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Editor’s Note Dear Readers,

About the cover When the weather gets hot, TMAG shows you how to keep your cool. Models

Robince Islam Nishat Sanjeda Photo

Homayra Adiba

We know it’s smack in the middle of exam season, and times are stressful. The heat cannot be helping either. If it’s any consolation, they will be both be over soon, but until then, we’re here right by your side for the home stretch.This week is all about coping with this season. From ways to beat the heat (Page 2), to exam tips (Page 3) to dressing for the weather (Pages 4&5), we’ve got a complete guide for you. We’ve also kept in mind that the summer will outlast your exams, and once you’ve put your pen down for that final paper, there are long sunny days awaiting you, so our Hot Topic this week is about cool things you can do in summer. A few final words of advice before we let you get on with your weekly TMAG fill: Drink plenty of water, and use sunscreen. It might seem obvious and irrelevant right now, but your skin will thank you later. Love, From the TMAG desk

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Status of the week Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sunflowers are yellow. I bet you were expecting something romantic, but no these are just gardening facts.

Quote of the week You’re gonna regret not dating me. After I get hot.

Lingo of the week

Butter “Like butter” – really easy. Guy 1: Dost, How was your test today? Guy 2: Like butter. A+ guaranteed.

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Your Life

TMAG’s Room of the week!



Gulshan This room is as loud, proud and unstoppable as the person who lives in it. We love the strong colour theme running through every element of the room, from the walls, to the bed linens and soft furnishings. It could have been overwhelming, but she makes it work. Kudos! Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!


7 Ways to Beat the Heat The season you’ve been dreading is back, and it’s going to pester the sweat out of you! Yes, June may come bearing cool winds and mild rains but the tormenting sun still insists on releasing skin burning heat. The more we think that we can take the best out of nature, the more it backfires causing many setbacks in terms of health. TMAG gives you 7 tips on how to stop this weather from sucking the life out of you.

Take in plenty of fluids

Your body can only absorb a certain amount of heat and when it goes beyond that limit, you’re all worn out. Drinking plenty of water before having breakfast and after every meal is essential-because not only does it benefit your digestion, but it also hydrates your systems. Instead of drinking Coke or Sprite, take in as much

water as possible. Parched throat? Imitate a sponge and soak your head in some H20!

DON’T dress to impress

That black synthetic fitting top won’t do you any good in front of your cutie when you’re drenched in your own sweat. Same goes for guys- every one of you own a black t-shirt which probably makes you look ruggedly handsome in front of that girl you have been eyeing.But she’s just going to run the other way if she gets a whiff of that stench you’re carrying on your attire. Wear cotton t-shirts, jeans, shorts even three-quarters would do. Given the weather, you’d rather be yourself comfy instead of being a stench bag!

Block that sun

Harsh rays of the sun causes skin dark-

ening. That accompanied by the pollution in the air enter the pores in your face causing damage to your skin. Carry sunblock when you’re going to school or hanging with your friends. Some of you with an odd wish to get tanned, think ten times before you expose yourself to the sun. Most of your body is covered, and the parts that are exposed to the sun are already getting burnt by the sunlight. If you’re rejoicing over the new skin tone you have acquired, you’ll be surprised that the colors of your hands differ from your legs. Wise up, getting sunburnt doesn’t mean you’re tanned.

Happy feet

Girls, refrain from wearing sandals or shoes with too many straps. The straps leave marks which become more and more prominent due to skin darkening.

Go for ballet flats, even some of those gladiator shoes which have only one strap near the heel. Guys, sneakers are a great camouflage from dirt and heat, however if you want your feet to breathe a little, wear rubber sandals.

The face, the skin, the body

When all is said and done, shower away the pangs of the season twice a day. Take a shower before leaving for school, and when you return take another one. Scrub yourself from head to toe. Simply because you have been exposed to heat and pollution for long hours. Your face needs to be washed and scrubbed because of dirt and oil that is clogging your pores. Skin rashes can be taken care of if you use Neem soap. Neem extracts in such soaps reduces skin irritation. rubab nayeem khan

Funk up your room

Easy Breezy Ding dong! The huge smiley sun is waiting outside your home to rinse your room with its burning sunlight. In the summer heat, you either want to cool things down or suffer like a chicken on a grill. And when you are indoors in your own space you want that cool factor. The good news is, a few tiny changes, that won’t hurt your wallet much, can bring up the chill factor in your room.

Dual panel

To keep your room cool in summer, hanging two types of curtains on your

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

windows can give a dramatic result. So what about merging heavy and sheer curtains together in breezy colours like white or blue? Let the heavy drapes fall to the floor and hang heavy outside and use sheer curtains inside. This will keep the sunlight far away from your room. And when the burning light goes away, you can adorn the windows by keeping the heavy curtains partially open and tying them with tassels. This will allow light inside without making the room hot.

Leafy rug

In summer it’s good to avoid shaggy rugs. Just leave the floor bare. Other than that, you can put a handmade bamboo or leaf rug with some artsy design over the floor. The roughness of leaf will confer a cool feeling rather than a synthetic one. This environmentally friendly rug will add visually cooling effects as well.

Sweet dreams

Silk and synthetic fabrics make the human body sweat in summer. Cotton resists sweat, so this fabric in soft colours

is best for bed and sofa covers. Alongside, adding a bunch of decorative pillows in mellow blues, aquamarines or greens give a very refreshing look to your room.


Love beautiful flowers? In this hot weather, place a vase with bright flowers beside your bed and add freshness to your room. A huge water filled glass with a shrub branch could be another awesome addition and can make your space cooler and gorgeous. saudia afrin



ishtiaq zabihullah doodled this during math class



TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

Igloo-Ruposhi Bangla Ice Cream Festival 2013

Thursday, June 13 - Friday, June 21 11am - 10pm Venue Ruposhi Bangla Hotel Coupon price Tk500

Buriganga River Cleaning Project 2 Friday, June 21, 9am -1pm Venue Buriganga River

Across the Universe- Let Rock N Roll spread her wings

Friday, June 14, 4pm Venue Russian Cultural Centre, Dhaka Band Lineup Minar, Circus Police, Blunderware, Echoes, The Manager, Flickering Flame, Sin of Carnage, Aftermath, Karnival Ticket price Tk250

The Spot presents Rock Out Loud 1.0

Thursday, June 13, 5pm Venue Sura Restaurant Band Lineup Indalo, Circus Police, Owned, Echoes, The Manager, Radiosis, Shuffle, Green Tinted 60’s Mind, Headline Ticket price Tk200

Intra-Debate Championship 2013 Friday, June 21, 10am Venue Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

School Survival

Some Surefire Exam Tips Crammed all week for a big exam? Check. Read the book cover to cover? Check. Been appropriately sleepless, stressed and overworked? Check. Well, no more. All of these work the other way: To overwhelm and scare you about exam week. Let’s see what does work.

Don’t rote. Understand.

If your concept is clear, you will have no problem elaborating. If you don’t understand, no amount of memorising helps. If there is something you do not understand, ask your instructor well ahead of the exam week. Frantic calls to unwilling

friends never gave anyone good results!

Don’t cram

Study ahead of time. Cramming generally means forcing relevant study material into your head a little too hard, a little too late. You are bound to get overworked and stressed. This can result in sleepless nights and lost appetite, not to mention give you an irrational fear of exams.

Keep it sweet

Sugar boosts energy and keeps you going. Eating fruits and foods rich in natural sugars periodically can keep those hunger pangs at bay. Keep these at or near your study area and you don’t have to keep getting up to take snack breaks.


Keep the fluids going

Staying hydrated is very important; drinks keep you refreshed and if its summer, chillers are great! But don’t over drink. You may not always have time to answer those nature calls.

Make a schedule

Your school gives you an exam syllabus

and routine beforehand. The minute you get it or even before, make your schedule. Include breaks at appropriate times and realistically set time for each task. It is easy to assume you can complete your entire work in a matter of days, but easier said than done. Don’t let your brain fool you into procrastinating.

Take a walk

Include this in your routine. If you have studied well half the day or well toward the evening, it’s time to take a breather. Go out, smell the fresh air and stretch your legs. Exercise is good for blood circulation and will help you concentrate better.

Last minute revision

Make short notes below each page that sums up the content of that page in one or two lines. This helps in last minute revision in the car. Do not engage in study related conversation once you reach the exam hall. “Have you studied this?” type of questions only seek to confuse you. Take a deep breath and relax a few minutes before the exam. munira fidai

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 1 , 20 1 3

4 tmag


Beauty Check

Wardrobe Check

The six pieces of summer

facing the heat Want that perfect TV commercial look that is effortlessly natural and breezy? Instead of running to the pharmacy and buying everything advertisements feed you, go for simple must-haves like these

Primer If you want your makeup to last in hot weather, prime your skin using an oil-free primer after moisturising but before face makeup and set it with loose powder. It provides a smooth base for whatever goes on next. Recommended: Prestige Primer from Almas Superstore, for Tk720 only.

Moisturiser Go for lighter makeup! Swap foundation for tinted moisturiser. These formulas look and feel airier on skin and are less prone to turn cakey on humid days. Try brands like Mary Kay with SPF 20 from Almas Superstore for about Tk1500 only.

Bronzer Apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, especially where the sun finds you first, like your forehead, cheek bones, chin, and nose. Remember that overdoing your bronzer can give you a fake, baked look. Try

Did the summer just sneak up on you and leave you wondering what to wear without looking like a hot, sweaty mess? Don’t worry. TMAG’s got your entire summer wardrobe figured out for you in 6 multi-tasking pieces everything. Artisan has some great jeans.


They’re dressier than your average Converse, but not so formal that you can’t wear them when chilling with friends. Pick a pair made from some hardy material and you’re set for the season. Apex Gallery has some surprisingly decently-priced pairs. And Bata has a 60% sale.

Terracotta by Isabelle DuPont for about Tk700 from Almas.

Blush and shadow Livelier colours brighten the face and bring a youthful glow to skin. If you are colour hesitant, try experimenting with less risky areas first. A rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks is a good place to start. Look for Blush Delice, for Tk550600, at your nearest Almas. Opt for eye shimmers instead of shadows to avoid looking unnaturally made up. Try Isabelle DuPont’s sheer shimmers at the Beauty shop (below La Belle parlour, Gulshan) for Tk250 only.

Lip balms Heavy lip colours feel like overkill in the heat. Instead, make a simple swipe-and-go choice: Tinted lip balms. They give you whisperlight colour, and most have SPF to protect you from the sun. Nothing beats Body Shop at this. Look for your favourite flavour at Almas for Tk250 only! Munira Fidai Bigstock

Deck shoes

Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Bigstock


White tee


Colourful polo


Plaid shirt


Cotton blazer

Street Check

This is like a basic must-have, and probably the cheapest to get and easily available. You can wear as-is on a really sunny day, or use it to layer. Choose a light, breathable fabric that absorbs sweat but isn’t too sheer. And please avoid v-necks. Also a standalone/layer piece, a polo shirt is versatile because the collar makes it appropriate in places where a t-shirt isn’t acceptable. Experiment with bright colours to bring out your personality, but you might want to let the prints be. This is a piece you could possibly splurge a little on. Yellow, and Cat’s Eye both have decent ranges. You can wear this unbuttoned over your white tee, tucked into your jeans and under a blazer for a more formal look, or just thrown over jeans. So many options. Cat’s Eye, Spark Gear, Tex Mart are just some places where you can find some decent cotton plaid shirts. Don’t let the word “blazer” conjure up images of the bulky winter monkey suits you wear on formal occasions. If you have a job interview, or a slightly dressy evening, the cotton blazer jacket is just the right thing to take your regular outfit to the next level in one move. You can throw it on over your polo or plaid shirt (don’t mix it with the white tee in case of the job interview scenario) and you’re ready to take the world by storm. It doesn’t cost a kidney either. Head over to Doja, and find yourself one.


Basic jeans

Regular fit. Dark wash. Whether you have a dozen other fancy jeans in different fits and cuts and embellishments, you should have this one pair in your closet. It is an absolute staple, and goes with

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

Kheya Mezba

Zarif Bazme Hafeez Age: 23 yrs Email your street style photo in to and be crowned TMAG’s street checkof the week!

tmag 5

FASHION FACE-OFF Look of the Week

Aries (Mar 21Apr 19) Expect to feel them hearts flying around for family. Nothing beats having a good time with siblings and extended family members. Make sure you do everything to make a distant relative feel at home. Seek comfort amongst people with whom you share similar beliefs. Taurus (Apr 20May 20) You are full of surprises, and that too will come off as a surprise for your mates and loved ones. If you are feeling a rush of confidence then don’t wait around planning to do something. Want it? Go get it! Pampering yourself should also be a part of your agenda.

Gemini (May 21June 20) Having pride is a good thing, but you don’t want to come off as snooty if you do something embarrassing. Try to take it like a sport! You are quite a people person however feelings might get hurt if you avoid a friend like the plague for a prior activity. Cancer (Jun 21Jul 22) Take charge of situations and show them whose boss! Whatever the outcome is you’ll be able to use it as a turning point. Respect won’t come to you for free; give it, earn it and then live to tell the tale. Something might make your throw a fit; let people know what killed your mood.


Making waves When the weather outside is hot, hot, hot, you want to cool off with shades that soothe. A flowy, cotton sundress in summerbright, but refreshing shades of blue and green is a sight for sore eyes

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Feeling emotional about something? Try sobbing it out but don’t be a persistent cry baby. Making new connections is a good idea but don’t feel off if you don’t click with the other person. You really can’t force someone to like you. Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) Details about every aspect needs your focus. Do it, don’t question it! Being persistent about getting something is annoying but you could start with saying ‘please’ and the ones you are persuading might warm up to your demands. Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) What good is a big crowd if you can’t get them to listen to what you are saying? Try not to get impatient if they don’t respond to you. Getting out of your protective bubble would be a good exercise. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) Keep your opinions to yourself; not everyone is up for your blunt remarks. There might be some issues that have been stirred up at home but you really don’t want to deal with them. If you have achieved something with the help of someone else remember to give them credit for that.

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21) You are into someone and everyone seems to be eyeballing the both of you. It’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t get talked about for the wrong reasons. Acting on impulses might not be a bright idea. Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19) Feel way over the top when a family member expresses their affections in a more obvious way. People might involve you in their personal dramas, so steer clear from that rut or you’ll get into a tug of war. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) Try gaining a better perspective about things. This might broaden your ability to communicate with people. While you are at it, don’t forget to be a kid; try doing something silly over the weekend. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20) You have been indecisive again, and this is not the first time. Good time with the family will light you up; do something nice for your parents. Send them out on a romantic dinner date or watch a movie with the entire family. Being tolerant will serve you well, especially with the stupid ones.

Model: Shabrin Islam Make up: Wasifa Ahmad (Sifa’s Corner) Photographer: Homayra Adiba

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 1 , 20 1 3




in the heat of

Summer sunshine Exams and summer heat. Never a good combination. This week TMAG brings you a whole host of options to help you keep your cool and enjoy the best of the hot weather. So chill with us and let the heat melt away

Top Chill out spots Tashhid Abdullah Tongs (Street side tea stalls) Even though a lot of people don’t really acknowledge this but tongs are actually the most popular hangout spots if you’re a citizen of Bangladesh, and especially if you’re a guy. From casual addas to meaningless political arguments between close buddies, the local tea stalls are where it’s all happening! Even after a long day of work, just spending 5 minutes at a tong and sipping away a hot steamy cup of tea is always something that will freshen you up. The Rooftops Since there aren’t many playgrounds left, the rooftops usually come as a last resort when you can’t find anywhere to go. Since there are so many high rises all around, and not many decent local parks to just go and enjoy the fresh air, the rooftops are always the best place to go, relax, enjoy the open sky and breathe. And it just gets better if you have an acoustic guitar and some buddies, willing to sing their hearts out with you. So remember to keep ‘rooftops’ in your list when you’re planning for a chilled out and personal hangout with your closest friends.

Models: Robince islam; nishat sanjeda; naureen Rahman; ahasanul islam mizan; Popo the cat

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

homayra adiba




Ice Cream Joints Afshan Sattar

The Fuchka Stands It’s a fact that we, Bangalees, are nuts for spicy and junk food, and Fuchka and Chotpoti are definitely at the top of the list. You will find hundreds of these mobile fuchka stands anywhere and everywhere, all over Dhaka city. Starting from the big fancy malls to the shadiest of the shadiest dark alleyways, you will always find a Fuchka mama eagerly waiting to serve you with the spiciest plate of these delicious munchies.

For giving the sweet tooth a treat on a hot summer day, ice cream is the way to go! Here are a few of Dhaka's favourite ice cream joints.

The Lounges Except for a few, most of the lounges are comparatively new in town. These are the places where you will find good food, drinks, music, and especially a peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lounges are always a great place for a chilledout hangout with friends. You’ll find places like Café Mango, X Lounge, Red Shift Coffee lounge, Blue Moon, Kozmo, and many others all over town.

We have Club Gelato, sitatued on a prime location, road 11, Banani, you are prone to facing traffic. Gelato has a wide range of flavours, while the favourite of most online reviewers remains Ferrero

Movenpick has two branches located on Gulshan Avenue and in Uttara. It is also available in numerous restaurants across Bangladesh. Movenpick's new décor has been catching some eyes, both in good ways and in bad. Their scoops go up to Tk175 on a cup and Tk250 on a cone.

Rocher. Single scoops are Tk140. The Cream and Fudge Factory is another that's also located on road 11, Banani and road 12/A, Dhanmondi. Their specialty goes into hand folding the customer's choice of ice cream flavours on a marble stone and adding selection of mix-ins of nuts, fruits and candies. Ice-cream lovers can can get either a set combination, or make a combination of their favourite flavours and toppings. Going beyond Banani, we have Ciao Bella, an Igloo ice cream parlour located on road 27, Dhanmondi. A little, cosy place that serves the household name, Igloo. Their ice cream goes for Tk110 in a cup and Tk127 for a cone.

Bigstock Bigstock

Swimming places

Saudia Afrin

It’s summer and heat is on top track. As a way to beat the heat and keep yourselves fit and toned, swimming has become the best alternative for the city dwellers of Dhaka. Though it is almost the end of April, the temperature is rising and so is the unbearable humidity. The slightest exertion will make you sweat generously. So preferably, people get partial to swim which helps in burning calories and at the same time keeps you cool. Because of the burning temperature outside, it has become almost impossible to hang out with friends outdoors. Hence, swimming could be a fun pastime

in this unbearable summer with your friends. Beat the heat with an exotic seasonal fruit juice or ice-cream. For those who are non swimmers and want to learn swimming, there are plenty of training centres you can join that offer lap and open swimming. For members, most of the hotels have gym and spa facilities that can either be a monthly or year round programme. For non member guests have to pay separately to avail these facilities. Non members have to pay from Tk1200 up to Tk3500 for day long swimming. For the learner’s, training cost start from Tk1500 up to Tk2500. Mentioned below are some places where you swim with

your friends. Lastly, swimming has many benefits on the human body as it helps build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Plus, it's the perfect activity for those who want a ripped body, heightened emotional balance and stability. So keep swimming and be cool. Where can you go swimming? Lakeshore Hotel at Gulshan 2, The Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel at Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Ruposhi Bangla Hotel at Minto road, Radisson Water Garden Hotel Dhaka at airport road, National Swimming pool at Mirpur and many more. l

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 1 , 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

Osama Bin Noor:

Activating youth Over the last three years he put in more than 1500 hours as a volunteer. This year he received the title of the International Youth Icon. At the moment, he is the General Secretary with Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD). Osama Bin Noor is a catalyst for Bangladeshi youths who represent their country internationally. saudia afrin tells you more remarkable facts about this enthusiast Osama Bin Noor’s extraordinary career began when he signed up for a local weekly newspaper in the ninth grade. One of his early assignments involved a story about land-grabbing, for which an involved party offered him bribes to stay quiet. Noor declined the bribes and got assaulted. He continued to receive phone threats for months afterwards, and realised that the story might see coverage for a day, but the overall scenario would remain the same, and what was really needed was a change from the grassroots level. This is how he came to decide to motivate youths to make them into active citizens. Noor, who is a student at the Update Dental College, does all manner of volunteer work for various organisations. His own brainchild is “Project Bornomala,” which is an awareness programme geared towards educating young people about the Language Movement of 1952 and creating awareness about the political events of that time. It was a monthlong project with three phases, involving underprivileged children in and around Dhaka. Noor pretty much worked around the clock to bring his project to fruition, at one point almost risking being kicked out of the house by his frustrated parents. The implementation of the third and final phase, an art exhibition, made all his efforts seem worth it. Freedom fighter Akku Chowdhury inaugurated the event, and impressed by Noor’s initiative, gave the young man his freedom fighter badge. photos: courtesy

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

homayra adiba

Facts Beating out some 50 youths from different countries, Noor got awarded by Kafka Development Organization as an International Youth Icon 2013. He met US Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton on the “Conversation with Bangladesh” talk show. He is the 9th Regional Ambassador of TUNZA EcoGeneration of Bangladesh. Apart from this he is currently working with Panther Social as assistant program coordinator. He volunteered with JAAGO Foundation, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center, Amnesty International, UN Volunteer and many more. He represented Bangladesh in South Asian Youth Conference 2011, India. An Active blogger in Prothom-Alo Blog and Somewherein Blog since 2010. Although VBD has a rule that if any volunteer wants to be a member of fixed committee, he or she has to submit a proposal, seeing Noor’s sincerity, honesty and modesty, they gave him direct committee membership. Another one of Noor’s idea “Eco Talk,” hosted by TUNZA EcoGeneration was held on February 19 in different schools of Dhaka this year. He directed the programme with the aim to create awareness about responsibilities towards environment among primary school students through fun quizzes and activities. Noor thinks that Bangladesh already has a lot of NGO’s and non-profit organisations and if they genuinely work with full dedication for the people and the betterment of this nation, there is no need for new ones. “I am with all of them, and will help whoever requires help at any given time. Along with promoting volunteerism, I will focus on motivating youths to become active citizens of the country and will keep doing it because “I am a Volunteer”. In future, alongside practicing dentistry, I want to get involved with the public health sector and keep working for my country” he says about his future plans.

tmag 9





Keeping Cool


Friendship ‘Oh my god’ said Selim as he frantically checked his pockets. ‘What?’ said his best friend Arif. Both were getting out of the people-packed bus. Selim gaped open-mouthed, patting his pockets. “I’ve lost my mother’s ring” said Selim. The cause and extent of Selim’s dismay dawned on Arif. He knew just how precious that ring was, sentimentally and monetarily. ‘Are you sure that you just haven’t left it home?’ said Arif ‘I mean why would you be carrying it?’ ‘Because I was going to propose to Lisa today’ said Selim. He sounded dazed and drugged. “Could I have misplaced it?’ Selim wondered aloud ‘Where do you think you might have misplaced it?’ said Arif as an expression of concern darkened his face. ‘Well, I left home, carrying it with me, and then I went to the office where I kept it in the top drawer of my desk. I left it there. I stayed there till 5. Then I left with you. We got on the bus and here’s where we stand…’ Horror ignited Selim’s face. ‘The bus!’ he screamed aloud ‘Oh Dear God! I Left it in the bus! It must have dropped out of my pocket!’ His shoulders slumped while the ever faithful Arif watched him. Somewhere inside the latter felt a pang of guilt as he saw the helpless Selim. ‘Oh my poor poor friend,’ said Arif ‘If you left it in the bus there’s nothing that we can do anymore. I’m sorry.’ He watched Selim. Of course he knew about today’s proposal. Of course he knew about the ring in Selim’s pocket. Of course he knew just how costly it was. Arif expressed heartfelt pity while his fingers played with the shiny golden ring in his pocket.

The heat waves along all the roads and sidewalks of the crowded Dhaka city make it evident that summer has arrived. Among the masses that hold something up to cover their eyes and squint as they look at the road ahead, there is one group of people that are sure glad to see the scorching sun coming up the Bangladeshi horizon. Summer is the season of fruits; say a lot of fruit vendors around the city. Asked about the summer, fruit sellers responded with glorious smiles, this is their time of the year. Fruits are available all year round, yes, but this is the season that brings them Bangladesh’s most loved fruits, going from blackcurrant, to lychee, to mangoes, to jackfruits to numerous others. It was hard to miss the glorious smile emanating from a man standing to the right of these fruit sellers, a man with a gleam in his eye and sugarcanes in his

hand. Sugarcane juice vendors gain popularity at the start of the summer season. The man stood behind the rolling cart with a very interesting contraption: a large wheel on one end of which he manually rolled out the juice and a large cube of ice on the other side. As this large block slowly melted, the water fell into the glass, along with some of the sugarcane juice, making for a refreshing cool drink on a hot day. Ronjit, akkher rosh wala, said that he looked forward to summer, as it was great for business. When asked about the heat, he said that it didn’t bother him even the slightest. He did not mind standing under the sun without a shade, he loved it! Sun light is beautiful, and it sure beats the chilling winds of the winter season, he said. It gets one thinking about how the heat goes under appreciated sometimes! Afshan Sattar


Tales from a lighthouse “The Light Between Oceans” by M L Stedman is a story about the life of a lighthouse operator, set right after World War I. Coming back to his native land Australia from the war, Tom got a job as a lighthouse keeper in a remote island called Janus, off the coast of south-western Australia. Tom married a middle class Australian girl named Isabel, and the two lived a secluded life in Janus, isolated from civilisation. In the years that they had spent on the island,

and the numerous miscarriages that they suffered, Tom and Isabel came to accept that they are destined to be isolated forever. The story begins at the arrival of another chance, when a drifting boat comes ashore carrying a baby and a dead man. They bury the body of the father, adopt the baby, and the drama begins to unfold. This novel creates a compelling blend of both the psychological and the criminal, always managing to keep a balance between the two with the novel’s steady narrative. The author carefully and gradually develops the story, creating tensions first between the couple, and then between them and the world that they have been isolated from. A very well written exploration of how people need to make difficult choices. “The Light Between Oceans” travels through happiness, ethics and heartbreak. Stedman explores of the effects of war on the soldiers and the love that connects two people. The story is well written and the complex character development makes the story more realistic. Overall, the story is touching at many different levels. It is also one that is interesting and frustrating at the same time, as you wait to find out the resolution. It is a must read for those who enjoy historical novels. You can order this book at PBS bookstore in Shantinagar.

A Cartoonists take on the horrors of war Despite their loyal fan base comic books and graphic novels tend to not break through into mainstream lists of the best literature such as those lists compiled by The Times or Entertainment Weekly; so it’s a testament to the quality of Art Spiegelman’s cleverly drawn take on events and horrors of Nazi Germany that Maus has broken through and established itself in those lists whilst also at the same time winning the Pulitzer Prize and Eisner Award. Spiegelman uses mice to represent the Jews and cats to represent the Nazis. A brilliant technique as it makes it easy for readers to sympathise with the protagonists. This technique also leads to incredibly iconic and thought provoking imagery, they make the book easily accessible to non-comics readers. The book pulls no punches when it comes to illustrating the atrocities of the time period and the cartoon characters allow the reader to absorb the story without being too explicit or melodramatic. This book is an emotional journey and paved the way for the art form showing that comic books and graphic novels can deal with serious issues, it’s a piece of history every comic enthusiast should seek out and an absolute must-read. Fardeen Ameen

Comic Trivia Marianne Hirsch coined the term “post-memory” after reading Maus, to describe the phenomenon where children grow up listening to their parents’ stories and it creates such a strong impression that they have memories of events they haven’t experienced.

Afshan Sattar

Tabeen Siddiki

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 1 , 20 1 3

10 tmag Guitar Tabs


This week’s best

Arnob – Tomar Jonno Tuning – Standard (EADGBe) Intro: (Pluck the power chords with with two fingers while slapping the dead note with your thumb) e |-------------------------------------------| B |-------------------------------------------| G |-------------------------------------------| D |---7--7------7------6--6------6--------| A |---5--5------5------7--7------7--------| E |-----------X-----------------X------------| e |--------------------------------------------| B |--------------------------------------------| G |--------------------------------------------| D |---4--4------4------4--4-----4----------| A |---2--2-----2-----4--4----4---------| E |-----------X-----------------X-------------|

music rock out this season in full swing It’s that time of the year now when the concerts are in full swing and 2013 seems to be bringing in incredible ones, consecutively. In sync with the agenda cometh the Rock Out series, brought to you by The Spot, this ought to be a hit for all rock stars and rock lovers out there. The concert is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, at the Old Sura Restaurant (House 2, Road 90,

Gulshan 2). Now for the fun part: The show has bands incredible ones at that. Indalo with their ethereal music set to steal your souls for a moment in time, Circus Police bringing the circus to town, baby that’s the band one should watch out for. Owned will be putting their own spin to alternative rock. There’s Echoes who hasn’t been quite that active recently but they rock very well, if one may add. Then you have relatively new bands like The

Manager, Shuffle and the very groovy Green Tinted 60’s Mind, they will have you tapping your feet even if you’re not strictly for the alter of rock. Slide into the magic that the rockers are offering up; with tickets at Tk200 each (available at the venue for the lazy ones), it’s a show one can easily be at, too. The Spot’s Rock Out series will be a tribute to rock, and music lovers, its not one you should be missing out on! Nabeela M.

Chords: Verse –

D A B F# Tomar Jonno Nilche Tarar Ektu Khani Alo D A F# Bhorer Rong Raate Mishe Kalo …


Robert Doherty managed to blend the old and the new here quite shockingly well – at one hand, you have the classic Sherlock Holmes; a recovering drug addict played very well by Johnny Lee Miller of “Trainspotting”. Then, you have Watson; no, not John, but Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) – a former surgeon and an addiction companion hired by Holmes’ father to keep an eye on his wayward son in New York. Unlikely as the duo maybe, you have magic – not instantaneous but Elementary (fashioned after the famous Holmes quote, “Elementary, my dear Watson”) is a stylish show which, without borrowing from BBC’s Sherlock, manages to create a character of their own. This snide recovering addict of

Chorus –

D A E F# Bhabna Amar Shimul Daale Lalche Agun Jale D A F# Mohuar Bone Matal Hawa Khele

10 Surf


Rock Tunes

1. Surfin’ U.S.A The Beach Boys 2. Wipeout A+ 3. Pipeline The Chantays 4. Misirlou Dick Dale & the Del-Tones 5. Surfer Girl The Beach Boys 6. Surf City Jan & Dean 7. Let’s Go Trippin’ Dick Dale & the Del-Tones 8. Surfin’ Safari The Beach Boys 9. Walk, Don’t Run The Ventures 10. Penetration Pyramid

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

Post-Modern Sherlock


an English man has a penchant for trouble. Doherty’s tribute to Sherlock is as fascinating as are the cases which forgoes BBC’s stylish graphics but manages to capture your fancy just the same. Watson too doesn’t disappoint, you see an evolving bromance between the two central characters; one of whom just happens to be a woman – a refreshing change from some of the other shows. Season 1 has just ended, and Season 2 is awaiting its fall premiere. With the fascinating storylines, each a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle without touching heavily on the books, this is a series you should catch up on! Nabeela M.

the lazy-times-pass flick Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson stars in this mid-season B-movie with the carefully worded “inspired by a true story” preamble, something that usually means “something kind of like this might have happened in real life but we have changed it pretty much beyond recognition, but we would still like to mention this because it adds “streetcred” this story neither needs nor deserves.” If you can represent the character threads of a movie as strands of linguine, this movie is served up al dente. Character motivations and story continuity are so confused and muddled, that your brain eventually stops keeping track of all the logical inconsistencies and gives up. Once you stop mentally struggling, though, it gets decently fun. Despite the central storyline being on legally tenuous ground, the script isn’t so bad. Sure, it’s populated with half-baked characters (it’s supposed to be chewy),

but you’re never really bored. Yes, it’s really an action movie masquerading as a social commentary on the specter of mandatory minimum sentencing, but it still somehow manages to lay out a plot (made of swiss cheese). It’s almost like the screenplay was written by someone who either didn’t know much about how the real world works, or didn’t care. Research is hard. On the whole, though, I can’t bring myself to hate this film. Dwayne Johnson is making a valiant effort at getting better at his trade, and it’s movies like these that will improve his craft. He’s come a long way since the WWE, but he’s still got a long way to go. Barry Pepper is in this movie, a tragic reminder how we are all a little poorer his career never recovered from Battlefield Earth. Susan Sarandon “waz here” although clearly, she’s just trying to make rent. Iftekhar Haque

tmag 11



Game `

Car Talk By super-saloon standards this M5 is beautifully balanced and pliant. The brakes have their work cut out, but the chassis works evenly on both ends: You can go into a corner with confidence and come out on the other side

return of the M monster knowing how much throttle you need to open up to get it going sideways. A hint of warning though: Don’t turn off the traction control unless you have a lot of space to play with. Despite all of the drama, the acceleration it delivers and the speed it carries, this is not a raw, wild

car; even with all the buttons turned up to maximum. The standard 5-Series is a big, heavy, bulky machine and the M5 is no exception. It can’t quite shed that tingly feeling: This is an M5 that’s aimed very much towards businessmen who like driving, rather than drivers who do the business. Motor heads might mock that the mighty M Division has messed up the traditional high-revving, naturally, V10 of old for a twin-turbocharged V8. But to be honest this is no ordinary forced induction power plant: with 552bhp and 501lb ft of torque it is the most powerful M car ever. And a 0-100km/ h time of 4.4 seconds, a 0-200km/h time of 13.4 seconds and a top speed of 305km/h is nothing to make fun of. With the redesigned 2013 M5, the BMW discarded horrible looking M5 and brought the sexy back. Tahsin Momin

Gadget hunt

the ultimate gaming experience Dominate the combat and enjoy the adrenaline rush of winning with the Logitech F510 game pad. The familiar button layout and rubber grip allows you to jump into the battle faster with firm grip. And in addition to visual pictures and audible sound, you can feel every hit, crash and explosion with the dual vibration feedback that makes your games more realistic and immersive. The Rumble Gamepad F510 is the corded/wired version of the F710, but other than that it is identical to the F710 in every way. If you’re looking to buy a good gamepad at an affordable price from a trusted brand, then this is the thing for you. While others will run you well over the price that they are asking for this one, it still man-

web critic

ages to retain a reasonable price of Tk3000 and the 1 year replacement warranty makes it even better. Sure, this is a corded version but if you are sitting at your PC playing games then there’s really no reason to deal with some of the reception issues the wireless one has been having. Plus, no need to deal with nano-receiver. Just plug and play. Get the Logitech F510 today and master every race, battle or tournament with power to spare. Available at All Computer Source outlets Tahsin Momin

Simulating rainfall When it’s hot and humid outside, sometimes sitting in an a/c room doesn’t quite cut it. Even if it’s cool inside the room, it might feel sterile without the romance of a rainy afternoon. While they haven’t quite made an app that creates rain just yet – outside of a Sidney Sheldon book, that is – there is a website that simulates the sound of rain, because, as its tagline says “Rain makes

everything better.” Whether you want to fill the silence with the sound of rain, create atmosphere, use the rain sound as a background to some other music, or even use it as ambient noise for a home video project, this is a great free website to check out. Make some virtual rain at www. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

Wasting time can be deadly! The year is 2013, and “gaming” is no longer a hobby. It’s a battlefield. Well, maybe calling it that is a bit of an exaggeration but when was the last time you played a game that on a console that was just “fun”? Console games are pretty intense these days, and it’s good, but at times, you’d probably just want to chill out and have a good time playing something that doesn’t involve wasting so much energy and time. So, this week, TMAG brings you a game to just “chill” with. Presenting Sine Mora! Developed by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, Sine Mora is a side scrolling classic shooter game. Pretty much similar to the good old 2-D arcade games where you’d have to keep fighting enemies and moving ahead until you fight the “boss” and finish the level. Sine Mora is exactly that, but with airplanes. Sine Mora incorporated the classic old school genre with the modern day gaming techniques and touches so well that the game has stood out as one of the most fun games since its release in the market. The backbone of the game is ‘time’. The objective is to keep moving ahead, killing your enemies, and reaching checkpoints to keep your clock from hitting zero. If you get hit by an enemy, you don’t lose a life, you lose time. This simple process of the time mechanics and the hunt for more time is what makes Sine Mora so fresh and addictive. The main characters, planes and power ups can be unlocked through playing the Story mode, and apart from that, there’s also an Arcade mode available. Sine Mora’s graphics are done so neatly that they range from simulated organisms to architectural monstrosities that feature multiple targets throughout the whole game. Digital Reality and Grasshopper studios have given this classic old school shooter genre a brand new look with this game. The game is available on the Xbox 360, as well as on PS3. You can probably look for a downloadable copy of the game; so, check out your online games store when you get a chance. Azfar Rahman

TM AG TU E SDAY, J U N E 1 1 , 20 1 3

12 tmag


We all know that in a relationship, three’s a crowd. Sometimes, even after putting in all your effort, your partner ends up straying, crushing your heart with a smile on their face and a guilt-free conscience. Here we bring to you three takes on how “he” and “she” react to a straying partner How do you deal with a partner that always cheats despite giving them all your love and attention?

He says

sHe says

My girlfriend and her best friend, Saif, were inseparable. Two years into the relationship I found out that she was with him the entire time we were together. He was okay with that. It seemed like one guy’s love wasn’t enough for her.

My boyfriend gives me too much attention. Sometimes I want to break free from that and be with someone who plays hard-toget. Maybe that’s why I end up yielding to temptation.

Love by chance, Marriage by accident Salehin Mohammed Nahian and Mehnaz Huda’s love story began like any other story; simple and ordinary. Family friends for almost 14 years, they were unaware of a love that would draw them together in a marital bliss. They started seeing each other at the end of year 2010, and like two lovebirds should be, they were joined to the hip. Everything was going well, until the tragic accident that shook the lovers’ worlds. On the fateful day, after a sumptuous lunch with friends, they were all on their way home. The unfortunate car that they were in, crashed into another car flipping twice in the air and finally coming crashing down. Everyone was senseless. When Nahian came to his sense he saw that Mehnaz was stuck badly inside the car, bleeding and in a terrible condition. Nahian says, “My leg was bleeding profusely and I could barely move. But I saw Mehnaz stuck inside the car, and something came over me.” With the last bit of strength

he had, he dragged her out of the car, carried her in his weak arms, and ran towards the nearest hospital. Like a Godsend, a passenger from a car saw their condition and immediately assisted them. Mehnaz was in a volatile condition, her spine badly hurt and she ended up with a scar over her right eye. She was devastated. Nahian’s love stood strong and proud, he nursed her for three months, patiently and unconditionally. The excruciating pain to have a scar on the face is tough on any girl, both emotionally and physically. They were young, with no plans for marriage, but Nahian, without batting an eyelid, was adamant to marry the love of his life, and brush away all her unsaid anxieties. They were married 7 months after the incident. Her volatile emotional state and the scar on her face meant nothing to Nahian. He saw her and he saw love. Love is about going out of your way, breaking all the barriers, to show the person that they may be just another person to the world, but to you, they mean everything. natasha rahman

He says

sHe says

I am in a committed relationship for three years now. But I have been with other girls during this time. I know what I am doing is wrong but the fear of getting caught gives me such an adrenaline rush making the whole act so enticing that I find myself in these situations willingly.

I have had a boyfriend who was a compulsive liar and a cheat. I did everything to keep him happy, but for some reason he always found solace in a stranger’s arms.

He says sHe says

If my girl cheats on me I would dump her the first time I catch her with another guy.

My guy cheated on me twice and after getting caught he promised to be faithful. He hasn’t slipped back to his habits for quite a long time and I think I can live with that.

June 6, 2013

Dear Diary, I woke up to the sound of my blaring phone. I picked it up barely registering the sound of the voice. It suddenly dawned on me, it was Sameer. How could this be possible? It has been 10 years since I have heard from him. It felt surreal but I could never go wrong with his voice. After all these years, he finally wants to see my face. It’s funny when I think that we have never seen each other. The online world of emails and chatting was enough for our relationship to flourish. Strange love, perhaps. Vowed to each other to never fall in the conventions of modern day relationship dramas, we were wonderful! We shared so much of our lives without the hassle of live Skype sessions and promises of a future together. Settled in two different parts of the world, we knew coming together was impossible for very many reasons. Hence we decided that if things got too hard on either of us we could walk out of the relationship any day- without notice; without questions. Terrified and excited with every new day, treating each day like it was our last together. One day he was gone, poof! No phone calls, no texts, he gave me nothing to hold onto. It crushed my heart but we kept our word and never tried to contact each other ever again. Until now.But why now? I can’t face him, I should pick up the phone and tell him it’s not possible, but I can’t bring myself to. I wonder how he’s going to react when he notices the ring on my finger. THE DREAMER

If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

TM AG TU ESDAY, J U N E 1 1, 2013

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