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In Home Nurse Care

Caring for the aged persons in the family is one of the challenging tasks that a person may have to face. This is especially due to the increasing demands which have been placed on people in this generation. Due to these challenges, various approaches have been constituted to attempt to meet these demands. One of the approaches which have been widely accepted is the in home nurse care. This care is geared towards the needs of the client and the family. It is worth noting the fact that this form of care is usually tailor made to meet the demands of the person under the care.

In house health care may include direct care, that is, the nurse ensures that the patient is properly attended by frequently visiting the family member and administering care. At the same time it can be indirect meaning that the nurse plans brings aboard a team which he or she supervises, such as the home care assistants.

The main goals for this type of care are promoting, maintaining and restoring the health of a person. In essence, this form of care is usually focused on minimizing the effects of illnesses or disabilities. Nurses who are located in the home are usually given the responsibility of being the direct care providers, family educators and case managers in the home.

There are various advantages which are associated with this form of care. For instance, this form of care is usually intensive since it takes place in the location where the person under the care lives. This approach recognizes that the family is central and constant in cases where the health service systems might be fluctuating. This approach also reduces the disruption of the family unit. That is, for the people who might be having chronic illnesses, being close to family and friends enhances their emotional wellbeing.

Secondly, this approach enhances or rather increases a family member’s self confidence. This is because it allows the parents and the care providers with more time for self care and self control. It is also worth mentioning the fact that families which have this form of in home care can be able to assess progress in a clear fashion within their own homes.

Thirdly, in home nurse care provides quality opportunities for health teaching. In this case, the stakeholders are in a better position of understanding the progress of the patient. Through this

experience, the family is able to acquire knowledge regarding care and protection of the family member. Home care can reduce the cost of care when monitoring is the main type of care necessary. This is because the care provider might not require the patient to be in the hospital. Consequently, the entire cost of taking care of the patient is reduced.

It is worth noting the fact that there are cases where in home nursing care can be rather inexpensive versus staying in a nursing home. However, in many cases, the advantages associated with home nursing care outweigh the disadvantages. This is because home care support is normally successful because it enables progressive health development in all human dimensions.

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