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Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 24

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fringe benefits Written in the Stars Frank fredericks

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Dhaka Tribune

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 24

Hot Topic

fringe benefits

Contributors Afshan Sattar Nadia Chowdhury Fardeen Ameen Imtiaz Salim Rifat Binte Haider Sama E Deen

Written in the Stars Frank fredericks

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About the cover This week, TMAG finds beauty in the bizarre. Embrace your inner crazy!

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Editor’s note Dear Readers,

This week, we step out of our comfort zone to explore stories on the fringe of what is considered acceptable in our society. Join the conversation on our Hot Topic (Page 6 & 7). We’re also going Gaga in Written in the Stars so rush in (Page 8). Check it out and you’ll know why. We also deal with the sensitive issue of school uniforms in

Schoologistics (Page 3). Talking about finding beauty in the bizarre, on one hand, our Wardrobe Check (Page 4) discusses adapting iconic popstar looks into your personal style, on the other hand, Car Talk (Page 5) talks about overdoing the crazy styles when modding your car. Walk the line with us this week, and let us know YOUR thoughts at

6 Hot Topic Standing “out” tall

Love from the TMAG desk

Status of the week When I see a friend checking-in at the Masjid, I can’t help but wonder... Allah must have a Facebook account.

Quote of the week If being sane means conforming to other’s rules, then I’d rather be completely mental

Lingo of the week Chillaxin Meaning to chill and relax at the same time Usage Girl 1 Hey what you doing tonight? Girl 2 Nothing, just chillaxing at home with friends

8 Written in the Stars

Frank Fredericks

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3


tmag FYI

Your Life Funk up your room

Pushing Dramatic Bedrooms your limits

Ever wonder what more you can do for entertainment other than eating, shopping or fiddling through Facebook? Of course you have. Then you probably went back to thinking "Bummer! There isn't much to do in Dhaka city!" Want to do something exhilarating? Aw, maybe not, because there are risks involved. Don't sweat it; you aren't the only one! There are certain activities that are much, much more refreshing than sitting in a cosy corner with eyes glued to a gleaming laptop. Here's TMAG telling you to break free from that boring lifestyle

Bored of the same white walls? The tired furniture arrangements bringing you down? Here are a few tips to add a bit of drama to your bedroom

First things first, the walls. The options range from painting it one solid colour (like orange maybe?) to a mix of colours. You can either do each wall a different colour, or create multi-coloured stripes along the wall: horizontal if you want the room to look bigger and vertical if you want the room to look taller. Another great option would be to just paint the ceiling and just one wall of the room, in a loud, outrageous colour, neon green for instance, or orange, or even red! If you’re not interested in full wall paints, consider painting an object or an image on the wall. If you are into music, how about a tree with musical notes as leaves? Get creative! If you’re not the best painter, consider giving it a go anyway,

you might surprise yourself. If nothing else, you can tell people it was meant to be abstract. Get fairy lights in your room. Yes, those lights they use for weddings. Pin them up around the border of the ceiling using thumbtacks, or wrap them around your headboard. Or you could even use these fairy lights as a part of the object you’ve painted on your wall. Lighting can change the entire look of a room. A great way to make your old furniture come out with a bang is by wrapping them with paper. You can use old wrapping paper or wallpaper (recommended) to do this. The choices are manifold, as are wallpaper stores. This is a technique bound to animate the room.


Brighten up your windows with something new. It could be anything from glass paints, to glass frosting stickers (available at wallpaper stores) or just getting new, out-there curtains! If you want an interactive room, leave at least one wall blank, and bolt in a tray full of highlighters to one side. Let your friends and family go crazy on your wall whenever they come into your room. At the end, it’s important to do up the room the way you feel comfortable. Have it reflect your personality by adding objects that portray your hobbies and interests. afshan sattar

fahim razzaq


Communities like BD Cyclists encourage people to go anywhere and everywhere using a bike. Get together with friends and take off. Make sure have a stopwatch, and a bottle of water. If you want to go far from home, then places like Hatirjheel, Banani, Bashundhara and Old Dhaka should do you good. Just make sure they are secluded enough, so that you can speed up without the fear of meeting with an accident. Q Zulyadain Islam who is involved with this sport says "The beauty of it all is that you can challenge yourself to take your bike anywhere."


Going to the land of beaches anytime soon? Surfing should definitely be up your alley when you are going to Cox's Bazar! The sport helps improve your skills of balancing. You also gain strength, when paddling your surfboard out into the ocean and it goes all the way to your shoulders and chest. It also increases flexibility in you, causing you to be a lot less accident prone.

Kite surfing

Rid yourself the fear of heights with this activity! Yet another sport in Cox's that catches the eye. It is a cross between paragliding and surfing and is definitely a must-try! Glide through the skies; come to sea level then surf your way back to shore. Most of these activities are time consuming, so take some time out of your regular schedule, and check them out. Even if you can't commit to it, there's no harm in giving it a whirl! Rubab Nayeem Khan


TMAG’s Room of the week!


Sumi Mahmud Area


Bright reds and knick-knacks, this room is bursting with personality

Send in a picture of your room to and you may be crowned TMAG’s room of the week!


Schoologistics EVENT Tweets Master Class Series on Animation Storyboarding With Shahnawaz Shudhi October 1 Venue Bosila Garden City, Mohammedpur

Exclusive Eid-Ul-Azha Fiesta 10am, October 2 Venue Drik Gallery

Fashion N Shop

10am, October 3 Venue Platinum Suites

Soccer for Society 10am, October 3 Venue Banani Club

3rd Inter Club Debate Championship 3pm, October 3 Venue Jahir Rayhan Auditorium,TSC, JU

Fast Lane: Like Always, Like Never Before! October 4 Venue House 184, Lane 2, Mohakhali DOHS

Workshop on Job-hunting, Resume Writing & Interview Tips & Tricks 9am, October 4 Venue Wings Centre


School Survival

Beyond the line Earlier this year, there were reports of an incident at Udayan school, where the viceprincipal and two other teachers allegedly, and violently cut off the full-sleeves of more than fifty female students as punishment for violating the uniform dress code, which mandated half sleeves. This action had drawn much criticism from a number of quarters at the time. Recently, the uniform issue came up again when a student of Brac University was barred from entering the premises on account of wearing a niquab (face veil). This brings us to the question of how such a sensitive issue should be handled The Laws

“According to the constitution in our country, every Bangladeshi has the right to practice his religion. Although every educational institution has to have enduring dress code, that should not wound anyone’s religious values. It can create redundant social tension” says Sayda Rizwana Hasan, a lawyer. She adds that any educational organisation needs a pillar of rules to abide by. Considering the slim line between institutional and social regulation, the authorities should take relevant steps to ensure that the laws are fair and just in order for people to be treated equally. Teachers and students both need to consider the sensitive nature of the situation while making decisions.


If any student abuses or disobeys a rule, instead of punishing them, the first step teachers should take is to gently inform the students about the law. Also, they should take appropriate attempts to influence their students to follow the rules and also warn them of the repercussions of breaking the laws. They need to be aware about the method of punishment or else an unusual circumstance like the one at Udayan School can spark a protest. The school authorities can have discussion sessions about the whole incident with parents which can bring out the root of the problem. Alongside, authorities need to be concerned about excessive punishment. No

matter what the reason is, any excessive action can turn a tiny matter into a controversial issue.

Student’s duty

Code of conduct is law! At school students learn to grow up, discipline themselves and take responsibility towards the nation and themselves, to become a constructive member of the society. However, are students confused about their duties during an early age? If they are unable to go about their tasks from a young age, it would be hard for them to follow it in their later years. Hence, it’s important that rules and regulations should be broken down to students gently so that they can follow them with ease. Saudia Afrin

ERA- Eid, Puja & Wedding Exhibition IV 11am - 9pm, October 4-5 Venue EFES,13 South Avenue, Gulshan

TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

Youth Leadership Bootcamp 8am, October 5 Venue Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center

Brainwiz Model United Nation Conference 2013

8am, October 5 Venue Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building, Dhaka University

Workshop on Creative Use of Flash 2:30pm, October 5 Venue Flora Limited, Adamjee Court Annex-2 (4th Floor), 119-120, Motijheel

Sabrina Fatma doodled this while re-organising her music

Youth Leadership Bootcamp 8am, October 5 Venue Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)

Workshop on Creative Use of Flash 2:30pm, October 5 Venue Flora Limited, Adamjee Court

Seminar on Robotics

10am, October 6 Venue Daffodil International University

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3

4 tmag


Wardrobe Check


Personalities Despite the controversies, they dared to be different. Here are a few personalities whose unique styles are bound to leave their fans stunned Madonna is the image of the phrase “fashion evolution.” Over her 30-year career, she fashioned so many looks that for a Madonna-inspired-outfit, you would have to pick an era first. There were a few elements though, that adorned most of her looks, for instance: Tons of jewellery, which included different piercings and bracelets, or her love for heavy makeup, including plenty of black eye liner, black mascara, and dark eye shadow. Madonna was about performance art, as is someone who is closer to our generation. The highly influential Lady Gaga’s absurdly unique styles have both shocked and excited the world. A woman with a cause, Gaga’s style is definitely one of a kind. For a Gaga inspired look, embracing the inner crazy is key. But since outfits like that aren’t always an option in daily life, here are a few tips to bring out the Gaga in you: remove the word “matching” from your dictionary. Consider anything from the combination of a purple top with an orange shalwar. Throw on a silver sequenced scarf as well and you’re good (as Gaga) to go. Try out some large accessories, and keep

Look of the Week

Animal instinct Embrace your wild side with an animal print, but make it your own with bright colours that pop. Fuschia and tangerine are always a wonderful combination

an open mind about their functions: Use your long necklace as a hair adornment, or your large hoop earing on the end of your shirt collar. And remember, it’s not Lady G. until you’ve done something to the hair. There are no rules when it comes to dressing like Gaga. Nicki Minaj is about the bright and shocking: vibrant nail polish, neon bracelets and outfits. She is almost the image of what would happen if you could colour a person with highlighters. For a Minaj inspired look, go all out on the neons. There are numerous coloured pants available in neon brights in Doja Market as well as Spark Gear. One of these things is not like the others; one of these things just doesn’t belong. It is difficult to put this personality in the list with the above, but when it comes to out there looks, you cannot leave out MJ. A musical icon that has, and will continue to inspire generations to come. When it comes to an outfit inspired by this remarkable personality, a few staples can do the job, for instance a black fedora (available in Cats Eye and Ecstasy) leather jackets and pants, or sequined gloves. afshan sattar

Beauty Check

Wacky works! Your teen years are the time to make fashion faux pas and you are old enough to not cry over them for long. However, not all experiments are fatal. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of teens nowadays are seen sporting awesomely unique looks with panache. TMAG shines the spotlight on some of the latest trends in town


Coloured hair extensions are all the rage, as are streaks, and full head hair colours. Streaks cost Tk300 to Tk500 in upscale parlours, depending on the colour, texture etc. A full head of about 7 streaks will cost you a maximum of Tk3,500 and going for a full hair will take you about Tk4,000.

Nail art Model Nusrat Srabony Photographer Homayra Adiba



Nail art comes in all varieties. Google up simple nail art that you can do with sponges and nail paint or go into a parlour for wackier designs like harry potter themes, snowflakes or skulls. A relatively simple nail art pack in a parlour costs about Tk300. Splurge a little more for ultra-cool and intricate nail designs.



Multiple ear piercings are a rage that shook the teen sorority back in the late 90s but have taken a back seat these days. Bring alive the piercing culture by going all out with pierces on the tips of the ears, and if your folks don’t kill you, try out eye brows and lips or even your belly button. It’s the best way to bejewel your body without spending too much.

Sticker tattoos

As a Muslim nation, real tattoos are often controversial but no one said no to some harmless sticker fun! Print cool mehndi designs over your shoulder, on your arm, on the nape of your neck etc. for some awesome sauce skin patterns. Munira Fidai

tmag 5

Street Car Talk


Alert! If you’re thinking about modifying your ride on a budget, we’d recommend you save up for quality parts and go for taste over staple. Do yourself a favour and get a sporty car straight from the factory. Don’t go the cheap route or you’ll find yourself on this list of the worst aftermarket modifications ever

Tin can exhaust

A big no-no unless you prefer to have a car that sounds like it ate something spicy. In that case, keep calm and carry on.

Neon lights

You just saw all Fast and Furious movies back to back and have come to the conclusion that you also live your life a quarter mile at a time. There’s nothing left for you to do except adding lighting effects to your car so that it’ll look like a giant glow stick coming down the street at 50km an hour.

Scissor doors

You pull up to a parking spot that’s too close to other cars and can’t open your doors wide enough to get out? Not you. You need scissor doors that open upwards. Not only do you get the feel of driving an all out exotic, you’re brimming with pride about how practical they are.

Rims worth more than cars

Nothing says you have your priorities in order than a big set of shiny, expensive rims worth more than the car itself. The bling on your rims will blind people as

you drive around.

Unsponsored cars

You live so large that you sponsor entire companies. You put out your own money to champion brands you adore. And despite all this, you still don’t get a discount from the brands. Nonetheless, you own that ride and everyone knows it. Pull up to the vehicle next to you with pride.

Obnoxious paint jobs

When the guy at the workshop asked if you wanted to repaint your car the same colour as before the accident, you responded negative. If you’re a girl, you think pink. If you’re a guy, you want a Gucci paint scheme to match your fake Gucci wallet. At least the praise you get from people is real.

HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

You might have to pay the price for letting your mind wander off. Get your priorities straight. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

That person who’s been extra nice to you might have a hidden agenda. Being observant has its perks. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Judge others at your own risk; if something you’ve said is out in the open, the week might not be that bright for you. Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Outrageous body kits

Half car, half Decepticon, your car came to Earth searching for the rare and precious energon cubes. Your car’s manufacturer came so close to getting the perfect design, but thankfully you’re around to finish the job the right way. Tahsin Momin

This is a good week to complete any projects that you have been putting off for some time. Do it now before it puts a damper on your plans. Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

You’ll be at the top of your game when it comes to handling paper work. Making comprises will work for you this week. Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Don’t beat yourself up for falling apart. You have enough time to pick up your pace. Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

You aren’t very creative, but somehow you find a way to solve things; don’t worry about making people proud. You got it covered. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

If you want people to take you seriously, get your act together. Bring some order in to your life; the rest will fall into place if you just practice. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

You’ll be on cloud nine at the beginning of this week, so much that the things you want will come to you. Sit back and enjoy! Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

FFPB Fantasy Football Players of Bangladesh (FFPB)

Fantasy League Top 9 after Gameweek 5 Rank Team 1 Hall Of Fame 2 Team Masti 3 007 FC 4 ENFORCERS FC 5 #KORBANINMYHEART 6 Anfield Army 7 Tousif-PRO 8 FC Wenger 49 9 Showkat.Hossen

Manager Zonaid Zaki Mirza Mostafa Mahbubul Islam SHAKIL MAHMUD Isham Ul Haque Asim Abdullah Tousif Islam Z Mission Showkat Hossen

GW 71 57 75 44 57 56 44 33 64

TOT 353 344 343 334 332 330 327 325 322

It won’t be rainbows and sunshine at the beginning of this week. People will try your patience; dodge them with a smile on your face. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Don’t hesitate to take help from loved ones if you are in a rut at the beginning of this week. When all else fails, those are people you should turn to. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

If you had a misunderstanding with a friend, this is a good week to bury the hatchet if they mean the world to you.

The code to join FFPB fantasy league is 975-707

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3




fringe benefits This week, TMAG decides to flirt with danger and step out of its comfort zone to talk to people who sit on the fringes of what is considered “normal” in our society. Their choices, lifestyles and opinions may not be illegal, but aren’t wholly accepted by their immediate surroundings either. These are their stories.

DISCLAIMER The opinions and experiences expressed in these interviews belong to the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect on TMAG’s attitudes *Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals

Survey TMAG interviewed 50 people, aged 15-25, about their reactions to gay people and acceptable degrees of PDA around them.

What would be your first reaction to a gay person? 7% would be scared 15% would be disgusted 20% would be shocked 26% would be excitement 32 % would be indifferent

To what degree is PDA acceptable to you? 16% think sitting next to each other is publicly acceptable 18% think hugging is publicly acceptable 7% think hand holding is publicly acceptable 50% think pecking on the cheek is publicly acceptable 9% think playing tonsil hockey in public is acceptable


zealously religious afshan sattar, natasha rahman

“Wearing long Panjabis, keeping a beard, praying five times a day and refraining myself from being friendly with the opposite sex in a co-ed university isn’t an easy task. But my faith in my religion didn’t deter me for a second. However, when the country’s political situation started using religion as a weapon, I was forced by my parents to shave off my beard and dress ordinarily. They were scared that the police would pick me up thinking I am a member of the so called Islamic parties and lock me up. So much for democracy.” - Turjo, 24 “My problem might sound like a first, but I can honestly tell you, it's more common than it seems.” We hear from Sara*, a young girl of 20 years, who tells TMAG that she wants to wear hijab, but does not due to parental disapproval. “When I confide in my friends and cousins, they tell me that if I want to, I should just go for it, or that I can just “talk” to my parents. But it's just not that easy.” Sara emphasised that it's just as hard to talk about this, as is it to talk about any other major decisions, in fact what makes it more difficult is when you already know that your parents are disapproving. “I know I will do hijab one day, InshAllah. But I know that today is not that day. And that is eating at me.” - Sara, 20

atheism sama e deen

In the age old war between science and religion, one walks on a thin line between faith and ignorance, the believable and the unbelievable. Where science has failed to satisfy the human minds and their curiosities, religion has provided the answers. Where religion has brought in questions and with it the search for the right answers, science has emerged and has shed light to drive away some of our doubts. It is a balance between these two life changing factors, that determines our living and also the world scenario as time passes by. However, apart from the grey in between, one can always fall into the black or white, which leads to making a choice of whether to believe in something, or not believe in it at all. A country with a conservative society, Bangladesh, predominantly comprising majorly of Muslims and also believers of other religions, leaves very little scope for people to challenge the theists and think otherwise. But when approached with

this idea, Aiman Huq (name has been changed to protect the identity) says it is the paradoxes and doubts that religion creates that has led him to think otherwise. “If we only have one Creator, then why are there so many contradicting religions? When science had not emerged, God was the answer to all our doubts. But now we know how the Big Bang created the universe, now we know how humans landed on Earth, thanks to the theory of Evolution, now science has proved everything with proof and logic! We believe what we see, but can we see our deity? Is it logical to have blind faith in someone whose presence cannot be seen, when s cience has facts, research and evidence to clear our doubts?” A balance between religion and science governs most lives and livelihoods in the world, but there is always the “to be or not to be”, which makes us think and creates differences in our opinions on such aspects of life.



being a vegetarian natasha rahman

Being a vegetarian in the world today is impossible, especially when you are from Dhaka and the major celebration being Eid ul Adha. My maternal aunt is a Hindu and a strict vegan. She is very close to me and I have grown up seeing her abstain from meat consumption. My parents are Muslims so that means no abstaining for me. However, for the past 3 years I have been a strict vegetarian, against my family’s wishes. My aunt doesn’t eat meat because the Hindu God Vishnu takes forms of animals and eating an animal would mean showing disrespect. But I believe in her concept of nonviolence and I don’t

want to consume something that was slaughtered, or fed hormones to. Yes, it is exceptionally hard for me as I know the taste of meat, but I don’t ever want to consume an animal’s tongue, liver, and brain again. My friends initially made fun of me for ordering vegetable lasagne, but now they are used to it. My parents are against this and try very hard to switch me back to “normal” by preparing the best smelling meat dishes at home and I am almost tempted to pick up a piece. But my aunt’s support and her delicious veggie meals keep me going. - Bindeshi Shome, 23


inking a walking canvas sama e deen

“Art was always in my blood, so it is art that I choose to be with.” Sadman Touhid Olin – a true talent and a passionate art lover, set out on a journey different from the norm and has successfully brought into Bangladesh, art in a very different form- the art of tattoos. In 2008, Olin started “Olin’s Tattoo Studio” which is located in Panthopath (ol!ns tattoo Studio Dhaka on Facebook) . All the machinery, needles and inks are brought over from overseas and especially from UK. The objective of Olin’s penchant for tattooing is very simple- fuse the Western art with our very own culture and portray the theme perfectly on skin instead of canvas. “What I do is permanent so only you have the right to choose the design that you want on your skin forever. I can only suggest some changes like the ones regarding colours, skin tones and sizes but other than that, it’s all up to you because it’s your body and your sentiments attached to it.”

Tattoos have always been subject to a great taboo in Bangladesh. When asked about his view on this idea, Olin said that though our conservative society does not embrace this form of art too well, he was fortunate enough to work with a lot of people who have been exposed to different cultures and thus his tattoo making has not faced many obstacles. From relatives of the US ambassadors to foreigners and even doctors and musicians, Olin has tattooed a lot of people but it is quite surprising to see that this young star has no tattoos on his body, a feat he says can only be done if he finds another experienced tattoo artist, since he can’t tattoo himself. Refusing to draw tattoos for people following the trends, Olin only works on customers who really respect and acknowledge this art of tattoo making and has a vital sentiment or story behind their own designs. Starting from Tk3,000, the price varies with design.

rights, opinions, and choices azfar rahman

The term LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transvestite. Since the 90s, the term LGBT has been used to emphasise the diversity of sexuality and gender-identity based cultures. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Article 1, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” However, when it comes to the society that we’re part of, the LGBT community of our country is not only a victim of constant discrimination and oppression, but downright ignored of its existence at times. Tanvir Alim, a representative of Boys of Bangladesh, an informal network of self-identified gay men in Bangladesh, sheds light on the LGBT community and its current issues in the present times. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” -Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Article 1. According to the Bangladesh Panel Code 377, same sex acts are criminalised and can be punished

with lifetime imprisonment. When it comes to the LGBT community, the term “free association and free expression” is quite explicitly denied through legal provisions. After attending the 24th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Bangladesh government still chose to reject the recommendations offered regarding the abolishing of Section 377 of the BPC due to “constitutional and legal provisions” or “socio-cultural values of the country.” Our nation is considered to be secular and tolerant regarding the diversity between cultures and races, but it still seems to lag behind in the acceptance of the diversity between gender-orientation. It is an individual’s birthright to choose their own beliefs and lifestyle. However, due to our nation’s extreme social conservative views, the LGBT community is pushed into a life of secrecy, lies, internalised homophobia and often suicides.


TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

From Lady Gaga to

Ground Zero Mosque Frank Fredericks, founder of World Faith, an interfaith community service organisation, Mean Communications, a consultancy firm focused on social media and branding, and Çöñár Records, a record label and artist management company, is an extremely focus driven and passionate young man. The Battleground, WA native is also the Co-Founder of Religious Freedom USA. Azfar Rahman talks to him about his mission to bring harmony between races and religions

carried out by the youth or young adults, who were just being stewarded towards false or discriminating beliefs by the older generation.” And so in 2006, Fredericks founded World Faith. This youth led interfaith organisation is now active in 14 countries, including Bangladesh as one of its latest partnering nations. Fredericks teamed up with Farzeen Ferdous Alam, founder of the non-profit social development organisation Oggro, to help setup the supporting wing of World Faith in our country in order to help expand the social development field to reach bigger and better heights in the long run. On his recent visit to Bangladesh, Fredericks believes that this country is at an ideal place to help him further his goals with the idea of interfaith and social developments. “The Bangladeshi youth are the main reason why I believe this country will break out in the fields of social development, and will soon lead as an example for other countries to follow. Given the economy here, the younger generation has been remarkably active in reaching out with social services and quite honestly, compared to countries like the US, where this field is comparatively new, Bangladesh has excelled on so many levels here, this country will be a beacon to guide others”, says Fredericks, “And teaming up with Oggro, and having Farzeen’s support, stands truly for the pieces falling into the right place. The timing has just been impeccable.” Alongside World Faith and Çöñár Records, Fredericks also leads Mean Communications, consulting non-profits, start-ups, corporations, foundations, and recording artists, on communications issues ranging from social media, branding, and marketing to viral video and web design. After consulting Park51 - wrongly called the “ground zero mosque” - on PR and social media, Fredericks founded Religious Freedom

Music is my passion. World faith is my calling - Frank Fredericks



redericks moved to New York when he was 18. He studied Music Business and International Politics at New York University (NYU), and after graduating, he started his very own record label company named Çöñár Records (pronounced “Sonar”). His passion for music led him to producing, engineering and mastering music, alongside managing several signed and unsigned artists under his label. Before Çöñár Records, Fredericks, at age 20, had already unofficially “managed” a young artist, helped her master her skills, booked her very first paid gig and eventually aided in her breaking out in the mainstream music scene. This extremely talented 19 year old artist, who wasn’t quite the “marketing product” that she is now seen as, was none other than Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. Following in the family footsteps and being a “third generation businessman”, Fredericks made his entrepreneurial debut with artist management and a record label company. His true calling came when he was doing an independent research on ChristianMuslim relations in Egypt. Having witnessed the disharmony between the different races and religious groups, Fredericks set out on a mission to help reduce social and religious conflicts between these people, and create a community where people from different beliefs can come together and unite to help make the world a better place. “For the major part of it, Muslims and Christians coexisted and tolerated each other. All it took was for someone to throw a rock through the window of a mosque or church, for five people to start a riot and eventually someone would end up dying from the communal violence”, says Fredericks. “Another thing that intrigued me was the fact that most of these violent acts were mostly being

USA with Joshua Stanton of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, mobilising a thousand people in the Liberty Walk in support of Park51. Other than being a Superman in the field of social development, Frederick’s alter-ego is all about music. When he’s not hell-bent on world peace, Fredericks loves performing with local and professional musicians back home in New York. He never travels without his acoustic. He loves writing and composing songs, learning new languages, as well as cooking. The newlywed lives with his wife in New York and hopes to come back again next year and further his progress with World Faith in Bangladesh, as well as checking out the local music scene here, thanks to the rambling of yours truly on how awesome the Bangladeshi music scene is!

The Gaga Story Frank and Stefani (Gaga) met at NYU while competing against each other at a live performance. Eventually they became very close friends and at one point, Frank went on to becoming Stefani’s first “manager”, helping her reach her true potential. He helped booking her first 20 or so paid gigs, put together the SG Band, Stefani Germanotta Band, as well as landing her first real demo. Stefani’s rise to fame came when she caught the eyes of Rob Fusari, a big time producer. And when she eventually hit it big, with the renewed alias of Lady Gaga, the dyed hair and glitter, she fell out of touch with the person who gave her the first hand up. As she went on with her career, she never quite thanked or credited Fredericks for helping her find her true sound.

tmag 9



comic book


of the Century narrator falls into a deeper and worse form of mental breakdown, the reader is drawn in, and soon enough, the raw emotion gets to you. Fight Club has also been made into a movie. It is one of the few books that, being a brilliant read, also has a truly mesmerizing film adaptation. TMAG recommends this all the way. Rifat Binte Haider


Fight Club Is Chuck Palahniuk’s best work, a perfect meld of idea and writing style. It will mess with your mind in ways you honestly didn’t know. Fight Club truly captures the male testosteronefuelled destructive desires and appeals to that side of any guy. But underneath all that dark chaos, the book also deals with, well, more dark chaos. As the

Behind the master of magnetism

Upset Minds and Frantic Hearts: Examining Life As A Youngster In The 21st Century Let me begin by saying, I am not one to romanticise stuff. I don’t like romanticisation and will never endorse it. When I talk about youth, however, and the experience of being a young person, I admit that I am a romantic. I am a hopeless romantic in terms of romanticising youth and being young. Why, because time is always on our bad side and never with us. Our twenties leave us in a minute and suddenly our 30s and 40s are upon us. Before we even begin to enjoy our time here, it’s already gone. And what do I mean by “we”? Of course, I mean the youth of today, the shining lights of tomorrow. Even if in today’s times, the future for tomorrow’s youth may not be as bright. Why not so bright, you may ask? Oh, the recession you mean? What of it? It will be over one day and then it will be okay. Okay? Don’t worry now. Right. As much as I hate romanticisation, I hate paternalism and maternalism even more. Why should we, today’s young take this form of behaviour for nothing? My readers cannot imagine the kind of cha-fuelled anger that grips me in the face of such baseless remarks, that too by older generations. That generation which managed to get away with its crimes against humanity by stealing not only from its own generation but future generations as well. Yes, the ones who came before us, the ones who had the benefit of a good economy, a better social structure to a

certain extent. But let’s be honest, every member of every generation have fought against one another and consequently against members of generations before and after. Competition, people say is “natural” and as people say, happens everywhere. But competition, born out of malice and jealousy, that is something worth thinking about. And one wonders… when I look at economies around the world and living conditions of youth worldwide, especially the young who come from middle and lower-class families, one wonders whether previous generations, made up especially of the rich, had really loathed the generations to come. And why would they do that? Why would anyone go around causing other people distress? What would they gain from it? Indeed, one wonders. Aside from the lure of money (which is pretty much everywhere), why do people compete and why should it concern the young? Especially the youth of tomorrow, who are currently living in a hyperconnected world of internet, where a lot of the evils of the world, already obvious are even more obvious and especially those who will be leading the way forward? Will this leave our youth more aware, more careful, more vigilant and/ or more careless, a habit which often occurs in an age of increased vigilance and pressure? It is desirable to consider the dangers in which people live in order to see-and understand-why today’s youth are living in increasingly troubled times. And are extremely frustrated about. In continents around the world, youth are the ones who now face job insecurity, failing societal bonds, failing safety nets and

as a result are falling behind in many ways in the world, including starting families and buying houses, alongside mental and financial health. But where does efficiency come in and where does inefficiency leave in terms of long-term planning? Where can people go in order to receive help? As a South Asian, I sometimes think that our collective culture of coddling and fathering/mothering both mitigates and regulates the “Peter Pan” effect on many of our children who would be better off in the real world fighting the good fight. However, becoming independent does not mean falling into a trap. Much ink-and blood-has been spilled over how children are left behind as a result of economic violence initiated by familial bonds, as well as corporate and professional structures. Not to go on to sordid details but this is common-place in many societies, including South Asian. Does that mean that we have to accept it? Does that mean that we have to emulate it? Not really. But Nadia, does that mean people will learn? NO. Let’s not be naïve, people will not learn. Not now, not ever. Years after ‘official” racism is over and made illegal in constitutions around the world, race and racism has to do with livelihood, income and education more than ever before; so did we go forward with any social issue? Not really. But as I always say, it’s good to hope for the best and expect the worst. To the youth of today, I say the samekeep a stiffer lip up and keep on rowing.

Amidst the avalanche of comic book movies expected in the next few years, X-Men: Days of Future Past remains the most ambitious as it aims to tie down a complex tale of time travel using casts from two different sets of films, trying to appease fans of the source material as well as the mainstream crowd. But what gives it a chance is the large cast of compelling characters the X-Men tales possess, including Magneto, their arch nemesis. Testament delves into the early life of Max Eisenhardt who would later go on to become Magneto. It’s hard hitting right from the get-go as we see just why Magneto grows up with his resentment for human kind. Pak glorifies all the misery that came with the holocaust as the readers get taken on a whirlwind journey of a family trying to escape from the cycle of hate & discrimination that’s imposed on them. There’s clear inspiration from work such as “Maus” & “Schindlers List” but this story is just as impactful and an emotional rollercoaster that does a great job of showing how ramifications of the decisions made during the course of his youth led him to become the man he is today. The somber colors and the tone of horror set throughout the comic feels genuine and lets you really absorb the story; it’s thoughtprovoking and allows you to put yourself in the characters shoes and really feel what they went through. With a powerful story matched by terrific art, this absorbing comic is an absolute must-read. Fardeen Ameen

Nadia Chowdhury

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3

10 tmag Guitar Tabs


This week’s best Instrument

Artist yeah yeah yeahs Track maps Tuning EADGBe (Standard)

sawing your way into melodies

Intro Fast picking e-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-etc-

What’s the point of music if you cannot turn your daily tools of trade into melodies? That’s probably what 19th century Americans had to saw when it became a sensation among the people of the Appalachian Mountains. What is absolutely “cool” about it is the fact that it literally uses a handsaw in making soppy music for the depressed. No kidding, the musical saw is one instrument that is capable of glissando, which is ethereal tone or to really dumb it down – a soothing high pitch sound bent to create different notes. If you had to compare it to any instrument for what it looks like, you might say a violin or a viola, as it is played seated with the handle squeezed between the legs and the far end held with one hand. Some play it with the handle between the knees and the blade sticking out in front of them or with the handle under the chin (just like a violin). The teeth of the saw always face the body and for comfort some even file down the teeth. People

b-------------------------------------------------| g-------------------------------------------------| d-------------------------------------------------| a-------------------------------------------------| e-------------------------------------------------|


e-------------------------------------------------| b-12-12-12-12/8-8-8-8/12-12-12-12/15-15-15-15-| g--------------------------------------------------------| d--------------------------------------------------------| a--------------------------------------------------------| e--------------------------------------------------------| e-----------------15-15-15-15---------------------------| b-12-12-12-12/8-8-8-8/17-17-17-17-------------------| g---------------------------------------------------------| d------------------------------------------------------|

a-------------------------------------------------| e-------------------------------------------------|


C G Wait they don’t love you like I love E G Wait they dont love you like I love you C B D G maps … wait they dont




fringe benefits

1 Raise a glass Pink 2

Pumped up kicks Foster the people


We can’t stop Miley Cyrus


Freaks and geeks Childish Gambino

5 Royals Lourde 6 Undefined Guy Petrie 7

Who you are Jessie J


The Middle Jimmy Eat World

9 Firework Katy Perry 10 Youth Matisyahu


who play this crazy instrument are called sawists. As for sound, the blade has to be bent into a S-curve in order to sound a note. Damped parts of the blade that are curved do not make any sound, and at the centre of the S-curve is the section that remains fairly flat making it the “sweet spot,” from which the sound then vibrates across the blade, producing a sticking shriek of sorts. Just like most string instruments a bow is used to play the handsaw, drawn across the back edge of the saw at the sweet spot

and at times striking the sweet spot with a mallet. Vibrato is definitely possible in order to make its sound flow. It seems that this instrument is one of the easiest to learn, but hardest to master. Any person with relative knowledge of music can learn it less than a week if practiced an hour daily. And no matter where you go your musical saw is in demand because it is just so bizarre and soft all at the same time that just about anyone enjoys listening to it. sabiha mahmud sumi

Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington’, which should put to rest some of the fans pleading that “it can’t be STP without Scott Weiland”. The band have officially released a track of the EP titled ‘Black Heart’ online. You can check that

song out by clicking: http://news.iheart. com/iplaylist/artist/26075. The band previously released a track as free download titled ‘Out Of Time’ from the EP. The EP is available for preorder on iTunes. Imtiaz Salim

Music news

High Rise After the Stone Temple Pilots fired former front man Scott Weiland, the band seems to be moving on swiftly with its new front man, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Along with an announcement of fall tour dates, the band have chosen ‘High Rise’ to be the title for their new EP, which is slated for an October 8th release via 13Star Records. The EP will feature five songs that the band has been working on with Bennington, and the cover art is now available. The band is listed as ‘Stone


Solid Softness Blunderware has donned the blue cape and underwear (because only Superman wears red) to change the world with their music. This B.A.R.F.I. (Blues, Alternative, Rock, Folk, and Indie) band has digitally released their brand new single titled ‘Pataye Pataye Aanka Ghuri’ from Me Label on 19th September along with a music video. With a variation of several tones and immense versatility in lyrics, the overall song has some messages to be expressed with emotions. The song has been written by the

vocalist Rushnaf Wadud; recorded in Studio Chirkutt and Holy Lane Studios. Samir Hafiz (Powersurge) has done the mixing and mastering sessions. Tilok Adnan has made the album art and video. You can purchase the song from www. or you can simply stream it from the internet via bd/blunderware. The song will be available on CDs on the 2nd on Play it NOW! (A Band Compilation) which is in the making. Imtiaz Salim

tmag 11



If you are a fan of ‘Family Guy’ then brace yourself, because this could be Family Guy coming alive for you! The first season, we meet the troublemakers, Dennis, Mac, Dee and Charlie! They go nuts every episode trying to chase a whacky plot which ends up getting them into a serious hitch.

gadget hunt

Logitech Mini Boombox is a small, portable speaker designed to stream the best stereo possible. Design wise, the Logitech Mini Boombox looks nothing like its showy premium big brother, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The curved rectangular design and its smooth edges feel comfortable in hand. At just 219g, it is only a little heavier than a big screened smartphone. In short, Logitech has aced the portability part.


The no-holds-barred gang of trouble! They are referred to as “The Gang” who run an Irish bar in South Philadelphia and indulge in notorious acts such as lying about having cancer to gain sympathy, dating high school kids and pretending to be crippled veterans to attract women. Their scheming starts in the pub where Mac and Charlie try very hard to convince Charlie’s crush that he has nothing against African Americans. This causes a series of lying and plotting and getting away with it. Dee, an innocent girl from the acting class and a regular at the bar, dates a man who is accused of robbing the bar. Not hinting at spoilers, but the story kicks off from this point onwards and starts getting

more and more complicated as “The Gang” try to figure out what to do next. This show has no holds barred about anything immoral or twisted, and no topic is too taboo for this quartet. The humour in this show may be offensive and crude and cannot be handled by everyone. Racism, Transgender, discrimination of the sexes, objectification- the show depicts all of these cases in a lawless, funny light and it takes a keen eye and an open mind to see the message they are trying to send. It’s necessary to give this show some time as it’s quite an impossible feat to feel sympathetic for these objectionable characters. Natasha Rahman

Crank up the volume

A choice of red, white and black are available and are made from rubber to resist bumps and drops. The only weak spot is the piano black top, which reveals touch sensitive controls when the speaker is switched on. Controls and connectivity include Play, pause, skip (hold to scan) and volume, make expected appearances and are responsive to the touch, but the dual function Bluetooth/Call key is most definitely the highlight of the device. Calls first - the Mini Boombox has a built in

mic that allows it to be used as a speaker phone, the call button is used to answer/ end calls. Happily, physical connection is also possible. At the rear is the mandatory 3.5mm auxiliary input, so the small number of gadgets without Bluetooth will not be left out. As usual, Logitech makes a decent effort in producing these devices as it claims that the Mini Boombox will last up to 10 hours on a single charge. Logitech has equipped the speaker with an integrated rechargeable NiMH battery so you won’t be burning through packs of batteries. Tahsin Momin

Awesomeness in One Pack TMAG brings the best for you this week. Most of us have played Sims over the years and are a big fan of it. One can never get tired of playing Sims. Taking care of your Sim since childhood till adulthood and making sure the wants are fulfilled along with the needs, is sure to make a person affectionate toward their Sim. Of course, when your Sim earns the Simoleans at the end of the day, the joy of buying new things is just too awesome for words. Some of the craziest yet fun expansion pack Sims has offered us, starting with World Adventures pack where Sim can fly off with a Jet and go to different countries, to Fast Lane Stuff pack where you can create your very own racing car, this part of the game is all about you and your vehicle. Who can forget Showtime expansion where your Sims can put on shows or the Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats stuff pack or the Supernatural pack? Starting from Zombies, fairies to witches, your Sims can be practically anything. To the craziest yet amusing packs, Sims is filled with highs! rifat binte haider


vodio Platform iOS/Android Price Free Size 5.8MB Vodio is your personal video curator, keeping you up-to-date with everything you’re interested in by matching your personal taste and preferences. With a slick and intuitive interface, Vodio combines all of your favorite video sources into a simple, fun and easy-to-use system so you can discover, watch and share the best videos from all over the web. It’s like having your own personal video

manager on your Android device. Vodio tracks videos as they’re shared by thousands of people and sources around the world, and organises them into categories, including: most popular, entertainment, tech, music, sports, news, comedy, science and more. Simply swipe through Vodio’s huge variety of channels and discover videos to enjoy – anytime,

anywhere. Vodio’s intuitive engine learns from your preferred viewing choices and your social profile and presents you with suggested videos. It’s a completely automatic way for you to discover countless videos that you’re likely to not easily find without help from Vodio! Tahsin Momin

TM AG TU E SDAY, O CTOB E R 1 , 20 1 3

12 tmag


N2 O sEAS Dear Diary,

September 28, 2013

Whenever I used to meet my ex before, I made sure that I cut my nails short since he liked it that way. This time was no different. Now I know why the saying, “Old habits die hard” exists. I was getting fidgety, waiting for him when suddenly I felt a gentle tug on my hair. Without even looking back, I knew it was him. How could I forget his annoying ways to tick me off, but for a change it felt good since it helped me calm down. He took the seat opposite to mine, none of us saying a word to each other, but the pregnant silence in between us was proof of how overwhelmed we both were to see each other again. The curve of his smile that formed a dimple on his right cheek, I don’t know how much I longed to see that. Finally, when the conversation between us started flowing, I was thanking him silently because he was trying his level best to make me comfortable. At the end, amidst all the pleasure of being in each other’s company, we knew it was time for both of us to leave. We began walking out when he stopped i mid way and pulled me in a tight embrace. He held on to me, not letting me go. I could feel how much he missed me; I prayed for the time to stand still but that went unanswered. As we had to part ways, a feeling of despair fell over me. It was time I faced reality and decide where I stand in this love triangle. Drama Queen If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

s y a s He e says Sh With time, couples are getting even more agitated, irritating and crazy annoying to each other. People get into relationships to feel better about themselves but sometimes being a twosome means a paradise lost and gone forever. TMAG shows you how couples can be ridiculously painful to each other

The problem of wanting to know too much ... He says

My girlfriend was ticked off because I was late by ten minutes on my way to her place. She just didn’t want to believe that a rickshaw fell on the road and hence the delay. She called me at least thrice on my way to her house and kept asking why it took me so long. I can’t deal with this every day.

TMAG tells you to

Choose or Lose I have been attracted to this friend for a very long time. We both flirt with each other but never talk about what we are doing. I’m scared I might get serious with him at some point, which I don’t want to because he’s so not boyfriend material. Should I continue?

It’s been six months since I started dating my childhood friend. She’s become clingy these days, which is completely opposite of who she used to be. And if I tell her politely to give me some space, she starts having a meltdown. I really care for her, but I can’t put up with her behaviour. What should I do?

on the fence!


If you think he’s not ‘boyfriend material’, you’re just setting yourself up for a messy situation. If you think you’re not going to change your mind about your compatibility, drop that ish right now.

Before you choose or lose, ask yourself if there’s not something you’re doing to make her behave this way. Then have a serious, rational discussion. This is a situation that can go either way.

Let us be the judge of your situation. Email your story today to


She says

I have given my boyfriend my Facebook and email password, and he even knows my bank account number. I believe that couples should not hide anything from each other so I expect him to unlock all the drawers from his side too. Secrecy always means that there’s something he’s trying to hide and that isn’t how I would like my relationship to be.

The problem of finding faults when there are none ... He says

I know that my girlfriend loves to wear sarees and when I met her for the first time, she was in a saree. But now that she is with me, I tell her to stop dressing so provocatively. But that doesn’t seem to work. She purposefully puts on clothes that makes her look delectable and it makes me mad to see other men drooling over her.

She says

I was playing Temple Run with my boyfriend’s best friend on the phone at a restaurant. When he returned from the bathroom, he saw us and stormed out of the restaurant. When I called him he said I was having too much of a good time and blamed me for cheating on him with his best friend. I was baffled.

TMAG Volume 1, Issue 24  
TMAG Volume 1, Issue 24  

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