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Chairman’s Report From Glasgow Grows Audiences to Culture Sparks My request for feedback from members, stakeholders and clients in last year’s Report did not go unnoticed. Through project evaluations and our own research, it is clear that, whilst facing the most challenging market conditions yet, you value the detailed audience insight, bespoke services and efforts of the dedicated and accomplished staff team that Glasgow Grows Audiences provides. Combined with large scale, strategic projects such as ‘The Source’ and ‘AmbITion Scotland’ – which we manage in collaboration with industry partners – we benefit from both a local and national overview of the sector. It is this alchemy that creates deeper connectivity and more diverse collaborations, which I believe will help to sustain and support a vibrant arts and cultural sector in the future and drive audience development. Your feedback also led us to question how best to serve the developing needs of our members and clients across the creative industries. The result is our re-positioning as ‘Culture Sparks’, a unique partnership providing detailed market intelligence and the ‘spark’ to ignite its worth. Essential collateral for the year ahead. Roy McEwan Chair Culture Sparks


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Director’s Report The Winds of Change in 2009/10 Professionally, key public agencies formally joined forces to support Scotland’s creative industries. Creative Scotland, the enterprise agencies and local authorities published a framework document outlining the roles and responsibilities of major support organisations to provide complementary services aimed at maximising economic growth. Led by Chair Ewan Brown and the board of Creative Scotland 2009 Ltd, the joint board and chief executives of the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen began to outline Creative Scotland’s mission and operational structures. The Minister for Culture, Michael Russell, met with representatives of Scotland’s artistic and creative communities across Scotland to share views and outline initial thoughts for the sector. Economically, the market was in disarray. The Royal Bank of Scotland expected to make losses totalling £24.1 billion, the biggest in British corporate history. Routine financial indicators, such as the Consumer and Retail Price indices and employment statistics revealed some of the largest falls in over 11 years. The economy was officially in recession for the first time since 1991. Technologically, the UK Government produced its long awaited ‘Digital Britain’ report, making a number of striking recommendations with regard to broadband access, internet use and public service broadcasting. In the market, use of social media continued to grow fuelled, in part, by the smartphone. In the first three months of 2009 alone, Apple sold 4.4 million phones. This convergence of new technologies and live interaction energised the debate about our practice as creators and curators of the arts experience.


Descriptions of ‘users’, ‘visitors’, ‘audiences’ or ‘customers’ continued to shift towards talk of ‘communities’ and ‘relationships’.

The public, seen as creators themselves, connected to the things they loved through social networks, where they shared meaningful and relevant experiences and made their voices heard. We noticed the value of those relationships directly and began to evaluate them in new ways. We looked at, for example, levels of engagement and disclosure, response rates, debate, interaction and influence. So why was this cultural, economic and technological turmoil important to Glasgow Grows Audiences? Because it was driving inescapable social and behavioural change. We believe that new forms of practice and relationships with audiences are ahead. People will move seamlessly through information available to them anywhere, at anytime, sharing content with a rich set of groups and networks that they themselves define. They will come to expect complete arts experiences generated by a coalescence of live performance and digital technologies. Our experience with members and stakeholders over the last five years has taught us that some of the most insightful audience development happens amongst those who are already conversing, connecting and expressing themselves online, in communities and across the broadest spectrum of creative activity. Not simply in our theatres and concert halls. We believe there is a new job of audience development – one which seeks out those conversations and taps into people’s needs to develop and broker new relationships and partnerships more widely. While the outcome of what we have done over the years may be audience growth and organisational development, it is our collective knowledge, ideas and application which stimulates and develops those new partnerships to promote innovation and sustained growth. Therefore in 2009 we began a process of change ourselves. Welcome to Culture Sparks – the intelligence and innovation partnership for the cultural sector.

Julie L. Tait, Director, Culture Sparks


uring 2009/10 around 30 individual consultancy projects were delivered by the Culture Sparks team. These included economic impact assessments for key cultural festivals in and around Glasgow; in-depth audience trends and lifestyle profiling projects, market assessments, audience development strategies, digital media impact analyses and the third year of a very successful internship programme.

Project Management: ‘AmbITion Scotland’ is a change programme for the creative and cultural industries in Scotland, which supports organisations to achieve 21st century sustainability through implementing integrated IT and digital developments. The objectives of the project are being met through the close working of 55 participant organisations with 17 specialist advisors from all over Scotland. Additionally, ‘AmbITion Scotland’ supplies the wider creative and cultural sector with digital knowledge and learning opportunities through Webinars, Roadshows, new networks and a wide range of online resources.

Project Management: Involving over 40 arts organisations, ‘The Source’ is the biggest ever benchmarking and ongoing measure of audience behaviours and demographics across Scotland. In this second year of the project ‘The Source’ team undertook a sector-wide Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and an in-depth Systems Audit with arts venues. Both produced valuable insight into organisational activity and hardware and assessed aspects such as ticketing systems, audience feedback collation and customer service. Three quirkily named training workshops were developed in response to the TNA feedback: ‘Data Control’, ‘Data Police’ and ‘Data Detective’ for roll out in 2010.


AmbITion Scotland

This year also saw the continuation of the national project - ‘The Source’ the biggest ever benchmarking and ongoing measure of audience behaviours and demographics across Scotland. Culture Sparks also commenced delivery of the £1m Creative Scotland funded programme ‘AmbITion Scotland’. This major new national project, developed in association with Creative Scotland and Rudman Consulting, offers seed funding and support to assist arts organisations to undertake the kind of change management that is required to become exemplars in the use of digital technologies.

1 / 2 The (AmbITion) ning network makes it possible to follow up on things discussed at the Roadshow, which I think is great, as often these kinds of seminar/workshops get lost at the back of your mind a few days later. AmbITion Scotland Webinar Delegate

“[Culture Sparks] they’re respected, they know their stuff, they can crunch the data better than anyone I’ve met and they’re just nice people. It works.”

Partner, The Source

Culture Sparks Consultancy Projects

The team at Culture Sparks work with a wide range of arts and cultural organisations. The projects on pages 5 and 6 show the types of collaborate work undertaken in 2009/10 with members and clients and its often bespoke nature.

Aberdeen Performing Arts (APA) Orchestral Research

Uncovering attendance trends at orchestral music events on behalf of APA and the BBC SSO, RSNO and SCO.

AmbITion Scotland Programme Evaluation

Continuous evaluation of the ‘AmbITion Scotland’ programme, utilising quantitative and qualitative data to measure the achievements in a rich and meaningful way.

Audiences East Scotland Business Planning

Strategic planning support through the facilitation of workshops with Audiences East Scotland collaborators.

Audience Profiling Completed with:

Citizens’ Theatre Dance House Glasgow Theatres Ltd RSAMD


Audiences UK

UK Digital Research Commissioned by Audiences UK, Culture Sparks managed and dissemminated Arts Council England’s (ACE) Digital Audience Research Project, which involved a UK wide e-survey with 2,000 digitally engaged people about their on and offline cultural consumption.

Chamber Music Forum Scotland

The Chamber Music Market An assessment of the potential audience for chamber music in Scotland using profiling tools. Also incorporated the analysis of case studies, educational initiatives and experimental programming in the UK and beyond.


Audience & Social Media Trends Included a review of: audience sales trends between 2002/09, current marketing tactics, future programming, data capture methods and social media impact.

East Ayrshire Council Survey Review

Following a review of existing ‘Information Services’ survey methods, recommendations were made to enable the streamlining of data collection procedures and the gathering of consistent feedback.

Glasgow City Council

Cultural Research 2004/09 data and trends analysis of the Glasgow arts marketplace.

Hear Glasgow!

Strategic Support Supporting the development of Hear Glasgow! through steering group membership of the Glasgow Strategic Music Partnership and practical communications support.

Mischief La-Bas

Audience Development Strategic and practical support for the ‘Market of Optimism’ and the Mischief team.

“ “

Having Culture Sparks as an independent reviewer means I have backing to implement the changes needed. Dianne McGregor, East Ayrshire Council

“[Our] meeting was brilliantly helpful and has certainly brought shape and focus to the tasks ahead. Thanks also for the information... lots to read, absorb, digest and investigate! Once again thanks for your invaluable guidance and support.”

Natalie Davidson, Cryptic

Audience Development/ Organisational Audit An audience development audit to identify areas in which NYCOS could extend reach, revenue and reputation.

Random Accomplice Audience Development

Research and audience development support including audience analysis - to support business planning and growth objectives.

Scotland’s National Arts Companies Data Sharing

Audience crossover analysis with Scottish Ballet, the National Theatre of Scotland, Scottish Opera, RSNO and SCO.

‘The Greenhouse’ Internship Programme Scottish Arts Council

Year three of ‘The Greenhouse’ Internship Programme, supported by the Scottish Arts Council. Theoretical and practical learning through coaching, mentoring and placements.


Business Planning Facilitation of business planning workshops to inspire change, creativity, innovation and lateral thinking.

Visitor Economic Impact Studies

Completed in 2009/10: Celtic Connections Burns an’ a’ that! Festival Merchant City Festival Glasgay!

Scottish Dance Theatre and Repnet

Wasps Artists’ Studios

International Research

Open Studios Research

International dance research project enabling the ‘Repnet’ collective to gain a deeper understanding of their current audiences.

Visitor feedback analysis from the ‘Open Studios Weekend’ which took place at Wasps’ venues across Scotland.

Young Audiences Scotland Project Evaluation


Celtic Connections


Continued from 2008/09

1 / 2 The report we received (from Culture Sparks) has helped us identify, for our region, the drive times of existing audiences plus has helped us identify the user characteristics of existing audiences, so that we can best understand where our gaps lie. This is helping us target new audiences. We used the report in a recent Families campaign, and for the planning of a future campaign, targeting cultural tourists. Vicky Hayes, Audiences East Scotland

Glasgay! have used the services of Culture Sparks for the last four years and have always found the team helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Their particular understanding of the impact of tourism on the arts and economic impact studies has been of high value to our business models. Steven Thomson, Glasgay!

Conference: ‘Spreading the Love’ & The GaGAs

Conference 2009

‘Spreading the Love: the Art of Appeal’ was Culture Sparks’ fourth annual conference. Delegates heard from speakers with global experience including experts from; the independent think tank and research institute Demos, and from Phoenix in Arizona, the director of Alliance for Audiences whose work has resulted in real change and bigger audiences across a number of US cities. Over 100 arts professionals from across Scotland were in attendance. Culture Sparks’ annual awards ceremony – The GaGAs – was an important feature of the conference, recognising inspiring audience development work taking place in Scotland. The 2009 winners included the Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow Film Theatre, the RSNO and Jackie Shearer (Platform).

Culture Sparks led seminars and workshops in 2009/10 (‘Google Analytics’, ‘Exploring Audience Mindsets’ and ‘Handling Difficult Conversations’) had a focus on practcial skilling in response to ‘The Source’ cultural sector training needs analysis. Other events during this period took place as part of ‘The Source’ and ‘AmbITion Scotland’ programmes.

Events 2009/10



‘Google Analytics’ Seminar


‘The Source’: Forums - North / West


‘Exploring Audience Mindsets’ Workshop


‘The Source’: Forums - Glasgow / Edinburgh / Perth


‘Handling Difficult Conversations’ Workshop


‘AmbITion Scotland - Getting Digital’ Edinburgh


‘AmbITion Scotland - Getting Digital’ Glasgow


‘AmbITion Scotland - Roadshow’ Inverness

1 / 2 We had a brilliant, informative, THOUGHT PROVOKING and FUN day. Sometimes we forget about the fun side of the arts, and the love it inspires. Cheers for reminding us. Alison Bell, dgarts

” The GaGAs 2009

Events: supported and promoted by Culture Sparks

1 / 2

Summary of Annual Accounts

Statement of Financial Activities

For year ended 31st March 2010


Expenditure 09/10 54% 15% 31% <1%

Salaries and Employers Costs Operating Overheads Projects Depreciation



54% 31%

Grants – public bodies Grants – local authorities Membership Projects Other Earned Income Bank Interest Received

£70,000 £50,000 £64,209 £184,410 £6,160 £1,539




Income 09/10 19% 13% 17% 49% 2% <1%

Grants – Public Bodies Grants – Local Authorities Membership Projects Other Bank Interest

49% 13% <1%





£196,850 £53,863 £114,709 £1,533




£9,363 £121,128 £130,491

The charity has net reserves at the year-end of £130,491. This includes revenues which will be used in meeting the increased demand for arts consultancy, delivery of national grant funded projects and training services for which Culture Sparks has commitments in 2010/11.

Balance Sheet FIXED ASSESTS: Tangible Assets


The directors’ aim is to manage risk by building up a reserves fund adequate to cover core overheads for a 3 month period. Where unallocated funds are created these will be redirected towards maintaining the operations of the organisation to ensure delivery of the core Memorandum and Articles of the organisation and ensure efficient and effective best practice at all times.

CURRENT ASSETS: Debtors Cash at Bank

£44,545 £384,180


£304,052 £124,673 £130,491



These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice applicable to Smaller Entities and in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and Regulation 8 of the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006. The summary accounts have been extracted from the audited statutory accounts for the year ending 31 March 2010. The full accounts and report are available from Culture Sparks. The financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 1 September 2010.


Salaries & Employers Costs Operating Overheads Projects Depreciation



BBC Scottish Symphony orchestra (BBC SSO) Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Citizens’ Theatre Cumbernauld Theatre Dance House Direct Distribution Dumfries & Galloway Arts (dgarts) East Ayrshire Council Glasgow Theatres Ltd (ATG) Glasgow’s Concert Halls Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery National Theatre of Scotland National Youth Choirs of Scotland (NYCoS) National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (NYOS) North Ayrshire Council North Lanarkshire Council Platform Random Accomplice Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) Scottish Ballet Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) Scottish Ensemble Scottish Opera Solar Bear The Arches Tramway Tron Theatre WASPS Artists’ Studios

Julie L. Tait Director Charlotte Wilson Head of Market Research Dianne Greig Head of Audience Development Kirsty McKenzie Finance & Administration Manager Elaine McMillan Finance & Administration Manager* Nina Honeyman Audience Development Manager Lauren Duffy Insight Analyst Rosemary James Audience Development Intern (08/09) Jasmine Piper Audience Development Intern (09/10) Ashley Smith Hammond AmbITion Scotland Project Manager * Maternity cover

Board Roy McEwan (Chair)

Managing Director, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Janette Harkess (Vice Chair)

Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI)

David Hunter

Senior Partner, Campbell Dallas Chartered Accountancy

Jackie Killeen

Head of Policy & Development, Big Lottery Fund Scotland

Guy Robertson

Managing Partner, GRP

Ronnie Somerville Director,

Prof. Alan Wilson

Head of the Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde

Julie L. Tait (Secretary) Director, Culture Sparks



ulture Sparks is the intelligence and innovation partnership for the cultural sector. Through consultancy projects, facilitation, coaching and training events, the team provides members, clients and partners with tailored strategies and guidance to achieve their audience growth ambitions. We are:

Researchers and commentators on the social and economic impact of arts and culture

An innovative support service for creative organisations who want to develop their skills and knowledge to engage more audiences A unique gateway to a network of fellow partners, professionals and specialists in the fields of market and social research, arts marketing, skills training, digital media and commercial development A creative studio for trialling, presenting and celebrating new ideas and collaborations in audience development

Culture Sparks Suite 1/1, 6 Dixon Street Glasgow, G1 4AX T. 0141 248 6864 E.

Culture Sparks is supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow City Council Glasgow Grows Audiences Ltd operating as Culture Sparks Registered as a Company in Scotland: SC270865 Registered Scottish Charity: SC035796

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2009/10  
Culture Sparks Annual Report 2009/10  

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2009/10