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Status of the week Some people just need a pat … on the head … with a hammer.

Quote of the week I hate it when people say, age is a number. Age is clearly a word.

Lingo of the week Kamla: Someone who lacks the basic sense of decency and decorum.

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Example Guy 1 Is it me or are there too many kamla’s around? Guy 2 From what I see, it’s definitely not you!

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Hot Issue featuring Shunno Armeen Musa Navin rahman Ishraak Monwar Shiuli Sathi Aaqib farhan hossain Ratib mortuza ali Sana H Haider

Dhaka Tribune Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 14


Young Bangladeshis take it to the world Photographer Quamrul Abedin

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Editor’s Note Dear Readers, Once again, the hartals are back. Cars are burning in the street, classes have been rescheduled, and somehow, we’re expected to carry on with Ramadan in the middle of this mayhem. Times like this make it tempting to curse this country and our fates for being born here. This is why we’ve put together a list to remind you of how magnificent we can be as a people if we put our minds to it. This issue is all about young Bangladeshis who have crossed the borders to take their awesome to international platforms. We’ve got mini interviews on Hot Topic (Page 6&7), a close look at a green initiative in Written in the Stars (Page 8), deshi music that went international in Turntable (Page 10) and loads more. As you read this, please remember that this is only a small sampling of the many, many talented Bangladeshis out there, at home and abroad. Let’s not forget what we can achieve! Send us your doodles, letters, stories to Love, From the TMAG desk

8 Written in the Stars Navin: From dreams to reality

10 Spotlight Armeen: Melting pot of influences

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3



Your Life


Funk up your room

Packing Light August is the time for last minute preparations for those who had applied to colleges. The upcoming semester is a month away and it’s time to say those goodbyes and exchange promises for keeping in touch. But what’s another thing that can give you nightmares before leaving? Yes, to-be-freshmen, it’s what you pack! What you feel you absolutely must have, you may not necessarily need. Packing light is the way to go for those who do not want to spend all their time sifting through unnecessary stuff they lagged halfway across the world. Learn how

mirror mirror on the wall

Make a list

Making a list and ticking things off is the age old technique to remember all the different things you will need for your long trip away from home. Make a list of the basic things you need to take with you and start buying. Take into account the weather of the country, the social restrictions etc.

Ask around

The best way to know what you need and what you don’t is to ask those who are in the country or have been there for a similar purpose. There is no need to buy excessive things and wasting money and space. An education abroad already costs an arm and a leg.

Get it off the net

People can only tell you what THEY had needed. While the basic things may be mostly similar, they will not be able to tell you what you could take for you to feel comfortable there. Little knick knacks that remind you of your life back home, or funky things that define you, are things that will go a long way to communicate with your newer friends,



your personality where words might fail. However, limit these to a few. Too much can just bog you down.

Remember the essentials

The essentials like your passport, your admission letter, your photographs, and other travel and college documents should be in a separate pouch along

QUAMRUL abedin



nabila nawsheen


A little bit of light can set the mood for a room. We like how the pearl necklace hangs in the corner of the woodwork mirror and the painting in the background gives off an ethnic feel.

with your suitcase locks. These go in your hand carriage for easy access whenever you need them. Keep also, a small diary or notebook with important phone numbers, of people both home and abroad. Phone and laptop chargers and sim card holders also fall under the list of essentials. Munira Fidai

TMAG’s Room of the week!

Mirrors are an age-old technique to make small rooms look larger. Here are a few different ways you can brighten up your room using mirrors! There is the good old large-wallmirror. The height could be starting from waist length to about 7 feet. The width could range from anything to a standard three feet to any length: it would span half of the entire wall, being placed in the middle, or the entire wall! If you enjoy taking selfshots in elevators, this is definitely for you! While on the topic of large mirrors, you could even make an entire wall (floor to ceiling) a mirror. This is best for an extremely small room, like a dressing room or a tight hallway. Or you could go in the opposite direction, by putting up multiple smaller mirrors as opposed to one large one. Small, various shaped mirrors would make for a very charming wall. Throw in a few framed pictures for the cherry on top!


Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 2 3, 2013

Mirrors in themselves are great, but what will really make the mirror is the frame. There are numerous variations of frames made of everything from wood to aluminum to stainless steel to another thin strip of mirror! You can buy these mirrors ready made from various furniture stores, or order your own frames in different frames shops and art galleries (they often have their own collection of frames) all over Dhaka. If you are not a big frame fan, another great option for you would be beveled glass. This is basically a thick glass that has an angles surface around the edges of the glass There’s no going wrong with mirrors, and it’s bound to brighten up any room. Afshan sattar




School Survival

TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

First Steps to Applying Abroad

azm rafsan drew this while studying for test If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!


Bliss - Eid Exhibition

12pm - 11pm, July 26 - July 27 Venue Melange Coffee and Conversation

Ramadan Eid Fair- 2013

10am - 8pm, July 25 - July 27 Venue Paroma Community Centre photos: bigstock

Be inquisitive

Being inquisitive pays off for you even if you come across as pushy or irritating to people at first. Never take their brush off as a mental “no” in your head. Go out there and talk to people who have applied before and ask them what all they had to consider before applying.

Make up your mind

Explore your options about where you want to study and in which field. School hunting can be narrowed down to a great extent if you’re sure of what field you want to study under. After that, shortlist your schools. Remember, the school’s accreditation and costs are among the first things that should receive consideration before you set your heart on a particular school. Just visiting the school’s website isn’t enough. Schools will blow their own

trumpets. Look at sites like Maclean’s or to check out their university rankings, scholarship news and a lot more.

Be prepared

If you know you are planning to go abroad for your higher education, prepare yourself from before, by taking whatever preliminary tests the country’s education system requires you to take like SATS, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.

Gather information

Once you see some schools who you feel you want to look into, go to their website and sign up on their admissionwebsites Once you do that, they usually send you a pile of information that will be very useful in finally choosing the university you like best. munira fidai

The Manager Live on Radio Shadhin 92.4FM

10pm – 2am, July 23 Venue Radio Channel 92.4FM and

Eid Carnival 2013

12pm - 8 pm, August 1 – 3 Venue Drik Gallery

Iftar Mahfil by UIU Business Club 6:30pm, July 25 Venue UIU Canteen (Campus-1)

Underground Inter School Tournament The summer version of the underground inter school tournament is back and this time it will be hosted during the month of Ramadan, totally under lights. Since it is difficult for everyone to play football during Ramadan,here’s your chance to fight it out for the prestigious trophy. Last winter Josephites (blue) took the crown by defeating Green herald in a dramatic final. So let the battles begin to see which School is called the best in Underground. There is slot for only 12 boy’s team and 4 girl’s team. 7:30 after Iftar, July 24 - 27 Venue Banani Club Tournament format 7a side ,12 men squad Entry fee Tk2500 (boys) Tk2000 (girls) Prizes Medals and trophy for champion, medals for runners up, individual prizes for best player, defender and goalkeeper(for both girls and boys). Link events/492289470847670

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3

4 tmag


Beauty Check

Wardrobe Check


Black: AS BEAUTIFUL Why is fair always lovely, you ask? For those who’d still like to place the blame on our Aryan ancestors or the British rule, we say snap out kids and take a look at the commercials all around you! If our ancestors laid down the roots to this age old stereotype, we are still the ones watering the tree. The alleged loveliness in fair is as stereotypical as the other kinds of racism we all look down upon- and yes, just as demeaning! Here’s why taking care of all the natural beauty that is inherent in you. Teens go through hormonal changes that are best curbed or mitigated when they start happening. With schedules more strenuous than any professional’s, the best form of grooming comes in cleanliness. Use skincare products for specific problems and for adolescents blessed with good skin, stick to a mild cleanser. Good skin is attractive, regardless of complexion.


The world is a global village. Where communication is fast, fashion sense is probably faster! What’s cool in the US of A is way cooler in Bangladesh. And what’s traditional in Bangladesh is ethnic and bohemian in Europe! If fashion is sans borders, why do we hold back? Let’s take a look at some wacky and outthere fusion looks and see what the best pick is for you!

Beauty in fitness We may be born with our complexion but that’s no excuse for being called “fat and dark.” Pamper yourself with plenty of rest, a good diet and exercise and cut the fat out of the above phrase. The ugly bit? Just a case of mistaken and misplaced vocab by the less informed- dark is the new dusky, which is totally a thing!

Fatua and jeans Jeans are America, Fatuas scream India! Throw in a Tagore motif and Bangladesh peeks in. Basic blue jeans and a light coloured fatua such as those found in Jatra, Nagordola etc are the perfect balance between comfort and style. Long enough to hide what you don’t want ogled and short enough to give you that tee shirt feel, this look is great for casual wear!

Kurtis and leggings Pakistani kurtis are the newest trend to hit the town, this season. Long ankle length or huge kaftan sized, kurtis are all the rage this summer. Splurge on a colour like beige or mud pink that you can wear to casual outings or parties over black or brown leggings. Add a party clutch and feathered earrings for a more glam look and break hearts everywhere!

A-line skirts and T-shirts A bright coloured A-line skirt looks great when teamed up with a basic white or slightly printed white top. Avoid frills and lace in tees as the flare in the skirt is enough of the girly dose and more will just be overkill. Big bags look great on such a look and this becomes an ideal look for more gutsy girls who aren’t afraid to play with style!

Batik Scarfs Winter may long be over but we’re not done with scarves and stoles just yet! Batik prints may have started in Egypt and travelled over time to Indonesia and India, but they have somehow landed with a crash and a bang right here in Bangladesh! A basic outfit like pants and a tee shirt over a coat can be instantly brightened by a bright batik scarf. Good thing is, it gives you an excuse to fish out those bright pink/orange shoes you’ve been hoarding for a while! Munira fidai

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 2 3, 2013

Beauty in acceptance bigstock

Beauty in features A sharp nose flatters a darker skinned person as it does its fair skinned brother/sister in humanity. Large eyes, high cheekbones, good hair or just a simple bright smile can all be features to be proud of. When God has been so

benevolent, why fixate yourself on one attribute that’s not even a shortcoming, but a mirror of society’s own rigid conventions?

Beauty in grooming The teen years are the best time to start

Look of the Week

Pretty in pink Here’s a party look that’s super sweet and just right for someone who’s not afraid to show off her girly side. With a sweet retro print, pearls and golden heels for that little dazzle, this look is party perfect.

Model Sana H Haider Photographer Quamrul Abedin Make up and styling Samantha Islam

“Tall, dark and handsome” are clichés for a reason. Once you accept your skin tone as a blessing, the rest comes naturally. Acceptance is the first step towards pride, the kind that is not synonymous with arrogance. When you are comfortable in your own skin, or in this case, with your own skin, you exude a confidence that people see and respect. munira fidai

tmag 5


HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) Being productive should be your top priority at the beginning of this week and it starts with helping someone out. Relationship issues should be the least of your problems right now. If it doesn’t work out, suck it up and move on. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) You are entitled to some rest and relaxation this week; it’s all good as long as you don’t lose track of time. Shake off the vacation mood and attend to your priorities with double the effort and this time do it without taking a shortcut. Gemini (May 21-Jun20) Excitement kicks in; which means this is a great start to your week. But you’ll also feel the need to be cautious because you want to make sure that you have all the grounds covered before getting involved with something new. Don’t feel demoralised if your ego is attacked; return the favour once you have recovered from the blues.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) This is a good week to put others needs ahead of yours hence spending some quality time with parents and siblings should be your top priorities. Check with last minute details if you are meeting deadlines; all that hard work won’t mean anything if you miss out one tiny bit of information.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22) Assignments or projects will be keeping you busy, so much that you won’t have time to hang with your mates at the start of this week. You may not like going to family events but this might be an opportunity to click with someone influential.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Your mind is clouded with strange thoughts at the beginning of this week; a trip out of town might help put those pesky questions to sleep. But if they make a comeback, try to deal with them. Spending some family time will serve you well, especially if you are a favourite.



(Oct 23-Nov 21)

(Jan 20-Feb 18)

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22) Following someone doesn’t mean you are being bossed around; it simply means that you’ll get to learn something by the end of the day. Relationships at home might get unstable if a third party gets involved. Try not to blow your fuse.

There are just a handful of people who’ll encourage you to take risks even when the going gets tough. Take some time to rejoice about the things you have achieved rather than the ones you haven’t. Making a schedule is futile if you don’t learn to live by it. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

You don’t control life, it controls you. Ambitiousness will help bring your A game to the court; a little over confidence won’t do any harm if you remember to keep tabs on your actions.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

You could be yourself by selling your own ideas instead of rehashing someone else’s. Do something a lot more productive like helping someone out; if you feel it’s the right thing to do then you should definitely go forward with it.

Someone is spreading a rumour about you; not a great way to start the week but there are certainly more reasons to look forward to it. Don’t sweat it, if people know you for who you really are, they won’t pay heed to false information. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

Pay attention to your expenses. If people are pestering you, you could either avoid them or annoy them in return; if it works either ways it’s a win-win for you. Get in touch with your sensitive side if you are upset about something.

Car Talk

Seductive call-back to the 70s The 2013 Dodge Challenger is a modern illustration of the Mopar classic, and it is in direct competition with muscle cars like the Camaro and Mustang. But once you manage to turn away from it’s perfectly flat hood and deck lid, and crank up its roaring HEMI V-8, surprisingly it is a quiet comfortable coupé with a welldamped ride that makes it a perfect touring car. The 2013 Dodge Challenger definitely tries harder to follow in the footsteps of the original muscle-car design that initially developed in the 70s. It more or less looks like an aging Baby Boomers and its modern retro look somewhat manages to span a classy look, to attract buyers of any age groups. The classic long nose, flat sheet metal and vivid colour palette all creates a direct link to the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. The 392 badge on the fenders actually refers to the earlier version of Dodge’s Hemi engine and recall the time when the cubic inches were used instead of the metric litres for engine displacement. The interior is also a bit retro in its cabin gadgets, but not in a good way. Equipped with navigation, a handsfree phone system, and digital audio sources, the head unit's peculiarity

Specifications Price $44,195 Body style Muscle Car Engine 6.4-litre V8 Power 470Hp at 6000rpm Torque 470ft-lbs at 4200rpm Transmission 6-speed manual Weight 2445kg 0-100km/h 4.5 seconds

doesn’t have the nostalgic implication of the Challenger's 1970s profile. The throttle tuning will not make the driver aware of the Challenger's power output, but the slightest touch of the gas pedal can cause an immediate reaction. Without any tech put towards the efficiency, the Challenger SRT8 392 gets burdened with a gas-guzzler tax, its efficiency ratings at a dismal 14 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. Despite of the low-tech engine, Dodge equipped the car with an adaptive suspension, which comes with an option of selecting, Sport or Race modes at the touch of a button. However there is not much difference between Sport and the normal suspension setting, apart for being

bounced around a bit more when the road got a little rough. Though the adaptive suspension is not sufficient and did not save the car from under steer. The Challenger has a tendency to go straight even when the wheel is turned. The hydraulic power-steering system was a little vague heading into the turns. However the limited-slip differential saved the Challenger’s handling but needs careful power management. Apart from the under steer, maintaining power at the real wheels lets the differential help the back end come around smoothly. The Challenger rewarded good driving skills but has a little forgiveness for mistakes. Tahsin Momin

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3




BANGLADESH BEYOND BORDERS Impossible is nothing. This week TMAG brings to you Bangladeshis who have etched a place in various parts of the world for living their passions and showing the world that “yes they can!”


The Debate Duo take on the world

aaqib & ratib

Across the ocean


One of the proudest moments of a musician would be composing a song, releasing it and then performing it live, and having the entire audience in front singing along to every word and grooving to every beat of that song. The four young members of the band Shunno are very familiar with that scenario as earlier this year, the band travelled to London, England, for a live show and experienced such a moment in their career. Shunno is a pop/rock band from Dhaka, formed back in 2007, by Emil and Shaker. The duo has been doing music individually for a long time before, and ultimately, they decided to come in and work together. With additions to the lineup, taking Michael on bass and Tanim on drums, Shunno released their first song towards the end of 2007. Soon enough, Tanim had to leave the band for personal reasons, and Labib joined as the drummer. Earlier this year, Shunno performed at the UCLU Bangla Society 2013. The band was flown in from Dhaka as the special guest artists at the event in London. Shunno has released three studio albums till now and are working on compositions for their upcoming projects. Azfar Rahman

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 2 3, 2013


Representing Bangladesh on a global platform and coming out triumphant is a dream many harbour but few have accomplished. Among those few, are Aaqib and Ratib, the world champions in the world’s biggest debate tournament, Worlds Debate Championship. TMAG asked them, rather cheekily, why any teen should enter the world of debate when it is essentially seen as a boring, nerdy hobby. In response, Aaqib quips, “It is debaters, not debate that is boring.” Debaters nowadays talk about general coffee table discussions each of us partakes in like feminism, pop culture, etc. “Debaters just do it in a more expressive and well informed way.” On asking about their experiences in Berlin and the cultural shock they faced, both our interviewees agreed that Berlin had very friendly and helpful people. They also stated that the biggest cultural shock came in how very mundane things were done so much better than it is done in our country! “Even their buses came on time!” says Ratib. TMAG realises debating is not

easy and a lot of skill and hard work is required to gain the level of competence these two have gained. In response, Ratib says, “I think what helps people become better debaters is the ability to discern and process. A lot of us have a lot of knowledge, both in breadth and depth. Debaters need to pick up the ability to understand issues, and concede that any normative statement (for instance, we “should” do something) will have two sides for and against, that are both correct and make sense.” Aaqib replies, “International debate is different from usual debating. Everyone comes with preconceived notions about their competitors from different countriesall waiting to be proven wrong!” Open-mindedness, therefore, is key, as is sensitivity to other peoples’ differences and the need to be equity compliant. TMAG asked them if debating has an opportunity cost of social or family life to them. Aaqib says, “If anything, it made my social life better!” He says he has met interesting people who have helped him grow as a person

and debating has made him more socially pliable. Looking at it from that perspective, the trade offs are great! Ratib seconds that by saying that debate has made him a more accepting person from the rigid opinion holder that he was. “It teaches societies to be tolerant of one another, and to only merit constructive discourse over petty name calling.” TMAG’s final question elicited a surprised smile from each of them. We asked them that since debate could be called a distant cousin of politics, would any of them like to delve into that field. Ratib’s was a flat out refusal-not in the near future. A bottom up approach to becoming a politician in Bangladesh is prohibitively expensive, timeconsuming, and doesn’t have enough legal remuneration. However, if he can successfully become an economist, he may contemplate a top down approach by becoming an advisor or a technocrat. munira fidai



si hraak monwar

tmag to ishraak

Young gun hotshot Famous in his teens, 19-year-old entrepreneur Ishraak Monwar, dynamic and smart, fits perfectly into our description of a young star. The difference between him and most teenagers is not an ambitious mind but the ability to be practical and adhering. Partnered with his friend, he came up with the idea of the ‘’iTasker’’ (extremely popular in Australia), designed to make people’s lives easier. This service allows the user to recruit a person for a particular period of time to carry out various tasks around the house or extending it, be with washing the dishes, walking the dog, or assembling the furniture. It redefines the concept of Do-It-Yourself, making it to be Get-Someone-Else-To-DoIt-If-You’re-Too-Busy. He is also the co-owner of Addition Clothing.


What brought on the idea of the iTasker? Contrary to what's out there on the interviews we already gave, the idea of iTasker just came up from market research into gaps and new booms in the market. We saw that collaborative consumption, the whole idea of neighbours helping neighbours were coming up big style. Looked further into it, ran a few beta concepts. The whole beta framework for iTasker just worked out and we went for it. That sounds amazing. So you wouldn’t fully take credit for the success of your business? Nah, not at all. I single-handedly couldn't have come this far or taken one business or company that high. I don’t know about what most businessmen think, but I personally think a good team of two or more good individuals is always more effective than an amazing individual going solo. It was the combined effort of me and James and all of the amazing people who gave us pointers and helped us through each obstacle then and even to this day, I make up for James's weaknesses and he makes up for mine. Greed is good but too much greed can be self destructive. For me and James, strength is in the numbers; a large share isn't always the most important thing to consider when starting up.

alveera mamoon

I hear you’ve been on a show in Australia earlier this year. Tell me about it. That was around March last year. Well the show was a current affairs programme that highlights and briefly elaborates on notable things happening within the Australian community as a whole. It's called Today Tonight, it's by channel 7. We got interviewed for being notable young individuals with a business that they deemed to contribute to society. It was pretty cool; James enjoyed the spotlight last month on it again. Sadly I was in the UK at the time. This time, it's for another business me and him own, it's called Addition Clothing. What did you do with your first big pay cheque? I got $940 brake pads, $380 racing tires and new hides costing about $160 for my Chrysler crossfire, a few PlayStation games, my little sister a PlayStation vita, my girlfriend then a pair of limited edition Ray-Bans and a Thomas Sabo charm, and my mom another pair of Ray-Bans with an Aigner bag that she gave away to my little sister! When was the last time you did a household chore? Last month. I am completely self sufficient with my UK apartment.


shiuli sathi

fighting the good fight


It is not everyday that we realise that nothing is impossible until it is done. But, once in a while we discover an extraordinary tale of inspiration that amazes us and proves that yes, anything is possible if you believe in it. Special Olympics Gold Medalist Shiuli Sathi is an icon of encouragement and true inspiration. Born to a family of six and the daughter of a rickshaw puller, Shiuli was diagnosed with a mental disability at the age of four. For the first 15 years of her life, she could not walk on her own and had to be carried around from place to place. “I could not talk fluently too,” Shiuli says as she reminisces about her tough childhood,” No one played with me or talked to me. They treated me like an outcast and I hated it.” Her dislike for crowded places and loud noises made her adamant to skip school and it was after almost a year, when she finally gave in to her parents and teacher’s words and decided to join school and see how it suited her. Her love for sports came into life, when she started doing exercises to stay fit and overcome her physical limitations. Badminton being her first game of attraction, Shiuli quickly learnt how to play ‘boichi’ and also became the fastest runner in her class. It was Shiuli’s endless determination and never ending practice at the Dhupkhola Field, which caught the eyes of the selectors of the Bangladesh Special Olympics Association in the year 2007. Her first international acknowledgement took place in that very year when Shiuli qualified for the Special Olympics World Summer Games, in China, Shanghai. Losing

to her opponent by just one point, Shiuli brought back 2 silver and 1 bronze medal for her country in badminton. Turning her disappointment for her unexpected loss to her goal to achieve, Shiuli worked harder and in the year 2009, she attended the second summer Olympics in Brunei, Darussalam. Qualifying in every round for badminton and boichi, her years of hard work shone brightly when Shiuli won the final rounds of her sports with huge leads and brought back 5 gold medals in a row. “I could not believe it,” she says, “I was so ecstatic that I was still in a daze for days.” Since then, Shiuli has participated in another special Olympics and has garnered 10 medals in total till date. When in Dhaka, Shiuli works as a teacher’s assistant in the school Sweet Bangladesh in Mohakhali. She teaches dancing to the challenged kids there and when asked about her future plans, Shiuli says that she wants to make an institution where she will train challenged kids of our country to be like her, so that they can live a normal, happy life and contribute to the society as good citizens, taking Bangladesh forward. “We are fighters,” states Shiuli. “We are blessings, not curses as some may think. I want my students to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. With every fall you take, double your strength and determination and believe in yourself. Then you can achieve the impossible and show the world that you are special, not for your shortcomings but you are special because you have accomplished what others did not dare to do in their lifetime.” sama e deen

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

From Dreams to Reality Navin Rahman, 22, started Green Channel as a project for a summit. Little did she know that her hard work and determination, to keep her city clean and green, and the tireless work of her volunteers behind the scenes would convert this individual initiative to an organisation in a years’ time. MUNIRA FIDAI takes you through this green journey, of hope and self-actualisation. Truly, what can the power of youth not do, when they put their souls in it


avin Rahman, studying at the Colorado College, attended an environmental summit at the North Western University known as the “Global Engagement Summit” where she had to submit an environmental project proposal. When the proposal got accepted, she had a choice of whether or not to enter a challenge of generating $4000 for the project in 20 days from 60 different donors. She chose to enter the challenge and managed to self-fund the project, with the help of her friends and family at home and abroad and won it with the exact amount in hand. Thus started her journey, as a young green activist, hoping to make a difference in the concrete jungle of Dhaka city. Activist Navin divided her project into three parts. The first part was holding a workshop for young kids on recycling paper and making food compost.The second part of that project was taking those volunteers to clean up the Banani lake where a lot of people discouraged her by saying the lake would only get dirty again the next day, Navin marched forward with the plan. “The idea was

not to magically clean up the lake; it was to ensure people got over littering in general.” Navin relates feeling very special when a kid of grade 10 came and told her, “I don’t think I’ll ever litter again!” The third part consisted on letting volunteers come up with ideas which the GC would fund if found to be worthwhile. When researching on why people litter, Navin learnt it was because they did not find enough dustbins in sight! This nudged her to come up with a more sustainable plan of installing dustbins in the city. Navin tells us that she faced a number of obstacles on her path to this goal. She recalls going to a local police station to gain permission to start installing specially designed dustbins in the Gulshan Area. There, the young activist mused, the police did not take her and her group of volunteers too seriously. Being a girl and the age being a major factor, she guessed quite correctly, that the policemen did not believe she would have the strength or temerity to carry out such a task! They did in time, grant her permission and also lent them one of their own men

to help them choose strategic spots in which to place dustbins! We asked Navin how all her initiatives help the young volunteers grow personally and professionally. Navin relates to us how they learn new things like talking to people, negotiating with sponsors, drawing up legal constitutions, and leadership skills through this initiative. It polishes them up to become more confident and environmentally informed individuals. Navin and her group, known as the Green Channel, now proudly sports 415 volunteers from different schools and organisations in Dhaka, who work on their own green ideas that GC funds if good enough and are also part of the GC goal of installing a thousand dustbins all over the city. They have already installed 78 out of these and hope to cover Circular Road, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue and the Hatirjheel side of the town with their dustbins this summer. They hope to fulfil their goal of the 1000 dustbins by the end of the year 2014. The group also realises the importance of awareness building and are working on registering themselves as an organisation. Photos: abrar razzak

“ ”


With 1000 trashcans in the city, I hope people

will at least not have the excuse of not finding

proper means of waste disposal!

There was a time

my leadership was

questioned, as I lived abroad. But I had my

own way of doing things and I did not back down.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 2 3, 2013

- Navin Rahman

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Asking The Right Questions


The Distress of Strangers I have my flats on today. This way, I know it will take me less than ten seconds to dump my carry-on luggage into the gray plastic bin. In go the flats, the paisley backpack, but I forget to unclasp my wristwatch from my arm and am patted down for good measure once I am on the other side of the metal scanner. I am not tested for arsenic or contaminated soil this time. Relieved, I hoist my belongings over my shoulder and make a beeline for the overpriced eateries. My stomach lining is eating itself again. I regret leaving the house without a bagel in hand, but no worries. I know to bolt down the tiled floor, the air conditioning chilling the back of my bare arms, my eyes scanning for— There it is. Wu’s Family Diner, except that it’s a takeout only option. I weave my way around the counters crowded with condiments and plastic silverware. I see two men waiting by the touch screens mounted in a corner. I get ready to wait. They look around. I look at them. “Are you waiting?” I ask. “Yes,” the one closest to me replies. “I see.” And I scoot right around them, right up to the mounted touch screen, and place my order. The two men look visibly stunned. “Is that how you do it?” I shrug, and pretend not to understand English. At the airport, the distress of strangers is not mine to share. Shehtaz Huq

Comic Books and Graphic Novels thanks to thought provoking work like V For Vendetta & The Killing Joke have moved on from simple good guy-bad guy fights, no book embodies the thought provoking nature of the artform than Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus. It’s a story set in the future where a fascist reality show called J2 have created a clone of Jesus Christ, the controversial show becomes a huge hit but Jesus Number 2 abhors the idea of being used as a money making machine and his life as a corporate puppet and branches out on his own, carves out a Mohawk and fronts the worlds biggest punk rock band and that’s where the fun begins. The artwork is jaw-dropping and packed with plenty of shock value, it takes serious skill to question the very fabric of society, religious views and established philosophies using only just art but it’s something

Passenger Etiquette

4 types of people you meet on the plane


Murphy pulls off with amazing aplomb but aside from being brilliant the art is purposeful and helps drive the story forward. It’s compelling, it gets you thinking and it’s packed to the brim with a cast full of characters with their own agendas and sets of beliefs – it’s an open ended book and an absorbing ride which will have you wondering even after you finish, definitely worth a read. Fardeen Ameen


The talker Talking to your neighbour on the plane can be fun at times, definitely! It can make for some interesting meets. Unfortunately though, it does not take long for the interesting to turn into conversation after conversation about the turbulence or the weather or even aisle vs. window. And the talkers, no matter how much you pull the blanket over your head, will never take the hint.

The free food hoarders

A World of Mystery and Magic There was an intense competition going on behind the curtains of Le Cirque des Rêves, where two young illusionists, Celia and Marco went head on into a game, not knowing that only one will be left standing at the end. The lives of many hung in the balance in Erin Morgenstern’s “The Night Circus,” the carnival that was only open after nightfall. The structure of the book with it’s short, split narrative has been carefully constructed, designed to make readers feel like they are walking through the carnival tent and going on a tour. Morgenstern engulfs the reader in the sights, the scents, the sounds, and essentially the very essence of the black and white stripped tent, which practically comes to life through her descriptions. The author creates a fairy-tale environment unlike any other, circling around a love story, about stories. None of the characters are fully revealed, leaving an intriguing bit of mystery about each of them. For a story that takes place in 19th century, post-industrialised England, Morgenstine’s efforts to bring out the magical elements in a dull background brings the story to a new level.

Sitting next to someone on a flight for hours on end, you’re bound to get to know a little bit about your neighbour. Check out these categories to see if you’ve ever found yourself sitting next to these people (or if you’re one of them yourself!)

This is very common for first time flyers. The limitless abundance of drinks and nuts leaves them in shock though out the entire flight. While this might be amusing to watch for the initial part of the flight, the constant calling of the airhosts and the “excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom” will start to get on your nerves.

The recliners There’s always going to be that one guy who pushes with all his might to recline his seat, even though it’s pretty much still going at it’s automatic set pace. Unfortunately, since seat reclining is every passenger’s right, it’s hard to complain about it. But a little consideration would be nice, especially when the person sitting behind the recliner is a pregnant woman or a senior citizen.

The tired parent A tale with numerous characters that the reader ends up caring for, “The Night Circus” is one of those beautiful novels that you can’t wait to get to the end of, but at the same time, will still be sad to finish. It will leave you wanting a little bit more of the fantastic travels through the circus. Morgenstern’s world of magic and splendour is a must explore. This book is available for download in the form of eBooks and is available for order in PBS bookstore in Shantinagar. Afshan Sattar

It’s hard to feel annoyed at the parents with the inconsolable crying children. You can’t blame either the parents or the children, because children are unpredictable and lets face it, flights are uncomfortable. All you can do over the piercing sound of the child’s scream is sit back, abandon the headset because you can’t hear anything anyway, and watch the parent’s tactics come one after the other: screaming, ignoring, threatening, bargaining, you name it. Which one are you? Afshan Sattar

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3

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Guitar Tabs Artist – Shunno Track – Shoto Asha Chords:

This week’s best spotlight

Asus2: 002200 Esus2: 024400 E6: 046600

Chorus (x2) Asus2 Esus 2 Shoto asha... E6 Esus 2 Shoto asha …

Verse Asus 2 Esus 2 Kichu pabar ashay shopno gulo aj E6 Esus 2 sottir pothe Asus 2 Esus 2 Kichu dekhabo bole shopno gulo aj E6 Esus 2 muktir pothe ... (The whole verse follows the above pattern)

Chorus (repeat) Note: The entire song is played on these 4 chords, on this exact pattern)



MUSIC without borders

1. Barir Kache Arshi Nogor Khiyo 2. Maa Mélange 3. Mohora Cryptic Fate 4. O River Zoe and Idris Rahman 5. Hariye Giyechi Arnob and Friends 6. Bujcho Prayer Hall 7. Praan Palbasha Siddique 8. Enemy Within Mechanix 9. Gotimoy ei Shohore Zefyr 10. DIN’ER SHESHE Ajob

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 2 3, 2013

Armeen Musa, a singer and songwriter from Bangladesh, currently studying in Berklee College of Music is definitely one of the most versatile artists in the current music industry. Her sense of music comes in the most natural form because this young artist has travelled to many different places,


MELTING POT OF INFLUENCES picked up so many different types of sounds, and the fact that she has been able to infuse all these different genres together while still holding on to her roots of Bengali music, is what makes her one of the most talented musicians out there now. Her debut album “Aye Ghum Bhangai” comprising of 10 original songs and one cover was released in 2008. The album features musicians from Bangladesh and London including Buno, Arnob, Labik Kamal Gaurob, Adil Hadi, Bart Areng, Shahriar Rafique, Zoe Rahman, Idris Rahman, Saif Quadir and Mashadi. Her other collaborations include “Bhromor Koio Giya” with Fuad Almuqtadir, “Ei Ki beshi Na” with Yatri, and other mixed albums with Arnob, Upol Islam, Rajib Rahman, Saif Q. Apart from her solo career, Armeen Musa is also the lead singer for a local band in Bangladesh, Armeen Musa and the Grasshoppers. The band is made up of Armeen on vocals, Ahsanul Hadi on guitars, Bart Nandit Areng on bass and Shahriar Rafique on drums. Because Armeen is off abroad for her studies, the Grasshoppers are usually active for only about a few months every year. One of Armeen’s

biggest achievements would be getting into Berklee. She auditioned with 300 singers to join a 20 piece a-capela group, “The Singing Tribe”, led by Joey Blake. “The “Singing Tribe’s” debut concert was held at the Berklee Performance Centre with the legendary Bobby McFerrin. While living in London she has worked with Kishon Khan’s world music band “Lokhhi Terra” performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the “Bangla-beat to Afro beat Concert” in 2008. Armeen’s first exposure to Indian Cinema came about in 2011 in the remake of the song “Nodi Bhora Dheu” released in the feature film “Jiyo Kaka.” Armeen is currently in Bangladesh working for her record label organisation, ME Label, a product of Mushroom Entertainment. ME Label deals with artists, labels, management and fans by providing online tools for independent musicians, and management companies. The organisation was founded by Rosseau Mannan, Manim Mahmud and Armeen. Recently, Shafin Ahmed, of Miles, signed up with ME Label for online releases of his albums. AZFAR RAHMAN

METAL TO THE MAX Waiting almost three months after the announcement of the emergent technical death metal band, Homicide has finally released their debut EP “Annihilation Pit” worldwide on July 17. If you are not an extreme metal fan, beware, the album has some pretty brutal sounds. The album contains four extreme musical structures with three amazing conceptual lyrics written by their vocalist Istiaque. The songs “Death of Immortals”, “Reign Of Spartacus” and “Legion The IXth” will take you to an atmosphere of war, violence and brutality. The title track “Annihilation Pit” is basically an intro of

instrument tubes of tunes The clarinet is a type of woodwind instrument that has a single mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube and is played using a reeded mouth. The word clarinet is derived from the French word clarinette. There are many types and sizes of clarinets with different pitches. It embraces a large family of instruments. The unmodified word clarinet usually refers to the soprano clarinet, the most common type, which has a large range of four octaves. The clarinet family is the largest family in the woodwind instrument, with more than a dozen types,

the album containing raw instrumental fusion. Ancient Greek wars, Spartans and mythology are the main themes of their lyrics. The riff and solo works by guitarist Showmik and bass work by Anas have pushed the album into the quality of international music. Mim’s high tempo beats lend a brutal sound to the songs, and Istiaque’s growling add the complete feel. The album, featuring artwork by Raiyan Momen has been released on Infinite Regress Records (Australia). So plug in your earphones and headbang away. IMTIAZ SALIM

ranging from the octo-contrabass to the piccolo clarinet. The music written for them is usually played on more common versions of the instrument. It was first invented by Johann Christoph Denner in Germany around the late 18th century by adding a register key to the opening on the other end of the instrument. Over time, additional key work and airtight pads were introduced to improve the playability. Today Clarinet is often used in Jazz and Classical music and also in solo performances. tahsin momin

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Broke for a Cause Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings’ sitcom “Two Broke Girls” is about two different worlds; the one of Max Black a struggling waitress who hails from a working class family. She appears to be stiff and emotionless, but tends to care for those around her. Caroline Wesbox on the other hand was born in a rich family, but she loses all her privileges right after her father gets jailed for being involved in a Ponzi scheme. She comes off as aloof but in the most innocent ways, and you really can’t hate her for that. The two come to terms with each other’s differences, become friends and plan on starting their cupcake business. Despite being

Gadget hunt

Specifications • USB 2.0 flash drives • 4GB Flash Memory • Exclusive DC content installed on the disk: Wallpapers, desktop icons, original trailers and all other juicy bits • Compatible with Mac and Windows • Aproximate measurements 3cm x 6cm x1.3cm

web critic


rated as 6.8, the show was able to catch a few eyes, even with its limited characters and constant settings, particularly because it explores relationship between two people who are poles apart from each other in terms of family values as well as economic conditions. What’s interesting is that at the end of each episode they show a tally of how much they have made to reach $ 250,000 in order to start their business. If you are confined at home because of hartals, you might want to consider watching this notso-mainstream comedy. rubab nayeem khan

Action Drives Mimobots are the coolest, funniest, and definitely the best looking flash drives around in the realm of USB flash drives. Tough on crime but cuter than a baby monkey, the Mimobots are here to save you from the tedious pain that is your work. What better can be it to have your favourite superhero to be your sidekick? Optimus Prime - Ever wondered what it’d be like to have a real life Autobot to help you finish off that assignment? Probably, but it would be great fun too! Although it’s not possible to bring a life size Autobot to life but a smaller version in the form of a flash drive is definitely plausible.

Batman - Perhaps you’d rather have a man crossed with a creepy mammal to aid you through the boredom but can’t find the torch that shines a signal in the sky? No worries, Batman is already here. Darth Vader and Stormtroopers If Star Wars is what you want then Darth and a few of his Stormtrooper pals are here to help guide you get rid of the boredom. Each Mimobot include all the usual facilities that a 4GB flash drive would usually have but it also throws in the extra coolness. Pop off the head and plug it into your PC or MAC and hola! tahsin momin

Education has no borders You spend bucketloads on coaching classes and courses, only to end up getting less than your money’s worth because of constraints involving traffic jam and political unrest. Even if the classes do happen as scheduled, finding textbooks and reference materials is difficult because bookstores are dying out. A foreign education is probably too expensive. Does all this sound familiar? Here’s something to cheer you up: All you need is a working Internet connection, and a little personal discipline to plug the gaps in the faulty education you’re getting in Bangladesh. The best part? The solution was provided by someone of Bangladeshi origin. We’re talking about Khan Academy, a

non-profit international education institute, the core of which is a website offering free video tutorials and interactive exercises. From supplementary math and science courses to SAT and GRE prep, and a library of over 4100 video lectures and growing, there’s a ton of resources for you to use, with added features like analytical tools to track your progress. If you want to save the time and cash you would have to spend on physical classes, this website is worth a try. Visit the Khan Academy website at http://www. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

A rollercoaster ride of sheer brilliance! Udhao, otherwise known as Runaway, is a Bengali film directed by Bangladesh-American film maker Amit Ashraf. Udhao is yet to premiere in Bangladesh but in 2012, the movie was premiered at the Goteburg International Film Festival in Sweden, the largest film festival in Scandinavia. The movie received the honour of being premiered with two sold-out screenings. The storyline of Udhao is based on a very simple human desire, “greed”, and how it can corrupt a person and how far it can take them. Udhao’s storyline revolves around the two central characters, Akbar, a corrupt politician, and Babu, a school-van driver. As the story keeps unfolding, Akbar’s crooked sides are slowly revealed and the mysterious van driver Babu, who plays the role of a local bounty hunter to his fellow villagers, kick starts the main story when he sneaks into Akbar’s house one day and kidnaps the evil politician, and setting off of for an unimaginable adventure through Bangladesh’s lush and beautiful, yet threatening countryside. Director Amit Ashraf’s first attempt at directing a full feature length movie has definitely been a successful endeavour with Udhao. While it may seem that Udhao is just another action packed movie, it’s actually not; Udhao is a movie based on genuine humane emotions and the need for wanting “a better life.” The movie is a thrilling rollercoaster ride full of suspense, action, and drama, and it definitely packs an ending that will leave its audience shocked and awed. Udhao is set to release in Bangladesh after Eid, and this is a “must watch!” for everyone! A brilliant film, with sharp twists and turns, topped off with an amazing, yet unpredictable storyline, Udhao is an absolute masterpiece. azfar rahman

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 23 , 20 1 3

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He says


She says

Distance can be a terrible hazard for a relationship, especially imagine a long distance relationship where the phone and the internet are your only best friends. Here we have for you how “he” and ‘’she’’ deal with the “seven sea apart” long distance and also the “distance” couples deal with being in the same city

Dear Diary,

July 21, 2013

You won’t believe where I am. I woke up this morning feeling dizzy and lost. Last night was more embarrassing than heartbreaking. I feel a little empty without the ring on my finger. Don’t get me wrong, it’s only the ring I miss, not Imran. Sameer had been constantly badgering me to see him, but I didn’t feel ready. I need to lick my wounds, or well, at least, pretend to and be alone for a while to clear my head. Did I rush into this? We were good together, me and Imran, but we didn’t have that magical spark that I feel with Sameer. I know I cannot have everything in life, but when something is close to perfect, it drives you nuts till it is blended to perfection. Sameer is my idea of perfection. My parents heard about the wedding being called off and had been driving me insane. I just didn’t want to deal with this now. They were supposed to come over to see me today with the rest of the family. I called Sameer and vented about my incessant need to escape for a while. The conversation ended with him promising to see me tomorrow. In about half an hour, the bell rang and I was prepared to face my parents. But surprise! It was Sameer! He had a back pack, running shoes on and ready to run. He said “I think we both need to escape ... together” ... My jaws dropped as I flung myself in his arms. I packed a runaway back pack and I am now at this far off bungalow on the outskirts of the city. An escapade I never dreamt would be possible. I guess God is finally on my side now!

How do you manage to make time for each other being in two completely different time zones?

He says

It’s my last semester at university and I have a lot on my plate. With a thesis paper to finish and the added pressure of course deadlines, I find it really hard to even talk to her for half an hour in a day.


She says

If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

I work late hours. By the time I go back home, I literally fall on my bed and I am dead asleep. I end up missing my boyfriend’s calls every single night, and he isn’t very pleased about this.

The problematic travel time that couples face living in the same city.

I went to Agora wearing my salwar inside out.


This guy from my class sent me a link to this site which measures ‘crush compatibility’, when I entered the answers it went back to the person who sent me the link. Everyone in class got to know who I had a crush on.


I was having breakfast and my dad gave me a mild slap on the head and I started choking on my meal.


My crush saw me and my mother beating up a driver with our sandals.


While getting into a CNG on a rainy day, I went head first into its dirty curtains and my shoe also fell out of the vehicle in the process.


One of my sandals slipped out of my feet while crossing the roads. I had to go and get it back.

He says

I live in Banasree and my girlfriend lives in Uttara. With my job ending at 5 I am too drained out to make a trip to Uttara to see her. It’s not like I don’t miss her, but a two hour trip on the crazy traffic snarl up is the last thing I need after a long hard day.

She says

My boyfriend lives in Nikunjo and during Ramadan getting out of Old Town is a nightmare. But that doesn’t stop me. No matter how long it may take me sweating it out in a CNG, it all fades away when I finally get to see him.

Blush Much?


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