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Arbovirus infection

5 Look of the Week Silk and lace

Editor’s note Dear Readers, Among other things, this is a month of contradictions. On one hand those of the faith are supposed to be practising abstinence and exercising selfrestraint. On the other hand, you have the tempting treats in the iftar bazaar taunting you from the street stalls. Even if you manage to avoid that, there’s still the little problem of Instagrammers and their need to tell you about every piaju and dalpuri they ate/will eat/are craving. What’s a person to do? After many a serious article, we finally have a lighter tongue-in-cheek Hot Spot (pg 6&7), about the ways in which the deshi rojdars defeat their own purpose. We also have useful tips on staying healthy (Page 2), not losing track of studies (Page 3), and dressing for iftar parties (Page 4). All the complaints that one sees in Facebook statuses about the hypocrisy of seasonal believers aside, TMAG believes that this is also a month of introspection, and many start on a journey to making a lifestyle change during this time. With that in mind, we have a very special Written in the Stars (Page 8) for you. TMAG wishes all its readers Ramadan Kareem. Love, From the TMAG desk

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Status of the week Racially stereotyped at JFK Airport. Man behind me on the boarding line asked whether I was listening to Bollywood songs on my phone. Asked him, politely, whether he was listening to Bieber.

Quote of the week My standards are impossibly high. I’m like a walrus going after a peacock.

Lingo of the week Selfie Huddle – When a group of people squish together for one person to take a self-shot of the whole gang. Friend 1: “Man, we cleaned out the all-you-can-eat!” Friend 2: “OMG! Instagram time! Selfie huddle, everyone”

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3



Your Life

Funk up your room


Sindulgent Rooms

Right for Ramadan Fasting- the one time we willingly and even happily go hungry all day. However, while some can breeze through this rigid exercise in self control, a whole lot of others have a very hard time. Our body is used to meals thrice a day, at more or less similar times. However, Ramadan can turn that whole routine upside down and the body rebels in its own way- it falls sick. To get over the initial, or in other cases, persistent discomfort, here’s some advice Eat right

A teen’s room is the teen’s kingdom. This is your domain, where your rules apply. If you want your decor to reflect this, but are stuck with a small budget, here are some simple ways to fake the extravagance.

It is very important to know what your tummy rejects and what it accepts. Some people cannot take too much oil or spice. Others can binge on junk food all day but still not hear so much as one rumble, from their bellies. Cover up the fluid intake by drinking as much of juice or water as you can, as humidity takes more moisture away from your body than you can imagine. Opt for fruits and foods that are low on oil. Also, choose to break the first few fasts with foods that are easy on your palate like fruits, chickpeas, salads, juices, etc before moving on to richer food.

Old school

Sleep right


Nothing says ‘opulent’ like ornate knick-knacks from a bygone era. You don’t have to break the bank to acquire these either, nor do you have to go overboard. Replace the knobs on your dresser with antique knobs and handles. Use grandma’s old paan er baata to store your jewellery. Install an antique mirror with a fancy frame on your wall. Get those tasselled curtain ties for your curtain. Little touches, incorporated over time, can add pizzazz to your room.

Here comes the show-stopper

If you’re a movie buff, you can bring some film inspiration into your decor. Hang a disco ball from your dresser, or from the doorway. You can find mini ones selling near traffic intersections or the roadside stalls. Get string lights to hang over your bed or window. Frame your movie posters, like they do for the dressing rooms of stars. Bonus points for finding cheesy Bangla film posters for a deshi twist. Make a collage of your favourite movie quotes, ticket stubs from movies at the cinemas, and sprinkle liberally with glitter for that star effect, and you have a great conversation piece.

Island retreat

Take your room on a seaside holiday. Switch to all-white towels and bed linens, because they look hotelfresh. The effect is amplified if you have curtains and bedcovers in shades of blue and green, but that’s a bonus. Scatter some seashells on top of your dresser. Get a small straw mat to put beside your bed. Hang a wind chime from your door. Whichever theme you pick, it is the attention to little details that will help you seal it. Sabrina fatma ahmad

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3

Sleeping routines can also be disrupted as the Azaan and the human alarm clocks of your area can have you awake before your body gets enough sleep! Of course, Fazr prayers must be offered before going to sleep too by which time, it’s time to wake for school. Instead of being irritable and drowsy all through the day, try to sleep as early as possible in order for you to cover for those lost morning hours. Also, avoid eating just before you sleep. A lighter stomach helps you sleep better and gives you greater appetite for Sehri.


Exercise right

Health freaks, take heed! Its summer and you were fasting all day. The gym session can wait till night. Rigorous exercise during the day can wear you out and make the fasting period seem all the more strenuous. However, for those who think going without food is

enough to skip exercise altogether, think again. You make up the food intake adequately at itfar. However, too much food at an odd time, after such a long period of going without, can stun the stomach into revolting. Curb the gastric pangs with an hour of brisk walking every night. Munira Fidai quamrul abedin

TMAG’s Room of the week!

Name Mushahid Ahmed Area uttara

We love the motley collection of artwork, photos and framed mirror to turn the whole wall into a visual display. It’s an instant way to add your own personality into a room. Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!




School Survival

Staying on Top Ramadan is here and schools will be out soon! Many take that as a vacation but it really is not. It gives you time to prepare for school after Eid where you’ll be faced with more pressure than before. Remember, schools have syllabi to finish. Take this break for what it is- a respite from the heat, a break from the physical strain and a time to revise and brush up on all that you feel school does not leave you time for Clarify

When you go through previous lessons and exercises, you are bound to come across some areas where you feel you are unclear or can do better. Chalk out those areas to clear out with a friend who you feel can help you.

Room for improvement

Weak in mathematics? Physics boggles you? Chemistry goes over your head? Shakespeare says one thing but means another? There is no time like holidays to brush up on everything that does not come naturally. The formula to academic success has two parts. Aptitude, and hard work. Where talent doesn’t work, hard work surely does. bigstock


There is no better way to prepare yourself with what’s coming than to brush up on all that you have covered in class previously. It is fundamental to be perfect at your previous curriculum if you want to understand the following lessons better. No better time than this!

Study get-togethers

School’s out and we all know that we’re not staying at home all day every day. When it comes to low key outings, a friend’s house is best. However, in between those gossip or gaming sessions, stay abreast of school news that may affect your curricular activities. Take the time with a brainy one from your group to sort out your confusions and help you through some exercises. munira fidai


TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

Eid Mela 2013

10am-8pm, July 17 - July 20 Venue Suchona Community Centre

Rabindranath & Cinema Opening of Rabindranath Tagore Film Week

Women Power

ERA Eid Exhibition III

GOAL, an initiative taken by Standard Chartered Bank, and BRAC organized a press conference on the July 8 at the Spectra Convention Centre, Gulshan. GOAL is an initiative on women empowerment. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it uses sports like cricket, football and karate to empower women. Teenage girls from Bogura, Sylhet and Naraynganj are trained and taught values like financial literacy, communication skills, health and hygiene and confidence and life skills. Mitu Rai, Shuhada Akhter, and Tania, our teen “coaches,” expressed immense gratitude for this initiative that has helped them bloom into healthy and happy adolescents. The event was attended by Dr Saiful Islam, Dierctor, Educational Program, BRAC, special guest Md Ashraful Hossain, DG, Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs and Jim McCabe, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh.

5pm, July 20 Venue EMK Centre Book tickets from 11am - 9pm, July 19 - July 20 Venue EFES Restaurant

Underground inter-school tournament

7:30pm - 10:30pm, July 24 - July 27 Venue Banani Club Line up 7-aside, 12 men squad

Digitalising the underprivileged

Rezwan doodled this when he was bored in class

JAAGO has yet again taken an initiative to improve the country’s literacy rate by introducing computers into their school with the help of DELL Bangladesh. On July 14, JAAGO and Dell Bangladesh have inaugurated a computer lab in JAAGO’s Rayer Bazar School. Dell Bangladesh has provided 10 laptops and a server to spread computer education to the root levels of our society. Tahsin Momin

Munira Fidai

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to tmag@dhakatribune. com and see it in our weekly!

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3

4 tmag Beauty Check

seven deadly sins of makeup


Look of the Week

Iftar Party

While many rules are meant to be broken, playing fast and loose with a few cardinal laws of your beauty regimen can land you in make-up hell. Here are seven beauty sins to avoid.

Match point Whether you’re trying to go lighter or fake a tan, you want your face to match your neck, otherwise it completely defeats the purpose of bronzer and foundation. Save yourself the embarrassment of bad photos by testing your makeup against your jaw-line, in proper lighting.

“Let them eat cake!” When you can stop bullets with your face, you know you’re wearing too much make-up. No matter how fancy the occasion is, wearing make-up thick enough to slice though is a big no-no, and not just for aesthetic reasons; it’s also hell on your skin. Take a light hand with the make-up instead, and let your natural beauty and personality shine through.

Outlined Lip liner that’s visibly darker than your lipstick is probably the biggest beauty faux pas ever. In fact, if you have to use liner at all (usually it isn’t even necessary) some make-up artists suggest doing the opposite. Pick a liner that is actually a shade or so lighter than your lip colour.

This means war Unless you want to look like an extra on Braveheart, you want your blush or bronzer to blend, blend, blend until there’s a subtle gradation of colour. If there are bright splotches of colour on your face, you’re doing it all wrong, dear.

Dry spell If you have to drag your lipstick across your lips, it is time to throw it out. Not only will dry lipstick look cakey and tacky, it will also chap your lips. If it’s a favourite shade, you can stretch it out a bit by applying lip foundation underneath, or simply rubbing a little petroleum jelly on top to give it a little moisture.

Overnight This one’s another dermatological boo-boo. Don’t sleep in your make-up. No matter how tired you are, take those extra five minutes to scrub your face clean. Your skin will love you for it. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad


As if we teens needed another reason to glam up, here comes Ramadan! It’s about good deeds and self control, fasting got it! Iftar parties are quite the rage all through Ramadan and call us camera crazy but we girls simply love to dress up. Getting the right look for these parties is very important as Ramadan is the one time people show genuine happiness in dressing up and eating good food. And it’s very rare to see any party peacock failing to show up in anything but their best plumage!

The dress When you think parties, you automatically think western. But when you think Iftar parties, its traditional or nothing. Go for saris or salwar kameez. Long sleeved and length kameez are very much in fashion. Choose bright colours as Ramadan is all about festivities and happiness.

The jewellery Yes it’s the dead of summer but evenings generally get cooler. Go for gold hoops in your ears and long necklaces for the neck. Long pearl strands look beautiful on any outfit and are light enough to wear. Choose jewellery that is heavy on style but light on weight. Remember, you will be fasting and if you cannot manage elaborate jewelry, light studs and pendants also look classy, especially for more glamorous outfits.

The shoes The shoes should be a cross between comfort and style. Our advice, go for low heels that can help you carry your outfit with grace. Low heels can come in lovely stone patterns. Remember, stones can easily make you look overdressed so choose very tastefully, the right combination for the right dress. Heavy stonework can look wedding-y and tacky.

The bag Clutch it is, my pretty! All you need is your phone, your camera and your cash anyway! Many make the mistake to carry big bags, usually to flaunt the brand logos in the front. Big bags however, tend to normally kill the overall look. Look for very stylish and some surprisingly spacious clutches at your nearest Celebrations store. Munira fidai

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3

lady in red If you wear a hijab and are looking for styles that accommodate your lifestyle and are still flattering, the current trend for gown-inspired long kameezes is perfect for you. Viola, a Facebook boutique has a new line of beautiful jewel-toned outfits out for Eid, and each of their ensembles has a hijab option. Check them out at the ERA Exhibition at Efes restaurant on July 19 and 20. Model Sadia Mehzabeen Rini Wardrobe Viola by Fariha Photo credit Viola

tmag 5

Street Car Talk

The f1 successor Price $493,000 Body style supercar Engine 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 Power 441kW at 6000rpm Torque 600Nm at 3000-7000rpm Transmission 7-speed sequential auto Weight 1434kg 0-100km/h 3.3 seconds Fuel consumption 11.7L/100km CO2 emissions 279g/km Mclaren uses the MP4-12C to make a permanent outing onto the road to take on its motorsports nemesis, the Ferrari. Not so long ago, the rivalry between Mclaren and Ferrari was considered as intense as Barcelona versus Real Madrid. Simply, there were no hard feelings between them. Both the manufacturers had successful outings in the motor sport industry. Mclaren has been here before. In 1993, the unveiling of the Mclaren F1 gave the world a piece of engineering masterpiece that can’t ever be replaced. The F1 gave the world the first three-seater cockpit layout with the steering positioned in the centre. With the F1, Mclaren pioneered the art of carbon-fibre. For almost a decade the F1 held on to the title of being the fastest production car in the world. The MP4-12C also has the same

grand prix pedigree as the original F1. It was perfected in the same wind tunnel used to tune up the critical aerodynamics of its F1 cars. The whole construction of the car is based on the Carbon-fibre monocoque cell. The MP4-12C with its unique scissor doors is the sort of car that the theatre buyers would be interested in. Sitting inside the 1990s F1 was quiet unconventional and the driving position often baffled the drivers and was flunked by the offset passenger seater. Unlike its predecessor the MP4-12C adopts the conventional two-seater layout. The interior is nothing like Ferrari but ones you are in it, you immediately realise you are in something way more special then a Ferrari. Mclaren most definitely has the supercar aura, and it makes you feel intimidated at the first with the arrays of buttons and display, and reminds the driver that they are about to drive a car worth half a million dollars. The driving position is perfect. Even though it is a race-car, very low yet the vision all round it is excellent for a supercar, and the pedals have been placed precisely so that they are not counterbalanced for the driver’s legs. Once you are comfortably in, learned about everything around

you, it is time to press the crucial button in the cockpit, marked Engine Start/Stop, that fires the MP412C’s monstrous V8 into life with a dramatic bark. The MP4-12C is quite easy to manage even in the traffic as well. There’s even a start-stop technology that turns off the engine at red lights and turns back on almost


instantly, giving it the respectable fuel consumption figure of 11.7L/100km. Formula Ones teams are renowned for constantly developing their cars for the tiniest improvement that can be proven decisive on the track. And Mclaren went a step further by taking that philosophy to their road cars. Tahsin Momin

HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) Don’t feel upset if you start zoning out at the beginning of this week; it’s just one of those days when things aren’t getting through to you. Motivation will kick in, so will your creativity and you’ll eventually be doing a bang on job in any project you lay your hands on.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) Meeting new people and trying new things always has its perks, but try not to go overboard with it. You could start with something small like a new workout routine or a study schedule; find a new way of doing old things that should be a kick start to your week. Criticizing a friend might not serve you well.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22) Keeping tabs on your finances will serve you well this week. Find new ways of savings that will allow you to spend for your needs as well as your wants. You could also start by selling off collectibles that is no longer of value to you; it’s a win-win for you and your customer.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) Be careful about running your mouth in public; how you deliver it will matter to those around you. Curb your attitude; the last thing you would want is people giving the cold shoulder or getting into a cat fight with you. Work on getting some peace and quiet even when things are falling apart.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Something from your past will show up at your doorstep; try to deal with it without cringing. Try reciprocating with someone who genuinely cares for you; it’s not a bad idea to make someone happy once in a while. Take the week to complete chores or projects you have been avoiding for a long time.

Gemini (May 21-Jun20) Try not to come off as self absorbed in your friend circle this week; you’ll end up getting the stink eye from them. Being clingy with someone or something shows your inability to give someone their rightful space. Better rid yourself of such habits or else people will start screening your calls.

Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22) Your plans for the week won’t do you any good if you don’t follow them. Sticking to your words might help you complete whatever is pending before the deadlines. If you are currently involved in a relationship, focus on how to keep your partner interested in you; cross off old tactics in order to do so.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) You can’t help but notice that everything is going according to your plans; kudos to you for that! However you could do well with some changes and it could start with getting some new threads. If you are still fashionably awkward take help from someone. A friend will be obvious about how much you mean to them. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Some things are beyond your control this week so you might as well give up. People consider you to be responsible; that comes off as very endearing to you. You might spin out of control with studies or chores and end up ignoring someone.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Dropping everything else to help someone is what you are known for; that is why your friends enjoy your company. You might lose your focus in the middle of the week and this will prevent you from being organized. Don’t think of ending a relationship over the phone or email. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Rushing to things does not necessarily mean that you’ll accomplish things faster; it just shows how impatient you are and how much you rely on temporary solutions compared to the ones that benefit you in the long run. If you are still indecisive consult with a friend who might help you get back on track. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20) You’ll know things about things, and you can’t help but share this with your close people. Don’t let deception get the best of you; figure out their motives and return the favour with something that’ll keep them at arm’s length.

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3




Forbidden Seven Ramadan Edition



Ramadan is supposed to be a month of piety and purity, a time for restraint and reflection. The Devil probably did a Barney Stinson style “Challenge Accepted,” or maybe it’s just the contrary nature of humans, Ramadan usually ends up being the hardest month to keep all that “purity” intact. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad explores seven areas where the pious are less than on this holy month



Sure, fasting is hard. You’re sleepdeprived from having to wake-up for sehri. You have to go through the whole day, work, pray and get all your work done without any food until sunset. It takes a while to get used to this routine, especially the no drinking bit, and lethargy is a legit side effect, but if you’re determined, it’s quite possible to maintain the fast. However, when it comes to our deshi rojadars, these guys manage to take it one step further and use the roja-lethargy as an excuse for slacking off on EVERYTHING. From being late to Ramadanadjusted classes (if they go at all), to lazing about at work, it’s literally “The Walking Dead” all day. But when the sun goes down during Maghrib, and it’s time for iftar, there’s the “miraculous” burst of energy and its 2Fast 2Furious all the way to the iftar table.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3

Speaking of furious, all talks of peace and brotherhood are forgotten the moment you hit the road. Cars, rickshaws, CNG’s jostling at one another, seething with righteous anger at being denied priority on the road despite having to be out on a hot Ramadan day. And about that no profanity thing? Forget it... we’re pretty sure 70% of the “roja” is nullified by cuss words and slanging matches within the first few minutes of a traffic jam.



When the sun goes down, all the stuff about self-restraint and discipline goes out the window. No sooner than the call to iftar is sounded, the rojadars descend on the food with all the ferocity a school of piranhas can muster scenting an unsuspecting swimmer in the water. And those all-you-can-eat pizza deals? It’s like even if you know you can’t have more than 6 slices, you’ll still want to stuff your plate up with 10 or 15 slices just for the sake of mental hunger!





Why do you think these allyou-can-eat deals happen only in Ramadan? Sure, the hungry hordes are liable to binge more (see above) during this time, but these deals are also the reason why they prefer braving the traffic to eat outside instead of bingeing in comfort at home. And no, it’s not the food - not the way the quality drops as the quantity rises. It’s the prospect of the mandatory “selfie-huddle” (see Lingo of the Week) that allows for a brief moment of snuggling, or even some “ironic” PDA for that musthave Facebook/Instagram post. In a way, this one month of self control’s actually pretty essential for couples. It helps to ensure that the relationship is there and working out for the right reasons (ahem!).




Once you’re fed, watered and energised, it’s time for the other main attraction of this season to begin. The SHOPPING! What’s that you say? Modesty? Austerity? Fuhgeddaboutit! With Eid coming up, the number one agenda is to rock the festival look with the latest outfit/cell-phone/accessory. Or three. Also, there’s that crazy “need” for having to own the MOST expensive stuff you can find in the markets, not because the quality is that amazing or anything, it’s the price tag that you get to show off to prove the abundant digits in your bank account. Yes, admit it, we are all a little shallow on the inside, and it does help make us feel good about ourselves.

When you’re out and about during the Eid shopping season, and even when you’re not, you’ll be confronted with the fact that everyone wants a piece of the pie. While all other countries have special sales and discounts ahead of their holiday season, retailers here use the excuse to jack up prices. And that’s not all. Step outside for a moment, and you’re mobbed like Danaerys Targaryen after her Yunkai conquest. The valet who parks the car wants a little “cha-pani” money. The street kids will loudly proclaim “Baksheesh!” Even your local cable-guy will send around a hilariously mis-spelled memo politely requesting his “Eid Bonous”.

So you’ve done your shopping and paid off your bonuses and now the actual piety can commence, right? Yeah, no. The only thing that does commence and continue throughout the season, is a game of one-upmanship. So you got two outfits for Eid? That obnoxious girl on Facebook just posted that she got five. Your cousins come in and say the got brand new shoes along with their ususal five outfits. The next door neighbours changed the model of their car for Eid. And that classmate of yours who you have always hated ends up with a Macbook pro as a Eid gift. What? Your cell-phone cost just emptied your wallet? The dude in your neighbourhood had to sell his kidney to buy his brand new gadget. And so on, and so forth.



In the end, we’re all just human, and the road to redemption is rather slippery. However, if we can remember what Ramadan is really about and follow the guidelines provided for maintaining ourselves this one month, it’s bound to be a good one. It’s a month of hardship and endurance, and if you can instill a bit of faith and belief in yourself, it’s worth it. Well, at least the food on Eid is worth the wait, right? TMAG wishes its readers a hearty Ramadan Mubarak!



Cartoons by Syed Rashad imam tanmoy Photo: Big stock

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

The Maher Khan Story

It was the year 2011, and with the launch of their long-anticipated album Tritio Jatra, Nemesis were cresting on a career peak. With their existing fan-base going nuts and new ones waking up to their distinctive sound, it seemed like nothing could shake them. And then, the following year, Maher Khan, arguably one of the best guitarists in the country, announced that he was quitting, not just Nemesis the band, but music, altogether, to pursue the path of Islam. The news hit everyone like a tidal wave, and the speculation began. Two years later, a lot of questions remain. TMAG managed to catch up with the MAK himself to hear his side of the story, in his own words A paradigm shift Until 2012, for the last 13 years, Nemesis had been one of the most important parts of my life, but during the last few years of my time with the band, things started changing for me little by little. When we were kids, we were taught to pray regularly and until I started getting older, I did. I got detached from praying as I grew up. During those last few years, I started feeling like something is missing in my life. I had a great life going on, great friends, a great career; I was doing what I loved, but I still felt that gap, and at the back of my mind, I sort of always knew what that gap might be. When I started trying to fill that void by trying to balance out my passion and my beliefs again, I knew it would be very hard, considering all the distractions that came along with music, but because I prioritised my beliefs and I held onto them, I chose the paths that led me to where I am now. Of course, it’s natural to miss music and playing it, but there are some things worth a lot more than passion. Around 2009, I started focusing more on trying to be an ideal Muslim. I started praying regularly, giving priority to my Salah before my performances, which still allowed me to continue with music. But there were still other things that I would need to do as a good Muslim, and the music was a distraction from that. I had begun to realise that I would eventually have to pick one of the two, and I even knew which one I was going to pick. I couldn’t leave without finishing what I had started with them. They depended on me as I would’ve depended on them, and until the release of “Tritio Jatra” in 2011, I stayed back for the band. I wish things could’ve been different, or at least easier, but when you have to walk away from something so close to your heart, it’s never easy. And if it wasn’t for the support of my wife, Aisha, I don’t think I could’ve done it.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3


Choice and opinions rules and guidelines It wasn’t easy. Leaving such an important part of my life behind; it’s never easy to give up doing something that you are so passionate about, but life does have its way of redeeming itself. It might seem like I had a very successful life going but that’s the thing, the perception of success is different for different people. In my case, I was seeking success by being a good Muslim in the eyes of Allah. And holding a stronger belief in religion isn’t something that makes me any different as a human being. I’m still me. I’ve just chosen to follow Islam’s rules and guidelines as prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah. What I believe in, the religion I practice, these aren’t my “opinions” as some might say, but facts that are prescribed in the books. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of mails from young people asking me for help with situations quite similar to mine. There was this one guy, who just messaged a few days ago, telling me that he had recently started prioritising Islam more and because of this, he gets mocked by his friends. His frustrations had left him demoralised and now he was asking if I could help him find a way to get through this. I told him to be patient and ask Allah for guidance. That’s what I did. There are lots of things in this world that get in the way of our goals, but if we stay true to our beliefs and ask Allah for his guidance, He will show the way. Looking at where I stand, it feels like that all my life, I had been jumping to catch a rope that’s always been there hanging in front of me, and now, it feels like I’ve finally caught it and now I’m just going to hold on to it as tightly as I can, and if I can keep holding on to it till the day I die, I will have done my duty. I am at peace, and am content. I feel like I’m on the right track in life, and in the eyes of Allah. I have a great job, a great family and an amazing wife, who understands me better than anyone else. I believe I’m at a very good place in life now. I guess in the end, what matters the most is that I am happy.



• Nemesis was formed (Zohad, Maher, Nondito, Ratul and Yawar)

• Released second album “Tritio Jatra” (Dead Line Music) • Radio and music video of “Kobe” from Tritio Jatra released

2003 • Released debut single “Obocheton” (Aguntuk-2) • Signing of Record Label with G-Series

2005 • Released debut album “Onneshon” (G-Series) • Nondito and Yawar out, band, Dio and Omayr in

2006 • Released “Dhushor Bhabna” (Live Now)


2012 • Maher Khan and Omayr Khan leave Nemesis • Changes in the final line-up, Zerif and Zeheen Ahmed join • Citycell Channel i Music Awards • Nemesis won the Critic’s Choice – Best Band Award. • Tritio Jatra also got nominated for The Best Band Award 2011 (Popular Choice and Critic), The Best Sounding Album Award and Best Music Video Award (“Kobe,” Studio Bangi)

• Released “Joyoddhoni” (Underground 2) • Music video of “Obocheton” aired

The present

tmag 9

It’s Ramadan Time It was the beginning of December, more than a decade ago. Final exams over- I felt fantastic. During that time, when I was a school girl, my only dream was to play games with my adorable sister and my neighbour friends in the field outside. My day started with me trying to persuade my mother to let me go outside to play. The more I bothered her, the angrier she would get. Somehow, I managed to convince her and stepped out for a game of cricket. It was the 9th Ramadan and one of the hottest days of my life. We paired up into two teams

and the game started. After a long tiring session we decided to take a fifteen minute break. Our stomachs were growling with hunger and my friend Tenveer brought a few apples for us to eat. Once we started eating, we all realized that it’s Ramadan and we were fasting! But none of us said a word to each other and continued eating shamelessly. I suppose we all convinced ourselves in our minds that accidental eating or drinking is not considered a broken fast.

“Ish!” Cynthia didn’t know if the heat wave was the topic of conversation, or if the mistress was still preoccupied with her Hindi serials. Sometimes the mistress reached for her own remote and sometimes Cynthia had to fetch it for her, retrieving it from under the bed or from the dresser and once even from the bathroom sink. “Ish,” her mistress would say as Cynthia wordlessly handed the device back.

Ish ish ish. Early in the mornings Cynthia would creep into her mistress’s darkened quarters to empty out the wastebasket, and then gently rouse her mistress’s sleeping form with whispered calls and the occasional prod. Sometimes the mistress would stir and sometimes she would fling out an arm that would catch Cynthia, unexpectedly, across the shoulder blades or between her eyes. Shehtaz Huq

Saudia Afrin



The Servant’s year

comic Book

The first highway to buckle in the heat wave was the one between Uttara and Gulshan. “Major heat wave coming our way,” the television blared. “Ay hai,” the mistress said, her stubby, bejeweled fingers resting on her bosom. Then the lights went out and the refrigerator stopped its cantankerous humming and the apartment was plunged into momentary silence. The maids scattered soon enough, once the mistress had claimed her spot in the coolest patch of shade in the apartment. Cynthia, forever sitting by the mistress’s feet, was occupied by the monumental task of massaging her employee’s callused soles. She was also eavesdropping on the mistress’s phone conversation, often punctuated with “Ay hai!” and


Retro for the win The comic book universe nowadays is a dark and gritty place perhaps to mirror the times of uncertainty we all face on a regular basis which is why Batman 66 by Jeff Parker is a much needed and refreshing throwback to the fun 60s Batman TV show. Jeff Parker captures the spirit of the ‘60s Batman show, there’s lots of fun moments and more than a few pun filled laugh out loud panels. The dialogue is authentic and packed with the trademark cheese that made the Adam West led show such a hit. Parker also adds a new twist, delivering action set pieces that the old show could never

have produced. There’s an aerial fight scene that is genuinely exciting, the kind of stuff that you’d expect to find in a traditional Batman comic. The artwork is done by Jonathan Chase who does a stellar job, the bright colours and the comical and exaggerated “POW’s!” all make the journey more authentic. There’s an abundance of energy here, a nostalgic feeling that you can’t help but get caught up in. This is the kind of comic you read with a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach - highly recommended and available online for free! Fardeen Ameen




Inescapable Dreaminess A fantasy written by Ransom Riggs, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” illustrates the thin line between fairy tales and nightmares,” both figuratively and literally. The eerie, vintage photographs that embellish the story add to the unreal and somehow, real characteristic of the tale. Jacob has grown up listening to his Grandpa Portman’s peculiar stories about his childhood in a faraway island, an island he escaped, to hide from the monsters. Grandpa Portman’s incredible tales of his extraordinary friends always left young Jacob in awe, and the photographs just added to their truth. However, as Jacob grew older, he began to doubt the mysteriousness, the magic of the stories. Even the pictures seemed fake to him. His doubt about his grandfather’s stories continued until the very last day of his grandfather’s life. On that night, what Jacob had seen, and the cryptic last words he had heard from his dying grandfather’s lips set him on a track he didn’t even know existed. Though this story might remind the readers of a few other stories we all already know, Riggs’s creative effort in Miss Peregrine’s Home really makes a difference. The original ideas and the clever interlinking with the various pictures will leave the reader pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness of the story. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was actually inspired by the set of peculiar photographs that the author found. However, the story in itself was so descriptive and grasping that the author did not need them at all. But whether the story needed them or not, the photographs were an additional bonus and thoroughly enjoyable as they added a haunting delight to the tale. This book is available for order from PBS bookstore in Shantinagar, and is freely available for download as an e-book in several sites. Afshan Sattar

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3

10 tmag Guitar Tabs Artist – Nemesis Song – Obocheton


This week’s best spotlight


After a wait of over half a decade, Arbovirus is back with their most anticipated full length compilation “Montobbo Nishproyojon.” Fans always expect good and unique sounds from them, and this album doesn’t disappoint. With eight different tracks the album contains a lot of promise. Hariye Jao, Durotto, Aw, Jaalo Agun Jaalo, Sharthopor are the most listened tracks. Each and every song contains amazing composition and progression; unique guitar tones; mind blowing guitar solos and bass playing; progressive drums objects. If you are feeling blue, you should listen to Hariye Jao and Durotto. For something more aggressive, try Jaalo Agun Jaalo, Sharthopor, Prolaap. There are so many atmospheric sounds in the background that infuse the songs with emotions. There is no song called “Montobbo Nishpryojon.” The title has been taken from the song “Sharthopor.” The song “Bodle Gechhe” talks about the

e|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------| D|---2--------------2-----------2--------2-------------------| A|---2--2-2--------2-----------2--------2-------------------| E|---0--0-0\3-0-0-0\3-0-0—0\3-0—5\3---------------| e|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------| D|---2--------------2-----------2--------2-------------------| A|---2--2-2--------2-----------2--------2-------------------| E|---0--0-0\3-0-0-0\3-0-0—0\3-0—5\3---------------| e|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------| D|---2--------------2-----------2--------2-------------------| A|---2--2-2--------2-----------2--------2-------------------| E|---0--0-0\3-0-0-0\3-0-0—0\3-0—5\3---------------| e|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------------------------| D|---2----------------------7----------------------------------| A|---2--2-2------------5--5----------------------------------| E|---0--0-0--3-2-5-3-3-------------------------------------|

Chords E, C, G, D


Spiritual 10 Songs 1. Allah ki bande Kailash Kher 2. The Great Divide Scott Stapp 3. Namaz Amar Hoilo na Bangla 4. Allahu Allahu Labbayk 5. What if God was one of us? Joan Osbourne 6. Keno koro kanna kati Rumi 7. Bullah ki Jaana Rabbi Shergill 8. Ahoban Bohemian 9. Dil ki doya Pabandash Baul 10. Amar prarthona Black

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3

Get Infected By Arbovirus


continuous changing of manners of Dhaka’s culture. Forming in mid 2002, Arbovirus became one of the most popular rock bands in Bangladesh. On July 26, 2006 they released their debut album ‘64m 53s’. The album contains 12 tracks of different songwriting and flavour. Spending the next seven years break recording their next album they have finally released their second full length. The album has been recorded and mastered by Iqbal Asif Jewel (Not of this Earth Studio). Fundamentally they have released the digital version of the album in collaboration with Sprint (A co-brand of Apex) and Livesquare. You can simply download it for free. The physical version will be released next month under the banner of a record label. Apart from this, Arbovirus has recently released a new music video of their song “Shohor” which was favourably received. Imtiaz Salim

Faith in your voice: Native Deen Native Deen is an Islamic music band from the Washington DC area. They emphasize on hip-hop style with a lyrical theme based on Islam. The band uses percussion instruments rather than string instruments. The word “Deen” in Arabic means religion. The key feature of the band is that their songs contain verses from the Holy Quran. The band consists of three members, Joshua Salaam, Naeem Muhammad, and Abdul-Malik Ahmad, who were all born and brought up in the Columbia district and their aim is to inspire young people to have their Islamic faith and also cope with the pressures and temptations of daily life. The group identifies themselves as Muslims and wear traditional Muslim outfits. The band usually performs at Islamic conferences, fundraisers and holiday gatherings

often during Ramadan and the Eid holidays. Native Deen is relatively popular among the young Muslims in the North American region. They have also gone on international tours. Their music typically features drums, synthesized instruments and vocals. This is solely due to their belief that majority of the Islamic scholars on this matter never used wind, strings or metal instruments. Some of their popular works include Intentions, Paradise and Not Afraid to Stand Alone. The YouTube music video for Not Afraid to Stand Alone attracted over three-million views till this date. An official report in 2006 suggested that they have sold over 50 million records in their career. tahsin momin

instrument Balalaika: Music of the tsars A three stringed, triangular bodied musical instrument used in Russian Folk music. It was first urbanized in the 17th century from the round-bodied, long-necked, three-stringed instrument played in Central Asia, often referred to as Sitar. The balalaika has seven different sizes; piccolo, prima, secunda, alto, tendor, bass and contrabass. They all have a fretted neck in common. The frets can be moved, and there is a small, circular sound hole in the contracted end of the belly. The three strings are usu-

ally connected from the bottom to the top, strung over like a violin, with a bridge in the middle. They are generally plucked with the fingers; however the metal strings are plucked using a leather plectrum. All of the Balalaikas are made from Spruce or Fir tops and the back made from three to nine wooden sections. The most popular solo instrument is the Prima, tuned E-E-A (two of the lower strings tuned to have same pitch). Tahsin Momin

tmag 11



Gadget hunt

Casio Edifice EF-566D • Chronograph • Tachymeter • 100-meter water resistance • Stainless steel case and band


app of the week

A dangerous place to live Ajami has been compared to both ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Crash’ and it’s safe to say it borrows liberally from both. Set in the Israeli town of Ajami located in Jaffa, the film shows violence as endemic. All are perpetrators and all are victims of it. In short, these kids are really from just a rough, rough neighbourhood. Like ‘Pulp Fiction’, Ajami tells five different stories in nonlinear fashion which converge and lock together. There is the story of Nasri, whose teenage neighbour is shot in a drive-by shooting. There is the story of Malik, a boy trying to make some money to help out in his mother’s bone marrow transplant surgery. There’s the story of the old Jewish man who starts complaining in a situation and meets a rather sticky end. There’s the story of an Israeli police officer whose younger brother goes missing causing him a lot of distress. There’s the story of Binj, a cook who falls

in love with a Jewish girl, much to the chagrin of his uncle. Finally there’s a highly tense plotline involving drug dealers. The stories link up in ways we have seen before. Ajami doesn’t reinvent the wheel and the influences of director Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani come out loud and clear. They seem to take their Western influences from Scorsese, Tarantino and Paul Haggis and then add a dash of Middle Eastern art house flavour. The making of the film is laudable and some scenes are dazzle in their power, but others fall into sloppy preaching. Nevertheless, shot at a budget of $1 million, Ajami deserves the praise it has received in film festivals around the world.(Ajami was nominated for a best foreign language film Oscar and won special mention at Cannes) Abak hussain

Exceptionally classy and elegant, these silver coloured chronograph watches from Casio will not only boost up your measure of fashion but will also inject sophistication to your formal and casual look. One of its key components is the precision stop watch function; it can keep count up to 12 hours. The vital component in the making is its chronograph system that keeps you on time, without you having to worry about the battery running out. It is available at all TIME ZONE outlets all over Bangladesh. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and a price tag of Tk.13,650 Tahsin momin

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is the next chapter in the universe of The Sands of Time. The price goes to visit his brother’s kingdom after ending his adventure in Azad, only to find that the royal palace is under attack by a mighty army on a mission to destroy the kingdom. In a desperate need to save the kingdom, a crucial decision has to be made. The Prince decides to use the ancient power of the Sand in order to save the kingdom from a complete annihilation. While doing so the Prince embarks on a remarkable journey, which brings out the potential of the true leader in the Prince. He also learns the fact that great power always comes with a great cost. The Prince learns new powers throughout the entire game. The biggest addition to the game is elemental powers, which gives the game a whole

Price Free Platform Android/iOS Size 13 MB This is an app that is dedicated towards the entire Muslim community worldwide. This app offers a multitude of features devoted to help Muslims to flourish throughout the month of Ramadan and thereafter with accurate fasting and prayer timings along with holy verses from the Qur’an. Ramadan time serves as perfect companion for the month of Ramadan and Salat Scheduler. Download now to offer your prayers on time and observe the holy month in peace and mercy. Tahsin Momin

web critic

Time check • Two bezel configurations • Cool striped face design • Partial ion plated • Mineral Glass • Screw Lock Back • One-touch 3-fold Buckle • 1-second stopwatch • Date display • Regular timekeeping • 3 dials (timekeeping second, stopwatch hours, stopwatch minutes) • Analogue 3 hands (hour, minute, stopwatch seconds), • Measuring capacity 11:59’59 • Measuring mode Elapsed time • Accuracy ±20 seconds per month • Size of case 50 X 45.6 X 11.6 mm • Total weight 158 g

Ramadan time

new dimension, because of the way they interact with each other and the Prince’s ability to adapt. There are four basic powers in the game: Fire, wind, ice and earth. Each of them interprets a different power during combat and gives the Prince an edge over his opponents. Such as the ability to freeze water fountain and later use it to a climbing ladder. However the combat in the game is similar to The Sands of Time but here the Prince has to face multiple attacks at the same time. Most importantly there is no blocking and the quick time can only be used to fight the main villains. Developer Ubisoft Platform XBOA 360, Play Station 3, Windows, Wii, NDS, PSP Tahsin Momin

So electric If you find the life sciences fascinating, this is the webzine for you, or fanzine, if you want to be precise. Kinetic is a Singapore-based fanzine for science nuts. The zine is devoted to the subject of energy transfer, and with a stream of consciousness storyline to tie in various different aspects of the topic. The most attractive feature of this website is in the visuals, which take vintage science art and animate them for a trippy, interactive experience. The home page has an anatomical sketch of the human heart and the different chapters for you to click on, and when you do, the heart drops to that chapter. Or, if you wish to begin at the ‘beginning’, you may simply continue scrolling down. Either way, you’re free to start at whichever point your heart desires. In the background are the sounds of an antique radio in the midst of a tuning session, so you get to hear a lot of static, and snatches of old songs. If you want a little bit of kinetic science to keep your mind off hunger pangs, visit and start scrolling. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U LY 1 6, 20 1 3

12 tmag


Ramadan is in full swing. Food cravings and the moody weather can make the long hours of fasting a royal pain. How hard is it for couples to spend quality time with each other during this time? Do they actually follow the “restrictions” that come with fasting? Let’s dig deep and find out how “he” and “she” keep the relationship alive and still maintain the rules of fasting

He says

I hate Ramadan. It really messes up my routine. I can’t meet my girlfriend during the day as we have nowhere to go. Our own homes are out of the question. After opening my fast, I am too tired to go and meet her.

She says

Ramadan is perfect for me. My natural voracious appetite is kept in check and I end up losing a few pounds too. The only downside is that without food in my belly, I don’t feel like getting intimate with my boyfriend at all.

Dear Diary, July 10, 2013 One word: Disaster. I knew I was supposed to make this easier on him but for some reason I wanted him to feel that he was losing someone like me for good. I dressed to impress, I don’t remember the last time I looked this stunning. When I entered the restaurant, Imran’s jaws dropped. I couldn’t help the self- satisfied smile on my face. I know I was supposed to feel horrible for what I was about to do, but I couldn’t help this feel good sensation. He ordered my favourite dish, and it took me by surprise. I suddenly realised the gravity of the situation. I brought it up finally. “Imran, we need to talk.” He looked up at me and paused. “What’s wrong?’’ It was funny that I couldn’t think of anything wrong with him. I stared at him, and tried to form the words in my head. I realised that the dullness of our relationship was what was wrong. I told him that we were too perfect together, too understanding and too well fitted socially. We didn’t fight, we didn’t miss each other and we hardly ever longed to see each other, or so I felt. We were safe, logical and sensible lovers, and that’s not how love should be. After I was done with my speech, I prepared myself for the fit he was about to throw. I sat there, and looked down. His silence was tormenting me. After a minute that seemed like forever, he reached out and touched my hand and said “I feel exactly the same.” He then got up and left me there, totally baffled and yes, somewhat disgraced. THE DREAMER

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TMAG tells you to

Choose or Lose I’m 20, and in a pretty stable relationship with this girl for 2 years. Few of her guy friends have a crush on her. I’m okay with her being friends with them, but I don’t want her to hang with them alone. She’s loyal to me, but she’s not taking my concerns seriously. Should I hang on to her?

He says

Ramadan is the time when I realise that Dhaka city hardly has any places to “hangout.” Everywhere we go we need to either eat or drink. My girlfriend gets very cranky during her fast and I hate spending time with her when she is on one of her moods.

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U LY 1 6 , 201 3

She says

Having a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend during Ramadan can never be a blessing. Looking at him, makes my hunger pangs take a double take and not being able to have him doesn’t help the situation at all.

Lose! There’s this girl in my class I really like. She’s very pretty and a brilliant student. She is shy but recently we have begun talking a lot. She pushes me to study and I feel like doing it for her. My friends like the positive changes in me too. I really want to tell her that I have feelings for her but I’m scared she might back off. Should I take the chance?

Choose! If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

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