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Status of the week You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

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I’m not giving up, I’m just starting over.


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This week, we’re all about fending for ourselves

Dheutin: Someone who has so many mood swings that they are considered as highly unreliable. For example: “Damn! Farhan bailed on us gain! He’s such a Dheutin!”

Model Rayhan Islam Shuvro Photographer Homayra Adiba Location credits Saud Anam

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Editor’s Note Dear Readers, We’ve just had the budget announced, and are crawling through exams, inching towards election season, and this is a time that feels like Dido’s “Life for rent” song. Which is why we’re marching to a different tune and this week’s Hot Topic (page 6-7) is all about people who have done something their own way. We’ve also got a special story in our Written in the Stars (Page 8), and head to Page 12 for a Parents vs Offspring debate in He says/She says. Don’t forget to tell us how we did. Mail your comments, doodles, Street Check photos and more to tmag@ Love, From the TMAG desk

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A Tibetan dream

Don’ts of a good CV

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Your Life


Funk up your room

Savings On!

A touch of

DIY Whimsy

bigstock bigstock

Money, the one commodity that never lasts as long as we want. Friends demand treats, transportation to and from tuition classes takes away another chunk and, wait, what? You have a special friend? Say bye-bye to your cash ... yesterday! In a country where doing odd jobs in your teens is not looked upon as a socially acceptable thing, here’s what you can do to make your existing money last a little longer.

Speak up

If what you get from home as monthly allowance is not enough for all your valid expenses, speak up. In this age and time, many unnecessary and in some cases, harmful distractions can eat away at your allowance and parents are right to be ap-

prehensive about handing out excessive money. Be sure to chalk out a reasonable budget and tell your parents exactly how you plan to spend your allowance.

Write out

Writing out your expenses at the end of the day is always a good habit. It helps you get an idea of regular places you need to spend and this knowledge can help you prepare your budget better the following month. It also helps you to keep track of how much balance you have at the end of each day and if you are over spending.

Say no

Friends can get pretty pushy when they want to. However, your friends may be pushing you into spending more because

they are allowed more cash for the month or because they are unaware of your spending plans. Never be ashamed to say no to end-of-month plans when your finances are dwindling. Reschedule the plan to a date when you are more comfortable spending or modify plans in a way that you can still have fun and at the same time, keep the spending in check.

Put it away

When you get your allowance, take some out and give it to someone who won’t give it back to you without good reason, like your mom for instance. This could serve as emergency cash for when you are really in need of a little extra dough and will also make it visible to your parents that you’re working hard at making your money last. Munira fidai homarya Adiba

This week is for the artsy types. We’ve got some super fun ways in which you can personalise your room with a combination of form and function.

Globe lightshade

This light shade will go best with a pendant light, either in the centre of your room, or a prominent corner. Take a globe, and using an anti-cutter, carefully cut down through the Equator. Most globe halves are joined there anyway, so this should be easy. You now have two hemispheres. Depending on which one you’re using, cut another hole on the North or South pole, big enough to insert your lightbulb through. Paint the inside of your hemisphere white, and use white tape over any rough edges. Slip the bulb socket through the opening on top, and then screw in the lightbulb. Voila! You’re done.

Mix-n-match vanity

TMAG’s Room of the week!

If you want a dressing table, but don’t have the time or money to buy one of those fancy set ups, you can get (or make over) several separate pieces to make your own. The first thing you need is a table. Get yourself one of those computer storage under-desk drawer units. Stick that in a well lit corner of your room. Next, buy or scrounge for a nice, big mirror. Place that over the drawer. Get some nice, bright ceramic mugs. These multitask as holders for your brushes and eyeliner pencils, and you can even hang your pendant earrings from the rims. Sit a tool in front of the drawer, and you’re done.

Jewellery holder Name

tasneem islam Area

Gulshan Although a work in progress, we love the amount of detail and colour Tabassum Salma, the artist, has put into this wall mural. The cityscape is so urban, so edgy, and so young.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013

Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!

This is a great way to save space and organise your accessories. If you can find an old wire mesh cabinet door or window, half your work is done for you. If not, grab a large picture frame, pin a sheet of wire mess against its back, and just paint over the frame. You can prop this up against a wall, or hang inside your closet door. Hang all your drop earrings and pendants from it, and you’ll have them all in one place. sabrina fatma ahmad


Schoologistics EVENT TweetS Seeking Campus Reps

School Survival

The Don’ts of a Good CV We are smart go getters spreading our little wings for the first time in the vast skies of the job market. We are full of vigour and enthusiasm but somehow, all employers see is our teenage! While all of us would like our potential employers to see our dedication rather than our lack of experience, only a lucky few manage to actually get grownups to take them seriously. Here’s how they do it:


Quite obviously you are smart and ambitious; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading

an article on how to write your CV. But remember, however active your academic or extracurricular life is, try not to exceed your CV to more than a page or a page and a half. Let your achievements speak for themselves. Extending your CV too much can make you look boastful.


Smart people project smartness everywhere, whether verbally or in writing. Keep your font to a formal Calibri or Times New Roman as it looks professional rather than an appallingly child-

Wednesday, June 19 - Monday, June 24 11am - 5pm Venue Independent University Bangladesh


ish Comic Sans or Lucida Curves that will just cause your employers to toss your CV aside as tangible “spam.”

Use of colour and illustrations

Treat your CV like a CV and not like a high school project. Keep those font colours in check and use simple black ink. Illustrations do not work on CVs. Curriculum vitae is a list of your academic and extracurricular qualifications and achievements in words. Your other creative skills can be flaunted once your CV works its magic. Our generation is one of fast communication and hence, a simple word like “okay” can shrink to “k” and alright can become “Orite.” Be careful to restrict the use of such self made abbreviations to your chat logs- in a CV it just makes you look irresponsible and careless. Also, keep the language professional and to the point; flowery prose or jokes only work in movies.


In the west, pictures are discouraged in CVs so as not to give rise to bias that may form in the mind of employers because of a person’s outward appearance. In this part of the world however, most companies require you to provide a picture. Resist the temptation to give a Facebook profile picture or a selfie from your camera, however good you look. Dress professionally and get one taken from a studio. Munira fidai

Dhaka Foodies Carnival

Art Masquerade


Use of words vs lingo

Know what James Cameron and Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have in common? They started out as programmers. And now it could be your turn Microsoft Bangladesh recently signed an MoU with 15 university campuses across the nation for the Microsoft Student Partners programme. This is an initiative to provide training in programming and app development. Microsoft will be providing the participating institutions with free software for the training sessions and research and development. At present, recruitment for Campus Representatives for the project, is underway, so check with your uni to see if it’s one of the participating institutions. And if it is, apply here: Tuesday, June 18 - Wednesday, June 19 9:30am - 7pm Venue Independent University Bangladesh



TMAG’s Doodle of the week!


The Sync Festival

Saturday, June 22, 3pm Venue Russian Cultural Centre, Dhanmondi

Incursion Battle of the Bands 2013 Friday, June 28, 3:30pm Venue Saffron Garden Restaurant Gulshan 2

The Ramadan Festival 2013

Sunday, June 30, 10am - 10pm Venue Pink City Convention Centre Gulshan 2

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 8, 20 1 3

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Chic of the Week

Wardrobe Check

All eyes on you. make it worth it! Ever desired being the centre of attention? A job interview is the place you want to be! Your first hand gesture, your stroll, the fit of your clothes shall all speak for you. And you want it to speak volumes! Here are a few insiders on how you can have the interviewer’s eyes glued on you while you make your way to your own desk in the office


Shairee Yeasmin Age: 25 yrs Email your street style photo in to and be crowned TMAG’s chic of the week!

homayra adiba

Beauty Check


Grooming If you were 35 years old, we’d say, prep up and look younger. Employers don’t want another oldie on the team. But since you’re a teenager, we say, suit up! Your age should never be a reason for potential employers to not take you seriously. Take your first job interview as seriously as you want them to take you. Brush up your skills but don’t neglect your looks either.

Ladies, meet elegance


A good slumber

Trim out

Be well rested and bright eyed for the morning of the interview. Have your preparation done earlier and put in a good night’s sleep. If you have dark circles naturally that won’t go away, use sliced potatoes under a sleeping mask to lighten them. No one wants to see bags under your eyes. That’s not dedication, it goes to show you procrastinated till the last night!

Say a vehement no to beards. Clean shaven is the look to have. The good thing about beards is that they grow back fast so if you’re a sucker for the Tom Cruise looks, you can also get it back in a few days. Facial hair however, unless they are clean cut frenchies, do not impress!

Lock lovely Unless you’re going for an interview in an artistic field, we suggest you to go conservative with the locks. Mohawks and little tails at the nape are all good fun for teen parties but not so much the trend in an office environment. Go short on the sides and the back but not so much that you end up feeling like a nerd. Show some creativity here but style it in a way that it can stay manageable when you need it to.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013

Carrying off Attitude is an accessory. How you carry off your clothes, how you come across to people, the first impressions that you form are all thanks to your attitude. Be confident, know your material and look good. Your attitude will show in the way you walk, in your sitting posture and in your tone of voice. A confident smile does not go hand in hand with shaking hands. Take a deep breath and relax. It’s just an interview, you’re not going to trial! Munira fidai

Avoid bright red, orange, neons! In our country a peek-at-my-legs skirt or a female suit maybe wouldn’t sit well with your boss. Embrace the long flowy kameez trend but stall away from full embroidery, cutwork ‘biyebari’ salwar suits. Wear a short or three quarter sleeved long kameez in muted colours such as pale blues, pinks,purples etc. Dangling loose or suffocating tight kameezes are a major no-no! For a casual interview,pick out comfy linen or cotton long kurtis in light shades of beige, apricot, baby pinks and pair them up with dark brown, burgundy or chocolate coloured leggings.

That extra oomph Let your interviewer gape a little when you enter the room. Add dimension to your outfit with a timeless watch, a traditional fabric folder or a slim bracelet. Looking stunning should win you a few pointers!

Guys, time to look like men No baggy pants, dishevelled hair

and dirty nails! Yes guys, you need to buckle up too! For corporate jobs; law firms, real estate agencies, or banks, opt for a suit. Just stay away from black; it is too harsh for an interview. Be pleasing to the eyes - choose mild coloured shirts such as blues, almonds, greys that match your skin tone.

Formally casual For a casual interview, you can try pale, pinstriped buttoned down collar shirts with a slim tie. Go for shades of grey, sky blue, peach and greens.Wear a tie that’s darker than your shirt. We cannot stress enough over your pants-If they are too long, get them hemmed, so that it ends right above your shoe. Play match-withyour-belt-and-shoe-colour.

Last minute checklist Before stepping into the room, pop a breath mint and straighten the crease on your clothes. Dazzle them with your brilliant smile, walk out confident and hopefully an appointment letter? Natasha rahman

tmag 5

FASHION FACE-OFF Look of the Week

electric Grab all the attention with a bright electric colour. The a-line cut complements most body shapes, so that’s always welcome. For more eye-catching and figure flattering outfits, check out Tontu, a Facebook store for the young and the fashionable

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19) Getting feelings off your chest is a good idea, but sitting on them for a change will be an even greater one. Use your will power to do something productive- it will fetch you something you weren’t expecting. Steer clear of negative temptations.

Gemini (May 21June 20) Don’t let your dull days stop you from reaching for the stars. If you are passionate about something, try harder to acquire it. Its okay to take part in narcissism once in a while, but don’t make it all about you when a friend turns to you for help.

Taurus (Apr 20May 20) You are full of surprises, and that too will come off as a surprise for your mates and loved ones. If you are feeling a rush of confidence then don’t wait around planning to do something. Want it? Go get it! Pampering yourself should also be a part of your agenda.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) You’ll start working on something with a lot of spirit but might end up procrastinating. You’ll lay hands on projects that aren’t your forte; if you have made a commitment you shouldn’t back-out. Don’t hold a grudge if your friends make fun of you. Shrug it off!

HOROSCOPE Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Ask that whiny conscience to shut its trap-its time you took charge of your life. Don’t come off as too strong when approaching someone; chances are, your move might backfire. It’s time you stopped saying ‘Mine!’ and start saying ‘what’s mine is yours’- sharing is caring. Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) You are indecisive about the major aspects of your life. Don’t work up a migraine planning for the future; stall them for a while and take a breather. Try having an exit plan if you get hooked up with the wrong crowd. Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) Are people getting on your last nerve? Too much isolation never did anyone good; try being with a big bunch and make sure it has more of the crazy kind! If you have been feeling blue over a failed relationship, it’s time you got over it.

Model Sonam Chowdhury Photographer Raiyan Sabbir Makeup Artist Miftahul Jannat Chowdhury Wardrobe Courtesy Tontu

Scorpio (Oct 23Nov 21) Try solving issues that have been stirring up at home and amongst your friends. If you are in a rut, friends and families are always there to help you out of it, even if you are pulling at each other’s hair.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21) Someone’s not being themselves around you, they are giving you the opportunity to detect the liar. Try hanging out with someone from a different circle. If people are curious to know about your personal life, tell them you want it to remain that way- personal. Capricorn (Dec 22Jan 19) Get in touch with a friend you haven’t met in ages. It’s okay to let someone take credit for their contributions but don’t let their work overshadow yours; being assertive for a change can do wonders for you. Aquarius (Jan 20Feb 18) Get done with boring chores and party hard with your mates. You’ll come off as snooty and shorttempered; better curb that attitude before it sets your social ties on fire. Try experimenting with new things. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) Try keeping your personal life under wraps. The last thing you would want is getting talked about. Don’t get jealous when someone excels in something you have been yearning for. If you put in the same amount of effort they have, then you can do it too.

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 8, 20 1 3




i did it my way TMAG’s slogan is “Your space, your way.” This week, we hear from some young minds who created their own space, their way TMAG desk

Money for Music “I believe self-reliance is one of the most important virtues that a person needs to have in order to grow. According to my capabilities, I try my level best to cover my day to day expenses, as well paying for my university tuition fees. I see it as one of life’s many challenges. Even though this responsibility comes with a lot of pressure, I try my best to keep myself organised, attend to my family’s needs and of course, take care of my own personal needs too.” -Zerif Ahmed, 19 Guitarist of Nemesis

survival skills We polled approximately 50 people aged 13-25 about whether or not they can cook and do household chores. 68 percent said they cannot cook at all and only 54 percent don't do any chores around the house.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013




vox pop TMAG conducted a survey of around 50 first-timevoters and only 60 percent said that they are intending to vote in the upcoming elections.

Travelling by himself “The first time I travelled by myself I was 20. I know it sounds clichéd but I truly felt free, and it was then when I realised that the world was truly at my fingertips.” -Nabil Firoze Zaman, 23

The young entrepreneur


“Firstly, being an entrepreneur at such a young age actually feels great. I earned my first pay check when I was 15 by hosting an “Under 18 football tournament” with a couple of friends. After that tournament, we decided not to waste the money over pointless stuff. Instead, we invested in an online clothing store. So far, the business has been a success and with the revenue earned, I plan on expanding into an event management organisation. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve received to learn to depend on myself, and I believe that sticking to such habits will take me a lot further in life.” - Arman Mozaffar, 18

"I had been in love with speed since I was a kid, playing car games more than most girls I knew. For me, cars, especially sports cars, are divine. Its ability to boost your existence on gravity is extremely satisfactory." Using money saved up from teaching students during her A-level years, Jannati and her best friend started Velocity, an automobile modification service, in Uttara two years ago. -Jannati Hossain, 22

My Space

App-tastic “Ultimately in life, whatever we do; sometimes we need to do something for ourselves as well.” One evening while backing up apps from his sister’s phone, he had to go through a lot of trouble and that’s when the idea of creating an app for backing up apps came into his head. His app features a simple platform for the users to backup their downloaded apps on to the computer so that in situation where the phone is dead or it has been restored the backed up file can be used to get back the applications without having to download them all over again. -Ishtiaque Khan, 22

Every teen wants his own space, but this one took it a step farther. Starting a tutoring gig at age 13, taking on 20 students at a time, scrimping on lunch and travel fares, and stretching his Tk1500 monthly allowance from parents. Having a big family proved profitable during Eid. At 16, he got a parttime job at a call centre. Finally, at age 20, he had saved up enough money to buy a small, 3-bedroom apartment in Bailey Road. “It’s a possession that I slogged and worked for 5 years to earn- and nothing matches this feeling of contentment.” -Arshad Anwar, 25


“I started writing from a very young age, attempting at poetry, rhymes and lyrics. I worked on my book “Silent call” for about three months. It consisted of seven short stories about life’s simple moments. I was ecstatic when my book was launched at “Ekushey Boi Mela 2013” I never thought that my book would be available to so many readers and I was shocked to see that my first edition was completely sold out. It was unbelievable!” - Al Nahiyan, 19

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 8, 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

A Tibetan Dream The soul engine of life is to have a dream, a change in a future that one desires to make or see made. For most people that dream is about their own selves. Some, however, dream on behalf of a bigger cause. Pema Norbu had a dream to change the lives of many people by educating the Tibetan community on effective ways to use nonviolent strategies and tactics in order to attain peace and justice in Tibet. Pema felt that nonviolence was misconceived to be passive and ineffective and strived to correct that misconception. Written by Sabiha Mahmud Sumi and revised by Leif dejong pema’s DREAM

A growing number of Tibetans turn to violence because they mistakenly believe that nonviolence is old-fashioned, passive, and ineffective. I can understand why they are angry and frustrated, but I remain confident that Direct Nonviolent Action is the only and best way to resolve our problem with the People’s Republic of China.

-Pema Norbu

WHAT Benedikt HAS TO SAY Growing up in Dharamsala and especially attending the Tibetan Children Village (TCV) schools, I realised that part of going out into the world embodied in Tibetan culture meant that I would return home and give back to the community that fostered me. Being Austrian by blood and Tibetan by birth, I feel I have a unique advantage to really help bring a different dynamic to life with the Tibetan community. This was one of the driving incentives that led me to honour my late friend Pema Norbu, by co-creating the Pema Peace Project and serving the community that has shaped a big part of who I am today.

A class on the History of Nonviolent Movements inspired him to further explore a concept known as “Direct Nonviolent Action” formulated by the writings of Gene Sharp. Direct Nonviolent Action is an active approach to nonviolence that involves heavy planning and analysis of societal structures to formulate strategies and tactics for a potential nonviolent movement. While at Earlham, Pema devised a proposal for the “Davis Projects for Peace” to bring books on Direct Nonviolent Action and translate them into Tibetan to spark interest amongst the Tibetan students. He then aimed to run workshops in the TCV schools to connect the students to the ideas and writings of various life time advocators of Direct Nonviolent Action. “As Nehru once said, “today’s children, tomorrow’s nation.” The future of Tibet is in the hands of today’s generation of Tibetans and a fundamental understanding of nonviolence is vital to our success.“ said Pema Norbu. WHAT WANGCHEN HAS TO SAY Pema was totally driven by his belief in Active Nonviolence and world peace from a young age. I am very inspired by his belief and commitment in this cause and I sincerely wish students will follow his footstep to make small changes to herald the 21st century as a century of peace and dialogues rather than the bloodshed of the 20th century.

pema’s STORY Pema was born in Tibet and escaped out of Chinese oppression at the age of ten to Dharamsala, India. His hard work and determination from the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) school got him into Mahindra United World College (MUWCI) with a full scholarship and later to Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. More than his academic achievements and social responsibilities, Pema was brilliant, broad minded, and sincere in his thinking. Amongst many other qualities, Pema was an active member of the community and led the planting of 40,000 trees in an attempt to restore biodiversity while at MUWCI. This was later recognised and honoured by the Prime Minster of India. In addition, Pema also created a blog, Students for Peace: http://www., with vision to create awareness about the issue of Tibet and China. Pema held himself to excellence in his studies and his personal life. He had a unique perspective towards the world and had a deep yearning for knowledge and a new way of thinking. Pema believed that to inspire change, one had to promote dialogue and group discussions through social activities. This led him to write a peace proposal to teach Tibetan students about active ways of approaching nonviolence. In a series of unfortunate events, Pema was tragically killed in a car accident in the summer of 2011 before the peace project could be implemented.

WHAT LEIF HAS TO SAY Pema Norbu was very dear to my heart and as a result of his engagement in my life, I ended up retracing his footsteps all the way back to Dharamsala and learning a great deal about his background and the people who made it. In that process, I have

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013

come to develop a deep connection with the Tibetan community and all the wonderful people that encompass it. I have learned so much as a project manager and a workshop facilitator for the Pema Peace Project and although there is not a lot of clarity in how the

project will piece itself together for the long term, the connections and the experiences I have made will be the driving factors that motivate me to work with others to tackle the continuation and expansion of the project.

the pema peace project In the aftermath of Pema’s unfortunate death, Dr Carol Hunter of Earlham College along with a group of students, raised enough funds to supply books to several TCV school libraries in Dharamsala as Pema envisioned. Benedikt Urban, Pema’s friend, took the lead in this initiative and upon his return to Earlham College, collaborated with Leif DeJong, another one of Pema’s close friends, to rewrite Pema’s proposal in a project now known as the Pema Peace Project. After a year of hard work, the proposal was finally accepted by Earlham College and is now being implemented in Dharamsala this summer. The project, led by Leif and Benedikt in collaboration with Pema’s brother Wangchen Tsering and others, aims to educate Tibetan students on Direct Nonviolent Action by running five day workshops in four TCV schools in and around Dharamsala. The workshops are aimed at awaking the teacher within all Tibetans by providing them with the necessary tools to develop active nonviolent strategies and tactics in the Tibetan context. The syllabus for these workshops was developed as a collaborative effort by advocators and facilitators of Direct Nonviolent Action from around the world. The implementation of these workshops is supported by Active Nonviolent Education Center (ANEC), a Dharamsala based NGO that focuses on educating Tibetans about Active Nonviolence. In addition, the project provides an online platform, http://, that allows anyone from around the globe to explore, discuss, and contribute to Direct Nonviolent Action as a way to help restore peace and justice for Tibetans. The project hopes to gain more funding in the future in order to expand and run worldwide workshops strengthening the goal of the late Pema Norbu.

tmag 9




The World of Webcomics Fun and Free! Comic books and Graphic novels always tend to push the envelope when it comes to creativity but when the restrictions of a publisher or worries about making money vanish and your sole intent is to illustrate your creativity; then you get webcomics- just as fun and innovative as the regular thing but stripped off restrictions and free for you to absorb and enjoy. Just Google the following titles and get to reading! 1. Girl Genius by Kaja and Phil Foglio An eccentric fusion of adventure, romance and science-fiction, Girl Genius is a Hugo Award winning comic focusing on the tales of Agatha Heterodyne, a lab assistant with special abilities. 2.


Perspective “So I’ll see you tonight then?” said Fahim to Maleeha. ‘Yeah sure …’ said Maleeha. There was a glimmer of excitement in her hazel eyes. Fahim had just more than a glimmer in his eyes. He was ecstatic. Fahim walked away thinking, “Oh my god, I finally got a date with Maleeha! So many days of waiting and dreaming and oh god the fantasizing…I’ll be prepared. I’ll wear that special suit I had made. It’ll be the perfect occasion to finally get out that bottle of cologne I had been hording all this time. The moment she smells me she’ll get hooked. Then I’ll take her to the swankiest restaurant in the city. We’ll dine and I’ll charm her and make her laugh. She’s going to go home full and happy. Then when I drop her off at her place, I am going to give her the best kiss of her life. Wait…what if she doesn’t want to kiss me? Naah, she’ll have to kiss me after the date I’m going to have with her.’ Fahim might have tapped his legs in mid-air as he walked along. Maleeha was thinking, “This will be a lot of fun. So much fun. I’ll be sure to play along. I’ll make sure that he’s blown away by me. If only he knew the kick I get out of the things I do.” At this point she gave a sinister chuckle. ‘I’ll wear my best dress, put on my makeup and perfume and of course, I must not forget …the rope, the hatchet and the chloroform.’ Maleeha whistled along her way, homebound, to prepare for the oncoming date. Tabeen Siddiki

CTRL + ALT + DEL by Tim Buckley A simple, fun and incredibly refreshing story that all video game fans will enjoy. The comic strip illustrates the lives of two guys that play video games but over time the story has grown in terms of depth while maintaining it’s fun core ideas.

3. Exterminus by Kieron Gillan An oddly alluring and incredibly

addictive tale about a guy and a girl who encounter each other on a train, the dynamics of the comic change when the train is invaded by sinister creatures – it’s weird but wonderful and in a way sums up everything that makes Webcomics what they are. 4. Ant Comic by Michael DeForge If you’re a fan of literature like Animal Farm or Maus, Ant Comic is of the same mould. The simple idea of illustrating the day to day lives of ants leads to Michael DeForge tackling concepts such as love, family & segregation – thought provoking and an absolute must read. 5. Romantically Apocalyptic by Vitaly S Alexius Romantically Apocalyptic features some of the most amazing artwork and illustration you’ll ever see and the spellbinding visuals are backed up by hilarious dialogue in this comic take on the end of the world The grim artwork is a stark contrast to the funny content but they work well together and lead to one of the best comics out there. Fardeen Ameen


FLUFFY ROMANCE Who doesn’t love a healthy dollop of humour in their romance novels? Susan Elizabeth Phillips, a prolific author by rights doles out all that and more. With each of her story interrelated in the slightest of ways,

the feel-good author writes books with songs as their titles and rich storyline that stays with you for a long time. Think Caviar and Cola. You’ve got Francesca Day and Dallie Beaudine; the beginning of her Texas Wynette series. These two incredible characters weave their complex love affair amidst a tangle of situations that has to be read to be believed. You’ve got a beautiful British bauble (formerly of the jet-set playgrounds); broke and furious and hobbling down a backwoods road in an ugly pink Southern Belle gown. A tall, lean and super gorgeous pro-golfer giving our surly diva a lift. Throw in a few quirky characters including a childish skydiver, a nosy ex-wife and a quirky caddy and life happens. The New York Times best seller is an adventure story that makes you choke with laughter and stays with you long after you close the pages and characters you fall in love with. What more do you need to curl to, on some lazy summer day? Nabeela M

NON-Fiction WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2013Another Wakeup Call Bangladesh has its fair share of environmental problems, from climate change to soil degradation, pollution, deforestation being a few of the major perpetrators.Recently, deforestation has become an issue in the Chittagong hill tracts due to clear-cutting for farming and housing projects, unsustainable timber logging and jhum farming. There’s hope yet. Young Bangladeshis are increasingly concerned about the environmental dilemmas and are rooting for green development. On World Environment Day this year, JAAGO Foundation and ‘Volunteer for Bangladesh’ brought out a WED campaign with the slogan, “Respect the environment, respect human lives.” This elaborate campaign comprised of three segments. Bangladesh goes green- volunteers planted saplings in different schools all over the country. Plants pots were also sent to different corporations over the country to generate awareness. Riding green- a weekend promotion of eco friendly commuting. Green message- volunteers will put up informative and morally creative banners on the trees to create buzz regarding illegal and immoral cutting of trees in the Chittagong hill tracks and other forest zones of the country. The campaign was sponsored by Coca-Cola, National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh, and Islamic Relief Bangladesh, and media partners included Independent Television Limited, Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM, Dhaka Tribune and Shomokal. Sharika Khan

Sabiha Mahmud Sumi

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 8, 20 1 3

10 tmag Guitar Tabs Rise Against – Swing Life Away


This week’s best music

Verse: Em G C Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up Em G C Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck Em G C D Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost Em G C I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours first Em G C Let’s compare scars, I’ll tell you who’s is worse Em G C D Let’s unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words

Chorus: Em C G D We live on front porches and swing life away Em C G D we get by just fine here on minimum wage Em C G D If love is a labour I’ll slave til the end Em C G D11 I won’t cross thses streets til you hold my hand

Note: The rest of the song follows the same pattern.


music 1. Survivor Eye of the Tiger 2. Muse Uprising 3. Nemesis Joyodhoni 4. Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive 5. Oasis Live Forever 6. Chumbawamba I Get Knocked Down 7. Rise Against Give it All 8. Foo Fighters Walk 9. Green Day Good Riddance 10. Jason Mraz I Won’t Give Up

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013

Warning: Not for the weak heart For music lovers who’ve been craving new fast paced tunes, with grungy aggressive vocals and expressive lyrics, here is a band that you should definitely add to your playlist – Rise Against. Originating from Chicago, Illinois, Rise Against is an American punk rock band that currently consists of Tim Mcllrath (vocals, guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar), Joe Principe (bass) and Brandon Barnes (drums and percussions). Widely popular for their intense

and melodious punk tunes, along with their vocally outspoken lyrical concepts regarding society, politics and corruption, Rise Against is a household name for any rebellious punk rocker who wants to bring a difference in the world through music. The band was originally formed under the name Transistor Revolt back in 1999, but for certain reasons, the band didn’t go far. However, within those 2 years, Transistor Revolt did release a self titled EP which caught the attention of a local record label, Fat Wreck Chords. Shortly afterwards, the guys signed up with the record label company and in 2001, they changed their name to Rise Against and released their debut studio album, ‘The Unraveling’. Soon enough, Rise Against went on to create punk rock history, and finally in 2003, the band broke into the mainstream music scene and brought back the punk rock music that was then considered “dead.”


Young Wizard “In a land of myth, in a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name...Merlin” And so begins the story of the world’s most famous wizard in a campy, low-budget BBC production that is surprisingly addictive. This version of the age-old Arthurian legends depicts the young Merlin who comes bumbling into Camelot


in search of his destiny. He finds it in the young, handsome and arrogant Prince Arthur, heir to the great kingdom. This is a dangerous time for someone of Merlin’s kind to be present in Camelot; King Uther is determined to stamp out every last trace of magic, no matter what the cost. Aided by the court physician Gaius, the only man who knows Merlin’s secret, the young boy sets about trying to help Arthur becoming the king Camelot deserves.

Fast forwarding to present day, Rise Against released their sixth and most recent studio album, “Endgame”, back in March 2011. Rise Against isn’t just a band that sings about social and political oppressions, they’re also heavily active with raising awareness and standing up for what’s right. From political activist campaigns to supporting animal rights, Rise Against stands to show that as long as you have your morals, you can always stand up for what you believe is right, and music can definitely be the most powerful voice for guidance. Azfar Rahman Pros: Some stellar acting. Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin, brings all his theatre experience into this role, to great effect. Also, there’s enough chemistry in the bromance between Merlin and Arthur (Bradley James) to cause shippers to spontaneously combust. There’s plenty of eye-candy, in the form of all the princesses that court Arthur, as well as the studly Knights of the Round Table. And this might be an incentive for some that the show was an unofficial casting couch for the lesser characters in Game of Thrones. Cons: Shoddy special effects, bloodless battles, unforgivable deviations from the original Arthurian legends, and campy dialogue. TMAG rating: 3/5 Nabeela M

A Little Touch of Indie The Cannes Film festival has recently ended, leaving us with a handful of indie and thought-provoking films that will be a fresh respite from all action and glamour of the box-office blockbusters that are expected to come out this summer. One film that falls under the former is “After Lucia” (“Después de Lucía”), a movie by the Mexican director Michel Franco, which was met with much acclaim from critics worldwide. In fact, it won the top prize at Cannes – an honour bestowed upon only the best of films. The plot revolves around a 17 year old girl named Alejandra and her father Roberto. After Alejandra’s mother, Lucia, dies in a road accident, the two of them shift to Mexico City from their town. Roberto sinks into depression due to the loss of his wife. Alejandra tries her best to help her father, but she is a teenager with

problems of her own. Although her new high school life starts off well, she is soon thrust into a scandalous event that leaves her as one of the biggest targets for bullies. Add to that her resolve to remain silent like her mother and not tell her father, and you have one very troubled teenager indeed. The movie is a reminder why independent films are some of the best (and most underrated) in the world. The plot is simple and straightforward, and yet emotions are so well intertwined into it, that the movie comes off as a brilliant piece of art. The acting was superb as well – both Hernán Mendoza and Tessa, who play Roberto and Alejandra respectively, deliver spectacularly. All in all, it is a movie that will challenge your emotional barriers. Saniat Ahmed Choudhury

tmag 11




Car Talk

The All new iron mobile Six years later and a bit of thrash and bang by the Iron Man; the Audi R8 is back with a face lift and plenty more nifty addition. So one might ask what is new on the R8? Well it might look similar but there are plenty of changes. Armed with this fact, we shall look at all the changes that Audi has decided to make to the R8 million years later it first went on sale. On the outside there are new lights, redesigned exhaust pipes and front grill. The inside is still the same but with a few more extra aluminium bits

Gadget hunt

Slice ‘em up! here and there. So there is not too much difference from the previous models right? But you are wrong. There are plenty of changes underneath the hood. There is a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to substitute the robotised six-speed manual gearbox found in previous versions of the R8. Unlike its older siblings, the new transmission is smooth and quick and does not have the habit of stumbling over itself. However, there is something more to the 2013 R8 than a few visual tweaks and a new transmission. Throughout the line-up, the numbers have been swelled

The blind leading For most of us, self-reliance is about things like financial independence, getting our own place, car, etc, and maybe starting our own project. If you’re able to read this right now, be it in print or on the web, you’re definitely someone who is blessed with at least a shot at achieving those kinds of aspirations. We should all be so lucky.

Tahsin Momin

Yet another Gaming Wonder Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard – a fusion gaming keyboard that features a logically contoured design that is designed to deliver a higher level of comfort and reduce hand fatigue by adapting the natural shape of the hand, while the smooth, concave home-row keys make it easy to locate buttons by touch. Designed to harmonise the Logitech G15 keyboard and G9 Laser Mouse, the G13 Gameboard features three unique game modes, 25 programmable keys and a programmable analog stick. The 160-by-43-pixel GamePanel LCD shows information that includes live game stats, system info and even messages from other players while the backlit keys make certain that you don’t accidentally hit the

web critic

by the new addition, the 524bhp R8 Plus, and a limited edition R8 GT with 25bhp more than the standard V10, carbon-ceramic brake discs and bespoke suspension settings. The power is what one would notice, for it takes 3.5 seconds to reach 0-100Km/h, which is one tenth of a second quicker than the standard V10. More over the redesigned new suspension gives the car a sharper chassis and the weight reduction makes it more agile then before which makes the R8 civilised enough to be an everyday, all-purpose supercar.

There are many out there, for whom the word ‘independence’ has different layers. To be able to overcome a disability, or at least adapt enough to not be at the mercy of others all the time is a more immediate concern for some people. A Moscow-based agency named Hungry Boys decided to create awareness about the needs of young people with visual impairment in a more visceral way. This led to the You are Blind project. It contained, amongst other things, such as television commercials and live demonstrations, an online game that simulates the experience of being blind. Players are shown a hazy dark screen, as a first person view in the shoes of a blind child. The goal is to navigate a territory using only sound as a guide. Stumbling past objects, bumping into

wrong key in low-light environment. The G13 Gameboard includes onboard memory, letting you program up to five ready-to-play profiles and it also comes with pre-configured settings for many popular games, including World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It all comes down to the point where a lot depends on whether the gaming communities accept Logitech G13 Gameboard– but judging from the amount of effort that went into making this device, it should at least have a shot at the glory. Tahsin Momin

walls, it is an extremely frustrating experience, enough to have started a global conversation. The website for the project was nominated for a Webby Awards earlier this year. If you want to check out the game and maybe contribute ideas for solutions, check out http:// Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

Last week, TMAG decided to step away from the intense, action battlegrounds of modern day gaming and plunge into something a bit more on the “fun” side. This week’s going to be no different either. As any hardcore gamer would agree on the matter, the occasional breaks from the extreme games always help. Similarly, this week as well, TMAG brings you an in-depth look on one of the best selling and renowned games available on the Apple products – presenting, Fruit Ninja “Puss in Boots”. If you thought the original Fruit Ninja was addictive, then you have no idea what this newer version is going to do to you! Fruit Ninja has always been one of the most popular games on the iOS, but with the new version featuring Puss in Boots, the game has been redefined with more intriguing puzzles and a more versatile range of game-play. The original Fruit Ninja was just about hacking and slicing fruits as they popped up on the screen while avoiding bombs but this new version consists of a newer type of game-play. Besides the traditional game pattern, titled Desperado here, the second and new style is called Bandito, and this definitely takes fruit slicing to a whole new level! Bandito has four ‘acts’ or levels, starting from easy to tough, leading to a grand finale. Each Act consists of four different minigames that are different from each other. Either the fruits appear in random order with bombs popping up now and then or the bombs and fruits appear on the screen in a different pattern each time, or there’s just a huge bomb bouncing around the screen and you have to carefully slice the fruits. These three examples are just among the many different types of mini games that you will find in the game, and no matter how frequently you play the same types of mini games, it’s still fun every time you go for it. Fruit Ninja ‘Puss in Boots’ is an Apple/iOS exclusive game which is available for download for all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. A small file to download for endless hours of fun! Azfar Rahman

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 8, 20 1 3

12 tmag


The equation between your parents and you may be an inverse one when it comes to your way of independent living. Let’s face it! They have lived all their lives secretly going to their friend’s birthdays, returning back home before its ‘shondha’ etc. Their idea of freedom dates back to their own restricted upbringing.Here we have for you, opinions from the concerned parents and their children on how their parents have mixed feelings about them tasting freedom The problem of parents, girls and guys face with their ‘‘idea’’ of independence

BOY says

GIRL says

As a guy I expect my parents to allow me how to drive. My dad refuses to teach me as he’s worried sick about me getting into an accident. He strictly instructs the chauffeur to be my bodyguard at all times. Sometimes I want to tell him that I am no longer a 5 year old reckless brat and he should let me drive and get around on my own.

My dad drilled it in my head that education comes first. I have studied in the best school, aced my o and a levels and now I bagged my dream job. As is it, sometimes this requires me to stay out till 9, and that makes him furious.


Runaway Bride Iqbal Ahmed and Tahmina Flora’s story unfolded in the olden day’s classic balcony setting. Visiting her family in Motijheel, Flora came from Munshiganj. Iqbal lived in a bungalow right across. As we know of the tales of the balcony love, their story blossomed like it was meant to be. Eyes met, and as we have it, it was love at first sight with love letters flowing from one house to the other. Flora was an astounding beauty with a line of admirers but Iqbal’s unassuming charm made way into her heart. Flora’s family was enraged with her “choice.” Iqbal, a diehard football player in Mohammedan and a laidback student wasn’t exactly the man they had in their minds for their precious daughter. Adrenaline took over- Flora wasn’t going to give him up so easily. Having no way out, she decided to elope with him. Mustering all her courage, she called up Iqbal’s father and explained the helpless situation they were in. Once his dad saw the love of his son’s life, he gladly gave Iqbal his blessings and the lovebirds sprinted away. Flora’s family was unhappy with this decision and they drew apart from each other. One year into the marriage she had

a daughter, Homayra. Iqbal’s father passed away, and soon after Iqbal lost his house. Against all odds, the lovers worked very hard to maintain the family. They stayed at Flora’s house for a month, and they rented out an apartment for 3 years, which took a toll on their lives. Gradually, Flora’s family accepted them. As luck would have it, Flora’s dad gifted her, her own apartment which came as a huge blessing. Iqbal’s new business flourished and Flora’s job also helped in keeping things in place. Five years later, they had a new addition to the family Tahmeed. Both their families had thought that the lovers’ family would fall apart and they would end up ruining their children’s lives. However, they both loved their children to bits and ensured they got a sound education. They say love isn’t enough to maintain a relationship, but Flora and Iqbal proved that if love is lasting and perseverant, love is all you need to conquer the world! natasha rahman

My youngest son is the gem of the family. We have brought him up in a very protective environment. I do not want my son to hang out with those rowdy boys on the street. It will only end up making him unruly . Hence, I ask him to return home as soon as he’s done with coaching classes. He will come to realize it’s for his own good.

BOY says

GIRL says

In my family, my dad is the worry wart and he’s also retired. He wouldn’t let me go abroad for my higher studies because he’s worried about what I’ll eat, how I’ll travel, etc. He drops me everywhere I go, and he never lets me learn the routes to my university and back. He wants me to be educated and self reliant but he ends up trying to bind me in a wheelchair and be dependent on him.

My parents are alright with me working late but they have a problem with me interacting with male colleagues. The other night, they blew their fuse when one of my colleagues dropped me home. They keep forcing me to get married and they’d rather want me to stay home and do nothing. They worry that my interaction with male friends would stir up some kind of bad reputation and I won’t find a good husband.


I want my daughter to be a self made woman. However, I don’t want her to be a topic of gossip amongst neighbours. She works at an event management firm, having to attend many seminars, and parties.I told her to stop working because there’s a societal image that needs to be maintained.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 8 , 2013

Dear Diary,

June 16, 2013

I know this sounds awfully cheesy but he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Yesterday, he proposed we meet at the beach and find each other- following just our instincts. I was tensed. What if I didn’t spot him correctly? The beach thankfully had a few people hovering here and there; sunglasses on, I wanted my frantic eyes to go unnoticed. I saw many guys, of all shapes and sizes- but no one struck a chord; they couldn’t be him. After a half an hour search, I pleaded to God to give me a sign, but in vain. I sat on an umbrella deck chair, worried sick that he had backed out- maybe he found out I was engaged and was disappointed that I kept this from him. I lay on the chair, closed my eyes and instantly dozed off. Time flew by maybe; I was startled awake and felt someone’s presence. Opening my eyes, there was the most exquisite face staring back at me! His gaze burned into my skin and I almost forgot to breathe. He smiled and extended his hand to me, “And we finally meet,” In a daze, I straightened up, barely said hello. Smiling weakly, my hand met his. As soon as our fingers touched, life breathed into me. We sat there for a few minutes, shying away like two lovebirds and making small talk, my hand in his. Just as suddenly, his smile vanished. He raised my hand up and looked at the sparkling ring on my finger and with questioning eyes gazed at me. My silence tormented him, he let go of my hand and waited for a response ... THE DREAMER If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

TMAG Vol 1 Issue 10  
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