Looe, Cornwall Vol 1.1

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LOOE EAST & WEST The beautiful Cornish harbour town of Looe sits on both sides of the river Looe. East and West Looe were once separate towns. In the 15th Century a bridge was built connecting them. This bridge has had various rebuilds, the current bridge was built in 1853 The main shopping area, holiday accommodation, Looe Harbour and as a safe sandy beach is in East Looe. West Looe is quieter but still has shops, restaurants and places to stay. The bustling harbour used to be full of working fishing boats, but even though the number of boats employed within the fishing industry has diminished. It is still busy with boats now more likely to be used for pleasure trips and other recreational activities. Looe has been famous as a holiday destination for hundreds of years and is still popular; welcoming visitors from the UK and further afield all year round.

All photographs in this book were taken by David George during the three years from 2017 to 2020

Photo, boats moored in the harbour ŠDG 2020

Photos previous page, fishing equipment on the harbour side ©DG 2020

Photos this page, Herring Gull ©DG 2020

Right, a Looe trawler heading home ©DG 2020

Photos previous page pre Covid19 raft race, rainy day on Looe bridge, early morning mist across the harbour ŠDG 2020

This page top left Fore street, top right, Lower Chapel st. Bottom left, East Looe Beach. Bottom right, Looe Harbour looking up stream. ŠDG 2020

Previous pages, pre Covid19 scenes from East Looe Beach during the ‘Summer of 2019’. Hight Market St, Fore St & further up Higher Market St. during the Covid19 lockdown ©DG 2020

This page, one of the many beautiful wooden boats in Looe ©DG 2020

Previous page, East Looe Beach sunrise, Looe sunset, fishermen store padlocked, ©DG 2020

This page, view over From Hannafore to Looe Island, below The Millpool, West Looe ©DG 2020

Previous page, viewsacross the harbour from West Looe ©DG 2020

This page, above the view across the river to West Looe. Right East Looe Beach from the Banjo Pier, ©DG 2020

This page, Autumn storm waves reaching the concrete sea defences on East Looe Beach Looe, Fishing floats in the harbour ŠDG 2020

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