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SOLUTIONS Interactive Distance Learning Solutions


Providing educational opportunities to a broad range of individuals, enriching students’ learning experience and improving the overall quality of education are three of the most important issues facing educators today. Effectively addressing such issues, however, has become a significant challenge as educational institutions are faced with a shortage of qualified instructors and strained budgets. Interactive Video Communication: More than Distance Learning

Video communication is providing educators with the tools they need to provide a better education in the 21st century. Students expect technology and mobility, and successful educational institutions are turning to video communication to meet their needs. Video communication provides:

• Increased Access — At all levels, TANDBERG video communication is being used to bring students in smaller schools or remote areas equitable access to learning opportunities. Sharing teachers and classes allows schools to meet the needs of their students while lowering costs. In addition, students have increased access to instructors via virtual office hours. • Collaboration Opportunities — Students are able to collaborate with students across town or across the globe on presentations, book reviews, class projects, research initiatives and more. Not only do they have the advantage of the collaboration, but exposure to new cultures and places.

“If you could eliminate time, and you could eliminate distance, what could you do? You could tap the wisdom, expertise, innovation and knowledge of anyone, anytime, anywhere — now that’s the promise of distance education.” DR. ANTONIO PARADIS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SERESC

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• Interactive Video Fieldtrips — Bring the experiences of the world into the classroom by accessing live, interactive content delivered by educators at leading museums, science centers and historic sites. Teacher recommended content in all areas of the curriculum is available from around the world.


SOLUTIONS Interactive Distance Learning Solutions

• Professional Development — Educational institutions efficiently and effectively conduct staff development for educators and administrators without cost and time of travel. Faculty meetings are conducted without travel between buildings or campuses. Administrators instantly conduct meetings, interview staff candidates, or observe classrooms — all without leaving their office. • Community — Educational institutions are increasingly being called upon to provide resources for emergency management in the event of a crisis, as well as providing programs such as after-hours classes, job skills training, college credit courses, literacy programs and community education classes TANDBERG Total Solution for Education

TANDBERG is a leading global provider of telepresence, high-definition video conferencing and mobile video products and services. Through our management tools, video systems, infrastructure and services, we provide a natural communication experience. Students connect to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Teachers participate


With the TANDBERG Content Server, educational institutions are streaming, archiving and podcasting entire courses, board meetings and even athletic events. With this technology — there’s no reason to ever miss a class again!

in professional development without leaving campus. Video communications enable education — and TANDBERG is leading the way. People:

With a culture of core values, a global, high-touch sales team and consultative sales engineering and support, TANDBERG understands the business of education and will help you design the solution that’s right for you. Our experienced partner network and worldwide service and training ensure you have everything you need for success. Technology:

TANDBERG is dedicated to technology that creates a natural communication experience and a total solution that grows with you. Scalable from two systems to a campus-wide or global deployment, TANDBERG video communications are standards-based for ease of integration and reliability. Our commitment to utility-like reliability and Investment protection is well renowned. Leadership:

1 2 12 Avenue of the Amer i cas, 2 4 th Floor N ew York, NY USA 10036 T el: +1 212 692 6500 F a x: +1 212 692 6501 V i deo: +1 212 692 6535 t a n dberg@tandberg. com w w w. tandberg. com

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The market share leader in endpoints and infrastructure, TANDBERG has been an innovator in video since 1989. With dual headquarters in Norway and New York, TANDBERG has an installed base in over 90 countries — including over half of the Fortune 50, 21 of the 25 world’s largest banks and 65 of the top 100 universities. For more information on the TANDBERG Total Solution for education, visit or e-mail

September 2008

T A NDBERG WORLD HEADQ UA RT E RS P h i li p Pedersens vei 20 1 3 66 Lysa ker , Norway T el: +47 67 125 125 F a x: +47 67 125 234 V i deo: +47 67 126 126 t a n dberg@tandberg. com

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