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Do you want to know everything about hybrid golf clubs? Stick around, scroll down and read up to the last word of this article. We shall fill you in on the essentials of this particular golfing equipment. General Overview A hybrid golf club is sort of different from a long iron or fairway woods, but is the same in some ways. It combines both clubs' positive effects and features, which means that a golf hybrid is halffairway, half-iron. Prior to the invention of this type of club, golfers had problems with their irons and fairway woods. You see, fairway woods have longer shafts, which usually require more room to swing, something that's difficult to do especially if a player has to take a shot in treacherous parts of the golf course. On the other hand, long irons are also difficult to use due to its IWD (Internal Weight Distribution) and slightly broader club face features which results to short and low ball trajectory. The best solution, therefore, is a club that takes all the positive sides of both fairway woods and irons. And so began the inception of hybrid golf clubs. Features Hybrid clubs have slightly similar features to a fairway wood, especially in terms of its club head. However, a hybrid's face is shallower and does not extend back much from its club face, unlike the fairway woods. Meanwhile, a hybrid's length and lie are quite the same as an iron's. A hybrid golf club has an exceptional distribution of its weight. With its center of gravity lowered mostly towards its head, resulting in perfect dynamics, this club can help a golfer achieve even more higher launches, longer and speedier ball flight. A hybrid is usually used if a golfer ends up in one of the hazard zones in a particular golf course. Years ago, when hybrid clubs were not yet even thought of, irons were often used in the sand, but the problem that golfers usually encountered whenever in the and is that long irons get caught up in the and, making it difficult to get out of it. Hybrid golf clubs, nowadays, have the ability to cut through sand, water and grasses more easily than irons. Summary To summarize everything, a hybrid club gives a golfer the advantages of both irons and fairway woods with its unique designs and impeccable weight distribution. It is one golf equipment worth investing your money in.

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