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Thursday, May 9 , 2013 Volume 1, Issue 2

Avenue T’s ultimate gift guide for Mother’s Day

Celebrating the woman of your life





Loving Paris Volume 1, Issue 2, May 9, 2013


To-Do's in Dhaka This Week

The Ultimate Jam

Time: 7pm Date: May 10 onwards Venue: The 8, House 24, Road 2, Gulshan 1



Impression of Surroundings -3 by Artist Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohim

Time: 5pm -8pm Date: May 10 - 20 Venue: Gallery Cosmos-2, Villa de Anjuman, Flat No 5A,Road No 6, House No 115, New DOHS, Mohakhali

Najmal A Nadvi Fazle Rabbi

Colourful Summer Fair

Time: 10am - 8pm Date: May 10-12 Venue: Drik Gallery, House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi Residential Area


Gift ideas for mommy dearest

Su Jorgensen

Navin Ahmed







Salsa time!

Cover photo: Latif Hossain Models: Sahar Rahman & Anjumam Ara


Time: 6:30pm Day: May 11 Venue: The Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC), House 35, Raod 24, Gulshan-1

Party Poopers

Flawless skin secrets


An Evening of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music by US based Bangladeshi exponent Dr Samia Mahbub Ahmad

4 Tuned – Jazz as a lifestyle 5 Tailored – Up to date with latest trends 6 Cover – Gift ideas for Mother’s Day 9 Tempt – The way to flawless skin 11 Tempt – Jewels galore! 12 Trial Room – Future of deshi design 14 Tell – Relationship and health advice 15 Take Care – Do it right, stay fit 16 Tucked In – Smoky salsa to wake the taste buds 18 Trails – A trip to Nawabgonj 20 Travel – The City of Light, Paris! 22 Tags – Prima Donna

Time: 4pm to 12am Date: May 16 Venue: Catalina Island Restaurant, House 7, Road 7, Gulshan 1

Emotion Recollected in Tranquility by Artist Azmeer Hossain Date: till May 16 Venue: Bengal Shilpalaya, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts(BGFF), 275/F Dhanmondi, Road 27(old), Road 16(new)

till 16th

The dream’s Wear: Influenced by Folk Painting and Music by VIAAN

Time: Mondays to Thursdays from 3pm to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9am to12pm and 5pm to 8pm, closed on Sundays Date: till May 16 Venue: Alliance Française de Dhaka (AFD), 26, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi

Fashion Progression

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3


Tuned Entertainment



WELCOME TO JAZZ While the rest of the world classifies Jazz as a mere genre of music, I view it as a lifestyle By Zaki Adnan

Shazia Omar and Merrill Khan launched a co-authored book called ‘Intentional Smile’ of being well being such as gratitude, positive outlooks, healthy lifestyles, and the law of attraction. Shazia Omar is a psychologist and yoga teacher and Merill Khan is a child counsellor and teacher. The book is available at Red Shift Cafe, Omni, Book Worm, or Jatra.


Aired at Fox Traveller, Latin Angels show features the most stunning and sensual Latin models, actress and celebrities who explore the hottest spot across the globe. The show time is Thursday at 11:30pm, Friday and Saturday 12:30am onwards.



A documentary TV show, “Food Factory”, is based on food products whose process involves grand machinery, a symphony of assembly lines and a suite of wonderful steps through producing food. The show is aired at 9pm on Thursday and Friday on Discovery Channel.


American punk rock band Green Day’s is yet to release the series of studio album Uno!,Dos! and Tre! The ninth studio album Uno has been released with 12 songs.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

I feel privileged to have fallen in love with an eloquent phenomenon called Jazz. While the rest of the world classifies Jazz as a mere genre of music, I view it as a lifestyle. Assuming I haven’t made it quite evident, this is what Jazz does to you: it transforms your love into a lifestyle. If you wish to experience the blessings of pure harmony and the beauty of sheer spontaneity, turn to the world of Jazz and experience a perfect sync with true romance. The birthplace of this marvelous phenomenon is New Orleans, Southern United States. It achieved mainstream popularity during the 1920s, which was also referred to as “The Jazz Age”. The man I consider to be the prophet of Jazz music, Miles Davis said “You can tell the history of Jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong. Charlie Parker.” Being a firm believer of “learn it yourself”, I would suggest two playlists as a great place to start your interaction with Jazz.

1. Autumn leaves  Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis 2. Take five  Dave Brubeck 3. Yardbird suite  Charlie Parker 4. A kiss to build a dream on Louis Armstrong 5. Feeling good  Nina Simone 6. The girl from Ipanema Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz 7. My funny valentine  Chet Baker 8. Nancy  John Coltrane 9. Let’s do it  Ella Fitzgerald 10. Polka dots and  moonbeams  Bill Evans Trio Photo Source: Big Stock

Zaki Adnan is singer, song writer and composer of an experimental rock band, Circus Police.


1. The nearness of you  Norah Jones 2. Smile  Madeleine Peyroux 3. Love me or leave me  Lyambiko 4. You’re the top  Stacey Kent 5. Travelling  Christina Bjordal Band 6. Moondance  Michael Bublé 7. Powerless  Rebekka Bakken 8. Bhromor koiyo giya  Lokkhi Terra 9. The sun  The Cat Empire 10. Love is a losing game  Amy Winehouse

Tailored 5 His Style

Trend report

&A Q&A

The new season’s statement pieces are what you need to ‘up your game’ in the style department By Mahmood Hossain Photos: Latif Hossain Now that we’re well into spring/summer, don’t forget to check things off your must-have list. Here are a few of the many desirable investments to make for this season. u Loafers: These are the shoes of the season. The flagship of shoes, if you will, comes in all different designs and colours. It used to be only about coordinating these shoes with a casual look, but not this time. Gentlemen in double-breasted suits

can now sport upscale loafers. Yes, they’re THAT desirable u Plaid: It’s no longer for the older gentlemen enjoying a day out in the woods. Clothes and accessories in bright and soft coloured plaid prints are in for the season u Stripes: Bold, colour-blocked and narrow style stripes on polo shirts should be part of your wardrobe u Denim: This is more of a year-round item, considering you wear jeans often. Denim jackets, on the other

hand, are a spring-cool statement u Square glasses: If you don’t have shades to go with your outfit, you can’t really top things off with an attractive look. Square-framed sunglasses will be available in abundance and are the stand out accessory of the season. The classic shape has been updated with lighter materials, and the plus side is that these will look good on pretty much any facial shape

Q: Is it ever OKay to wear white jeans at night?

Watch your step It may come as a surprise that your shoes are what people judge you by. Shoes are not just about function; your whole look is finished off with what is on your feet. The most important factors are comfort and sizing , followed by attractive style By Mahmood Hossain Photos: Big Stock Things to keep in mind:

1.Shopping for Comfort

e When shopping for shoes, remember to bring your own pair of socks, the kind you plan on wearing with your prospective purchase e You should feel at ease when trying on the pair. Walk around for a minute to properly test how they feel e The shoes should fit and feel comfortable from the start. Don’t assume they will feel better with time


e Different brands have different sizes. Just because you are a size 10 in sneakers does not mean you are a 10 in loafers. It’s good to measure your foot each time you try something new

e Get your feet measured by the sales person. Remember to stand up when the sizing is being done. This ensures your feet are at their longest e Try out the pair, not just one shoe

3.Heels and Toes

e Use your index finger to fit between the shoe’s heel and your heel. The finger should slide between them with little force. If your finger cannot fit, the shoes are too tight. If there’s too much room, they are too large eThe toes should be able to wiggle comfortably. You should be able to fit the width of your thumb in between the tips of your toes and the end of the shoe

A: As long as you don’t look tacky, go for it! The best way to go about it is to add a touch of class. It actually looks good with a floral or madras shirt or even a blue blazer. Just remember to balance things out so the jeans aren’t the only thing people are gawking at.

Q: I like to wear sandals when I go on dates with my girlfriend to feel comfortable. she doesn’t mind the sandals but hates that my feet end up smelling by the end of the day. What can I do about that? A: I’m sure your girlfriend is just being nice when she says she’s “okay” with you wearing sandals on dates. You should avoid opened toed shoes altogether. The reason your feet stink is because of sweat and everything else out there in the not so healthy environment. Before heading out, wash your feet and apply either talcum powder or baking soda to your feet. Talcum powder is an astringent so it will dry out your feet, and baking soda creates an alkaline environment that’s not bacteria friendly. You can even try corn starch (that’s right), it helps absorb the sweat. Photo: Big Stock

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3



Celebrating the woman of our lives

The joys of motherhood are just as prominent as the pains of endless expectations,the harrowing teenage years and the everlasting drama that ensue conflicting ideas between mother and child BY N Anita Amreen Photo: Latif Hossain Models: Sahar Rahman & Anjumam Ara

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

At times, the subtlest of gestures will spark the wrath of spiraling anger. With tempers raging, what begins as a simple conversation soon turns into a battle of the tongues. By the end of it all, both you and your mother retreat into your corners, egos bruised and feelings hurt. Each imagining the other to be wrong, you recoil in resignation. But before you know it, as your anger dispels and feelings are revived, you realise the insignificance of it all – the utter triviality of holding onto anger for the sake of something as silly as an argument, as petty as remarks thrown at each other during moments blurred with fury. Soon enough, the once burning rage is replaced with feelings of guilt, disappointed at your complete lack of sensitivity for the one woman who has made you who you are today. As she nurses her wounds, holding her tongue for the sake of a few moments of peace, you realise her selfless sacrifice and are reminded of the several hundred she has made throughout your life. You are reminded of the several years she has nursed you to bed, addressed your fears and put your insecurities to rest. Putting up with missed curfews, broken house rules and your complete and utter disregard for her emotions, she has stood by you – tall and proud. As the one guardian angel of your life, your mother has been there through thick and thin, acting as your one saviour. This Mother’s Day let your mother know exactly how much she means to you, and show her how deeply you appreciate everything she does for you – from the angry outbursts to the mollycoddling. Let your mother know that she is and always will be, the woman of your life.



Whether she’s the homey type or a tech savvy mom, here are a few gift ideas for every mom: The homemaker Waking up at the break of dawn, she toils away to juggle the many tasks mornings demand – preparing breakfast for the family, waking up the rest of the household and readying herself for the challenges of the day. Whether it’s baking the best chocolate cake or bringing you the perfect antidote to a rainy day – a sizzling plate of bhuna khichdi – your mom is your hero. Gift your mom a new baking oven to aid in her baking adventures, or buy her a host of kitchen supplies she has been complaining about for the past few months. If money isn’t an issue, splurge on some fine china sets, a dishwasher or even some tableware. Better yet, buy her her very own TV, which will allow her to watch her favourite TV serials unhindered.

The shopaholic mom Whether it’s a store opening or just a morning stroll across town, she finds herself instantaneously attracted to the tempting store displays, her hands itching to splurge and spend. Sarees, purses, shoes, furniture and jewellery – she has a penchant to shop for it all and more. What do you give a mother who’s addicted to shopping? Perhaps a gift voucher? Whether it’s a big amount or just a measly allowance, it doesn’t matter. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. Fear not, since your mom will appreciate the gesture itself. If gift vouchers aren’t your cup of tea, buy her a shopping tote bag from any of the leading bag stores, such as Celebrations or Aarong. If all else fails, take the full-proof route and hand her your dad’s credit card.

The techsavvy mom Gone are the days when moms were known only for their adorable inaptitude with all things technologically advanced. In today’s age, moms are known for their ability to zoom through their touch keypads and type up Whatsapp messages faster than the blink of an eye. A gift for your tech savvy mom doesn’t necessarily have to be on the pricier end (although it would be infinitely better if it were). If you’re worried about your wallet taking a beating, gift her a Skullcandy headphone or an engraved 16GB pendrive. However, if a pricy gift doesn’t burn a hole in your

pocket, you can gift her one of the latest smartphones or a Windows 8 laptopwith all her favourite software installed. The ipad4, iphone5 or even a Samsung galaxy tab could be a suitable gift.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3



The Fitness Enthusiast For the moms who follow vigorous fitness regimes and stick to vegan, low-calorie diets, there are a host of different gifts you can choose to give. Dhaka now offers everything from Zumba to Pilates to aerobics. You can either get her a gym subscription or sign her up for yoga or aerobics classes. Yoga mats, free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and skipping ropes are also excellent gifts for the mom who cannot do without her daily round of exercise. A personalised alternative could be a CD full of workout videos for those days she cannot make it to her gym or yoga classes.

Daring, spunky and full of life, she pulls off styles that even you aren’t confident about. A jolt of life, spark plug, and simple infectious, she marches to the beat of her own drum.

The free spirit

The Artsy mom Constantly on the lookout for new, creative ways to redecorate the house, she takes it upon herself to bring an innovative spin to your rooms. Creating lampshades out of recycled paper, or using wrapping paper to decorate the walls, her mind is always bustling with a host of inventive ideas. Gift her a range of wall paints and roller brushes to let the child in her express herself through artwork. If she’s into gardening, you can make her very own sanctuary in the form of a rooftop garden. To take it up a notch, you may gift her tickets to her favourite exhibitions or even a classical concert at home or abroad.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

Whether it’s getting her way with local vendors or convincing your dad to allow you to extend your curfew, your fiery spirited mom is your saviour. Always ready to get your back, especially when you haven’t been on your best behaviour, she’s the first one you go to when fear paralyses your ability to negotiate with your dad. A true believer of individualism, she gives you the final push of encouragement, urging you to go that extra mile. Daring, spunky and full of life, she pulls off styles that even you aren’t confident about. Surprise your mom with a funky gift box from Jatra, filled with her

favourite goodies. Fill it with a range of multicoloured nailpolish, windchimes, charm bracelets and of course, an assortment of her favourite candies, allowing her to indulge in her sweet tooth. Perhaps, you could even get her a journal to help record her adventurous experiences.


F lawless skin leads to flawless make-up



A clear and glowing complexion is a sign of youth, health and vitality, so it’s little wonder that flawless, radiant skin is at the top of every woman’s beauty wish list. Flawless skin is the canvas on which make-up artists can create, beautify and enhance the natural beauty of the face By Tilat Khayer I would like to give you tips on how to improve your skincare routine, as well as share products I have come to love over the years.

My three golden rules for skin care are CLEANSING, TONING and MOISTURISING. Cleansing The foundation of every skincare routine must be cleansing. This is probably the most essential yet neglected part of what should be your daily routine. Clear skin is vital as it allows make-up to be absorbed properly into the pores of the skin. When using a cleansing product, always remember to massage in a gentle, upward, circular motion and never pull down your skin.

Recommended cleansers: •Dermalogica’s ultracalming cream cleanser:

a gentle cleanser that’s mild enough to be used everyday and effective enough to clean eye make-up

•Johnson’s baby skincare wipes and Simple wipes: quick yet effective method of cleansing on the go

Toning Next on your list of daily tasks should be toning. Toners restore the correct chemical balance of your skin and tighten the pores, helping your skin to have an overall even look.

Recommended toners: •BeautyLab’s balancing toner •Clean and Clear toners – toners for

oily, combination and dry skin are widely available at stores like Almas and Priyo

Tilat Khayer is an international make-up artist, who has worked with celebrities at London Fashion Week and Britain’s Next Top Model. Her brand Roshi operates in the UK and Bangladesh.

Moisturising Finally, we come to moisturising. Now, let’s be clear, there is no such thing as the best product on the market, as no two people have the same skin. Everyone’s skin will respond to different products in different ways, so you must learn to read your own skin. Failure to identify your skin’s requirements at this stage may lead to flakiness or peeling of your foundation later on. If the product is too rich, it leaves your skin too dry, or leaves you with a make-up meltdown, then you need to look for an alternative product. For chronically dry skin, choose a rich, concentrated moisturiser. For normal to dry skin, choose a medium weight moisturiser. For oily skin, you will need a light hydration formula that reduces the appearance of oil and helps close your pores. When applying moisturiser, start off with your cheeks, as they tend to be the driest area of your face. Short upward and outward strokes are recommended when applying cream to the face, but use a patting motion to apply under-eye creams, as circular movement will pull the thin skin around the eyes and lead to early development of wrinkles.

Do remember to exfoliate once a week to help your skin improve its texture and bring back its natural radiance. Muslin cloths are great to use when cleansing as they gently exfoliate without damaging the skin cells. No woman should be without a good skincare regime. Make-up is an embellishment, but it is great skin that makes a woman gorgeous. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or prefer a natural look, it is vital to prepare and look after your skin well, as there is really no substitute for a healthy, glowing complexion.

For those who do not like to use foundation but still want a little coverage, Benefit’s You Rebel tinted moisturiser is your ideal choice

•Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil: highly

recommended for a gentle clean

Photos: Internet

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3


Tempt Hair Care

Hair in the making Throughout the years, society’s opinion on hairstyles has changed, and hair trends will no doubt continue to change as well By Su Jorgensen Su Jorgensen is a hairstylist and colour technician from New Zealand with over 20 years of international experience which includes: teaching for Wella, Goldwell and Redken, working on fashion editorials in different platforms such as television and running a successful boutique salon in London’s trendy East End. She has extensive knowledge of Trichology - the science of hair and scalps.

In 1905, Charles Nessler of Germany introduced the permanent wave, aka the “perm,” which was strictly reserved for hair at the recommended length of three feet. Look how far we've come since then!

In the 1960-70s, women adopted hairstyles that were less formal and lacked elaborateness.

Nessler’s permanent wave machine From the earliest days of colonisation to the beginning of the 20th century, European fashion strongly influenced both men and women’s hairstyles. From elaborate structures of hair wired into lofty constructions, to padding and false hair in the 18th century, women's hair became shorter in the 19th century when sidecurls appeared.

In 1915, the American dancer Irene Castle caused a sensation by being the first woman to cut her hair dramatically short into what became known as the “bob.” As a result of World War I, women everywhere cut or "bobbed" their hair, often with a perm, as a symbol of their political and social emancipation.


For men, the closely-cropped crew cuts adopted for practical reasons during World War II gave way to longer hair and untrimmed beards.At the end of the day, our hair still performs many useful functions in addition to keeping hairdressers in employment! The hair on our scalp protects us against the sun and our eyelashes are our first defense against bugs, dust and other irritants. That’s most likely the original purpose of hair; It serves as an early warning system of bodily threats - so lets protect, nourish and nurture it but have fun with it while we still have it!

THE TRUTH BEHIND BEAUTY MYTHS Magazines, television shows and friends are always telling us what we shouldn’t do when it comes to beauty and skincare. It’s time to dispel these myths and learn what’s really going on By Sabah Rahman Photos: Big Stock Myth: Shaving your legs will make the hair grow back thicker. Truth:

Hair grows back shorter after it’s been shaved. Since a razor only removes the hair at the surface and not the root, the tip feels sharper and therefore gives the illusion of thicker growth. Once the hair is allowed to grow back to its original length, it regains its original texture. Myth:Washing your face repeatedly will get rid of acne.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

Truth: Over-washing your face can actually strip it of necessary oils. This makes the skin produce even more oil to retain its natural balance and causes breakouts. Wash your face in the morning and at bedtime, and use oil-blotting sheets when necessary throughout the day. Myth: Split ends can be mended. Truth: Split ends can be prevented with regular conditioning and limited use of styling tools, but once the hair shaft splits,

it can’t be put back together. The only way to get rid of those straggly ends is to get them trimmed off. Myth: Your hair will grow faster if you cut it more often. Truth: No matter how many times you get your ends snipped, hair will grow at its natural pace.

Myth:You have dark circles due to lack of sleep. Truth: While lack of sleep can highlight the dark circles beneath your eyes, genetics are most likely what causes them in the first place. Splurge on an eye cream that safely fades dark circles and take your multi-vitamins to rule out any deficiencies.



Local Trends

Jewel up! So ladies, are you sure you’re not decking yourselves out in excess? When it comes to accessorising , we must be careful not to overdo it. Focus on one or two pieces at a time By Hiroe Kunimoto Photos: Big Stock

Hiroe kunimoto is a brand executive for Apex Adelchi Footwear Ltd.

“Jewellery should not upstage you. I pick one hot point on my body that I'm going to highlight. Let one area do the singing - you don't want to hear three songs at once.” Padma Lakshmi

Here are my top 3 must have items for the summer: 1. Necklaces: Every woman should have a few long necklaces that add the perfect touch to most outfits. From pearl to wooden embellishments, long multi-coloured necklaces are “in” this summer. Go for large round white pearls in a single strand or smaller artificial beaded ones in multiple strands. There are stunning pieces available at various prices ranging from Tk80-450 in New Market, or in boutiques around the city. These necklaces’ beautiful designs and colours will not fail to add vibrance to your wardrobe.

2. Oversized rings: Ladies blessed with long, delicate fingers are lucky enough to make any old ring appear gorgeous. For the rest of us, oversized rings are perfect as they suit hands of all shapes and sizes. These are available in a wide variety, with either a big turquoise stone in the middle or a multi-strap metal piece. You can also find traditional wooden versions of them in boutiques at a very reasonable price range, starting from Tk60.

3. Colourful bangles: As pretty as traditional reshmi churis are, try experimenting with metal, wood, fabric or even threads. The beautiful colours really brighten up your overall image and add a feminine touch. Threaded bangles start at Tk55, and you can get metal ones for Tk100-250, depending on location and design. What are you waiting for? Pick up your wallet, call up your girlfriends, and go on a jewellery treasure hunt!

International Trends

Breathtaking beads It's time to put away the fur and brocade that were all over the runways last year. Beautiful beading is where it's at this spring By Sabah Rahman Photos: Big Stock Designers have been inspired by this trend from our corner of the world, and are using it in many interesting ways – delicately adorning necklines and hems or boldly covering every inch of fabric in gems. Unless you're going to wear a dress, try to sport one beaded item at a time and skip the jewellery with this specific trend to avoid overkill. This trend can easily be adapted into your eastern wardrobe.

Colourful metallic beads are popping up on clothing, jewellery, shoes, scarves and bags

Head to Banani Supermarket to grab some pre-made beaded patches, and drop them off to your favourite tailor to work on an exquisite kaftan and scarves that will keep you one step ahead of the masses.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3


Trial Room

Fashion progression Rubbing elbows with the best of Europe is a soon-to-be reality By Mahmood Hossain & Sabah Rahman Photos By Latif Hossain

In a time of uncertainty, we look at the current generation and hope they can carry our pride into better days. Musarrat Rahman and Moureen Zahir are two brilliant homegrown designers in their early 20s, whose understanding of fashion and design point to nothing but a promising future. Their concepts and vision have broken the traditional mould of Bangladeshi fashion.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

Trial Room


These young talents dare to be different, and are driven by their passion for design and dedication to freedom in creativity. They know that, putting aside egos, becoming number one is simply a matter of acceptance rather than competition. Having studied in the Raffles Design Institute of Dhaka, the two have shown the determination and focus to become the best in their field.

The pieces shown here may not be pret-a-porter (ready to wear) but this is a preview of the ladies’ coming days of glory. Be prepared to embrace their beautiful works of art, perfectly balanced between elegance and fun, when they develop a line that will reach the chicest corners of the world. AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3


Tell Letters to Mars Letters to Venus I’m a 36-yearold single man who just got introduced to a 26-year-old woman with the intention of getting to know and eventually marrying her if things turn out well. We’ve been talking and dating for the past three months and I genuinely like her, and I know the feeling is mutual. However, she has a really bad reputation around town. She’s been with many men, and most people

say she’s a woman of loose morals. I want to get married to her soon, but I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. Help! H

Dear H, You seem to like her and enjoy her company, so consider dating her for another few months before you propose – not because you should believe what people say, but to satisfy yourself that she is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Have you noticed that when men are “womanisers” it is understood as a sign of strength and success, whereas women are not described as “manisers” but as sluts? You are old and experienced enough to know that it is often possible to have smoke and no fire. When we want to demean a woman, the first word that comes to most of us is “loose”. Trust your feelings for her.

Double trouble! Photo: Big Stock Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars, see her clients and counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine.

Issues I have a seven-year-old son, Zarif, studying in class one. My husband is a math tutor and I’m a housewife. As a private tutor, my husband stays busy most of the time and doesn’t get to spend too much time with our son. Zarif works really hard to impress both his teachers and his father and manages to get excellent grades. However, every time he scores well on a test or simple class work, he will demand a gift – be it a remote-control car or an expensive toy. If his demands are not met, he throws tantrums and cries incessantly. My husband feels guilty about not being able to spend quality time with him, and so gives in to these demands every single time. I believe he’s spoiling Zarif in the process. How can I stop this? M

Dear M, Begin by talking to your son and explaining that while every good score is an achievement you appreciate, he cannot just expect a gift every time. Promise him a gift for his final exams, and make him understand how truly happy and proud you are of his achievements. Instead of gifts, shower him with love, or surprise him with a special dish during meals. Every time you make these little AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

gestures, mention that it’s because you appreciate his efforts. As for your husband, schedule at least an hour a day in which he spends quality time with your son. Shun him from giving in to your son’s demands every time. Instead, make your husband promise your son an hour of his time doing something fun and interesting for both of them. Over time, your son will be less prone to feeling resentment and will look forward to quality time more than he looks forward to expensive presents.

I’m a 31-year-old woman who recently got a messy divorce. After my divorce, my brother-in-law’s friend would often sympathise with me and soon became my rock. We got into a relationship and got married within a year. However, now that we’re married he has turned bitter and foul-mouthed. We constantly fight, mostly about my previous marriage. I don’t know how to win him over again. Help! U My dear U, Your second marriage was an accident that is actually not an accident. Some people come into our life for a purpose, and along the lines we forget that purpose. After a dramatic relationship or divorce, the person who helps us overcome our pain or is there to hear our endless venting is not the person we are supposed to marry. People come as angels in disguise, and because we are confused, angry and insecure we misunderstand our feelings. Counseling will probably help both of you understand what you are going through and why. If you find there is real love and not only pity or security that holds you together, take the bull by the horn and part as friends. “As friends?” you may gulp. Yes, it is possible and it is advised. No point in taking pain and anger with you. It would be good for you to share the outcome you face as it may help some of our readers.

Take Care



Beating the evil cramps An angry fit? A sudden emotional outcry? An overly joyous day? Must be ‘that time of the month.’ Right when women think they’ve had enough of the PMS (premenstrual syndrome) jokes, menstrual cramps snidely make their way into the calendar By N Anita Amreen While PMS itself may be a major turnoff, menstrual cramps take monthly pain to a whole new level. Do not despair, however, since this evil is one that medical science can both prevent and cure. Read on to find the best few ways to prevent menstrual cramps. u Maintain a light exercise schedule. Yoga could be a more relaxing alternative. Yoga helps balance the functioning of the uterus u Consider taking supplements such as vitamin E, thiamine, omega-3, zinc and calcium. These help reduce cramps u Steer clear of Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens, which may be the reasons behind the cramps. These chemicals can be present in anything from shampoo to detergent u After consulting a physician, begin taking birth control pills, which contain

hormones that prevent ovulation and reduce menstrual cramps u Avoid coffee and alcohol before your period, since they aggravate menstrual cramps u Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. u Cut down on salt intake a few days before your period u Include whole grain food such as oats and muesli in your diet u Increase your calcium intake by consuming lots of dark green vegetables and fruits u Take one to two tablespoons of flaxseed to reduce the amount of prostaglandin hormones in your body. Prostaglandin is the hormone that makes the uterus contract

Get it rightshoulder workouts Well-conditioned shoulders really make or break the look of a powerful man. Narrow, flabby shoulders on the other hand, only add a not-so-good-looking effeminate flourish to a man’s physique. In order to both achieve definition and build muscle strength in the shoulders, you must focus on shoulder centric exercises Outlined below are three shoulder centric work outs Hang Clean and Press Load a barbell with standard weights and start your workout in standing position. Place your hands on the bar just outside shoulder width. With your chin up and your back kept straight, start the “hang” by holding on to the barbell at thigh level. Then lower the bar to just above your knees. Perform the “hang clean” by getting the bar up to your shoulders. This must be done while extending your ankles and flexing your knees. Aim at bringing the bar in front of your body in a straight line. Then, rotate your elbows under the bar by holding it on the front of your shoulders and chest. Right after, press upwards so that the bar is fully

extended. Lower the bar back to your shoulder level, dropping it down to your thigh to complete the exercise.


Shoulder Press with Dumbbells Remain standing and bring two dumbbells up to your shoulder level. To press, begin by lifting one dumbbell straight up while the other rests on your other shoulder. When the first dumbbell returns to your shoulder, the second should already be moving. No rest should be taken between repetitions.

Aries Whether it’s partying hard, or dancing the night away with your partner- do what makes you feel best. You’ll be happiest if you let your hair down. Taurus The green monster of jealousy shall be heading towards your life and you have to brace yourself for a nasty, unhealthy dose of drama. Keep calm and carry on. Gemini This week you prove to the world that conforming to norms is just not your style. You’ll break free from any restrictions and make the best of your energy. Cancer A burning desire will overtake you. Throwing moral guidelines aside, you shall be unable to repress fight it. Acceptance is what you should aim. Leo Based on exactly where you want your life headed, you will look at commitment with a new pair of lenses. It’s your time to judge whether your beau is worth the effort or just up for a dismissal. Virgo Topping this week’s agenda is a healthy dose of romance and exercise. Join hands with your parent and indulge in some romantic walks in the park. Libra Chickening out from your responsibilities this week is out of the question. Stern decisions will have to be made and you’ll be thrilled with being in power. Scorpio Living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself is no walk in the park, especially this week. Don’t let the drama surrounding this week blind your decision making skills. Sagittarius This week you’re out to give the gossip mongers a thing or two to talk about. Don’t be mistaken, the gossip will only be positive in nature, thanks to your efficient handling of your own PR. Capricorn Drowning in a tonne of work may be your style, but this week you need to lay low and chill out with close ones. Let the week dictate your schedule. Aquarius This greatly fast paced week may have you panting to keep up. Worry not since it’s inbred in you to deal with any shortcomings . Pisces In no way should you allow the evils get to you. Keep busy or just sweat the stress out at the gym – find your stress outlet.

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Roasted tomato salsa This chunky, smoky salsa tastes amazing with tortilla chips. Roasted tomatoes, garlic, onion and jalapeno are blended with cilantro and cumin to create one of the tastiest and easiest Mexican-inspired recipes you’ll ever try. Whether used as a dip for chips or a central condiment on the dinner table, this roasted tomato salsa can whet the most insatiable of appetites By Naorose Ali

Naorose Ali is the chef of Cilantro. He gained his culinary expertise from Australia.

Ingredients f 12 Roma (plum) tomatoes f 2 cloves garlic, unpeeled f 1 small onion, quartered f 1 jalapeno chilli pepper f 1 1/2 tbsp olive oil f 1 tsp ground cumin f 1/4 tsp salt f 3 tbsp fresh lime juice f 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


f Preheat the broiler f In a medium baking dish, place Roma tomatoes, garlic, onion and jalapeno chilli pepper and drizzle with olive oil f Checking often, broil for five to 10 minutes, or until outsides of vegetables are charred f Remove vegetables from heat. Remove and discard tomato cores, jalapeno stem and garlic skins f In a food processor, coarsely chop the charred vegetables. Transfer to a medium bowl and mix in cumin, salt, lime juice and cilantro


Turning your roof into a natural sanctuary It’s time to take matters into our own hands and turn our roofs into natural oases amidst the concrete urban jungle that we live in. Here are a few quick pointers to help you build your own little world on your roof By N Anita Amreen v Gather all necessary elements such as containers, pots, fertilizers, water and plants v Roof plan: Chalk out how you intend to place your plants Containers: Use 61cm bowlshaped planters for summer food crops and 15 x 122cm rectangular planters for spring crops. Hanging containers are also suitable v Soil: Choose a good potting mix from a local nursery and remember to periodically replace soil v Fertiliser: Different plants absorb the nutrients in fertilisers over

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different time periods. Keep enough fertiliser handy to help replace depleted soil v Tools: Purchase a soil scoop and a trowel to help work with soil replacement v Ensure that plants are in a place that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day v Most importantly, maintain your sanctuary by keeping an eye on your plants’ growth and watering them on a regular basis

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Decorating small rooms As we become more and more ‘apartmentalised,’ we frequently find ourselves in rooms smaller than we are used to. We are increasingly faced with the challenge of filling these rooms in a functional way without cramming them By M K Aaref Photos: Big Stock/Internet We tend to make the mistake of furnishing our rooms with oversized items that both dominate the room and leave us with little leg space. It is prudent to downsize them, either by getting a good carpenter to transform them into more modular proportions or, if your budget permits it, get new streamlined furniture. If the room is for a single child, a single bed will do instead of a double one. This adjustment alone will free up a substantial amount of floor space. A builtin study table with a flat screen monitor and bookshelves above it is another way to save space. In the case of a bedroom with two occupants, a bunk bed is a suitable option.

Try to avoid dark colours in small rooms, as they tend to make rooms look even smaller. Given the fact most houses and apartments have a less than desirable view, the combination of dark colours and closed curtains is not an ideal solution. Colours should not go beyond light pastels. Avoid primary colours such as red or blue, but yellow sparkles up a room, provided it is rightly accessorised.

One trick that always works in small spaces – be it bathrooms, bedrooms or hallways – is the use of large horizontal mirrors. Placed on walls, they can instantaneously make a room look double the size and create the illusion of a large space While choosing the interior components of a small room, just remember, keep it functional, cosy and spacious.

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Nawabgonj: the land of lords Just outside the bustling capital city, but within the greater city limit, is the town of Nawabganj, a place where history unravels before your eyes. Each palace or temple in this town awaits the chance to share its unique story with students, families and researchers alike. With the river Ichomoti’s playful breeze surrounding each site in town, Nawabganj is the perfect spot for school and university outings as well as family picnics. Its surroundings and ambiance make it a must-see that will leave you with an unforgettable experience and a great story to tell By Farah Iqbal

What to do It is impossible to get a fullfledged experience of Nawabganj in just one day. The first items on your itinerary should be to see the magnificent palaces of Jatindra Babur (known locally as Ukil Bari or “the judge’s house”) and Radha Raman Babu (filled with sculptures carved in their likeness), both built about 150-200 years ago. Ukil Bari neighbors the Lakshmi Temple near the zamindar bari on the banks of the Ichamoti River, and is an archeological favourite. On the way to see the architectural phenomenon of the Andhar Kotha, where not a drop of sunlight enters, why not stop by the Nishkundo Temple, the alleged home of the highway devil, and convey your greetings to the devil himself?

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What to eat Nawabgonj is almost walking distance from the part of town known as Old Dhaka. What better way to indulge yourself than with the luxurious street food this vicinity is famous for nationwide? Personal favourites would be the shuti kabaab with khaasta parata, ending with Al Razzak’s ever-admired doodh chaa.



where to stay Nawabgonj is an upazila of Dhaka city, hence within the greater city limits. Therefore we advise booking accommodations within the main city and pursuing day trips from your desired location in Dhaka.

Getting There

bus Service Non-air conditioned buses are the most available mode of transport to Nawabgonj. However, a day trip scheduled with Tiger Tours would mean a personalized, airconditioned minivan/microbus completely dedicated to your activities.

The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours.

INDEX Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail:

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Paris, France Paris, known as the ‘city of light’, is reputed to be the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, overflowing with historic associations and remaining immensely influential in the realms of culture, art, fashion, food and design. This city is home to the world’s most luxurious fashion designers, such as Chanel No5 and Christian Dior, and boasts several iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. With 45m tourists visiting it annually, Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s time to pack your bags and head to every traveller’s haven

What to do not only the urban street scenes, but also the spectacular architecture and outstanding monuments of the French capital including: the Notre Dame, the Conciergerie, Arc de Triomphe, the obelisk at Concorde, the Luxembourg Gardens and the Pont Neuf.


Movies The cinemas of Paris are the envy of every movie lover and director around the world. There are at least six film festivals going on in Paris every week, where you can see the entire works of famous actors and directors. There are also blockbusters, French movies and older cult films you can enjoy any day you wish.

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Museums Famous for being home to the masterpieces of time, it is impossible to turn a street in Paris without finding a museum or gallery to admire. Besides the famous Louvre and the Museum of the Arab World, be sure to check out Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Pres, which is renowned for its galleries, as well as the National Museum of the Middle Ages, the historical district of Montparnasse and Quartier Vavin –­

where painters like Modigliani, Gauguin and Zadkine used to work. To learn about the rich history of Paris as home to the greatest photographers of history, visit one of the many institutions dedicated to photography – such as the European Museum of Photography, the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation or the Daguerrotype. Sight-seeing When taking a tour of Paris, make sure to carry a camera around to capture

Emirates airlines flies a few times everyday to Dubai, and after a layover flies directly to Charles De Gaulle Airport, France. Photo Source: Internet




Where to stay

What to eat


Hotel De Sers

Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière


Cheese France produces over 600 varieties of cheese, which the French eat as main meals rather than appetizers. While in Paris, make sure to sample some of France’s finest cheeses (camembert, brie, roquefort, etc), which you will find in specialist cheese shops like Laurent Dubois. Baguette, pain au chocolat and pastries While in Paris, take advantage of the superior breads and baked goods. From crispy warm baguettes and pain au chocolat (croissants with chunks of chocolate throughout) to mille-feuille (layers of puff pastry alternating with layers of pastry cream) and kouglof (a sweet, yeast-risen dough studded with raisins and soaked in syrup), French patisseries will provide your taste buds a treat to remember. Crepe Crepe, a thin pancake served with a variety of fillings, is a very popular dish in France and a must-have while in Paris. From savoury crepe ( served with cheese, ham, mushrooms, etc) to sweet crepe (served with Nutella, whipped cream, fruit spreads, etc) you can get your crepe filled with whatever you fancy.

Hotel Apollon Montparnasse

Hotel Apollon Montparnasse [Tk7,180 and up] If you’re looking for a good bargain, the charming hotel L’Apollon Montparnasse offers you comfort and high-quality service that will keep you coming back. The hotel’s excellent location, situated in the middle of town and only a minute from the metro, makes it the best value for money in Paris. Hotel De Sers [Tk28,860 and up] Renowned for its excellent service, this five-star Parisian baby palace splendidly combines classic French style with modernity. Nestled behind the side entrance to the famed George V, the hotel is within walking distance of the metro, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and the Eiffel Tower.

Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere [Tk72,750 and up] Facing the twinkling lights of the prestigious Champs-Elysees and directly across the street from George V metro station, the Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere is a 21st century French palace for all who wish to bask in luxury.

A 30 minute taxi ride from Charles de Gaulle Airport, the hotel’s entrance hall boasts like no other with a monumental stairway, vaulted walls, warm colours and mirrors reflecting a sparkling atmosphere.

a Hotel Fouquet's Barriere 46 Avenue George V 75008 Paris, France Ph: +33140696000 a Hotel De Sers 41 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie 75008 Paris, France Ph: +33153237575 a Hotel Apollon Montparnasse 91 Rue de l’Ouest 75014 Paris, France Ph: +331439562 00 a Louvre 4 Place du Louvre 75001 Paris, France a The Luxembourg Garden 5 Impasse RoyerCollard Paris, France a National Museum of the Middle Ages 6 place Paul Painlevé Paris, France a Pont Neuf Pont Neuf, Cite, Odéon Paris, France a Conciergerie Châtelet-les-Halles, Saint-Michel, NotreDame Paris, France a Notre-Dame cathedral 6 Place du Parvis Notre Dame Paris, France a Laurent Dubois rue de Lourmel 75015 Paris, France

Globe Trotter bkk, Thailand

Wc, ireland

Steve Vai Live in Bangkok Aug 6

Baltimore Fiddle Fair May 9-13

Istanbul, turkey

International Defence Industry Fair May 7-10

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The solo exhibition of works by Preema Nazia Andaleeb , ‘PRIMA DONNA’ was inaugurated on Saturday, May 4 at the Bengal Art Lounge. The artworks of Andaleeb are displayed till May 13


1 From left, Maroof Mohsin, visual artist Preema Nazia Andaleeb, research director Faiz Sobhan 2 Gowher Rizvi , International Affairs adviser to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh speaking at the inaugurtation 3 Niaz Zaman, Writer and Professor at the University of Dhaka 4 Artist Maksuda Iqbal Nipa 5 Alexander A Nikolaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation with Katerina Don, manager of the Bengal Art Lounge 6 From left, Preema Nazia Andaleeb, Maksuda Iqbal Nipa, Bipasha Hayat (actress and artist), Nazneen Haque Mimi (Interior Designer) and Vinita Karim


Photos by Sadia Marium


4 7


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AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, M AY 9, 20 1 3

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, M AY 9, 201 3

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