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SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015

Shamsul Hoque School the best n Nure Alam Durjoy Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College in the capital city’s Demra succeeded in becoming the best educational institution in the country for the first time in terms of pass rates and GPA 5 scorers in the Secondary School Certificate examinations. Students, teachers and guardians celebrated the outstanding achievement on the school premises after the results were published. There was a festive mood at the school as students played drums, danced and threw firecrackers into the air. There were loud screams as they all gathered on the school playground to rejoice at the results. Teachers, who were elated alike, shared sweetmeats among colleagues and students. All 779 students of the institution taking this year’s SSC tests passed and 740 of them obtained GPA 5. In 2012, the school secured the second spot across the country. Mahfuza Rahman Rakhi, who scored GPA 5 from business studies group, told the Dhaka Tribune her result was wonderful. “I could hardly explain such a joy. I want to be a pilot in the future.” Morsheda Akhter, mother of Irfat Ara Nishat, said she was delighted to see that her daughter had achieved GPA 5. “I am so glad that my daughter has scored GPA 5. Her dream is to become a doctor in the future.” SM Sraban Munshi scored GPA 5 from science group and he said he felt like he had fi-

Rajshahi board ranks top n

Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

With a success rate of 94.97%, the Rajshahi Education Board has secured the top position among the eight general education boards of the country. A total of 15,873 students secured the highest Grade Point Average (GPA-5) in this board. Meanwhile, the Sylhet board has placed at the bottom of the ranking with a pass rate of 81.82% and a total number of 2,452 students achieving GPA-5. The results of the SSC and its equivalent examinations, which faced severe disruption due to the BNP-led 20-party alliance non-stop countrywide blockade and strikes, were published yesterday. A total of 87.04% of students passed this year’s SSC exams that had a lower pass rate than that of the previous year. Some 111,901 examinees achieved GPA-5 which is 30,375 less than the number of GPA-5 scores of 2014. The pass rate in the Dhaka board is 88.65% and some 36,801 students got GPA-5 while in the Chittagong board, 82.77% students passed the examinations. A total of 7,116 students achieved GPA-5 in the board. A total of 84.22% students passed in the Comilla board with 10,195 students scoring GPA-5. In the Dinajpur board, the pass rate is 85.05% and the number of students that secured GPA-5 is 10,842. 84.37% students were successful in the Barisal board and the number of GPA-5 holders is 3,171. l

Students of Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College in Demra burst into cheers being the first among the top ten successful schools under Dhaka Board in this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations results MEHEDI HASAN nally achieved it. “I have been expecting this result. It was my dream,” he said. Principal of the school, Dr Mahbubur Rahman Mollah, told the Dhaka Tribune he was

very happy with the results. “Such an achievement has been our dream and it has finally come true. The level of success we have achieved comes from concerted

Technical girls in front n Mohammad Al-Masum Molla Girls have consistently outperformed boys in technical education in the Secondary School Certificate examinations over the last five years, posting higher pass rates during the period. Yesterday’s results of the technical education board showed that the pass rate of girls is 85.14% while that of boys is 82.25%. Pass rates of girls were 83.61% in 2014, 84.42% in 2013, 81.77% in 2012 and 81.86% in 2011, greater than boys in each of the years. Besides, girls have done better than boys in five of the eight general boards this year. Although the total number of boys passing the exams this year is higher, girls are ahead in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Barisal, Jessore and Dinajpur.

Since 2011, this is the first time that girls performed better than boys in the five boards. This year, in Dhaka board, the pass rate of girls is 88.82% and that of boys is 88.48%. In Rajshahi board, the pass rate is 95.09% for girls and 94.86% for boys. In Barisal board, 84.48% of girls passed while the pass rate is 83.90% for boys. In Jessore board, 84.12% of girls passed while the pass rate for boys is 83.94%. In Dinajpur board, the pass rate of girls is 85.62% and that of boys is 85.39%. Last year, girls did better than boys in Rajshahi and Dinajpur boards out of the eight general boards. In Rajshahi board, the pass rate was 96.50% for girls while 96.19% boys passed. In Dinajpur board, 93.42% girls passed while the pass rate of boys was 93.11%. l

Unrest affects pass rate in Ctg n FM Mizanur Rahaman, Chittagong The number of GPA 5 achievers as well as the average pass rate at the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations under Chittagong board have seen a decrease this year. The last year’s pass rate was 91.40% there while the figure dropped by 8.63% standing it at 82.77% owing to political crisis during the examinations, say the board officials concerned, adding that the newly-implemented creative method at Mathematics also worsened the situation. On the other hand, a total of 7,116 students secured GPA 5 while the number was 10,884 in last year. Of them, 3,616 are boys while the

rest 3500 are girls. While announcing the results, Mohammed Mahbub Hassan, controller of examinations of Chittagong Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, in the board’s auditorium in Muradpur area of the port city yesterday said the creative method at general Mathematics and Higher Math caused the decline. “Besides the nonstop political turmoil disrupted the concentration of the examinees causing the poor performance as they had to reschedule several exams in this condition,” the controller continued. Some 88,468 students sat for this year’s SSC examinations. Of them, 73,221 students finally succedded.l

efforts of all of us. “I thank all teachers, students, guardians and the school’s governing body for this tremendous success,” he added. l

No pass in 47 institutions

n Mohammad Al-Masum Molla This year 47 schools fired blanks in the SSC exams. Of those, 38 (80%) were madrassas where every student failed the 10th grade board exams. The others are two each from Dhaka and Jessore and five in Dinajpur. Besides, the number of institutions achieving hundred percent pass rate also decreased compared to the last year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) result although some 371 more institutions participated this year. A total of 87.04% of students passed this year’s SSC and its equivalent examinations. Some 111,901 examinees scored GPA 5. This year, the pass rate has decreased by 4.3% from last year’s 91.34% pass rate in the examinations. The number of GPA 5 scorers also saw a decline this year compared to last year’s number of 142, 276. The trend of zero pass was going down the last two years but this year it went up as 23 more educational institutions compared to last year failed to ensure a single pass. This year the number of schools with hundred percent pass rate is 5,095 out of 27, 816. In 2014, 6,210 schools achieved 100% pass rate while 24 schools failed to ensure a single pass in the SSC examination. In 2013, the number of schools with hundred percent and zero pass rate is 5,092 and 22 respectively. In Dhaka and Jessore, two institutions from each board failed to ensure a single pass while in Dinajpur board five institutions failed completely. l

31 May, 2015  
31 May, 2015