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Professional pampering Growing Best Place to Get a Massage and stronger Best Beauty Salon – Liv Aveda


iv Aveda Salon and Spa is known for its skilled stylists and massage therapists. Owner Tami Tupy sat down to answer questions about her employees and today’s top styles. Mankato Magazine: What types of massages are available for customers? Tami Tupy: We customize our massage to fit our guests’ needs. It can be anything from relaxation to deep-tissue massages. We also offer different types of massages such as stone, chakra, stress fix, pregnancy and reflexology. MM: How do the massage therapists at Liv Aveda care for their own hands? TT: We care for our hands by making sure we get our own massages once a month and by doing daily stretching exercises. Each of our massage therapists are licensed massage therapists, and through their education and training, certain techniques are used to help alleviate stresses that can come from doing several massages a day. MM: How does it feel to be a stylist working on hair every day? TT: When we’ve finished the guest’s hair and can see them smiling from the inside out, that is when we know we have one of the greatest careers. It’s not

necessarily nerves, but excitement of being challenged to try new things and to continue to grow and learn. We do consider ourselves as artists. MM: What are some popular hairstyles right now? TT: Trends change constantly. Right now for women, it is short styles cropped and feminine. For long styles it is more loose with texture. For men it is short, clean cut, with a longer style on top. An example is Don Draper from the TV show “Mad Men.” We put a strong value on continued education to keep up with constantly changing trends. MM: What procedures do you recommend in caring for hair? TT: A lot of this depends on your hair type. For dried or damaged hair, we have botanical treatments. For thinning hair, we our Invati Treatment System. For colored hair, we have great products in our Color Conserve line to help you keep the color longer. For summer, we have a product called Hair Veil that is a must when being out in the sun to protect your color. - Hilary Urban

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Best Plumbing Service – Mr. Rooter


hen it comes to keeping pipes flowing, Mr. Rooter of Mankato takes the honor as No. 1 plumber. Mr. Rooter employs three full-time plumbers and owner Sara Wenner shared some tips on how homeowners can keep their plumbing pristine. • More than 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted from household leaks each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If you have a dripping sink, you can get an idea of how much water you’re wasting with the Mr. Rooter Online Drip Calculator at AskTheExpert/Drip Calculator.aspx. It determines the amount of water wasted daily, monthly and yearly based on the number of drips per minute. It’s easy to test if your toilet is leaking too. Just place a drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the color shows up in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak. When you have a leak, it’s time to call Mr. Rooter.

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Best Bank – Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union


t 11,000 members strong, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union has proven that people want to save and borrow in their own community and take ownership of their financial institution. “Because our customers are our members and owners, customer service really comes first,” said Nick Meyer, president and CEO of Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union. “We tell our members, ‘Tell us what you want.’ We listen and deliver.” When the board meets, they make decisions based on how they can give more to the members. “One of the things that made us extra popular is last year we introduced shared-service branching. In any of the 50 states, you can find a credit union and walk in to do business,” said Meyer. Founded in 1934 as a cooperative credit union for Mankato teachers, Minnesota Valley received a community charter in 2001, which opened its membership up to people who live, work or go to school in Blue Earth, Nicollet and Le Seuer counties. “To be a really good credit union, you better deliver low loan rates, higher savings rates and low fees,” Meyer said. - Marie Wood

• Don’t overload garbage disposal with leftovers. It could lead to a clogged kitchen sink. Think before putting any food or liquid down the disposal. Major no-no’s include bones, grease, celery stalks, pasta and many peels (onion, potato and shrimp). • Don’t flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper, including facial tissue, which does not break apart the same way toilet paper does. Wenner said that the best part of her job is working with customers: “Plumbing emergencies are never fun for the customer, so I’m lucky to be in a position to make someone’s day a little easier and their house run a little smoother. Plus, I get to meet new and interesting people every day. What’s not to love about that?” M - Nell Musolf

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