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Talk with Fuad Almuqtadir


Pond’s Lustrous Runway



Autumn/winter trends

Words from rock stars


in Dhaka this week

Circulation Wahid Murad



THEATRE PERFORMANCES OF “KHONA” Time: 7:00pm Venue: EMK Center, Road 27 (old), Dhanmondi

SHAHABUDDIN AHMED’S SOLO EXHIBITION Time: 4:30pm Venue: Gallery Twenty One 751 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi



CONCERT: For the Sensitive Kind

Time: 7:15pm Venue: Red Shift Coffee Lounge Radius Centre, 5th Floor, Bay’s Galleria, 57 Gulshan Avenue

Unseen Splendour by SM Sultan Time: 6pm Venue: Bengal Gallery of Fine arts, Road 27, Dhanmondi


Time: 4:00pm-11:00pm Venue: Winter Garden, Ruposhi Bangla

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3


Tuned Entertainment


The Cuckoo’s Calling: is J K Rowling’s latest book, which is a crime fiction narrating the story of a criminal investigator employed to investigate the suicide of a supermodel. The book has so far received wonderful reviews by critics. And just as a mystery prevails in the book, a mystery also prevails about the author of the book, as J K Rowling published it under the pen name of Robert Galbraith.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013


Teen Wolf: This show is all about werewolf action, though not as subpar as Twilight’s werewolves. “Teen Wolf” is the story of a high school student who is bitten by a werewolf. The series deals with how he tries to maintain a regular lifestyle and how he deals with other supernatural characters that enter his life.


Jobs: Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in this biographical movie about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is an iconic figure, and to play him is a daunting task. The movie traces Jobs life from the time he was a student at Reed College to the introduction of the iPod in 2001. If you liked “The Social Network,” then you might like “Jobs,” but don’t expect it to be as engaging, or Kutcher to be as spot on, as Jesse Eisenberg.

Talk 5

In conversation with a


Fuad Almuqtadir Tausif Sanzum

You left for the States at a pretty young age, but you were passionate about music from your childhood days. You formed your band, Zefyr, back in 1993, and that band expresses your passion for music. How did it all begin in the first place?

Once you moved to Bangladesh, what kind of challenges did you face? I faced social challenges because growing up outside of Bangladesh is a different ball game, and it takes a different route to reach from point A to point B. Bangladesh has a very different culture in the professional field, and people have to work really, really hard to reach their goals. As a result, what I mostly learned was the etiquette required for interacting with people. I learned how to understand and deal with different kinds of people. While entering the music industry, you faced quite a few challenges. Do you think music enthusiasts entering the music industry still face these difficulties, or is it easier for them? For people who are new to the industry, it is the same kind of learning experience and situation that they have to adapt to, especially for those who come from outside Bangladesh. Thanks to your help, many budding artistes have become household names in Bangladesh. I know you will

As bad as it sounds, I was never consciously helping anyone, and was focused on making music and good songs. But working with new people is exciting, it’s like a new page every day. I started working with new people because I find it is easier that way. They will do what you expect from them instead of throwing tantrums. Your band Zefyr reached people on a small scale, but then “Bonno” happened, and the entire country went into a frenzy. It was “Fuad Bonno” everywhere. How did it feel to experience this kind of stardom overnight? I really couldn’t believe it. I performed my first concert in Chittagong with Radio Foorti. When we started performing our first song, the entire venue sang along with us, and I couldn’t hold back my tears. It was such an emo moment. I just realised that: “Hey man, these are my fans.” It was very overwhelming and I absolutely loved it. You are part of this industry and make your living through it, but do you think other artistes can do the same? Is the music industry in Bangladesh booming or declining? I would say it is booming. For situations to get better, they have to be bad first. Currently perhaps things are not as good as they should be, but at the place we are at this moment, there is nowhere to go but up. We have 3G entering the market, and with so many different options we can promote our music, sell it, and turn the industry into a profitable one. So, I think as a musician this is the best time to be part of the industry. Ananto Jalil is the cultural phenomenon of the country right

Photo: Tausif Sanzum

My passion for music began at an early age. I used to stay at home and experiment with many instruments instead of going out and playing like other boys my age. My parents had a very subtle way of inclining me towards music, as they never told me to wake up on Friday morning and go for music classes, but there were always instruments and music playing in our house. Somewhere down the line, I became obsessively compulsive about music.

modestly deny it, but we all know of your efforts.

now, and a lot of our readers are interested to know whether, if the opportunity arose, you would like to be associated with his future projects as a music composer or singer. I have actually worked in collaboration with him. As a matter of fact, I made a song for “Speed 2,” and even in “Nirshartho Bhalobasha” there is a song by me. It is unconventional, a different experience. It’s been a while since you released a major album. When will your fans get to hear your new album? My latest album is actually ready and will be released in a month or two by Incursion Music. We are finalising some deals at this point, but the music is ready. What is your take on remixes and piracy? When I started off my career, I did remixes without taking permission from original artistes, but the record labels

were responsible for doing so. At this point, however, if we have permission from the original artistes, I don’t think it’s an issue to remix. In fact, remixing is good, since it only makes songs more popular and brings old songs to new groups of people. As for piracy, it is like cancer, and somehow, you have to work around it. There has to be a new approach. A lot of bands are taking on sponsors and giving out albums for free, so the income they might have generated from album sales now comes from sponsors. This process shields them from piracy, and that’s a good way of nipping problem in the bud. Do you have any personal messages for the budding artistes out there? Listen to all kinds of music from all over the world. If you want to be a musician, it is important to be influenced by different cultures and different genres of music.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3



RockNation 2: let's hear it!

Rocknation II, presented by LiveSquare Ltd, will be kicking things off at the Hotel Rupeshi Bangla. This concert will take place tomorrow and includes performances by all of the top bands of Bangladesh, including Warfaze, Arbovirus, Nemesis, Cryptic Fate and Indalo. Avenue T interviews some of the lead singers of these bands, along with the chief operating officer (COO) of LiveSquare Ltd for this special occassion. Let's hear their thoughts! Sabiha Akond Rupa

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

a platform where these stellar bands can perform songs from their newly released albums. For a special treat, look out for Arbovirus’ slot because it is being meticulously designed to present the audience with a one-ofa-kind audiovisual experience.

Afrida Mahbub: COO of LiveSquare Concerts What was the idea behind organising such a concert? This year has been a very chaotic one, both politically and socially. To top it all off the summer heat along with a very long Ramadan, people in the city really needed an outlet to lay back and chill out. There hasn't been a major festival in Dhaka for a very long time. It was time to rejuvenate the concept of group gatherings, where people could come together to enjoy a big show, sing songs together and let their hearts out. With the success of our last RockNation, we felt that Dhakaites would enjoy another concert to let go and enjoy a welldeserved break, and so came the idea of RockNation 2. Moreover, a lot of bands from the line-up of RockNation 2 have released new albums recently. Since the concept of holding a big show right after the release of an album has almost died, we are trying to create

What were the fans’ reactions to this concert’s release? The fans are absolutely enthralled. The performance of so many famous bands under one roof, in a venue like Winter Garden for only Tk500, is almost too good to be true. It’s as if somebody finally answered their prayers for a break.

Jon Kabir: vocalist/ guitarist of Indalo What are the future plans of your band? Our future plans are to have more fun and make more songs! What are you expecting from Rocknation 2? Expecting the unexpected…

What are you expecting from this show as an organiser?

This time, RockNation 2 will break all previous records. The whole performance is being designed to provide the audience with not just a good show, but also an amazing audiovisual experience that people will talk about for a long time. A lot of preparation is going into making it picture perfect. In our last concert, most of the audience didn’t know about the provision of food and ice cream inside the venue, and so could not enjoy the privileges. This time, people know about it from previous experience, and so will be able to enjoy a holistic event. Make sure you carry some extra bucks to give yourself a good treat!



metal and even psychedelic music. Our songs have been appreciated on radio stations and have generated new fans. We released eight tracks for free download on because connecting to our fans mean more to us than selling albums. Our fans’ continued support meant a lot to us during our downtimes, and now that we have our material ready for the next album, nothing can stop us! What are you expecting from RockNation 2?

Sufi Maverick: vocalist of Arbovirus What was the audience’s response of your new album "Montobbo Nishproyojon?" We received a very favourable response from the audience for our second album. In fact, we didn't even know that a huge fan base had been waiting for the album to be released. It’s been seven long years since we released our first album, so we did our best to provide new flavours to our fans’ taste buds, incorporating elements of funk, jazz, rock ballad, rap,

Rocknation is a concert series aimed at feeding quality music to the new generation who are music lovers and want to experience music at live gigs instead of just listening to their old playlists with headphones. Rocknation 2 is taking place at Hotel Ruposhi Bangla’s Winter Garden this Friday, and will be presenting an amazing line-up, covering every possible genre to give the audience a Woodstock feel albeit in a miniature version. This concert is a must-see for the rock music lovers, especially those who missed the first episode. We’re excited and expect a huge crowd of true music lovers to support our performances.

Zohad Reza Chowdhury: vocalist of Nemesis What is coming up after "Tritio Jatra?" A lot has happened since “Tritio Jatra.” The band had to deal with changes in line-up, not just once, but twice. It would be foolish for us to think of releasing another album anytime soon. The new guys, Zerif and Zafir, have been working really hard to keep Nemesis alive, and I appreciate their efforts. The band as a whole has to gel and get the chemistry right so that we can proceed towards our next album. In the meantime, we are working on a song that I wrote a while ago called “Ghuri.” Tell us something about your new song "Ghuri." The song “Ghuri,” (kite,) is about freedom and the ideas of freedom, which differ from one person to

Shakib Chowdhury: vocalist of Cryptic Fate Tell us something about the new album "Noy Mash." It was always our band’s dream to make some interesting music about the war in 1971. We tried with “Sreshtho” in 2002, but couldn’t execute our plan. So, we decided on the concept album called "Noy

another. I believe that individuals are not completely free to do what they want, as there exists social boundaries that guide and somewhat control us. Hence, I thought of a kite, which soars high in the sky with the expression of freedom, but has a string attached that controls its direction. If the string breaks, the kite loses its direction and gets lost. We can’t wait to perform “Ghuri” at RockNation 2 for the first time, and hope it will be well received, Insha’Allah. What are you RockNation 2?



I’m expecting a loud and heavy show, especially with Cryptic Fate around. I hope that we'll have good sound and lights, which are a must if the audience is to get the best experience of our performances. I hope the organisers keep that in mind. God bless everyone and see you all on the 20th!

Mash," in which we would digitally release a song every month for nine months, and each song would reflect the emotions and a particular phase of the war. What are you expecting from RockNation 2? Good sound.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3



Insiders tips for job interviews Despite having a commendable background, impressive job experience and a hefty amount of useful skills, many people find themselves struggling to get through to their potential employers during a job interview Natasha Rahman While the idea of applying for a new job is undoubtedly daunting, many lose the opportunity to shine through by making a few simple, yet obvious mistakes.

Researching your employers

Nothing puts off an employer more than knowing that the candidate he is interviewing barely knows about the job or the company he is applying to join. Before going for an interview, prepare yourself with ample information on everything from the company’s history and culture to the prevailing norms of its employees. While knowing about the job itself is important, it is vital to show your employer that you’ve gone that extra mile to land the interview. By doing the necessary research, you will make your employer feel that you are sincerely interested in and ideal for the job. When employers see the extent of your knowledge on the company as a whole, they will appreciate your effort and believe in your earnestness.

Practising potential questions

Many top employers in Bangladesh have begun using behavioural questions that urge you to explain how you have used your skills in the past. Employers look out for those candidates who have the ability to convincingly explain how they have demonstrated their skills. Depending on your employer, go through different questions you may be asked, and practise your answers to them.

TIP: Never memorise your lines, since this gives your speech an artificial, lackluster quality

Believing in yourself

Employers are not always focusing on the impressive resume you have left them or the rave recommendation you have received. They are impressed by people who know how to draw the line between confidence and arrogance. A candidate who is relaxed and comfortable in their own skin immediately exudes effortless confidence.


If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, your employer never will

TIP: Find out as much as you can about your employer using social networking sites, word-of-mouth and search engines News

Photo: Big Stock

“Airtel-Radio Foorti Youngstar of the Month”: launching of Season 2 Tausif Sanzum A press conference was held recently to launch the second season of the biggest musical reality show on radio at Nando’s, Gulshan. The winners will be chosen through SMS votes, and their songs will be produced by renowned Music Producer, Fuad Al Muqtadir. The winning songs will be part of the regular playlist of Radio Foorti 88.0 FM. Fuad Al Muqtadir, winners of season one and higher officials of Airtel and Radio Foorti graced the occasion.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

Tailored Style

His Style by


Photos: Big Stock

WEDDING MADNESS As the wedding season rolls in, you’ll have plenty of invitations and will find it

difficult to avoid the same look. Why not think ahead and prepare for the coming months? Taking time out and planning your outfits is necessary if you want to look good. Last minute decisions most likely don’t go down too well. Avoid such situations and keep your style on track

Q: I’ve read you say style is in everything. Does that include dining as well? I know we can’t enjoy sophisticated meals in posh restaurants with wine like some people, but is there something for the nondrinkers, an appropriate drink besides soda?

Just like everything else in style, there are certain etiquettes to follow when it comes to weddings.

Here are the wedding do’s and don’ts to always keep in mind: • Not sure why you would even think about this, but no white suits at nighttime weddings. In fact, it doesn’t make sense to be wearing white during a gaye holud (turmeric ceremony) either – people will aim to colour it yellow. Be smart, stay away from white

• You see the groom? Looks good right? It’s his day, so never outdress him. You’re better off being overdressed at every event except weddings. Never outshine the groom, that’s just straight disrespect • At any formal occasion, you should always dress your best. There is no compromise here. Formal events call for formal shoes. No sneakers, or

even loafers. Try and keep things in the lace-ups category, such as cap-toes and wingtip brogues • For the love of God, gentlemen, stay away from shiny suits and ties. Pure and simple, they are incredibly tacky. Authentic silk ties do not have that great of a shine, but just enough to set them apart from other fabrics. Leave the glitz and glamour to the ladies, thank you

Photo: Big Stock

• No black before 5pm, unless you plan on carrying it through the late afternoon into the evening. Quite simply, wearing black during the day is in poor taste at weddings (the office is a different situation.) Weddings are supposed to be joyful, so wearing darker tones will only weigh things down. You can do better by simply taking off the suit jacket so you aren’t going all black

A: Indeed! Style is in everything you do, including how and what you eat. We all love food, but we would also like to have it with a glass of something that complements the entire meal. If you think water is too boring, try out the many flavoured iced teas. They’re simple, smooth and refreshing. And even though many restaurants tend to have their own versions of drinks, it seems to be a norm to have iced tea on the menu. A glass of cola isn’t a bad thing, but something along the lines of iced tea does present you with a more sophisticated setting.

In Fashion

Attitude in leather A staple of the autumn wardrobe, the leather jacket is pure cool. It represents the rebel in you, gives a taste of masculinity and serious attitude. It’s hard not to go back in time to see men like James Dean strut around without a cause

Articles by Mahmood Hossain Q: The women in my life complain about how I cross my legs. They say it’s too feminine, and that I should cross my legs like a man. Is that even a thing?

high leather boots, and you’ve got yourself an autumn winner. Keep in mind that a quality leather jacket doesn’t come cheap. You are better off getting one of each colour, but that depends on how deep your pockets can go. Remember, you can never go wrong with just one black and one brown leather jacket. It’s all about versatility, which means there can be an endless amount of looks you can pull off with this classic autumn item.

The best part is this item can last for years, as long as you don’t expose it to too much dirt or other kinds of damage.

Photos: Big Stock

Men’s fashion has transformed over the years, of course. Leather jackets aren’t only for the casual looks and motorcycle rides with your best buds. This fine extra layer can be used with semi-formal looks and the office outfit. In recent times, all sorts of colours and designs have been applied to the classic leather jacket. They are part of everyday street style and are shown in high-fashion collections. To stand out, the semi-formal track is the best way to mix things up. A leather jacket is a fantastic substitute to a suit jacket or blazer. It’s always a good match with jeans, but the level of sophistication is heightened with a pair of trousers. Add a solid dress shirt, a tie and brogues or ankle-


Style tip: Too much leather is a turn off, only one leather item at a time for each look. Jackets are the main appeal while accessories follow.

A: Yes, it is a “thing.” Your posture has plenty to do with style. Etiquette is important in almost every scenario, and this is no exception. The women in your life mean that you should cross your legs in a “manly” manner, which means crossing your ankle over your knee, with both knees farthest apart. In most etiquette guides, this form is perfectly fine. But also be aware that the sole of your shoe is completely exposed in this position, which is definitely not a good show of cleanliness. To avoid that, it’s best to keep both of your feet on the floor. Sit straight, regardless of how far apart your legs are from each other. And if you must, cross your feet.

Send in your queries, at AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3


Tempt Hair

Autumn/winter\ trend predictions It’s quite difficult to think of new hairstyles with the constant monsoon rain, but the seasonal change will soon be upon us. Many of us will seek out a fresh new hairdo, or at least a new and exciting way to style an old haircut (especially those of us with long hair.) Here are the predictions from the latest catwalk collections of uber-stylish Paris! Su Jorgensen The coolest and must have autumn/ winter hair styles:

Top five most interesting autumn/ winter hair trends:

•Ponytails polished, high and tight, low and soft or two toned

1) Punked, spiked, dip dyed hair not for the faint hearted!

•Girly, romantic hairstyles half up, half down and tousled tresses for a laid back vibe

2) Long, long braids add on extensions so they nearly touch the knees (credit for this style goes to Vivienne Westwood, one of my favourite anarchistic UK designers)

•Dramatic, short-haired pixie cuts

3) The wet look scraped back off the face, short, long or dressed out with gel

•Long fringes/bangs •Glamour lots of volume, soft side partings for a less contrived look and soft curls

4) The boyish pixie crop: says it all 5) Plaited and tightly knotted buns a very severe but cool looking style

•The HOTTEST hair colour red – deep, rich and vibrant Su Jorgensen is a hairstylist and colour technician from New Zealand with over 20 years of international experience which includes teaching for Wella, Goldwell and Redken, doing fashion editorial work in different platforms, such as television, and running a successful boutique salon in London’s trendy East End. She has extensive knowledge of trichology, the science of hair and scalps.


Flower power

Maya Almuqtadir is the designer and owner of Mayali, as well as a practitioner of fusing international and local trends.

Floral prints are in full bloom for Fall 2013, and the variation of this print is so versatile that it can be worn by just about anybody, at any age and with any body type. This trend, which has been named “wanderlust,” mixes various types of floral prints, leaf patterns and earthy warm hues. The prints are small to medium in size, and the base colours are mostly earthy browns, greys, blues and greens Maya Almuqtadir

So, how does one style this classic pattern? If you are petite, opt for tops and short dresses in this print that you can pair with dark washed denim or opaque leggings. If you are slightly heavier, steer away from large and bright florals, as they can make you look even bigger and out of proportion. Stick with small, floral prints that are closer together in darker colours. For an eastern flair, you can even make your own floral printed dupatta to wear with solid coloured salwar kameezes. This style is office

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

appropriate and will have you standing out among all the heavy printed lawns in trend right now.

Floral printed denim is also chic and feminine. Pair it with a solid coloured top and a scarf, and you’re good to go. This look is feminine and timeless, and if you rummage through your mother or grandmother’s closet, you’re bound to find floral prints in beautiful silk saris, which you can wear or tweak according to your own personal style.




Trend round up: autumn/winter 2013 The autumn/winter make-up trends this year are moody, mysterious and haunting. Pushing away from last season’s minimalistic make-up and moving towards more of a rebellious look, this season’s trend is that of an angular, artistic and beautifully flawed look. The introduction of petal and berry stains replaces the matte lips and lends an even more pronounced take on sixties’ beauty. Here are some of this season’s hottest autumn make-up looks to rock out in the upcoming months Tilat Khayer

TILAT KHAYER is an international make-up artist. who has worked with celebrities at London Fashion Week And Britain’s Next Top Model. Her brand Roshi operates in the UK and Bangladesh

Cupid’s brow Bushy and bold or penciled and groomed: this trend isn't going anywhere, so if you haven't started growing out your brows, now is the time to do so. There’s something very chic and almost romantic about well-defined eyebrows, so stop overplucking and let them thicken out! The trend this autumn is to ditch the heavy mascara in favour of fuller, well-defined eyebrows, which have the added benefit of naturally framing the face. Petal lids Smoky eyes are everpresent in autumn, but instead of going for the usual dark colours, the smokey eye takes on a life of its own this autumn/winter. Eyes in metallic purples, blues or brass lend a modern twist to the grungy look. On the runways, make-up artists pulled out a range of unexpected colours in classic applications. Whether it’s sculpted pumpkin shadow, a diffuse wash of prune or full-on glitter mixed into the shadow, heavily made-up eyes are the only way to make your mark this coming season.

Statement lines Eyeliner is a staple in most make-up bags, but for this season, feel free to keep pulling your liner out for the big, bold, feline flick. If you're not too keen on the sixties trend, the way to wear the eyeliner is in a skinny line along the top lashes. A particular favourite at the New York Fashion Week, this look adds a subtle and almost invisible definition to the eyes.

Blush-free cheeks There is a definite trend for the untouched, pure and innocent look. Flushed cheeks have taken a back seat for autumn/ winter 2013-14, with make-up artists choosing to either skip blush entirely or use it very sparingly. Velvety skin The youthful, dewy skinned look has dominated catwalk beauty for a long time. However, this autumn there has been an undeniable shift towards a more grown-up, ladylike complexion. The “no makeup” dewy skin has moved aside to make way for a flawless, velvety finish carefully achieved by prepping the skin with foundation before dusting with a liberal coat of powder to set for a full coverage – a trend first hinted last season that is now in full swing.

Berry lips Lips appear stained rather than painted, with colour diffusing from the inside of the mouth outwards to produce a dark, berry-stained effect. The juicy, blended-in lip look does not require a lip liner pencil, as the lip line is kept soft and smudgy. There is another update to last autumn’s berry lip look though, a tinge of metallic hue can be added to create a jewel toned berry lip!

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3


Trial Room

Moochie by Apex

Moochie is the premium women’s shoe brand of Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited. This brand appeals to clients who seek exclusivity in footwear Sabiha Akond Rupa

Sparkly red peep-toe pumps with matching clutch. Shoes Tk2,900 and clutch Tk2,450

Aqua strappy flats with the metallic details Tk2,150

Gold-toed scarlet pumps Tk3,200 and matching clutch Tk1,850 Black block heeled pumps with metallic trimming Tk2,450

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

Aqua studded handbag Tk3,000

Trial Room


Dazzling copper peep-toe pumps with matching clutch. Shoes Tk2.900 and clutch Tk2,450

These shoes are limited edition and their unique designs set them apart from the rest. Moochie shoes reflect global fashion trends fusing style and comfort Pink and tangerine envelope clutches

Visit Apex outlets in Banani 11, Bashundhara City Mall and Gulshan 1 Inspired by the kitten heel, delicate lavender lace is used to create a flirty strap on shoe Tk2,900

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3


Tell Letters to Mars


Polyamory I’m a 32-year-old man who’s been in a serious relationship for the past six years with K. We’ve had what you’d call the perfect relationship, and I’m head over heels in love with her. I intend on marrying her soon; however, for the past seven months, I’ve begun harbouring intense emotions for U, a friend of mine. I feel so strongly for her that the intensity of my emotions is startling me. As much as I’ve tried to ignore this, I know I’m in love, but it’s not the kind of love that makes me love K less. I know that my love for K cannot substitute for my love for U, and vice versa. Now my dear Agony Aunt, I know you’ll ask me to follow my heart or choose, but what if it’s social conditioning that’s getting in my heart’s way? My heart beats for them both, and as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants. What do you suggest? Mr. A I am not sure I really agree with you: whose heart is it? Who does it belong to? Who is in charge of it? Love and hate have similar sources. If you really hated someone and wanted to damage that person, would you say the heart

wants what the hearts wants? I am not sure one can love two women at the same time; I believe they both satisfy a need within you. It is your need and your insecurities that “you” are feeding. Look inside yourself: what is your dependency? By the way, would you accept this behaviour from K? It would be unwise to get married

to either of them until you find out what your needs are and where they come from. Unless you tackle this now, you will find your emotional life in a mess, as you will constantly try solving your issues by finding the latest drug/ girlfriend.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars and see her clients, as well as counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine.

Love hurts

Letters to Venus

Avenue T Desk I’m a 30-year-old woman in a relationship for the past two years with a 34-year-old man, T. Despite being a genuinely nice person with a big heart, T has a habit that is destroying our relationship. If I’m ever wrong or do anything he remotely disapproves of, he will use the harshest of words to demean and criticise me. Sometimes, I feel like all he ever does is criticise every little thing I do, even if it’s something as trivial as me laughing loudly in a cafe. I’ve tried to change and mould myself to his ways, but my efforts are never enough. I’m afraid I’ll never reach the standard T has set, and we’ll end up drifting apart because of our differences. B Miss B, You seem blinded by your “love” for T, so blindly do you believe in his words that you’re losing belief in yourself.

Remember, when T fell in love with you, he fell in love knowing you. If he could love you for who you were back then, why is he now criticising what he once fell in love with? If he provided constructive criticism, it would help you grow as a person. However, it just seems that he is forcing you to be a person you’re not. Explain to him how harsh his words are and how difficult it is for you to mould yourself to his idea of “you.” At the end of the day, we are who we are. There is no way someone can change you without you loving and welcoming those changes into your life. Forcefully pretending to be someone you’re not will get you nowhere. Gently address this issue to T. Does he truly love you for you? Have him honestly answer this question, and let his answer be the guide to your next step in the relationship.

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Aries (mar 21- apr 19) You’re going to gain respect and position this week. It’s your chance to shine, so try to make the best of it. Taurus (apr 20- may 20) Whoever said you could not reach your goals will be proven wrong this week. You will be leaving several people speechless with your ability to confound. Gemini (may 21- jun 20) You’re becoming comfortable in situations that once made you nervous. Know that this feeling will be short lived, tensions will arise again. Cancer (jun 21- jul 22) Your heart will pine for what you’ve lost. This sudden feeling of bereavement can take up your entire week, forcing you to sit and reflect. Leo (jul 23-aug 22) Your instinctive need to both protect and control will encompass your emotions. You may even end up getting on others’ nerves because of this. Virgo (aug 23- sep 22) What you once rejected, you will now invite into your life. This love for the forbidden will take you to exciting places. Libra (sep 23- oct 22) Abundance will take centre stage this week – there will be more than enough of everything. Love, cash, friendship, you’ll be able to fully enjoy it all and more. Scorpio (oct 23 – nov 21) This is when you have to put an end to your role of wearing the pants in the relationship, and let your partner take charge for a while. Who knows? You might just enjoy the role reversal. Sagittarius (nov 22- dec21) Health concerns will make this week a tough one to survive through. Tasks will pile up, and your urgent need to complete them will plunge you deeper into despair. Capricorn (dec 22- jan 19) You are slowly and calmly making your way into a lifestyle that finally suits your needs. Without even being aware of this rare transition, you will somehow know that things are finally falling into place. Aquarius (jan 20 – feb 19) You’ll desire an addition to your life. A special addition that you have been craving for years, this need will drive you to lengths you thought impossible to reach. Pisces (feb 20 – march 20) Time has come to finally shed those masks and express yourself to the world. People will learn to understand your emotions and will accept you for them, too.

Take Care 15 Health


Food Remedies

Instead of taking over-the-counter medication to cure your headaches, upset stomachs, etc, it’s wiser to take the natural route in banishing them with available and tasty remedies straight from your kitchen Auronee Islam Bananas: cure for stress and anxiety When feeling stressed, reach for a banana. A medium sized banana has only 105 calories and 14g of sugar, which provides a mild blood sugar boost. It also contains 30% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6, which helps the brain produce mellowing serotonin and gets you through anxious times peacefully. Yogurt: cure for constipation or gas One and a half cups of natural yogurt are high in gut-friendly bacteria and push food more efficiently through the gastrointestinal tract. The beneficial bacteria also improve your intestine’s ability to digest beans and dairy lactose, which are known to cause unwanted gas.

Chamomile tea: cure for heartburn According to clinical herbalists, chamomile can ease digestive inflammation, spasms and gas. For heartburn relief, steep two teaspoons of the herb in 10 ounces of very hot water for 20 minutes, covering the cup to keep the essential oils in the water, and drink it several times a day.

a powerful compound in cabbage, battles the bacteria that cause gastric and peptic ulcers before they can get to your gut, and may even help inhibit the growth of gastric tumours. As an added bonus, at only 34 calories a cup, cabbage provides 3g of fibre and 75% of your daily vitamin C requirements. Feel better!

Organic honey: cure for coughs Two teaspoons of thick, dark brown honey are more effective at limiting the severity and frequency of a cough than over-the-counter medicines and syrups. Honey’s antioxidants and antimicrobial properties also help soothe inflamed throat tissues. Cabbage: cure for ulcers According to a study at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, sulforaphane,

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Raisins: cure for high blood pressure About a handful of raisins contain 1g of fibre and 212mg of potassium. The polyphenols in grape-derived foods, such as raisins or grape juice, are effective in maintaining cardiovascular health, including bringing down blood pressure.

Ginger tea: cure for nausea Numerous studies reveal that ginger or ginger tea can ease nausea from motion sickness and pregnancy. It’s safe and has none of the undesired side effects, such as a dry mouth, of over thecounter meds.


The Bhujapidasana

The shoulder-pressing pose is a yoga pose that challenges your upper body and helps you build stamina, balance, and power Natasha Rahman This pose requires practice and immense patience. Once you have mastered this pose, you will feel your upper body and your arms gain strength. For beginners, it is advisable to use a yoga block to support your backside the first few times you try this pose.

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Directions: Stand with your feet not more than shoulder width apart. Bend your knees, making sure not to let your knees extend beyond your toes. Squat down and slowly begin to bend your torso to move it between your inner thighs, maintaining your squat. With your torso lowered, balance your body on your hands and raise your hips. Continue raising them until your thighs

become parallel to the floor. As you gradually lift your thighs upwards, move them above your knee placing your left hand on the floor, towards the outside edge of your left foot. Repeat on the right and soon your back will round. Apply pressure on your inner hands as it presses on the floor and rock your weight from your feet to your hands. Once you straighten your hands, you will be able to lift your feet off the floor by altering your centre of gravity. Squeeze your outer arms using your inner thighs, crossing your right ankle over your left. Hold this pose for 30 seconds then bend your elbow and slowly place your feet back on the floor as you exhale.

Repeat this pose with your left ankle on top

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The lustrous fashion fiesta

Pond’s presents The Lustrous Runway Edition III took off on a majestic note at The Grand Ballroom at Radisson Water Garden Hotel on September 13, Friday. Infinity Event Management and Sanjay Saldanha with his exuberant PR skills brought the spectacular show together. From contemporary to classic designs, floral prints, one shouldered evening wears and colour block georgette and chiffon sarees, there was a little something for everyone’s eyes Natasha Rahman

Neha Dhupia flaunting a design by Reela’s Fashion Boutique with the organisers from Infinity Management, Ali Faiyaz Shoumo and Karishma Khan

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

Farhana Azad Mili in Reela’s Boutique



Ishrat Tairen in a design by Ambreen Miraly Photo: Tritia Eram

The event was sponsored by Pond’s Bangladesh and co-sponsored by Gitanjali Lifestyle, Ford, Oriental Group, Watches World and Pepsi. Also, Radio Foorti, TAGPR , Nando’s Bangladesh, Prive Spa and Salon , Channel 24 and Elite Force were among the other sponsors.

Sanjay Saldanha and Kashfi Saber

Photo: Tritia Eram

Shaon Priyanka in Gitanjali Jewellers

Photo Courtesy: Infinity

On an exquisite platform of style and elegance, the event showcased Dhaka’s renowned and upcoming fashion houses Ambreen Miraly with Farhana Azad Mili and designers, among which Anokhi, Andeem, Ambreen Miraly, Ariz Fatema, Creole, Kimaya Design Studio and Reela’s Fashion Boutique left the audience wanting more. Bollywood Diva and Miss India, Neha Dhupia stunned the crowd wearing a designer crafted to perfection by Mantasha Ahmed bringing the show to an end with her grand entrance!

(From left) Faaria Islam, Farheen Rahman and Nudrat Karim

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3



Sylhet Situated in the northeastern region of Bangladesh, Sylhet is a prime attraction for all tourists in the country. Between the Khasia and Jaintia hills in the north and the Tripura hills in the south, the town breaks away from the monotonous flatland with a multitude of terraced tea gardens, rolling countrysides and exotic flora and fauna. The Sylhet valley is formed by a beautiful, winding pair of rivers named the Surma and the Kushiara, both of which are fed by innumerable hill streams from the north and south. The valley has a good number of haors, which are big , natural depressions that provide sanctuary to millions of migratory birds that fly from Siberia across the Himalayas to avoid the severe cold there Farah K Iqbal What to do Sylhet is filled with nature and greenery waiting to be explored. Once you’re in town, the Khadim Nagar National Forest should be the first place you visit, followed by a short stroll to the nearby Lala Khal, which is one of the most attractive spots of Sylhet and empties into the Sharee River. The main attraction of this canal is the water, which differs in colour at different points. For those interested in exploring the sites and ruins of past civilisations, the ancient capital of Jaintiapur, which includes the Jaintia Temple, is worth a visit, especially if one wants to learn about the rich history of Bangladesh and its rulers. You can end your day by visiting Jaflong, one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh, where rolling hills of stone result in stone harvesting at its best.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013



Where to stay The Shuktara Nature Resort is located about 40km from Bangladesh, near the Indian border of Tamabil and Dawki and the foothills of the Himalayas. This resort is ideal for both those seeking adventure or a retreat into the beauty of nature. Located among the green hills of Sylhet, the resort is only 20 minutes away from the excitement of the town.

What to eat The cafe Songram Punji, a part of Nazimgarh Resorts, is in the heart of Sylhet and offers a variety of courses cooked in the traditional methods of the town. The River Queen Restaurant is another good choice for those seeking a variety of cuisines.

Getting There

Buses and trains are the best way to reach Sylhet, and air-conditioning is available in both modes of transport. The best bus to take would be the Green Line Bus, and the best train to take would be the Paraboth and Jayantika Express. Trains are our recommended mode of travel, as it takes about five hours to get from the capital to Sylhet by train. If travelling by air, you will land in the Osmani International Airport in Sylhet, which is 20km and a 35 minute drive away from Shuktara. Tiger Tours Limited offers tailored packages to Sylhet.

INDEX Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail: http://bangladeshunlocked.

The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours

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Marseille, France It’s time to forget about Paris and move on to Marseille, a city with a history dating back as early as 600BC. Do not expect Marseille to be a sleepy European village. As the largest city and with the second largest population in France, it is one of the most phenomenal travel destinations in the world. The city is a travel buffet for those hungry adventurers who want to experience a blend of culture, ranging from colourful marketplaces like those seen in Africa, to enchanting seaside roads like those in New Zealand, to Mediterranean calanque and much more Compiled by Tausif Sanzum

What to do

Reconnect With History

With most of its antique architecture and handicrafts preserved, Europe is a hub of historical activities, and Marseille is no exception. The Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology offers a panoramic display of civilisations that existed along the Mediterranean basin. Musee des Docks Romains de Marseille is another interesting museum that gives people an idea of what ships carried during the Roman era. On the other hand, Memorial de la Marseillaise is a museum dedicated to French patriotism.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

Feel Like Royalty In The Castles

Palais du Pharo, commissioned but never appreciated by Prince/ President Napoleon, attracts more than 60,000 visitors every year. Palais et Parc Longchamp took nearly 30 years to be completed, and since the monument was not converted into a museum, it gives off the feel of a palace. Castle of If is a fortress that was later converted into a prison but is now open to public view.

UNLEASH THE SHOPaHOLIC IN YOU Marseille has a wide array of shopping destinations, ranging from open markets to gigantic malls. If you are fed up with shopping for clothes, Marseille is the place for you. Marche aux Puces, the premier market of Marseilles, is so huge that you can spend ages moving from one stall to another. 72% Petanque is a unique shop in the market filled with olive soaps, olive oil and other preservatives. The best part is that the market is filled with a wide variety of delicious food in case you get hungry while wandering through it. La Chocolatiere du Panier is for all the chocolate lovers out there, and if you’re one of them, make sure to try their special homemade chocolates, which are made with strange flavours such as onion and lavender.


Where to stay


What to Eat


Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port (Tk21,000)

This hotel captures the essence of Marseilles by incorporating a touch of the sea inside its walls. The lobby is lined with hundreds of tiny glass sea creatures, and the huge chandeliers are shaped like sea urchins. 60% of the 134 rooms in the hotel have killer views of the sea, so make sure to ask for one of those rooms. You can visit the hotel’s restaurant to experience fine dining at its best.

Undoubtedly the most famous dish of Marseille, this consists of a two-course meal: fish soup followed by the fish used in preparation of the soup. The choice of the fish depends on the chef and availability of fish. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.


Though it has its roots in Northern Italy, panisse is equally popular in France, particularly in Marseille. It is prepared from a base of chickpeas fried or baked into log shaped cuts, which are further fried in oil and served hot.


Radisson Blu Hotel Marseille Vieux Port (Tk16,000)

Grandeur is the perfect word to describe this hotel. Spread over two buildings, it consists of stylish guest rooms, a gourmet restaurant, cafe and bar, swimming pool, fitness centre and flexible meeting facilities. If you want to experience a grand vacation, delightful room service and a wonderful view of the city, this is the abode for you.

Hotel Azur (Tk7,000)

If you’re looking to combine budget with comfort, this is the hotel for you. With a shaded outdoor patio surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, air-conditioned guest rooms and Wi-Fi connection, the hotel provides relaxing accommodation at friendly prices. Food is available both within the hotel and in the various bars and restaurants surrounding it.

Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port 36 Boulevard Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille Ph: +33 4 91 15 59 00


Hotel Azur 24 Cours Franklin Roosevelt, 13001 Marseille Ph: +33 4 91 42 74 38

Another fish based dish that originated in France, this recipe has many variations, although its core elements remain the same: anchovies, vinegar, garlic and oil. Anchoiade is mainly used as a sauce for salad or a spread over toasted bread.

Radisson Blu Hotel Marseille Vieux Port 40 Quai Rive Neuve, 13007 Marseille Ph: +33 4 88 92 19 50


Turkish Airlines has daily flights to Istanbul, where connecting flights to Marseille are available.

Samsung Eid bundle offer Samsung has an amazing Eid bundle offer for customers who intend to purchase the Galaxy Young, Galaxy Star, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini. Not only are they giving out a free 4GB memory card with each of these sets, but for customers who choose to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy S4 Mini, they will guarantee travel coupons worth Tk10,000 from Asian Holidays Ltd. Furthermore, to truly make every Samsung owner’s Eid Al-Adha

exciting, anyone taking a trip from Asian Holidays Ltd will receive a 10% discount on any of Samsung’s handsets costing above Tk20,000.

The Samsung Galaxy Star is priced at Tk6,900, Samsung Galaxy Young at Tk11,900, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini at Tk42,500, and Samsung Galaxy S4 at Tk63,500. For any queries, customers can contact Samsung’s call centre at 09612300300.

Globe Trotter Milan, Italy Saxony, Germany

Milan Fashion Week International

September 18-23 Festival Dixieland

Dresden May 12-19

Bangkok, Dubai, UAE Thailand

Mount Abu, India Mooi River, South Africa

Jae Danupon Piaf Aznavour Kaewkarn Classical Concert

Summer Festival Southern Cross Music Festival May 23-25

September Concert 24

May 25

September 20-24

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Tantilise New In Town

Watercress launches 32 new dishes

Watercress restaurant, the new eatery in the Shanta Western Tower in Tejgaon, is a popular place for people seeking unique dining experiences. Inaugurated on June 26, the restaurant offers Pan Asian, fusion and continental food Jesmina Shanta For an exciting dining experience, the Vietnamese caramelised fish is brought to the table in a clay pot. Other surprising dishes include the fried chile crab, large prawns and spiced lamb. As for vegetarians, the Watercress signature salad and Buddha’s delight are setting their sights on becoming the favourite dishes of green lovers.

Out of the 32 new dishes recently launched, the coconut cream soup, Indonesian beef steak chowmein, Thai fishcakes, chicken dumplings and devil’s wings are absolute must-haves. The beef pepper steak, Vietnamese BBQ beef, Peking duck, Watercress spice chicken and sweet and sour chicken are also delectable dishes that satisfy customers’ taste buds. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide range of fresh sea food, including a light steamed dish, whole steamed fish with lemon and garlic, Shanghai garlic prawn, lemon prawn, and the fantastic grilled red snapper with red sauce.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, SE PTE MB E R 1 9, 20 1 3

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, S E PTE M B E R 19, 2013

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