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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 31

Tales From the City

Episodes 28: no disco


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey friends, We had a lot of fun last week. We had our stall up at the Hay Festival, where we got to meet some of you, and it was lovely! Our artist, Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy was also at the JCC Unmad Comicon, where he met some more fans and even drew them as superheros. You’ll get to meet one of them today,

hanging out at Discobang’s Pad. Speaking of Discobang, Speedy doesn’t seem to like him very much. Let’s head over to the comic page to find out why. We hope you have a great week. Let us know how it went! Send your poems, drawings and stories to treehouse@

Love Jonaki

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Solution: The husband claims that he has been shopping in only ONE store, yet the presents are wrapped in four different designs from four different stores. He confessed the murder and admitted that in order to give himself an alibi he had sneaked out of the house with a few of the already purchased Christmas presents.


Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Rio Shuvo Graphics Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Mohammed Mahbub Alam Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed Circulation Wahid Murad Email Website


2 Discobang’s pad

Teacher of the week Nur Alam Mohin Sports star Siddikur Rahman Superhero of the week Hellboy Word on the street Window

3 Tales from the city No Disco

4 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing facts; Jokes Learn English kids Paint it

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book Across a Star Swept Sea Movie Planes Music Justin Beiber’s Hearbreaker Game Social Studies Quiz Toy Toy Ninja Turtle Bubble Solution

6 Dr Meow’s Lab

My pet story Little wonder DIY Pebble placement Fun science Tunes in a hole Animal facts Wombat


Discobang's Pad Teacher of the week

A financial personality

sports star

A friendly personality and a passionate teacher, Nur Alam Mohin has been a teacher at Hurdco International School teaching accounting for grade eleven and twelve ever since 2006 and is still teaching there. “Teaching is a challenging job”, he said. The thrill in the challenge undertaken in the teaching job is one of the many reasons why he took teaching as a profession. “It’s a respectable job”, he said. One of the perks of such a profession is respect that he receives from student. To have the feeling that he is paving a path for someone’s career is


truly rewarding. A cricket fan, Mohin has a particular liking for Shakib Al Hasan. He believes that knowledge is something one shouldn’t

misuse. His word out to all students is to study the subjects that he/ she finds easy and fun to swallow. Syed Azraf Zaman

Siddikur Rahman Full name Mohammad Siddikur Rahman Born 20 November 1984 Siddikur Rahman is a Bangladeshi golfing legend who has recently got the title of the Hero Honda Indian Open. Siddikur has also secured a place for himself in Team Asia which will face Team Europe for the EurAsia Cup in March 2014. Career Turned professional 2005 Current tours Asian Tour Professional wins 8 Number of wins by tour Asian Tour 2 Other 6

Superhero of the week

HELLBOY Super Name Hellboy Real Name Anung Un Rama Aliases Anung Un Rama, Beast of the Apocalypse, The Great Beast Birthday October 05, 1617 Powers Ready for any challenge, agile and has super strength, danger sense, and cannot be hurt. He also possesses, stamina and excels in unarmed combat and swordsmanship. Sama E Deen

Tahsin Momin


@ Unmad/JCC COmicon Meet Arowa, the newest superhero on the block. At the JCC Unmad Comicon last week, while everyone else was lining up to be Superman or Batman, she decided to do something different, and asked to be sketched as our very own Jonaki. We couldn’t be happier!

WE DN E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 20, 20 1 3

Treehouse Comics


Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Colour by Rio Shuvo

Tales From the City Episode 28: No disco

The story so far Discobang just saved Jonaki from the Fat Boy, but Speedy doesn’t seem happy about that. Looks like there’s some history in the Treehouse. Will we find out what it is? Or will the Fat Boy get to Jonaki first? Keep reading to find out


Bhootum's Classroom


ROFL Knock Knock Who’s there? Lena. Lena who? Lena little closer and i’ll tell you. Knock Knock Who’s there? Stan. Stan who? Stan back or i’ll shoot! Knock Knock Who’s there? Dishes. Dishes who? Dishes a very bad joke. Knock Knock Who’s there? Justin. Justin who? Justin time for the party. Knock Knock Who’s there? Carl. Carl who? Car’l get you there faster than a bike. Knock knock Who’s there? Amos Amos who? A mosquito Knock knock! Who’s there? Wendy. Wendy who? Wendy wind blows the cradle will rock.

paint it! Tom is at the beach. Can you colour the things in the picture? Colour the umbrella pink. Colour the sea blue. Colour the sand yellow.

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Ice Cream. Ice cream who? Ice cream every time I see a ghost

Colour the towel green. Colour the hat brown. Colour the ball red.

do at: Find lots more fun things to arnenglishkids g/le il.or unc hco ritis w.b ww

WE DN E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 20, 20 1 3


Speedy's Zone


mysteries of the sea Genre Adventure The Story When the wicked Galateans start destroying the ride society by supplying them with drugs, they turn the strong thinkers into weak opponents. Persis Blake, a brave aristocrat decides to take the name Wild Poppy and sets on a journey as a spy to fight the Galateans and save



Ladder to knowledge

FLY AWAY A 2013 3D computer animated film, Planes is a movie that is guaranteed to please all fans of Pixar’s Cars series. Dusty Crophopper is a simple cropduster plane working at a cornfield. He aspires to become a racer in the future. Though his boss and his mechanic friends do not support him in his ambition, Chug, Dusty’s fuel truck friend, never fails to encourage Dusty’s dream. After months of successful aerobatic trainings and learning new stunts Dusty enters the qualifiers for the upcoming Wings Across the World Race. Through thick and thin, it is up to Dusty to overcome all problems and fulfill his dream. The storyline is a bit predictable, but still Planes will not fail to amaze you. The brilliant graphics, catchy characters and of course the wonders of a good animation will impress you and this movie will surely be one of your favourites. Sama E Deen


History is amazing isn’t it? The major challenge that can come about is the boredom faced when slapped with a book. Have books become a bore for you? Social Studies Quiz Game Show is an interactive game designed for kids with the hope to make kids more educated and bring them up to speed with social studies facts with interesting historical events that has come by, in a fun way. You have to choose five categories each round and will have to answer questions from the categories that you have chosen. You can play this game by yourself or in multiplayer mode. For enhanced challenge a timer option is also available in this game. Answer right to get scores with occasional conveniences of gaining bonuses. Appropriate age for Social Studies Quiz Game Show is nine years and above. This game is compatible with windows and mac. This game is available in CD stores around Dhaka. Syed Azraf Zaman

her own life and that of the others like her own. Any Good? A beautiful, heroic and an interesting spy adventure, Across A Star-Swept Sea is a book you just cannot miss. With strong messages on girl power, determination and with the lesson to fight for what you believe in, this is a true treasure. Sama E Deen



Love is Eternal

The bubbling Ninja

Teens Heartthrob, Justin Bieber is back and this time with his Music Monday project where he will release a single every Monday for ten weeks till 16th December 2013. Heartbreaker, being the first single that he released in this project was an instant success. Once again, he released a song about relationships reflecting his recent break-up with teen sensation Selena Gomez. One word to describe the lyrics of the song is honesty. He is expressing his feelings with a light melody and R&B beat. With his songs he has touched the hearts of million of his fans around the globe. “Heartbreaker” has a more mature flavour, which is what makes this song unique. The song contains clean lyrics describing his believe in love and second chances. Heartbreaker singles is available in most CD stores around Dhaka.

This week we have a fun toy that you just can’t get enough of. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eight oz is an easy bubble game that you will enjoy. Bubbles with Wand will keep you glued to your adored Ninjas. Blow fun bubbles with Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello. Each Ninja bottle has a bubble solution of eight ounces which comes with it’s very own bubble wand. If you are a fan of turtles this is sure to be a fun way to blow up bubbles with your awesome turtles. With it you can also get yourself the Bubble Launcher which will make bubbles bigger. Ariqa Kareem

Syed Azraf Zaman


Dr Meow's Lab animal facts

Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat DIY


• • • • • •

Northern Wombats are one of the world’s rarest mammals. It is the largest known herbivorous burrowing animal. “Bulldozer of the bush” is one of its nicknames Wombats have a stocky build and are remarkably strong. It has pointed ears and small eyes. Females are heavier than male


Having a party or a group of guests coming to your house? Why not make your feast a unique one with a few funky pebble placemats? What you need • Old placemats or liners • Different kinds of pebbles • Adhesive What you do Take a measured piece of liner or any old placemat. Choose even and smooth pebbles of your choice and glue them on to the placemats. Make sure that the edges and the surface of the mats are smooth and even. Leave the mats to dry and use them on any fun occasion whenever you need. Decorate them with glitter and paint the pebbles to give them a colourful look. Sama E Deen


• •

wombats They usually spend their day inside the burrows The average wombat is able to

run 40 at a speed of km/hour when threatened. Its diet consists of only vegetables. Avita Maheen


Tunes in a hole Experiments with sounds can be fun. Well, we will be looking in to something different. This week we’ll be using bottles to produce tunes out of them. For this experiment, we will need five identical plastic bottles, each containing different levels of water filled in them. Arrange the bottles with water level from highest to lowest. Then blow wind across the top of all the bottles. You’ll see that


there are different sounds coming out of each bottle. This happens because when you blow across the top part of the bottle, the air inside vibrates. The lower

the water level, the more air inside the bottle. Bottles with more air has slower vibrations, making the noise lower. Syed Azraf Zaman

my pet story

Little wonder Her name is Mustaine. I named her after my all time favorite front man “Dave Mustaine.” And I had no idea that the name would suit her this well! She is the most adorable, playful and annoying cat I have ever seen! She wakes me up at six in the morning by slapping me with her tiny soft paws and stares at me like she’s telling me, “Feed me, human.” She follows me around the house and sleeps with me. Sometimes I forget that she’s a cat. Her weird and crazy acts make me think that she’s a human trapped inside a

cat’s body. I talk to her whenever I’m sad, and I feel like she’s really listening to me. Then I instantly become happy seeing her face. She is just as kind as she is crazy. Once we were having lunch, she sat by the window and suddenly, she starts running after a cockroach. She finally caught it, kept staring at it, but didn’t kill it. She made me so proud, and filled my heart with love. Many say having a cat is a trouble, but my little Mustaine never forgets to remind me how wrong they are. Sadat Kabir Rudro


WE DN E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 20, 20 1 3

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