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TALK Meet Paromita Mitra

Photography Syed Latif Hossain Sadia Marium Shekhar Mondal Kazi Syras Al Mahmood Contributors Su Jorgensen Maya Almuqtadir Tilat Khayer Agony Aunt Fara K Iqbal By Tahsin Momin Design Istela Imam Md Mahbub Alam

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16 Cilantro!



10 Dip Dye and obmbre madness

Jaago iftAr party


Urban Truth Summer Preview and Shopping Party

4 Tuned – An epic war novel 5 Take Care – Limitless benefits of lemon water 6 In Town – The new sexy at Urban Truth 8 Tell – Relationship issues from near and afar 9 Tailored – New up top and new around the waist 10 Tempt – Away from the skinny and into the wide 11 Tempt – There’s an art to blushing 12 Trends – Styling the Bangali girl 14 Talk – The fun exclusive on Mississippi 16 Trails – Big delights from a small package 18 Trails – In the land of tea 20 Travel – Indonesia’s most beautiful isle 22 Tags – JAAGO Iftar party

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Tuned Book review



all quiet on the

Western front

Discover fashion through travel on this weekly series, which airs on Fox Traveller. Join top designers, including Rina Dhaka and Rocky S, as they weave their way through India catering to fashionable requests from Bollywood stars and socialites. The end of each episode showcases the finished product created from local materials.


in Dhaka this week

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy pair up in this comedy about a woman who steals identities in order to use credit cards to feed her shopping and hoarding addiction. McCarthy’s character messes with the wrong man when she uses an accountant’s name and is hunted down by the usually mild-mannered man, who brings her back to his town in order to resume his normal life.

‘Shells, gas clouds and flotillas of tanks — crushing , devouring , death. Dysentery, influenza, typhus – choking , scalding , death. Trench, hospital, mass grave – there are no other possibilities’ By Tausif Sanzum Often quoted as the best war novel of the century, “All Quiet on the Western Front” is the war veteran Erich Maria Remarque’s way of asking whether WWI was worth being fought for. This question was never more valid in the history of mankind than it is today, with political leaders waging wars throughout the world for selfish purposes. The novel narrates the story of a group of young school students who are enlisted into the war battalion and sent to the battle grounds. Throughout the novel, Remarque makes it obvious that none of them actually know or believe in the cause they are fighting for, and have simply been forced to join the battlefield. The book is seen from the perspective of Paul Baumer, a young lad who should be at home beside his dying mother, completing his education and fooling around with his friends, but instead is sent to fend for himself with death looming all around. The novel is packed with experiences these lads face: sharing a scarcity of food, living in trenches filled with knee-deep water and getting swollen legs, dealing with the uncertainty of life and the death of their dearest friends and fellow comrades. Various scenes are sure to etch into the minds of those who read the book, such as the ear shattering sound of a horse being wounded, a friend talking about taking his best

friend’s shoes since his friend just lost his legs, Paul sitting with his dying mother, whom he does not want to leave and is unable to talk to as the night slips away, and Paul suffering endless hours of guilt thinking about the family of the enemy soldier he killed. Despite guns blazing, bombs dropping and death looming, the novel describes times when these lads enjoy a few minutes of priceless rejoice, such as when they find a deserted house and cook what they consider a feast from the leftovers, or when they group up and secretly pound upon their idiotic commanding officer. The question that this book leaves the readers with is whether these young men will ever be able to reconnect with their regular lives once they return home. After the war is over, will the survivors lead normal lives, or are they left with wounds that might never heal? In short, Remarque makes a remarkable point in questioning the worth of war, which tears youth away from their families and destroys homes for extremely selfish purposes.




till 6th

Photography Exhibition For Tajuddin Ahmad

Craft And Design Fair Time:12:00pm Venue: Bengal Art Lounge, 60 Gulshan Avenue, Circle 1


Time:12:00-8:00pm Venue: Gallery 21, 751 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Begum’s Designs

SEE PG. 11!

July 21 to August 6 Time: 1pm to 9pm daily Venue: Road 11, House 67/C, Block E Banani, Dhaka

Take Care



To eat or not to eat

During the holy month of Ramadan, fasting teaches us to appreciate whatever food and amenities we’ve been blessed with. After a full day of avoiding food and drink, when the time comes to break our fast, most of us unfortunately go overboard in an attempt to satiate our growling stomachs. We devour whatever we can get our hands on, and in the case of Bangladesh, what we’re usually getting is fried and oily foods By Bassema Karaki

Signs of indigestion: w Epigastric pain or discomfort w Fullness w Bloating w Early satiety w Belching w Heartburn w Regurgitation Considering the traditional iftar items

of Bangladesh, which consist of things like haleem, beguni, jilapi, piaju, etc, it is no wonder many of us suffer from indigestion by the end of our meals. Spicy and greasy foods are a gateway to abdominal discomfort, not to mention the amount of overeating and gorging we practise after a long day of hunger. Instead of going straight for an antacid after iftar, try changing your eating habits to prevent this discomfort. Drink two glasses of water before eating w Start your iftar with a handful of dates and a bowl of yoghurt, both of which will soothe your stomach w Drink a bowl of soup w Have a salad or fruits and a sandwich w Take a break (during which you can pray) w Drink another two glasses of water before dinner Allow enough time for meals w Chew food carefully and completely w Avoid arguments during meals

Five amazing benefits of lemon water There is no quick fix or miracle food practice. Making small choices that can stick around long-term is the key to attaining your body's optimum state. One of my favourite and easiest tips is to drink lemon water (without sugar) first thing in the morning Auronee Islam Squeeze a lemon or lime into a cup of water (hot or cold) and gulp it down, or slowly sip on it throughout the day. There are numerous benefits to this short and easy ritual, but below are my favourite five

Photos: Big Stock

The problem with eating oily foods on an empty stomach, or simply eating too fast or too much, is that it usually leads to the problem of dyspepsia. Dyspepsia, more commonly known as indigestion, is a feeling of upper abdominal discomfort or distress associated with eating. It occurs in approximately 25% of the adult population. Typically, fatty foods cause the most discomfort because they remain in the stomach for digestion longer than proteins or carbohydrates. Salads and coarse vegetables, as well as highly seasoned foods, may also cause considerable gastrointestinal distress.

w Avoid excitement or exercise right after a meal If you are a smoker, now is a good time to quit. Also, avoid too much caffeine, aspirin and other NSAIDs. If you must take them, do so on a full stomach.

And remember, a calm environment and rest may help relieve stress-related indigestion, so relax and keep the peace in this holy month of harmony!

Auronee Islam is a student, teacher, and practitioner of healthy lifestyle through good food, fitness and spirituality. Her philosophy in life is to strive for balance and bliss in the mind, body and soul.

Source of vitamin C: High in vitamin C, lemons boost your body’s immune system against illness. When vitamin C levels are low, the body struggles to repair itself. Lemons are also high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve functioning, helps reduce free radicals, increases red blood cell production and controls blood pressure. In other words, drinking lemon water means more energy, clearer skin, more anti-aging properties, less illness, less stress, and more focus! Balances pH levels: Your pH level is the balance between alkaline and acidic properties in the body. When your body enters a more acidic state, it breeds disease. While there are many factors related to disease, controlling what you can is a great way to give your body the attention it deserves. Eat more alkaline foods to energise, repair,

fight, and become a powerhouse of healing and rejuvenation. Lemon is one of the most alkaline foods around! Aids in weight loss: When your body is out of balance, it is incredibly difficult to lose weight. According to “Eating Well Magazine,” people with more alkaline diets are happier and tend to lose weight faster. Also, lemons contain pectin fiber, which helps set the body back to normal hunger levels. Improves digestion: The way your gut processes food has everything to do with your happiness! A clogged or misfiring digestive tract usually indicates a bigger problem in the body. Lemon juice helps flush out unwanted materials, and encourages the production of bile in the body. This synergistic effect helps to soothe and normalise the body's digestive processes.

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In Town

Urban Truth Summer 2013 preview and VIP shopping party

The family owned Pride Group introduces Urban Truth’s new summer collection. The directors threw a VIP shopping party and also added a pleasantly surprising , first ever menswear collection. There was a sophisticated and youthful ambiance, gelling in quite well with what the ‘new’ had to offer. The vibe could be felt throughout. The invitees found themselves going from one section to another, unable to make a solid decision. With such a variety of casual cool, it’s no wonder Urban Truth has become so desirable Photos: Sabiha Akhond Rupa


In Town

Mohammed A Momen and Sumbal Momen two of the directors of Pride Group


Every item, from clothes to accessories, had the appropriate flair. Even the most fashion savvy found it difficult to walk away with only one item. Urban Truth has made a naughty habit of pulling shoppers back with their chic offerings. The items from the flagship store in Banani sets the standard for the urban uniform in fashion. Truth be told, the competition should be weary

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, AU G U ST 1 , 20 1 3


Tell Letters to Mars

Trust issues

Room to breathe gotten so irritating that I feel like I can’t do this anymore.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars, to see her clients, as well as counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine.


Guilt tripping Dear AA, I’m 24-years-old and finished my degree abroad two years ago, after which I luckily landed a good job in London. With the pretext of my mother’s “illness,” I was told to come back to Bangladesh, only to find out that my parents have a boy lined up for me to marry. I was told I’m lucky his family is interested in me. I trust my parents, but how can I marry someone I do not love? I had dreamt of doing my graduate work and becoming a professional woman with a family. My mother says I am already old, and if I do not take this fantastic opportunity it will be too late. Please help me, I do not want to disappoint my parents. J


Of course, I understand your parents: they want the best for you, according to their judgment and perspective, which is derived from tradition. By any standards you are still young: try to talk to your parents, tell them what you wish to do in life. Tell them your dreams for the future. You could, however, accept to meet the young man. Why preclude an opportunity? What if he is charming and nice? What if…? You know life is full of surprises, so trust yourself and your life. Do not stop talking to your parents even if they insist you marry him. Be gentle and explain that you need to further your studies, and when you feel ready for marriage, you will want them to be happy with your choice.

I’m a 24-year-old woman in a long distance relationship for the past two and a half years. We both live in the same country, but in different cities. My boyfriend is very possessive and gets jealous easily. If I stay late at work, he thinks I’m out to dinner with another man. If I hang out with friends, he thinks I’m cheating on him. Although I’m just as insecure sometimes, I simply talk about the way I feel, but never accuse him of cheating. When we discuss these problems, he claims he only says these things because he is insecure, and I should understand that. For the last seven days, he has made an effort not to say any such things, but we got into an argument and he said that I’m not appreciating his efforts. Right now, he is being distant and cold, but will not tell me what’s wrong. He says I have to “figure it out.” It’s been over a week, and of course, I haven’t “figured it out.” How do I teach him to communicate with me?

Photos: Big Stock

I’m a 32-year-old man in a relationship for the past five years and eight months. My girlfriend and I have been together for so long that she knows me inside out. Now that I’ve begun working and am very busy with my commitments, she makes unreasonable demands on my time instead of understanding. She wants to meet me everyday and cannot tolerate it if I don’t pick up her calls or reply to texts instantly. It’s like I don’t even have time to breathe, and she doesn’t respect my boundaries. I can’t even spend any “alone time,” a concept she doesn’t seem to understand. It has

Of course you cannot pick up her phone calls while you are at work, your boss pays you to be totally attentive to your duties. However, I think there is more to your girlfriend’s demands than just irritation. Why has this relationship gone on so long without any longterm commitment? Your girlfriend may be wondering what your intentions are. Well, what are your intentions? Does she have reason to doubt you and be worried? Has the relationship run its course, or does it need an injection of romance and assurance? Only you can answer that, but my advise is not to let a good thing slip through your fingers, if it is in fact a good thing! This may be an opportunity for you both to reflect on what you want from this relationship.

Letters to Venus

Long distance relationships can be successful, especially if they started out face to face. In fact, it can be very romantic waiting for phone calls, or the now "defunct" love letters, but long distance relationships also include many challenges. It seems that your boyfriend does not quite trust you: have you given him any reason to feel this way? He may be plain jealous, or he may himself be the sinner and project his misdeeds onto you. There are many possibilities; however, if you probe him for an

answer by lovingly asking him to help you understand, he may just tell you why he is so apprehensive. It could be that his previous girlfriend cheated on him, or he thinks you are too good for him and feels you may leave him for a "better person." Communication is the key to a good relationship; it means really hearing the other person from your heart, and not through linear thinking. Basically, try to believe the best in the other person, and do not get upset if you get an answer you do not like.

Tailored Style

His Style


up top

3. Pompadour: This one is a little vintage flair for the daring. It’s an

Q: I know this may seem like a stupid question, but how often should I change my underwear?

undercut with hair overlapping. Most cuts will have a layered effect, but this hairdo has the top and sides cut separately; they are not blended together. You will be able to tell the difference, as the top is significantly longer than the sides. You’ll have to worry more about maintaining the top than any other part. Pomade or gel can comb the do nicely. 4. No hassle buzz: It’s summer and most men would rather not deal with or worry about doing their hair everyday, so why not go short? The average buzz cut should go as short as 3 or 3 settings for hair clippers. However, this look doesn’t suit all men, only those with a nice scalp, and it doesn’t hurt to have a full face and strong jaw line. If you have a small face and head, it’s probably not the best idea to get this hairdo. Make sure you tell your barber to align the edges for a sharp and cleaner look.

Photo: Big Stock

2. Slicker than your average: Here’s a modern touch to those power players at law firms. The cut here is longer in the front and shorter in the back. To get the effect of slicking it back, apply pomade and comb it from the front to back. A little on the sides and the top will keep it shining throughout the day. Keep in mind, medium to thick hair is required for this style.

Photo: Big Stock

With every new season comes new trends. Some linger on, while others are forced to take a back seat. In recent seasons, a few classic hairdos have stood the test of time, and will remain in style for quite a while. Here are a few hairdos you can’t go wrong with 1. The Don Draper: The mad men of Madison Avenue couldn’t make the 60s more sartorial and glamorous than it is on the show. This haircut is a full scissor trim all around. The top remains longer, and the sides are tapered. Comb your hair out, and part it to whichever side you prefer. A little spray of water mixed with a medium to heavy hair product (like dry wax) will keep the part in place.


In Fashion

A: Oh, you silly, silly man. Actually, it’s not such a stupid question. The easiest way to stay "so fresh and so clean, clean" is to have an entire collection of underwear. From boxers and boxer-briefs to the traditional kind, each piece of underwear has a "life expectancy." Stack up on the same style of undergarments in a variety of colours. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to choose from. You may think wearing one for the next three days (cringe) gives it a lasting effect. Guess what? It doesn’t. Don’t be a fool, wash your undies after every one day of use. And if you’re wondering when you should buy new ones, it's once the fabric starts stretching and holes start to make cameo appearances.

Style Tip Woven belts work best with casual trousers and shorts in many different colours. Just make sure to complement them with the similar colours

Woven around the waist A classic summer accessory has to be bold, colourful, and lively, and woven belts are exactly that. Steer away from the solid, leather belts for your trousers. This time around, dedicate yourself to the style of belts that fits the casual look

A woven belt can come in all different types: suede, elasticated, and leathertrimmed. And of course, there are different styles of leather, such as leather and cord woven belts. The idea behind this particular item

Q: I’ve recently been invited to a “business casual” event, and I was wondering exactly what the appropriate attire is for such an occasion.

is that it projects the image of fun and nonchalance. The beauty of it lies in its making. Regardless the buckle and length, this belt gives your waist a place in the entire look, so your waist won’t feel left out. Every detail

matters, so this season steal away from the traditional, and wrap around a chic woven belt. You can look for some stylish woven belts for around Tk1,500 in stores such as Yellow. Photo: Big Stock

A: Before anything, always remember to keep things simple, very simple. If the weather isn’t making you sweat (depends if there is an air-conditioner nearby,) try on a soft-shouldered sports jacket. Make sure it’s cotton, for obvious reasons. These jackets are best because they are incredibly comfortable and classy. Add a cotton or linen buttoned-down shirt underneath. You can match this with some nice chinos or casual, flat-front trousers. As for the shoes, put on some loafers; socks are optional, just make sure you wash and powder your feet before and after.

Articles by Mahmood Hossain

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Tempt Hair

Dip dye and ombre madness

Su Jorgensen is a hairstylist and colour technician from New Zealand with over 20 years of international experience which includes teaching for Wella, Goldwell and Redken, doing fashion editorial work in different platforms such as television, and running a successful boutique salon in London’s trendy East End. She has extensive knowledge of trichology. the science of hair and scalps.

The sexy, dark to light ombre and dip dye hairstyles are great for long , straight and especially wavy hair. These looks go best with hair that has long layers in it for added volume By Su Jorgensen The hairstyles are especially attractive on dark hair, which provides more of a contrast and has a lot of potential for creative highlighting. They are a fabulous example of the latest trends making exciting changes in hair fashion. Since they are big hits this season, go for it ladies!

REMEMBER: As it may involve bleaching the hair and then adding a vibrant colour on top, make sure to use moisturising, colour care shampoo for a smooth texture and colour longevity. Also be sure to add a thick, moisturising

conditioner, which you should apply generously to the dip dyed ends before rinsing it out. In addition, you may want to apply smoothing serum to the ends after towel drying your hair to keep it looking shiny and soft.

Remember that right after colouring your hair, you mustn’t wash it for 48 hours to prevent premature colour fading International Trends

Where the wide things are After several years of leggings and skinny jeans on the forefront, the wide-legged, palazzo pants have finally begun gracing the runway with their airy and beautiful form. This silhouette is flattering on all shapes and sizes, but works especially well on heavier framed, tall figures. Curvy babes, it’s our time to shine! By Maya Almuqtadir This forgiving fit will flatter larger hips and bums while making legs look a mile long. That doesn’t mean our smaller sisters can’t rock this look. Throw in a pair of chunky platform heels or wedges, and get in on this fresh and flowing new trend. Pair these pants with a simple, solid tank or a solid, button down shirt for a casual look that can be transformed into a night look with added accessories. For a traditional, Eastern look, designers like Maria B have come up with beautiful kurtas, both long and short, that look stunning with these bottoms.


For everyday wear with a boho twist, pick soft cotton pants with lots of pleats. For a more polished look, pick flowing chiffon with a crepe lining Be sure to have the pants graze the floor and not be too short, otherwise they can make you look cut off and wide

Maya Almuqtadir is the designer and owner of Mayali, as well as a practitioner of fusing international and local trends.




The art of blushing There is nothing swifter for perking up a face than a hint of colour on the apples of the cheeks. In reality, blusher needs to contrast with skin to offer a real wake-up call. The trick is to find a colour that matches your cheeks when they’re flushed after exercise or being out in the cold. Use the simple rule of thumb below to find the right colour for your skin tone By Tilat Khayer Ivory skin tones: If you are on the paler side, a little goes a long way. Subtle colours are more suitable than intense ones, as the harsh, deep colours will translate as colour-blocked on your fair skin. Look for light, soft pinks and peaches to give your skin just the right amount of glow. Those with pink undertones can use pale beige for contouring, with a stroke of warm peach to highlight and play down the rosiness of your complexion.

Olive skin tones: Look for more saturated, bright hues that will play with your skin tone to give you a fresh pop of colour. Deeper corals, mauves, and brighter pinks will add instant brightness to your face and help you look more awake and fresh. If you are a bit on the sallow side, you’ll look best with a honey-coloured contour and a peachy or coral flush. Dark skin tones: You can play with a lot more colour and texture, as your skin-tone can handle it. Sheer cream formulas in deep red, orange, and plum will add instant colour, freshness,

TILAT KHAYER is an international make-up artist. who has worked with celebrities at London Fashion Week And Britain’s Next Top Model. Her brand Roshi operates in the UK and Bangladesh

and glow to your skin. Rather than using a darker shade to contour, applying a highlighter or a lighter, “fudge coloured” foundation above the cheekbones will naturally contour and subtly sculpt your face. Now that you have the colour, the next step is choosing the right texture for your skin type. Powder looks good on oily and combination skin. Cream is great for dry and mature skin. Liquid and gel are great for oily skin. For even better results, combine cream and powder together, as this helps the blush stay on longer. Keep in mind that

cheek stains tend to dry very fast, so you need to blend well and fast in order to avoid a “pantomime dame” look. To avoid obvious “stripes” of blush, apply it with a generously sized, domed brush and a light hand, mostly to the apples of the cheeks rather than all along the cheekbone. The easiest way to find the apples of your cheeks is to smile: you’ll see them pop out at you, as compared to when your face is relaxed. Gently tap the blush brush onto the apples of your cheeks, starting from the roundest portion and tapping lightly upwards and outwards towards your temple.



SHOWCASING SHEERS Begum's brings you a fiesta of exclusive lace saris this Eid season! Opt for the elegance of lace, and sashay the sensual simplicity of delicate silhouettes. Come and pick your favourite shades and patterns in our array of Chantilly, silk and cotton laces. Don't miss out!

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, AU G U ST 1 , 20 1 3



An ethnic touch Her intense glare can make a man stand still. Her sultry voice is hypnotic. The thrust of her hips from side to side can make jaws drop. She has so many dangerous curves, she can cause accidents. She is vivacious and struts with purpose. Who is she? She is the strong and bold South Asian woman. Nothing is sexier than a desi woman in a sari, which was made exclusively for her. Now, women all over the world desire to be as exotic as the women of the subcontinent. Surely, every desi woman has the figure and confidence to pull it off, or does she? Let’s revisit the styling of different body types for women. In the last round, we had a touch of the international, and now it’s time to concentrate on the women grounded to their roots. Who says you must wear jeans and western clothing to look stylish or attractive? As I’ve said before, you must feel good before you look good. Dressing conservatively can be equally sophisticated, and I daresay sexy. Just as designer Tom Ford said: “It’s about sensuality, not sexuality.” The significant lines in a silhouette are enough to turn heads and lead to a shower of compliments. The best thing about ethnic wear is that there are styles to suit every body type. If you want to look slimmer or add a little volume, you simply have to choose the right clothes depending on your figure. All your difficulties should be set aside after you go through this guide, which will make your life easier and fill your closet with the correct collection of clothes. For the ladies who want to keep things a bit more traditional and closer to home, this one is for you By Mahmood Hossain AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, AUGUST 1 , 201 3



Hourglass-shaped women

Ah, yes, the figure most women would die for. The type we drool over while watching recent Bollywood blockbusters.

Apple-shaped women

If you have a large bust or a little extra in the middle, you want to keep the attention away from your torso. What to do Wearing kurtas with A-line cuts and deeper V-necks can be a simple solution. Aim for cotton fabrics that will fit your body well and make you look slimmer. Skinny jeans or properly fitted churidars under your kurta are a perfect way to draw attention away from the middle. Try more dark coloured tops with lighter coloured bottoms. Finally, this may have never crossed your mind, but dupattas draped over one shoulder can distract eyes away from the torso. What not to do Wearing outfits with plenty of detailing on the hem is a complete no no. You should never wear yoked style kurtas, as they bring attention to your torso. The same goes for loose salwars, which are highly unflattering for your shape. Neck accessories should be completely limited: too busy means unattractive and, yet again, draws attention to your torso.

Pear-shaped women

This is a very common figure among the population of Bangali women. Large hips and thighs are the standout characteristics for this body type. You want to bring the attention upward from your slender waist to the bust. What to do Try on kurtas with collars, or ones that have a lot of detailing around the neck and waist. Fitting always matters, but it’s also good to add a little flare. Tunics which gently flare from the waist down are a huge plus. Lighter colours, ideally pastels on top and darker bottoms are the way to mix and match for a more streamlined look. Wide pipe bottoms also do a good job of hiding the large hips and thighs. What not to do Do not wear body hugging fabrics. Anything tight will make your lower half stick out like a sore thumb. Even though most women don’t mind showing off their assets, it’s more flattering and classy to obtain a balance in your look. Choosing longer kurtas, for example, can add length that strikes a balance.

What to do These tips may seem a bit obvious, but let’s stay on track. Wear kurtas that are narrow and have definition at the waist to accentuate your curves. Both fitted and flared tunics work great, as well as the classic styles. All colours will go with this figure, but don’t go all rainbow crazy. Colours that complement or are closer to your skin tone work best. An added bonus would be to try out styles of the 40s and 50s, as going retro looks absolutely stunning on this body type. What not to do Putting on any loose fitting clothes will make you look big and boxy (yes, stating the obvious, again.) Different patterned knitting will make you look bigger than you actually are, so avoid this as much as possible. Anything more? Not really. Women with this figure have it pretty darn good.

Square-shaped women

For those who lack the curves, fear not. You are not alone, and there certainly are solutions for your body type. You simply have to find clothing that creates the illusion of curves. What to do Try and find kurtas or tunics with wide, deep necks and flares. This is plenty, without going over the top, to hide the image of a boxy look. Depending on your age, vibrant colours and patterns will project a youthful appearance of the time before you developed into a full-grown woman. What not to do Never put on tight or loose fitted clothing. Tight clothes will emphasise your square-shaped figure, while loose clothes will seem as if they’re drowning you.

Simple and straight forward. The message will always remain the same: feeling comfortable under your own skin, and feeling good about yourself will only make for a better appearance. Know your body and your highlights, and accept your shortcomings. No one is perfect, but that’s the beauty of it. Your differences are what set you apart from others, what make you unique. Embrace yourself with style

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, AU G U ST 1 , 20 1 3



A letter from

Miss Mississippi

The gorgeous beauty Paromita Mitra, aka Miss Mississippi 2013, was both welcoming and warm throughout her interview with Avenue T. Her enthusiasm and innermost beauty shone as she answered the questions written by our fashion aficionado Mahmood Hossain Photos and interview conducted by Sabiha Akond Rupa 1. How does it feel to be back in Bangladesh after your success in the states? It feels good to come home. I'm surprised and thankful for people's reaction to my success. 2. What kept you motivated in the Miss USA pageant? Knowing where I came from was the biggest motivating factor. Being Bangali, I had to represent both my family and my people, whom I want to make proud. My family was also very supportive throughout the pageant. 3. In the entire process, what were your favourite and most difficult moments? My favourite part of being Miss Mississippi was being able to travel to classrooms and schools to share my passion for higher education. A little girl once wrote a letter to me telling


me that my presentation made her believe in herself. Knowing I could change someone’s life was truly an emotional moment. My most difficult moment was and has been trying to deal with my hectic schedule! I am so lucky to be busy and in demand, but I have a hard time meeting everyone’s needs. 4. Have your relationships with friends and family changed? They definitely have, since I am unable to spend as much time with my friends and family because of my busy schedule. Everyone has been very understanding, however. The little amount of time I do get to spend with them has become very valuable.

Talk 15

10.Is there something you would like to say to young Bangali girls who aspire to make great things happen?

Anything is possible. Never think that you're not enough. Bangladeshi people have such a passion for life, we can be successful at anything. My advice is: do things you're fearful of. As a female engineer, I have faced so much adversity, but it has made me strong Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha 5. How do you deal with all the attention you get? I haven't really noticed a difference in attention, but when it comes to social media, I have a fan page on Facebook under Miss Mississippi USA where I deal with pageant posts. I keep my personal Facebook page very reserved, and also use Instagram and Twitter a lot. When I am out and about, I sometimes get photograph requests, which I don’t mind. 6. Do you get time to watch movies or listen to new music? My favourite movie is Avatar. I really like horror films, too. Some of my favourite artistes include Norah Jones, Ravi Shankar, Dave Mathews Band and Justin Timberlake.

7. What is one thing you look forward to in the future? What are your goals now? I look forward to my career plans. I hope to be the first Bengali astronaut. I will finish my aerospace engineering degree in just one more year. As for now, I plan to model and work for print and commercial ads while studying. 8. Do you enjoy more perks now than before? What would be your favourite? It is nice to be able to travel often. I am given a travel allowance, along with sponsorships for everything from clothing to hair and make-up. My favourite perk is the responsibility that comes with my title. I get a lot of respect from children, and it's nice to

know that I can be a role model for them. 9. What is one thing you will miss most in being Miss Mississippi? What is something you won’t miss? I'll miss being able to get glamorous for big events. I love playing dress up! I won’t miss waking up early, and I can’t wait to sleep in.

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Trails Inside Dhaka

Cilantro Tucked into a tiny nook on Dhanmondi’s Satmasjid road, Cilantro is immersed in the heart of a street bustling with traffic. This nature-inspired eatery welcomes its guests into its relaxed atmosphere scattered with simple, wooden accents and table tops. With a ceiling adorned in a host of suspended jars and a cobblestoned pathway, the cafe exudes charm. Divided into three separate seating areas, one with wooden seats, one open air, and a cozy lounge with several pillows for those who enjoy their meals on the floor, the restaurant seems to hold a corner for everyone. The only thing keeping it from being one of the restaurants in Dhaka with the best ambience is the scorching heat of Dhaka’s vicious summer days, which will leave you begging for an air-conditioner. Despite the multiple fans, the uncomfortably muggy weather will leave you squirming in the heat

Pale parchments placed on a wooden clipboard were used to creatively list Cilantro’s diverse menu. On the first page is a humble plea for customers to “be gentle,” as Cilantro is their lovingly created, very first venture. The menu lists a combination of Mediterranean, Mexican and the chef’s special dishes. Spicy Thai chicken, enchiladas, tortilla chips and salsa, nachos, grilled sirloin, Souvlaki Merida are just a few to name. The shared platters of mezze kebabs, Thai chicken skewers and small dessert


By N Anita Amreen


listing combine to create a diverse menu focused on a few key dishes. The vintage blackboard, on the other hand, sports the daily specials. My first look into the culinary offerings of Cilantro was gained by tasting their take on nachos. A moderately sized platter held a beautiful looking dish of fresh nachos with a hearty dose of salsa, and a creamy dollop of sour cream. The nachos proved to be thick, yet fresh and crispy, easily complementing the simplicity of the salsa. The winning

element was undoubtedly the sour cream, with just the perfect amount of tang. Second in line was the burrito with a side of fries and delicious dip. The hearty meat filling was tenderly wrapped, and had managed to nail the basics of any regular burrito: meaty, filling and pleasant to taste. The dip took the dish up one notch with its scrumptious tang and absolutely delicious flavours. The fries, however, had room for improvement. With the very first bite of the enchilada, the tables were turned. Rich, gooey and full of sharp flavour, the cheese, meat and spices exploded in my mouth with spasms of delight. The texture of the mince, the richness of the flavours and the great taste of the melted cheese lived up to everything I had hoped Cilantro to be. The dish was so outstanding, every bite made it worth the heat and the astronomical prices charged.


As for the brownie shot, it was exactly what it claimed to be: a plain and uncomplicated brownie batter. The simple pleasure of uncooked brownie, shamelessly gooey and undeniably chocolaty, was the perfect way to end my meal.


Drinks such as the iced tea and green mango juice were refreshing, but the prices of both their summer smoothies and soft drinks give wallets a major beating

With expensive dishes starting at Tk350 and going up to Tk675, Cilantro isn’t for the weak budgeted. Even if the illustrious menu compels you to order several of their dishes, the added 25% (10% service charge and 15% VAT) may act as a slight glitch that holds you back. On the contrary, the constant additions to their menu are reason to keep visiting Cilantro and discover what new, exciting dishes they have to offer. With promises of installation of an air-conditioner and a diverse menu, Cilantro’s efforts to focus on a small menu have given it an independent identity.

Ramadan and Eid offers The quaint café located in Dhanmondi offers customers an interesting iftar menu. You can either choose items from their regular menu, or you can choose from their set iftar dishes such as the Beef Kefta priced at Tk495 (3 moroccan Kefta kababs spiced rice, fries, greek salad, pita bread, garlic alioli, and ketchup).Thai chicken set menu priced at Tk495 consists of one quarter chicken with red curry vegetables, steamed rice, chicken cracker, sweet chilli sauce and ketchup. On the other hand, the grilled sirloin is priced at Tk675 and consists of 200gm sirloin grilled to your liking with two choice of sides such as spiced rice, grilled vegetables, fries or garden salad. The Souvlaki Merida priced at Tk550 is a Mediterranean meal with two skewers of chunky chicken grilled with two hearty sides. Interestingly, they are open during Sehri (with the specials being their red curry chicken and fettuccine Bolognese) as well as Eid.

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Trails Outside Dhaka

Srimangal Put the kettle on and let’s have a nice cup of tea. But have you ever wondered the story behind that cup of tea? Well, Srimangal the tea capital of South Asia can tell you all about it. This hilly area, with tea estates, lemon orchards and pineapple plantations, is one of the most picturesque and enjoyable parts of the country. For miles around, tea estates form a perennially green carpet on the sloping hills and look around to see no other human being. About 5-6 hours from the capital city, in addition to learning all there is to know about tea, you can also go primate-potty in a range of forest national parks, get the low-down on tribal life and discover why pineapples do not actually grow on trees! By Farahk Iqbal What to do Those who escaped to Srimangal to get back in touch with nature, the Lawachara Forest is way to begin your stay. It is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh, located in the northeastern region of the country composed of semi-evergreen forests of the tropical and subtropical coniferous forests biome and mixed deciduous forests of the tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests biome. Next up should be the visit to the Monipuri Para to meet the Khasia tribe. They are especially famous for their culturally prominent style of dance that has shaped dance studies around South Asia. Your duration in the asylum of nature is only complete once you have made a trip to the Baikkar Bil, the Modhobpur Lake, and caught glimpses of many migratory birds who make their temporary home there. Lastly, rubber and tea plantations are scattered throughout the town and is a must visit to these places as it glorifies the reputation of Sylhet.


where to stay

The Bangladesh Tea Board has a resort that stands in the center of the tea states. The area is calm, quiet, and serene allowing you to experience nature at its best. It could be vouched for as one of the best places in Srimangal which is secured and safe with a big swimming pool, and tennis court, and other facilities that will allow you to be in a 100% holiday mood. For those of you interested in having a big family reunion, a university/school picnic, or even a corporate outing, the facility can accommodate about 70 people at a time.



Getting There

Buses and trains are the best way to reach Srimangal. There are acnon airconditioned buses that leave every hour and every train that is bound Sylhet has a stop in Srimangal, which is about one hour outside Sylhet town. Paraboth and the Jayantika Express would be our recommended modes of travel as it takes about 5 hours to go from the capital city by train.

What to eat The Kutumbari Restaurant welcomes everyone with wide arms visiting Srimangal. Not only is the restaurant cost saving, but it offers a variety of Bangladeshi and Indian cuisines of a high standard. Since you are in the middle of the tea estate, do not forget to end your meal with a good cup or raw tea, or the ever Bangladeshi favorite doodh chaa.

Tiger Tours Limited offers extra ordinary tailor-made packages to Srimangal. For more information and assistance please call their hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500; 0184 144 5500.

INDEX Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail: http://bangladeshunlocked.

The writer is a team memberof Tiger Tours

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Beautiful Bali Whether it’s soaking up the sun, diving in the ocean or cultural excursions you are looking for, Bali has it all! Plan a trip to Indonesia’s most magical island this summer and explore what many refer to as paradise. By Sabah

What to do Diving With its diverse marine life and incredible variety of diving sites, Bali is a favourite destination of seasoned divers. Beginners can enjoy this experience as well, as there are many training establishments available.

L’ Atelier Parfums et Creations This establishment is an innovative workshop that teaches tourists and locals the creation of perfume. Small groups of six receive training and are provided raw, local materials to create their own, unique souvenirs.

The Yoga Barn A rustic and spacious yoga centre located among rice paddies in the mountains of Ubud, this is the perfect destination for those who want to learn the art of yoga and indulge in a bit of soul searching.



Where to stay

Street food Food stalls, locally known as “warungs,” can be found in every corner of the province. Make sure to try the ikan pepes, minced fish steamed with Balinese spices in banana leaves.

Kuta Beach Club (Deluxe room: Tk4,100 per night) Located in the heart of the very popular Kuta Beach, this cozy hotel offers many beach activities for the adventurous traveller at a very reasonable price.

Flights Singapore Airlines offers a connecting flight to Bali through Changi International Airport. Travel Time takes 11hours and 50 minutes.

INDEX Bebek betutu Duck is a favourite dish among the Balinese. This slow roasted, spicy duck takes five hours to prepare and is definitely worth the wait.

The Magani Hotel and Spa (Premier pool room: Tk14,300 per night) Take a dip in your very own plunge pool, or unwind at the award-winning spa located on hotel grounds.

Kuta Beach Club Jl Bakung Sari No. 81 PO Box 3226, Kuta, Bali 80631, Indonesia Ph: + 62-361-751261 The Magani Hotel and Spa Jln Melasti, Legian Kelod, Legian, Bali 80361, Indonesia Ph: + 62-361-765188

What to Eat Daluman Villas (Bedroom villa: Tk34,000 per night) Relax in the privacy of one of 21 brand new villas with breathtaking ocean views. This hotel is ideal for honeymooners.


Nasi goreng This popular Indonesian version of fried rice can be prepared with your choice of meat or fish, topped off with a fried egg.

Daluman Villas Jl Baik Baik, No. 5, Nakula Seminyak  BALI, Bali 80361, Indonesia Ph: +62-361-735477 L’ Atelier Parfums et Creations Jalan By Pass I. Gusti Ngurah Rai No.209   Indonesia Ph: +62-858-5709-3747

Globe Trotter Aomori City, Japan Saxony, Germany

Nebuta Matsuri International Festival Dixieland August 2-7 Festival Dresden May 12-19

O2 Arena London Bangkok, ThailandEngland

Mount Abu, India Puglia, Italy

Iron Jae Danupon Maiden Concert Kaewkarn Classical August Concert 3-4 May 25

Summer Festival Carpino Folk Festival August May 6 23-25

The Yoga Barn Jalan Sukma, Banjar Tebesaya  Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia Ph: +62-361-971236

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Jaago iftar party The JAAGO Annual Iftar Party was hosted on the July 25 and 26. Two special days for JAAGO students as they get to meet and sit down for a meal with the people who have sponsored them for over a year By Mahmud Opu Photo Courtesy: Jaago 1. Sameeta Kaiser- Sponsor of JAAGO Foundation 2. Group with Korvi Rakshand- Founder of JAAGO Foundation. 3. Annisul Huq- Former President, BGMEA and Chairman of Mohammadi Group with Korvi Rakshand - Founder of JAAGO Foundation.





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A place where all the popular factors of an enriched lifestyle comes together. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and information you can...

Avenue T Vol 1 Issue 15  

A place where all the popular factors of an enriched lifestyle comes together. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and information you can...