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Successfully letting and managing property in the area for the last twenty years. For professional and experienced advice, call us today 020 8891 3209 2

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The Old Isleworth Practice 10 South Street, Old Isleworth, TW7 7BG

Chiropody/Podiatry Patricia Lucas & Associates Osteopathy Anthony Walker & Associates Also available:

Therapeutic Massage-Maria Bourke Sports Massage-Jo Wardle Reflexology-Debbie Bee Tel: 0208 847 3131

Come and relax in a child friendly environment with great coffee, comfy sofas and free wi-fi. We offer homemade ice cream and cakes, light lunches and plenty of room for buggies and babies. We also sell wool, cards, gifts, Traidcraft chocolate. Available for parties and events

Open 9 am-5pm Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 2 Shrewsbury Walk, South Street, Isleworth TW7 7DE 020 8758 9177 Next to Riverside Pharmacy


Delicious fresh lunch food t4BMBECBSt.BJONFBMT t"OENVDI NVDINPSF



Helen Assucena Portrait Photography

Every picture tells a thousand words,creating timeless & precious memories Tel: 07815 099216/0208 4003934


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am exited, very excited. Despite the lack of sunshine, there is plenty to be cheerful about. The magazine has grown bigger, which means more pages for more interesting local features and new advertisers. In this issue, I’d like to draw your attention to our photographers, HJA Photography (pg 18) and Thomas Photography (pg 27) our Yoga feature with Sally Williams (pg 11) and Vital Voices (pg 10) as well as Isleworth’s bespoke Designer Dara Stringham (pg 20). Not to be missed is the Brentford Food Market open every Sunday, I tasted some delicious food there as well as a visit to Osterley Book Shop (pg 25). There is also the ArtHouse Open Studios at Redlees Studios this summer and if you are a caffeine lover then check out Artisan Coffee Shop, Chiswick/ Hammersmith borders as well as Syon in Isleworth, who have just been nominated for the BSA award! Have a fun summer!

© Helen Assucena


Disclaimer: While all reasonable care is made to ensure accuracy of information, the publisher accepts no responsibility for the views or claims made by any of the contributors, advertising or editorial content included. Nor do the publishers accept responsibility for any loss arising from non-publication of an advertisement. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of ‘out&about’ or the editor.

We are now distributing out&about further across the Hounslow Borough into Chiswick. We would like to hear from the community in Chiswick and share their exciting stories and business ventures. Get in touch.

Nisia Editor Advertising and Sales Contact Tel: 07540420398 5

CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Brentford FCCST Chief Executive Lee Doyle talks about Brentford FC’s community involvement About Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust Brentford Football in the Community (BFitC) was established in 1987 as part of a joint initiative between Brentford Football Club and two Local Authorities, Hounslow and Ealing. The aim was sport and community activity participation aims for all partners including making the Brentford Football Club stadium more accessible and taking the club out into schools and sports centres to promote junior football sessions. BFitC became part of the national Football in the Community Programme, developed in 1986 by the Footballers Further Education and Vocational Training Society. The operation focused on the provision of organised football activities for children aged 5-14 years. BFitC was innovative from the outset combining the strategic networking power of two London Borough authorities with the brand of a professional football club. The innovative programme received national recognition through The Football Trust National Community Award in season 1990-91 and the Jewson Family Club of the Year in season 1992-93. Positive Futures, Street Soccer & Kickz From the outset, the BFitC scheme had operated estates based programmes but new approaches to working with young people through a range of sport, art and cultural themes increased the potential to expand. BFitC was successful with an application for a Positive Futures project in partnership with Ealing Council and Ealing Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) in 2003. 6

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With the successful implementation of the Positive Futures project, BFitC was able attract partners interested in contributing to innovative and dynamic ways to tackle problems such as anti-social behaviour and obesity. The number of youth inclusion projects managed by Brentford continued to expand. This was emphasised by the introduction of Kickz, a youth inclusion project similar in essence to Positive Futures, but backed Metropolitan Police. Initiatives such as Playing for Success created educational hubs at sporting venues. BFitC worked in partnership with the Hounslow Study Support Service, the Football Foundation and Department for Education and Skills to transform a lounge at the stadium into a fully equipped classroom through the Playing for Success initiative. Core objectives of this initiative are to raise achievement in literacy, numeracy and information communication technology using football and the branding of a professional football club to do so.

feature Our range of activities has expanded to include an extensive in-schools delivery programme, an

A Club & Community Partnership Brentford Football Club’s values can be summarised as ‘our club in the heart of our community.’ The vision is one of a community owned club who are in touch with and can positively affect the needs of the many surrounding communities. An indication of the expansion of BFC Community Sports Trust (CST) is the increase in full-time staff from three in 2003 to over 25 in 2013. The introduction of Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA) for primary school teachers has also aided the development of coaching practices in schools. There can be little doubt the CST has been one of the Club’s greatest assets. The contact it provides to tens of thousands of local children and families and the partnerships it has formed with local companies and associations help to give real meaning to Brentford’s claim to be a community club. Possibly even more valuable than its work alone is the reputation it has gained within its peer group as a leading, innovative organisation, pushing the boundaries of what we originally thought the Brentford FC CST, inside and outside football, fact that Brentford FC is one of only a handful of Community Mark companies in the UK is largely due to the Trust. The reputation of the Trust and the high regard it has for its contribution to our community has helped enormously towards achieving the Club’s ambitions for a new stadium, which in turn will strengthen and extend the Trust.

Learning Zone and Brentford Boating Arch – our kayaking and water sports facilities based at Brentford Lock and Kew Bridge. We also offer extensive disability sports provision across Hounslow and Ealing and our advanced football development programme at Whitton Sports Centre.

We also have volunteer and career development pathways including work experience programmes and apprenticeships. The Trust continues to design and deliver large-scale public events including the recent ISIS Challenge at Brentford Lock and Syon Park as well as our matchday community ticket offers, holiday and Saturday football clubs. There really is something for everyone at Brentford FC CST. If you want to take part in any of our our 2013 programme please email Paul Skelhorn at or visit the clubs website



Read more about Sara Ward’s little bit of country life in West London on

Sara Ward, on her country escape

We’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday that truly combines all of our Hen Corner values and gives us Londoners more than just a taste of country life. This was a farm holiday, staying on an organic dairy farm that is part of the Duchy of Cornwall estate, but not in a cottage complete with microwave, Wi Fi and

to BBQ’s with fantastic local steak and chicken, but the family favourite was the evening that the farmer lit the old

the chickens, but there were no bumpy ground sheets,

with the other campers.

to a toilet block whilst tripping over guy ropes en route. Our tent, in heavy aubergine canvas, was designed

and traditional cupboard bed. I wouldn’t call it all mod cons as the facilities seemed straight out of another era; no plastic, electric or even gas, however, the whole experience evokes a back to nature, slower pace of life that gently coaxes you to relax and forget about The day begins, not too early as the heavy canvas one up lights the stove. I was a bit concerned about this as our only means of cooking, but it wasn’t to be poured on the freshly ground coffee beans from the wall mounted grinder. Farm fresh bacon and eggs one day and pancakes the next; breakfast certainly equipped us for all the day may hold. Our farm was in Mid Devon and allowed us to explore the local villages and National Trust properties, whilst on site, the children chose a day with Wild Wanderers, a forest school teaching survival skills in the woods. Evening meals ranged from a warming chilli con carne 8

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After supper we played cards as a family before retiring to our three separate bedrooms; Mum and Dad to the double, lit with candles and draped with a cotton lining, daughter to bunk beds and son to the cupboard; that was his choice and he seemed the most cosy! There were ten of these tents on our farm, some complete with personal hot tubs, yet they are also available up and down the country and further into Europe too. They are managed by Feather Down Farm Days and each site guarantees a unique outdoor holiday, helping a new rhythm free from our smart phones and iPads. Who would have thought that a camping holiday could include running in your tent, with that who needs Wi Fi?




When embarking on any kind of detox you must process (approximately 2 litres a day). Herbal

‘Cleanse’ or ‘Detox’. Your body needs a diet rich in alkaline foods. Because it is best to avoid the acid-forming foods including synthetic additives and sugary/greasy foods. To help you identify which foods are alkaline or acid you can download a chart from the internet. Start each day with a glass of warm or hot water with some lemon juice. Fresh juices are also great vegetables or a combination of both, for example apple, carrot, ginger and lime. Eat vegetables in abundance, especially the green variety - squash and sweet potato are alkaline too. Include all fruits, however, limit bananas. Use honey, agave or maple syrup as sweeteners. Choose organic olive oil, apple cider vinegar and fresh/dried herbs for dressings, together with mild spices and garlic for seasoning. Grains such as brown rice, millet, oats and quonia are best and also include protein pulses, like lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, butter beans, unsalted

LOCAL THERAPIST SUSIE HEAVENS CONTINUES TO HELP US ON OUR DETOX JOURNEY WITH ADVICE ON WHAT TO EAT. Detox Superfoods Apple Sulphur containing amino acids contain glutathione, a key antioxidant to help support natural defences against pollutants from car exhaust, toxic metals Sprouted beans & seeds packed full of energy, rich in antioxidants Nuts & seeds rich in essential fatty acids, protein and antioxidants Flaxseed oil supports energy levels, hormonal and immune systems and cardiovascular health (do not cook with this oil!) Kelp & seaweed rich in iodine, iron, calcium and zinc, support thyroid function

Techniques to Aid Elimination a powerful way to cleanse and exfoliate skin, aids the lymphatic system in removal of toxins exercise like brisk walking, yoga Epsom - Salt baths relaxes and helps to draw toxins from the blood (contra-indicated with high blood pressure) help the process of

moderation. A detox should not be undertaken if pregnant, breast feeding, convalescing or receiving medical treatment (seek advice from a nutritional therapist).

Susie Heavens is a local therapist offering nutritional advice and relexology her website is 9


Your Vital Voice

Surya Cooper Tells Us Why Singing is So Good for You

Vital Voices is about a new way of learning to sing, taking your voice in a new musical direction; it’s not something you may have experienced before, or seen on TV. It’s not Glee, nor a church choir or a community sing-song but a way to give ‘Voice’ to the music inside you, and share it with others in a relaxed setting. We not only sing part-songs but also work on developing range and tone. We learn to improvise and harmonise, playing with and learning how to care for our voices. Our group also uses percussion to enhance our musicality. include aiding circulation and helping the lymphatic and immune systems. Your posture improves as singing uses your back and abdominal muscles. You also increase muscle tone in your face, neck and jaw giving you a natural face-lift! Endorphins are released so mood dramatically improves (like chocolate but less fattening.) Singing has enhanced my health dramatically, as I was an asthmatic child but know now that the deep breathing I used whilst singing has improved my lungpower. Songs and chants have been used across cultures and ages for worship, motivation, to give courage and pleasure, celebration, and to help us get to sleep. being. The Natural Voice method means that there are no auditions, everyone is welcome. Pam, who is a singer in the group says, “Before you know it, the group is producing a marvellous sound. And you don’t have to know anything about music.” There are great “Singing together is simply the best way to build lasting communities “ says Alison Burns and Lynda Daroga, from Petersham and Richmond Friends of Shooting Star adds, “You are a truly wonderful teacher never thought I could sing.” Let Vital Voices open your voice and take you on a new journey. For more info contact


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Yoga for Everyone Sharon Fried-Jones catches up with Sally Williams to find out more about Yoga

It’s Friday morning and the sun is out and I’m standing outside Isleworth Public Hall watching a

something in common. All are smiling and all are carrying yoga mats. One person remarks, “I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I just did a posture I have never done before and it felt great, I even asked Sally to take a picture. I want to show my children.” The person who has brought such joy to the group is Sally Williams, the yoga teacher and Isleworth resident behind Sally’s Yoga. With a coffee in hand, I ask her how she discovered Yoga? “My yoga journey began about 15 years ago when I lived in California. A friend took me to a class and that was it – I was hooked. For me, yoga is a place where I can go when everything is spinning out of control. It doesn’t matter where I am; I just step onto a mat. And that’s what I’m trying to create with my company, to make yoga available for people of all ages and stages of their lives. When we moved back to the UK, I did my teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga. I’ve since learnt how to teach pregnancy yoga, and mother and baby yoga. Are there any preconceptions to Yoga? “People worry they’re not

“Physically you feel better after a class, but more importantly is mentally. We all lead such busy lives and so many physical ailments that I see in my students are because of stress and strain, worry and anxiety, and that manifests itself in all different ways in the body and mind. Yoga can help release that. Plus, we have a laugh in my class; I want my students to have fun.” I enquire further about Sally’s classes, beaming she tells me, “I teach in and around Isleworth. I teach Hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga, and mum and baby yoga. I’ve also got a teaching kids yoga classes at various events around Isleworth during the summer. I also run children’s yoga birthday parties, which essentially is storytelling through Mention out&about movement, breath when you make your work and games a great way to 10% discount. introduce children to yoga.


business in focus HIGHLIGHTING LOCAL BUSINESS - EACH MONTH WE FIND LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Who are you? Oliver & Daughters Fine Art Photography supplies art Alumini prints. Where are you based? We are based in Isleworth and have several local scenes in our portfolio. Canvases and prints are available for sale via our website. What don’t we know about you that we should? Photographer Peter Oliver is working on images of the plague pit in All Saints’ Churchyard, Isleworth for his portfolio but he is only brave enough to take a few each time. Peter Oliver Tel: 0208 847 5912 Mobile: 07905 657 285 Who are you? Loxton Consultancy was established in 2009 to provide SME and Corporate clients with a ‘One stop shop’ approach to their Telecom, Mobile, Energy, ISO Compliance & Business Continuity requirements based around a core set of ‘Best of Breed’ solutions.Managing Consultant, Ashley Loxton, has spent 25 years in consultative sales of which the past 4 years have been focused on advising clients on how to reduce their telecom & energy costs and improve the resilience of their company to ensure they can continue to trade in the event of a disaster. Where are you based? East Sheen, London SW14 What don’t we know about you but should? Ashley’s attention to detail has resulted from 7 years commissioned service in HM Forces.

Who are you? I am an artisan chocolate maker. I use organic chocolate and add only natural, dairy and other animal product free so they are suitable for Vegans. They are healthy and unashamedly delicious. Where are you based? I am based in Old Isleworth and make my chocolates in my kitchen the traditional way: I mix the ganache, then shape, roll, dip and decorate each and every one by hand. What don’t we know about you, that we should? You can choose from 16 different provide free local delivery or pick up whether you order over the phone or online. Bianca Marton 020 8133 2817


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business news

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE OPENS ITS DOORS Stephen Fry, CEO of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce tells us more… Hounslow Chamber of Commerce is the voice Brentford and Isleworth in the East to Feltham and Bedfont in the West. The majority of our Professional Members come from within the borough but because business does understand geography, we have a sizeable number that come from outside. To this end we work in partnership with Local London Chambers, Surrey Chamber of Commerce and London Chamber of Commerce; sharing events and networking activity with Hillingdon Chamber, Spelthorne, Business Biscotti and West London Business. Hounslow Chamber of Commerce believes that Hounslow Borough is the commercial and economic engine room of West London. As a business support, networking and lobbying organisation our Professional Membership is growing and we are results of which shape our borough, as a welcoming, fun place in which to live and work. – businesses are run by people; it is our businesses that get money circulating by employing local people who are selling and buying locally. The job of a Chamber is to ensure that every business in the borough is heard, has its opinions listened to, enjoys the opportunity of doing more business with local businesses and expands markets. We run four Free Networking Events a month across the Borough with an additional two specialist or sector seminars (breakfast or evening) every 8 weeks. Check the web site for News and Events www.

the success of our businesses. We have just launched the Hounslow Business Awards, which are FREE to enter and aim to reward and celebrate the many progressive businesses in the borough. As the CEO of the Chamber, I believe that “In celebrating success, we celebrate the uniqueness that is business in Hounslow; in celebrating Hounslow businesses we celebrate the Chamber of Commerce as the independent voice of local business. Please join us in our celebration.” There are 11 different categories that can be entered including Best SME Business, Best Green Business, as well as awards for commitment to the community and Employment for Young People. The awards will culminate in a celebratory awards ceremony with a gala dinner in October 2013 in Brentford. about the awards programme please visit www. or contact the Business Awards Team on 020 8253 4256 or email You can read more about this from Julia Leggatt on the next page. Hounslow Chamber is open for business and can help you do business in a fair and competitive environment. For more information please contact Sally Smith on or 020 8326 6416.

We enjoy the Patronage and support of some of the biggest West London businesses as well as some of the smallest. Part of that celebration is to reward 13

business news

COULD YOU BE THE BEST BUSINESS IN HOUNSLOW? Julie Leggatt informs us on how your business can be a winning business The 2013 Hounslow Business Awards in association with Barclays has been developed and organised by Prospects with the support of Hounslow Chamber of Commerce to reward and celebrate the many dynamic and innovative businesses in Hounslow. Hounslow Chronicle is the awards media partner. Peter Pledger from Prospects says, “We are delighted to launch the Hounslow Business Awards. We may be in a recession but we still need to reward and celebrate our business community and acknowledge Hounslow’s success stories.” There are also sponsoring opportunities. Sponsoring the Hounslow Business Awards provides the ideal platform to showcase your business to some of Hounslow’s most vibrant businesses, alongside the opportunity for your organisation to become a key partner in the awards process and share in excellence in Hounslow. Full details on how to enter and regular updates on the awards can be found at: www. or contact the Business Awards Team on 020 8253 4256 or email If you would like to sponsor an award, please contact Julie Leggatt on 020 8253 4231 or email


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SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES out&about wants to help create great exposure for you. If you would like to feature your business or venture in our ‘in focus’ page for only £45 then contact: Alternatively call or email about our great advertising packages which will put your business on the Hounslow map and beyond. We are here to support you in a personal and friendly way.



Yoursupports carpentry needs. Quick response. Competitive prices. out&about local businesses and wants to help In detail: Architraves. Balustrades. Bath Panels. s &ITTED+ITCHENSAND7ARDROBES create great exposure for you. If Boxing in pipes. Cornices. Doors and internal s $OORSANDALLINTERNALCARPENTRY you would like to feature your carpentry. Easing of sticky doors and windows. s (ARDWOODLAMINATEmOORING business or venture in our ‘in focus’ Fencing and decking. Garden gates (replacing s 4OTALREFURBISHMENTS page for only ÂŁ45 then contact: rotten ones). Gutters, repair and replace. Hards 2EPLACEMENTOVERHAULWINDOWSASHS, wood and laminate flooring. Ironmongery. Joists s 2EPAIRANDREPLACEMENTGUTTERS Alternatively call or email about first fix. Fitted kitchens and wardrobes. Living our great sadvertising packages 4ILING room units and shelves. Moulding (eg, panels flush which will sput your business on &ENCINGDECKING with doors). Opening up doorways. Partitioning the Hounslow map and beyond. s !LLGENERALHOUSEMAINTENANCEAND and plasterboarding. Skirting boards. Tongue and We are heresmall to support you inworks a general building groove boarding to bathroom. Total refurbishments. personal and friendly way. Tiling.Vents in boiler cupboards.Velux windows. No job too small.

Window Sash’s, replace and overhaul. Wardrobes.

T: 020 8898 4993 (24hr answerphone) M: 07956

486 662 E: 15

local history


CHEESY PAST Local writer and researcher Linda Lingham Taylor

began. A thousand years ago it was called Ceswican, and later, Chesewic. A ‘wic’ was a farm or market sometimes attached to a manor eg Hampton Wick. Legend has it there was an annual cheese fair held on what is now Duke’s Meadows right up until the 18th century, an echo of which is to be found in the farmers’ market at Grove Park Farm today. The parish was part of the hundred of Ossulstone in ancient Middlesex and belonged to St Paul’s Cathedral. It comprised two manors by 1181 – the main manor of Sutton and the smaller estate created to maintain the prebendary of Chiswick (a close to the river on the west side of Chiswick Lane, the oldest route from the village north to the high road. (What is now called Chiswick High Road was part of Roman Akeman Street, and in later centuries, was called the Brentford Road, the main coaching road west from London). The prebendel house was enlarged in 1570 for Westminster School which came down from London during times of plague. By 1649 it was called College House and later, Manor Farm House. Sut-ton means ‘south farm’ (in relation to Act-on). Sutton manor house was situated north-east of Sutton Lane and called Sutton Court by 1537. But by 1589, the settlement was merely ‘Little Sutton’, referred to in John Bowack’s survey of 1706 as ‘a few poor houses’ near the manor house. The original village of (Old) Chiswick lay at the bottom of Church Street and along what is now


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cottages by the south wall of St Nicholas’s Church. By the early 17th century this area was known as Sluts’ Hole. (By the 19th century, the name was changed to the more picturesque Fisherman’s and watermen and ran east along the river bank to Hammersmith but only as far as Corney House in the west, beyond which was marshland. To the north was the forerunner of Chiswick House (the current one not built until 1729). Chiswick’s only church was St Nicholas until the building of Christ Church at Turnham Green in as well as of sailors and unmarried girls. (He is also Santa Claus!). A church was noted as having been standing ‘many years’ by 1181 and had a vicar by 1241. But the riverbank site had been a sacred place since pagan times, long established even in the time London. The oldest remaining part of the church is the tower, built by the vicar William Bordall by 1425 but the main structure dates only from 1882-4 when J L Pearson rebuilt it in the Perpendicular style. It once had a 15th century hammer-beam roof but sadly it was too expensive to restore and was replaced by a pine one. The church is rumoured to hold a great secret – the last resting place of Oliver Cromwell. After the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II, his corpse was dug up and hanged at Tyburn in 1661, for regicide. His decapitated head was impaled on a pole for twenty years outside Westminster Hall, his body thrown into Tyburn burial pit (somewhere under Marble Arch). However, it was said that his

local history daughters, Lady Mary Fauconberg (whose husband leased Sutton Court) and Lady Frances Russell, spirited his corpse away to St Nicholas’s (minus its head – that is buried at Sidney Sussex College Cambridge). Lady Mary was certainly buried in the church in 1713 and Lady Frances in 1721. But as for their father, no-one can say for sure. There were two other settlements besides Sutton and Old Chiswick, which eventually made up modern Chiswick. Strand-on-the-Green was the smallest of the original three, Turnham Green a latecomer. Before Victorian suburban development, all four places lay at the edges of the parish,

as ‘Stronde’ in 1353 and mainly inhabited by by its ferry. Turnham Green however, began as mere wasteland on either side of the high road, used for turf, sand and dung-heaps, although a ribbon development grew along the then Brentford Road. Even so, by 1706 it had become fashionable and grown as big as Old Chiswick; by 1801 it was bigger, 296 families compared to 201 (Strand had 123 and Little Sutton only 17).

slipped into steep decline by the early 19th century owing, amongst other things, to pollution of the river by the Brentford gas works and the invention of the But the 18th century had seen the area become increasingly fashionable as a country retreat and there were many large houses, mostly by the river. Chiswick generally was boosted by its proximity to Kew Palace and the building of Kew Bridge in 1759, which replaced the Strand ferry. Market gardens covered the area between the high road and Sutton Lane and gradually spread east as part of London’s ‘great garden,’ which also included Brentford and Isleworth. Meadows and pasture were increasingly turned over to arable farming. It was a bucolic existence indeed. Next time Linda Lingham Taylor will consider Chiswick’s great houses and the march of the London suburbs.

Both Old Chiswick and Strand supported early industrial development, in particular, malthouses, breweries and distilleries. By 1222, almost half the tenants of Sutton manor owed payments (maltsilver) for making malt. And of course there is Fuller’s behind Bedford House, near the bottom of Chiswick Lane, in 1661. Other water-based industries included barge-building and repair, the provision of wherries (water-taxis) and general wharfage. At Strand-on-the-Green, by the 18th century, their premises mingled to mention The Ship and The Bull’s Head, both licensed by 1722). But in Old Chiswick, industry was concentrated in the working class area around the church which left the Mall untainted and able to attract the ‘better class of person’, nobler and

© Images via 17

A.C.Curd Ltd

PhArmACy for everything you should expect from your local independent chemist.

Opening hours: monday to Friday 9am - 6.30pm Saturday 9am - 1pm the family owned pharmacy providing NhS services and advice to generations in Isleworth for over 50 years.

55 South Street, Isleworth

tel. 020 8560 1770 also at: 570 London road, Isleworth tel. 020 8560 1444


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on a summer day Helen Assucena tells the story of the photo she chose for our cover this month.

Nothing quite evokes summer for me and memories of summer, like a trip to the beach. The sand, sea, the seagulls drifting aimlessly overhead, the laughter of children and adults alike playing on the beach and splashing in the sea, the 99 cone, and the good old fashioned deck chair. I took this picture on a glorious day on Brighton beach. The striped deckchairs that are so much a part of the tapestry of Brighton’s beach front and beach fronts across the UK, representing so much about our British summer. Unfortunately, not used as much as we would like given the history of our recent summer weather. However, we are all quick to forget. All we need is one, sunny day and go away bad weather, all is forgiven. Looking at the picture, I got thinking about all those people that have sat on these chairs and I myself decided to ponder blissfully on these images. I could see the young carefree couple stopping to sit down and share an ice cream as they talked and laughed about their plans to hit Brighton’s nightlife later. The elderly couple out for an evening stroll stopping to chip supper. I could see the young family, on their day out as they surround their deckchairs with everything but the kitchen sink and squabble about whose turn it was to sit on them. I have to stop myself as this picture brings so many images to mind. And all of them are bright, cheery, happy and positive; it truly does represent the delights of summer in Britain and so much more. Every picture certainly does tell a thousand words.

Mention out&about and you will receive 15% off at Helen Assucena’s Portrait Photography. Telephone: 07815099216 / 0208 4003934 19

A Tailoring Tale

Bespoke Fashion Design in Isleworth Dara Stringham launched her own fashion label, collection for sale to the public in 2009. The message behind Dara Ford clothing is timeless design with a focus on quality and attention to detail, she says, “Everyone, whether they mean to or not, makes a statement through what they wear. When we feel comfortable in our clothes we ourselves. So fashion to me is essential to life. To being and expressing oneself.” Born in Canada, Dara grew up in Frankfurt, Germany, where she completed a three year apprenticeship in haute couture tailoring at the Elise Topell Atelier in Wiesbaden. She then continued her studies with a Fashion Design degree at the University of Westminster in London. After graduating in 2004, she took up a position with a small independent design label called La Petite S*****. She designer Nicola Helgesen and the next four years gave her deep insights into the world of high-end fashion. Why her own business I asked? “I had reached a point as many designers do, where I wanted to design under my own name and explore my creativity independently.” The best aspect of her work is, “Creating a garment for a woman and seeing her she sees herself in something she might never have chosen for herself. Highlighting the best features of a person through clothing design is immensely satisfying. That is why I really love bespoke tailoring. There are no size constraints, no compromises.”

Inspired by bygone designers such as Madeleine Vionnet and Coco Chanel, and contemporary ones such as Alberta Ferretti, Jil Sander, Marni, Calvin Klein, Ford also gets her creative inspiration from,” Fashion books, magazines, art exhibitions, people I see on the street, and mainly from fabrics themselves. Offering a personal and friendly service, Dara is passionate about creating something that the customer will love and feel good in, “In our initial consultation we will discuss ideas for the garment, options for materials and budget.” There are no limits to Dara's ambitions and drive, she has recently started

making leather clutch bags and larger handbags: “Leather is a wonderful material, I have a great supplier that just has the most beautiful colours on offer.” Her designs are not only exquisite and client's shape, style and budget.” Mention out&about and you will receive 10% off any order placed before 31st August 2013




Anne Elliott co owner of Burchell’s of Old Isleworth divulges its history

Burchell’s of Old Isleworth has been in the heart of the village for almost 25 years now. We are in a super location, by the Old Blue School, overlooking both Isleworth Green and Lower Square, a stones throw away from the Thames and Syon Park. A gem of an area that so many people do not know exists so close to London. We (that’s John and myself) bought the business back in June 1998. John has been a chef all his life. He knew from an early age what he wanted to do, at the tender age of 14 pushed his teachers to arrange for him to go to a local girls school for cookery lessons (back in the day when the boys school did woodwork and girls cooked). That was just the start. After years of classical training, John became Head Chef at the Michelin starred Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge and eventually moved on to spend 7 years as Executive Chef at The Goring Hotel (where Kate Middleton and family spent her last days before joining the Royal Family). Whilst there the idea of running his own business took hold and together with the desire to actually see his family grow up, took the bold step to go it alone. He has not looked back since and yes, he got a far better life/work balance and saw our two daughters grow up! The beauty of Burchell’s is that our business is split into two distinct parts. This is all run from our main base in Lower Square where we have a fabulous deli/ workers, residents and those that drive over especially to see us. Every day we make a wide range of fresh salads and meals, our sandwiches are made while you wait so not only do you get the ultimate in fresh wholesome food but the choices are endless. There’s a good array of home-made cakes, soup and pastries too. 22

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Our outside catering ranges from delivering sandwich platters for small business lunches to fully This is where John’s expertise comes into its own! It is a funny business, this catering lark, we cater for all family events ‘from cradle to grave’ – one weekend last year we had a funeral wake, wedding and baptism all in three days! Quite a mix of emotions. One of the things we both love about running our own business is the personal touch we can offer our clients, that and fabulous, high quality food of course! We are passionate about food and are delighted that so many people feel the same way too.

Burchell’s of Old Isleworth 020 8569 9278

Yummy Factor: Tried and tested food stalls, Born & Raised Pizza Dosa Deli

BRENTFORD MARKET IS BACK The sun was out and so were the locals, meandering and savoring the delightful sights and smells of the weekly farmer’s market, which retuned to Market Place in Brentford on Sunday 12 May 2013. Focusing on high quality food, the market is offering the residents an alternative to the supermarket and a chance to purchase locally sourced, affordable produce. The market also aims to provide Brentford with a much needed community space where people can meet for a coffee or share some street food. Pauline Oliver, owner of MSO Boatyard, Brentford, and local resident, added, “A weekly food market is just what Brentford needs. I visit the one in Chiswick and it has a great community spirit. I think the people of Brentford will really get behind it. When the French market was on here it was great to see so many locals out and about, the High Street had a great atmosphere.” Indeed the market was buzzing with families and people who were enjoying the food and spending a few Sunday hours out in a community spirit.

The brainchild of local regeneration charity Brentford High Street Steering Group (BHSSG), local businesses, traders and community groups’ affordable pitches. The market builds on the success of events hosted in Brentford last year for the Jubilee and Olympic Torch Relay, and the specialist French and Italian food markets. Jo Lavery, Trustee of BHSSG, said, “We’ve seen how markets, especially food markets, can revitalise high streets. We have the backing of Hounslow Council, local councilors, our MP and most importantly local residents, who are really excited about a weekly market in the heart of the town centre.” This market will also attract all neighbouring communities, who will spread the word of its existence and help to make it grow into West London’s best and diverse food markets. Rosie Boycott, chair of the London Food Board said, “I am delighted that this market is returning to Brentford. As with so many of our High Streets, Brentford no longer has a butcher, Londoners have access to good, affordable, high quality food. Brentford market will also provide a valuable space for people to get together, to meet each other and support community projects and local businesses.” If you would like to book a stall and sell your produce, whether cakes or jams, pies, pickles or chocolates or would like to enquire more about what you can offer then contact: Julia Quilliam on 0208 847 4737 or Melissa at 23


Discover Art in the Summer Months

ARThouse Open Studios As part of the ARThouse Open Studios, coordinated by Richmond Council Arts’ Services, 16 artists at Redlees will also be taking part in the arts festival that is now in its 18th year. From the 28th June to the 30th June in the Gallery at Redlees Studios the artists will be showing paintings, drawings, ceramics, glass and jewelry. This is a great opportunity to experience creativity The aim of ARThouse is to bring the borough alive with creativity as a wide variety of local artists and craftspeople open up their homes and studio spaces to exhibit their work and share their artistic processes with visitors. Entry to all ARThouse venues is free. For more info contact:


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A Magical Discovery Agnieszka Studzinska browses in Osterley Bookshop just off the A4

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me,” said C.S Lewis. This may or may not resonate for some. But for those enough or quirky, odd, out of print even, then Osterley Bookshop is the jewel in the crown of genuine old- fashioned bookshops that will cater for all bookworm fetishes. Located in the leafy pocket of Osterley on the Piccadilly line, a short walk from Isleworth, this bookshop needs to be placed on the London map of ‘old skool’ bookshops. The owners, Pennie and Tony Vesely, came to the area over forty years ago, Pennie says, “Basically we both used to pass here on the Piccadilly line, going to and from art school and spotted a derelict building and got in touch with London transport. We read a lot, friends read a lot, so we thought, ok books, they don’t go off like tomatoes, put them in, after that the shop walked,” and has kept walking despite the recessions and fragility of the economy in the last few years. antiquity and literature? (There are also curiosities, quirky toys and eccentric brick-a-brac on sale), all walks of life I am assuming, “We’ve got a business chap from Germany, who comes here regularly. He once to Osterley House, now every time he comes, he visits”. It’s not surprising, for as soon as you open the books shop door, the evocative smell of paper, old and new, lingers, books scattered around your feet like paving stones. But it is all an organised chaos. “Everybody calls this bookshop eccentric! But we can’t see it! I suppose we do have notices like ‘Cowboys & Indians - Fact & Fiction’ stuck in the piles, which may not even be politically correct now but it does describe what’s in the pile, we will buy anything if it looks peculiar, interesting or unusual but obviously we know that we have to sell the classics were possible, it’s really about keeping it interesting.” Research for the Daily Telegraph highlights that the

number of bookshops in Britain have halved in seven years due to the rise of e books and according to data from Experian there are only1,878 bookshops left in Britain. Pennie is concerned but also adds, “I think there is longevity in print at the moment, oddly I think e readers and conversations about reading has caused people to read more. I am getting people want, given the choice of a new Penguin or an older version of the same book, want to feel the cover of the old book. The fact that I am getting people now who are perhaps nineteen, buying Plato’s Republic, is unbelievably good.” So for this summer’s read, step out to Osterley and seek out this bookshop. Remind yourself of that magic real books and real bookshops envelope, then lose yourself in this antiquarian delight and who Read more about Osterley Bookshop in the next issue of out&about

Osterley Bookshop 168a Thornbury Rd, Osterley TW7 4QE 25

people & places


A new coffee destination on the borders of Hammersmith & Chiswick When did you open and how did you come up with the name Artisan? Edwin and Magda launched Artisan in Stamford Brook in January making amazing coffee by hand - so we thought we would keep it simple when thinking of the name and settled on Artisan, which means hand crafted. What is the philosophy of Artisan? Artisan pushing design boundaries. We have built everything by hand and around the Barista in order for them to lovingly prepare the most beautiful coffees. We use the sexy La Marzocco FB/80 and source our beans but don’t just rely on that. All of our team members have over 2 years’ experience, they use the 3M reverse osmosis system to get the exact TDS level in their water and surprisingly our baristas love to clean, cleaning vital parts of our lovely machine every 30 minutes. Everyone and anyone who loves good coffee. What’s the story behind Artisan? Artisan was set up by Edwin and myself (Magda). After a year in Uganda working in the coffee regions of the Ruwenzori Mountains we arrived back in the UK and decided to shun the usual 9-5 and set up shop ourselves. After seeing the trend of independent coffee houses in Central and East London, we made it our aim to bring quality coffee to the South West of the city. Our business plan was simple – care about the coffee and the rest will fall into place. Australia where coffee is more of an obsession than a drink. Now that Artisan is up and running, we realise we are working 5 – 9 instead of the usual 9 – 5. Double macchiato – anytime is a good time. How do you see Artisan in the future? A thriving cornerstone in the Chiswick community continually serving great coffee and pushing the boundaries in the speciality coffee sector. We think independent shops like ours have a great future in buzzing communities like Chiswick and it is the locals that make Artisan the special place it is.


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Wedding Bells, Brides & Grooms Caroline Thomas on Wedding and Portrait Photography

My passion is photographing people. Young, old, big and small. It’s a challenge I love. With ten years experience as a wedding, family and children’s photographer, I believe I can adjust to any situation to provide quality, compelling portraits that deliver impact and style. I think that compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride and other intense emotions. I love taking photographs of different occasions but in this issue, I will talk about my wedding experiences. Being a hopeless romantic, my favourite moments to capture are natural, intimate shots such as the groom watching his bride walk down the aisle with a touch of nerves and delight in his eyes, the exchange of smiles the bride and groom share together during the vows and sincere shots of the couple during their personal portrait session.

Mention out&about and you will receive 10% off

people & places

I like to meet wedding clients at their chosen venue for the initial consultation. I start by scouting a few locations at the venue for appropriate backgrounds and levels of light and decide on what camera angles to use. I then meet my clients to give them my ideas, browse through previous albums I have put together and chat about their expectations and visions. I tend to take a mixture of formal and candid photographs and work in a discrete and subtle manner, blending in as much as possible with the guests. Once the bride and groom are back from their honeymoon, the photographs are ready to view online, rekindling the joy and emotion of their wedding day.

Thomas Photography

Tel: 07790152427 27

WHAT’S ON Fri 7th June 7.30pm What Happened to the Hippyman? A talk by Mike Thexton survivor of the Pan Am 073 Hijack, Isleworth Public Hall, £10 including a welcome drink to book call Kim 07904624021 Sat June 8th - Sun 23rd June The 47th Bedford Park Festival Featuring Green Days Fete & Craft Fair on Sat 8 June & Sun 9 June opp Turnham Green Station. For more info of all the festival events check the website: www. Sun 9th June 10am.-5pm Chiswcik House and Gardens Open Garden Square Weekend Fri 14th June - Sun 16th June Chiswick Artists At Home, artists across Chiswick, & Hammersmith open their studios to the public. Fri 6-9pm, Sat 11-6pm, Sun 11-6pm

Fri 28th June - Sun 30th June ARThouse at Redlees Studios open studios Full details on Wed 3rd July 7.30 pm Chiswick House Summer Open Air Opera; Behind the Aria; £30 adults children £15 Wed 4th July 7.30 pm Chiswick House Summer Open Air Opera; Bizet’s Carmen; £30 adults children £15 Sat 6th July 9.30-4pm Drama Cube are running a one day drama mask making workshop for children 5-7 & 7-11 to raise money for children’s charity REACT. Parents are asked to make a donation on the day. Email, Sat 6th July 11.30 am-4.30 pm The Chiswick Summer Fair on Turnham Green

Sat 15th June 12- 4pm St Mary’s Church Isleworth Summer Fair Tombola, Bricabrac, New Gifts, and more...

12-4pm The Blue School Summer Fair, ‘All the Fun of the Seaside’ Featuring The Orleans Park Jazz Band and local singer, James Cartwright.

Sun 16th June 2-4pm Kim Dean’s Eco Tailor. Wardrobe swishing event in aid of Bosom Buddies Cancer charity. More info:

Sun 14th July 3-6pm All Saints’ Church Summer Fair Isleworth-

Sat 22nd June 11am-4pm Turnham Green


Fri 19th July 6.30pm Chiswick House Children’s Open Air Theatre: Gulliver’s Travels £15 adult £7 children £40 family ticket (2 adults, 2 children)


Brentford’s Knitting Club ,Time Cafe at 10am. Knitters of all levels are welcome Embroidery Course at South Street Café run by Wendy Cramer £35 Book in advance. Watermans Art Centre Brentford Parent & Baby Screenings 11.30 am screening main


South Street Café, lsleworth: Knitting on Friday from 11am, free drop in. South Street Café will be open late every Friday until 6th July.


Brentford Framers Market 10am-2pm Brentford High Street Chiswick Fine Foods Market 10am-2pm Dukes Meadow

Fun with Threads: Isleworth Stitch at St. John’s Centre for details mail 28

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First Saturday of the month 11am-12pm Osterley and Spring Grove Ward councillors hold thier residents surgery at Osterley Library.


A BSA Award accreditation is a guarantee of high standards for drinks, service, comfort and value for money, so basically we’re over the moon. We’ve also been nominated for the Awards again in 2013!

Syon Coffee House opened its doors a little over a year ago, so many great things have happened since then, from initially making the tentative steps into a new career to winning recognition for our drinks.

Syon has also supported the local community. In 2012 our “tipsâ€? went to good causes raising over ÂŁ600 for St John’s Church “Tower Appealâ€?, Hounslow Youth Counselling Service & Isleworth & Syon School. We hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning, and e plan to be part of the “World’s biggest coffee morningâ€? again on the 27th September 2013, so make a date in your diaries. And to welcome summer sunshine, we’re also now open on Sundays from 10 am to 3pm.

Philippa Hicks shares her news

Syon Coffee House was nominated for the BSA Awards run by the Beverage Standards Association. In essence, the BSA aims to “identify and recognise excellence of drinks quality� and is known as the Michelin stars of the hot drinks industry. There were over 200 Nationwide entries from independent cafes, who were mystery shopped to assess the quality of their drinks, not once but twice, being judged on three different drinks on each occasion. Fantastically, we were awarded a 4 cup rating for “Exceptional� coffees and hot chocolates, this was a high point of our year, as it’s unusual for this to happen so early in a business history.

Finally, the best bit of 2012 for us was having the opportunity to meet so many lovely people who have offered support and made Syon what it is now.



234308 29

fresh pickings



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