìv am-t\-Pvsaâv, tkm-fmÀ & \yq-¢n-bÀ ]hÀ, h-fw Xp-S§n-b ta-Je-I-fn-te-¡pw I¼-\n {]-hÀ¯-\w hym-]n-¸n-¨n-«p-|v. UÂ-ln kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ \-S-¯n-¸n-ep-Å I-¼-\n-bp-sS 59.37 i-X-am\w Hm-l-cn tI-{µ kÀ-¡m-cn-sâ ssI-h-iamWv. \S-¸p km-¼¯n-I hÀ-j-¯n-sâ c|mw ]m-Z¯n 93.75 tIm-Sn cq-]-bmWv Aäm-Zm-bw t\-SnbXv. ap³ hÀ-jw C-tX- Im-e-b-f-hn-se 77.21 tIm-Sntb-¡mÄ 21 i-X-am-\w A-[n-I-am-WnXv. F-¶m hn-äph-c-hv I-gn-ª hÀ-j-s¯ C-tX- Im-e-b-f-hnse 449.44 tIm-Sn-sb A-t]-£n-¨v 25 i-X-am-\w CSn-thmsS 338.89 tIm-Sn cq-] t\-Sm-t\ I-gn-ªpÅp. {]-hÀ¯-\ sN-e-hn-\-¯n D|m-b Ip-d-hm-Wv em-`w hÀ[n-¡m³ Im-c-W-am-bXv. Fw-BÀ-]nFÂ, F-¨v-]n-kn FÂ, a-lm-cm-{ã dn-ss^-\dn, sFH-kn dn-ss^\-dn Xp-S§n-b Øm-]-\-§-fp-sS B-bn-cw tIm-Sn cq-]-bnte-sd h-cp-¶ HmÀ-UÀ t\-Sm\m-bn-«p|v.

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C³sh-Ìvsaâ v ssKUv


tIcf I¼-\n-I-fpsS Hmlcn A-h-tem-I-\w

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- n-IÄ b-Ym-{I-aw - -d³-kn t\m-«p-IÄ ]n³-h-en-¨-Xn-s\ Xp- kvv, F-kv._n.än F¶o Hm-lc SÀ¶v Hml-cn hn]-Wn B-Sn-bp-e-sª-¦nepw 14.30, 12.55 cq-] hÀ[-\t- bm-sS 303.65, 571.80 cqX-IÀ-¨-bn \n¶pw ]-Xn-sb I-c-I-b-dp-s¶m- ]-bm-bn D-bÀ¶p. Cu-t̬ s{S-Uvkv, h-|À - B-bpÀ-th-Z F¶o cp Nn-{X-am-Wv I-gn-ª c-|v B-gv-N-I-fn-em-bn em, sI.F-kv.C, tI-cf hn-]-Wn-bn {]-I-S-am-b-Xv. \-hw-_À 25se Hml-cn-IÄ 5 cq-] ap-X 7 cq-] h-sc t\-«w\Â-In-. hn-e-I-fp-am-bn Xm-c-Xayw sN-¿p-t¼mÄ Un-kw_À Pn.Sn.F³ sS-Iv-kv-ssä 9\v `qcn-`mKw Hm-l-cn-Ifpw Â-kv, C³-Un-t{S-Uv, ap-¯q sNdn-sbm-cp t\-«-t¯m-sS-äv Im-¸nÂ, ]m-äv-kv-]n³ bm-Wv t¢m-kv sN-bv-X-Xv. \-hw-_À 25se hn-e-bp-am C´y, {ioi-àn t]-¸À, sIm-¨n³ an-\-dÂ-km-Wv -bn Xm-c-Xayw sN-¿p-t¼mÄ shÀ-s«-Iv-kv sk-Iyq-cn-äoC-¡m-e-b-f-hn G-ähpw F¶o Hm-l-cn-I-Ä am-{X Un-kw_À 9\v `qcn-`mKw kv A-[n-Iw t\-«w \ÂIn-b -am-Wv hn-e-bn-Sn-hv t\-cn« Hm-l-cn. 99.80 cq-]-bm-bn- Hm-l-cn-Ifpw t\-«-t¯m-sS Xv. ap-¯q-äv Im-¸nä 8.75 cp-¶ Cu Hml-cn-bp-sS ]-bp-sS \-ã-ap-|m-¡n-b -bm-Wv t¢m-kv sN-bv-X-Xv cqhne Un-kw-_À H³-]-Xn-t¸mÄ a-äp-Å Hm-l-cn-I-sf \v 20.20 cq-] hÀ[-\-tb-mÃmw \m-a-am-{Xam-b C-Sn-hmsS 120 cq-]-bm-bn D-bÀ¶p. Wv   tc- J - s ¸- S p- ¯ n- b Xv . _m- ¦ nwKv   Hml- c n- I - f n A-t¸mtfm S-tb-gv-kv, F- k v . _n.än am- { X- a m- W v In-sä-Ivkv, ap-¯q-äv ^n-\m ³-kv, F-kv._n.än F-¶n-h-bm-Wv C-¡m-e-b-f- t\-«-ap-|m-¡n-bXv. \-hw-_À c|mw hm-cw ap-X-ep-Å X-IÀhn an-I-¨ t\-«w \ÂIn-b aäv Hm-l-cnIÄ. A-t¸mtfm S-tb-gv-kv 17.25 cq-]-bp-sS hÀ[-\ ¨-bn \n¶pw hcpw Zn-hk-§-fn hn]-Wn -tb-m-sS 197.75 cq-]-bm-b-t¸mÄ In-sä-Iv-kv 15.40 Iq-Sp-X sa-¨-s¸Sp-tam-sb-¶ B-Imw-£-bnD-bÀ-¶v 403.95 cq-]-bmbn. ap-¯q-äv ^n-\m³- em-Wv \n-t£-]-IÀ.

I¼\n At¸mtfm Stbgvkv F.-hn.än sIm-¨n³ an-\-dÂ-kv & dq-ss«Â [\-e£van _m¦v Cut̬ s{SUvkv F^v.-F.-kn.än s^U-d _m¦v Pntbm-PnXv Pn.-än.-F³ sSIv-kv-ssäÂkv lmcn-k¬kv ae-bmfw C³-Unt{S-Uv (sP-.BÀ.Pn) tIcf BbpÀthZ InsäIvkv sI.-F-kv.C aW-¸pdw ^n\m³kv ap¯qäv Iym]nä kÀhokv ap¯qäv ^n\m³kv \näm sPe-än³ ]mävkv]n³ C´y d_v^ne Fkv.-_n.än ku¯v C-´y³ _m¦v {ioiàn t]¸À anÂkv shÀsSIvkv skIyq-cn-äokv hnþ-KmÀUv* h≠Àem

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tim-` en-an-ä-Un-\v Aw-Ko-Im-cw

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

Un-Pn-ä km-t¦-Xn-Ih - n-Zy

\q-X\ A-hk - c- § - fpw km-[y-XI - fpw UnPn-ä km-t¦Xn-I hn-ZyI-sf h-fÀ-¨-bv-¡p-Å h³ A-h-k-cam-bn B-tKmf-X-e _n-kn\kp-I-fpw hy-hkm-b ta-J-ebpw I-W-¡m-¡p¶p F³.F-kv thWp-tKm-]mÂ


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\q-X-\ km-t¦-Xn-Ihn-Zy-IÄ, k-hn-ti-j-X-IÄ l

¢u-Uv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv

s\-ävhÀ-Ivkv, skÀ-th-gvkv, tÌm-tdPv, B-¹n-t¡-j³kv, kÀ-hok-kv Xp-S-§n-bhsbms¡ CâÀ-s\-äv aptJ-\ e-`y-am-¡p-¶ kw-hn-[m-\-am-WnXv. C¯-cw hn-`-h-§-fp-sS D-]-t`m-K-¯n-\v A-\p-k-cn-¨m-Wv A-h-bv¡pÅ NmÀ-Pp-IÄ I-¼-\n-IÄ \Â-tI-|Xv. Everything as a Service Model F-¶-XmWv Cu cwK-s¯ G-ä-hpw ]pXn-b {]-hWX. A-Sn-Øm-\-ku-I-cy§Ä, ¹mäv-t^mw,

knw-K-¸q-cn-se Snw-_À sd-sÌm-dân-se ta-i-IÄ ip-Nn-bm-¡p-¶Xpw A-hn-sS B-lm-cw sIm-­ïp-h-bv¡p-¶Xp-sam-s¡ t{Um-Wp-I-fm-Wv

tkm-^v-ävshbÀ, skm-eqj³, _n-kn\kv t{]m-k-kv Xp-S-§n-b-h-sbÃmw ¢u-Uv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv ap-tJ-\ e-`y-am-¡-s¸-Sp-¶p-|v. ]-»nIv, ss{]-häv, ssl-{_n-Uv ¢u-Uv amXr-I-bm-Wv C-¶v I-¼-\n-IÄ s]m-Xp-sh D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶Xv. C-h-bn ssl-{_nUv ¢u-Uv kw-hn-[m-\w C-¶th-j-\pw Un-Pn-ä {Sm³kv-t^mÀ-ta-j-\pw k-lmbn-¡p-¶-Xn-\v ]pd-ta ]pXn-b _n-kn\-kv tam-U-e-pIÄ¡pw th-| ¹m-ävt^mw e-`y-

am-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿p-¶p-sh-¶v \mkv-tImw dn-t¸mÀ-«v kq-Nn-¸n-¡p¶p. _m-¦nw-Kv cwK-¯v \yq-knem³-Un-se G-ähpw hen-b _m¦m-b sh-kv-äv]m-Iv, ¢u-Uv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv \-S-¸m-¡n-s¡m-|v tkmjyÂ, sam-_o ta-J-e-I-fn hy-Xykv-X ¹mäv-t^m-ap-I-fn-eq-sS i-àam-b km-¶n[yw D-d-¸m-¡n-bn-«p-s|¶-Xv CXn-s\m-cp D-Zm-lc-W-amWv. {Sm-h hy-hkm-b ta-J-e-bnse Airbnbbm-Wv ¢u-Uv C³-{^m-kv-{S-Iv-NÀ hym-]-I-am-bn D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶ a-säm-cp kw-cw`w. ¢u-Un-te-¡p-Å am-äw k-ao-]`m-hn-bn X-s¶ FÃm I-¼-\n-IÄ¡pw A-\n-hm-cy-am-Ip-sa-¶-XmWv Cu ta-J-e \Â-Ip-¶ A-h-k-cw.

Hmt«m-ta-j\pw tdm-t_m-«n-Ivkpw l

CâÀ-s\äv Hm-^v Xnw-Kvkv (IoT), BÀ«n-^n-jy Câ-en-Pâvkv F-¶n-h-bm-Wv tdm-t_m-«n-Iv-kv skm-eq-j³-kn-\v I-cp¯vv ]-I-cp-¶Xv. H-cp sa-jo-\v a-säm-cp sa-jo-\pam-bn B-i-b-hn-\na-bw \-S-¯m-\p-Å H-cp A-´-co-£-amWv sF.H.Sn kr-ãn-¡p-¶-sX¦n H-cp {]-hÀ-¯-\-¯n-\v ]n-¶n-ep-Å X-e-t¨m-dm-Wv BÀ-«n-^n-jy Câ-en-Pâvkv. hf-sc k-¦oÀ-Wam-b {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä \-S-¸m-¡m³ tdm-t_m-«p-I-sf k-lm-bn¡p¶-Xv C¯-cw tkm-^v-ävsh-b-dp-I-fmWv. k-¼-Zv-L-S-\-bp-sS hnhn-[ ta-J-e-I-fn Hmt«mta-j-\pw tdm-t_m-«n-Ivkpw A-Xn-thKw hym-]n¨p-sIm-|n-cn-¡p-I-bmWv. C-Xv C-´y-bn-se sXm-gn hn-]-Wn-bn-epw henb am-äw D-|m-¡n-tb-¡p-sa-¶m-Wv \mkvtImw \Â-Ip-¶ kqN-\. Imen-t^mÀ-Wn-b-bnse Aloft tlm-«-ense A-Xn-YnIÄ-¡v B-lm-chpw S-Æep-samtijw t]Pv 28

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


kvam-tIm¬ sSIv-t\m-f-Po-kv

hnh-c km-t¦Xn-I cw-K-s¯ ÌmÀ-«-¸v hn¹hw tI hew 200 tUm-f-dn-sâ aq-e-[-\-\n-t£]-hp-am-bn sIm-¨n tI-{µo-I-cn¨v 2012Â

B-cw-`n-¨ H-cp ÌmÀ-«-¸v kwcw`amWv kvam-tIm¬ sSIv-t\m-f-Po-kv ss{]h-äv en-an-ä-U.v C-´ybnepw hn-tZ-i-¯p-am-bn 200e-[n-Iw D]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-am-bn hn-h-c km-t¦Xn-I hn-Zy-bn A-[n-jvTnXam-b tk-h-\-§Ä \ÂIp-¶ I-¼-\n-I-fp-sS ]-«n-I-bn ap³ \n-c-bn-em-Wn-t¸mÄ kvamtIm¬. sh_v Un-ssk-\nwKv, C sImta-gv-kv skm-eyq-j³kv, sam-_o B-¹nt¡-j³ sU-h-e-]v-saâv, F-âÀ-ss{]kv skm-eyq-j³kv Xp-S-§n hn-]p-eam-b tkh-\-§-fm-Wv I¼-\n D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v

e-`y-am-¡p-¶-Xv. Fw.Pn bq-Wn-th-gv-kn-än-bn _n-sSIv hn-ZymÀ-°n-bm-bn-cns¡ I-¼-\n-bp-sS Øm-]-I\mb {io-tI-jv IrjvW ss] kp-lr-¯p-am-bn tNÀ¶v h-\n-X-I-fp-sS kp-c-£ D-d-¸m-¡p-¶-Xn-\m-bn hn-I-kn-¸ns¨-Sp¯ "skm-täcn-b' F¶ sam-_o B-¹n-t¡-j³ G-sd hmÀ-¯m {]m-[m \yw t\-Sn-bn-cp¶p. U-b-d-Iv-ä-tdäv Hm-^v tkm-jy shÂ-s^-b-dn-sâ Hcp kw-cw`am-b tI-c-f hpa-sâ ]n-´p-W-tbm-sS hn-I-kn-¸n-¨ B-¸v 10000¯n-e-[n-Iw D-]t`m-àm¡-sf t\-Sn-b-Xn-sâ B-ß-hn-izm-

k-¯n-em-Wv {io-tI-jv kvam-tIm¬ B-cw`n-¡p-¶-Xv. ÌmÀ-«-¸v hn-tÃ-Pn ÌpUâv ÌmÀ-«-¸m-bn C³-Iyp-t_-äv sNbv-X kvamtIm¬ \mkv-tIm-an-sâ 10000 kvämÀ«-¸v t{]m-{Km-ap-I-fnepw C-Sw t\Sn-bn-cp-¶p. A_m-Zv -{Kq¸v, C-´y³ sa-Un-¡Â A-tkmkn-tbj³, Im-{Sn-Iv-kv, ImÀ-a {Kq-¸v Xp-S§n-b {]apJ Øm-]-\§Ä D-]-t`m-Iv-Xr\n-c-bn DÄ-s¸-Sp¶p. sU-bv-en-^njv, I-eym¬-knÂ-¡v-kv, hn-hn-[ ÌmÀ-«-¸v kw -cw-`§Ä XpS-§n-b-h-sbÃmw kvam-tImWnsâ Cu sIm-ta-gvkv ¹-Kn³-kv D-]-tbm-

{io-tI-jv IrjvW ss]


Kn-¡p¶p. ""ÌmÀ«-¸v F-¶ \n-e-bn Xp-S-¡ -¯n G-sd shÃp-hn-fn-I-fp-|m-bn-cp-s¶¦nepw Cu cwK-¯v am{Xw {i-²- tI-{µoI-cn-¨v ap-t¶m-«v t]mb-Xv kvam-tIm-Wns\ hn-P-b-¯n-se-¯m³ k-lm-bn-¨p.'' I¼\n am-t\-Pnw-Kv U-b-d-Iv-ädpw kn.C.H-bpamb {io-tI-jv IrjvW ss] ]-d-bp-¶p. l-cn-Ir-jv-W-³ I-¼-\n-bp-sS a-säm-cp U-bd-Iv-ädpw s{]m-tam-«-dp-amWv. sh_v-sskäv:

sse-äv am-äÀ sSIv-t\m-f-Po-kv

t^m-t«m-Wn-Iv-kv cw-K-s¯ \-£-{X-¯nf¡w {]-

Im-i-hp-am-bn _-Ô-s¸-« D-¶-X km- th-gv-knän F¶n-h DÄ-¸-sS 12Hm-fw t¦-Xn-I-hn-Zy-m cw-K¯v \q-X-\ DÂ-¸-¶- Øm-]-\-§Ä sse-äv am-ä-dnsâ C¯-cw §Ä hn-I-kn-¸n-s¨-Sp-¡p-I, A-Xn-eq-sS kn-Ìw-kmWv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xv. cm-Py-¯n-\-I¯pw ]p-d-¯pw {i-t²-bamUn-Pn-ä tlm-tfm-{Km-^n, tUm-«vþamsbmcp ap-t¶-äw ssI-h-cn-¡p-I. t^m-t«m- {Sn-Iv-kv tlm-tfm-{Km-^n F-¶o ta-J-eWn-Iv-kv lmÀ-Uv-sh-bÀ ta-J-e tI-{µo- I-fn sa-jo-\p-IÄ \nÀan-¡p-¶ C-´yI-cn-¨v {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-¶ Xn-cp-h-\-´-]p- bn-se X-s¶ G-I I¼-\nbm-WnsX-¶v c-s¯ {]ap-J kw-cw-`-am-b sse-äv am-äÀ A-Pn-Xv Ip-amÀ Nq-|n-¡m«n. Hm-]-vtSm sSIv-t\m-f-Po-km-Wv C¯-c-sam-cp A sa-¡m-\n-Iv-kv ta-J-e-bn C-d-¡pa-Xn ]qÀ-Æ t\-«w sIm-bv-sX-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv. sNbv-X Nn-¸p-I-fp-]-tbm-Kn-¨v {]-tXy-IHm]vtSm sa-¡m-\n-Iv-kp-am-bn _-Ô- X-cw sslþsd-k-eq-j³ Iym-a-d-I-fpw \nÀ-an-¡p-¶p-|v. t^m-t«mWns¸« t^m-t«m-Wn-Iv-kv saIv-kn ]T-\mh-iy§Ä¡mjo-\pIÄ, A-hbv-¡p-Ån-se bn -kv-s]-j-ssekv-Uv Inäpse³-kpIÄ, an-d-dpIÄ, t{KIÄ e-`y-am-¡n-bn-«p-|v. cm-Pyänw-Kv-kv F-¶n-h-bp-sS A-Xns¯ \n-ch[n tIm-sfPp-IÄ kq-£v-aN-e-\-§Ä t]m Ch D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p¶p-. t^mepw ssI-Imcyw sN-¿m-\mt«mWn-Ivkv em-_p-IÄ kIp-¶ sa-¡m-\n-¡Â Iw-t]mÖ-am¡m\p-Å kn-kv-äwkpw Wâvkv Xp-S§n- \n-ch-[n ChÀ \Â-Ip-¶p. DÂ-¸¶-§-Ä ChÀ hn-I-kn¸n-¨-Sp-¯n-«p-|v. ssl-sS-Iv tlm-tfm-{Km-^n-Iv km-t¦tlm-tfm-{Km-^n-Iv dn-kÀ-¨v tUm.]n.än A-Pn-Xv Xn-I-hn-Zy-bn-eq-sS tkm-fmÀ sk kn-Ìw-km-Wv I-¼-\n-bpsS Ãp-I-fp-sS Im-cy-£-a-X 45 i-X Ip-amÀ a-säm-cp kp-{][m-\ DÂ-am-\-am-bn hÀ-[n-¸n-¡m-\p-Å K¸¶w. "C-Xn\m-bn th-j-W-w \-S-¯n-h-cp¶p. t^m-t«m-Wn-Ivbp-sS km-t¦-Xn-I-hn-Zybpw R-§-fp-sS kv cwK-¯v kv-s]-j-sse-kvUv sa-jo-\plmÀUvsh-b-dp-am-Wv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶Xv' I-fp-sS am-kv s{]m-U-£³ e-£y-an-Sp¶ sse-äv am-äÀ sSIv-t\m-f-Po-kv ss{]h-äv sse-äv am-äÀ 2011em-Wv B-cw-`n-¨-Xv. Ben-an-ä-Un-sâ {]-kn-Uâpw eo-Unw-Kv k- {^n-¡, Hmkvt{S-enb, djy, bp.F-kv.F bân-Ìpamb tUm.]n.än A-Pn-Xv Ip-amÀ Xp-S§n-b cm-Py-§fn hn]-Wn I-s|]-d-ªp. ¯n-bn-«p-Å I¼-\n te-kÀ Hm-t«m-taäsN-ss¶-bn-se Fw.Pn.BÀ bq-Wn- Uv ^m-{_n-t¡-j³ ^-kn-en-än, Hm-]vth-gv-knän, Xn-cp-h-\-´-]p-cw F³-Pn-\o- än-¡Â ss{K³-Unw-Kv Bâv t]m-fn-jnw-Kv b-dnw-Kv tIm-sfPv, sImÂ-¡-¯ bq-Wn- Xp-S-§n-b-h-bpw e-£y-an-Sp-¶p-.

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kv{- S-Ivt- NÀ-Uv Um-äb - p-|m-Ipw. F-¶m A-Xn-eS- § - n-bn-cn-¡p-¶ aq-ey-tadn-b hn-hc§-sf I-s|-¯m³ \n-eh - n-ep-Å Iw-]yq«À kw-hn-[m-\§ - Ä ]-cym-]vX - a - Ãm-¯X - n-\mem-Wv sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv B-hi - yam-bn h-cp-¶Xv. A-Xn-\m Cu cw-K¯pw sF.än kw-cw-`§ - Ä-¡v C-¶th-j\ - n-eq-sS h³- ap-t¶-äw km-[yamWv.

s¡ sIm-Sp-¡p¶-Xv tdm-t_m-«p-If - mWv. knw-K¸ - q-cn-se Snw-_À sd-sÌm-dân-se ta-iI - Ä ip-Nn-bm-¡p-¶Xpw A-hn-sS B-lm-cw sIm-|p-hb - v¡p-¶Xp-sam-s¡ t{Um-Wp-If - m-Wv. B-tKm-f hmÀ-¯m irwJ-ebm-b A-tkm-kn-tb-äU - v {]-kv hnhn-[ I-¼\ - n-If - p-sS ss{X-amkn-I km-¼¯n-I dn-t¸mÀ-«p-IÄ X-bm-dm-¡p¶-Xv a-\p-jycmb tPÀ-We - n-kvä - p-Is - f D-]t- bm-Kn-¨Ã a-dn-¨v tdm-t_m-«v tPÀ-We - n-kvä - p-Is - f-¶v hn-fn-¡mhp-¶ {]-tXy-I kw-hn-[m-\w D-]t- bm-Ks - ¸Sp-¯n-bmWv. ap³-]t- ¯-¡Ä ]-Xn-\m-enc-«n dn-t¸m-À«p-IÄ - X-¿m-dm-¡m³ I-¼\ - n-¡v C-Xn-eq-sS km-[n-¡p¶p. ^mIvädn-If - n \n-¶pw C-t¸mÄ tImÄ skâ-dp-If - nte¡pw slÂ-]v sU-kv¡ - p-If - n-te¡psam-s¡ Hmt«mta-j³ hym-]n-¡p-Ib - m-Wv. sF.än I-¼\ - n-Ifpw ÌmÀ-«¸ - p-If - pw Cu]pXn-b sSIvt- \m-fP - n-bn {i-² ]-Xn-¸n-¡pI-bm-sW-¦n AXv sF.än ta-Je - b - p-sS ap-JÑm-b X-s¶ am-än-ad - n-t¨-¡p-sa¶pw \mkvt- Im-w hn-eb - n-cp-¯p¶p. l

sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv

(Cognitive Computing)

Un-Pn-ä hn-¹-h-¯m temI-s¯ Um-ä H-tcm- hÀ-j-hpw C-c-«n¨p-sIm-|n-cn¡p-I-bm-Wv. A-Xm-Wv sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq«nw-Kn-sâ {]m-[m-\y-hpw. a-\p-jy-sâbpw sa-jo-\n-sâbpw _p-²n kw-K-an-¸n-¡p-¶Xm-Wv sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq-«nwKv. H-cp t{]m{Km-an-s\-¡mÄ D-]-cn-bm-bn B-fp-I-fp-ambp-Å C-S-s]-S-en \n-¶pw ]cn-k-c-hp-am-

28 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI


CâÀ-s\äv Hm-^v Xn-Mv-kv


bp-Å ]-cn-N-b-¯n \n¶pw a-\-kn-em¡p-Ibpw hn-i-Ie-\w \-S¯pIbp-am-Wv kn-Ìw C-Xn-eq-sS sN-¿p-¶Xv. tkm-jy ao-Un-b-bn h³ tXm-Xn-em-bn D-|mIp-¶ Um-ä-bp-sS hn-i-I-e-\-¯n-\m-bn dosä-bv-eÀ-amÀ¡v sIm-án-äo-hv km-t¦Xn-I hn-Zy-IÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-\m-Ipw. i-co-c-¯n [-cn-¡m-hp-¶ hn-hn-[X-cw sk³-k-dp-I-fm-Wv CXn-s\mcp D-Zm-lcWw. A-h-b-h-§-fp-sS {]-hÀ-¯-\§Ä, B-tcm-Kymh-Ø, hy-mbm-a¯m D-|mIp-¶ hy-Xn-bm-\§Ä, Imbn-I hn-t\m-

Unkw_À 31, 2016

Z-§-fn GÀ-s¸-Sp-t¼mÄ i-co-c-¯n-\v D-|mIp-¶ B-Lm-X-§Ä Xp-S-§nb-hsbm-s¡ \nÀ-W-bn-¡m³ C¯-cw D-]-I-cW-§Ä D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p¶p. knw-K-¸q-cnse DBS _m-¦v A-h-cp-sS D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-sS shÂ-¯v am-t\-Pv-saâv tk-h-\-§Ä-¡m-bn sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv \-S-¸m-¡n-bn-«p|v. Hm-Un-äv, Sm-Iv-kv Xp-S§n-b s{]m-^-jW tk-h-\-§-fn h³tXm-Xn-ep-Å Um-ä hn-i-I-e-\-¯n-\v sIm-án-äo-hv Iw-]yq-«nw-Kv ^-e-{]-Z-amWv. FÃm hyhkmb ta-Je - I - f - n-epw `o-aamb tXm-Xn A¬-

hy-Xy-kv-X Ce-t{Îm-Wn-Iv-kv D-]I-c-W-§-sf ]-c-kv]-cw _-Ôn-¸n¨v F-hn-sSbpw G-Xv k-a-b-¯pw {]-hÀ¯n-¸n-¡p-I F-¶-XmWv sF.H.SnbpsS B-ibw. I-WIväUv tlmwkv, kv-amÀ-«v In-¨¬ A-¹-b³-k-kv, ss{U-hÀ-se-kv Im-dpIÄ, dn-tam-«v I¬-t{SmÄ-Uv s{]m-U£³ sse³-kv F-¶n-h-sbm-s¡ C-Xn-\v D-Zm-l-c-W-amWv. C-´y-bn K-Xm-K-X amt\-Pv-saâv, ]mÀ-¡nwKv, ssh-Zyp-Xn, th-Ìv am-t\-Pv-saâv, hm-«À am-t\-Pv-saâv, kv{Xo kp-c-£ Xp-S§n-b ta-J-e-Ifn-sems¡ sF.H.Sn ^-e-{]-Z-am-bn hn\n-tbm-Kn-¡m-\mIpw. DÂ-¸m-Z-\ cwK-s¯ kw-cw-`-§Ä¡v Hm-¸-td-j³kv, sa-bvâ-\³kv, C³-^Àtaj³, F-\À-Pn Xp-S§n-b ta-J-e-I-fn ]-c-am-h-[n t\-«w ssI-h-cn¡m³ sF.H.Sn k-lm-bn-¡p-¶-XmWv. sSIv-t\mf-Pn kÀÆo-k-kv, kn-kv-äw Câ-t{Kj³, t{]mP-Iväv am-t\-Pv-saâvv F-¶n-h-bn GÀ-s¸-«n-«p-Å sF.än I-¼-\n-IÄ¡v sF.H.Sn-bnepw ]pXn-b A-h-kc§Ä I-s|-¯m-\m-Ip-sa¶v \mkv-tImw hy-à-am-¡p¶p.

tI-cf - ÌmÀ«-¸v anj³

ÌmÀ«-¸v kw-cw-`§ - Ä-¡v I-cp-¯p-ä ]n-´p-W bp-h-X-e-apd-sb sXm-gn A-t\z-j-IÀ F-¶ \n-e-bn \n¶pw sXm-gn Zm-Xm-¡-fm-bn am-äp-I e-£yw [\w \yqkv _yqtdm


-c-f-¯n-se ÌmÀ«-¸v ta-J-e-bp-sS h-fÀ¨ D-d-¸m-¡p-¶-Xn-\m-bn hy-Xy-kv-Xhpw \q-X-\-hpam-b \n-ch-[n ]-²-Xn-I-fn-eq-sS kp-k-Öhpw B-tKm-f \n-e-hm-c-¯n-ep-Å-Xpam-b H-cp sSIv-t\m-fPnþC-¶th-j³ C-t¡m-kn-kv-äw \-S-¸m-¡nap-t¶-dp-I-bm-Wv tI-c-f kv-ämÀ«-¸v an-j³ (KSUM). A-Sn-Øm-\ku-I-cy hn-I-k\w, ]mTy-]-²-Xn-I-fp-sS \-ho-I-cWw, K-th-j-W hnI-k-\ Øm-]-\-§-fp-ambp-Å ]-¦m-fn¯w, hy-hkm-b ta-J-e-bp-am-bp-Å klIcWw, ÌmÀ«-¸v t]m-fn-kn \-S-¸m-¡Â Xp-S-§ni-àamb \n-ch-[n \-S-]-Sn-I-fn-eq-sS ÌmÀ«-¸p-I-fp-sS h-fÀ-¨-bn \nÀ-Wm-bI ]-¦m-Wv ÌmÀ«-¸v anj³ h-ln-¡p-¶Xv. I-gn-ª c-|v hÀ-j-¯n-\p-Ån ÌmÀ«-¸v t]m-fn-kn-bp-sS k-lm-b -t¯m-sS kw-cw-`-I-Xz-s¯bpw C¶ -th-j-s\bpw t{]mÂ-km-ln-¸n-¡pIbpw A-Xn-s\ ]cn-t]m-jn-¸n-¡pIbpw sN-¿p-¶ an-I-s¨m-cp A-Sn¯-d kr-ãn-¡m³ tI-c-f ÌmÀ«¸v anj-\v km-[n-¨p-sh-¶-Xm-Wv G-ä hpw hen-b t\«w. kv-Iq-Ä, tIm-sfPv X-ew -ap-X A-`y-kv-X-hn-Zycmb bp-h-P-\-§-sfbpw ]-cn-N-b-k-¼-¶ cm-b s{]m-^-j-W-ep-I-sfbpw h-sc ÌmÀ«¸v ta-Jebn-te¡v B-IÀ-jn-¡-m-\pX-Ip-¶ kw-hn-[m-\-§fm-Wv k-Ö -am-¡-s¸-«n-cn-¡p-¶-Xv. 2002 Xp-S-§nb tI-c-f-¯nse ÌmÀ«¸v X-cw-Kw C-tXm-Sp-Iq-Sn sSIv-t\m-f-Pn-¡Â C-¶ th-j-\neq-¶n \n¶p-sIm-|v ]pXn-sbm-cp Ip-Xn-¸n-\v X-bm-sd-Sp-¯n-cn-¡p-I-bmWv.

kv-Iq-Ä-X-e-¯nse ]-²-Xn-IÄ te¬ Sp tIm-Uv F-¶ ]²-Xn ap-tJ-\ kw-Øm\ s¯ 2500 A-[n-Iw kÀ-¡mÀ kv-Iq-fp-I-fn-se F«mw ¢m-kv hn-ZymÀ-°n-IÄ-¡v 10,000 Raspberry pi bq-Wn-äpIÄ anj³ \Â-Inbn-cp¶p. "sF.än A-äv kv-Iq-fp-ambn tNÀ-¶v R-§Ä \-S¯n-b Cu t{]m-{Km-an-eq-sS kv-IqÄ hn-ZymÀ-°n-IÄ-¡n-S-bn Hcp DIY (Do it yourself) kw-kv-¡m-cw h-fÀ-¯p-¶-Xn\pw A-hÀ¡vv km-t¦Xn-Ihn-Zy-bn XmÂ-¸cyw P-\n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn \pw km-[n¨p', tI-c-f ÌmÀ«-¸v anj-sâ kn.C.H tUm. P-b-i-¦À {]-km-Zv ]-dªp. 150 A-[ym-]-IÀ-¡pw 40,000 hn-ZymÀ-°n-IÄ¡pw ÌmÀ«-¸v anj³ ]-cn-ioe-

\w \Â-Ip-Ibpw ]n-¶o-Sv kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨ aÂ-k-c-¯n hn-P-bn-¨-hÀ-¡v \mev e-£w cq-]-bp-sS k-½m-\-§Ä \-Â-Ip-I-bp-ap-|mbn. A-Sp-¯ L-«-¯n ho-|pw 10,000 Raspberry pi bqWn-äp-IÄ \Â-In-s¡m-|v 40,000 hn-ZymÀ-°n-I-fn-te-¡v I-q-Sn ]²-Xn hym-]n-¸n-¡m-\m-Wv an-j³ e-£y-an-Sp-¶Xv. 9 ap-X 12þmw ¢m-kv h-sc-bp-Å hn-ZymÀ-°n-IÄ-¡v Ce-t{Îm-Wn-Iv-kv In-äp-I-fp-sS hnX-c-W ]²-Xn {]-Imcw 4000 ¹-Kv B³Uv t¹ In-äp-Ifpw an-j³ \Â-In-¡gnªp. C-Xn-\p-]p-d-ta hn-ZymÀ-°n-IÄ-¡n-S-bn "sS-Iv N-e-©v' kw-L-Sn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\v Ìm-À«-¸v anj³ Câ-epam-bn ]-¦m-fn-¯-¯n GÀ-s¸«n-«p-ap­|v.


sSIv-t\mf-Pn C-¶th-j³ s^-tÃm-jn-¸v t{]m-{Kmw (TIFP) kv-ämÀ-«-¸p-IÄ-¡v th-|n Workshops, Ideathons, Hackathons F-¶n-h-sbm-s¡- \-S-¯m³ km-t¦Xn-I hnZ-Kv[-sc k-lm-bn-¡p-¶ H-cp t{]m-{Km-am-WnXv. H-cp \nivNn-X Øe-¯v B-¸nÄ, ssa-t{Im-tkm-^väv, Kq-KvÄ, CâÂ, tam-kn-e, ^m-_v em-_p-IÄ Xp-S§n-b kmt¦Xn-I ]-¦m-fn-I-fp-sS k-l-I-c-W-t¯m-sS kw-cw-`IXz hnI-k-\ ]-cn-]m-Sn-Ifpw sS-Iv-\n-¡Â hÀ¡v-tjm¸p-I-fpw \Â-Ip¶p. s^-tÃm-jn-¸v t{]m-{Km-an-te-¡mbn kv-ämÀ«-¸v an-j³ 27 hn-Z-Kv[-sc sX-c-sª-Sp-¯n-«p-|v.

tIm-sfPv hn-ZymÀ-°nIÄ-¡v {]m-apJyw kw-Øm\-s¯ hnhn[ tImsf-Pp-I-fn-em-bn kv-ämÀ«-¸v anj³

Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDCs) Øm-]n-

¨n-«p|v. sNdn-b C³-Ip-t_-ä-dpI-fm-b C-h- ]T-\-t¯m-sSm-¸w X-s¶ ]pXn-b B-i-b-§Ä hnI-kn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw kw-cw-`-IXz-¯n-te-¡v Np-h-Sp--sh-¡p-¶-Xn\pw hn-ZymÀ-°n-I-sf k-lm-bn-¡p-¶-p. IEDCIÄ Øm-]n-¡p-¶-Xn-\m-bn c|v e-£w cq-]-bp-sS [-\-k-lm-bhpw anj³ \Â-Ip-¶p|v. IEDC I-fp-sS `m-K-am-bn Ideathons, Hackathons, Business Modelling Sessions F-¶n-h-bpw \-S-¯-s¸Sp¶p. kw-Øm-\-s¯ 170 tIm--sf-Pp-I-fnse IEDCIfn \n-¶m-bn C-tX-h-sc 200 kv-ämÀ-«-¸p-IÄ cq-]-o-Icn¨n-«p-|v. Iq-Sm-sX 14000¯n A-[n-Iw tIm-sf-Pv hn-ZymÀ-°nI-sf ]-s¦-Sp-¸n¨p-sIm-|v 157 _q-«v Iym-¼pI-fpw 300 A-[n-Iw t_m-[-h¡-c-W ]-cn-]m-SnIfpw an-j³ kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨p.

MIT ^m-_v em-_pIÄ kw-Øm\-¯v ^m-{_n-t¡-j³ e-t_m-d-«-dn-IÄ Øm-]n-¡p-¶-Xn-\v ÌmÀ«-¸v an-j³ A-ta-cn-¡-bnse MIT ^m-_v em-_v ^u-t|-j-\p-am-bn k-l-I-c-W¯n GÀ-s¸-«n-«p-|v. sNdn-b D-]-I-c-W-§-fp-sS amXr-I-IÄ ^m-_v em-_n \nÀ-an-¡m-sa-¶-Xn-\v ]pd-ta B-tKm-f-X-e-¯n-ep-Å Kth-j-I-scbpw kmt¦Xn-I

^-ïnw-Kv cw-K-¯pw Ip-Xn-¸v À-«-¸p-IÄ-¡p-Å ^-|nw-Kv hÀ-[n¨p-sIm-|ncn-¡p-I-bm-Wv. 2014 9.05 an-ey¬ tUm-f-dn-sâ C³-kv-än-äyq-j¬ ^-|m-Wv D-|m-b-sX-¦n 2015 A-Xv 19.65 an-ey¬ tUm-f-dm-bn D-bÀ-¶p. 2016sâ B-Zy-]-IpXn-tbm-sS X-s¶ 15.72 an-ey¬ tUm-f-dn-sâ \n-t£-]-am-Wv tI-c-f-¯n-se ÌmÀ«¸v ta-J-e t\-Sn-sb-Sp-¯Xv. ÌmÀ-«-¸p-IÄ-¡v XpS-¡-¯n kÀ-¡mÀ \Â-Ip-¶ ko-Uv ^|v, C-

hn-Z-Kv-[-scbp-sam-s¡ _-Ôn-¸n-¨n-«p-Å Hcp t\m-f-Uv-Pv l-º-m-Wn-Xv. C´y-bn-se X-s¶ G-ähpw hen-b ^m_v em-_p-IÄ Xn-cp-h-\-´-]p-c¯pw sIm-¨n-bn-ep-am Wp-Å-Xv. "tI-c-f-¯n-se 20 F³-Pn-\o-b-dnw-Kv tIm-sf Pp-I-fn- an-\n ^m-_v em-_p-IÄ Øm-]n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw D-t±-in-¡p¶p', tUm.P-b-i-¦À {]-km-Zv A-dn-bn¨p.

Izn-än A-[n-jvTn-X ^-|v F¶n-h Im-c-W-am-Wv h³-tXm-Xn C³-kv-än-äyq-j-W ^-|nw-Kv Ic-Ø-am-¡m³ Ah-¡v km[n-¡p-¶Xv. I-gn-ª hÀjw kÀ-¡mÀ ^-|m-bn 300 tIm-Sn cq-]bpw G©Â/ ^-|m-bn 230 tIm-Sn c-q-]-bpw e-`n¨-tXm-sS sam-¯w 530 tIm-Sn-bp-sS ^-|mWv tI-c-f-¯nse ÌmÀ-«-¸p-I-fn-te-¡v H-gp-In-sb¯n-b-Xv.

CâÀ\m-j-W F³-{S-s{]-\yq-dn-b F-Iv-kv-tN-©v B³-Uv s{S-bv-\nw-Kv t{]m-{Kmw tI-c-f-¯n-se bp-h kw-cw-`-IÀ-¡v cm-Pym-´-c kv-ämÀ«-¸v ta-J-e-sb-¡p-dn-¨v a-\-kn-em-¡p-¶-Xn\pw B-tKm-f k-l-Ic-Ww D-d-¸m-¡p-¶-Xn\pw th-|nbp-Å-XmWv Cu ]-²Xn. C-Xn-eq-sS 25 kw-cw-`-IÀ ssN-\, kv-s]-bn³, bp.F-kv.F, bp.F.C Xp-S§n-b cm-Py-§Ä k-µÀ-in-¨p. ÌmÀ«-¸v kw-cw-`-I-cp-sSbpw hn-ZymÀ-°n-I-fp-sSbpw I-gn-hp-IÄ hn-I-kn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\v UN-EMPRETEC hÀ¡v-tjm-¸p-Ifpw tIm-gn-t¡m-Sv IIM h-¨v am-t\-Pv-saâv sU-h-e-]v-saâv t{]m-{Km-apIfpw an-j³ \-S-¯p¶p.

t¥m-_ C-t¡m-kn-kv-äw- hn-I-k\wB-tKm-f-X-e-¯n-ep-Å B-Iv-kn-e-td-ä-dp-I-fp-sS t{]m-{Km-ap-I-fm-Wv C-Xn-\m-bn \-S-¸m-¡-s¸-Sp-¶Xv. C-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn 2015 G-¬-kv-äv B³-Uv bw-Knsâ k-l-I-c-W-t¯m-sS Xn-cp-h-\-´-]p-c¯pw tIm-gnt¡mSpw KEY (KSUM- EY) F-s¶m-cp B-Iv-kn-te-äÀ t{]m-{Kmw \-S-¯n-bn-cp¶p. Cu cwK-¯v {]-tXy-I C-fhp-IÄ-¡v ]pd-ta s]m-Xp- A-Sn-Øm-\ku-I-cy-§fm-b ¢u-Uv skÀhÀ, Un-ssh-kv sS-Ìnw-Kv em_v, ^m-_v em-_pIÄ, hn-Z-Kv-[cm-b sa-âÀ-am-cp-sS tk-h\w, hÀ¡v-tjm-¸pIÄ, hn.knI-sf _-Ôn-¸n¡Â, t]-äâv ^-b-enw-Kn-\p-Å k-lm-b-§Ä Xp-S-§nb-h-sbm-s¡ \-S-¸m-¡n-bn-«p-|v. 130 ÌmÀ-«-¸p-I-fm-Wv C-Xph-sc tI-c-f-¯n \n¶pw h-fÀ-¶v hn-I-kn-¨n-«p-ÅXv. Xn-cph-\-´-]p-c¯pw sIm-¨n-bn-ep-am-bn 75 ÌmÀ-«-¸p-I-sfhnhn-[ L-«-§-fn-em-bn anj³ ]n-´p-W-¡p-¶p. hnhn-[ kÀ-¡mÀ h-Ip-¸p-I-fp-w kw-L-S-\-I-fp-am-bn tNÀ-¶v kw-Øm\-¯v C-¶-th-j³ tkm-Wp-IÄ Øm-]n-¡p¶-Xn-sâ `m-K-am-bn X-n-cp-h-\-´-]pc-¯v sI.F-kv.C._n H-cp skâÀ k-Ö-am-¡n-bn-«p-|v. bp-h-X-e-apd-sb sXmgn A-t\z-j-IÀ F-¶ \n-e-bn \n¶pw sXm-gn ZmXm-¡-fm-bn am-äp-Ib-m-Wv ASnØm-\ e-£yw.

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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[-\w kw-L-Sn-¸n-¨ Un-Pn-ä amÀ-¡-änw-Kv inÂ-¸-im-e-bn {_m³-Unw-Kv Kp-cp t]mÄ tdm-_n³-k¬ hn-i-Zo-I-cn-¨-Xv sS-Iv-t\m-f-Pn-bp-sS Im-e-¯v _n-kn-\-kv hn-P-bw an-I-¨-Xm-¡m³ kzo-I-cn-t¡-| {]m-tbm-Kn-I X-{´-§Ä [\w \yqkv _yqtdm


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sk-¡âp-IÄ-¡p-Ån F-´pw ssI-bn-se sam-_o t^m-Wn F-¯p-¶ Cu Im-e-¯v \n-§-fp-sS I-¼-\nbp-sS amÀ-¡-änw-Kv co-Xn-IÄ am-dn-tb Xo-cq

Un-Pn-ä {_m³-Unw-Kn-sâ A-Sn-Øm-\ \n-b-a-§Ä B-fp-IÄ-¡n-ã-s¸-Sp-¶ {_m³-Uv kr-ãn-¡m-\p-Å amÀ-K-§-fn G-ä-hpw {]m-[m-\yw \Â-tI-|-Xv H-cp Im-cy-¯n\m-Wv, t]mÄ tdm-_n³-k¬ HmÀ-an-¸n¨p. D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v \n-§-fp-sS D¸-¶-tam tk-h-\-tam B-bn Xm-Zm-ßyw {]m-]n-¡m³ I-gn-b-Ww. A-Xv I-¼-\nsb Ip-dn-¨p-Å I-Y-I-fn-eq-sS-bm-Imw, I-Ì-aÀ A-`n-ap-Jo-I-cn-¨ {]-iv-\-§Ä-¡v F-§-s\ ]-cn-lm-cw I-s|-¯n F-¶ sX-fn-hn-eq-sS-bm-Imw, Iq-Sp-X e-fn-Xam-b, hn-e-¡p-d-hp-Å, D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m³

Unkw_À 31, 2016

t^m-¡k - v D-]t- `m-àm-hn X-s¶-bmI-Ww. Cu I-¼\ - n-¡v F-s¶ F-§ s - \ k-lm-bn-¡m³ I-gn-bpw F-¶ D]t`m-àm-hnsâ tNm-Zy-¯n-\v D-¯cw \Â-Ip-¶ hn-hc - § - Ä th-Ww. l F-s´-Ãmw Im-cy-§Ä F-t¸mÄ G-Xv am-[y-a-¯n-eq-sS ]-d-b-Ww F-¶v Xo-cp-am-\n-¡p-I l I-¼-\n-bp-sS hn-im-e-am-b {]-hÀ-¯ -\-§Ä D-]-t`m-àm-hn-\v a-\-kn-emhp-¶ co-Xn-bn A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡p-I l amÀ-¡-änw-Kv I-¼-\n Xs¶ sN-¿ptam A-sÃ-¦n G-sX-¦n-epw G-P³kn-sb GÂ-¸n-¡p-tam F-¶v Xo-cp-am\n-¡-Ww. l G-Xv tkm-jy ao-Un-b th-Ww, F-§-s\ th-Ww F-¶-Xn-\v Ir-Xy -am-b ¹m-\p-|m-¡p-I l \n-§-fp-sS F-Xn-cm-fn-I-fp-sS Un-Pnä amÀ-¡-änw-Kv co-Xn-IÄ a-\-kn-em¡p-I l tkm-jy ao-Un-b h-f-sc {i-²tbm-sS ssI-Im-cyw sN-¿-Ww. H-cp sN-dn-b A-_-²w t]m-epw h-en-b X-IÀ-¨-bv-¡v Im-c-W-am-Ipw.


F-fp-¸-ap-Å, an-I-th-dn-b H-¶m-Wv \n-§-fp-sS DÂ-¸-¶w F-¶v hn-fn-¨p -]-d-bp-¶ D-Zm-l-c-W-§-fn-eq-sS-bm-Imw. F-´m-bm-epw, Cu hn-h-c-§Ä D-]-t`màm-hn-te-¡v F-¯n-¡m³ C-¶v G-ähpw an-I-¨ h-gn Un-Pn-ä am-{X-am-Wv. Un-Pn-ä amÀ-¡-änw-Kn-sâ Xp-S-¡¯n F-s´m-s¡ {i-²n-¡-Ww? l I-¼-\n-bp-sS SmÀ-K-äv Hm-Un-b³-kv B-cm-Wv F-¶v B-Zyw a-\-kn-em-¡n ¹m³ sN-¿p-I

sh-_v-ssk-äv H-cp an-I-¨ sh-_v-ssk-äv B-Wv B-Zyw th-|-Xv. h-f-sc knw-]nÄ B-bn-cn-¡-Ww C-Xn-sâ Un-ssk-\pw D-Å-S-¡-hpw. Im-c-Ww, F-Ãm Un-Pnä amÀ-¡-änw-Kv kv-{Sm-ä-Pn-I-fpw Xp-S§p-¶-Xv C-Xn \n-¶m-Wv.

Pn-ä amÀ-¡-änw-Kv h-gn sam-_o {^-|v-en B-I-Ww sh_v-ssk-äv. t^m-Wn-epw Sm-_v-se-än-epw F-fp-¸-¯n D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m³ I-gn-bp-¶ Un-ssk-\m-Wv sX-c-sª-Sp-t¡-|-Xv. l Kq-Kn-fn-sâ tk-h-\-§Ä D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v \n-§-fp-sS ssk-än-sâ s]À-t^m-a³kv \n-c-´-cw hn-e-bn-cp-¯-Ww kv-]o-Uv F-{X-t¯m-f-ap-s|-¶v a-\-kn-em-¡m-\pw Cu h-gn-IÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw. l F-Ãm tkm-jy ao-Un-b ¹-Kv C-¶p-Ifpw \n-§-fp-sS sh-_v-ssk-äp-am-bn en-¦v sN-¿p-I. l H-cp sh-_v-ssk-äv F-t¸m-gpw Câ-dm -Iv-äo-hv B-I-Ww. D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v ssk-än-eq-sS A-h-cp-sS Im-cy-§Ä ]-dbm-\pw {]-iv-\-§Ä-¡v D-S-\-Sn ]-cn-lmcw I-s|-¯m-\pw I-gn-b-Ww. l G-ä-hpw an-I-¨ co-Xn-bnÂ, B-fp-IÄ-¡v hm-bn-¡m³ C-ã-s¸-Sp-¶ ssi-en-bn hn-h-c-§Ä \Â-Ip-I. l ssk-äv Iq-Sp-X t]-cn-te-s¡-¯m\pw Kq-KnÄ skÀ-¨n ap-¶n-em-Im-\pw Io th-Uv-kv {i-²-tbm-sS sX-c-sª-Sp¡p-I



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D-]-t`m-àm-¡Ä-¡v Xn-cn-¨-dn-bm³ I-gnbp-¶ s{]m-ss^Â t^m-t«m D-]-tbmKn-¡p-I t^-kv-_p-¡n-eq-sS hnÂ-¸-\ \-S-¯msX A-Xn-\m-bn C-þ-sIm-ta-gv-kv ssk-äv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-I t^-kv-_p-¡v am-t\-Pv sN-¿m³ ssh-Z-Kv[y-ap-Å-h-sc GÂ-¸n-¡-Ww.

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\n-§-fp-sS SmÀ-K-äv Hm-Un-b³-kn-s\ BIÀ-jn-¡p-¶ co-Xn-bn s{]m-ss^ D-|m-¡-Ww. Hm-tcm cw-K-¯n-\pw th-| hn-Z-Kv-[-scbpw s{]m-^-j-W-ep-I-sf-bpw I-s|¯m-\pw C-Xv k-lm-bn-¡pw


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\n-§-fp-sS t{_m-j-dp-I-sf ho-Un-tbm t{_m-j-dp-I-fm-bn D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw tImÀ-¸-td-äv ho-Un-tbm-IÄ Øn-c-am-bn A-]v-tem-Uv sN-¿p-I lu þ -äq ho-Un-tbm-I-fpw D-]-t`m-àm¡-fp-sS km-£y-§-fpw tk-h-\-§-fp-sS hn-h-c-§-fpw sj-bÀ sN-¿mw Iq-Sp-XÂ hn-i-Z-am-¡m³ hv-t-fm-Kv (hoUntbm t»mKv) D-]-tbm-Kn-¡mw


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D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fp-am-bp-Å B-i-b-hn-\n-ab-¯n-\v t»m-Kv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-I

\n-§-fp-sS I-¼-\n-sb-¡p-dn-¨pw Cu cw-K-s¯ s{S³-Up-Isf Ip-dn-¨pw F-gp-Xmw I-Ì-a-dp-sS tNm-Zy-§Ä-¡v hy-à-am-b D-¯-c-§Ä \Â-Ip-I 250 hm-¡v F-¦n-epw F-gp-Xm³ {i-²n-¡p-I. \-à Nn-{X-§-fpw th-Ww a-\-kn-em-¡m³ F-fp-¸-ap-Å co-Xn-bn e-fn-X-am-bn F-gp-Xp-I.

sh-_v-ssk-än-te-¡v B-fp-I-sf F-¯n-¡m-\pw I-¼-\n-bp-sS DÂ-¸-¶§-fpw tk-h-\-§-fpw {]-N-cn-¸n-¡m-\pw C-Xv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡p-I Ir-Xy-am-b hn-h-c-§Ä \Â-Im³ {i-²n-¡-Ww sa-bv-ep-I-fn A¬ k-_v-kv-ss{I_v Hm-]v-j³ \nÀ-_-Ô-am-bpw th-Ww.

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[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-Ä ^-e-{]-Z-a-sæn kw-cw-`-IÀ-¡v D-|m-Ip-¶ {][m-\ {]-iv-\-§-sf-¡p-dn-¨m-Wv I-gn-ª aq-¶v tIm-f-§-fn Rm³ hn-h-cn-¨Xv. sXm-gn hn-`-P-\-¯neq-sS I-gn-ª 150 hÀ-j-§-fm-bn DÂ-¸m-Z-\£-a-X A-Â-`p-X-I-c-am-bn hÀ-[n-¨-Xn-s\-¡p-dn¨pw {]-Xn-]mZn¨p. ]n-¶o-Sv sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\§-fn sXm-gn hn-`Pn¡p-t¼mÄ D-|m-Im-hp-¶ {][m-\ {]-iv-\§Ä Nq-|n-¡m-Wn-¡p-Ibpw A-h XoÀ¯pw A-{]-k-à-amsW-¶v hn-i-Z-am-¡p-Ibpw sNbvXp. ]n-¶o-Sv tI-c-f-¯n-se H-cp B-Uw-_-c ImÀ Uo-eÀ-jn¸n-sâ sk-bvÂ-kv t{]mk-kv hn-i-Zam-bn hn-h-cn-¨p. Cu tIm-f-¯nÂ, Uo-eÀjn-¸n-se hnhn-[ hn-`m-Kw B-fp-I-fp-sS C-S-bn ]-e {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä F§s\ hn-`-Pn-¡-W-sa-¶v \-ap-¡v t\m-¡mw. tS-_nÄ 1 B-Uw_-c ImÀ Uo-eÀ-jn-¸nse sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ¯-\-§-fn-se hnhn-[ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä Im-Wn¨n-cn-¡p¶p. tS-_nÄ 1Â

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hv \nÀ-Wm-b-I {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn am{Xw {i-²n-¡p-Ibpw, A-bmÄ t\-cn-«v _-Ô-s¸-tS-ï hn-`m-K-¡m-À B-h-iy-¯n-\v Dï-­mbn-cn-¡pIbpw sN-bv-Xm DÂ-¸m-Z-\£-a-X A©v aS-t§mfw hÀ-[n-¡pw

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SmÀK-äv amÀ¡-äv \n-Ý-bn¡pI amkv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv Iymw-s]-bv-\neq-sS "eo-Uvkv' (ImÀ hm-§p-sa¶v D-d-¸p-Å hn-`mKw) hÀ-[n¸n¡pI SmÀK-äv amÀ-¡-än-em-sW-¶v I-cpX-s¸-Sp¶ "k-kv-s]-Îvkn-'sâ tIm-|m-Iv-äv Uo-sä-bvÂ-kv ti-J-cn¡pI "k-kv-s]-Îv-kn-'s\ SmÀK-äv amÀ¡-än-em-sW-¶v D-d-¸n-¡-s¸« "t{]m-kv-s]-Îv-kv' B-¡n amäpI "t{]m-kv-s]-Îv-kn-'\m-bp-Å SmÀKä-Uv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv Imymw-]-bv-\neq-sS eo-Uv D-|m¡pI eo-Uv am-t\-Pv-saâv tkm-^v-ävsh-b-dp-IÄ (LMS) D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v eo-Uv I¬--thÀ-j¬ {]-hÀ-¯\-§Ä ssI-Imcyw sN¿pI

tS-_nÄ 1 \n¶v hy-à-am-Wv. CXmtWm i-cnbm-b amÀKw? G-Xp {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fm-Wv \-sÃm-cp ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«o-hv sN-¿p-I? \-sÃm-cp ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hn-s\ I-s|-¯m³ {]-bm-k-am-sW¶pw \n-e-\nÀ-¯m³ sNehv Iq-Sp-X-em-sW¶pw \-ap-¡-dn-bmw. AXp-sIm-|p-X s¶, X-\n-¡p am{Xw sN-¿m³ I-gn-bp-¶ G-ähpw \nÀWm-b-Iam-b {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä-¡p th-|n-bmIpw \à H-cp ^oÂUv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hv X-sâ kabw ap-gp-h-³ sN-e-h-gn-¡p-I. sk-bvÂ-kv t¢m-kv sN-¿p¶-Xn\pw s^-bv-kv Sp s^-bv-kv ao-änw-Kp-IÄ¡p-am-bn, C-hÀ t\-cn«v _-Ô-s¸-S-W-sa¶v Uo-eÀ-jn-¸v I-cp-Xp¶h-cmb "Izmfn-ss^-Uv eo-Uv-kn'-s\ ImWpIbm-Wv A-h-cp-sS G-ähpw \nÀ-Wm-b-I D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-sa-¶v tS-_nÄ 1 \n-¶v \-ap-¡v a-\-kn-em-¡mw. Cu {][m-\ {]-hÀ-¯\§sf "sk-bvÂ-kv' B-bn -Xn-cn-¡p-Ibpw F«v, H³-]-Xv, 10, 17 F¶o {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-sf A-Xn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¯pIbpw sN-bv-Xn-cn-¡p-¶p. H-cp ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂFuture kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hn\v CXn am{Xw {i-² Responsibility tI-{µo-I-cn-¡m³ I-gntSm-]v am-t\-Pv-saâv ªmÂ, A-t±-l-¯n-\v amÀ-¡-änw-Kv _-Ô-s¸-Sm³ B-h-iy-¯n-\v Izmfn-ss^-Uv eotImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ Uv-kv D-|m-bn-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN-bv-Xm DÂ-¸m-Z\£-a-X Ip-dªXv A©v aS-§v hÀ-[n-¡pw.

hnhn-[ sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-sf kv-{Sm-äPn, am-kv amÀ-¡-änwKv, amÀ-¡-änw-Kv dn-kÀ¨v, SmÀ-Kä-Uv amÀ-¡änwKv, amÀ-¡-änw-Kv k-t¸mÀ«v, sk-bvÂkv, sS-Iv-\n-¡Â B³-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv k-t¸mÀ-«v F-¶n§s\ ]e ssS-¸pI-fm-bn X-cw-Xn-cn-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fnse H¶pw c|pw H-gn-sI-bp-Å FÃm D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-§fpw \n-e-hn ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hn-tâ-Xm-sW-¶v

Current Responsibility

kv{Sm-äPn am-kv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv

tSm-]v am-t\-Pv-saâv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv tImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ

amÀ-¡-änw-Kv dn-kÀ¨v

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv (FSE)

amÀ-¡-äv dn-kÀ-¨v F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

amÀ-¡-änw-Kv dn-kÀ¨v

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

amÀ-¡-äv dn-kÀ-¨v F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

SmÀ-KäUv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

amÀ-¡-änw-Kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

amÀ-¡-änw-Kv k-t¸mÀ«v

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

amÀ-¡-änw-Kv tImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ

FSE  ImtW| "Izmfn-ss^-Uv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv k-t¸mÀ«v eo-Uv-kv' Xn-cn-¨-dnbpI Izmfn-ss^-Uv eo-Uv-kn-s\ I-|v sk-bvÂkv \o-Uv A-\m-en-kn-kv \-S¯pI

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amÀ-¡-änw-Kv tImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ

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^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

B-sc GÂ-¸n¡Ww? tS-_nÄ 1se 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19 F¶o {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä a-äp-Åh-sc GÂ-¸n-¡m³ I-gnbptam? aq-¶m-a-s¯bpw \m-em-a-s¯bpw {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä "amÀ¡-äv dnkÀ-¨v' hn-`m-K-¯n s]-Sp-¶-XmWv. A-Xn\m AXv amÀ¡-äv dn-kÀ-¨v F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv sN-¿p-¶-Xm-Wv G-ähpw \ÃXv. A-©ma-s¯ {]-hÀ¯-\w SmÀ-Kä-Uv amÀ-¡-änw-Kv hn-`m-K¯n s]-Sp-¶-XmWv. A-Xn-\m amÀ-¡-änw-Kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hn-\m-Wv A-Xv G-ähpw \-¶m-bn sN-¿m³ I-gn-bp-I. B-dn-sebpw G-gn-sebpw {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä "amÀ-¡-änw-Kv k-t¸mÀ-«v' hn-`mK-¯n s]-Sp-¶-Xm-b-Xn-\m A-Xv amÀ-¡-änwKv tIm-HmÀ-Un-t\-äÀ-¡mhpw \-¶m-bn sN-¿m³ I-gn-bpI. "sS-Iv-\n¡Â' hn-`m-K-¯n s]-Sp-¶-XmWv 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 F-¶o {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-Ä. AXp-sIm-|pX-s¶ sS-Iv-\n-¡Â kv-s]-jy-

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Izmfn-ss^-Uv eo-Uv-kn-s\ I-|v sS-Ìv ss{U-hv \-S¯n¡pI sh-ln-¡vÄ tam-U & tIm¬^n-K-td-j³ skm-eyq-j³ Un-ssk³ sN¿pI ^n-\m³-kv ]m-t¡-Pv skm-eyqj³ Un-ssk³ sN¿pI B-Iv-k-k-do-kv ]m-t¡-Pv skmeyq-j³ Un-ssk³ sN-¿p-I B-^v-äÀ sk-bvÂ-kv ]m-t¡-Pv skm-eyq-j³ Un-ssk³ sN-¿p-I C³-jp-d³-kv ]m-t¡Pv skm-eyqj³ Un-ssk³ sN-¿p-I \n-e-hn-ep-Å hm-l-\-¯n-sâ hnÂ-¸-\-bv-¡pÅ skm-eyq-j³ Un-ssk³ sN-¿p-I ss^-\ sIzm-t«-j³ X-bm-dm-¡n k-aÀ-¸n¡p-I Izmfn-ss^-Uv eo-Uv-kn-s\ I-Ì-aÀ B-¡n amäp-I I-Ì-a-À-¡v hml-\w ssI-amdp-I

sk-bvÂkv sk-bvÂkv sS-Iv-\n¡Â sS-Iv-\n¡Â sS-Iv-\n¡Â sS-Iv-\n¡Â sS-Iv-\n¡Â sk-bvÂkv k-t¸mÀ«v sk-bvÂkv sS-Iv-\n¡Â

sk-bvÂkv I-Ì-aÀ dn-te-j³-jn-¸v am-t\k-t¸mÀ«v Pv-saâv tkm-^v-ä-sh-bÀ (CRM) D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v FÃm I-kv-ä-aÀ I¬-thÀ-j³ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fpw ssI-Imcyw sN¿pI

en-Ìp-Ifm-b ^n-\m³-kv & C³-jp-d³-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv, B-Iv-k-k-do-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hv, B-^v-äÀ sk-bvÂ-kv F-Ivkn-Iyq-«nhv, {]o Hm¬-Uv ImÀ sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv, I-kv-ä-aÀ kÀ-ho-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hv F-¶n-hÀ sN-¿p-¶Xm-Wv D-¯-aw. 16, 19 \-¼-dp-I-fn hn-h-cn-¡p-¶ {]-hÀ-¯-

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

^n-\m³kv & C³-jpd³kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv B-Iv-k-k-dokv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv B-^v-äÀ sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

^n-\m³kv & C³-jpd³kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv {]o Hm¬-Uv ImÀ sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv sk-bvÂkv tImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv I-kv-äaÀ kÀ-hokv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv sk-bvÂkv tImHmÀ-Un-t\äÀ

^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂkv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv

hn-h-cn¨-Xp t]m-se \-ap-¡v D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-§Ä hn-`-Pn¡mw. C-Xv ^oÂ-Uv skbvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«n-hn-sâ DÂ-¸m-Z-\£-a-X K-Wyam-b co-Xn-bn hÀ-[n-¸n-¡pw. hn-P-b-Icam-b hn-[-¯n ^oÂ-Uv skbvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhp-I-fp-sS F-®w D-bÀ-¯m³ C-Xv \-s½ k-lm-bn-¡pw. Im-c-Ww, k-am-´-c-am-bn amÀ-¡-änw-Kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§fpw D-bÀ-¯m³ I-gnbp-¶-Xn-\m A-hÀ-¡v C-S-s]-Sm³ th|{X Izmfn-ss^-Uv eo-Uvkpw D-|m-bn-cn-¡pw. Cu km-l-N-cy-¯nÂ, amÀ-¡änw-Kv tI-m-HmÀ-Un-t\-äÀ-¡mWv eo-Uv I¬-thÀ-j³ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä ssI-Imcyw sN-¿p-¶-Xn\pw G-tIm-]n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\p apÅ D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-w. AXp-t]m-se I-kv-ä-aÀ I¬thÀ-j³ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä ssI-Imcyw sN-¿p-¶-Xn \pw G-tIm-]n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn\pw sk-bvÂ-kv tImHmÀ-Un-t\-äÀ¡pw D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-ap-|m-bn-cn-¡pw. A-Xn-\m sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä ssI-Imcyw sN-¿m\pw F-fp-¸-am-bn-cn-¡pw. Ahkm-\-ambn, skbvÂ-kv C-t¸mÄ ^oÂ-Uv sk-bvÂ-kv F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhn-sâ am{Xw D-¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-am-bn I-cp-X-s¸-Sp-¶n-Ã. A-Xv am-t\-Pv-sa-ân-\p Io-gn A-h-cpsS amÀK-\nÀ-tZi-a-\p-k-cn-¨v {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-¶ H-cp So-an-sâ D-¯-c-hmZn-¯-amWv.

\§Ä "sk-bvÂ-kv k-t¸mÀ«v' hn-`m-K-¯n s]-Sp-¶-Xn\m sk-bvÂ-kv tIm-HmÀ-Un-t\-äÀ-¡m-Wv G-ähpw \-¶m-bn sN-¿m³ I-gn-bp-I. sk-bvÂ-kv {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn sXm-gn hn-`P-\w F-¶ Bi-bw sIm-|p-h-cm³ D-t±-in-¡p-¶p-s|-¦n ap-I-fnÂ

C´y-bnepw cm-{ã-§-fn-ep-am-bn Øm-bnbm-b _n-kn\-kv tam-U-ep-IÄ h-fÀ-¯n-sb-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn-\p-th-|n ZoÀ-LIm-e A-Sn-Øm-\-¯n kw-cw-`-I-cp-am-bn tNÀ-¶v {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-¶ _n-kn\-kv A-ssUz-k-dm-Wv te-JI³. 1992 IIM (L) \n¶v PGDM F-Sp-¯-Xn-\p-ti-jw _n-kn\kv A-ssUz-k-dm-bn {]-hÀ-¯\w B-cw-`n-¨ A-t±-lw dn-kÄ-«v-kv I¬-kÄ-«nw-Kv {Kq-¸n-sâ No-^v F-Iv-kn-Iyq-«nhv Hm-^o-k-dm-Wv. website:, email:

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


_nkn-\kv Ah-k-c-§Ä


{^m-ss©-kv _n-kn\-kv

an-I-¨ Po-h-\-¡m-sc I-sï¯q Nm-t¡m-¨³ a-¯m-bn

_n-kn\-kv h-fÀ¯mw anI-¨ {_m³-Upw sem-t¡-j\pw t]m-se {]-[m-\-am-Wv {]-K-Ûcmb Po-h-\-¡m-cpw. A\p-tbmPycm-b Po-h-\-¡m-sc sX-c-sª-Sp-¡m-\m-bn {^m-ss©-kn-IÄ F-s´Ãmw {i-²n¡Ww?


-cp {^m-ss©-kv _n-kn-\-kn-sâ hn-P-b¯n-\v i-cnbm-b Po-h-\-¡m-sc \n-ban-¡p-I-sb¶-Xv hf-sc {]-[m-\-amWv. an-I-¨ Po-h-\-¡m-cp-s|-¦n Iq-Sp-X D-]-t`m-àm-¡-Ä-¡v tkh-\w \Â-Ip-¶Xn\pw A-Xn-eq-sS an-I-¨ hnÂ-¸-\ t\Sp-¶-Xn-\pw km-[n-¡pw. C-Xp-|m-¡p-¶ em-`w {^m-ss©-kn-sb am-{X-aà \-sÃm-cp _n-kn\kv ]-¦m-fn-sb e-`n-s¨-¶ Im-cW-¯m {^m-ss©-k-sd-bpw k-t´mj-hm-\m-¡p-¶-XmWv. D-tZym-KmÀ-°nIÄ hf-sc-tb-sd-bps|¦n-epw _nkn\-kv \-S-¯n-s¡m-|v t]m-Im³ A\p-tbm-Py-cm-bh-sc I-s|-¯pIsb¶-XmWv Cu Im-e-L-«-¯n-se G-ähpw hen-b shÃp-hn-fn.

\m-bn Xm-sg sIm-Sp-¯n-«p-Å Nn-e L-S-I-§Ä {^m-ss©-kn-IÄ {i-²n-t¡-|-Xp-|v. $ Po-h-\-¡m-cm-Wv H-cp kw-cw-`-¯n-sâ B-kv-Xn F-¶p- s]m-Xpsh ]-d-bp-sa-¦nepw A\p-tbm-Pycm-b Po-h-\-¡m-cm-Wv b-YmÀ-° B-kv-Xn $ {]-hÀ-¯-\-¯n-\v A-\p-k-cn-¨p-Å thX-\hpw I-gn-hn-\v A-\p-k-cn-¨p-Å Øm-\¡-b-ähpw \Â-Ip-I- F-¶-Xm-bn-cn¡-Ww {^m-ss©knI-fp-sS hn-P-b-a{´w $ Po-h-\-¡m-sc hn-e-bn-cp-¯m-\p-Å kw-hn[m-\-t¯m-sSm-¸w kp-J-I-cam-sbm-cp {]-hÀ¯\m-´-co-£w \n-e-\nÀ¯p-I $ h-kv-Xp-X-Ifpw I-W-¡p-Ifpw D-]tbm-Kn-¨p-Å kp-Xm-cyam-b hne-bn-cp-¯Â \-S-¸m¡p-I $ {]-hÀ-¯-\-¯n-se t]m-cmbv-a-IÄ Nn-I-sª-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn\v ]I-cw Iq-Sp-X t\-«w ssI-hcn-¡m³ Ah-sc k-lm-bn¡p-I $ `m-hnIm-e e-£y§Ä, {]-hÀ-¯\§Ä, km-[y-X-IÄ F-¶nhbv¡v Du-¶Â \ÂIpI

1. F§s\ I-s|-¯mw? Hcp kw-cw-`-¯n-sâ B-cw-`-L-«-¯n D-tZymKmÀ-°nI-sf sXc-sª-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn\v {^m-ss©kntbm-sSm-¸w I-¼-\n-bp-sS {]-Xn-\n-[n-bp-ap-|m-Ipw. D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-I-fp-sS tbm-Ky-X-IÄ AhÀ hn-e-bncp-¯p-t¼mÄ kw-cw-`-I³ d-^-d³-kp-I-fn \n¶pw A-h-sc-¡p-dn-¨v Iq-Sp-X a-\-kn-em-¡p-Ibpw t{Im-kv sh-cn-^n-t¡-j³ \-S-¯p-Ibpw sN-¿-Ww. tbm-KyX-IÄ-s¡m-¸w D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-bp-sS aq-ey§Ä, a-t\m-`mhw, a-äp-Å-h-cp-am-bn C-S-s]-Sm-\p-Å I-gn-hv F-¶n-h-sbms¡ hn-e-bn-cp-¯-Ww. B-[p\n-I Ime-L«-¯n sXm-gn hn-]-Wn-bn-se km-[y-X-IÄ Imc-Ww D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-IÄ-¡v A-h-k-c-§Ä G-sdbp-s|-¶Xpw I-W-¡n-se-Sp-¡Ww. H-cp D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-sb hn-e-bn-cp-¯p-t¼mÄ kwcw-`-¯n-se a-äp -Nn-e-sc-¡q-Sn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¯¯n-bm hy-Xykv-X ho-£W-§Ä e-`n-¡pw. D-Zm-l-c-W-am-bn skbvÂ-kn-te¡v H-cm-sf sX-c-sª-Sp-¡p-t¼mÄ sk-bvÂ-kv am-t\-PÀ am-{Xaà Hm-¸-td-j³-kv, ^n-\m ³-kv hn-`m-Kw ta-[m-hn-I-sf-¡q-Sn DÄ-s¸-Sp-¯mw. Hmtcm-cp-¯cpsSbpw Im-gv-N-¸m-Sp-Ifn \n¶pw kw-cw-`I³ H-cp Xo-cp-am-\-¯n F-¯p-Ibpw thWw. H-cp D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-sb-¡p-dn-¨v kwi-bw tXm-¶n-bm A-bm-sf H-gn-hm¡p-I F-¶m-Wv icn. `m-hn-bn D|m-Im-hp-¶ {]-iv-\-§Ä H-gn-hm-¡m-sa-¶p am-{X-aÃ, ]-cn-ioe-\w DÄ-¸-sS-bp-Å sN-e-hp-IÄ Ip-dbv-¡p-¶Xn\pw k-lm-bn-¡pw. Po-h-\-¡m-À-¡mbn ZoÀ-L-Im-em-Sn-Øm-\-¯nep-Å H-cp t{Km-¯v ¹m\pw th-­-|XmWv. A-Xn-eq-sS am-{X-ta kw-cw-`Isâ ]-cn-{i-a-§Ä-¡v ZoÀ-LIm-e t\-«w D-d-¸m-¡m-\m-Iq. I-gnhpw ]-cn-N-bhpw D-]-tbmKn-¨v Po-hn-X-e-£y-§Ä t\-Sm³ Po-h-\-¡mÀ-¡v sXm-gn k-lm-b-I-amI-Ww F-¶Xpw {]-[m-\-amWv. H-cmÄ i-cn-bm-b CS-¯v tPm-en sN-¿p-I-bm-sW-¦n am-{X-ta A-bm-fp-sS ssh-Z-Kv[yw, A-dnhv, I-gnhv, ]-cnN-bw F¶n-h {]-tbm-P-\-s¸Sp-I-bpÅq. A-Xn\m em-`-I-cambn- _n-kn-\-kv \-S-¯m³ G-ähpw A\p-tbm-Pycm-b Po-h-\-¡mÀ A-Xy-´m-t]-£n-XamWv. c-|v Im-cy-§-fm-Wv C-Xn {]-[m\w. A. s]-cp-amä ssi-en $ D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-sb-¡p-dn-¨v \-¶m-bn A-dn-bpI. A -Xn-\mbn tkm-jy ao-Un-b- D-]-tbm-K-s¸-Sp-¯mw. $ an-I-¨ B-i-b-hn-\n-a-bhpw t]m-kn-äohm-sbm-cp A-´-co-£hpw CâÀ-hyq-hn- kr-ãn¡p-I

34 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Unkw_À 31, 2016

Po-h-\-¡m-sc \n-e-\nÀ-¯n s¡mïv _n-kn\-kv e-£y-§Ä ssI-h-cn-¡p-I- F-¶-Xm-Wv kw-cw -`I-sâ Zu-Xyw. H-¸w \n¶m Po-h -\-¡m-À kw-cw-`-I-s\ hn-e-a-Xn-¡p-w. A-Xv kw-cw-`-¯n-sâ h-fÀ¨-bv¡v hgn-sbm-cp-¡p-w $ Xp-d¶ tNm-Zy-§-fn-eq-sS D-tZym-KmÀ-°n-¡v Iq-SpX kw-km-cn-¡m³ A-hk-cw \Â-Ip-I. A-Xph-gn A-bm-sf Iq-Sp-X a-\-kn-em-¡m-\m-Ipw $ D-tZym-KmÀ°n F-{X-am{Xw {i-²m-ep-hm-sW¶-Xv ]-cn-tim-[n-¡p-I $ i-cnbmb tNm-Zy-§-fn-eq-sS I-S-I-hn-cp-²am-b Im-cy§Ä A-t\z-jn-¡p-Ibpw A-Xn-eq-sS \n-Ýn-X hkv-Xp-X-Ifpw hn-i-Zo-I-c-Whpw tX-Sp-Ibpw sN¿pI B. D-]-t`m-àr tkh-\w $ D-tZym-KmÀ-°n ap³Ime tPm-en-I-fn F-s´m-s¡ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä G-sä-Sp-¯n-cp-¶p-sh-¶v t\m¡pI $ F-{X-am{Xw k-Xy-k-Ô-\m-sW-¶-Xv a-\-kn-em¡m³ t\-cn-«Ãm-¯ tNm-Zy-§Ä D-]-tbm-Kn¡p-I $ tPmen-tbm-Sp-Å D-¯-c-hm-Zn¯w \nÀW-bn¡p-I $ F-{X-am{Xw t]m-kn-äo-hv a-t\m-`m-hw D-s|-¶v ]cn-tim-[n¡p-I $ k-½ÀZ-§-tfm-Sv s]m-cp-¯-s¸-Sm-\mIptam F¶-Xv \nÀ-W-bn¡pI

2. i-cnbm-b Po-h-\-¡m-À-¡v {]m-apJyw Po-h-\-¡m-sc \n-e-\nÀ¯p-I F-¶Xpw kw-cw-`§Ä t\-cn-Sp-¶ hen-sbm-cp shÃp-hn-fn-bmWv. C-Xn-

3. Smeâv am-t\-Pv-saâvv hn-]-Wn-bn-se A-h-k-c-§Ä hÀ-[n-¡p-¶-Xn-\m an-I-¨ Po-h-\-¡m-sc \n-e-\nÀ-¯p-¶-Xn-\m-bn Smeâv am-t\-Pv-saâv A-\n-hm-cy-amWv. C-Xn-te-¡m-bn hy-Xykv-Xhpw \q-X-\-hpam-b H-t«-sd ]-cn-]m-Sn-IÄ B-hn-jv¡-cn-¨v \-S-¸m-¡m-hp-¶-XmWv. $ hy-àn-I-fp-sSbpw So-an-sâbpw sa-¨-s¸-« {]-I-S\s¯ Øn-c-am-bn a-äp-Å-hÀ-¡v ap-¶n h-¨v A\ptam-Zn-¡p-I $ Sow Aw-K§-sf ap-gp-h³ {]-tNm-Zn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-\p-Å {]-hÀ-¯-\-§Ä \-S-¸m¡p-I $ I-Ì-aÀ am-t\-Pv-saâv, Un-kn-j³ ta-¡nw-Kv, sse-^v kv-InÂ-kv, kv{Sm-ä-Pn-Iv Xn¦nwKv, eo-UÀ-jn-¸v Xp-S§n-b-h-bn FÃm-hÀ-¡pw ]-cn-ioe-\w \ÂIp-I $ sN-dp-¸-¡mcm-b sk-bvÂ-kv-am³am-tcm-sSm-¸w Iq-SpX ka-bw sN-e-h-gn-¡p-Ibpw A-hÀ-¡v s]Àt^m-a³-kv C³-skâo-hvkv/t_m-W-kv \Â-Ip-I$ ap³-Iq-«n-bp-Å {]-tam-j-\p-I-fn-eq-sS Po-h-\-¡m-cpsS h-fÀ-¨ D-d-¸m-¡n Ahsc Iq-Sp-X D-¯-c-hm-Zn¯§Ä G-sä-Sp-¡m³ t{]-cn-¸n¡p-I $ kn.F-kv.BÀ {]-hÀ-¯-\-§-fn ]-¦m-fn-bm-¡pIbpw A-h-cp-sS I-gn-hp-IÄ {]-I-Sn-¸n-¡m³ A-hk-c-sam-cp-¡p-Ibpw sN¿pI Po-h-\-¡m-sc \n-e-\nÀ-¯ns¡m-|v _n-kn\-kv e-£y-§Ä ssI-h-cn-¡p-I-sb-¶-Xm-Wv kw-cw-`I-sâ Zu-Xyw. A-h-cp-sS tam-iam-b k-a-b¯pw \à k-a-b ¯p-sam-s¡ kw-cw-`-I³ A-hÀ-s¡m-¸-ap-|m-bn-cp¶m A-hÀ \n§-sf hy-àn-]-c-am-bn hn-e-a-Xn-¡pIbpw A-Xv \n-§-fp-sS kw-cw-`-¯n-sâ h-fÀ¨-bv¡v hgn-sbm-cp-¡p-Ibpw sN-¿pw. ({^m-ss©-kv _n-kn-\-kn ImÂ\q-äm-|p-Ime-s¯ A-\p-`-h-k-¼-¯p-Å s{]m-^-j-Wepw Xn-cp-h-\-´-]pcs¯ sF.än F-Uyq-t¡-j³ Øm-]-\am-b s\-ävhÀ-¡v kn-Ìw-knsâ U-b-d-Ivädpw {^m-ss©-knw-Kv ssdävth.tIm-an-sâ Øm-]-I-\p-am-Wv te-JI³. t^m¬: 9884051455)

_nkn-\kv tIcf

BUSINESS KERALA _m-¦n-\v ]p-c-kv-Im-cw

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[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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I-|v A-h-[n-sb-Sp-¡m³ X-bm-dm-hp¶p. F-¶m H-cp an-¶Â lÀ-¯m D-|m-hpt¼mÄ tI-c-f-¯n-se ]-¨-¡dn, tlm«Â, t_¡-dn Xp-S§n-b ta-J-e-bv-¡v D-|mIp-¶ \-ãw h-ep-XmWv. a-äv hym]m-c taJ-e-I-sfbpw DÂ-¸m-Z-\ ta-J-e-sbbpw lÀ¯m X-fÀ-¯p¶p

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sSIv-t\m-]mÀ¡pw C³-t^m-]mÀ¡pw {]-Xy-£-¯n {]-hÀ¯-\w \n-e-¨n-sænepw Po-h-\-¡m-cp-sS lm-PÀ \n-e-bn hen-b Ip-d-hm-Wv t\-cn-«Xv. C-Xv kz-Imcy ta-J-e-bn-se am{Xw I-W-¡mWv. kÀ¡mÀ h-Ip-¸p-I-fp-sS {]-hÀ¯-\w A-h-Xmf-¯n-em-b-tXm-sS D|m-b \-ãw C-Xnepw G-sd-bmWv. tIc-fw \n-t£-] kulr-Z kw-Øm-\-am-bn am-dm-\p-Å {i-aw \-S-¯p -t¼mÄ C-¯-c-¯n-ep-Å lÀ-¯m-ep-IÄ Xn-cn-¨-Sn-bmWv. C-¶v H-cp "CuÀ¡n ]mÀ«n' hn-Nm-cn-¨m t]mepw tI-cf-s¯ \n-Ý-e-am-¡m³ X-¡-hn-[w a-e-bm-fn-bpsS a-\-kv lÀ-¯m-en-\v A-\p-Iq-e-am-bn \nÂ-¡p¶p. hym-]m-cnIÄ, hy-h-km-bnIÄ, tIädnw-Kv taJ-e, tlm-«-epIÄ, Sm-Ivkn, Hmt«m dn-£ ss{U-hÀ-amÀ, K-Xm-K-X ta-J-e-bnse XmÂ-¡men-I Po-h-\-¡mÀ, \nÀam W sXm-gn-em-fnIÄ, A-kw-LSn-X ta-J-

e-I-fn-se XmÂ-¡menI sXm-gn-em-fnIÄ, Np-a«p-sXm-gn-em-fn-IÄ Xp-S§n \m-\mhn-[ ta-J-e-I-fnepw hnhn-[ X-c-¯n-ep-Å \-ãam-Wv lÀ-¯m h-cp-¯n-sh-¡p-¶Xv. Nn-e ta-J-eI-sf ]qÀ-W-ambpw \n-Ý-eam-¡p-t¼mÄ Nn-eh-sb `m-Kn-I-ambpw _m-[n-¡p¶p. I-gn-ª lÀ-¯m sIm¨n³ FbÀ-t]mÀ-«n-s\ _m-[n-¨n-sà ¦nepw Sm-Iv-kn tk-h-\-§-sf _m-[n-¨Xn-\m AXn-sâ Kp-Ww CÃm-Xmbn. lÀ-¯m B-lzm-\w sN-¿p-¶-hÀ hn-P-b-am-bn I-cp-Xp¶-Xv I-S-IÄ A-S¨n-«pt|m hm-l-\-§Ä Hm-Sm-Xn-cpt¶m F¶Xn-s\-bmWv. tI-c-f-¯n-se 10 e-£t¯m-fw hym-]m-cn-I-sf-bm-Wv C-Xv _m-[n¡p-¶Xv. F-¶m lÀ-¯m Zn-hkw Bcpw I-S Xp-d-¡p-¶nà F-¶Xn\m km-[m-c-W Zn-h-k-§-fn I-S A-S¨n-Sm³ XmÂ-¸-cy-s¸-Sm-¯hÀ-t]mepw In«n-b A-h-k-c-am-bn lÀ-¯m-en-s\

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

lÀ-¯m-en-\v _-Z F-¶ co-Xn-bn F-´v {]-Xn-tj-[ amÀ-K-am-Wv kzo-I-cn¡m-\mhp-I F¶-Xv kw-_-Ôn-¨ NÀ-¨-Ifpw D-|m-Ip-¶p|v. I-®qÀ B-Ø-m\-ambn {]-hÀ-¯n-¡p-¶ lÀ-¯m hn-cp-² ap¶-Wn ap-t¶m-«p-sh-¡p-¶ Bi-bw CXmWv. Øm-]-\§Ä: Øm-]-\-§Ä-¡v lÀ-¯m A-\p-`m-hw {]-I-Sn-¸n-¨v I-dp ¯ sIm-Sn sI«mw. Iq-Sm-sX {]-Xn-tj-[w tc-J-s¸-Sp-¯m-\p-Å- ]p-kvX-Iw sh-¡mw. Cu ]p-kvX-Iw lÀ-¯m B-lzm-\w sNbv-X kw-L-S-\-bv-¡v ssI-am-dp-Ibpw A-hÀ¡-Xv A-[n-Ir-XÀ-¡v k-aÀ-¸n-¡pIbpw sN-¿mw. lÀ-¯m \-S-¯p-¶-Xnt\-¡mÄ an-I-¨ co-Xn-bn {]-Xn-tj-[w A-[n-IrX-sc A-dn-bn-¡m³ C-Xn-eq-sS I-gn-bpw. hm-l-\§Ä: lÀ-¯m-en-\v A-\p-`mhw {]-I-Sn-¸n-¨v I-dp¯ sIm-Sn sI-«p-I bpw hm-l-\-¯n Ìn-¡tdm t]m-kv-ätdm ]-Xn-¨v kÀ-ho-kv \-S-¯p-Itbm sN¿mw. ss{U-hÀ-amÀ I-dp-¯ _m-Uv-Ppw [-cn-¡mw. hy-ànIÄ: I-dp-¯ _m-Uv-Pv [-cn¡mw. Po-h-\-¡mÀ-¡v X-§-fp-sS Øm]-\-¯n kq-£n-¨n-cn-¡p-¶ ]p-kv-X-I¯n lÀ-¯m-en-\v C-S-h-cp¯n-b kw-`h-s¯-¡p-dn-¨p-Å {]-Xn-tj-[w tc-J-s¸Sp-¯p-Ibpw sN-¿mw. C-Xv lÀ-¯m B-lzm-\w sNbv-X kw-L-S-\-bn-eq-sS kÀ-¡m-cn-te-¡v F-¯p-Ibpw sN-¿pw.

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[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016


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BUSINESS KERALA cn-t¡| a-säm-cp k-hn-ti-j-X-bmWv PIIE (Persuasive, Inspire, Informative, Entertain). \n-§Ä ]-d-bp-¶ Im-cy-

]hÀ-^p-fm-bn kw-km-cn¡q,

_n-kn-\kpw Po-h-nXhpw am-dn-a-dnbpw _n-kn-\knepw I-cn-b-dn-epw Po-hn-X-¯nepw Iq-Sp-X tim-`n-¡-W-sa-¦n kw-`m-j-Ww ]-hÀ-^pÄ B-bn-cn-¡Ww. A-Xn-\m-bn \mw {i-²n-t¡-|-Xv F-s´Ãmw?


IÀ-j-Iam-b Xp-S-¡w, an-I-¨ N-«-¡q-Sv, \-sÃm-cp A-h-km\wþ C-Xp aq-¶p-am-Wv i-àam-b B-ib-hn-\n-a-b-¯n-sâ aq-¶p `m-K-§Ä. OBC ( Opening, Body, Conclusion) F-¶ Np-cp-¡-t¸-cn C-Xv A-dn-b-s¸-Sp¶p. H-cp ss¢ân-t\m-Sv \n-§-fp-sS DÂ-¸-¶s¯-¡p-dn-¨v ]d-bp-t¼mÄ, _n-kn\-kv ao-än ]-s¦-Sp-¡p-t¼mÄ... F-hn-sS kw-km-cn-¡p-t¼m-gpw Cu hn-[w \n-§fp-sS kw-`m-j-W-s¯ kz-bw cq-]-s¸Sp¯Ww. B-ß-hn-izm-k-t¯m-sS kw-`mj-Ww B-cw-`n-¡p-I. ap-gp-h³ kw-`m-j-W¯n\pw cq-]w \Â-IpI. H-cp-]mSv Im-cy-§Ä h-en-¨p-hm-cn ]-d-bmsX, ct|m aqt¶m sa-tk-Pp-IÄ A-hX-cn-¸n-¡p-I. ]-d-ª Im-cy-§Ä t_m-[y-s¸-Sp-¯p-I. kw-`mj-Ww a-Xn-¸p-f-hm-¡p-¶ hn[w D]-kw-l-cn-¡p-I. an-I-¨ kw`m-j-W-¯n-se 5 C-I-sf bmWv (Confidence, Create, Convey, Convince, Conclude)

C-¡m-cy§Ä {]-Xn-\n-[m-\w sN-¿p¶Xv. \n-§-fp-sS D¸-¶w hnÂ-¡-Wsa-¦nÂ, A-Xv a-säm-cm-sf-s¡m-|v hm-§n-¸n-¡-W-sa-¦n \n-§-Ä¡v Ah-sc hm-¡p-IÄ-s¡m-|v kzm-[o\n-¡m³ I-gn-bWw. A-tXm-sSm-¸w kw-km-cn-¡p-¶ Im-cy-§Ä t_m-[y-

X- e - t ¨m- d n- t e- ¡ v H-cp {]-tXy-I kwthZ-\w \-S-¡p¶p- s |- t ¶mÀ- ¡ Ww. A-\-mh-iy-amC-S-s]-Sp-¶-h-sc bn ]t£ (But) kw-`m-j-W-¯n hm-¡p-IÄ sIm-ïv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡m-Xnkzm-[o-\n-¡m³ cn-¡p-I. "\n-§Ä I-gnbWw kv-amÀ-«mWv, ]-t£..' F-¶ co-Xn-bn-ep-Å hm-¡p-IÄ A-Sp¸-¯n-\p ]I-cw \m-a-dn-bm-sX s¸-Sp-¯m\pw I-gn-b-Ww. F-¦n-te AI-ew kr-ãn-¡pw. C¯-cw ]-t£Ah-sc \n-§-fp-sS XmÂ-¸-cy-§-fn-teIÄ¡p ]I-cw And D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v, ¡v sIm-|p-h-cm³ D¸-¶w hm-§n]-d-ª hm-N-I-t¯m-Sv Iq-Sp-X \à ¸n-¡m³ I-gn-bp-I-bp-Åp. hm¡p-IÄ tNÀ-¯p-h-bv-¡pt¼mÄ A-cp-Xp-I-fp-sS A-I-¼SntIÄhn-¡m-cn Iq-Sp-X k-t´mtbmsS Hmtcm Imcyhpw jw tXm¶pw. A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡m-sX \n-§ t]Sn-tbm-Sp IqSn-b kw-`m-j-W-§ÄÄ-¡v B-h-iy-ap-Å-sX-´m¡v _n-kn-\-kn Øm-\-an-sÃ-t¶mÀsW-¶v D-d-¸n-¨p ]-d-bp-I. ¡pI. t]-Sn-sb ]-Sn-¡p ]p-d-¯pHm-^okn te-äv B-I-cp-Xv \nÀ-¯m³ i-co-c-`m-j-bnepw B-ßF-¶p ]-d-bp-¶-Xn-\p ]-Icw Ir-Xy-khn-izm-kw {]-Xn-^-en-¡Ww. AÂ-¸-w ab-¯v hc-Ww F-¶p ]-d-bm-a-tÃm. ap-t¶m-«m-ªv DuÀ-P-kze-X-tbm-sS ]-d-bp¶ tSm-Wn-\p-ap-|v {]m-[mkw-km-cn-¡p-I. km-l-N-cyw A-dn-ªv \yw. H-tc Im-cyw k-c-k-ambpw kukw-km--cn¡p-I F-¶Xpw {]-[m-\ay-ambpw A-[n-Im-c-`m-h-¯nepw tZam-Wv. jy -¯nepw ]-d-bmw. tSm¬ am-dp an-I-¨ B-i-b-hn-\n-a-b-¯n-\v D-|m-bn¶-X-\p-k-cn-¨v tIÄ-¡p-¶-bm-fp-sS

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§Ä sN-¿m³ t{]-cn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xm-bncn-¡Ww, \n-§-fp-sS kw-`mj-Ww {]-tNm-Zn-¸n-¡p-¶-Xm-bn-cn-¡-Ww, A-dn-hv ]-I-cp-¶-Xm-IWw. H-¸w c-kn¸n-¡p-¶ hn-[-¯n-ep-am-bn-cn-¡Ww. F-¦n \n-§Ä-¡v tIÄ-hn-¡m-cp-|mbn-cn-¡pw. \n-§Ä-¡v Ah-sc kzm-[o\n-¡m³ I-gn-bpw. A-Xv \n-§-fp-sS _n-kn-\-knepw Po-hn-X-¯nepw {]-Xn^-en-¡pw. ss¢ân-t\m-Sm-bmepw hy-àn-I-tfmSm-bmepw B-Z-c-]qÀ-hw kw-km-cn-¡pI. A-Xn-eq-sS \n-§Ä¡pw B-Zc-hv In-«pw. A-tX-ka-bw hy-Xy-kv-Xcm-b hy-àn-I-tfm-Sv hy-Xy-kv-Xam-b co-Xnbn C-S-s]-Sp-hm\pw {i-²n-¡Ww. kw-km-cn-¨pX-s¶ ]Tn-t¡-| I-ebm-Wv kw-`m-jWw. e-fn-Xam-b `m-jbm-Wv AXn-sâ G-ähpw an-I-¨ SqÄ. \n-§-fpsS kw-`m-j-W-¯n sX-ämbio-e-§Ä I-S-¶p-Iq-Sn-bn«p-s|-¦n A-h am-än-sb-Sp¡Ww. \n-§Ä B-cm-sW-¶v \n-§-fp-sS ico-c-`m-jbpw `m-h-§fpw hn-fn-¨-dn-bn¡p-¶p|v. AXp-sIm-|v tXm-fp-IÄ hn-cn-¨v \n-hÀ-¶n-cn-¡p-I, I-®n t\m-¡n kw-km-cn-¡pI. Bw-Ky-§-Ä ¡pw {]m-[m-\y-ap-s|-t¶mÀ-¡p-I. ]-d-bp-t¼mÄ F-hn-sS Du-¶Â sImSp-¡p¶p F-¶-Xpw {]-[m\-amWv. C-ãw tXm-¶n-¸n-¡p-¶-Xn-eq-sS-bmWv ]-e _n-kn-\kpw \-S-¡p-¶-Xv. ]-e C-S-]m-Sp-I-fpw HmÀ-a-bn X-§n-\n Â-¡p-¶Xpw AXp-sIm-|mWv. C-ãs¸-Sp-hm³ t{]-cn-¸n-¡p-¶ hn-[-¯nem-I-s« C-\n- ap-X \n-§-fp-sS kw`m-jWw. sIm-¨n-bnÂ, hn-sa³ F³{S-{]-tW-gvkv s\ävhÀ-¡n-sâ ao-änw-Kn tUm. D-jn tam-l³Zm-kv (No-^v tIm-¨v & knC-H, tUm. D-jokv hn-kv-Uw hÀ-¡vkv, _mw-¥qÀ-) \-S¯n-b {]-`m-jW-s¯ A-[n-I-cn-¨v X-bm-dm-¡n-bXv

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]-cn-io-e-\-¯n-\m-bn k-ao-]n-¨p XpS§n. im-ào-I-c-W-¯n-sâ A-Sn-¯-d- kv{Xo-Ifp-sS km-¼¯n-I D¶a\ ""H-cp ho-«-½ F-¶-Xn-\-¸p-dw k-aq-l-¯n-\pam-sW¶p Xn-cn-¨-dn-ª hn-jv-Wp-{]n-b Ir-jvth-|n, H-cp-]m-Sv- Im-cy-§Ä sN-¿m-\m-Ip-sa-¶ W-Ip-amÀ F-¶ ho-«-½ 2009 h-\n-X-IÄ-¡v Nn-´-bmWv Cu cw-K-s¯-¯n-¨-Xv. Hmtcm ta-J-esXm-gn- ]-cn-ioe-\w \Â-Ip-¶-Xn-\v H-ä-¸m-ew I-fn-sebpw sXm-gn-e-h-k-c-§Ä I-s|-¯p-¶-Xn tI-{µo-I-cn-¨v B-cw-`n-¨-Xm-Wv A-]v-k-c s{S\pw sa-jn-\-dnI-sf Ip-dn-¨-dn-bp-¶-Xn\psams¡ bv-\nw-Kv C³-Ìn-äyq-«v t^mÀ kv-In sU-h-e]v C-´y-bnep-S-\o-fw bm-{X- sN-t¿-|n h¶p. Xp-S-saâv B³-Uv am-t\-Pv-saâvv F-¶ Øm-]-\w. ¡-¯n ]-e t{]m-P-Iv-äp-Ifpw A-{]q-h-en-\m-bn km-cn-I-fn-se t»m-¡v-{]nânwKv, ayq-d s]k-aÀ-¸n-¡p-t¼mÄ C-Xv km-[n¡ptam F-¶v tNmbvân-wKv, lm³-Un-{Im-^v-äv, F-t¡m-{^-|ven Zn-¨v D-tZym-KØÀ \n-cp-Õm-l-s¸-Sp-¯p-am-bnDÂ-¸-¶-§-fp-sS \nÀ-am-Ww- Xp-S§n tlmw cp¶p. C-¶v H-ä-¸me-¯v kz-´-ambp-f-f lm³-Un\-gv-knw-Kv, sS-bv-e-dnw-Kv, km-\nä-dn \m-]v-In³ {Im-^väv bq-Wn-än-epĸ-sS 60 Hm-fw B-fp-IÄDÂ-¸m-Z\w, sam-_oÂ-t^m¬ dn-¸-b-dnw-Kv ¡v sXm-gn \Â-Im-\m-Ip-¶p.'' A-]v-k-c F-¶n§s\ hnhn-[ ta-J-e-I-fn-embn 20000 bpsS am-t\Pnw-Kv U-b-d-Iv-ädm-b hn-jv-Wp{]n-b hn-jv-Wp-{]n-b t¯m-fw t]À-¡v A-]vkc C-Xnt\m-S-Iw ]-d-bp-¶p. sXm-gn ]-cn-io-e-\w \Â-In-¡-gn-ªp. C´ yb ns e ]-c-¼-cm-KXam-b I-f-dp-IÄ D-]-tbm-Kn-¨v tem-¡Â skÂ-^v K-h¬-saâv Un¸mÀ-«v-saâpIÄ, Uns sk³ sN¿ p¶ XpWn-¯-c-§-fp-sS \nÀ-am-Ww, hm-g-\mF-kv.Pn.Fkv.ssh, Un-kv-{Sn-Iväv C³-U-kv-{So-kv sk-tâ-gvkv, knUvtIm XpS§n hnhn-[ K-h¬-saâv Un-¸mÀ-«v-saâp-I-fp- cp-I-fn \n-¶v \nÀ-an-¡p-¶ A-]qÀ-Æ-am-b km-cn-I-fp-sS DÂam-bn -k-l-I-cn-¨mWv ]-cn-ioe-\ ]-cn-]m-SnIÄ kw-L-Sn-¸n-¡p- ¸mZ\w XpS-§n sX-¿w, Xn-d, in-¦m-cn ta-fw Xp-S§n-b I-em¶-Xv. C-Xn-\mbn Hmtcm ta-J-e-I-fn-sebpw hn-Z-Kv-[-cp-sS tk cq-]-§-fn-epw kwKo-tXm-]-I-c-W-§-fnepw bp-hm-¡Ä-¡v {]mhoWyw \Â-Ip¶ ]-cn-io-e-\ ]-cn-]m-Sn-I-Ä kw-L-Sn-¸n-¡m³ h-\w {]-tbm-P-\-s¸-Sp-¯p¶-p-. X-bm-sd-Sp-¡p-I-bm-Wv hn-jv-Wp-{]nbbnt¸mÄ. sP-kn-sF-bpsS s_-Ìv hp-a³ F³{S-{]WÀ A-hmÀUv (H-ä-¸m-ew), \yq {KmaoWÀ¡v sXm-gn ]-cn-ioe-\w sP-kn-sF s_-Ìv t]-gv-k-Wm-en-än A-hmÀ-Uv, X-t±-i- kz-bw A-]v-k-c-bn-eqsS sXm-gn ]-cn-io-e\w e-`n¨ \q-dp-I-W- `-c-W Øm-]-\-§-fp-sS kv{Xo im-ào-I-c-W- ]-cn-]m-Sn-IÄ-¡p¡n-\p kv-{Xo-IÄ hnh-n[ ta-J-e-I-fnse kz-bw kw-cw-`-I-Xz- f-f hnhn-[ ]p-c-kv-Im-c-§Ä F-¶n-h-bpw e-`n-¨n-«p-|v. hnh-c¯n-eq-sS hn-P-b-Km-Y-IÄ c-Nn-¨-t¸mÄ ]p-cp-j³-am-cpw §Ä-¡v: 9447935772

38 [\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI

Unkw_À 31, 2016

U_nÄ tlmgvkv kv\mIvkv {_m³Uv Aw_m-knU-dm-bn am-kv-äÀ sj-^v In¨-sb amt\-PnwKv Ub -d-IväÀ hnt\mZv a-ªn-e A-h-X-cn-¸n-¡p¶p. amÀ¡-änKv P\-d amt\-PÀ kp\n ]n. Ir-jv-W³ k-ao]w


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sh-bÀ A-]vtU-äv hgn 2.4 sk-¡³Un 0-60mph (97km/h) te-¡v F-¯m³ tamU 3 P100D¡v km[n-¡p-¶-tXm-sS tem-I-¯nse ^m-ÌÌv s{]m-U-£³ ImÀ F-¶ _-lpaXn C-Xn-\v kz-´-am-Ipw. kv-t]mÀ-Sv-kv bq-«n-en-än hm-l-\-§Ä-¡v hÀ-[n-¨p-hcp-¶ Un-amâv I-W-¡n-seSp-¯v tam-U X A-h-X-cn¸n-¡m-\p-Å {i-a-¯n-emWv sS-kve tam-t«m-gvkv. C-e-{În-Iv F-kv.bp-.hnbmb C-Xv H-scm-ä NmÀ-Pn 465 In-tem-ao-äÀ hsc Hm-Sn-¡m-w, 2.9 sk-¡ân 0-60 mph (97 km/h) F-¯m³ I-gn-bp-w. C-Xn G-gpt]À-¡v k-©-cn-¡m-\m-Ipw.

Ip-d-ª F®w, Iq-Sp-X hne: Cu B-Zy L-«-¯n-sâ ^-e-am-bn-cp¶p sS-kve tdm-Uv-kväÀ. H-ä NmÀPn 322 In-tem-ao-äÀ k-©-cn-¡m\m-hp-¶, 37 sk-¡ân 0-60mph (97km/h) F-¯m-\m-Ip-¶ C-e-{În-Iv kv-t]mÀ-Sv-kv Im-dm-WnXv.

Iq-Sp-X F®w, Ip-d-ª hne: am-ÌÀ ¹m-\n-se A-hkm-\ L-«am-b C-Xn sS-kv-e kr-ãn¨Xv sS-kve tam-U 3 F-¶ sk-Um³ Im-dmWv. Cu hÀ-jw amÀ-¨v 31 \v A-h-X-cn¸n-¨ hm-l-\w 2017 A-h-km-\-t¯msS D-]-t`m-àm-¡-fn-te-¡v F-¯p-sa¶m-Wv {]-Xo£.H-ä NmÀ-Pnw-Kn 346 In-tem-ao-äÀ Zqcw HmSn-¡m-hp-¶ Cu hm-l-\¯n\v 0-60 mph (97 km/h) se-¯m³ B-dv sk-¡ân Xm-sg k-a-bw a-Xn. 35,000 tUm-fdm-Wv (24 e-£-t¯mfw cq-]) hn-e. tamU Ssâ A-SnØm-\ hn-ebp-sS (75,000 tUmfÀ) ]-Ip-Xn-bn Xm-sg-bm-Wv ]pXnb tam-U-en-sâ hn-esb-¶-Xm-Wv {][m-\ {]-tXyIX.

C-S¯-cw F®w, C-S¯-cw hne: sS-kv-e tam-U S sâ DÂ-¸m-Z-\ ¯n-te-¡m-Wv c|mw L-«w F-¯n bXv. H-ä NmÀ-Pn 507 In-temao-äÀ hsc Hm-Sn-¡m-\m-hp-¶ 2.5 sk-¡ân 0-60mph (97km/h) F¯p¶ Cu- ImÀ t]mÀ-sj 918 kv-ss]-UÀ, s^-dm-dn em-s^-dm-dn Xp-S§nb tem-I-¯n-se ^m-Ì-Ìv s{]m-U-£³ Im-dp-I-fp-sS \n-c-bn-tes¡¯n. ]s£ Cu c-|v Im-dpIÄ¡pw c-|v ko-äv am{Xta D-Å-p, e-tK-Pv kv-t]-kv hf-sc Ip-d-h-m-Wv. F-¶m tamU SP100D F-¶ Ce-{ÎnIv HmÄþho ss{U-hv Im-dn-\v \m-ev tUm-dp-Ifpw IqSn-b ImÀtKm I-¸m-kn-änbpa-p|-v. A-Xn A-©v ap-XnÀ-¶-hÀ¡pw c-|v Ip-«n-IÄ¡pw bm-{X sN-¿m-\m-Ipw. Cu am-kw \S¡p¶ tkm-^v-äv

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sN-¿m-\m-bn- sS-kve tam-t«m-gvk - v kuP-\y NmÀ-Pnw-Kv kvt- ä-j\ - p-If - p-sS hen-b \n-cb - m-Wv H-cp-¡n-bn-cn-¡p-¶Xv. C-t¸mÄ tem-I¯ - n-se G-ähpw thK-Xt- bdn-b NmÀ-Pnw-Kv kvt- ä-j\ - m-Wv sS-kve kq-¸À NmÀPÀ. tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ A-]v-tUäv: sS-kve tam-t«m-gv-kn-sâ k-hn-tijam-sbmcp {]-tXy-I-X-bmWv HmhÀþZnþFbÀ tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ A-]vtU-äpIÄ. \-ap-¡v kvamÀ-«-vt^m-Wn A-]v-tU-äp-IÄ e-`y-am-Ip-¶Xpt]m-se Im-dn e-`n-¡p-sa-¶À°w. C¯-cw A-]v-tU-äp-IÄ Im-dn-sâ {]-I-S-\-¯n km-cam-b hy-Xym-k-ap|m-¡m³ {]m-]v-X-amWv. tSm-¸v kv-]oUv Iq-«p-I, bq-kÀ CâÀ-t^-kn am-ä-§-fp-|m-¡p-I, ]pXn-b ^ot¨-gvkv tNÀ-¡p-I.... Xp-S-§nb-h-sbm-s¡ tkm-^v-ävsh-bÀ A-]v-tU-j-\n-eq-sS km-[n-¡pw. Hmt«m ss]eäv: F-bÀ-{Im-^vä - nteXn\p k-am-\am-b Hmt«m-ss]e-äv kwhn-[m-\a - m-Wv sS-kve - bn-epw. C-Xnse Hm¬-t_mÀ-Uv Iw-]yq-«d - p-IÄ ss{Uhsd k-lm-bn-¡p-w, A-[zm-\w Ip-db - v-

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RENT Palarivattom bypass signal Jn.

1 lakh SFT office space & 12,360 SFT showroom 9447086644 9495431644

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^pUv sS-¡v tI-c-f 2017, P-\p-h-cn 12þ14, sIm¨n -^pUv sS-¡v tI-c-f 2017, P-\p-h-cn 12þ14, cm-Po-hv-Km-Ôn C³-tUmÀ kv-tä-Unbw, I-S-h{´, sIm¨n, t^m¬: +91 484 2320290, 6990290, Cþsa-bvÂ:,,


B³-Uv F-^n-jy³kn F³-lm³-kv-saâv hÀ-Iv tjm¸v, P-\p-h-cn 12, 2017, tlm-«Â se sa-dn-Unb³, sIm¨n, t^m¬: 2315840, 2316494 sam-_oÂ: +91 90725 70050, Cþsa-bvÂ:,

-¹m-Ìn-hn-j³ C-´y P-\p-h-cn 19þ23, 2017, t_mw-s_ F-Iv-kn-_n-j³ skâÀ, KpÀKm-thm¬, apw-ss_, t^m¬: +91 22 6777 8899, Cþsa-bvÂ: sales@plastivision. org,

-]mÀ-Sv-WÀ-jn-¸v k-an-äv 2017, P-\p-h-cn 27þ28, APIIC {Ku|v, hn-im-J-]-«Ww, B-{Ô-{]-tZiv, t^m¬: 91 11 24629994-7 Cþsa-bvÂ:, www.partner

-h{P 2016, CâÀ-\m-j-W B-bpÀ th-Z tIm¬-t¢-hv. 2017 P-\p-h-cn 13þ15, ep-ep I¬-sh³-j³ skâÀ, Xr-iqÀ, t^m¬: +91 7356333510, Cþsa-bvÂ: info@,


_n-kn-\kv: am-t\-Pnw-Kv t{Km-¯v B³-Uv {Sm³kv-t^mÀta-j³, 2017 P-\p-h-cn 16þ19, sF-F-kv_n ssl-Z-cm-_m-Zv Imw-]kv, t^m¬: +91 40

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2318 7513, sam-_oÂ: +91 9989397798, Cþsa-bvÂ:

Unkw_À 31, 2016

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C³-hn-tä-j-WÂ tIm¬-^-d³-kv Hm¬ ^m-an-en _n-kn-\kv, s^-{_p-hcn 4þ5, 2017,

C-´y³ kv-IqÄ Hm-^v _n-kn\kv ssl-Zcm-_m-Zv Imw-]kvv, t^m¬: +91-þ40þ2318 7189 Cþsa-bvÂ:, www.


C-´y ^q-Svsh-bÀ F-Ivkv-t]m, 2017, s^-{_p-h-cn 11þ13

t_mw-s_ I¬-sh³-j³ & F-Iv-kn-_nj³ skâÀ, KpÀ-Km thm¬ Cu-kväv, apwss_, t^m¬: 099 111 27 408, http://www.

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94000 31100

Dhanam Publications Pvt.Ltd ISh{´, sIm-¨n þ 682 020, t^m¬: 0484þ2315840, 2316494, Email:,

[\w hyh-kmb hmWnPy ssZzhm-cnI Unkw_À 31, 2016





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tlmw hÀ-¡v sN¿q bq-kv-Uv Im-dn-\p-th-|n-bp-Å A-t\z j-Ww B-cw-`n-¡p-¶-Xn-\p ap-¼v \n-§-fpsS _P-äv F-{X-bm-sW-¶v Xo-cp-am-\n-¡p-I. \n-§-fp-sS B-h-iyw, _-Päv, Po-hn-X-ssi-en Xp-S§n-b L-S-I-§fpw ]-cn-K-Wn-¡Ww. 3þ5 hÀ-jw ]-g-¡-ap-Å, H-cm-fp-sS D-S-aØ-X-bnem-bn-cp-¶ ImÀ AXpw \n-§-fp-sS Su-Wn \n-¶pX-s¶ e-`n-¡p-I-bm-sW-¦n A-sXm-cp

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Unkw_À 31, 2016

thWw. S-b-dp-Ifpw kq-£v-a-am-bn t\m-¡Ww. an-I-¨ hm-§-em-bn-cn-¡pw. 40,000þ60,000 Intem-ao-ä-dn-\n-S-bn Hm-Sn-b, \-¶m-bn ]-cn-N-cn-¨ S-b-dn-sâbpw hn³-Uv joÂ-Uv ¥m-kn-sâbpw tU-äv A-dn-ªm hm-l-\¯n-sâ DÂ-¸m-Z-\ ImÀ B-Wv A-sX-¦n Iq-Sp-X \ÃXv. hÀ-jw A-dn-bm-\m-Ipw. ]cn-tim-[-\ \-SI¼-\n ]n³-h-en¨ tam-U-ep-IÄ hm-§m¯m³ H-cp hn-Z-Kv-[s\tbm sa-¡m-\n-¡ns\ Xn-cn-¡p-¶-Xm-bn-cn¡pw \ÃXv. tbm sIm-|p-t]m-Ip¶-Xv \-¶m-bn-cn-¡pw. tamUnss^ sN-bv-XtXm- {]-I-S-\-an-I-hnIm-dn-sâ sa-bvâ-\³-kv \-S-¯n-bn-«p-Å \m-bn Syq¬ sN-bv-XtXm B-b ImÀ hm-§mUo-eÀ/hÀ-Iv tjmXn-cn-¡p-I. ap-gp-h-\m-bn ¸n hn-fn¨v Hmtcm ho|pw s]-bvâv sN-bvRESALE VALUE TABLE – {]m-h-iyhpw kÀ-hoXtXm ^n-\m³-kv I¼% OF ON-ROAD PRICE kn-\v \Â-Ip-t¼m-gpf-f \n Xn-cn-¨p-hm-§n-btXm Hm-tUm ao-äÀ do-Unw-Kv Age of Car Depreciation Slabs B-b Im-dp-IÄ H-gn-hmA-dn-bWw. ¡-Ww. D-]-tbm-Kw Ip-dFirst 6 months 10%-15% ª Im-dp-Ifpw hm-§m³ hn-e 6 Months - 1 yr 15% - 20% A\p-tbm-Py-aÃ. D-Zm-l-cXo-cp-am-\n¡p-I W-¯n-\v 10 hÀ-jw ]-g1 Yr - 2 Yr 20% - 30% ¡-ap-Å ImÀ 30,000 InIm-dn-sâ ]-g¡w, 2 Yr - 3 Yr 30% - 35% tem-aoätd Hm-Sn-bn-«p-ÅqD-S-a-Ø-cp-sS F®w, sh-¦n A-Xv \n-ch-[n 3 Yr - 4 Yr 35% - 40% F-{X In-tem-aoäÀ Imew Hm-Sm-Xn-cp-¶n-«p-|v HmSn, A-]-I-S-§ In 5th year 50% to 55% - car F-¶m-WÀ°w. -fp-sS N-cn-{Xw, value almost half Nn-e ImÀ \nÀ-am-Xm]p-dw -`m-K-s¯bpw ¡fpw Uo-eÀ-jn-¸p-Ifpw 5 Yr - 7 Yr 55% - 65% DÄ-h-i-s¯bpw AhkÀ«n-ss^-Uv bq-kv-Uv 7 th Yr - 10 Yr 65% - 80% Ø, sa-¡m-\n-¡Â Im-dp-IÄ hnÂ-¡p¶p. I-|oj³, hm-l-\11 th Yr 14 th yr 80% 90% C¯-cw Im-dp-IÄ hn-i¯n-sâ tc-J-IÄ bZam-b ]cn-tim-[-\-IÄ 15 yrs and above 90% or more YmÀ-°am-tWm? ¡pw Uo-e-dp-tSXm-b do Xp-S§n-b L-S-I-§-fmI-|o-jWnw-Kn-\pw ti Wv bq-kv-Uv Im-dn-j-am-Wv hn-¸\-s¡-¯p-¶Xv. G-Xm\pw sâ hn-e \nÀ-W-bn-¡p-¶Xv. Ime-s¯ hm-dân-tbm-Sv Iq-Sn-bm-Wv C¯-cw Im-dn-sâ H-dn-Pn-\ tUm-Iyp-sa-tâ-j\pw Im-dp-IÄ D-]-t`m-àm-hn-\v \Â-Ip-¶-Xv. 5þ10 kÀ-ho-kv N-cn-{Xhpw Ir-Xy-am-bn ]cn-timi-X-am-\w hn-e Iq-Sp-X-em-sW-¦nepw kÀ«n[n-¡p-I. c-Pn-kv-t{S-j³ kÀ-«n-^n¡äv (RC) ss^-Uv Im-dp-IÄ \-sÃmcp Hm-]v-j-\mWv. F¦nepw sa-¡m-\n-¡Â I-|o-j³ a-\-kn-em- _p¡v, RTO B-bp-jvIme tdm-Uv \n-Ip-Xn-bpsS c-koXv, C³-jp-d³-kv t]m-fnkn, A-Xnsâ ¡n-bn-«p-th-Ww H-cp Xo-cp-am-\-sa-Sp-¡m³. Im-em-h[n. H-dn-Pn-\ C³-thm-bvkv, hm-bv-]sb-Sp-¯n-cp-¶p-sh-¦n ^n-\m³kv NOC Xp-Si-cn-bm-bn hn-e-bn-cp¯pI §n-b-h-bm-Wv {][m-\ tc-JIÄ. DRC F-¶ an-I-¨ kÀ-ho-kv N-cn-{X-ap-Å hml-\w ]-Zw F-hn-sS-sb-¦nepw D-t|m-sb-¶v hm-§p-¶-Xm-bn-cn¡pw G-ähpw sa¨w. H-scm-ä ]cn-tim-[n-¡-Ww. Uyq-¹n-t¡-äv c-Pn-kv-t{SAw-KoIr-X kÀ-ho-kv skâ-dn-em-Wv sa-bvâj³ kÀ-«n-^n¡-äv F-¶m-Wv A-Xn-sâ \³-kv \-S-¯n-bn-«p-Å-sX-¦n Iq-Sp-X \ AÀ°w. ÃXv. F-¦n F-{X kÀ-ho-kv sN-bvXp, G-sXm-s¡ ]mÀ-Sv-kv amän, ]-g-b A-]-IC-\n hml-\w kz-´-am¡mw S-§-fp-sS N-cn-{Xw... Xp-S-§nb-h-sbm-s¡ H-dn-Pn-\ BÀ-kn _p¡pw a-äp t]-¸-dpA-dn-bm-\m-Ipw. hm-l-\-¯n-sâ A-Sn-`mKw, Ifpw \n-§Ä-¡v ssI-am-dp-t¼mÄ am-{Xw _q-«v-en-Uv, s{^-bnwkv, tUm-dp-IÄ Xp-S§n-b ap-gp-h³ Xp-Ibpw A-S-bv-¡p-I. BÀ-kn `m-K-§fn-sem-s¡ A-]-I-S-¯n-sâ AS-bm-f_p-¡v \n-§Ä-¡v ssI-am-dn-bn-«n-sÃ-¦n §Ä D-t|m-sb-¶v ]cn-tim-[n-¡pI. Hm-bvÂ, (hmbv-] A-S-¨p-XoÀ-¯v _m-¦n \n¶v NOC t{_¡v, {Sm³-kv-an-j³ ^ve-`n-¡m-\p-s|-¦nÂ) 20þ25 i-X-am-\w ]n-Snfq-bn-Uv XpS-§n G-sX¨p-sh-¨v _m-¡n XpI-tb \Â-Imhq. Imdpw ¦nepw X-c-¯n-ep-Å ap-gp-h³ H-dn-Pn-\- tUm-Iyp-saâpw ssI-am-dp^v-fq-bn-Uv tNmÀ-¨ t¼mÄ am-{X-ta ap-gp-h³ Xp-Ibpw \Â-tI-|D-t|m-sb-¶v ]-cnXpÅq. Uyq-¹n-t¡-äv Io hm-§m³ HmÀ-antim[n-¡Ww. ¡p-I. {S-¦v Xpd-¶v hoÂ-Pm-¡v ] C-sXÃmw I-gn-ªv hml-\w kz-´-am-¡ncn-tim-[n-¡p-Ib-ti-jw A-Xv G-ähpw an-I-¨ sa-¡m-\n-¡Â bpw kv-s]-bÀ I-|o-j-\nepw B-IÀ-j-Iam-b cq-]-¯nepw S-b-dn-sâ A-hB-¡n am-äm³ AÂ-¸w ]-Ww Iq-Sn sN-e-h-gnØ A-dn-bp-Ibpw ¡mw. Happy & Safe Motoring!

Dhanam Vyavasaya Vanijya Dwaivarika - December 31, 2016 - `30

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Dhanam dec 31  

Demonetisation impact Success story of Business man sam Santhosh Investment guide

Dhanam dec 31  

Demonetisation impact Success story of Business man sam Santhosh Investment guide