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The Big Picture A desktop publishing (DTP) package is a package designed to set up professional looking pages that contain text and graphics. DTP packages like MS Publisher and Adobe InDesign are designed to allow the creation of professional magazines, books, leaflets and newspapers. They have special features that help the user control the position of the text and graphics, such as: • onscreen rulers • frames • text boxes.

Advantages of DTP In the past to create newspapers and magazines was a process that required many different employees – typesetting, photo-compositors, page layout etc DTP revolutionised the printing industry in the 1980s. Journalists were able to type their copy directly onto the page and sub-editors could re-arrange articles and headlines at will. As a result many traditional printing jobs became obsolete. Before long there was a huge increase in the number of magazines that were available on newsagents shelves. A relatively small number of staff are needed to create a magazine. Desk top publishing increased the productivity of the workforce, allowed articles and photos to be amended easily and allowed layouts to be changed easily.

Features of a DTP package Enter Text Articles can be typed directly into the desk top publishing program. The text can be edited and spell checked on the page. Often the user will want to select a style, eg. italic, or a different font. Headings will require a larger size. Add clip art Rather than draw your own images, users often prefer to use copyright free clip art. Clip art can also come in the form of photographs. Photographs are taken with traditional cameras or digital cameras. Digital cameras allow photos to be inserted immediately into the page layout software without the need for developing the photos. Scanners can also be used to input images. Graphics can also be created in other packages and transferred onto pages using copy/paste.

DGS S Grade Computing Studies

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Features of a DTP package Use wizard or template Using a wizard is a great way to start producing a DTP document. A wizard will often offer the user a choice of templates that have the structure, style and even colour of the page already in place. A template is an outline document that the user just has to change the standard text and graphics. It will then step the user through the process of completing the page by entering the text or inserting graphics from a clip art file.

Questions 1

What does DTP mean ?


Name a DTP program


Name two items that a DTP program would be used to create


Why did so many people lose their jobs in the newspaper printing business when DTP came along?


Name a job in newspaper printing that was not affected by DTP


How did DTP increase productivity in the newspaper industry ?


Name two feature of a DTP package.


What is a template ?


Explain how a wizard would help you to set up an advertising leaflet for a company


Name three ways that you could get graphics to add to a DTP page.

DGS S Grade Computing Studies

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Enter Text Articles can be typed directly into the desk top publishing program. The text can be edited and spell checked on the page. Often...

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