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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 7

Tales From the City Episode 7: New Beginning

Get ready for adventure!


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey Friends! Today is Learn about Composting Day. You know all those little bits left over from making lunch? Like eggshells and banana peels, and teabags and coffee grounds? If you collect them all and keep them covered in a bucket or steel drum for a few weeks, it breaks down

and becomes this stinky soil material that is food for plants. You can also add dead leaves, mowed grass, toilet paper, and used paper napkins to your compost. Why compost? Because it’s a good way to help the environment. You can

reduce your rubbish, and feed your garden at the same time. Are you planning to try it out? I know I am!

Love Jonaki

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DhakaTribune Acting Editor Zafar Sobhan

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Solution: Robert faked his letter. The missing folding lines show that it was never put into the envelope.

Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy


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2 Discobang’s pad

Sports Star – Hashim Amla Teacher of the week – Mrs Nusrat Huq Word on the street – Raju Paint It

3 Tales from the city New Beginning

WED N ESDAY, M AY 2 9, 2013

4 Dr Meow’s Lab

Animal of the week – Puff, Puff and Away Crafts – Hand Painted Batik Tees! Fun Science – Travelling flame Pet Tips - Homebound Reptile

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book– The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Movie – Wreck-it Ralph Toy – Word Squares Videogame – Shapik: The Quest

6 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing Facts Wizard of Id


Discobang's Pad What’s out there

word on the street

Teacher of the Week

Dreaming away… in colours!


Kheya Mezb

Born on March 31, 1983, in Durban, Natal. Hashim Amla captained the under 19 team of South Africa in the 2002 World Cup. He debuted against Bangladesh in 2008 for a one day inning. He has shown significant amount of talent in one day matches, as well as test and T20 matches. Amla is the first among Indians to have made it to the South African national team. He is an Islam devotee therefore he requested to have the logo of a promoting alcohol brand removed from his jersey to show respect for his religion. Profile South African Cricketer Major teams South Africa, Dolphins, Essex, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa XI Playing role Top-order batsman Batting style Right-handed batsman Bowling style Right-arm medium, Right-arm off break Batting stats Total Matches: 153 Total Innings: 202 Runs: 15050 100S: 30 50S: 46

Mrs Nusrat Huq is our teacher of this week, and is currently teaching O’Level English Language to grade 9 and 10 students of Sunbeams School. She has been in this noble profession for 35 years now and has studied extensively on early education. Her warm nature and her genuine appreciation for the better things in a person’s character is what pulls students to her. She is highly interested in the

subject of Psychology and would have gone into psychological counselling, had she not fallen in love with teaching. Mrs Huq says, it makes her proud and happy knowing that her students are making big names for themselves and that she has been a part of the nurturing. She is proud to belong to an institution that instils the right kind of values and is grateful to each student who has loved and respected her. Munira Fidai

Tasmia Nehreen Ahmed

learn english kids 1.. .................................. 2. . ................................. 3. . ................................. 4.................................. 5. . ................................. 6.................................. 7. . ................................. 8..................................

label the picture The playground is a place for kids to have fun. Do you know the names of the rides and things in a playground? Try to label this picture.




2 6




climbing frame bench steps see-saw roundabout swings fence slide

e online at: You can play this game and mor englishkids

fence 3. see-saw Answers 1. climbing frame 2. 7. slide 8. bench 4. steps 5. swings 6. roundabout

Hashim Amla

Tahmeed Shadab

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes. For Raju, a student of class 3 at JAAGO Foundation, dreams come in a million colours! He loves to paint. In his tiny piece of paper, he can paint his world in as many colours as he wants. Raju’s little white paper is limitless, a place where he can have all the glories of the world ... and more. And why worry about the reality of life? It’s too dull for this boy’s canvas anyway!

Apurba Karmaker

WE DN E SDAY, M AY 29, 20 1 3

Treehouse Comics

3 Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

Tales From the City

Episode 7: New Beginning

The story Get ready for adventure! Prince Jonaki is actually a girl! The Firefly King is not happy with the lies, and has ordered her to leave. Where will she go? The stranger from The City seems to know

WED N ESDAY, M AY 2 9, 2013


Dr Meow's Lab



Travelling flame diy

Hand Painted Batik Tees! Animal facts

Puff, Puff and Away

1) The Puffer Fish can inflate into a ball just by ingesting a huge amount of water. 2) It is one of the most poisonous fishes in the world. Its toxins are capable of killing several humans. 3) Among the 150 species that are found in the world, 29 of them are Puffer Fish. 4) Puffer Fish are very bad swimmers but they can protect themselves from predators by ballooning up. 5) The poison of a Puffer Fish is deadlier than Cyanide; however it is no match against sharks. They can easily gobble them up in one go. Rubab Nayeem Khan

Ever wanted your very own personalised tee with your name and design on it? Or if you can draw well, how about your own zodiac sign? Cool and funky tees are difficult to find so you’d be a lot better off creating your own funk! Here’s What You Need: • A plain white tee • Blue glue • Acrylic paint • Paper bag Directions Parents, take note: children should wear a protective apron on top of their clothes so as not to mess them up. For the first try, use a stained or used tee to experiment. Slip a paper bag between the front and the back of the tshirt so as not to smudge the two sides. Remember to do this also, because it is crucial not to smudge the two sides while painting. Make sure your glue comes in a squeeze bottle so that you can draw with it. Draw your design on it and let it dry. Remember, glue will take a long time to dry and its best to give it about a night. Impatience now can make the whole design go wrong. In the morning, paint inside your drawn design with acrylic paint that does not run onto other clothes while

Things you need Parental guidance, candles, lighter or matches.

will travel through the smoke and will light up the candle again.

HOW TO Step 1: Ask your mother or father to light up the candle. Make sure that another flame source is ready right next to your hand. Step 2: Blow the candle and immediately fire the lighter into the smoke. Step 3: The flame

EXPLANATION When you light up the candle the heat produced by the fire helps the wax to vaporise. When you blow the candle, the wax vapor remains in the air around the candle. That vapor is hot enough to carry out the flame. After you hold another flame source quickly into the smoke the flame travels through the vapor and reignites the candle.

washing. You will find acrylic paint in any stationery store easily. Tip: use darker colours but less paint so that the glue can come off easily. Sun dry it for the best effect! Don’t forget to

* Never try this without the consent of your parents. Apurba Karmaker

wash your hands off the acrylic paint with soap. It can be harmful if ingested. Next comes the magical part - soak the t-shirt in lukewarm water overnight for the glue to dissolve and reveal the whitish designs. You may be impatient and throw them in the washerdryer but it’s better to wait it out! Watch your creative personality shine through your custom made, funky t-shirt! Munira Fidai


Homebound Reptile Turtles are nowhere near to being as much fun as cats, dogs, rabbits, or even birds, considering the fact that they aren’t that active. But keeping one as a pet is still fun particularly because it will always be near your sight and you can play with it anytime you want. These are things you’ll need to know if you want to get a pet turtle. 1. Home: Turtles are small, hence it can’t roam around the house like cats or dogs. Get a tank for your turtle; make a tiny island with damp sand, surrounded with water and voila ... your turtle has its own beach house. You can put in decoration pieces like tiny umbrellas or some

fake grasses, the ones that can be found in aquariums. 2. Food: Whether it’s Katabon or any other local pet store, they’ll always sell pellets for fish and turtles. Buy as much as you need, but remember that turtles don’t need to be fed every day. You should feed them every 3-4 days. 3) Clean tank, happy turtle: Change the water and put in new sand and pebbles. You wouldn’t want your turtle sulking about an unhappy home environment. 4) Turtle love: You might not want to coddle your new turtle for at least 3 weeks. Let it get used to its new surroundings. As soon as it gets com-

fortable in its new home, pick it up once in a while. It’ll surely feel the love. Rubab Nayeem Khan


WE DN E SDAY, M AY 29, 20 1 3

Speedy's Zone

5 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Young Bruno’s life changes forever when he moves from his big, comfy home in Berlin to a place he calls “Outwith.” The house is small, and his days are filled with soldiers tramping in and out, and his parents are always talking about “The Fury.” Then he meets a strange boy on the other side of the fence, a boy who always wears striped pajamas, and he finally thinks he’s found a friend. This book is a powerful take on the Holocaust, as seen from the point of view of a child who is too young to un-


Wreck-it Ralph

After closing time at Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade, the game characters are off-duty, and can do whatever they want. For 30 years, Wreck-it Ralph has been the bad guy in the game “Fix it Felix Jr”. He breaks buildings, and the hero. Fix it Felix uses his magic hammer to fix them. Ralph hates being the bad guy. He hates breaking stuff, but it’s his job. When the arcade closes, the heroes go to party and share medals, while the villains are left alone. This makes Ralph lonely and sad, and one day, he tells the other villains of the other games that

he will try and win a hero medal like the ‘good guys’ of the games. So Wreck-it Ralph leaves his own game and tries to play as a hero in other video games. Things don’t go as planned, and Ralph gets into a lot of trouble. He also makes new friends, like Sgt Calhoun and Vanellope Von Schweetz, and has many adventures. This is a movie about how a ‘bad guy’ can sometimes just want to be a good guy. Be sure to check it out for some serious fun and games! Tashhid Abdullah

toy see what words they can make by using words already on the board. It’s not a very complicated game but can get so, depending on the age. We say, the more competitive, the better! Look for Scrabble in any toy or stationery shop in absolutely any locality in Dhaka and gift your kids, evenings full of enjoyment and fun learning! Munira Fidai




funky tunes

derstand what’s going on. There is no outward violence, just a strong sense of something terrible about to come. This makes the ending feel like a punch to the gut. The language is simple, and easy to follow, so 10-12 year olds will be able to follow with ease, while grown-ups will appreciate the deeper meaning of the book. Educational value: Positive role models: Treehouse rating: Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

Video game

Word Squares A simple yet rewarding game, it’s every little boy or girl’s best bet at an evening pastime. Its obvious educational qualities, like creative competition and heightened vocabulary, put parents at ease and is harmless for children aged 7 onwards. It’s a head to head challenge for the little word wizards as they rack their brains for the best word. After choosing seven random letters from the alphabet bag, a child has to

1. I got a Pea Bryant Oden

6. I want Candy Bow wow wow

2. The Old Gray Mare Chord and lyrics

7. We are Family Sister sledge

3 Hound Dog Elvis Presley

5. Walkin on Sunshine Katrina and the Waves

4. Ring of Fire Johnny Cash

9. True to your Heart Mulan

5. Sugar, Sugar The Archies

10. Witch Doctor Alvin and the Chipmunks

Shapik: The Quest

If you are looking for a game with mind-boggling graphics that runs on any ancient looking contraption of a PC, “Shapik: The Quest” is absolutely the perfect thing for you. The game is filled with bizarre looking creatures, simply yet cleverly placed brain teasers and a bucket load of point and click fun, combined with unforgettable storyline and 1 player RPG synergy. “Shapik: The Quest” is an eccentric animated story with a highly interactive puzzler where you will guide the hero Shapik, a cute and charming woodland character with a hat, on an epic journey to rescue his missing sister. Solve a series of complex situations in each level with him and his faithful bee companion, who he must first set free from the spider’s web. Point and click RPGs require a lot of patience, determination and open mind. The ability to think “out of the box” will get you a long way. Exercise problem solving skills, hidden routes, climb ropes, lower bridges and converse with strange creatures and mystical forest inhabitants. Shapik moves wherever you guide him and the bee will come to save him whenever he’s stuck, interacting with different sequences to trigger a further development in the scenes. Tashhid Abdullah

WED N ESDAY, M AY 2 9, 2013

MUST read Book


Bhootum's Classroom

s ct a F g n i z Ama

LOL o u, go t : Sham erica. r e h c m Q. Tea orth A find N : Here it is! d n a ap mu mu, the m A. Sha ow, Ra ? N . t c orre erica cher: C overed Am c mu! Q. Tea is h d u: S a who m a R . A n ositio comp r u o a y e m s mu, the sa is? er: Ra ly h t c c a a e x Q. T opy h ” is e y Dog ’s. Did you c acher, M “ n o r rothe amu: No, te og! d your b A. R same it’s the r e wate did th oat? t a h Q. W the b say to just hing, it d. A. Not v wa e


computer bin  shelf desk c lock bookcas cupboard bo e ard

of ID


Q. W hat the s did the jud kunk walk ge say w ed in h the c en o u rt A. O r dor i n the oom? Q. W cour hat d t. id th e fi he sw sh sa y am i nto t when he w a Q. W A. D ll? am! hy d on’t skele tons A. Th fight ey d e a c on’t have h other? the g Q. Te uts. ache r Get if yo : What d u o yo 7,85 u 4, th add 4,6 57 an en S and u d divid btra ct e the answ 678 er by A. Je nny: 62 A he adac ? he Q. W hat h as te et cann h but ot ea t? A. A com b


WE DN E SDAY, M AY 22, 20 1 3

Treehouse Vol 1 Issue 7  

Tribune for kids. Where the fun is at.

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