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In the Next Edition... • A word from our Leaders • TMs in the workplace • Div M Conference Report “Communication for Generations”

Ask the Expert... Am I allowed to do projects within a manual in a different order? You should be doing manual projects in sequence, because the Toastmasters program was designed to teach one skill at a time, with each new skill building on the preceding skills.

When I first joined Dhahran Toastmasters Club two years ago, I was not sure how a two-hour program could effectively enhance communication and leadership skills for individuals over the long run. I still remember the day when my mentor, the Area Governor at that time, approached me to nominate myself as the Executive Committee‟s Club Secretary, just a few weeks after my induction. It was honestly the trigger for my first step to leadership. Unlike my vision - of attending club meetings every now and then - his vision was to develop potential leaders. I am really thankful for his vision, and for the mentorship program available to us through Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization. In January 2010, and during the “term-plan” brainstorming meeting, with the rest of the Executive Committee, the fact that the club had developed many champions over the past 32 years who represent the club‟s beating heart, and enrich the club meetings with their participation, became apparent. On the other hand, we currently have numerous professionals and prospective champions who are being mentored and coached towards their goals. That is when we agreed on “Club of Champions … Platform for Professionals” as our theme for our term. Members of Dhahran Toastmasters Club have been among the stars competing against other competent Toastmasters in the Gulf and District level. In terms of the club‟s leadership record, it simply sparks. It has been an attention grabber and a strength factor to see active members eager to participate in leadership assignments, and to volunteer in Area and Division activities. It gave us all great pleasure to achieve the highest ranking of the Distinguished Club Program, and to succeed in several membership building programs which clearly demonstrates the competency of the members. All these achievements and more could not be accomplished without the friendly and family-like environment that we have within the club - an environment that encourages members to attend regularly and guests who submit membership applications promptly. It is now my opinion that, Toastmasters International program can enhance your success in your workplace, and in your daily activities. Hassan Alaiwi President, Dhahran Toastmasters Club

February, 2010


OUR EFFECTIVENESS DEPENDS ON OUR ABILITY TO REACH OTHERS....EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT ENCOURAGES EMPLOYEES TO JOIN THE TOASTMASTERS PROGRAM “As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.” Peter Drucker The ability to communicate distinguishes man in the animal kingdom. As a social animal, man‟s ability to give and receive important information and emotion plays an important role in career success. This is nowhere more true than in the healthcare profession. What do patients want? A trusting partnership that can only be built on reliable communication at the bedside far and away trumps all other factors in satisfaction ratings. Further, as SAMSO re-engineers itself, managers and leaders will be identified based on the efficacy of their communication skills. I am encouraging staff to join the Toastmasters program, and congratulate Dhahran Toastmasters Club on all its efforts and achievements so far. Richard B Birrer, M.D., Executive Director, SAMSO

MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS Smedley Award The Club added five new, dual or reinstated members during the months of August and September. Talk up Toastmasters Award The Club added five new, dual or reinstated members during the months of February and March. Beat the Clock Award The Club added five new, dual or reinstated members during the months of May and June.


President's Distinguished Club – the highest level of recognition available. The Club met the membership prerequisite and achieved nine or 10 of the 10 goals.

2008-2009 2007-2008 2004-2005 2003-2004

2003-2004 2007-2008

2008-2009 2007-2008 2003-2004

Select Distinguished Club - the Club met the membership prerequisite and achieved seven or eight of the 10 goals.

2006-2007 2005-2006

CLUB OF CHAMPIONS…PLATFORM FOR PROFESSIONALS Ali T. Al-Qahtani, Div M, Governor Over 30 years of continuous service with no vacation, breaks or interruptions, serving hundreds if not thousands of professionals – this is Dhahran Toastmasters Club. This term‟s theme “Club of Champions... Platform for Professionals” compliments its mission of providing a Platform for Professionals, to excel in communication and leadership through Toastmasters International Program in a friendly environment. DTC has been a mother for other clubs in Aramco, and Saudi Arabia by sponsoring, mentoring, and through the efforts of its very active veteran members. DTC weekly meetings are a platform where professionals sharpen their skills by participating in beginner speech projects, more advanced speeches, evaluation of others speeches, or by taking leading duties, such as Toastmaster of the Day, General Evaluator or Grammarian. In all cases, members have the opportunity to stand and speak, to lead part of the program, to evaluate or to be evaluated. This type of activity is repeated weekly giving the members continuous streams of opportunities to grow and improve. In addition, the club provides a platform where you can nurture friendships with colleagues of all ages, countries and genders. DTC is really a Platform for Professionals.

The event will cover: 

  

Speeches from predominant National and International public figures: o Abdallah Jum'ah, Past President and CEO of Saudi Aramco o Dr. Randy Harvey, 2004 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking o Khalid Al-Zamil, Managing Director, Zamil Group Holding Company o Noura Al-Turki, Businesswoman and Consultant at Monitoring Group Toastmasters Speech Contests for International, Humorous, Evaluation and Impromptu Speaking. Educational workshops on Communication and Leadership Entertainment sessions and more surprises

Please register today with DTC‟s club representative, Mohammed Al Otaibi, for the early bird registration. For more information visit the conference Majid AlShehry Conference Chairman



You are cordially invited...

2010 Division M Conference, April 1st & 2nd, Khobar Corniche, Crystal Island Hall

TOASTMASTER OF THE MONTH JANUARY Our TM of the month for January went to a very well deserved TM – Waheed Kahtani. Waheed managed to out newsletter textcolleagues here. strip his TM by gaining valuable points on speech projects. Waheed works with Internal Auditing and has more than 20 years of experience in the IT business. Waheed is a Computer Engineer with a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Computer Engineering. He holds several certifications in Wireless Networking, ATM Engineering, and Microsoft. From the IT side, his present focus is Social Engineering and Online Fraud. Waheed is a founder and the Secretary of the Dhahran chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). As a middle child, he was raised in Egypt, but had Saudi Arabia in mind. His desire is to do a stand-up comedy show, and start clubs specializing in humor. He has tried everything to achieve that goal and has cost him a lot.. money, time, and friends. We can already tell that he is close to reaching his comedic goal! This month, he achieved the Advanced Communicator Silver ACS Award. Waheed is the current Area Governor of Area 20. He joined TMI in 2001, and served Dhahran Toastmasters Club as Sergeant at Arms and was the Club‟s President in 2007. On receiving the TM of the Month Award, Waheed said “As far as I‟m concerned, being part of Dhahran TM Club gives me all kinds of rewards. The club members and the leadership program offered by TMI makes me thrilled every time I attend our weekly meeting and I enjoy every piece of our program. I feel so “unique”. Thank you, the EX committee, and all the members for giving me the chance to speak, which I rarely find at home, and for taking my communication skills to a higher level.” TM‟s Mohammad Amoudi, Nazeer Qasim and Abdallah Abandi were also at the top of the list for points achieved. Better luck next time TM‟s! Next month it could be you…see how many points you can gain from the table (see next page), to be in the running for this coveted award.

Tips on the Art of Networking  

  

 

Talk to everyone: Don‟t sell or probe, because people buy people first. When a stranger asks “How are you?” Don‟t say “Fine”. Give a real answer that is memorable - “Great!..I just got back from my vacation in the Maldives”, “Very well, thank you. I just presented some project improvements to my Management Team and they were very well received.” Discover the CPI or Common Point of Interest with everyone you meet. Sit at the back so that you can scan the room for specific people you would like to connect with. Every time you meet someone, write HICH on their business card - How I Can Help. Then think of five ways to do so. Be unique. Do not be friendly - be approachable. Be unforgettable. If you think you are not good at networking – do not worry! You are not alone. Anyone can develop their networking skills. That‟s right – skills. Because it is not something that you are born with or just plain „good at‟. You simply need to practice and develop an attitude of approachability.

TOASTMASTERS OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY Have you noticed the„s‟ in our „Toastmasters of the Month‟ title? Yes, we had a photo finish this month! Congratulations to TMs Amer Al Ramadhan and Martine newsletter text here. O‟Brien who were neck on neck on points.



Take TMOD role


Conduct an educational session (Leadership manual)


Do a speech project


Take a functionary role in a meeting


Win best speaker award


Win best table topic award


Win best evaluator


Bring home made food/ beverages


Help in the SAA committee

5 points/ meeting

Contribute to the Podium


Complete a manual


Attend the meeting

2 points/ meeting

TM Amer grew up in Al-hassa and now lives in Dammam with his family. He holds a Bachelor‟s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering Technology from the University of Toledo in the United States. Amer joined Saudi Aramco right after graduation in November 2008 and works as a Business Systems Analyst in the Aviation Department‟s Computer Support Group. Amer enjoys Web Development, travelling, reading, playing tennis, photographing, watching comedy shows and cooking. Amer strives to be an excellent speaker and leader, and joined Dhahran Toastmasters Club in March 2009 with this purpose in mind. Amer is the current acting Sergeant at Arms for Dhahran Toastmasters Club. Amer said “Joining DTC has been one of the best things I have done in my life, I am proud to accept this award, which makes my contribution so much more enjoyable and challenging. I would like to thank everyone at DTC for their encouragement and feedback. Special thanks to DTC‟s President, Hassan Alaiwi and my mentor, Mohd Al Issa for their support. Special thanks also to my wife who promised to make homemade food for the club whenever I have a speech” TM Martine, is from Ireland and studied Business Studies and Medical Administration before joining Saudi Aramco in May 2001. Martine is senior secretary to SAMSO‟s Executive Director, and joined Toastmasters in November 2009 with the intention of learning new communication and presentation skills. Martine enjoys travel, cooking, playing squash, reading and enjoying the company of friends. Martine is the current VP, Public Relations for Dhahran Toastmasters Club. Martine said “DTC makes it easy to gain points by providing a great range of ways to achieve them. I am delighted to join with Amer in celebrating the achievement of this award. I have learnt so much by participating in the various roles. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement, especially our President Hassan Alaiwi and our veterans.”

TM…..TOTALLY MULTIMEDIA Toastmaster Timer A preprogrammable countdown timer with large color display used especially for practicing speeches License / Price:

Freeware / FREE Says Developer Cheong Koo “As a keen toastmaster, I find it difficult to practice speeches by myself with one hand holding a stopwatch and the need to constantly keep an eye on the time. How does one practice gestures, movements etc. with this restriction? Well, now we have Toastmaster Timer. This application offers you a big color display with large digits to alert the serious toastmaster of the time counting down. The screen display can be programmed to change color from green, yellow to red depending on the time setting. There are even notification beeps so that one does not need to keep an eye on the screen. The program can also store constantly used settings to be recalled at a click of a button. Happy rehearsing!”

Learn… Listen… Laugh!

Ask the Expert...

The new Toastmasters Podcast Series: Tune in to enjoy a new informative, entertaining and educational interview

Can I give speeches outside of my club?

each week with hosts, Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque. Listen as Bo and Ryan explore Toastmasters topics and provide you with valuable tips that are sure to help you become the best speaker and leader you can be. Listen to a Podcast:

Yes. You are allowed to do up to two speeches per manual outside of your club, as long as you have received prior permission of your Vice President, Education. You also need to get a written and verbal evaluation from a Toastmaster (although the Toastmaster does not need to be in the same club as you).

Overcoming Objections - New! Successful leaders know how to overcome objections. Sam Silverstein, past president of the National Speakers Association, talks about how to overcome objections and how to hurdle the protests in your path.

February, 2010



January 5, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Waheed Kahtani Theme: "Installation Ceremony" Best Prepared Speech: Nashid Abdulkhaliq newsletter here.No TT session in this meeting Best Table text Topics: Best Evaluator: Ali Asseri; Video: “link” January 12, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Natheer Qassem Theme: "Live Better, Laugh More" Best Prepared Speech: Mohammed Zawad Best Table Topics: Omar Al-Amodi Best Evaluator: Majid Shehry; Video “link” January 19, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Abdallah Abandi Theme: "Brand you" Best Prepared Speech: Waheed Kahtani Best Table Topics: Hussam Dashash Best Evaluator: Batool Khalaf; Video “link” January 26, 2010 Contest Chairman: Majid Shehry - Int‟l & Table Topics International Speech Contest: 1. Mohammad Issa, 2. Mohammed Zawad Table Topics: 1. Alkane AbdulKhaliq, 2. Mohammad Issa 2. Dyala AlGhamdi (Alternative) February 02, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Eyad Buhulaiga Word of the Day: Forgiveness Theme: The Great Debaters Best Prepared Speech: Akanke Abdulkhaliq Best Table Topics: Jamal Al-Saeed Best Evaluator: Mahir Mumen; Video “link” February 09, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Hassan Alaiwi Word of the Day: Ecstatic Theme: Celebrating members Best Prepared Speech: Waheed Kahtani Best Table Topics: Mohammed Khalfan Best Evaluator: Martine Obrien; Video “link” February 16, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Mushtaq Rehman Word of the Day: Sagacity Theme: A life of Service Best Prepared Speech: Dyala Ghamdi Best Table Topics: Amal AlShamary Best Evaluator: Hassan Alaiwi; Video “link” February 23, 2010 Toastmaster of the Day: Abdul-Raouf T. Moukhtar Word of the Day: integrity Theme: Speak From the Heart Best Prepared Speech: Amer Ramadhan February, 2010 Best Table Topics: Saleh Al-Buraik Best Evaluator: Majid Shehry; Video “link”


We are all familiar with our TMs on stage practicing skills, but what makes them tick once they walk out the door each Tuesday night after one of our lively sessions. What are their passions and pursuits....? Let‟s meet one of our TMs, Dyala N Ghamdi to see what she is Totally Mad about... “Cars are my biggest interests EVER. My friends used to ask me why would you be interested in something you can‟t drive? Simply it‟s because I love them. Cars are more than just a piece of metal - it is a body that has an engine, a gearbox, wheels and a steering wheel. It is a complex machine and the roaring engine is like one of Mozart‟s hidden symphonies. My personal favorite car is the 1960 American muscle dodge challenger. Cars are one of man‟s best creations. The engine, body, wheel and gear is all that you need to get a car running.” Dyala N Ghamdi


February, 2010


LET’S HEAR IT FROM OUR GUESTS “I have been a member in two other Clubs, and I like Dhahran Toastmasters because other Clubs do not have the same atmosphere and are not as organized.” Fawaz Al Blaies, Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

“The meeting was very nice - I liked it. It encourages me to become a TM.” Reema Al Ghamdi, College Student “I thought the meeting was interesting and what I expected. I am interested to join.” Ghadah Hamidi, Domestic Joint Ventures

Ask the Expert...

“I really like Dhahran Toastmasters Club. This is my sixth time to attend as a guest. I learn from the content, the subject matters,

What are the limitations on speech topics? There aren‟t any, but please make sure to keep your audience in mind. Avoid topics that could be offensive and choose topics that are in good taste.

the projects and the styles.” Hamad Al Hoty “I have had a good experience at Dhahran Toastmasters. I have gained a lot and grown in confidence.” Ali Al Mashhad

AND FINALLY ... A WORD FROM YOUR EDITOR IN CHIEF What fun it has been putting this Newsletter together for you! And in the process, I have learnt so much more about Toastmasters and YOU. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to fruition. A big thank you to my fellow team mates in the Podium Press Room, and to our contributors, who made this edition possible.

The Podium Team: Sarah Shabib, Chief Designer Hassan Alaiwi , Designer Dyala Ghamdi, Designer

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