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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 16

EID special may all your wishes come





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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 16

EID special may all your wishes come


Bring the magic back into your Eid this year!

Models Shabrin Islam, Tanzila Maha, Nusrat Srabony and Anika Alam Make-up and hair Wasfia Ahmad (Sifa’s Corner) Wardrobe Fariha Tashmeen Tinny Photographer Homayra Adiba

Editor’s Note Dear Readers, and we at TMAG are Just a few more days to Eid, Hopefully we can super-excited. Are you? No? together this very put ’ve We d. change your min of love and hard lot special issue for you with a re talking about we’ 7) & 6 ge (Pa ic work. On Hot Top Eid. We’ve got of ic ways to bring back the lost mag Stars (Page the in tten Wri in an om a real life superw ssing up dre nt orta imp 8), and since we know how ion for fash a extr little a got ve we’ is to this festival, g, and doin re we’ how you this issue. Let us know d your Sen es. pag our on see to what you’d like and suggestions to doodles, selfies, confessions those interested For . om ne.c tmag@dhakatribu nes of this issue, sce in what went on behind the ://tmagtribune. http at e pag blr check out our Tum ders. May all your Eid Mubarak to all our rea r. dreams come true this yea Love from the TMAG desk

Status of the week Be thankful for the bad things in life. For they open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.

Quote of the week Someone stole my mood ring. I’m not quite sure how that makes me feel.

Lingo of the week Frouple Two friends who are so close, they’re practically a couple. Example Dude, Asif and Ishraq are ALWAYS together. They’re such a frouple!

TM AG TU E SDAY, AU G U ST 6, 20 1 3


tmag Funk up your room

Disney Themed


Your Life FYI

Sleepovers! It’s summer and vacations are knocking. With the current political situation, it is easy to understand why parents can get protective and put a damper on your summer night plans, right? WRONG! Because you’re forgetting the king of all get-togethers—sleepovers! Guaranteeing safety and fun all night and in the morning, below are some sure-fire ways to get an awesome sleepover going Eat fun

Sleepovers are the best time to hog. Dinner leftovers will come out of the fridge again past midnight so ask your mother to prepare something that is filling yet not messy to plate up, like sandwiches or fried chicken. Stock up on the usual favourites like Doritos or popcorn for movies or gossip.

If the title just made you think “wait, that stuff is for kids” have another think. The recent gritty reboots of popular fairytales have ensured that you can totally have a fantasy-themed room without losing credibility with your peers. The key to a proper, grown-up theme is in subtlety. You change a little here and there, and you’ve got yourself something iconic.

Plan together

With a group as close as that, it is easy to identify activities you all like to do. Makeovers, truth or dare games, movies are all crucial ingredients to a delish sleepover.

Wall furnishings

If you go for the Disney wallpapers, your room will probably look like your baby sister’s one. Instead, if you can get a print of one of the cooler fan art, and frame and hang it the way you would a vintage movie poster, that’s a quick way of giving your walls some pep. You can find and buy cool prints from www., or if you have mad artistic skills, or know someone who does, you can create your own ageappropriate wall poster.


Send out invites early

This gives both your parents and the guests time to think about it and buys you time to convince over-protective parents too.

Invite the right people

While parties and get-togethers can include a lot of people, sleepovers are for a closer knit group. Invite friends who are

the closest to you and each other, with 3 to 6 people being the best number.

Start early

Your friends might get a little more uncomfortable around your parents than expected. Invite them over early, get the introductions done and have dinner with your parents so that both your parents and friends can get used to each other.

Soft furnishings

Again, depending on the character or movie of your choice, simply picking a colour that is iconic and recognisable to your theme, for soft furnishings like your bedspread, curtains and cushions. Like Snow White? Go for black and white curtains and bed linens, and then add a pop of colour with blood red cushions. Alice in Wonderland more your thing? You will need lots and lots of colours.


You can simply have a corner with a themed prop. Like apple-shaped candles for Snow White. Or an artificial rose for Sleeping Beauty. Figurines and action figures are always cool. A little ingenuity can go a long way. Enjoy your Disney themed room! Sabrina fatma ahmad

TMAG’s Room of the week!


Raiha Ahsan Area

Baridhara This is a room Nicki Minaj would approve of. It’s fiercely feminine and perfect for today’s Barbs. Rock on, while we stand in the sidelines and slow-clap

Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!


Bear the morning blues gracefully

It is obvious that after all that late night fun, all of you are tired and grumpy the first thing you wake up. Parents usually want kids home early after the sleepovers so sleeping in is hardly ever an option. Wake up a little before others, organize a good breakfast and try to include common favourites in the menu. You have thrown an awesome sleepover the night back. Tie up the last of the loose ends gracefully. munira fidai

Kheya Mezba




School Survival

Sure, talent is a natural boon - and that’s exactly the reason why EVERYONE has one! Nature doesn’t deprive anyone a chance to flaunt what’s uniquely theirs. It’s merely a question of finding out the spark in you that can ignite a lifelong passion. Needless to say, a school is one place where you can unearth this treasure on your own or with the encouragement of your mentors and peers. Public opinion matters

So what’s Your Hidden



TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

Your friends and teachers can give you what you can’t give yourself - an unbiased opinion. Most of the time, we are so busy looking for a fun or interesting hobby that we don’t see what’s right under our noses. Trust us, people notice. And, friends are the best people to know because they may be sending or recommending people to you when they need a job well done.

Follow those instincts

What comes as second nature to you? Is it drawing? Music? Public speaking? Comedy? Feeding people great food? Whatever it is your heart is pulling you towards, is your calling. Not just that, but whatever you find easy, may be your superpower. So instead of blocking it off, learn to embrace your instincts. Stop and think - your “easy as pie” may be someone else’s “mind boggling!”

Dare to experiment

School is the only place where you’ll get to study, play sports, sing, dance and even cook all under one roof. We’re talking academics and extracurricular activities in one big basket, all ready for you to try and test. It’s your best bet at finding out exactly what you’re good at and taking it from there. Remember to be open to experiences and not shy away just because you think you may not be good enough.

Ask questions and hear the truth

Most people would rather you not know what you’re good at. Those people are definitely not part of your feedback team. Identify some of your closest friends and warmest teachers and ask them to give you objective advice on where your true talents lie. If you’ve chosen the right people, you should receive some accurate answers. munira fidai

EVENT TweetS ishtiaq zabihullah doodled the avengers instead of completing his Biology assignment

Mehndi Utshob

10am - 10pm, 6 – 8 August Venue Niketon Society, House-57, Road-8, Block-D, Gulshan 1

Akta jama ... plZzzzz! Version 3.0 4 pm, 6 August Venue “Shaptak Cassowary,” Flat-C1, House -35/A, Road 27(old), Dhanmondi; “Nishorgo Sunflower,” Flat- 1-A, House518 & 520, Road-20, Mirpur DOHS, Mirpur Cantonment

Eid Grand Fair

10am, 7 August Venue Drik Gallery, House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi

Hoichoi Mehendi & Nail Art by Saaraa

8 August Venue HOI CHOI - Mehendi & NAIL ART, Shiddeshwari Road

Live Anarchy

8am, 9 August National Library Auditorium

Rock Djs present’s the Eid celebration night-2

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

6:30am, 10 August Venue Haji Jumman Community Center, Habibullah Road

TM AG TU E SDAY, AU G U ST 6, 20 1 3

6 tmag


Street Check

Wardrobe Check

Zeheen ahmed Age: 23 yrs


Photo: Tahsin Rahman

We’re going through a transition period right now, style-wise. Hemlines are rising and in some cases dropping even lower. In case of salwar options ... it’s a freaking buffet out there! TMAG breaks it down for you to help you accessorise without committing a fashion faux pas

Trouser style parallel salwars

Patiala salwars or pantaloons

A great option for your ethnic wear. These bottoms are basically drawstringflared-trousers that may or may not have a small slit at the ankle. They usually come with the kaftan-style kameezes, but can also be teamed with a nice fitted short kurti, or a fitted shirtdress. This is a clunky style, so wear with delicate footwear to avoid looking mannish.

Billowy Punjabi cousins of the basic salwar, and look best with short kameezes and kurtis that are slim fitted. The really billowy ones can be worn in lieu of harem pants, and the dupatta is optional.

Regular salwars

Email your street style photo in to tmag@dhakatribune. com and be crowned TMAG’s street check of the week!

This is your basic shalwar, with the drawstring/elastic option, wide-legged, but tapering down at the ankles. If your kurti/kameez is somewhere around knee-length, or about 3-5 inches longer or shorter, this is a sensible, no-fail choice. This one usually demands a dupatta to complete your outfit. No matter what the current trend is, it pays to have a pair or two of these in your closet. The current trend is for ornately embroidered regular salwars with plain kameezes.

Beauty Check

Churidars Skinny jeans of the salwar family. Loose up to the knee, and fitted from knee down, and extra long to allow for scrunching and the “bangle” effect. These are a Mughal throwback. They’re best worn with slightly longer kameezes, and those loose empire-waist tunics.

Leggings You can save some cash by just opting for leggings. But these aren’t as versatile as you may be fooled to think. For short and regular-length kameezes, stick to three-quarter or calf-length leggings. Anything longer, go for full-length. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

Look of the Week

keep it fresh Eid means a string of dawats and do’s from day to night, and often, very little time to freshen up in between. Don’t let that ruin your Instagram shots. Here’s what you need to keep in your bag to make sure your make-up stays flawless from am to pm your skin looking dewy and glowing.

Pressed powder


All that swiping and wiping is well and good for removing oil and grease, but it’s going to smear your make up, so keep a compact handy for a quick touch-up. No need to bring out the whole primerfoundation-mousse arsenal; a sweep with the powder brush should suffice.

Blotting paper

Tinted lip balm

All those kacchis and halwas and fried food is bound to amp up the grease factor on your face, particularly if you have oily skin. Keep a pad of blotting paper or rice paper to soak it all up, leaving you freshfaced and photo ready. In fact, everytime you’re ready to head out from one dawat to the next, give your t-zone a little pat down and keep the shine off.

Do not refresh your lipstick unless you’ve moisturised your lips first. There’s nothing more unattractive than flakes of dead skin on your lips. After the meal, you can swipe some lip balm over whatever lip colour you’re wearing and keep talking. In most cases, you won’t even need to re-apply lipstick, unless you’re a really messy eater.

Wet wipes/make up wipes

Breath mints

Sometimes even the strongest blotting paper won’t cut it, particularly if it’s sunny out on Eid day. Keep one of those wet wipes or make-up removing wipes by Farmasi (available at Almas, Priyo or Dhali) to pat down your face to keep

Technically not a cosmetic item, but all the make-up in the world isn’t going to help if your breath goes stale, and with Ramadan over, you don’t even have the fasting excuse, so stock up on the Altoids and Tic Tacs. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad


Colours of the sunset Feel like a princess in pinks, purples, and femme floral prints. This ensemble looks great whether or not you wear a hijab. Check out the rest of the collection on Viola’s Facebook page

Model Sadia Mehzabeen Rini Wardrobe Viola by Fariha Photo source Viola


tmag 7

Street Car Talk

The Ugly Duckling

Designed and built by some blokes on the industrial estate in Leicestershire, TMAG presents to you the Nobel M600 Underneath the rather featureless body, is a chassis made not from carbon fibre but stainless steel. And the V8 that powers it is from a Volvo. Yep! It uses the same engine from a Volvo XC90 with a couple of massive turbochargers thrown in. So built in Leicestershire from bits of the industrial revolution, powered by a Volvo school bus and costs $3,30,000. That seems like a lot for a car that has no satellite navigation, no climate control, no air bag and most importantly it does not even have anti-lock breaking system. The men from Leicestershire say that ABS is just another example of nanny estates, sticking their noses in something very admirable. But you can’t help suspecting the real reason as to why it does not have an ABS system. It is simply because when you are operating an industrial unit in Leicestershire, you can’t really afford

them. There is another problem as well. What kind of a person looks at the established range of supercars and thinks, “I don’t like them?” There is a reason why you might not choose a Nobel rather than a Porsche or a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin or a McLaren Mercedes. You see, in terms of sheer speed, the Nobel can blow all of that lot into the middle of last week. Now, the question is how fast does the car go? 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds. Further demonstrations showed 40-60 mph, in second gear, in 1 second. And it goes from 160 mph to 170 mph so fast that your eyeballs will bounce off the back of your skull. Without any doubt the M600 is mind blowingly fast. It will do 225mph mainly because of the engine, despite the Volvo connection, it develops 650BHP and the car only weighs

1,250kg. And the news keeps getting better. Switch off the traction control and the car turns into a monster. In most supercars the margin for error is quite large, but with the M600 there is no room for error. It is a constant nightmare. Go into a corner with too much speed and you get under steer, and 1% throttle will get over steer. Go 1% wrong with the steering and you get a spin. Remember

there is no electric asssistance aiding you. You get it wrong and you are on your own. There is a sweet-spot though but even if you find it, you are often too terrified to enjoy the moment. Want to drive it fast? Then you need a good set of skills but weirdly enough, to drive it at all you don’t. If you wind down the engine to 550BHP or even to 450BHP, using the control switch in the dash, it becomes a completely different animal, it becomes docile, calm, and no harder to drive then a Nissan Micra. And like the old Nobel, it is quiet, extremely comfortable, and really does ride beautifully. Summing this car up is hard because let’s be honest there are several good reasons why you should NOT like it but there is one very good reason why you should, which is - it’s really fast! Tahsin Momin

HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) Keeping ideas in bulk might help you this week; make sure you list them down so that it helps you in the future. Someone’s prying nature might get on your last nerve, so keep your eyes open.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) Your efforts will matter more than the outcome; if you don’t reach your goals this week, don’t beat yourself up. Keep annoying people at arms length will serve you well.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) If someone from your past makes an entry into your life, try to cope with it without hurling. If you can’t handle it on your own, let a friend in on your problems.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Say “yes” to maintaining schedules this week, it will help you finish up projects that are due. Staying away from all sorts of distractions will work wonders, especially if you are trying to meet deadlines. Time is of essence; tick tock.

Gemini (May 21-Jun20) Put trust issues to bed by sharing your secrets with your best friend. Sensitivity will make you want to take a walk down the memory lane; as long as the memories are fine and dandy you’ll be doing okay. Taking control over your impulses will bode well for you. You’ve got the power, use it!

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22) Don’t suffocate someone with affection, they might cringe. Instead of pointing out someone else’s mistakes, try figuring out where you are at fault. Unfinished projects should be taken care of; you wouldn’t want to spend a whole week at home cramming over paper work.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22) Turn down the dial on that temper of yours, blowing your fuse on irrelevant things is futile. Try channelling all that rage into something productive; like working out or pulling an all-nighter and studying for the finals. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) You’ll feel the need to isolate yourself from people at the beginning of this week. Don’t worry about depression. Sharing your worries with people might not be the best solution for you right now. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Focus on completing something at the start of this week; you’ll do a bang of a job, once you put your mind to it! Confidence is bliss, cockiness, not so much. Implement the disciplines you impose on others. Might help get you back on track!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Finish up all your projects and chores and get comfy over the week. Being cynical about others isn’t a good exercise; quit it while you can. Choose paths which are completely different from your regular lifestyle; try to curb your impulses. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Avoiding details about things might cost you a fortune in the long-run. You can be more responsible by keeping tabs on your finances and completing your chores. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

Your laidback nature really needs to take a hike this week. If you are done with assignments, you could kick start the week with some kind of activity; it could be sports or it could be shopping, take your pick.

TM AG TU E SDAY, AU G U ST 6, 20 1 3




Once upon a time, in a land not far from home, excited families would watch the news for word of Eid. Children who were sleepy would jump up in excitement, and mothers who were not expecting Eid a day early, would begin worrying about getting a start on the halwa.

“Thinking of Eid, the first thought that comes to mind is my mother's khichuri. Though it's something that we have year round, I just love sitting at the family table on the afternoon of Eid, enjoying the hot meal, with a little mint chutney on the side.” Anika (23)


Photo: homayra adiba

“My favourite part about Eid is definitely Eid Salat. I go with my mother, aunt and my cousins and it's great to see that the women's sections of the mosque are filled to the brim.” Sana (15)

Some families would be spotted stargazing on the roof of their homes, looking out for a bright glowing moon that they knew they wouldn't see, but would still feel. A dreamlike fog would steam out of the cups of tea. Eid morning was about the crowds of people coming from all directions, dressed in their Prayer whites and skullcaps. Though most would not understand the Arabic, there would be a sense of unity that surrounded the Eid morning Salat.




Quick Survey People with beaming smiles greeted their friends and family with peace all around. Hands were shaken and hugs were shared. Family members who had not seen each other in months would sit together for lunch.

What do you hate about the state Eid has come to?

“People complain about this every year, but I know they love it, as do I! Visiting relatives I haven't seen in months is the highlight of my Eid, the numerous dishes at everyone's homes always makes my Eid!” Asif (26)

Traffic ------------------ 43% Commercialisation----18.75% Boredom----------------5.8% Rising prices-----------23.5% Any and all gathering becoming photo-shoots ---------5.8%

The Quest for the lost Magic

Several hearty meals with friends and family later, the smiling people would return home. There was a wonderful drowsiness that enveloped the homes. Everyone was sleepy, but it was a good sleepy.

Photos: bigstock

10 years later ... Flash forward to more recent times. There were families in their homes watching the news for word of Eid. Parents flipped trough channels while teenagers were quietly sitting in the corner, sending out mass text messages.

Eid morning was lazy. Sleepy eyed people in the mosque greeted each other, wanting to go back home.Parents went to relatives’ houses as children went to meet their friends, hopping from hotel to hotel.

Eid was one day early! Everyone had gleeful smiles on their faces. Mothers sent out their sons to get ingredients for halwa. But sadly, the boys returned with only a little bit of each ingredient, having run out of money to cover the doubled prices.

“People make the wrong kind of big deal about Eid, making it all about multiple Eid outfits and hangouts that are essentially photo sessions.” Sana (15)

“As a student with a limited budget, every year I feel a little bit gloomier when I see that the prices have been hiked up further. It's impossible to buy clothes or gifts anymore!” Anika (23)

Families came home tired at night. Children sat with their parents and shared cups of tea, but there was something missing about the day. It felt void.This time it wasn't sleepiness, but an over exhausted, bored drowsiness that came over the homes.

Does something seem off about the latter story? Eid is losing its magic, little by little. What can we do?

And show off those pearly whites! This is a day to smile like no other. Remember, smiling is a Sunnah.

You, yes YOU, can help save Eid! Only you can bring back the lost magic of Eid. The Eid prayer is only a ritual until you add the heart to it. The food is only breakfast and lunch, until you relish the sweetness and tanginess to every bite.

If you’re feeling a bit generous this year, perhaps there’s an alternate Eid plan for you: Use your Eid to make someone else’s Eid. Donate clothes to the underprivileged. We’re not talking tired, torn outfits, nor are we talking the cream of the crop, just a few things that will make someone underprivileged feel as happy as you feel in your Eid outfit.

The magic of Eid starts from the glee and the calm of the night before, the Chand Raat. Sit with your parents; go to the roof (yes, even if you know you can't see the moon!) Call your cousins and friends and have a Chand Raat get-together, perhaps a mehendi night? Get the kids in the family together and help them make some Eid cards! Don’t let the thick curtains darken your Eid morning. If there was any, this is the morning to rise and shine! Go to the mosque; embrace that feeling of unity and celebrate with those that have fasted the month with you. And take everyone with you, your mom, your dad, your siblings, your maids, everyone! Yes everyone, yes to the mosque, women go too! There's no better way to start this day. Planning to go to Westin for ice cream later today? Why not just call some friends over! TMAG can definitely vouch for the “at home” hangout. It's relaxing, you get to eat food that has been prepared with love just for you, and your parents get to see a little more of you! It's a win all around.

Considering spending the evening at home. Watch a movie with your parents and siblings. You've been the hero today, time to sit back, take a breather and watch your beloved Disney characters take over, watching Lewis and Wilber save the world, or Marlin rescue his Nemo, or go back to the classics and watch prince charming slay the dragon. It can be angel dust on top of a wonderful Eid day.

“Meeting cousins is my favourite part of Eid!” Rayd (10)

TM AG TU E SDAY, AU G U ST 6, 20 1 3

10 tmag

written in the Stars

A woman of substance

zara rahim

Passionate. Stunning. Brilliant. Whoever said that a beautiful woman can’t be a tough nut in politics has yet to set eyes on her. 22-year-old Zara Rahim tells it as it is. To boldly go where most women are scared to tread, this Bangladeshi belle is out to conquer the world and how! Natasha Rahman tries to keep pace with Zara’s grueling and exhilarating journey


fresh graduate from University of South Florida in Tampa, Zara has bagged herself a degree in International Studies and Spanish. Her passion for politics geared in at high school and the rest, as they say, was history. She recollects working as Florida digital content director for Obama in 2012, as an enriching experience. Starting out as an intern in January 2012 in OFA (Obama for America) and learning the ropes of the digital department at Florida headquarters, Zara takes a risk once again. Putting off school, she decides to stick through with the grueling upcoming elections. Her dedication soon made her the digital content director. She reminisces, “It was critical. We were registering thousands of voters, informing them of deadlines, getting them to the polls, getting them to sign up online to volunteer at their local field offices, and teaching them about the important issues that were at the core of the 2012 election. I got to meet the president, first lady, vice president, President Clinton, and other celebrities who campaigned for the president like

Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, among many others.” She fondly adds, “My mom also got to meet Barack Obama which was so wonderful.” We’d expect a woman of her stature who has achieved so much so soon to bask in the glory of her success, but her humble nature comes as a pleasant surprise. “I don’t feel successful because I know at only 22 I have so much more to accomplish. I really feel humbled and to be honest, lucky! Working for Nobel Laureate, Dr Yunus, was really the first thing I did that gave me validity as a young professional, so I feel really lucky to have gotten that opportunity. Being able to work for the president was pure honour to say the least.” Currently working as digital manager for Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn, Zara loves her job. As a public affairs assistant, her calendar is packed with events with the mayor almost every day, documenting each event through photography. Zara warmly mentions, “He is an incredible politician and I really believe that he will be Governor of Florida

one day. My job as digital manager requires me to manage the social media presences of the city and the mayor, and work on cool development projects such as working with our IT department to create an app for the city, and working with Tampa police department to create a marketing campaign for bicycle safety.” A patriot at heart, Zara’s heart goes out to the women of Bangladesh. She strongly believes that Bangladesh frantically needs a colossal cultural shift as far as women are concerned. Women need to come out of their shells and demand the integrity and respect they deserve. She zealously insists, “Getting girls quality education and ensuring they finish their studies is vital. Also, promoting sexual health education is important. If you can empower women, you can change the world.” Thinking of Dhaka, Zara takes a walk down memory lane. “I think my favorite memory of Dhaka was when I was 5 or 6 and my dadaji would take me on rickshaw rides every afternoon during the summer and take me to get warm peanuts. I don’t remember much of him, but I remember that vividly.”

Getting personal with Zara Rahim

3 things she cannot leave her house without • Her iphone, eyeliner, and her keys

One random skill that she wished she could learn • “I wish I could sing but no lessons can help this voice!”

secrets unraveled

• She studied abroad in Spain for a semester • She is a diehard fan of the Los Angeles Lakers • Zara strongly advocates Bangladeshi women to take a stance in political conditions

Women make up half of the global population yet account for 70% of the world’s poverty. There needs to be a larger focus on advancing the rights of women.


Zara Rahim

photos: Courtesy

tmag 11



it’s nothing what it seems like

Comic book

NON Fiction

The Gruesome Originals

adventurous hex There’s always a comic book about a gang of kids going on crazy adventures, that captures the hearts and imagination of the people. From “The Famous Five” to “The Secret Seven” and the new generation of kids now have their own group to look up to – “The Silver Six.” The story centres around an orphaned girl, named Phoebe, who meets 5 other children in a cruel foster home. The six break free and embark on an adventurous journey across the solar system as they attempt to escape the clutches of a ruthless oil baron. AJ Lieberman has previously worked with iconic comic book figures such as “Batman” and “The Martian Manhunter” but he does a great job in terms of character development. The kids are likable with their own distinct personalities while the villains are the ones you despise immediately. You’ll find yourself cheering for the children

as they travel around the well drawn universe. The illustrations are spunky, full of life and a treat to the eye for people of all ages. All in all it’s a well drawn book with likeable characters, a good plot and some fun artwork – definitely worth purchasing no matter how old you are! Fardeen Ameen


“Although the way you approached the subject was quite prolific, I’m afraid you did not submit sufficient material to support your thesis. Also, your usage of language was primitive. I expected a better command of English from you by now …” Blah blah blah, the words went on as my teacher told everyone how I had taken a play and a painting of Van Gogh’s and wrote them up together in my own story. She said I was good with ‘plot twists’ but I didn’t get a word of what else she said. I don’t think she believed I wrote it since she thinks I’m stupid and was probably trying to get it out of me. It was great that the class ended right then. I walked out and headed for the bus. Kids moved out of my way, giving me backward glances. I had just gotten a buzz cut and I looked more like a bully than ever, like my dad had looked when he went to Vietnam with the army. I had never saw him again. I sat waiting for the bus and took out the lunch I snatched from the wimpy kid’s rich girlfriend this morning and started to eat. I didn’t know what I was even doing at this school, just that this was something the government owed my dad, which is what my mom had told me anyway. As I watched the road, I remembered the pictures of the Roman soldiers from history class. I started to see cars as chariots carrying heroes with their funny helmets on. I saw my dad leading soldiers into battle with the guys on the chariots and watched as they all fought it out. I thought of writing all this down in my own history book. Nobody at school told history this way.


Many of the charming love stories we’ve come to love are not originally Disney. But we have to ask ourselves, would we love them if we had seen the stories in their original form? Many of the charming Disney classics are actually from the collection of fairy tales from the past, including collections by Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and several others. Disney with its enchanted powers, rebranded some of these tales, wiping out the sexuality, misconduct and death to create the family-friendly stories we have come to know and love. Let’s take a look at a few earlier versions of universal fairy tales that are both terrifying and gruesome. (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IS NOT FOR THE DISNEY-HEARTED)

Sleeping Beauty Published in 1634 by Giambattista Basile as “Sun, Moon, and Talia,” “Sleeping Beauty” was found when a king went out hunting in the woods. Since he couldn’t wake her up, this “king” raped her while she was unconscious. Some time afterward, while she was still unconscious, sleeping beauty gave birth to two children.

Red Riding Hood In Charles Perrault’s version of Little Red Riding Hood, in his 1697 collection of Fairy Tales from Past Times: Tales of Mother Goose, Little Red simply strips naked, gets in bed, and then dies. The big bad wolf then eats up her corpse. In another version, she eats her own grandmother first.


After writing Casual Vacancy which garnered mixed reviews last year, the J. K. Rowling is back, under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith and this time with a cracker of a mystery novel that will remind you why you fell in love with mystery novels in the first place. While with Casual Vacancy, Ms. Rowling placed herself in somewhat a precarious place, maybe because of the massive expectations on her shoulders, with The Cuckoo’s Calling and a masculine pseudo name that nobody new about until recently, you see the formidable storyteller in her reemerging and how! The book had shot to the bestseller’s list even before her little secret was leaked to the press but publicity aside; The Cuckoo’s Calling has glamour and mystery in spades steeped into the streets of London, from the quiet streets of the Mayfair to the

backstreet pubs of the East End to the bustles of Soho, Rowling brings you Cormoran Strike, honest to the gilded traditions of P. D. James and Ruth Rendell. Take a troubled model who fells to her death from a snowcovered Mayfair balcony (generally assumed suicide). Enter, her brother who has his share of doubts, and calls in private investigator Cormoran Strike to investigate the death. Strike, a war veteran is scarred both physically and psychologically - and his life, when he isn’t investigating, is falling apart around his ears. The case is a financial lifeline, at a great personal cost: the deeper he delves into that complex world, the murkier things get - and the closer he gets to terrible danger, more elegantly is he captured in the web of things. This bodes the beginning of a unique series of mysteries that will enthrall! Go grab a copy! Now! Nabeela M

In the original Cinderella story, the stepsisters cut off parts of their feet in order to fit into the glass slippers, and it’s the blood pooling inside their shoes that eventually gives them away.

Rapunzel In the 1812 Grimm version, the evil Queen is Snow White’s actual mother, not her stepmother. While our dear Rapunzel, lets her prince up a little too often and winds up getting pregnant. Disney stories rarely embody the original intentions of the writers. What were the writer’s intentions you ask? Why, scaring the living daylights out of people, of course! These stories were not meant for children, and were often very bizarre and gruesome tales. Disney deserves a huge kudos for turning these tales into the stories they have become. While they are not even close to the original versions, these Disney stories have managed to make generations of people feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today’s Hollywood actually has the right idea when it comes to the horror and peculiarity of it all. Afshan Sattar

Tanzia Amreen Haq

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Tab Part 1 of 2

Artist – Icons Song – Oporanho Tuning – D#,G#,C#,F#,A#,D# Intro riff – B F# G A


Verse 1 B D Ei mone aajo, pore thaki ami A G Ononto dube jai hotashay B D Tumi roye jao, shorgo dare A G Amar opekkhay

Prechorus – E G Kottobar bhebe gechi ami D A Prithibi bhalobesha jae Chorus – B G D A B G D A Tumi bhalo thako ghumer bhetor amay araal kore Bhenge pore akaasher neel karukaaj ontore Verse 2 – B G Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus Bridge follows on Chorus chords Note: The plucking in the Intro and both the solos from the song will be given in TMAG’s next issue.



1. Bare Necessities The Jungle Book 2. One Jump Ahead Aladdin 3. HakunaMatata The Lion King 4. You’ve Got A Friend In Me Toy Story

6. The Soccer’s Apprentice Fantasia



7. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Cinderella 8. Friend Like Me Aladdin 9. I Wanna Be Like You The Jungle Book 10. Circle Of Life The Lion King bigstock


Legendary band, Warfaze’s, guitarist Oni Hasan is now the talk of the town. He is spending his busy times with the making of his debut instrumental album. Typical hard rock/heavy metal musician, Oni is now working to serve his fans some instrumental experience through his most awaited solo project. In a short chit-chat with him, Oni has shared his experiences of recording the album. “Playing in a band all the time keeps you in the boundaries. You always have a limit of doing things. There are certain things you can’t explore, because of the genre and end up getting stuck to one thing. So, I wanted to get out of that and explore the other sides of me as a player, as a musician,” he commented on the reasons behind planning for a solo instrumental album. With a few fresh and talented young musicians, Oni has started recording the tracks at a brand

new studio “Smoke Stack Studio.” Regarding the theme of the album Oni commented, “There’s no theme actually. I started with the goal of wanting to make some quality, soulful music. I’m getting every bit of emotion out of my guitar and trust me, it sounds amazing so far. I can’t wait for it to be out already.” Oni has got big plans for this project. He wants to make this into a live band and play in live shows around the world. Oni wishes to complete all the recordings by January. “I wasn’t actually this serious when recording albums with Warfaze. I am working day and night on this. And the fans I have are amazing. I probably have the best fans in the world. They love everything I do and all my efforts are devoted to them.” Imtiaz Salim

Tones of sepia

Top disney 10 songs

5. A Spoonful Of Sugar Mary Poppins

Signatures of Oni

With Khiyo’s new album just around the corner, we had a quick chat with the vocalist, Sohini Alam, to know more! The upcoming album will feature what Khiyo sees as “Bengali heritage music.” Khiyo focuses on the use of actual instruments in the studio, rather than solely depending on the laptop. Oliver Weeks and Sohini Alam worked on the basic structure and arrangements of the songs to help them strike a chord with the newer generation; arrangements that resonated them as musicians. “Ben Hillyard then joined us and we would jam the songs out and then change things as and when necessary. We did the same when working with tabla player, Hassan Mohyeddin, who played on the album. Olly wrote out basic drum charts for Derek Scurll and detailed viola parts for Danyal Dhondy, and we eventually

properly rehearsed and came up with a more structured arrangement. It was a long process. We’ve basically been developing this album for over five years,” says Sohini, talking about Khiyo’s first album. With Khiyo, the band wanted the instruments to not just complement the vocals, but also sound beautiful without. While the vocal lines of many of these Bengali songs are wonderful, Sohini, along with Oliver Weeks had often felt that the instrumentation of the songs were at times treated like some “poor cousin” or largely ignored. With the album, Khiyo not only revamps sepia-toned classics but with this album will probably manage to introduce to the the magic that the golden era classics . Nabeela M.

The bass effect One of the key elements of jazz music is the tuba. It is the largest and lowestpitched brass instrument. The name tuba in Latin means trumpet or horn. It is often referred to as the horn of music because of its attributes. The sound produced is created by the vibration of the air blown into the large mouth piece. The tuba first made its appearance in the mid-19th century, back then it was largely used as an addition to the orchestra. It is the principal instrument for marching bands and symphonic

bands. It serves as the bass for the brass instrument section. The tuba has been used in jazz since the genre’s origin. In the early days, bands often used a tuba for outdoor playing and a double bass for indoor performances. In this context, the tuba was sometimes called “brass bass”, in contrast to the double bass, which was called “string bass.” When used in modern jazz, tubas usually fill the traditional bass role, although it is not uncommon for them to take solos. tahsin momin

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breaking the curse Disney Interactive Studios’ newest game, Brave, is the new addition to video games. Based on the movie itself, the game follows princess Merida on her voyage to break the curse of Mor’du, clear the forest of the blight, and turn her mother and three younger brothers back to being human. Players battle through eight levels as princess Merida. Using an assortment of charms, swords, bows and arrows, Merida will have to defeat a diversity of supernatural enemies, collect new weapons and tapestry pieces and find a few new outfits. Along the way, attack and health upgrades can be purchased using coins won from completing levels.

Gadget hunt

Price Tk8500 Warranty 1 Year Available at Any UCC outlet

web critic


Overall, Brave is a strong submission from Disney Interactive Studios. Rated E-10 for fantasy violence, this game has what it takes to keep teenagers entertained with its Zelda-like atmosphere and Disney-Pixar storytelling. Minor technical issues are bound to frustrate experienced gamers. The portrayal of fiery enemies and supernatural beasties might frighten younger gamers. However, there is no complains with attention to details and DisneyPixar holds up on their end of the bargain and makes it an enjoyable game for all. tahsin momin

BMW for hands Working efficiently is all about having the right tools at hand for the job. Similarly, having equipment that fits your hands is also important. For that very reason we find that many tools can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user or the job. Lately, there has been a lot of focus on the optimising mechanical keyboards and the sort of gaming experience that they create, but what about the mouse? Many people focus on getting a quality keyboard first, but the mouse is just as important. Finding the perfect fit for your hand size, grip style, and the design that you prefer can be a challenging. Thermaltake Level 10M gaming mouse is a fantastic product of the partnership between Thermaltake and

DesignWorksUSA, a subsidiary of the BMW Group. The concept behind the Level 10 series component is to deliver a sense of power with proper styling and functionality. The Level 10M gaming mouse features a nonslip rubberised and finishes off in diamond black, iron white, military green, and blazing red. It has a total of seven buttons along with 11 programmable macros. Lighting effects can be chosen from the seven colour choices according to your mood. The Level 10M is built using a high sensitivity laser sensor, with adjustable sensitivity up to 8200dpi. The buttons, dpi settings, and lighting effects are all customisable using the software included with it. tahsin momin

The Write Space It’s hard being a writer. Digging into your emotions and sensibilities and putting yourself out on paper for the whole world to pick you apart is a daunting prospect, and most writers have to fight the urge to procrastinate. The Internet doesn’t really help; with social networking being a major distraction. That’s why Ommwriter is an awesome tool for aspiring writers. It creates a distraction-free writing environment. When you fire it up, it removes Facebook and Twitter and everything else from your screen, leaving you to focus on your writing without interruption. However, a completely blank space might be intimidating too, you also have a choice

of backgrounds (colour gradients, snowscape, etc) a range of ambient sounds (instrumental music, train sounds, typewriter effects), and four font choices. You can mix and match to create a custom environment suited to your needs. All you need to do after you’re done is log out and you’re re-connected with the world. Ommwriter is available for PC, Mac and iPad. There’s a free version (Dana I) with limited backgrounds, sounds and fonts, and a premium version (Dana II) with more customisations. Check it out on for a smooth writing experience. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

snow white reloaded

No one had heard of Rupert Sanders, the 42-year-old director of Snow White and the Huntsman until he was inexplicably trusted with a budget of $170 million to bring the timeless fairy tale to life for an audience jaded with visual effects. Thankfully, Rupert Sanders delivered. Say what you will about Kristen Stewart and her wooden acting, as Snow White she hits the right notes: naiveté, likability and the quality of being princessy. It’s not easy making such a fairy tale world believable on live action, but Sanders does it. That is no small feat for a debut. There’s one big problem in plausibility though—KStew fairer than Charlize Theron? That part is hard to buy. Abak Hussain


The stuff of fairytales The skinny A young bounty hunter receives an unexpected visit from the son she had given up for adoption, and in trying to return him to his legal guardian, falls smack into a world where fairytales are real. The pros: Pretty visuals. The story structure is also a big draw. The different fairytales and personal relationships are intricately woven together in ways that will surprise you. The non-linear storytelling also makes for unexpected turns. The cons Aside from the cheesiness of the choice of source material, the ratings present a problem. The show has a lot of adult themes, but because of the PG rating, they have to find a family-friendly way to present it. TMAG’s rating Sabrina F Ahmad

TM AG TU E SDAY, AU G U ST 6, 20 1 3

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He says

She says

No matter how couples scream and shout about being modern and fast-paced, most of them want a committed relationship where they can play the role of the dominant one and the other be subservient. If not that, they need someone to constantly fall back on when they are down or need motivation and encouragement. Here are two scenarios of how couples feel about commitments and their roles in their relationships


3 4

The problem of having commitment issues 5

He says I have been seeing

my girl for 4 years now. However, I am not ready to take her to my parents. I feel like I need more time to get to know her. Is it too much to ask for more time from someone that I may be tied to forever?

She says My boyfriend has serious commitment issues. He doesn’t even want to hang out with my friends to avoid familiarity. We have been together almost 2 years now and I feel like he’s always trying to keep things “casual” between us. His inconsistent behaviour is really starting to tick me off.


I was sweating a lot and I failed to realise that my top had become completely seethrough. Everyone was staring at me.

Blush Much?

I was on my way to class when a car drove past me and splashed muddy water all over my kameez. The car was being driven by the guy I have a crush on. I was talking on the phone and crossing the roads; I lost my focus and fell into a ditch. I was peeking into the teacher’s room to look for this sir whom I found cute, and all of a sudden he appeared behind me. I ran away from the scene as fast as I could. I was drawing an offensive doodle of my class teacher; she happened to stand behind me watching me draw the the whole time. I was sent to the principal’s office. I went up to this girl to ask her out; when I opened my mouth I let out a burp out of nervousness.


My best friend snuck up on me, while I was talking to my crush, flung my skirt up over my head and ran.


My mother took me to a parlour to get my hands waxed. When the lady bruised my skin badly, my mom got so angry and she pulled me out of that parlour. As a result I had to go to a family gathering with a hairless-left-hand and a hairy-right-hand.


During lunch break I was running around aimlessly on the fields and I ended up tripping on a rock and landing face first on the ground. I had a fleshy moustache on my upper lip for weeks.

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The problem of being bossed around

He says I am a sports fanatic. I need my Fifa sessions with my friends and “bro time” once a week at least. I love my girlfriend and give her all the time she wants, but she blows her fuse at the mention of me spending time with my friends. I just don’t get why.

She says I recently broke up with my boyfriend because of his excessive bullying and interference with my lifestyle. I have grown up going to discotheques and parties and I always make sure that whoever I date knows about my lifestyle. But somehow, right after I start dating them, they get creepily possessive and dominating.

Dear Diary, August 4, 2013 I still cannot get over the fact that my parents actually put me through this. I had to sit through Imran’s mother’s scrutinising eyes and listen to her rant about how we should be together. I really thought Imran had the dignity to keep his folks out of it but boy was I wrong. Basically, his parents asked us to take some time together to sort out our “differences.” How can I explain to them that differences aren’t the reason why we are not together. I cannot tell them I am not physically attracted to Imran anymore (come to think of it, I never was). I guess I need to sugar-coat it and let them know we are over. On the flipside, I am really starting to worry about Sameer finding out about this double life I am leading. I should come out clean about my life to him now that we are together, but I don’t want to jinx what we have, and what we have is beyond beautiful. Imran has planned an entire week with me, asking me to give him a chance to revive what we had. I ought to say no to him, but it’s getting hard for me to miss out on all the ways he will pamper me. I will have to make up a superb excuse and avoid Sameer for a week. I have read that true love can wait, so I guess its time that Sameer does some of the waiting. THE DREAMER If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at


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