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Eurotherm Offers A Wide Array Of Products It will be essential to have a reliable source from which to buy all of your system controllers, if your business requires accurate control of processes like temperature, pressure, humidity and flow rate. Eurotherm offers a wide selection of products for control and measurement instrumentation. The Single Loop Controllers A single-loop controller is definitely the simplest form of temperature controller utilizing a sensor and feedback system. Temperature control is strictly manual and can't adjust itself in accordance with the changing environment without a feedback loop. For instance, in an older car, you would generally have to adjust the heater setting differently on a cold day compared to a warmer day in order to maintain the same temperature. But, any cars that have climate control use a single loop controller to offer a more sophisticated adjustment system. For instance, as the car warms up, a sensor monitors the actual temperature and adjusts the setting accordingly to keep the present temperature. Single loop controllers like these are widely used in the industry to control temperature, along with other processes. The Multi-Loop Controllers In industrial settings, it's quite common to have a need for a number of processes to be controlled simultaneously. Having a multitude of single loop controllers installed next to each other is one way to accomplish this. However, this has several drawbacks. Wiring this type of system is tedious and complicated, and uses up a lot of space. Plus, single-looped controllers normally have an easy user interface that anybody will be able to change. In a complicated system, having such open access to adjustment might be problematic. Using a multi-loop controller solves all these problems by letting multiple inputs and outputs in a single device. Furthermore, the multiloop controllers will usually be mounted behind a panel and controlled by a remote computer system, which will not only provide you with a more secure level of control, but also a means to program complicated processes that can change over time. Single-loop and multi-loop controllers are both offered with Eurotherm for several situations. The Solid State Relays Another product that is obtainable on the market is the solid state relay. Solid state relays, or SSRs, are a widely used switching element that provides several advantages over traditional electromagnetic relays. Solid state relays don't have any moving parts, and are therefore very quiet and durable. Electromagnetic relays may cause interference in sensitive electronics because of the electromagnetic pulse generated when the relay breaks contact and arcs - in comparison, solid state relays don't produce any interference. Power control modules Several different kinds of power control modules can be found. Probably the most simple types is the silicon controlled rectifier, or SCR. SCR power controllers are a very reasonable means of controlling power. Since they're solid-state devices, they'll be easy and cost effective to maintain. Eurotherm also produces analog power control modules, which are robust and easily adapted to a PE Products Company, Inc

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Eurotherm Offers A Wide Array Of Products number of situations. Indicators and Alarms Indicator and alarm units are another vital component to the industrial automation process. Alarm units are great for monitoring parameters of the ongoing process, in addition to alerting users of a hazardous condition. They can be set to accept a number of different sensors, and configured to display a customized message. Alarms are fantastic for processes where temperature, pressure, level, or flow need to be carefully monitored with precision. Temperature controllers, solid state relays, power control units, and indicators and alarms are just some of the many items that your company may need to automate processes. If you'd like four temperature components to guarantee top precision and control, choose a Eurotherm 2216e. To learn more about Eurotherm Products Online, visit their web page at

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Eurotherm Offers A Wide Array Of Products  

If you'd like four temperature components to guarantee top precision and control, choose a Eurotherm 2216e. To learn more about Eurotherm Pr...