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Jonaki's Headquarters Hey Friends!

to play with. We’ve got the weather witch from the British Council, to talk about the weather. We have a fun game called Botanicula for you to buy and try. And we also have a wonderful new episode of Tales from the City,

where you get to watch me battle it out with Sir Hotaru. What are you waiting for? Let’s start our fun and games right away.

Love Jonaki

Solution: To avoid being identified Reuben Jefferson turned his license plate upside down. But as this number happens to be unlisted Reuben J. is the only suspect.

We just observed Earth Day two days ago. That’s the day we celebrate all the wonders Mother Nature has given us. That’s why, this week, we have some awesome eco-friendly stuff for you

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2 Discobang’s pad

Event Scholastica, celebrates Bangla Noboborsho 1420 Wizard of ID Word on the street - Ripon Sports star Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tongue Twister

3 Tales from the city The Secret

4 Dr Meow’s Lab

DIY Easy peasy photo frames Fun Science The exploding lunch bag Animal of the week Sun Bear Pet Tips 5 pet don’ts

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book Poison by Bridget Zinn Videogame Botanicula Movie Mars needs moms Music Top 10 Earth day songs Toy Polly pocket

6 Bhootum’s Classroom

Amazing Facts Educational What’s the weather like?


Discobang's Pad


Floyd Mayweather Jr SCHOLASTICA


Profession(s): Professional Boxer, Athlete Age: 36 Country of birth: USA Height: 1.73m Weight: 66.45kg Awards: Five-division world champion, winner of eight world titles, the Lineal Championship in three different weight classes, “Fighter of the Year” in 1998 and 2007, Boxing Writers Association of America

Karisma Sina

(BWAA), Best Fighter ESPY Award 2007, 2008 and 2010, WBC Welterweight Champion, WBA (Super) Light Middleweight Champion and recipient of the WBC Diamond belt, best pound for pound boxer in the world by most sporting news and boxing websites, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, BoxRec, Fox Sports, Yahoo! Sports and

tongue twisters

Fishing for a better future Fishing might be a hobby for many of us, but it is the only method of living for Ripon’s father. Monpura island in the district of Bhola is one of the best locations for fishermen. However, it is getting harder to earn their living nowadays. There are no investors to help fishermen build

their boat and other arrangements. Ripon’s family has now migrated to Dhaka in hopes of earning a better living. Although Ripon’s father is no longer a fisherman, Ripon still aspires to be a fisherman, just like his father. By MN Jarin

Source: Jaago Foundation

Tongue twisters are difficult to say. How fast can you say it without making any mistakes? If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

more online at: www.britishc s

learn english kids

You can play this game and

word on the street

Fighter of the Year

Scholastica celebrated Bangla Noboborsho 1420 through Boishakhi Mela and 36th Scholastica Foundation Day at the Senior Campus, Uttara on Friday, April 19, 2013

1998 & 2007

Wizard of ID

WE DN E SDAY, APR I L 24, 20 1 3

Treehouse Comics

3 Story: Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration: Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

Tales From the City

Episode 2: The secret

The story Welcome to the forest Life in the city is all hustle and bustle, and you would think it is peaceful in the forest. You would be right ... unless you were a firefly. In this episode, we see how Prince Jonaki has a tough time at the Firefly tournament.

WED N ESDAY, A PR I L 2 4, 201 3


Dr Meow's Lab



The exploding Easy-Peasy lunch bag experiment Photo DIY


Forget buying overpriced frames for your photos and use our easy and uncomplicated method to frame those special moments.

What You Need • • • • • • •

Popsicle sticks (8) Paint Paste/glue Beads Poster paper Scissors Yarn or wool string

How to do it

For Bear lovers One of the coolest bears you will find in the Southeast Asian region are the “Sun bears,” also known as “Dog bears.” They happen to be one of the smallest bears weighing up to 100lbs. They eat lizards, rodents, insects, fruits and honey and live up to 25 years. They build their homes out of branches and their mothers “Sows” – give birth on ground nests.

Fun Facts • Their long sharp claw aids them to tear open trees where insects and bee nests are found. • They use their extra-long tongues to slurp honey. • They live in tropical temperatures which prevent them from hibernating. • They have loose skin which allows them to twist and bite when attacked by predators.

1. Take a piece of coloured poster paper and paste your picture on it. Cut out the paper with a pair of scissors in a way that leaves a square border of coloured paper surrounding the picture. Thickness depends on how you like it. 2. Use markers or paint to decorate the border. Use paste to glue beads and sequins on the border. 3. Let the glue dry. 4. We use the sticks as support for the frame so use 2 sticks for each corner and align them in a cross to support the width and height of each corner. Spread glue on the popsicle sticks with a paint brush and stick the picture gently on it. You should have the sides of the sticks sticking out from behind. 5. You can paint the visible ends of the sticks in different colours before moving on to the next step. 6. Loop knitting yarn around the ends of the frame (stick ends) and tie tight knots on the top ends of each side and another knot to tie the two pieces of yarn. You now have a hanger for your frame! 7. Choose your favourite spot to hang your picture, preferably one that has the best light. Let your creativity shine! Munira Ahmed

What you will need

One small (sandwich size) zip-lock bag - freezer bags work best. • Baking soda • Warm water • Vinegar • Measuring cup • A tissue

What to do

1. Go outside - or at least do this in the kitchen sink. 2. Put 1/4 cup of pretty warm water into the bag. 3. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the water in the bag. 3. Put 3 teaspoons of baking soda into the middle of the tissue 4. Wrap the the baking soda up in the tissue by folding the tissue around it. 5. You will have to work fast now - partially zip the bag closed but leave enough space to add the baking soda packet. Put the tissue with the baking soda into the bag and quickly zip the bag completely closed. 6. Put the bag in the sink or down on the ground (outside) and step back.

The bag will start to expand, and expand, and if all goes well...POP! What happens inside the bag is actually pretty interesting - the baking soda and the vinegar eventually mix (the tissue buys you some time to zip the bag shut) When they do mix, you create an ACIDBASE reaction and the two chemicals work together to create a gas, (carbon dioxide - the stuff we breathe out) well it turns out gasses need a lot of room and the carbon dioxide starts to fill the bag, and keeps filling the bag until the bag can no longer hold it any more and, POP! Be sure to clean up well and recycle those plastic bags ... have fun! Munira ahmed


5 Pet Don'ts 1) Food now, affection later Don't stroke, coddle or show any form of affection when your pet is eating. They feel severe discomfort and sometimes lash out if owners don't understand their plight. 2) Chocolates are a NO-NO Is that chocolate? Fluffy can't have that, so go put it back in the fridge! Such dairy products can put dogs and even cats through some serious health risks. Don't make this mistake! 3) Tale of “Tails” Domestic pets such

as cats and dogs are very protective of this part of their body. Yanking on it for fun will most definitely end badly for you. 4) Scrub-a-dub-dub Don't go mad with power and give them a shower every now and then. They aren't people! 5) Baby don't hurt me! Don't annoy a pet by hurting them. They will strike back and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Play nice! Rubab Nayeem Khan

WE DN E SDAY, APR I L 24, 20 1 3


Speedy's Zone MUST read Book

bridget zinn’s Poison Kyra has an apparition of a ruined kingdom which can only be saved by killing the princess! To save the day, Kyra goes into hiding and takes the help of a criminal overlord, a delightful pink pig, and an attractive young man. She uses her wits, her considerable skills in potion making, and her deadly aim with poison darts to work her way out of the mess.



Poison is enjoyable and offers a rich imagined world, with well-crafted characters and a fast paced storyline. Readers will find the heroine easy to relate to, and she's admirable for her resourcefulness and skills in traditionally male-dominated areas.


Pocket full of fun

Mars Needs Moms

It all started in 1983 in Germany when a loving dad, Chris Wiggs, decided to make a tiny dollhouse for his daughter Kate. The whole thing fit into a make-up compact, which made it easy for the girl to carry her toys around everywhere. It was such a smash hit that Mr Wiggs decided to go to business, and Polly Pocket was born. The original Polly Pocket series was sold by a company called Bluebird toys, and were tiny pocket-sized boxes with teeny-tiny dolls and dollhouses inside. There was also a series of animations created in Germany that featured the adventures of Polly and her friends. Today, the toys are sold by Mattel, and they’re a little bigger than the original, but you can still fit them into a small box and carry them around. These toys are the perfect gift for girly girls because they come with a wide range of fashion games and accessories. Be sure to visit www.pollypocket. com for wonderful games, videos and more!

“Clean your room! Eat your veggies! Finish your homework!” These are probably lines we hear every day. Moms can be hard to handle at times, but we need them any way. Nine-year-old Milo gets to find out just how much he needs his mom when she’s kidnapped by aliens from Mars who plan to use Milo’s mom’s skills to raise their own little Martians! He manages to sneak aboard the Martian spaceship, and, with the help of Dribble, a tech-savvy man-child, and Ki, a rebel Martian girl, Milo embarks on an adventure of a lifetime to rescue his mom! Educational value Positive messages Positive role models Violence and scariness

Sabrina F Ahmad

Top 10 Earth Day songs 1. Recycle Pam Minor 2. Litterbug Jitterbug Caroline and Danny 3. Wood to Burn Foster Brown 4. Earth Song Michael Jackson 5. Save the Earth! Dianne Baker 6. Every Day an Earth Day Ron Brown 7. From A Seed Into a Tree Music Movement and Magination 8. Decomposers Kenny Hood 9. We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands Nottingham Forest 10. If We Care Gemini Sabrina F Ahmad

Azfar Rahman

Positive messages Positive role models Violence Munira Ahmed


Botanicula Mother Nature can be cruel. At the same time, she can be caring and selfless. She is beautiful in all her details. She is also logical and doesn’t play favourites. Botanicula is a game where you get to explore this beautiful thought. This is another pointand-click game developed by Amanita Design. Meet cute characters, view lovely sights and listen to some delightful music right from the start. The game starts off with a team of five plants and insect-like characters, on a perilous journey to save their tree from life-sucking spider like parasites. You have to click around the environment, hunt for interactive points and solve the puzzles. Botanicula will allow kids to learn about the ecosystem and let them have a chance to practice their logical and reasoning skills. Positive messages Positive role models Ease of play Violence Tashhid Abdullah

WED N ESDAY, A PR I L 2 4, 201 3


Bhootum's Classroom

s t c a F g n i z Ama

lol and white ? k and e c la o b n of is at is s a lot it. Q: Wh k m make u a dr h it w ebra A: A z ch bad sts su o h g e liars? y ar Q: Wh h hroug right t e e m s e th . can A: You her mp hig ? ju n a c g at dog an a buildin Q: Wh th gs in d il g. Bu o d y mp. A: An can’t ju

L e a r n EN g l is h k id s

what’s the WEATHER like? Match the pictures and the phrases.

1.. .................................. computer  bin

It’s sunny it’s windy it’s raining it’s snowing it’s cloudy

3. . .................................


 shelf desk  cl oc k bookcase 5. . .................................

cupboard boa 2. . ................................. rd

Q: W ha Arab t do you ian d call a ai n A: A ry farme milk r shei ? kh. Q: bott What lie om o s f the at the sea a trem nd ble A: A nerv s? ous ship wrec k. Q: H ow d o yo u ma a fru it pu ke A: G n ch ive it boxi ? ng lesso ns. Q: W hat h legs as four but c an’t walk ? A: A chai r.

sunny 3. it’s windy 4. it’s Answers 1. it’s raining 2. it’s snowing 5. it’s cloudy

e online at: You can play this game and mor englishkids arn g/le il.or unc hco ritis www.b


WE DN E SDAY, APR I L 24, 20 1 3

Press Ad (4col x 4in)

Treehouse Vol 1 Issue 2  

Let's face it. There's not a single other English-language magazine geared specifically for kids aged 8-12. Our eight page weekly is stuffed...

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