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DG Solutions Inc. a division of Dixie Graphics COMPANY OVERVIEW

DG Solutions is a division of Dixie Graphics, a commercial print company established in 1980 that migrated to intelligent print and mail. Our current accomplishments include: Twelve years’ experience directly involved in the print and technology areas of existing NCQA survey vendors Streamlined project management system in place Solid experience with NCQA’s stringent deadline and time frame requirements Print production expertise with respect to CAHPS, ICH, PCMH, MA-CAHPS and HOS seasonal requests Mail production has a 99.9% accuracy rate with survey barcodes and addressing WHAT WE OFFER: Print and mail services  Digital and Offset Production  Inserter Verification  Barcoding and Scanning  Data Capture (Image and Data Processing) Knowledge and experience with CMS and NCQA projects for over 12 years Camera systems on all inserters Hybrid offset and digital operations On staff graphic designers USPS BMU (bulk mail units) on location DG Postal tracking system Dashboard reporting for returns Cognex barcode verification system on inkjet systems Patented self-mailers approved by Centers for Medicaid ISO certified workflow tracking software Real time NCOA (National Change of Address database from USPS) 48 month look back for move updates Internet Studies IT Security standards based on ISO 27001 Unparalleled turnaround times and print quality Volume discount on paper and envelopes We have visitor offices with internet access; we are located 40 minutes from Hartsfield Jackson airport. We are also set up for offsite virtual proofing for any projects that are not strictly required to be onsite. We can handle your USPS processing and paperwork for your internal department and offer the tracking and savings associated with our huge mail volumes.

We have the resources to drop directly into the mail-stream within 24 hours. We understand your goals as a market researcher, and therefore work to help improve response rates, speed up returns and offer postage savings. A few of which are:  Produced a $125,000.00 postage savings for a 300,000 piece patient survey for AARP  Implemented a self-patented mailer for 3 of HOS’ approved national vendors for an $80,000.00 savings on a 250,000 member sample file  Responsible for a 2.5 million dollar postage savings over a 5 year contract for Department of Veterans Affairs Million Veteran’s Program (MVP)

We combine the volume of clients nationwide to gain discounts that allow companies the ability to maintain an efficient state of the art facility with low monthly volumes despite the decline in printed statements. We eliminate the need for market research firms to hire temporary untrained support due to seasonal projects, drastically reducing the cost of temporary employees. Our volume allows us to employ 2 USPS Mail design professionals whose full time positions are devoted to staying abreast of ongoing changes within the US postal system. We remain professionally staffed so that Market research companies are better served to focus on their core competencies. ORGANIZATIONAL/SURVEY CAPACITY/TECHNICAL COMPETENCE 3 Bryce ink jet systems that can produce 300,000 surveys per day Inserter department can insert 180,000 surveys per day with 3 Belle & Howell Inserters EFI Tracking System in use for monitoring client changes Proof HQ System fully integrated with EFI Tracking for real time proofing technology Folder system permits 250,000 surveys per day and 120,000 personalized cover letters per day Overall production areas can produce in excess of 350,000 surveys per day QUALITY CONTROL/MANAGEMENT PLAN Custom containers for transportation of sensitive documents between departments Infrared and sonar sensor technology on Bourg collating and folding systems Double sheet detectors on all presses Use of Checksum for imaging hand keyed information Roaming QC pulls every 30 minutes from project leads Densitometers on all equipment for ink density checks Redundant production logs at each piece of equipment Data integrity secured with redundant systems overlapping

PERSONNEL Project director has extensive knowledge of NCQA requirements Full time employees with a solid 12 years’ experience with CAHPS season requirements Employees are all involved with large scale projects Recurring training provided for all employees All employees pass background checks All employees take VA security training PAST PERFORMANCE INCLUDE: 2012  Printed, mailed and imaged 800,000 HOS surveys  Produced 480,000 ICH surveys  300,000 AARP patient satisfaction surveys 2011  Provided print and mail for the largest VA study in the nation MVP program  Mailed 3.5 million surveys 2009  Produced 5600 customer satisfaction surveys for Kawneer Architectural Products 2008  Produced 300,000 surveys for Home Depot  Produced 215,000 printed surveys for an Atlanta based NCQA CAHPS certified vendor  Produced 10,640 Spanish written surveys for an Atlanta based NCQA CAHPS certified vendor  Mail room operations exceeded 700,000 surveys 2007  Produced 180,000 HEDIS Medicare Outcome Surveys for an Atlanta based NCQA CAHPS certified vendor 2006  Produced 34,722 Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP for an Atlanta based NCQA CAHPS certified vendor 2002 thru 2009  Produced NCQA survey print material for an Atlanta based NCQA CAHPS certified vendor  Trained NCQA client in the use of Quark express style sheets for survey layout as well as Adobe Illustrator to separate and import client files to custom survey tools CONTACT: Ms. Denise Hindle ● ● Phone: 770.972.2354

DG SOLUTIONS, INC 2074 East Park Drive

Conyers, GA


DG Solutions Company Overview  

DG Solutions is a division of Dixie Graphics, Inc. Dixie Graphics focus' primarily on Commercial Print while DG Solutions focus is on Market...

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