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Friday, April 19, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1

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Take a trip to the historical and elegant city of Vienna A weekly production of


Volume 1, Issue 1, April 19, 2013

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Avenue T Team Mahmood Hossain Sabah Rahman Shadma Malik Anita Amreen Bassema A Karaki

Hall of Rock


Time: 2:50pm - 8:oopm Date: April 19 Venue: Auditorium, Russian Cultural Centre Address: House 510, Road 7, Dhanmondi R/A

Warmer weather, bolder colours

Bangladesh in frames 5

Colour crush

Design Akila Seshasayee Divya Kukreti Istela Imam

Time:3:00pm - 8:00pm Date: April 19 Venue: Drik Gallery Address: House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi

Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed

Cover Model: Tritia

16 10


Spicy Thai chicken

The Bold and the Bristly The must-have hairstyles during Spring


Add more color to your walls


Smartphone apps we need a daily dose of.


Feast your eyes on a mouth watering Thai dish

More Inside 3 Tuned Swimming in

Apps Anonymous

Time: 8:30pm Date: April 19 Venue: Kozmo Lounge Road 24, House 7, Block K, Banani

Time: 10am - 9pm Date: April 19 Venue: BeB.S.C.I.C Auditorium, Address: Plot 24/a, Road 13/a, Sector 6, Uttara

Photography Syed Latif Hossain Sadia Mariam, Website:

Kozmo (A) live Presents Bappa Mazumder

Raise your voice against rape

Contributors Farah Iqbal MK Aref Su Jorgenson Naorose Bin Ali Ulfat Kuddus Agnese Rizvi Hiroe Kunimoto Tilat Khayer

Circulation Wahid Murad


To-Do's in Dhaka This Week


4 Tech & Turns Check out the new HTC

8 Tailored Save yourself 9 Them Age? Just a number, sugar 10 Tempt Cool in the summer

heat/2013 hair trends 14 Tell Advice column 15 Take Care Losing the extras 18 Try Out Make your own mask! 10 Trails Tangail 22 Tags Print and painting exhibition

Discussion on Abstract Painting in Bangladesh and the UK With Giorgo Guglielmino Time: 6:30pm Date: April 20 Venue: Bengal Art Lounge 60 Gulshan Avenue, Circle 1

Funky Blues



Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm Date: April 25 Venue: Auditorium, Russian Cultural Centre, House 510, Road 7, Dhanmondi R/A

The Vagina Monologues

Time: 7pm Date: April 25 Venue: Goethe Institute Address: House No. 10, Road No. 9 (new) Dhanmondi

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3


Tuned Entertainment



Swimming in Psychedelia Worth having a pavilion dedicated to successful Bangladeshi artists who for years have been living , working and exhibiting abroad

A book focused on a child-centred parenting style, “Your Toddler Month By Month” by Dr Tanya Bayron, includes details about dealing with the different stages of bringing up your toddler. Available at Words and Pages on Road 7, Gulshan 1.


The 85th Academy Awards took place on February 24. The Oscarwinning movies are available in most leading DVD stores in Dhaka. You can also find a compilation set of all nine Oscarwinning films.

Watch “Everyday Exotic” is a documentary cooking show hosted by Roger Mooking, in which he explores his unique twist on simple ingredients. This Saturday, the show features grilled chicken with papaya barbeque sauce, coconut rice, and watercress and papaya salad. Airing on TLC April 20 at 1:30pm, and April 21 at 1am.


Porobashi’s debut album “Shunno Dia,” featuring the magical folk music of Bangladesh, was released on April 12. Spreading our rich cultural heritage, the band has performed throughout the country and abroad since 2001.

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

Psychedelic rock is a spellbinding branch of the rock genre, which first flourished in the mid 1960s The musical style often incorporates flowing, hypnotic rhythms and uses guitar and vocal effects, most notably the wah-wah pedal. The wah effect is used to make either a fast, funky psychedelic sound, or used slowly to create a psychedelic wave of guitar sound. It’s also not uncommon for psychedelic rock groups to include prominent elements of other genres including folk, blues and jazz. There is some debate as to which band was the first to use the psychedelic rock style. Most likely it was either 13th Floor Elevators or The Charlatans. Both of these bands began performing psychedelic music around 1964-1965, two years before the Beatles released their album Revolver, which had dashes of psychedelia. After that, a myriad of bands sprouted wearing the psychedelic rock badge, most notably Pink Floyd, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, the Zombies, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, etc. By the time the 80s arrived, psychedelic rock was in retreat, as iconic figures in the industry like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Syd Barrett passed away. A number of bands split up and many others went for a “back to the basics” approach, slowly leading to the decline of psychedelia during that point in time.

Although there wasn’t much going on during the 80s, there was a scanty number of bands still holding on to the dreamy psychedelic sound. However, not until the 90s was there a real resurgence, with bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Of Montreal, combining psychedelic rock with their folk-based indie sound. More recently we’ve come to see an even greater uprising in the subgenre. Neo-psychedelic bands like Tame Impala, Deerhunter, Pond, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Porcupine Tree (alt-rock fusion), the Black Angels and Melodies Echo Chamber have all emulated the sound that was started in the 60s. By doing so they’ve not only re-established its popularity among a new generation of listeners, they’ve also en-

sured that psychedelic rock still plays a major role in today’s experimental segments of the music industry.

Tech & Turns App Watch

Oh so convenient Google is at it again with their recently released app, Google Keep. More and more smartphone users find themselves on-the-go, never really thinking of doing things the old fashioned way Taking out a pen and a small notebook seems to be an inconvenience now. With Google Keep, users can quickly store what’s on their mind and recall it easily later on, wherever they are. The new app gives users the ability to create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it.

One more!

What’s Hot

The HTC One is the latest smartphone to “wow” tech fans with its stunning design and premium parts

Right off the bat, the design easily seduces you into taking a closer look. The gorgeous body of the HTC One does just enough to steal the thunder from competitors. The design is rectangular, flat and extremely thin. It’s practically all screen. The colours are vibrant with wide angle viewing and plenty of brightness.

The HTC One takes a step further in advancing their camera capabilities. This device features an updated ImageSense system along with a new ImageChip 2 hardware, and a revamped light sensor called the UltraPixel Sensor. Technically, the camera capture is at a resolution of just 4 megapixels. HTC claims the actual size of the sensor is larger and the pixels it creates are much more detailed. They also claim this camera will capture 300% more light than competing camera smartphones. Having a 4 megapixel camera is a gutsy move, but this device has a chance of being a winner in the race to become the ‘top dog’ of the smartphone world. All there is to do now is to wait and watch how the HTC One performs when it reaches the masses.

the aluminium framed one brings: •4.7 inch (1080p) LCD display 460 pixels per inch, an improved picture quality from SoLux technology •This regal machine possesses a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor straight out of the Qualcomm factory •It’s the first device to feature a new silicon •Two memory configurations – a stock 32GB (internal storage) model and a 64GB version •It boasts a 2GB RAM •An embedded 2,300mAh battery •A new and advanced HTC Sense UI applied to the Android Jelly Bean (upgradable)


La Ferrari

If you were to translate the name of Ferrari’s long-awaited new hypercar LaFerrari, it would be “Ferrari The Ferrari.” Seriously

Here is a list of things this app lets you do: u Keep track of your thoughts and ideas via notes, lists, and photos u Have voice notes transcribed automatically u Use home screen widgets to capture thoughts quickly u Colour code your notes to help find them later u Swipe to archive things you no longer need u Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes u Safely store your notes in the cloud andavailable on the web at com/keep

Everything you add is instantly available on your devices – desktop and mobile. Google Keep uses a minimalist design, which makes it easy to use. The Google Keep is free to download and requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

Apart from the name being confusing in English (and in Italian), they have arrived, yet again, on a higher level in the automotive world. This is the latest stage of evolution for the Prancing Pony, and the covers were taken off a short while ago in Geneva. It is a testament to the former flagship models like the 1984 turbocharged 288 GTO, the legendary ‘87 carbon fibre F40, ‘95’s F1 extracted F50, and 2002’s Enzo. The breathtaking beauty of the beast is enough to leave you speechless. Performance-wise, LaFerrari beat its predecessor, the Enzo, around the Fiorano track by five full seconds, recording a time of 1min 20secs. This

is the first time Ferrari has actually applied its HY-KERS to a production car, which has introduced several benefits. It reduces emissions by 40%, increases the V12’s output by 10%, operates with an impressive 94% energy efficiency, and recaptures kinetic energy usually lost under braking and cornering to charge the batteries. There are so many praiseworthy indulges, like the alluring all-black cockpit, that we cannot do it justice in such a small print space. Where can you get all the juicy details? If you haven’t already, we suggest watching the official LaFerrari launch video.


Here are how the rest come into play

• Features F1-derived variable geometry air intake system • Has a main shaft with aerodynamically shaped counter weights that are 19% lighter • Overall centre of gravity has been reduced by 35mm. • Sports tilted, side-mounted radiators • Direct injection 6.3-litre V12 (an evolution of the F12 berlinetta) • Dual-clutch gearbox and electric motor • 120-cell, 60kg lithium ion battery pack in Kevlar casing • 9250rpm • The electric motor adds the equivalent of 160 bhp to the 790 bhp V12 engine, making a total of 950 bhp • 0-62mph in under 3 seconds; 0-124mph in less than 7 seconds

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3



Trial Room

Colour crush Bold colours are where it’s at this season! Stop by Cats Eye on your next shopping spree and pick up a few bright accessories to make any old outfit feel brand new again By Sabah Rahman Photo: Syed Latif Hossain

Replica yellow Topaz cuff links at Tk1,200

Green leather drivers at Tk5,900

Assorted ties at Tk350-500

5 Off-white leather sneakers at Tk4,952

Teal driver moccasin loafers with white piping at Tk5,523

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

Accessories will play a pivotal role in the new season. While the clothes will lay down the groundwork, the attention-grabbing supporting cast will bring home the win. Whether it’s casual, semi-formal, or formal, you can’t go wrong with the chic choice of items in front of you. To obtain the best look, nothing beats an alluring, complementary piece.

Trial Room


Yellow and green Top Handle bag with white lace details at Tk3,618



Tangerine stilletos with bronze studs at Tk5,238

For women, carrying your belongings in one of the many attractive handbags can add a little attitude and extra fun to the outfit. And the idea of a standout belt dividing your look to match the studded heels or strappy sandals will have heads turning. With the correct colour coordination in accessories, you will find yourself starting things off on a good note.

Chestnut and off-white heels at

Tk3,000 per pair

4 Beige leather satchel with parrot green details at Tk5,142

Red and white leatherette belts with bow accent at Tk1,143 per



AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3


Tailored His Style

Earn the stripes Earn your stripes across the chest this spring before it’s over By Mahmood Hossain Another one of those hot trends this season are striped polo shirts (short and long sleeves) and sweaters. Since we live in a tropical climate, sweaters are out of the question. What you can get your hands on, if you haven’t already, are the few different striped polo shirts. Colour block striptThree different colours, one on top of the other, make for a bold statement. n Narrower stripes: They bring a more sophisticated look with a lighter or darker contrast in the background. n Nautical stripes: Nothing beats shades of blue to celebrate the open seas, while you bask in the glory of the sunshine. n

This season, along with summer right around the corner, there’s a new

way of wearing these polo shirts. Men have always been accustomed to wearing the polo as a standalone item. With stripes in the mix, you are now able to try it out under tailored clothing. That’s right, it’s completely acceptable. On the occasion of something semi-formal, a simple designed and striped polo goes mighty fine with a lighter coloured suit. Think easy on the eyes colour, like light grey or any kind of pastel. You can find similar styles of polo shirts at stores like Yellow. Don’t expect to pay more than Tk1,600 either. It’s worth every taka. Style Tip: If you are a heavy set man, it’s best to avoid these horizontal stripes as it will look unflattering on a larger man.

Q& A Q: I know I’m not a model but I see all these magazines and try to imitate the looks by the very stylish men. Even after gathering all the elements of the look, I still don’t look as good. Am I missing something? A: A personal stylist, perhaps? The celebrities and male models you see in print are all prepared for the camera by professionals. That doesn’t mean you need to find yourself a stylist. More importantly, it’s about finding your personal look. Discover a look that suits you. Do some homework and look for inspiration from various sources to contribute to your style sense. Believe in yourself, have the confidence, and strut your own style.

SAVE YOURSELF Not everyone can afford a personal stylist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid being a fashion victim It’s actually easier than you might think. Being afraid of the unknown is perfectly natural. The idea is to educate and position yourself with a better understanding of your personal style. Here are three key factors to keep you away from the dark episodes of fashion: 1 Be your own guide: Don’t fall into the trap of trends or what others deem the coolest thing around. Wear what you think looks nice on you. Your comfort is the most important thing, so stick to items that suit your personality and regular style. 2 Less is more: A general rule in fashion is to never overdo it. Simplicity is key. In other words, don’t walk around in trendy garments from head-to-toe. Buy several fashionable items every season that you can mix and match with other basics in your wardrobe. It’s a smart (and cost-effective) way to dress every day. 3 Don’t be a sucker for brand names: This is one rule that many men break. Just because it’s a high-end label doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on you. Avoid dropping label names when you describe your items to others, i.e. “my Diesel jeans” or “my Armani tie.” The next time you head out and a highend labelled item catches your attention, ask yourself a couple of questions: “Am I buying this because it’s in style, or does it genuinely suit me? Would I buy this if it

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

didn’t have a logo on it?” With quality in mind, set aside the trends and labels. Be yourself and be comfortable in what looks good on you.

Q: Do I button all the buttons on my suit jacket? A: The last button (the bottom) should always be unbuttoned. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suit jacket, blazer, a sport coat, a two-button, or a three-button, the bottom should always be the unbuttoned one. The only time you should have all of the buttons in place is if you are wearing a pea coat. And remember to always unbutton all of the buttons when you are sitting down.



Age? Just a number, sugar! Show business is a world where age is truly considered to be just a number. Crawling with ancient men who want a taste of the young and nubile, both Hollwood and Bollywood are also crowded with golden-aged women taking their pick of young male flesh. Here’s a quick list of some of the couples who have set the bar for broad age-gapped marriages



1 4

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas With an age difference of a quarter of a century, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have maintained a strong, healthy marriage, despite her bipolar outbursts.

2. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Saifeena’s tumultuous love affair has stood the test of time, or so we believe. Given Saif’s divorce and his love affair with Rosa, you might think his penchant for young ladies is one of his private passions. Given his 11-year age gap with Kareena, we wonder how long the fire in their relationship will continue to burn.

3. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu


The King of Hearts, Dilip Kumar, fell madly in love with Saira Banu when he was 45 and she was a mere 22-yearsold. This golden couple has been going strong ever since.

4. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


The golden couple of Hollywood, Brangelina, has an age gap of 12 years. However, neither their age gap nor their lack of a wedding stopped them from rearing a six-child brood.

5. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

With a solid age gap of 15 years, this bright, bubbly couple has kept their marriage alive with a host of pets: two dogs, five cats, four horses and two cows. Perhaps the marriage has survived because, as Ellen famously stated, their pets are “the only animals allowed in (their) bed”.

6. Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz Eastwood

Having fathered 7 children by 5 women, you might wonder how Clint’s marriage with Dina is still going strong in its 17th year. We reckon it’s the 35year age gap keeping the magic alive.

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3



Cool in the summer heat Whether you are looking to sweat-proof your makeup for the hot summer months or avoid a make-up meltdown under the blazing sun, I have all the tips you need to stay looking your best this summer By Tilat Khayer Prep your skin Before applying makeup, prep your skin with a primer. You won’t regret the few seconds it takes. Primer fills in fine lines, reduces shine by absorbing excess moisture, and keeps the makeup right in place throughout the day. Apply a thin layer to your skin, eyelids and lips. Ditch your foundation Keep your makeup fresh by replacing your regular foundation with lighter texture coverage during summer months. A heavy foundation will clog pores and weigh on the skin, causing it to sweat. Lightweight products such as tinted moisturiser, cheek stain and bronzing gel will wear better in the heat and keep you looking radiant.

Choose a cream eyeshadow To keep your eye makeup from sweating off, choose products that absorb quickly into the skin. Cream eyeshadows do just that, and leave your eye makeup crease-free. Alternatively, prep the eyelids with an eyeshadow base. This creates an even base for eye shadow and makes the colour last throughout the day. Switch to lip gloss For a fresh, young look, replace cream lipsticks with a tinted lip gloss. A lip gloss with a low-shine will keep lips looking pretty and smooth without making you appear overly made up. Blot excess oil Replace your rich cleanser and face

cream with a foaming gel and an oilfree daily lotion that contains a minimum of SPF 15. Using a compact of pressed powder when your skin is hot and sweaty tends to make your skin look chalky. To keep your makeup looking fresh, always carry a supply of powder-free blotting paper in your purse. Tilat Khayer is an international makeup artist, who has worked with celebrities at London Fashion Week and Britain’s Next Top Model. Her brand Roshi operates in the UK and Bangladesh.

A lip gloss with a low-shine will keep lips looking pretty and smooth without making you appear overly made up

The BOld and the Bristly Current hair trend predictions, advice for bad hair days and holistic hair care treatments

Keeping Bangs In Place Apply a light mist of hair spray to your bangs to help keep them in place

Su Jorgensen is a hairstylist and colour technician from New Zealand with over 20 years of international experience which includes: teaching for Wella, Goldwell and Redken, working on fashion editorials in different platforms such as television and running a successful boutique salon in London’s trendy East End. She has extensive knowledge of Trichology - the science of hair and scalp.

More personal than ever, the clothes we wear and the hairstyle we choose say a lot about who we are. Most of our choices come down to what’s in fashion each season as well as how we interpret what suits us best. The hairstyles and haircuts we wear evolve with each passing year so it’s no surprise that this year, hair trends are the most effortless. Busy lifestyles and a desire for versatility put complex hairstyles on the backburner, while classics with a twist prove the most popular in this year’s hair challenge! That said, there’s no reason your 2013 haircut or colour can’t be bold or make a statement.


Whether side parted, centre parted, curled or straight, here are the textured hairstyles for long hair styling so give them a try!

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

Spring 2013 hairstyles The warm weather brings about a mood of optimism and a desire for change so the biggest hairstyles for the year get interpreted to fit the season

COLOUR REVERSE OMBRE A super cool alternative to the ombre we've been rocking for a while - make sure it's done by a super professional!

THE FRINGE/BANGS Always lingering on the hair trends! A great option for those wanting a fresh new haircut.

THE BOB Bob hairstyles are always making their mark and this season the haircut appears in a chin length with very soft layers or a fringe version.

FOR THE EXHIBITIONIST BRIGHT! BRIGHT! BRIGHT! No need for explanations here but this look may turn heads at the office or anywhere else for that matter!


Escape your safety net


International Trends

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” - Coco Chanel Of course, fashion has to fade. No one wants to be trapped with the same old style. It’s the changes in fashion that makes it exciting to shop (and yes, the ability to show off). Ladies, what’s new in your wardrobe this hot summer? By Hiroe Kunimoto Vibrant colours Ladies, stop choosing safe colours. Try the riskiest and most vibrant colours available. Just go for it! Summer 2013 is the perfect time for you to be loud. Be it tie-dye, shocking pink, or yellow. Adding colour to your wardrobe will brighten your look. Take heed of all the bright fabrics available at the local retail shops, as well as boutiques focusing on all those shades you thought wouldn’t suit you.

Floral patterns Believe it or not, floral patterns are going to be your hot favourite this tangy summer. The large flower patterns, in various forms, will take full control of you. They can be found on bags, sandals, scarves, along with traditional shalwar-kameez or kurtas; any hint of blossoms you get, grab it! Be the trend setter, and be the centre of attraction! Already huge in South Asia, the flower patterns have buzzed in!

Polka dots Polka dots in various forms are going to be your friend. It is easy to match with any personality. Starting from tomboy to girl next door, dots actually work for all women. A polka dot T-shirt, a bandana, or even a backpack looks trendy and adorable. Choosing one piece in a retro style can add to your feminine personality, rather than wearing a polka dot kameez with a white dupatta and shalwar. However, don’t overdo it. One dotted item per outfit is enough to make your fashion statement.

You’ll never know if you don’t try. Just follow the trend and it might bring out a whole new look for you

White shirt alert! Summer may not be officially here but temperatures are already soaring! Ladies everywhere can count their lucky stars because the ever-popular hot weather staple, the white shirt, is back with a vengeance! The new white shirt trend is anything but boring, and can be spotted on the runways, red carpets and fashionable city streets. This standard piece has been given a makeover by designers and high street shops alike. Shoppers can expect to be spoiled for choice because this trend now has countless variations. While the classic white shirt will always be a timeless fashion statement, style-savvy fashionistas can opt for white shirts with sheer panels, voluminous sleeves and even delicate beading. You can pair your pick of the litter with black trousers for busy days at the office, or with your favourite blue jeans and colourful flats for a day out in the town. Add a pair of sky-high heels and dark skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to amp up the glam factor for dinner and cocktail parties. Crisp white shirts are the perfect canvas for accessories, so this is the one time you can go all out by making a statement with vibrant jewellery. You can easily incorporate this trend into your existing wardrobe. Whip out your white kurtas this season and get your tailor to embellish them with a few adjustments to highlight this season’s trends.

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3



APPS Anonymous In this modern day, it’s safe to say we have become too dependent on our tech products. The perfect example would be the dependence on smartphones and their applications. Some of us cannot function without them. They’ve become a vital ingredient or our daily duties, both professional and personal. Without some of the more popular phone apps, conducting any kind of business would be excruciating and the facts from online statistics suggest exactly that By Mahmood Hossain



Twitter was the instant classic for users who wanted to share a message within 140 characters. From high schoolers to Hollywood A listers, this is a forum of short opinions, links, comical one-liners, and viral ideas



The ability to “retweet” someone’s banter is another perk of this application. This is yet another platform for famous brands and labels to share and advertise their products and is possibly the fastest way to share aforementioned content on the go.

Source: Social Bakers

The numbers don’t lie (from 2012)

Most significant Facebook mobile app users as of November 2012, featured on

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

Facebook hasn’t stopped there. Itincorporated a “Messenger” and a “Camera” app to tag along to their main source of traffic. The 48m downloads on the iPad, not to mention other tablets, cannot be ignored either. Being the world’s largest social network, it did not shy away from buying another popular application by the name of Instagram (mentioned a little later). As the number of accounts grow, so will the numbers of apps installed; there is no escaping Facebook.

32% of all Internet users are using Twitter average user follows (or is followed by) 51 people



Facebook would be the obvious choice of the most popular phone app in the social arena. With billions of users, it is an influential force in our everyday lives. You can simultaneously market your products and religiously follow people’s pages to no end with ease. Almost anything on the web can be shared on Facebook, so having this on your smartphone leaves no room for excuses to miss updates.

147.2 mill

id dro


192.8 million

The average user has tweeted 307 times

Source: Diego Basch’s Blog

60 mill 175m tweets sent from Twitter every day throughout 2012

Since the beginning of Twitter, there have been 163BN tweets


4 Instagram, an app where you can share pics, quickly became the ‘go-to’ phone application for photos. After Facebook purchased Instagram for $1bn (no big deal), its own Camera app has fallen into obscurity. Some more interesting facts

2012:1 million accounts have been added to Twitter every day. source: Infographics Labs

Lady gaga:

31 million


followers, which is the most followed account on Twitter. source: Socialbakers

19 million followers

The most followed brand on Twitter

The countless images of food and hilarious memes will always keep you entertained, and hungry. The popularity won’t be dying out anytime soon as other applications serve as add-ons and there is no clear competition to be seen. With the launching of Instagram in October 2010, 1m registered users were gathered a couple months later. It grew from there as it garnered 5m users by June 2011, followed by 10m in September of the same year. By April 2012, it reached over 30m accounts. You can been to grasp the idea of how many smartphone users loved taking pictures and sharing them, while getting in touch with their narcissistic side. When uploading the latest images, the specific filters or effects the app provides can alter the look and feel of your photos. Also, there is no chance of anyone missing a photo from your Instagram feed as the app lets you share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media networks. With the addition of hashtags (like Twitter), there is also a dedicated feed in the app that allows you to view the



Instagram has recently released, for the first time, their impressive stats for a photo app:

100 million monthly active users

40 million Photos per day


likes / second


comments / second

most recent and popular images in the “Insta-universe.” Just like on Facebook and Twitter, there are also celebrities who take part in sharing their memories through various pictures. At the end of the day, you can’t miss out on anyone’s life.




Texting is a huge part of our lives, regardless the platform. WhatsApp is arguably the most popular chat application of smartphones. It is the cheapest way to send ‘sms’ type messages from across the world. The app uses either your phone’s data plan or Wi-Fi, the latter being the better option. This cross-platform (ie sending a text from an iPhone to an Android phone) mobile messaging system lets you send photos and videos and share your locations. As it competes with a number of Asia-based messaging services, like LINE and KakaoTalk, there is one figure, recorded last year, that stands out from the rest: a staggering 10bn messages are being handled each day. Another cool feature of WhatsApp is the “Group Chat” which contributes to 6bn outbound and 4bn inbound messages. Users are able to create groups for certain conversations, both work related and of casual nature. Everyday usage of this app can amount to countless words and endless farewells. Keeping things short will be the only problem while operating this app. One thing for certain is that the written word will remain.

By Column Five Media

Whether you are following a celebrity, brand, or just your close number of friends, this can become quite addictive. This is a news feed of actual world news to pure unapologetic nonsense by certain public figures.





There are so many other popular phone apps out there (both free and pricey), but this lot tops them all. No matter which smartphone you own, these apps have established themselves as a necessity in a fast-paced, high-tech world. These must-have applications will actually make your busy lives a little easier. There’s no slowing down these addictions...sorry, applications and the team at Avenue T approves of them. Yes, we use them much more than we should.

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3


Tell Letters to Mars

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars, to see her clients, as well as counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine. I’m a 28-year-old man married to a 24-year-old woman for the past four years. For the last year-and-a-half she has been pressuring me to start a family and have a child. Although I do have plans to have children, I don’t believe it’s the right time now, especially not financially. How do I explain this to her without upsetting her? M Dear M, I can understand your predicament. From what you say, I gather you do love your wife and you are committed to her, but you do not think the time is right for several valid reasons. When a woman desires a child, the right way to go about it is not to give her a direct no, or to explain the logical reasons why it is not possible at present. Men want to be helpful, and go straight for solutions and explanations to solve problems. Women want to feel that their discomfort is being heard. Women


want empathy, not solutions. A woman is a logical being, but to solve an emotional problem, linear thinking and doing what men call “being rational” is not quite the way to go about it. If you think about it, after measuring a table with a tape, would you use it to measure the temperature in the room? No, of course not; there is a tool for everything. In this case, the tool is not the linear thinking but listening with an open heart. Broach the subject rather than wait for your wife to raise it (men can hide or forget about issues). Tell her that you truly want to understand how she feels. Make sure she knows that you want to make her happy. Tell her how insecure you feel, and that you believe you would not be a good provider for the family yet. Do some calculations with her about the present household budget, and what money is coming in. Tell her you are trying hard to get a better job or a promotion that would increase the possibility of making that baby happen sooner rather than later. And finally, reassure her she is the love of your life, and you want her baby.

Potty training! I have an 18-month-old who will be starting preschool soon. He is not yet potty-trained, and I was wondering: by what age should he be trained, and what is the best way to do it? I do not want this to be an issue when he starts preschool, but feel he is too young to start training now. A Dear A, There is no “right” or specific age at which to potty train. Children can start as early as 18 or 20 months. But remember, you must get them to understand the concept first. Talking about “going to the potty” before the process starts works well. Your child is

likely to forget that he is not wearing a nappy, so remember to ask him every 20 to 30 minutes if he needs to go to the potty. And make sure you have a nappy on hand for long car rides or during naptime. That may need to continue long after potty training is mastered!

I have a wonderful two-year-old daughter. Both my partner and I work. Sometimes finding time as a family is almost impossible. Any everyday idea for us to spend more time together? D

together. Make sure connections are established during this time. Talk about what you’re eating, about your day’s activities, etc. Bedtime can be modelled similarly.

Letters to Venus

Confront? I’m a 34-year-old widow, in a relationship with a 38-year-old man. Sometimes he blatantly demeans me and makes hurtful comments. He often asks me why I don’t have enough hair on my head, or if I have ever seen how fat I look in the mirror. Even though he insults me like this, he still spends time with me and calls me. I feel confused about his feelings towards me. S If this man still keeps in touch with you, there has to be a reason. He clearly likes you, but you must not accept his rudeness and impertinence. I fear that you never confront him on this or tell him how you feel about it because you are scared it will end the relationship. It is time you stood up to him. If he leaves you, good riddance. If he treats you like this now, what will he do

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

when you are married? Is he really worth keeping? Try looking into his eyes and tell him: “Probably you do not mean to be rude, but I find your way of talking about my body unacceptable. I like who I am, and perfect for me to like you. If you cared, you’d respect me as I am. If that’s not possible, this won’t work.” He may end the relationship, but if he cares, and he sees that you are self-assured and feel good in your skin, he will rethink how he treats you and change his ways.

Dear D, The easiest, and arguably best, time families can spend together is at the dinner table. Make it a household rule to have at least one meal together. This does not necessarily mean children staying up past bedtime for dinner; instead, you could adjust schedules and wake up early to all have breakfast

Maliha Kuddus, Head Teacher and Ulfat Kuddus, Head of Admission Pixieland Playgroup.

Take Care



Losing the Extras Losing just 4.5 kilograms can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for a stroke, ward off dementia, bring down your risk for uterine and breast cancer, and lower your cholesterol up to 10%. Following these ten steps is a small commitment that will yield a huge payoff

1) Cut out soda: Soda is full of caffeine and high-fructose corn syrup. Both regular AND diet soda lead to weight gain. Soda increases the risk of diabetes, bone weakening and tooth decay.

2) Stop eating at least three hours before bed: Studies show people who eat at night gain 19 more pounds a year than those who do not. 3) Move 10 minutes a day: Studies indicate that moving just 10 minutes a day can improve your cardiovascular fitness and your heart health. 4) Exercise portion control: Portion your favourite snacks into small bowls or plastic bags. Switch to using nine inch plates. 5) Weigh yourself everyday: Research shows that if you track your progress and stay accountable, you will lose weight. 6) Employ the weight-loss power of supplements: Take a vitamin B complex every day. It metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids in the body, giving you the energy to exercise.

More excercise= more brainpower While the benefits of working out are numerous, a recent study conducted by Psychological Medicine states that men who exercised more often in their younger years were able to perform better on memory and functioning tests than men who did not The benefits of working up a sweat these days extend beyond our physical realm. Here’s five positive effects working out has on our mental capacity: 1. Increased Perseverance Men who work out often and have some form of exercise routine incorporated in their daily lives tend to have more self control and stronger problem solving skill. Working out increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is in charge of controlling executive functions. 2. Stronger Memory In a research undertaken by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, it was revealed that people who include short exercises in their daily routines have stronger memories. Research states that when people work out, they release norepinephrine, a chemical that plays a part in memory, boosting the brains ability to remember things.

3. Better Decision Making Abilities Researchers from the University of Illinois conducted a review of more than 100 studies and concluded that there were several connections between working out and better decision making power. Exercising stimulates the production of a protein called insulin-like growth factor-1, which accelerates the growth of neurons to improve one’s cognitive performance. 4. Improved Learning Abilities Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey stated that exercise is one of the ideal ways to improve one’s brain. Not only does it improve one’s mood, it also improves memory and learning abilities. By increasing the production of brain chemicals called growth factors, new brain cells are created, enabling people to learn better and faster. More complex exercise regimes such as playing sports like tennis or taking dance lessons gives the brain a stronger boost.


7) Take your vitamins daily: calcium (600mg, plus 600mg from food) and magnesium (400mg). It supports bone strength and prevents fractures. Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU taken with DHA) can help prevent memory loss and heart disease. DHA (900mg) is an omega-3 fatty acid that supports memory and vision while decreasing chances of heart attacks and stroke. Probiotics taken in spore form can help decrease infections and inflammations. 8) Know your servings: Proteins and fats, 4 servings; complex carbs, 3 servings; fruit: 3 servings; vegetables: unlimited servings. 9) Conquer your cravings: Never go hungry in order to eliminate and replace addictive food. 10) Survive the social scene: Don’t go into partial starvation, avoid the food pile-up at the buffet and choose only one dessert.

Aries Slightly impatient, your sudden burst of relentless energy will help you reach heights you only thought about before. This week is all about achieving. Taurus All of a sudden, everything seems like a giant, mysterious puzzle to you. You will strive to find out the hidden meaning behind every mystery, a surprising revelation is likely. Gemini All you want to do is bask in the glory of beautiful company. You shall feel content, lazy and totally comfortable with what you have now. Cancer This week you may just do something out of character, in the spur of the moment. Think twice because everyone will not be as accommodating of your changes. Leo This week, you know what you want, and you shall be out to get. Some ego conflicts may occur as a result of your over willingness. Virgo Personal relations may be strained this week. You may tend to be slightly more dominating and this will not sit well with close ones. Libra This week you may feel the need to let go of the outer world and isolate yourself. Beware of drowning too deep in self-pity since it will only work against you rather than in your favour. Scorpio Partying and socialising is on the cards this week. Travel opportunities shall arise as well, and you may meet someone of great influence. Sagittarius At both the work and relation front, you must guard yourself against being too aggressive. Frustration may set in if you don’t get your way. Capricorn Significant changes shall be made in this week of transition. A new job, relationship or even the end of a long-term relationship may mark this week. Aquarius Your personal charm shall attract the opposite sex in great numbers. Be careful what you get into because not everybody shall be worthy of your company. Pisces As you gain more self-confidence, this week you will have the courage to make decisions you were previously afraid of.

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3


Tucked In

Spicy Thai chicken Served with steamed rice and eggs served sunny side up This is an easy, quick recipe where I have incorporated the essential Thai elements to create a quick, delicious dish that is perfect for both lunch and dinner. This dish is filled with the heady delights of Thai flavours, be it in the tang of the lemons or in the zing of fish sauce By Naorose Ali

Naorose Ali is the proprietor of Cilantro. He gained his culinary expertise from Australia.

Ingredients f 480 grams of chicken thigh, shredded

f 2 tablespoon of cooking oil

f 150 ml fish sauce f 200 ml lemon juice f 100 gm brown sugar f 50 gm chopped onions f 50 gm chopped green chili f 100 gm roasted cashew nuts

f 50 gm chopped tomatoes f 50 gm chopped cilantro f 4 eggs Steps f Preheat oven Mix the lemon juice, fish sauce and brown sugar in a bowl. Adjust it according to taste by adding more sugar for sweetness, lemon for tanginess or fish sauce for saltiness. f In wok, add oil and put the chicken in. f Add 5 to 6 tablespoons of the sauce you made and keep on cooking on medium heat. f Add cashew nuts, onions and chilies. f When it’s almost ready and done, add the chopped tomatoes and chopped cilantro give it a good toss and it’s ready to be served. f On a separate pan, put in your egg and take it off when it’s ready. f Serve it with steamed rice with the sunny side on top.


Happening herbs

While gardening can be a relaxing way to beat the stress of life, it can be just as stressful to maintain and look after landscapes

While gardening can be a relaxing way to beat the stress of life, it can be just as stressful to maintain and look after landscapes. One great and easy gardening investment is potted herbs. Given the ease with which herbs can be grow in different containers, it’s a relatively simple way to try your hand at gardening. Herbs can either be grown from the seeds or, for the restless lot, readygrown herbs can be bought from any local nursery.

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

Creating your own potted herb garden d Begin by deciding on the number of plants you want to grow. Choose big containers to comfortably accommodate the plants. d If you have purchased big pots, try splitting the clumps in order to make more plants. d Tip: cover drainage holes with a few broken pot shards, then layer them with compost. d Arrange such that lower-growing plants are kept around the edges.

d Always leave a 2cm gap between the top of the compost and the edge of the bowl/container. d Once planted, place the containers in a sunny area, preferably close to a window. d Water them on a regular basis. d To give the plant a boost of growth, add a liquid feed to the watering. d To boost the growth of new leaves, regularly pick from the tips of the plants. d Some herbs, like coriander, may run out of steam in autumn; once that happens, discard them.

Tucked In



Add some colour to your walls Break free from the monotony of bland white-washed walls, and let your walls be an expression of yourself. Bright red, subdued orange or even a light shade of pale ochre - let the colours flow By MK Aaref Occasionally you will see grey, or if it’s the home of someone with a bit of adventure, bright red or orange. Well, these are what I call safe colours, shades that we are accustomed to seeing. They are easy to blend with furniture and accessories, and they are soothing to the eye as per regular convention. But frankly speaking, they are what I call “expected” colours. And then there are dark navy blues,

dark chocolate browns, burnt ochers and what not. These colours challenge the expected, and throw open and inspire the creativity of the owners of the space. While trying out colours, do remember that working with them is a balancing act. You don’t want your room to look like a dungeon, soaked in darkness. You can limit those daring shades to just one accent wall, keeping

the rest of the walls in one of those safer colours of choice. Remember too that colours have groups. Grey will not look good with brown, but a primary colour such as red complements it perfectly. Similarly, navy blue usually does not go well with pastel cream or dark off-white shades. The best way to get a feel of what will look best on your walls is to buy sample tins of paint and apply small blocks on each wall.

Let your imagination do the rest of the decision-making. Nowadays, you don’t even need to confine yourself to solid colours. All the reputed paint makers have different textures and patterns that they can execute. Wallpapers have also become available, though in limited variety, at certain stores that sell curtains or furniture. The choices are many. Take advantage.

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Try Out Do-It-Yourself

Your very own decorative face mask For a unique craft experience, you can create your very own decorative plaster mask following a few simple steps. An interesting way to create a decorative mask is by molding it to your own face shape. After molding and decorating the colorful mask, you can bask in the beauty of your own creation supplies •Plaster of Paris. (Available at any pharmacy in Old Dhaka) •Medical Gauze Cloth •Petroleum jelly or Vaseline •Water •Headband for hair •Bowl •Scissors •Newspaper •Towel •Facial Soap •Acrylic colour

steps 1 Cut the gauze cloth, 2-3in wide by 3in, adjusting according to the length and width of your face. Cut another long strip of gauze about 1 x 4 inches for the nose. 2 Mix water and Plaster of Paris in a bowl. The mixture has to be slightly thick, just enough to allow it to drip

from your hand into the bowl of mixture. Place the strips in the mixture.

5 Take the mixture and create an even base layer all over the face. Avoid leaving gaps between strips, but leave two holes for your nostrils.

3 If you are molding the mask according to your own face, it’s advisable to wrap towels around your neck and shoulders. Also, tightly wrap the headband across your forehead. 4 Put plenty of Vaseline all over your face, especially near the hairline, eyebrows, eyelashes and around the sides of the nose.

6 After ten minutes, when the mask begins to solidify, remove the mask by lifting along the edges. Clean your face with facial soap.

7 Place the mask on a newspaper. Once partly solidified, fill in the holes created around the nostril area. Leave it to dry for a day. 8 When the mask has completely hardened, apply Vaseline on the inner layer of the mask. Create a mixture of plaster of Paris, water and the strips, and mold in the inner layer. Use larger strips for a better mold. 9 Separate the mold from the base mask. Once separated, carve and trim with a sharp tool. 10 Paint the mask with different symbols and patterns, or decorate using beads. 11 On top of the mask, create a small hole where you can tie a ribbon and hang the mask on a wall.

I Tried It

The general motors diet The General Motors (GM) diet, also popularly known as the cabbage soup diet is by far the best crash diet available on the internet. It’s realistic, easy to follow, and best of allt helps you lose a massive five kilograms in just one week! since it allows one to have up to 10 oz of lean beef. Alongside the meat, one must also have six tomatoes. Day six is even better than its predecessor since

Tailored to cleanse and detoxify one’s digestive system, this diet essentially follows a balanced meal plan. Day one consists of all fruits except ba-

nana’s. Day two consists of all veggies other than potatoes, whilst day three is a combination of both fruits and bananas. There is no limit to the amount that can be consumed. Day four lets you have up to 8 banana’s and 4 glasses of milk. Day five is fit for a king

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

an unlimited amount of beef and veggies can be consumed. Moving on to day seven, the diet allows one to have brown rice, fruit juice and veggies. Throughout this seven day period, a cabbage soup is consumed in unlimited quantities. When done correctly you see the changes be evident as soon as day 5. I tried it! It works!



TANGAIL Tangail is located about 80km from Dhaka. Situated on the banks of Louhajang River, it was once home to wealthy landowners and merchants. The sites there are part of our national heritage, and are assets to Bangladesh’s Anthropological and Archeological research. The grandeur and well-preserved condition of the sites attracts tourists and academics alike. “Serene” is the perfect word to describe the essence of Tangail By Farah Iqbal

What to do

It would be a crime to go to Tangail and not visit the ancient Atiya Mosque. This heritage site is now a protected monument under the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh. The most striking feature of the mosque is the curvilinear cornice, a thoroughly indigenous feature of Bangalee architecture. Next on the itinerary is a walk around the great Korotia Palace, which has its roots in the Mughal Empire. Each pavilion has its own history and story waiting to be shared. The tour would be incomplete without a stroll around the east bank of the Louhajang River and a visit to the village of cotton weavers. The traditional Tangail sari, a handloom made of cotton, is woven in this village. Remember, a Bangalee woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a Tangail shuti sharee!

where to stay

What to eat

Tangail’s porabari chomchom is famous throughout the country, and its name still brings Tangail glory. It has an eternal appeal to all, and no one can have just one piece of this delicious sweetmeat without wanting to eat to their hearts content.

Jamuna Resort Located on the eastern side of Jamuna Bridge, Jamuna Resort is a comfortable and charming accommodation, and its fittings complement the natural beauty and atmosphere of Tangail. It is nestled among forest greenery in a secluded site, has a backdrop of lush green Bangladeshi villages, and boasts breathtaking views of the famous river. As a result, the spot can be considered one of the most scenic in the country.

Getting There

bus Service Buses and trains are the best way to reach Tangail. There are non-air-conditioned buses that leave every hour, and every train bound for North Bengal stops in Tangail. Nirala Bus is our recommended mode of travel to Tangail, and takes about 2.5 hours to go from Dhaka City; for passengers wanting fully air-conditioned service, buy a ticket for a city in North Bengal such as Bogra, and request a drop-off at Tangail, which is on the way. Tiger Tours offers a wonderful package to Tangail. You can reach them at 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500. The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours.

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Vienna, Austria

As one of Europe’s greatest capitals, Vienna has the effortless charm of a city that easily fits somewhere in between the past and the present. Signs of the city’s imperial legacy still remain with the artistic mastery of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert shining through Vienna’s majestic palaces and baroque interiors. In contrast to its evergreen historical face, Vienna is also a dynamically urban city boasting of a famous electronic music scene, bustling clubs, museum cafés and the intoxicating aroma of Austro-Asian fusion restaurants AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3




What To Eat

What to do

Sightseeing A walk down any of Vienna’s streets promises to be a delight for the eyes. Nevertheless, a look at the Anchor Clock, the baroque Belvedere palace, the Burgtheater (National Theatre), the Danube Tower and Danube Island for a picturesque view of the city, the medieval castle of Hofburg and the Karlskirche Cathedral is a must. Shopping Naschmarkt is the go-to spot for local produce. Be it Austrian cheese or deliciously sweet Kaiserchmarrn (pancakes). For those into custom-made clothing, the Graben and Karntner Strasse provide ample high fashion outlets. The inventive Nebau district offers several galleries, couture stores and boutiques. Nightlife Known for their balls, Vienna promises to give everyone an excuse to dress up. Tickets for the Vienna Philharmonic in the Miskverein’s Golden Hall can be booked for a special night out in town. The best nightlife spots are at the Danube Canal where Vienna’s top DJs reign while bustling pubs can be found at the Bermuda Triangle.

Wiener Schnitzel As the national dish of Austria, this is an exclusively traditional dish made of fried escalope of veal. The Figlmüller restaurant offers the best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna.

Sachertorte This luscious chocolate cake is known for its exclusively decadent taste. This delicacy is made best in the Sachertorte restaurant at Hotel Sacher.

Where to stay

Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel $172 and up Located in the centre of commercial Vienna, a mere 20 minute ride away from the airport, the Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel is a luxurious nest for the traveller in the mood for indulgence. Overlooking the extraordinary Ringtrasse, and adorned with over a thousand artworks, their art-deco styled guest rooms and suites are worth every penny. Pension Vienna Happymit $50 and up When looking for value for money and a comfortable place to stay, Vienna Happymit is the ideal choice. Their regular rooms have a modest courtyard view and have a well stocked coffee bar. WiFi, LCD television, desk phone, and bathroom amenities are included in each room with housekeeping offered daily.


Kaiserschmarrn First created for Emperor Francis Joseph I, this dessert is essentially a shredded pancake served with a generous dose of pureed fruit or even apple sauce.

Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel Schottenring 11, 1010 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 313900 Pension Vienna Happymit Wiedner Gurtel 52/8, Vienna 1040, Austria Ph: +31 20 531 33 00 Belvedere Palace Prinz-Eugen-Straße 27, 1030 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 795570 Burgtheater Universitätsring 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 514444140 The Danube Tower Donauturm, Donauturmstraße 4, 1220 Vienna, Austria Ph:+43 1 2633572 Hofburg Michaelerkuppel, Hofburg, 1010 Vienna, Austria Ph:+43 1 5337570 Karlskirche Kreuzherrengasse 1 1040 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 5046187 Naschmarkt Am Modenapark Naschmarkt 1-2, 1060 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 5463405430 Flex Nightclub Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria Ph:+43 1 5337525 Figmuller Restaurant Wollzeile 5 Vienna Ph: +43 1 5126177 Sacher Restaurant Hotel Sacher, Philharmonikerstraße 4 1010 Vienna, Austria Ph: +43 1 514560

Emirates airlines fly a few times everyday to dubai, from where it flies directly to vienna, austria. Emirates operates two daily flights from dubai to vienna six days a week on sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday.

Globe Trotter Canada

United Kingdom


Tommy Tiernan Concert April 20

The queen’s birthday April 21

Nepali new year Mid April

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Print and painting exhibition A solo art exhibition of Howard Hodgkin was inaugurated on April 12 at Bengal Art Lounge. The credit of the show’s success goes largely to the British Council. The show will continue till May 3 at the lounge Photos by Sadia Marium

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

1. The director general of the Bengal Foundation, Luva Nahid Chowdhury, is speaking at the inauguration along with MP Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, minister of disaster management and relief of the government of Bangladesh, Director Robin Davis of the British Council, Nawshin Khair, director of the partnership programme of the Bengal Art Lounge and Katerina Don, manager of the Bengal Art Lounge 2. Christine Forrester, manager of the Capacity Building Component programme of the British Council, speaking at the inauguration 3. The EU’s ambassador to Bangladesh, William Hanna 4. British Council Director Rosemary Arnott with British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Robert Gibson applaud the event 5. Marina S Nikolaeva

AVE N U E T FR I DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 3

AVEN U E T FR I DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 3

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