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Ecstasy’s collection

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Tuned Entertainment


Book Review

love in the

time of cholera

Produced by Jimmy Fallon of “Saturday Night Live” fame, this comedy about three stay-at-home fathers is a must-see this summer. The three men struggle with role reversal as their wives are the breadwinners in this 30 minute sitcom. “Guys With Kids” airs on Comedy Central five times a week.


Jason Statham plays a fugitive former British Special Forces soldier who is an alcoholic as well as homeless in this action-drama motion picture. Expect a story more about morals instead of the usual action flicks Statham is famous for.

Have you ever wondered how a love triangle could be turned into a meaningful work of literature instead of an over-the-top saga filled with cliches? If not, then think about it. If yes, then read “Love in the Time of Cholera” By Tausif Sanzum Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most renowned writers of Latin American literature, and “Love in the Time of Cholera” is one of his most celebrated works. With romance as one of the most common genres of literature, it becomes difficult for any particular love story to stand out, but with this mature literary work, Marquez succeeds in publishing a story that has held onto its distinct identity for over three decades. Florentino Ariza falls in love with Fermina Deza, who reciprocates his feelings initially, but finally decides to get married to Juvenal Urbino, a doctor capable of providing her with the financial security that Ariza can’t. The story focuses mainly on these three characters: Florentino Ariza’s transformation from a small town Romeo to a businessman still in love with the same woman, Fermina Deza’s growth from a young girl into a formidable lady with social standing, and Juvenal Urbino torn



This novel is about a 28-year-old Pakistani-born American woman named Maliha who leaves her job in Seattle and buys a one-way ticket to the Middle East. Maliha embarks on a life-changing adventure as she explores her Islamic roots, gets mistaken for a spy in Turkey and camps in the Sahara.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U LY 25, 201 3


in Dhaka this week

Zaatar Days, Henna Nights by Maliha Masood

between his wife and his secretary turned mistress. One of the book’s many distinct features is that none of its protagonists are goody two-shoes. They all have vices which make them so endearing and relatable. Another important aspect of the book is that it tries to explore sexuality, rather than repress it due to social norms. Readers often tend to question Ariza’s love for Deza, as he is intimate with a horde of other women; however, despite his sexual encounters, not once can they say that any woman other than Deza resides in his heart and mind. Marquez is known for his literary technique of magic realism, which is ample in this story, as the characters live beyond the normal lifespan and indulge in physical relationships when they are over 80.


Date:July 5 August 10 Venue: Bengal Art Lounge, 60 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212


WVA Eid Fashion Fair 2013

Date: July 25-27 Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Venue : “WVA” Auditorium House No.20 , Road No. 16(new)/27(old), Dhanmondi , Dhaka-1205



Date: July 19-29 Time: 3:00-8:00pm Venue: Dhaka Art Center House-60, Road-7A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Tech & Turns 5 App Watch

Wunderlist to the rescue! As Astrid lives its final weeks of existence, Wunderlist is there to pick up all the broken pieces of your heart By Mahmood Hossain Like many other apps, this will be a tougher transition, but one that is necessary for obvious reasons. Wunderlist is possibly the best replacement for Astrid, as it allows you to transfer all of your data from the latter application. Like any other leading task managing application, this syncs through all devices and is free to sign up for. Not only is it very functional, but the app also has a simple and very beautiful design. A sliding panel and easy to check

New Tech

A phone in a camera Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom is a camera first, phone second By Mahmood Hossain Sounds strange in a market full of smartphones, but the emphasis lies in the camera itself. The brand has incorporated the S4’s body and features, while slapping on a bigger sensor with a 10x optical zoom. As much as we like to use our smartphone cameras, they just can’t reach the level of a standalone digital camera. The S4 Zoom has taken to a role reversal with a 4.3-inch display at 960x540 pixels. There has also been a compromise in the processor, implanting a 1.5GHZ dual-core. Some may be glad to know that it is running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which is the most recent version of Google’s OS. There’s also only 8GB of internal storage (of which only 5GB are available for use,) so most likely you’ll have to buy a microSD card, which shouldn’t be an issue. There is a slight plus side to balance things out. The 2,330mAh battery is removable from a slot on the side. At full charge, you really can’t

frown on that. With 25 different scene modes including HDR, panorama, and night, there’s plenty to keep the 16-megapixel camera busy. Or you can always leave it on auto for a less hassled experience. Now, photography enthusiasts have a better chance of taking enhanced

photos and sharing them instantly through social media. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can be bought at Gadget & Gear in Bashundhara City Level 1 for around Tk44,000. The prices are subject to change, so make sure to call or inquire on Facebook.


The all-in-one car off boxes make for a pleasant experience. Once you have started adding new tasks, you are also able to add more details to them. With the options of creating due dates and time, adding reminders and alarms through email or notification, and writing subtasks and extra notes, Wunderlist gives its users full, customisable control. There are categories that separate the specific tasks you will have created: private, work, shopping, etc. It even has all the listed items under a “Today” category, so you know right away what needs to be taken care of on that day. One of the cool extras about this app is that a user is allowed to change the background of the task list screen. There are several free backgrounds, as well as some wallpapers for Pro users which don’t come free, of course. The free lot is more than enough to satisfy visually. Here’s to the wonderful Wunderlist, thanks for saving us. Wunderlist is free to download and is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac.

The 2010 Toyota Allion has acquired a lot of attention from the local automotive buyers. It provides ample space for people sitting in the back and also comes with a youthful, smart look bound to attract young buyers By Tahsin Momin The name Allion comes from “all-inone,” and this vehicle is indeed an allin-one solution to your driving needs. It not only has an excellent design, but also adds roomy interior, tasteful styling, a prompt, user-friendly centre console and brilliant driving performance. The 1496cc 1NZ-FE engine in the A15 version provides 110 HP, but interestingly, the A18 version features a more advanced 1790cc 2ZR-FA engine, which is rare in Bangladesh due to the higher taxes and provides a whooping 140 HP. The Allion, when compared to its sister car the Premio, always offered

a more sporty appeal, and this model is no exception. However, there is no major difference on the inside of both the cars. The soft inside gives a very pleasant touch for the passengers, and also provides the vehicle with an upmarket feel. The front seats provide the passengers a very comfortable driving position. The rear leg room is superb, and the gift to recline the seats adds a bit more to this mid-level sedan. The centre console is very precise, and the head up display provides a sufficient level of information. Along with the average fuel economy, it also provides the current fuel economy to guarantee

that the driver can get the best out of his driving style with a bit of thrill while meeting a certain fuel economy. One point that is worth mentioning is the car’s suspension. The vehicle handles extremely well on the local, rutty roads while achieving a comfortable ride on even the bumpiest of them. Overall, the vehicle has amazing fuel economy even when it’s pushed to its limits, and the dualVVTi setup on the engine provides a greater traction with minimal revs, which contributes to this amazing return.

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Trial Room

Light up the world! Ecstasy’s new Eid collection arrives with the launching of Almira Express, designed by the renowned Shahrukh Amin. The new collection has neon painted all over for its leading theme. This is followed by fierce prints and soothing designs that develop an attractive silhouette. Accessorising won’t be too difficult, as Ecstasy (only at Bashundhara City Level-7) has devoted an entire section to a new line of candyflossed and bright pastel purses, along with other trendy and sophisticated bags By Mahmood Hossain Photos: Humayra

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U LY 25, 201 3

The new collection has summer written all over it and is appropriately presented. For the menswear, there is a decent range of new polo shirts from leading brands such as Lacoste, Boss and Paul Smith. The stacks of jeans are plenty and will leave the men bothered with choices like Jack and Jones. Both the Uttara and Bashundhara City outlets also have a new range of branded watches for men and women. Wrap your wrists with Emporio Armani, Fossil, and DKNY for starters to complete the entire outfit.

Trial Room


AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U LY 25, 20 1 3



Dealing with a psychotic lover Add a dollop of distrust, an unhealthy dose of jealousy, and the compelling need to control and you have yourself a psychotic lover. Every missed call is considered a sign of cheating , and every text that goes unanswered is reason enough to bring the house down By N Anita Amreen All of us have heard of him, and all of us have experienced this side of our partners, even if to a small extent. Despite all the efforts people make to bring their psychotic lovers under control, most of them go in vain. Take charge of your life by following Avenue T’s guide to taking the bull by the horns and setting it straight when it goes astray:

blamed, accused and abused, this calls for a change in attitude. Next time your partner makes an untrue accusation, explain your point and then walk away. Never tolerate disrespect. If necessary, take a time-out from the relationship to really get your point across. Stand your ground If your partner keeps insisting that you are wrong and wants to force you into feeling guilty about something you haven’t done in a jealous spurt, do not keep explaining yourself. Give your side of the story once, and if he does not believe you, that’s his problem. Stand your ground and don’t crumble under the pressure. Wait for your partner to understand his mistake. Don’t apologise or mollycoddle just for the sake of getting the problem over with. Grab the bull by its horn Confront the problems that plague your partner, and try to find out exactly why he acts the way he does. Unearth the insecurities and reassure him. Once you have consoled the child in him, give him a chance to alter his ways. There are always two sides to a story: try to see which part of your actions bother him and strike a two-way deal. Give each other two weeks to really love each other, and rid your relationship of the excesses that plague it.

Photo: Big Stock

Be patient, but don’t tolerate disrespect Patience works wonders, but only in cases when your partner deserves it. If you’ve tried to exercise patience time and again in exchange for being



Surviving a bad hair day

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U LY 25, 201 3

The sleek ponytail Banish any rumours of unkempt hair by tying your hair up in a sleek ponytail. Comb out any tangles, starting from bottom to top and getting rid of all knots. Tie your hair into a sleek, high ponytail. If you have flyaways, use a little styling gel to set them in place. Be careful not to use too much, as your scalp may end up looking oily. The quick bun While the boring, low bun is an easy look to emulate, it is reminiscent

By N Anita Amreen of grandma's favourite updo. Give the bun a fun twist by investing five minutes of your time in a side bun. Leave your bangs and very short layers of hair loose. Tie the rest of your hair right under any one ear. Twirl the ponytail into a bun and secure loose strands with several bobby pins. For the hair you left loose, you can either braid it and pin it up, or simply pin it up neatly.

Photo: Big Stock

There are several arguments surrounding what element of beauty can either make or break a person’s look. Some say it's the twinkle of an eye, others say it's the luscious pout of a full mouth, and others still say it's the cascading tresses of hair. For those women who feel a bad hair day can run their confidence into the ground, here are a few quick tips to rev up your hair quotient and give your confidence a boost

Say goodbye to an oily scalp When it comes to a quick solution for an oily scalp, there’s nothing quite like dry shampoo. However, since that isn’t easily available in Dhaka, the next best thing is baby powder. Apply a small amount of baby powder on your scalp, and rub it in to remove any white parts. This will instantly absorb the oil and make your hair look less oily.

Aries (mar 21- apr 19) Make sure you allow this week to be all about yourself: pamper, love and enjoy your own company. It will build your confidence and allow you to thrive. Taurus (apr 20- may 20) One good deed will lead to another, so try investing your time in just that. You will berewarded for it. Gemini (may 21- jun 20) You may be meeting someone very special this week. Not only will that person excite you, you may find yourself maddeningly infatuated. Cancer (jun 21- jul 22) Don’t push yourself too hard for things that you know will never come to fruition. Work on things that will help you succeed in the long run. Leo (jul 23-aug 22) Work pressure will drive you up the wall this week, so be careful about your temper. Keep your cool and focus on what is important. Virgo (aug 23- sep 22) You may feel unsure about the way you deal with things this week, but don’t let your insecurities get to you. Be confident and own your decisions! Libra (sep 23- oct 22) Try not to boss people around or force your ideas on them unless you practise them yourself. You may have a slightly tense week. Scorpio (oct 23 – nov 21) Deep down inside, you will be craving for long term commitment, but on the outside you will be pretending like you’re happy with the way things are going. Sagittarius (nov 22- dec 21) Maybe it’s time you begin showing people how much you care about them. Don’t hold back on your emotions. Capricorn (dec 22- jan 19) Ditch your reservations and turn on your adventurous switch. Enjoy the little pleasures of life. You will feel extremely satisfied with the direction your life is taking. Aquarius (jan 20 – feb 19) This week may end up making you feel inadequate and lonely. Look towards your elders and friends for help. Pisces (feb 20 – march 20) Extravagant purchases will hamper all your plans for saving up. Forget about the little pleasures and think about the greater rewards you will receive if you act wisely.

Tailored Style

His Style


Stumble over stubble

3 Keeping shape: Take your beard trimmer (like a Philips Norelco) and shave carefully. This cannot be rushed just like any other shaving you do to your face. You want to trim in the opposite direction of how your hair grows, but not push too hard and ruin the stubble. Maintaining this certain length

It’s meant to look a little unkempt, so do not line your beard up with a razor or clean shave any part of it. This flows from your face down to your throat area, so don’t shave that part either, otherwise you’ll look like you have a double chin

In Fashion

From the runway to your closets

You can’t expect to take everything from the high end fashion shows, but there are certain items that must make it into your closet Nothing represents the summer better than a casual T-shirt. You’re probably thinking that’s a given. Well, you may have plenty of them folded away in a drawer, but are they used to their full potential? Things have changed, and men’s fashion allows you to wear, get ready for this, a T-shirt with a suit. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’ve got to keep things age appropriate. There are certain types of shirts that will look great for young professionals. Polo shirts are great, but sticking to

one style of top leaves small space for creativity. Solid coloured or colour blocking T-shirts are the kind you should aim for. These become an excuse to wear with casual blazers and certain suit jackets. Add a fresh pair of jeans or coloured trousers, and you’ve got yourself a street chic gentleman. Granted the weather is ridiculously hot, it won’t stop you from sporting this look when the temperature teases us with cool winds and a spray from above. You want to stay away from graphic

T-shirts, unless you are in a profession that grants you the freedom to wear them. Usually, such designs are left for the younger generation, as they are more about fun than sophistication. That’s not to say men can’t pull it off, but it’s wiser to avoid kids having a laugh at a man who’s too old to be cool. Don’t fret about your age; cool can mean turning it up a notch by taking something as casual as a T-shirt and coordinating with a classic, leather jacket. Photo: Big Stock

Photo: Big Stock

2 Shaving gel: Shaving gel or shaving oil will actually soften your beard. After applying on the area you want to work on, leave it for 30 seconds, then head to the next step.

is much easier than you think. Beard trimmers have adjustable lengths built in so you don’t have to stress over going uneven. The most important thing after the last steps is to remember that this is a stubble.

Photo: Big Stock

A trend that has stuck around for quite some time, surprisingly, has been the stubble. Any length of beard has always been somewhat reserved for the autumn/winter months. Celebrities have been rocking the stubble this season, and there is no sign of it disappearing anytime soon. For those who don’t know what a stubble is, it’s one layer thicker than a “five o’clock” shadow, and there are easy steps to maintain this style of facial hair 1 Exfoliate: Washing your face with good quality face wash or facial scrub will remove any dead skin cells and give you a smooth glide for any kind of blade.


Q: I have a really good sense of style and get many compliments, but what really gets on my nerves is when people refer to me as a “fashionista.” I’m a guy, and I find that uncomfortable. Is there another appropriate term for a stylish guy? A: It’s difficult adjusting in the society we live in nowadays. You must always avoid being a certain “type.” If people are calling you a “fashionista” or “metrosexual,” there is something definitely wrong that needs correcting. The term fashionista was created a couple of decades ago, is completely made up and has no place in the Italian language or any language, really. Unfortunately, it’s become part of pop culture and the Oxford dictionary. If you must be labelled anything, it should be a guy who has “sprezzatura,” an Italian term for a person who is well-trained at nonchalance, ie in making something difficult look effortless.

Style Tip The best way to make a stubble stand out is to have a clean cut hairdo. Short hair works best

Q: There’s a shirt in my closet that I consider my favourite, and I want to buy the same design in other colours. Is that going overboard? A: Overboard? I think not, my friend. In fact, you can consider yourself a fashion forward gentleman. In fashion, if you love something, you stock up on it. Many times, I have told men to buy and keep several white dress shirts, even if they’re the same style. Collar types and buttons may differ, but even having the same colour of a single item is always a good thing.

Articles by Mahmood Hossain

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U LY 25, 20 1 3


Tempt Hair

Mad about Mad Men hair If you’re as into the hit TV series “Mad Men” as the rest of the world, you’ll know what I’m talking about. As handsome as Don Draper is, this article focuses on his fabulous hair. As the show gained immense popularity, male clients at the salon began requesting the “Don Draper” look, and a few tips on how to style it. This look was made popular back in the day, as it made the jaw appear more square and masculine. It all began with the perfect 1920s pompadour inspired haircut, which is best executed by an experienced, professional hairstylist By Sabikun Nahar Communication is key

•Ask your stylist to cut the back and

sides to about 1cm in length using the scissors over comb technique or electric clippers •To get the brushed back look, your hair needs to be left 2cm longer on the sides and top section. The hair then gradually gets longer until it reaches the middle of the head Styling this cut •Product choice and placement are very important when it comes to styling this look. Be generous with your application •Apply a liberal amount of styling gel onto your palm and emulsify by rubbing it between both hands into a thin layer

Sabikun Nahar is a professional hair stylist and make-up artist who has worked in Sydney, Australia, following her graduation at Toni&Guy Sydney International School of Hairdressing.

•Apply on towel dried hair, maintaining even distribution throughout the hair •Use a fine-toothed comb to create that strong side parting •Use a hairdryer to set the product, then apply a layer of matte pomade into your hair so it doesn’t look too greasy •Comb hair away from the parting, towards the sides and back to create a sleek finish •If you want some volume on the top, brush hair towards the forehead and comb it back again to add body and height. Lock in with hairspray So, there you have it: my take on the “Mad Men” hairstyle. You may not look like Don, but at least now you can have his hair! Good luck


Shaded glory

Maya Almuqtadir is the designer and owner of Mayali, as well as a practitioner of fusing international and local trends.

For the past few years, the ombre hair trend has been huge and is still going strong. From hair salons to clothing stores, ombre, a French word meaning a gradient shade from light to dark, has everyone talking. This gorgeous trend can be incorporated into hair colours, saris, salwar kameezes, dresses and even jeans By Maya Almuqtadir Ombre is flawless in georgette and chiffon, as it flows and hugs every silhouette to create an effortless look that is classy and chic. Such fabric can be found anywhere from Chadni Chowk to Pink City, so pick a few yards and experiment with your own look. An easy breezy, evening sari idea can be to buy six yards of fabric of your choice, hem the sides, add a few tassels to the aanchal, and pair it with a beautifully printed blouse.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U LY 25, 201 3

Try it out and show off a different shade of yourself!




Blemishes be gone! Pimples and acne are a woman’s worst nightmare! The heat and sweat only help to make matters worse. Pimples haunt us during our teenage years, and sometimes even after. They develop when the pores get clogged up due to the accumulation of sebum, dead cells and dirt. Here are some tried and tested home remedies that can blast the blemishes away with regular and dedicated use By Navin Ahmed Neem pack: Neem is the most widely known antiacne home remedy that has been used for ages. The leaves are rich in antifungal, antibacterial and blood purifying properties, allowing it to act as the best natural astringent. Making and using this pack is very simple.

l Grind a few neem leaves to form a paste. l Add one teaspoon of multani mitti (Fuller’s earth). l Add teaspoon of turmeric powder and raw milk. l Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water

Cinnamon pack: Cinnamon is another home remedy for pimples that has antimicrobial properties to help fight spots while adding a healthy glow to the face. l Grind a few pieces of cinnamon to

form a powder Add a teaspoon of honey and gram flour (besan) l Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes l Massage gently, then wash off l

Sugar scrub: Brown sugar is one of the mildest natural exfoliators that remove dead cells, dirt, sebum and impurities from the pores. l Mix together three teaspoons of brown sugar in one teaspoon of honey l Apply all over the face and scrub gently in a circular motion

Navin Ahmed has studied Cosmetic Techniques and Management at Sheridan College in Canada. She worked as a freelance make-up artist in Toronto and is the founder of GALA Wedding Planners and Makeover Studio in Dhaka.

Let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water


Potato pack: Potatoes act as amazing absorbents of excess oil and sebum, and help remove dirt and grease from the skin. They also reduce dark circles, blemishes and acne marks. Thin slices of potatoes can be applied over the pimples and acne. If your pimples are caused by heredity or hormonal imbalances, make sure to consult with a doctor.



Q. I have been wanting to buy a pair of jeggings but I’m not sure how to pull the look off without looking ridiculous. Any tips? A. A simple rule to remember when wearing a pair of jeggings is that they are not pants! The right ones should look like really tight jeans. Pair them with a long top to ensure that your behind is covered. Choose thicker fabrics in darker shades that enhance the shape of your body and offer you a smoother silhouette. Make sure you purchase jeggings in the right size to avoid muffin-top.

Q. I have switched jobs recently and the stress is really starting to show on my face. Help! A. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated so it shows less signs of fatigue. As tired as you may be, remember to remove all make-up from your face before turning in for the night, unless you want to deal with blemishes as well as a tired and dull complexion. Apply a tightening eye and facial cream after cleansing. Go easy on the make-up, because heavy coverage can actually highlight your flaws. Use a tinted moisturizer in the morning to even out your skin tone. Apply a cream or gel blush to the apples of your cheeks to imitate a healthy glow. Apply two coats of mascara to your lashes and a quick swipe of lip gloss to your lips.

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Special 2013

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U LY 25, 201 3


With the Ramadan calendar ticking away and Eid festivities right around the corner, it’s time to give in to your jovial whims and indulge in some much needed retail therapy. Dhaka Tribune’s Eid Special brings you the chic and the glam of pre-Eid shopping extravaganzas in the form of the very best designer boutiques the city has to offer. Avenue T provides you with a glimpse of the finest intricately designed jewellery, stunning minaudieres, delicate chiffon sarees, exquisite holiday getaways and more. Join the hunt for the best deals in town and grab your copy while stocks last!

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U LY 25, 20 1 3


Tell Letters to Mars

Letters to Venus

Guilty as charged that weekend, making promises we knew we couldn’t keep. I love my girlfriend, and I know I won’t make this mistake again, but I’m scared about losing her by telling her what happened. Should I come clean?

I’m a 30-year-old man in an amazing relationship. My ex-girlfriend invited me to her birthday bash, which I cannot avoid because our families are close. Even though I’m in a relationship, I still have feelings for her, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Once I went there, my predictions came true. Feelings were reignited, and we got together

Honesty is the best policy, as they say. But in this case, I believe it serves no purpose. You have said you love your girlfriend and are committed to her. What do you hope to get out of it by telling her what happened? If it was a one-time deal, it will only hurt your girlfriend and ignite a very destructive fire. I really do not believe you had to go to the party. Have you ever heard of "white lies?" There are hundreds of excuses you could have given to your ex-girlfriend and her family for not going. Yet, you went. In the future, do not put yourself in such a situation. The ramifications are too great and will destabilise what you seem to have: a good relationship.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars, to see her clients, as well as counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine.

Subdued jealousy

I’m a 42-year-old married woman with two children aged 12 and eight. My husband and I share a very understanding relationship and have several shared close friends. Sometimes he goes out to dinner or lunch with a few of my friends, and I don’t really mind. A few days ago, while we were discussing our friends, he casually commented on how he finds my best friend “S” attractive. As she is his friend too, he takes her out to lunch sometimes. To tell you the truth, this bothers me. I don’t want to seem like a narrowminded wife, but neither can I tolerate this any longer. How do I break this to him without hurting either of their feelings? AR

Ouch! Why is it narrow-minded to ask your husband not to take female friends out to lunch? Most affairs happen between a man and his wife’s best friend, sister or a colleague at work. In no society I know of is this appropriate. If it happens by chance (they happen to be in a restaurant at the same time,) it is okay, but if it is prearranged, there is no reason the partners should not be there as well. Without getting angry, talk to your husband and tell him it makes you uncomfortable when he meets your friends without you. You do not find it appropriate and would like him to stop. If he says you are silly and have nothing to worry about, YOU assure him that you are not worried, BUT

you want him to stop. Meanwhile, look into your marriage and see what you can do to revive it. Sometimes couples get so used to being together, they begin to see each other as part of the furniture. Look at him with new eyes, remember what you liked about him, and make him feel he is YOUR man. Go on dates with him, which means go for a walk, keep your mobiles off, and have a cup of coffee somewhere new. Get a great film and prepare some delicious snacks. Pay attention to your clothes. I know you may say: “What about him, what will he do for me?” You are right, but at present you are the one who has to make the effort to keep your relationship going. Remember, you are not doing it for him, you are doing it for yourself.

Photos: Big Stock

Drama Mama

Hunger strikes

Q: My five-year-old daughter shows no interest in food and barely eats her meals, no matter what we cook for her. She has lots of energy and seems to be growing normally, but is there anything I can do to make her eat more? It’s important to cultivate your child’s interests in a variety of foods at an early age, so that they learn to appreciate and develop a taste for everything. Children tend to be picky eaters as toddlers, and parents end up feeding them what they want to eat out of sheer panic, thinking that something is better than nothing. While you should not force your child to eat food she simply does not like, offer her a range of healthy options that you eat yourself, so she can

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learn by example. And make dessert a treat after her meal, as opposed to the meal itself. Q: I have an eight-month-old daughter and am content with my life at present. My husband, on the other hand, wants to have another baby right away. How do I make him understand that I’m just not ready? It’s normal not to want to jump into having a second child so quickly, particularly as it is you who has to undergo the upheaval that carrying and delivering a baby entails. In fact, doctors encourage women to wait 18 to 23 months before having a second child, in order to allow their bodies to recover and also for the health of the

Dina Sobhan is a freelance writer, a part-time counsellor and a full-time mom. baby, which can be born premature or underweight if conceived before the uterus has had time to heal. Additionally, your baby’s self-esteem takes shape in that crucial first year.

It is important to establish the parent-child bond and instill a sense of security in your baby before introducing another child into the family

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Good morning yoga sequence Start your day with a short yoga sequence designed to wake up your body and mind after a long night’s sleep. Hold and stay in each pose for at least five breaths or 30 seconds By Auronee Islam and your heart forward. Hold and maintain a strong core.

fYogi Squat: Separate feet further apart. Turn toes out slightly. Bend knees and lower hips down towards the earth. Bring hands to prayer in front of your heart and allow the elbows to gently guide your knees and thighs open, keeping length in your spine.

fForearm Plank: With toes tucked, lower down onto elbows and forearms. Keeping your hips in line, with shoulders and knees off the ground, stack your shoulders over your elbows. Keep the back of your thighs pressing upwards while guiding your heels back

on top of your right thigh or reach up. Soften your tailbone down and draw your lower belly off of the thigh. Energetically allow your left hip to move down and forward. Repeat on the other side. fOpen Hip: From Downward Facing Dog, lift your right leg up to the sky behind you. Keeping the arms very strong,

fTriangle Pose: Standing with legs wide apart, spin your right foot outward with both heels in line with each other. Engage both legs by pressing down on your left foot and straighten your right leg. Bend sideways touching the ground or holding the right ankle with your right hand. Reach upward with left arm. Repeat on the other side. fLow Lunge: With right toes pointing straight ahead, lower your left knee down to the ground. Place hands

bend your right knee and stack your right hip over the left, opening up the hip, groin and thigh. Gently press your left heel down into the ground. Repeat on the other side.

fSundial Salutation: With feet hipdistance apart, fold forward and place hands on your elbows. Bring your torso towards the outside of the right leg, and open your chest so that your left elbow points up toward the sky. Moving like a sundial, lead with your left elbow and slowly come up the right side, reaching up at the top. Then continue to lower down the left side, keeping the chest open and the shoulders down. Repeat three times on each side.

Auronee Islam is a student, teacher, and practitioner of healthy lifestyle through good food, fitness and spirituality. Her philosophy in life is to strive for balance and bliss in the mind, body and soul

A better BBQ! Instead of opting for readymade kebabs and shashlik, try a healthier alternative this Ramadan and fire up your BBQ at home Compiled by Mahmood Hossain There are a few important ways to barbecue healthier and better next time you take the grill out. Experts from the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas have created a simple guideline to grilling food without sacrificing the flavour. 1 Do not char your meat. Charring

proteins like meat, poultry, or fish causes the formation of HCAs (heterocyclic amines.) These HCAs can damage the DNA in your genes, which leads to cancer development. 2 Don’t worry, you can scorch your vegetables. Unlike meats, vegetables and fruits don’t form HCAs when


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charred. But always remember to scrape any leftover meat scraps off the grill before put on the veggies.

3 Marinate your meat properly. You can reduce the formation of HCA by nearly 96% if you soak your meat in a vinegar or lemon juice based marinade. Herbs like mint, rosemary, or tarragon are also effective ingredients.

4 Trim the fat. The fat from meat, fish, and poultry tends to drip. When this drip slips through the grate on a hot grill, the result is a smoke filled with carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. The PAH smoke can coat whatever you have on the grill.

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Summer mango and chicken salad Dhaka is transforming before our very eyes into a city full of young and modern professionals who prioritise on health and fitness. However, living in this city and being able to eat healthy food is usually a dilemma. Weddings, dinners and other events force us to indulge in dishes that are both scrumptious and extremely unhealthy. While indulging in such foods is great once in a while, Bangladesh’s main dishes revolve around carbohydrates, which tend to slow people down when eaten twice a day. The other major problem we face is that of eating out. Despite the numerous restaurants in Dhaka, when it comes to healthy salads and greens, it’s next to impossible to find fresh, healthy meals. In an attempt to solve this problem, I try making healthy meals that are satisfying, and super fun and easy to make By Fareeha Chowdhury

This is my very own take on the chicken salad. As it’s summer, I’ve added mangoes, which add a sweet, tangy kick to the salad while keeping the recipe fresh, simple and quick. Summer mango and chicken salad (full meal – serves two bowls) Ingredients •1 whole boiled chicken, deboned and shredded •1 cup finely sliced, red onions •1 cup rinsed leaves of cilantro (coriander) •1 cup diced tomatoes (small pieces) •2tbs olive oil •5tbs freshly squeezed lime juice •½1 tsp salt •½1 tsp pepper •½1 tsp sugar • 1 cup thinly sliced mangoes*

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*Other fruits like oranges, strawberries or apples can be used in place of the mangoes.

Direction: Take a large mixing bowl and add the shredded chicken to it. Throw in the onions, cilantro and tomatoes. In a separate bowl, mix in the olive oil, lime juice, sugar, salt and pepper for the dressing. Pour the dressing into the chicken mixture and make sure everything is mixed

in well. Place the mixture in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes. It always tastes better cold! And that’s all you have to do! This salad is packed with protein and is very easy to make. Thus, even if you’re a busy individual, it can be made in minutes and packed for lunch on the go.

Fareeha Chowdhury is an avid food enthusiast and professional cupcake baker. She studied at the French Culinary institute in Manhattan for courses in pastry techniques.

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Titillating tiles After discussing how to design a bathroom with cabinets, showers and lightings last week, this week is about adding the finishing touches with the right accessories, fittings and tiles By M K Aaref

Nowadays, built-in jacuzzis seem all the rage in Dhaka, and all kinds of models are being imported in the showrooms. However, clients who have purchased them claim that the jacuzzi ends up getting used only once or twice a year. Most of the time, the tub is used for regular showers. It wastes a lot of water, and with the motors and electrical circuits inside, requires tedious

maintenance. So, let’s leave the jacuzzi in the soap commercials and outside our bathrooms. If you have the space, go for a custombuilt shower enclosure lined with tiles of your choice. When selecting tiles, or stones such as granite or marble, keep the overall picture in mind and focus on what purpose you want your bathroom to serve. It can be

a soothing place painted in pastels and mauve, a riot of colours with patterns and images, or a bit of both. Once, with my approval, my client chose a combination of yellow and red tiles for her daughter’s toilet. She thought they were cheerful colours, and her daughter favoured them. However, once put up, she complained that the tiles reminded her of “ketchup and mustard.” Needless

to say, they had to come down. When buying faucets and other fixtures in Bangladesh, we are no longer deprived of the international brands and styles. The very latest may not be available, but there is plenty to choose from in places like Panthopath, Green Super Market, and the vicinity of Eastern Plaza.

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your home

Just as you begin to explore the joys of parenting, the added responsibility also leaves you feeling distraught with helplessness. Once your little bundle of joy starts crawling and exploring everything in his vicinity, you cannot help but panic about the dangers lurking behind every nook and cranny. Although the best way to prevent an

injury is close supervision, there are a few babyproofing tips that can help make you feel like you’ve kept your baby out of harm’s way By N Anita Amreen Windows Babyproof your windows by hiring a carpenter to adjust the window guards so they can’t open more than six to seven inches. If your windows have blinds, never place a crib or bed near them. Also, to ensure that your baby doesn’t find himself tangled up in the cords that adjust the blind, tie them up high and out of reach. Lastly, never place anything in a way that will allow your child to climb towards the opening of a window.

Bathroom Most babies are either fascinated with water or despise it. This usually leads to thrashing around in water, turning taps on or crawling towards the bathtub. If your water heater is always turned on, set the temperature low, so that the water is never too hot. If possible, purchase or get your carpenter to create a toilet lid that can be locked.

by children sticking their fingers in electrical outlets. Cover all unused outlets with thick scotch tape. Carefully check your home for unused outlets that are hidden behind furniture, and babyproof them as well.

Doors Create doorknob covers with clean socks so that your child is unable to open doors. If you have any sliding doors or glass doors, place stickers on them so that your child doesn’t run into them. Electrical outlets The most dangerous injuries are caused

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Outside Dhaka

Rangamati Rangamati, a town beautifully situated over a series of islands in the Kaptai Lake, is the perfect introduction to the culture of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The vast majority of indigenous here are Chakma, much of whose ancestral land was flooded by the lake when the Kaptai dam was built. Yet, surprisingly enough, the population of the town is overwhelmingly Bangladeshi. Even so, the real charm of Rangamati lies not in the town itself, but rather in the lush, undulating surrounding countryside By Farah K Iqbal

What to do A picnic to Rangamati requires a funfilled trip to the Shuvolong Waterfall. This waterfall is only accessible through a boat ride down the Kaptai Lake that takes you through the hills, which hold stories dating back to the British period and more. Visit the Hanging Bridge to absorb the beauty of Karnaphuli River’s blue waters and have your Facebook profile picture taken. Also try to visit the Rajbon Vihara, a sacred Buddhist monastery where the eldest monk, named Ven Sadhanananda Mahathero (Bana Bante) lives. For those of you who thought there was no king in Bangladesh, the King’s Palace, not too far from the Rajbon Vihara, is the place to go and find the Chakma Raja. Lastly, if history or archaeology interests you, make the effort to visit the tribal museum, where objects from the past are preserved.

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where to stay

Guaranteeing that it caters to everyone’s “will to find the missing tranquility and rhythm of life,” the Rangamati Waterfront Hotel is a new resort and the ideal place to rest. Amenities include online reservations, a swimming pool, and a boat ride that will make your stay more relaxing and enjoyable. Room rates are reasonable, and there are special discounts for students and couples looking for a getaway!

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Getting There

Buses are the best way to reach Rangamati. There are both air-conditioned and nonconditioned buses that leave close to every hour. From Dhaka, it takes around 10 hours to reach the town, so it’s advisable to take an overnight bus, while from the port city of Chittagong it takes about two hours.

What to eat Rangamati is particularly known for its bamboo chicken. This specially cooked chicken served in banana tree leaves is found in the lone island of Peda Ting Ting, which can be reached through a short, pleasant boat ride. The town also has dishes, such as pomfret curry, from other localities that have gained popularity among many.

Tiger Tours Limited offers tailored packages to Rangamati. For more information and assistance, please call their hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500; 0184 144 5500.

INDEX Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail: http://bangladeshunlocked.

The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours

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In Town


exceptional iftar buffet While the priority of most buffets is to unleash the gluttony of a ravenous stomach, after gorging on a generous serving or two of food, most of us get bombarded with our stomachs’ plea to give it a rest. Whether you’re looking to get your money’s worth or simply want to indulge in the lap of gluttony by stuffing your bottomless pit, elaborate menus are usually the ones that catch your attention first. 100 iftar items? Hell yes! An “All you can eat” offer? Go for it! We tend to embrace every opportunity to eat until our stomachs take a turn By N Anita Amreen Photos: Sabiha Akond Rupa

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Judging by these traits, you’d think menus that cater to our endless greed for food would be the ones with the best iftar items, but that is not the case. Most elaborate menus usually have several average tasting items, with only a handful worth sampling. The 8, on the other hand, believe in keeping their menu short, simple and scrumptious. Their simple menu consists of a handful of items categorised under refreshments, salad, starters, main course and dessert. The 8 sets itself apart by sheer simplicity and its efforts to focus on a few exceptionally tasting dishes. Consisting of both Middle Eastern as well as traditional iftar items, every item of The 8 deserves to be sampled. Their refreshments include soft, Egyptian dates, a handful of assorted nuts, such as cashews and almonds, as well as an unlimited pitcher of fresh mint, lemon iced tea and lemon juice. The iced tea is strong, yet in perfect

harmony with the tang of the lemon and zest of the mint.

From the salad bar, the tabbouleh and raita are especially refreshing. The finely chopped salad ingredients in the tabbouleh are tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and parsley to create a dish that is both fresh and tasty. The muttabel (a creamy mix of eggplant, tahini, zaatar, lemon and garlic) is rich, smooth and so downright delicious that it’ll make you want to linger around the starters for as long as your legs allow

Once you’ve gotten over the muttabel, the falafel (deep-fried, ground chickpea patty) and kibbeh (fried ground meat) will have you munching on their light, crisp layers and soft insides. These two standout dishes are so mouth-watering, they’ll make you momentarily forget about The 8’s hummus and pita bread. Their little fireball piaju and crunchy wantons are also must-haves. From the main course menu, you should make an instant beeline for the chicken shawarma and kebabs, which are everything you’d expect and more. The shawarma is light and delicious, while the beef sheekh kebab is beautifully tender and infused with just the right amount of spices. While on the heavier side, the rich, beef kalia curry and Lebanese rice manage to uphold The 8’s excellent food standards. The tandoori chicken is also outstandingly soft, tender and absolutely luscious.

In Town 21

Ave n

picue T’s k

Once your palate has tired of all the hot dishes, give your tongue some respite with the creamy shahi tukra or the juicy, reshmi jelapi. If the creamy texture of the shahi tukra or the oozing richness of the jelapi is too much for you, opt for the baklava. By the time you’ve reached the end of your meal, it will most definitely feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth, and you’ll be thanking yourself for allowing your taste buds to enjoy the beautifully orchestrated dishes The 8 has to offer.

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Iftar At The British High commission




The British High Commisiion hosts an Iftar and a discussion focusing on future education system on Monday, July 23 Photos: Kheya Mesbah 1 Robert Gibson- British High Commissioner 2 Robin Davies- Director, British Council 3 Tahmeed Azizul Huq- Head of Corporate Communications, Grameenphone 4 Mir Mahfuz- Partner, A T Capital 5 Sonia Kabir- Country Manager, Dell, Bangladesh 6 Pial Islam- Founder, Pi Strategy 7 Korvi Rakshand- Founder, Jaago Foundation 8 Zara Mahbub – Head of Marketing & Call Centre, Retail Division, BRAC Bank

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