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Don Sumdany and BanglaPrakash launch pocketbooks in China

Eid embellishment

Bangladeshi publisher BanglaPrakash has launched a series of pocketbooks written by G Sumdany Don, a professional corporate trainer and public speaker from Bangladesh, at the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair 2016, in Beijing, China on August 28. The three pocketbooks are titled, The Power of Positive Thinking, CV Writing & Interview Skills, and The Art of Communication & Public Speaking. Dola Hasan, the ED of BanglaPrakash; Cami Onolfo, Romanian author from Miami USA; Gloria Bailey MBE, manager, Overseas Trade Fairs of the Publishers Association UK; Dinesh Kulatunga, from the Sri Lanka Book Publishers’ Association; G Sumdany Don, the author and professional corporate trainer; Engineer Mehedi Hasan, the publisher of BanglaPrakash and Lecture Publications Ltd; Mohan Kumar, executive affairs executive from the Sharjah Book

Authority UAE and Mahmudul Hasan, director of BanglaPrakash, were present at the launch. The publisher Hasan said, that these unique pocketbooks would help the youth of Bangladesh and the rest of the world to develop core soft skills. He plans to launch a nationwide distribution within Bangladesh, including online distribution through rokomari. com. It is hoped that the books would slowly attract worldwide distribution as well. The author, G Sumdany Don, said the youth of Bangladesh are extremely talented, but lack core

soft skills like communication or public speaking. Therefore his vision is to launch at least 50 pocketbook titles under this series, which would include topics like emotional intelligence, customer service, train the trainer, leadership, managing people for the first time, and so on. The books have been sponsored by the Edward M Kennedy (EMK) Centre. This series of pocketbooks will be launched in Bangladesh after Eid in September through a grand launching ceremony at the EMK Center.l

Keeping Eid al-Adha in mind, all outlets of fashion house Kay Kraft has been embellished with an array of new collections. Their new offers range from sharees to panjabis, fatuas to tops, all of which have been designed in Kay Kraft’s own signature style. Various shades of green, purple, navy blue, turquoise, orange, white have been prioritised for this festival. Considering the current weather, they have ranked fabrics such as bexi-cotton, muslin, half-silk and Noroshidi cotton highter. To adorn the surface of fabrics, tie-dye, skin-print, block-print and various types of hand-embroidary have been used. l

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A theatrical experience by UAP English Department Famous stage drama, Meraj Fokirer Ma, was screened on Thursday, August 4 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. A group of thirty students from the Department of English of University of Asia Pacific (UAP), accompanied by three faculty members including the head of the department Professor Dr Shawkat Hussain, associate professor Takad Ahmed Chowdhury and lecturer Md Shazed Ul Huq Abir, took part to experience it. Meraj Fokirer Ma is an acclaimed play by the theatre, which has been successfully performed for over two decades since May 20, 1995. The play stars the celebrity couple Ferdousi Mojumdar and Ramendu Mojumdar. It was an amazing experience for the bunch of UAP students and teachers watching the brilliant performances on stage that highlights a debate between fundamentalism and progressiveness, and zooms in on the fact that the essence of religion has been misinterpreted to the benefit of some in the


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Hero Splendor Plus inauguration

A glimpse from the play Meraj fokirer Ma society. Written by late Abdullah Al Mamun, the play poses a few very important questions of life: What is more important, relationship or religion? Should a son leave his mother if his views regarding religion differ from that of hers? In fact, through this satirical play, the playwright tries to bring out the human values and depict certain characters, who oppress people in the name of religion.

The students and teachers of UAP were also thrilled to share some good moments with the two great artists, Ferdousi Majumdar and Ramendu Majumdar, before and after the show. It was a delightful evening with some lovely memories to treasure for the participating teachers and students beyond the classroom. l

The opening ceremony of Splendor Plus has been oraganised by Niloy Motors Ltd on August 28, 2016, at Dhaka Regency. The honourable managing director of Nitol Motors Ltd, Abdul Musabbir Ahmad, and high officials of Hero Motocorpo Ltd, along with business channel partners were present on the occasion. Journalists from different newspapers and channels were also present during the event. l

29 Aug, 2016  
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