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“So Easy” 2010 On-Premise Promotional Plan

It‟s Time … for SoCo Lime Southern Comfort listened … and listened hard. We listened to our consumers when they said they loved SoCo Lime. We listened to our bartender friends when they said they loved a great shot that is easy to serve. We heard them loud and clear, and knew it was time for something new to keep our consumers excited and bartenders engaged. So What‟s New? Southern Comfort is entering the flavors category with the new Southern Comfort Lime, a pre-mixed line extension bursting with Lime flavor. This brand extension delivers bar-quality ingredients, perfectly mixed and ready-to-go, out of the chiller machine or shaken with ice – exactly what our consumers and bartenders were looking for. Continue Building SoCo Lime With the anticipated launch of Southern Comfort Lime, SoCo Lime will continue to own the on-premise as THE “go-to” shot for consumers and bartenders alike. To support this new product, and continue growing the brand on premise, SoCo Lime will up the ante with unique and interesting programming targeted towards the powerful LDA-29 consumer.

SoCo Lime is “So Easy” To the consumer • It‟s the best tasting shot that‟s a simple call every time To the bartender • It‟s easier to make than ever … which makes their nights easier To your night out • It‟s always an amazing experience when things are surprisingly easy

On-Premise Activation Idea

The Campaign Idea Getting a drink in a ridiculously crowded bar … Hard. Finding a way to keep your awesome seat at the bar while you have to, well, you know … Hard. Getting an introduction to the hottie in the corner … Hard. Well, that‟s all over now. Because SoCo Lime takes care of the details … and makes it all So Easy.

Activation Tone and Attitude Our on-premise activations bring to life the idea and understanding of a night out where it is easier to start a conversation, easier to get the bartenders‟ attention or easier to keep your prime spot at the bar. Our staff is there to serve our consumers in a variety of different ways to help make their night that much more convenient … allowing them to focus on having a good time. Helpful and cool activations vs. interruptive and selfserving … providing value to our consumers SoCo Lime is different …we get it – Surprisingly easy = a different night

On-Premise Consumer Activation

How It Comes to Life On Site At the centerpiece of the SoCo Lime, So Easy promotional campaign, is the SoCo Lime So Easy Concierge. These striking female brand ambassadors are amazing facilitators who are armed with an arsenal of items to help build a great night for our consumers and make things a bit easier. With their hot concierge style and their steel case of goodies, they greet our guests at the SoCo Lime „booth‟ to let them know how their night is going to go down. a.

Concierge Attire – our ambassadors look great in their hot concierge outfits as they greet our consumers at the door and explain our services for the night


Concierge Services – provide an amazing array of services, such as „holding your seat at the bar, calling cabs, seeing if the girls at the other table want a drink, etc.


Bar / POS Setup –Custom POS in various forms calls out the overall idea of „So Easy‟ and how the concierge makes their night more easy, fun and convenient

On-Premise Activation Plan A. •

The SoCo Lime So Easy Concierge Activation Overview - You want me to get that girls‟ number for you my man? Do you want us to stand in line for you at the bathroom? Do you need us to (physically) pick up a round of shots?* The SoCo Lime Concierge is the onpremise service that drives home our brand message of „Easy‟. An amazing facilitator who helps our consumers have an awesome and easier night.

How It Comes to Life - SoCo Lime provides a set list of services that we can deliver for you tonight in the bar. Simple, EASY, yet interesting and engaging.

*Where allowed by retailer/state legalities

On-Premise Activation Plan A. •

The SoCo Lime So Easy Concierge Services Include: – – – – – – – –

See if the girls at the other table are interested in a round Help get that girls attention / number Holds your seat when you hit the bathroom Calling cabs Quick to offer breath mints / gum iPhone, Blackberry chargers (select few) SoCo Lime off-premise coupons* Walking you outside with an umbrella

– –

– – –

Getting your song selected next Providing tips on great places to keep the night going … knows all the right spots (late night spots / food) Coat check Providing fake cash machine receipts - $12,542.25 Generally engaging consumers, chat them up about how to keep their night moving in the right direction

Conversation Starter “Business Cards” - providing easy conversation drivers for guys to give out in fun ways – – – – – – – –

„I don‟t have a great line, but I WILL buy you a SoCo Lime.‟ “If you‟re up for a SoCo Lime, it‟s on me.” “Feb 15th 2010 marked the first time all 50 states had snow on the ground.” “How much does a Polar bear weigh? (Reverse) Enough to break the ice.” “I have family money.” “I saw you checking me out over there. I thought I'd be discrete by saying I think you‟re cute too.” “Thirsty?” “I‟m thinking of something witty to say, but it‟s easier to just give you this card.”

On-Premise Activation Plan B. So Easy Answers – Chalkboard POS • POS Overview - Beyond providing amazing 1-1 services with the concierge, SoCo Lime is also a curator of those great local things that you are dying for at night • How It Comes to Life - Old school “deli” chalk-board POS providing useful local opportunities to make your night easier • • •

C. •

Listings of the best late night / pizza/diner places in the area open til 4 (no bev. alcohol served) Phone numbers of all the area cabs Providing the ability to send someone a „So Easy‟‟ (buy a shot for a friend) and put their name up on the board … so they can get the easiest drink they‟ve ever had Best brunch spots for the next morning (no bev. alcohol served)

Bartender-Driven So Easy „Contest‟ Contest Overview – On-Premise “contest” element that provides opportunities to win amazing premiums, tickets, wearables (as determined by the account team). Controlled by the bartender, providing „easy‟ access where / when SoCo can provide it in market How It Comes to Life – The simple and easy old school way to pick winners … consumers write their names on SoCo Lime coasters, then placed in an awesome, old-school BINGOstyle basket, where the bartenders pull names through-out the night and consumers win small prizes

On-Premise Activation Plan D. So Easy Bathroom “Attendant” • Attendant Overview – Bathroom attendants can be a “bit” annoying, but SoCo Lime is about making things easier, so we‟ll do all the work for you

How It Comes to Life – Providing complimentary amenities in both men‟s / women's restrooms that help make their nights easier – make-up touch-up kits, breath mints, cologne, etc. – “honor bar” style in the bathroom or pass the attendant tray with items to bar patrons throughout the night – Promo team would be required to stock such items for the promotional term

Bartender Activation – “So Easy” Messaging Key Message Points • Southern Comfort just made your life „So Easy‟. Our new Lime extension is a ready-to-pour mix that saves you time, is a consistent and great tasting product, will equal more profits … and make your job about a 1,000 times easier. •

Southern Comfort makes it easier for you to quickly pour these shots that your customers will love.

Bartender Activation – “So Easy” Incentive Programming •

Creation of several „So Easy‟ elements to keep building a relationship with these key gatekeepers so they can keep building us on-premise

A. • •

Easy As Pie (Pizza) Relationship building with bartenders in key accounts by sending SoCo Lime branded boxes of pizza during shift changes/closing … easy way to say thank you to our bartender friends and provide them with some easy, helpful tips. 8 x 10 inch sticker - “So Easy. Compliments of SoCo Lime.” each sticker includes a bartender tip

• •

Local pizza stars in town (i.e., Shakespeare‟s Pizza in Columbia, MO … not Pizza Hut) Target 10 accounts/2 nights a week/2 pizzas per account

See next page for Tips

B. •

Incentive Kit* A selection of branded items that help make our bartenders‟ friends lives a bit easier on and off premise. Work Related • „How Other Bartenders Make It So Easy‟ - a compilation of the best tips and ways to make bartenders‟ lives easier. A collection of ways of working from bartenders themselves in a unique information-based piece from SoCo • Branded shaker – easier to make our drinks • Branded strainer – easier to pour our drinks Life Related • Leather duffle bag – to present all of our items, as well as carry all their life around • Branded iPhone Case *Check local state regulations to confirm laws on dollar limits by market

Supporting Activation Elements

Concierge Visibility Concierge Staff and Uniforms Hot Suit Jacket • Cool, black suit jacket for our SoCo Lime Concierge staff for the evening (female brand ambassadors) • “Hip/service” look (way more cool than a standard hotel concierge) 690-7406 Small 690-7407 Medium 690-7408 Large $90.72 each


SoCo Lime Scarf • Stylish SoCo Lime patterned scarf to make it all seem a bit more “official” 690-7410 $12.11 each

Lapel Pin • SoCo Lime pin to adorn the jacket to give it a little more flair 690-0974 $2.84 each

Other Attire - Brand Ambassador Must Supply • Hot skinny jeans • Cute white top

Pin Scarf

Concierge Visibility Case Concierge Tool Kit Steel Case • SoCo Lime branded Jason Bourne-style case to carry all of the items needed to assist in the concierge execution 690-0975 - $77.94 each Tool Kit Elements Equipped with an assortment of branded and non-branded items to keep the night moving in the right direction.

iPhone Case

Items ordered via promotion orders: • “Business Cards” - easy tips to help maneuver through the night 690-3563 $3.26 100/pack

Concierge A-frame Standee POS – menu of services 690-2860 $8.81 each

Standee Biz Cards

Other Items provided by Brand Ambassador/local team: • iPhone with branded SoCo Lime case • • Assorted cell phone chargers • • Gum / mints • • Umbrella

Fake cash receipts City Guide Other????

Concierge Visibility – Card Copy


Concierge Visibility Concierge Booth • As the centerpiece of visibility for the SoCo Lime concierge staff, the custom-made, transportable SoCo Lime concierge booth will be an amazing on-premise piece to help add value to the night in accounts not usually accustomed to such service •

SoCo Lime branding on front and both sides

Can be broken down as indicated by the illustration, with sides folding in

690-2859 $184.54 each

Print Visibility Poster 18” x 24” – 4 color 690-2850 $1.40 each

Banner 72” x 36” – 4 color Vinyl/Grommets 690-2849 $25.00 each

Coasters 4” round 2 sided/4 color Heavy cardstock 690-2851 $7.05 100/pack

Table Tents 5”x 7” x 1.5”- A-frame 4 color each side - Card stock 690-2853 $4.64 25/pack

Additional Bar Accessory Elements SoCo Lime Chalkboard POS • Chalkboard is reminiscent of the days of “cold lemonade” on a hot day to bring to life “easy” for SoCo Lime 690-2855 $36.86 each

SoCo Lime Old-School Branded Bingo Basket • Bar / back-bar branded POS piece to reward consumers 690-0977 $37.11 each

SoCo Lime Glassware* • SoCo Lime branded glassware for “easy” shot calls 690-0980 $12.37 6/pack

SoCo Lime Bathroom Attendant Tray • Branded tray to house gum / mints, cologne, candy, etc. 690-0978 $4.40 each – Tray only

*Glassware cannot be given to accounts

Bartender Activation Elements

Leather Duffle Bag

Pizza Box Stickers • 8 x 10 inch sticker • “So Easy. Compliments of SoCo Lime.” 690-2852 $8.99 25/pack of 100 (10 different alternating bartender tips)


Incentive Kit Items • Leather duffle bag 690-0979 $86.08 each

690-0976 $7.22 each


Branded iPhone Case iPhone Case

Branded shaker – 28 oz 18/8 stainless steel powder coated 690-2856 $7.75 each

Branded strainer - 4 prong strainer 690-2858 $2.10 each


On-Premise Activation – Physical Elements $300 – Staffed Event Concierge Visibility Elements (reusable) • Concierge uniform - $105.67 (Pin - $2.84 /; Ascot - $12.11 /; Jacket – $90.72 • Concierge case / toolkit - $77.94 Print Visibility Elements (w/ account) • So Easy Posters - $5.60 (4) • So Easy Table tents - $4.64 (25) • So Easy banners -$25.00 (1) • So Easy Coasters -$14.10 (200) Additional Bar Accessory Elements (w/account) • Chalkboard POS - $36.86 • Old-school, branded Bingo „basket‟ - $37.11 • Bathroom “attendant” tray - $8.80

$125 – Decorative Kit Print Visibility Elements • So Easy Posters - $2.80 (2) • So Easy Table tents - $4.64 (25) • So Easy banners - $25.00 (1) • So Easy Coasters - $14.10 (200) Additional Bar Accessory Elements • Chalkboard POS - $36.86 • Old-school, branded Bingo „basket‟ - $ 37.11 • Bathroom “attendant” tray - $4.40

$75 – Decorative Kit Print Visibility Elements • So Easy Posters - $1.40(1) • So Easy Table tents - $4.64 (25) • So Easy banners - $25.00 (1) • So Easy Coasters - $7.05 (100) Additional Bar Accessory Elements • Chalkboard POS - $36.86

$110 - Bartender Activation Pizza Incentive • 8 x 10 inch stickers - $7.05 (100) Incentive Kit Elements • Leather duffle bag- $86.08 • Branded iPhone Case- $7.22 • Branded shaker- $7.75 • Branded strainer-$2.10

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