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SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015


The 10-Minute solution to all exams n Munzereen Shahid In Bangladesh, SSC and HSC exams are the biggest challenges the students face during their school years. With papers after papers of Physics, Bangla (and many more) in their SSC exams and the considerably harder versions of these in their HSC exams, these students often suffer from not finding the right study materials. And this is where 10 Minute School ( comes in to their aid. 10 Minute School is a free online educational platform that caters only to this large chunk of SSC-HSC candidates with practice materials in all areas of the exams. They have a database of almost 4,000 questions for SSC and HSC. To add to the usefulness, these tests are timed. At the end of each test, a chart appears showing the student’s progress and important advice relating to their weak areas. It also shows their ranking when compared to their peers. This clever system allows the students to have a more focused way of learning and track their progress as they go. This systematic approach to practice is also put to use in the next important section for Bangladeshi studentsuniversity admission tests. After tackling SSC/HSC/O level/ A levels, students are hurled into a battlefield of extremely competitive university admission tests without adequate resources and ideas on how these exams work. It’s like going to a war zone without any armour. 10 Minute School comes with a large yet modest aim to tip the scales in favour of the students. A free online educational platform packed with timed quizzes, covering BUET/Medical/ DU / IBA and several other private university admission exams. 10 MS believes the biggest hurdle students face when appearing for these exams is the lack of helpful resources, and a lack of idea on the structure and pattern of these exams. To address these prevalent problems, the website ( incorporates subject-wise timed tests on these exams. Students can track their

progress and compare it with others on the leader board. For admission exams in various public and private universities, and for exams like the SAT and IELTS, there are detailed info-graphics showing the structure of the exams, the pattern of questions, subject-wise mark allocations in the tests, the statistics on the number of students applying versus the number of students accepted, applicant eligibility, exam dates, fees and other very common yet important FAQs. For postgraduate students applying abroad, similar comprehensive exams have been constructed for GRE, GMAT and IELTS with over 1,200 practice questions in each section. Even here, students can track their progress, and the subject-wise tests in each section makes studying for these tests more focused than ever before. 10 Minute School also has quizzes with nearly 3,000 MCQs for three other equally sought after exams for Bangladeshi students: MBA, BCS and Bank entrance tests. As in other sections, the tests are arranged subject-wise with 150+ questions for each subject in the test (covering math, general knowledge, analytical, science, Bangla and English). A large amount of students graduating every year in Bangladesh seek jobs in the government service sectors and also appears for the cutthroat bank entrance tests. Another large pool appears for MBA exams where the entrance tests are no less competitive that the others. These sections will cater to these innumerable students who will get extremely helpful practice materials here at their fingertips. 10 Minute School has brought together several of the brightest minds of Bangladesh and beyond to help students like themselves to learn, practice and progress. So if their work inspired you to inspire others, then give them a buzz and become the official campus ambassador of 10 Minute School. Visit them at And if you are an aspiring designer/ writer/student with a dream to revolutionise education in Bangladesh, or you have some of your brilliant ideas to help make them better, then give them a shout-out on their official facebook page to contribute: https://www.facebook. com/10minuteschool

Colourful summer collection at Gentle Park Following classic fashion, Gentle Park’s summer line includes colourful casual, formal and ethnic wear. Cotton is the fabric of choice for the majority of shirts. These shirts include the current trend of printed fabrics as well. To enhance the outgoing look of the shirts, they have included ban collar, shoulder loop and upper stitch. To make the summer attire more comfortable, the shirts come in all sorts of variations of solid

and soft tones that have been fade washed, and enzyme washed. Gentle Park’s summer line also includes jeans, shoes, baggy pants, belts, and three-quarter pants. Outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, Bogra, Khulna, Cox’s Bazaar and Sylhet will also have many more stylish outfits from the upcoming summer collection.

Surf Excel “Daag Theke Darun Golpo” Competition Starts Again

Whether it is painting or getting dirty while playing outside – children’s creativity can manifest itself in many forms. In search of such stain stories that lead to great moments, Surf Excel is kicking off the “Daag Theke Darun Golpo” competition. Surf Excel, a detergent brand from the multinational company Unilever Bangladesh Ltd, is arranging this

unique campaign for the second time. Participating parents can share stories of their children until June 18, 2015. Stories can be shared via phone call, post, email, or through Facebook. The selected top three winners will get a chance to visit Disneyland (Hong Kong) along with their family members.

31 May, 2015  
31 May, 2015