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turntables & art bus

mind the mile No ∞

In the evenings DJs provide musical Atmosphere, away from the football-Crowd. The polish Art-Bus makes a stop here.

Alemka Ðivoje



The idea is to enlarge the mile of culture. To pass over the brake point and let it flow continuously.


soundless colorful goings

Hanno Kautz (AUT)

The exciting matches on the lawn are followed by the silent poetry

of light in the evenings on the Lend

mile of art


open air exhibition of contemporary european art

lend|spiel june, 7-16th 2008 lendkanal

am weg zum see jergitschsteg

Hanakam/Schuller (GER/AUT)

An Object at Jergitschsteg, Klagenfurt, is part of an imaginary track to the Lake Wörthersee and it is the only part of the track that can be seen.





Out of the muddle of meanings

whom we could dedicate a bridge,

we chose the state of tentativeness/ transition, what resulted in a being


urbanes spektakel Ess/Pollak



This piece of urban-art brings the air of an imaginary world, full of cute characters to the audience and deals with the issue of soccer in a very funny and casual way.

the real stadium steinerne brücke

Siniša PismestroviĆ


The visitors from the seaside are having a special experience. The first bridge is the possibilty to slip directly into the match, shown trough a interpretation of dependency on the game.

→ The Mile of Art »lend|spiel« (promenade of culture) stretches along the pictorial Lend canal and is an open air exhibition portraying contemporary European art designed on the occasion of the European Championship 2008. It connects football and art as well as the Wörthersee-stadium and the host city Klagenfurt and it creates bridges between the opponents in group B Germany, Croatia, Austria and Poland.

City football-free-zone


Within the framework of the »lend|spiel« project the bridges across the Lend canal are going to be redesigned by young artists from the mentioned countries. The »Steinerne Brücke« bridge (the oldest bridge of the city) will act as a gate to this promenade of culture. Next comes the urban motorway bridge followed by the art nouveau bridge »Rizzibrücke«, the modern »Jergitschsteg« and finally the historical »Lendhafen« harbour


Thus the way from the stadium to the fan areas in the city centre becomes a special art experience. On display you will find modern graphics, graffiti art, poster artwork, light installations as well as sculptural and metal works.



IMPRESSUM responsibilty: lend|hauer, Wachtelweg 1, 9020 Klagenfurt, photos: Gerhard Maurer, layout: Daniel Gunzer, text: Johannes Wouk


→ Lake

Steinerne Brücke

start: 8pm @ lendhafen

DJ Lineup

Ludwig june





Culture Groove Balkan|Brazil|Orient

 Gianni

Culture Groove Sushi|Mix Aforfunk|Blues|Electro| Jazz

Mark june

Culture Groove Ethno|Jazz|Regae

DJ a n e C o m m a n d e r V e n u s






DJ H o r y june

Pompon Jazz|Dub|Deeptechno

Electro Sagl june

BoingBumTschak Electro with Rock-Pop Mischmasch

Etepetete 15





june, 7-16th 2008


open air exhibition of contemporary european art

mile of art

You can experience all works of art on two ways: via a walk alongside the canal or on a tour with the ferry boat »Lendwurm«. In the »Lendhafen« harbour visitors can expect a widespread programme with international DJs and catering surrounded by the unique atmosphere of this historical part of the city. The whole Mile of Art promenade remains football-free with no public-viewing areas. It functions as an artistic opposite to football and provides time and places for people interested in arts to stroll, relish and reflect. On the final days of the Mile of Art »lend|spiel« project (15th and 16th June) the artist Piotr Lutyński from Krakow, who is on tour through Austria with his Polishart-bus, will visit the Lendhafen harbour. His modified Mercedes bus acts as exhibition space and stage for performances, improvisations, concerts and interactions with the audience or other artists. With it everything is arranged for a dignified finish of the celebration of art amidst the football event.


2008 - Österreich am Ball

lend|spiel Programm 2008  
lend|spiel Programm 2008  

Programme of the lend|spiel 2008