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“This was a super report. I can already see that I will have good use of it in further marketing. It has been super working with you!” Kristin Raknes, PR Manager, Carte Blanche (Norway!)


Gaelic Arts

Scottish Ballet

Audience Research | July 2010 Benchmarking and trends analysis, comparing Scottish Chamber Orchestra data with the Classical Glasgow and The Source benchmark. Research provided also included an examination of social network and website trends. Z

Ambassador Theatre Group

Audience Research | July 2010 An analysis of Scottish Ballet’s Autumn 2010 ‘Geometry and Grace’ audience to identify seasonal trends. Z

Postcode Mapping | November 2010 Penetration analysis and postcode mapping of audiences who attended well known musicals such as, ‘legally Blonde’, ‘lion King’ and ‘wicked’, at venues across England. Z

Research | December 2010 Research examining the BBC SSO audience across the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 seasons, and comparing the results with the Glasgow classical music audience benchmark. Z

Strategic Support | June 2010 Providing strategic support to the west Arts Network during the allocation of funding to arts organisations. The network creates opportunities for communities in the west area of Glasgow to participate in cultural activities. Z

Research | April 2010 Primary research with individuals and organisations associated with Gaelic Arts in Glasgow, including audience members, participants and affiliated artists.The project sought to gain opinions on how to develop Gaelic Arts in Glasgow in order to demonstrate the impact of the Gaelic Arts Strategy. Z


Scottish Chamber Orchestra


National west Arts Theatre of Network Scotland VS Management | June 2010 Managing the installation of Vital Statistics and providing support and training. Z

2010­­­­­2011 ­ ANNUAL REPORT SCO TwiTTER ANAlySiS



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intelligence | innovation | strategic support


Gaelic Arts | Gaelic Audience Research National Theatre of Scotland | VS Management west Arts Network | Strategic Support The Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery | Visitor Research The Byre Theatre | Economic impact Study Artlink Central | workshop Facilitation Scottish Chamber Orchestra | Audience Research RSAMd | Audience Research Eden Court | Audience Analysis Artlink Central | Board Evaluation Ambassador Theatre Group | Postcode Mapping Scottish Ballet | Attendance Analysis BBC SSO | Audience Research RepNet | Audience Research CCA | Visitor Research Horsecross Arts | Event Evaluation Tramway | Audience Research Celtic Connections 2011 | Economic impact Study Architecture + design Scotland | Audience Research Scottish Ensemble | Audience Research National Theatre of Scotland | Audience Research National Museums of Scotland | Audience Research Tron Theatre | Business Planning Mischief la-Bas | Audience development Support Ambassador Theatre Group | Mapping VeloCityArt | Research The Source | Research AmbiTion Scotland | digital development The Source | data Training Culture Sparks launch low Cost or No Cost Ticketing | Ticketing Systems The Source | Regional Forums AmbiTion Scotland | webinar ‘Mobile Operator’ AmbiTion Scotland | webinar ‘So many friends, so …’ AmbiTion Scotland | webinar ‘Now you’re talking!’ AmbiTion Scotland | webinar ‘Getting to know....’ AmbiTion Scotland | Spring Training #1 ‘The Big Guys’ The GaGAs 2010 | industry Awards AmbiTion Scotland | Spring Training # 2 ‘That’s Rich!’

“A really useful project that will really help the CCA to continue to develop audiences. [...] we feel we now have a much better understanding of our audience.” Julie Cathcart, Marketing Manager, CCA


Audience Research | July 2010 Ticket data, covering a twelve-month period, was analysed to reveal and map sales patterns, audience demographics, art form crossover and the venue’s catchment. Z

The Byre Economic Impact Study | July 2010 The Byre Theatre commissioned Culture Sparks to undertake an evaluation of the “inside Out” Festival in St Andrews. Z

Artlink Central

Repnet Audience Research | December 2010 Repnet is a network of five repertory dance companies from across Europe: Scottish dance Theatre (Scotland), Carte Blanche (Norway), Nordwest/ Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg - Tanztheater Bremen (Germany), Skånes dansteater (Sweden) and icelandic dance Company (iceland).

Workshop Facilitation | July 2010 Artlink Central asked Culture Sparks to facilitate a board and team brand development workshop to provide support and guidance during their rebranding process.


Audience Research | February 2011 Profiling potential audiences within the Aberdeen City Council area to inform National Theatre of Scotland’s ‘Nothing to See Here’ extreme project. Z

The Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery Visitor Research | July 2010 Visitor data and intelligence, covering an eight year period for The Hunterian Museum, Art Gallery and The Mackintosh House, was re-visualised to inform strategic development planning across each of the venues. Z

“Thank you to Julie and her team for supporting us to reflect as an organisation, both board and staff, through some complex issues and challenging perspectives.” Participant Z


Visitor Research | December 2010 An overview of the CCA’s current and recent audiences.The analysis incorporated visitor data, e-survey responses and findings specific to the venue’s online audience. Z

Horsecross Event Evaluation | January 2011 An evaluation of Horsecross Arts’ “Home and Away,” a cross artform programme of community based residencies and commissions involving Scottish and international artists. The research evaluated each element of the festival, using postcode analysis, face-toface interviews and self-completion surveys. Z

Architecture + design Scotland Audience Research | February 2011 To assist Architecture + design Scotland in targeting potential audience groups for their programme of events, Culture Sparks provided intelligence relating to potential Exhibition audiences by assessing attendance from Scotland-wide Target Group index survey figures. This provided details on consumers who had attended either Art Galleries or Art Exhibitions in the past 12 months, and highlighted groups within Glasgow that could be considered for high-level targeting. Mosaic Scotland analysis tools, which provide a consumer classification of Scotland’s population in terms of socio-demographics and lifestyles trends, were then further used to map out audience hotspots within a 30-minute drive time of Glasgow City Centre. Z


The network identified the need for audience-based research, which Culture Sparks was commissioned to deliver. The project examined frequency of attendance, audience characteristics, influences, satisfaction – painting a picture of the dance audience of different countries, examining similarities and







Audience Analysis | October 2010 Culture Sparks analysed Eden Court’s cinema audience to examine the Mosaic profile, frequency, booking patterns, drive time patterns and top attending postcodes. Z

“The Audience Development Report and Action Plan has been / is being incorporated into the day to day running of Mischief La-Bas now. It has proved to be an invaluable tool in our business development. No doubt about it, there has been a profound shift in our approach to how we present ourselves to our clients, stakeholders, and the world generally.” Sarah Jean Couzens, Company Manager, Mischief La-Bas Z

Ambassador Theatre Group Mapping | Ongoing ATG commissioned Culture Sparks to analyse and create postcode and penetration maps for numerous venues and productions throughout the uK. The maps illustrated the reach of bookers throughout the uK, crossover between venues and productions as well as the hotspots - providing valuable insight about their audiences. “these are beautiful and you are a life saver.Thank you” Ben Prudhoe, Marketing Associate ATG, London “Thanks so much for all these - very useful.” Damien Hewitt, Head Of Production Marketing, ATG Z

Business Planning | March 2011 working in collaboration with Tron to develop their Business Plan. A one-day workshop was facilitated by Julie Tait, to help the team share views, generate ideas and suggestions to inform their future plans.

Audience Research | January 2011 An examination of the venue’s visual arts and performance audiences. The research measured audience attitudes towards the venue, and investigated art form / venue crossover. Z

Economic impact Study

Eden Court


Scottish Ensemble Audience Research | February 2011 An analysis of the Scottish Ensemble audience from seasons 2006/07 to 2009/10, at venues across Scotland. Z

“The 2 group sessions we had with Julie on the Business Plan were invaluable. The sessions focused minds and provided the organisation with the tools to move the planning forward. To date The Tron has put together a draft plan which is evolving and hopefully will be complete within the next couple of months. Julie’s understanding of the organisation and the marketplace were a huge asset to the workshops we participated in. All in all it was a worthwhile and constructive experience for us all.” Anne McCluskey, Executive Director, Tron Z

Mischief la-Bas Audience Development Support | March 2011 in their endeavors to ‘reach the parts that other arts don’t reach’ Mischief laBas assigned Culture Sparks to provide

“Helpful tips, thought provoking exercises and the opportunity to share experiences with other marketing colleagues made this a valuable experience.” The Source Project Data Training Participant

research, evaluation and marketing support for their Scotland wide tour – the Market of Optimism. The project acted as a catalyst for reviewing and developing how the company interact with their target audiences, culminating in the creation of the company’s first audience development strategy.

Tron Theatre

Economic Impact Study | February 2011 An evaluation of Celtic Connections 2011 to assess the contribution the festival made to the local and national economy. Z


“The research helped inform a project which looked specifically at young people’s use of digital tools/technology and how that might connect with the arts and culture. It’ll provide valuable information as we build up our programme of events and activities as part of the Cultural Olympiad next year.” Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital Media, National Museums Scotland Z

“Fantastic event - short, sharp and crackling with energy. Perfect pitch and perfectly executed–as always. Another Gaga triumph!’ Janette Harkess, Vice Chair, Culture Sparks Board


Celtic Connections

“I couldn't have imagined a more interesting and productive workshop and was very impressed with your style of delivery and impact..” Alison Wardrop, Branding Consultant, Artlink Central Z Board Evaluation | November 2010 Culture Sparks adapted and developed an e-survey to be used as an annual board evaluation. Board members and staff completed the e-survey the results of which were used to stimulate reflection and discussion

Audience Research | March 2011 Providing insight into how young people engage digitally with the arts to inform future projects with this age group.

“This was a super report. I can already see that I will have good use of it in further marketing. It has been super working with you!” Kristin Raknes, Carte Blanche Z


potential sponsors and funders but also when entering industry awards and it adds to our already extensive evaluation process.” Alison Lewis, Senior Marketing and Arts Officer, Glasgow’s Concert Halls

National Museums of Scotland

differences between different locations. The e-survey developed by Culture Sparks was translated from English into four languages (German, icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish), and completed by audiences from each of the Repnet companies.


“The Economic Impact Study has been invaluable in giving us a unique insight into the motivations and characteristics of visitors to the festival. We have been able to quote the statistics not only to


“Love the Social Media Benchmarking – this is great, useful and presented in such a clear manner – think we are going to report against this for next AES meeting with our own site.” Jane Hogg, Consultant, Audiences East Scotland



“The two group sessions we had with Julie on the Business Plan were invaluable. Her understanding of the organisation and the marketplace were a huge asset.” Anne McCluskey, Executive Director, Tron Theatre


The Source Audience Research | Ongoing Managed by Culture Sparks,The Source is the biggest ever benchmarking and ongoing measure of audience behaviours and demographics across Scotland. it brings together over 40 arts organisations, including major venues and the national touring companies, to share data, provide training and guidance and use collated information strategically to inform programming, marketing and operational planning. This two year (2009 – 2011) joint project between the Federation of Scottish Theatre (FST), Culture Sparks and The Audience Business (TAB), supported by Creative Scotland, uses the latest technology to extract and manipulate audience data from box offices around the country to provide a clear picture of Scotland's audiences. in 2010/11 The Source participants received the second annual report, providing intelligence to enable them to monitor their audiences and identify key trends. Z

AmbiTion Scotland PuBliC PARTiCiPATiON CAMPAiGN

VeloCityArt Research | Ongoing VeloCityArt is a new public art initiative which enables Glasgow to get creative as the city evolves in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. it links Glasgow's people with artists to help enhance and improve their local area in unique ways which reflect the spirit of our communities and city. As part of a wider Operational Plan, Culture Sparks' role is to engage the public in conversations that will help shape the long-term transformation of communities. Z

Digital Development | Ongoing AmbiTion Scotland is a change programme for the creative and cultural industries in Scotland, managed by Culture Sparks and supported by Creative Scotland. its aim is to help organisations in Scotland achieve 21st century sustainability through implementing integrated iT and digital developments. Throughout 2010/2011 AmbiTion Scotland worked with 55 participant organisations and 17 specialist advisors from all over Scotland, to achieve these objectives. in addition to providing direct support to the participating organisations, AmbiTion Scotland supplied knowledge and learning opportunities and resources to the wider creative and cultural sector and established relationship with external partners. Z



“Helpful tips, thought provoking exercises and the opportunity to share experiences with other marketing colleagues made this a valuable experience.” Data Training Participant Z

Culture Sparks Members | Social Media Benchmarks

Benchmarks compiled from 28 arts and cultural companies (including members of Culture Sparks). The figures shown are medians. e.g. On average a company has 1000 followers and makes 60 tweets per month. TwiTTER BENCHMARK

May 2010 Culture Sparks officially launched on wednesday 12th May 2010 at an event attended by a wide range of representatives from the cultural sector. At the Glasgow Film Theatre, Culture Sparks premiered a short film produced by Vox Populus, which described the need for change, the design process and the journey from GGA to Culture Sparks.

Data Training | April 2010 The Source developed a new programme of training courses in response to the results of the national box office audit and the training needs analysis. Aimed at those working in marketing and box office in arts organisations, the first set of training courses took place in April, led by debbie Richards of Baker Richards. Each course was accompanied with a workbook containing tasks and guidance, which participants took away with them. AudiENCE MOSAiC By REGiON

“Very helpful in increasing awareness of ticketing systems on the market and finding common ground with other organisations.” Ticketing Systems Showcase Participant Z

The Source Forums | July 2010 The forums provided an opportunity for Source participants to hear how organisations outside of the cultural sector use Mosaic profiling to their advantage. in addition, the Scottish arts attendance benchmark was presented, providing valuable insight and intelligence about arts attenders both nationally and regionally. “What enhanced the experience today was meeting other marketing managers and hearing how they come to grips with data.” Satya Dunning, Dance House

damien Smith, founding partner of digital designers iSO, producers of the creative social network Central Station, talked about how to manage time, policies and digital tools to help get the most out of the opportunities of online social networking. Z

Webinar 6: ‘Now you’re talking! – e-copywriting for all your online audiences’

Jonathan Melville of Reel Scotland showed delegates how to persuade and attract existing and potential audiences of all demographics.

“Desperately in need of some guidance amidst the tantalising quagmire that is the world of social media, I found the event very insightful… It definitely left with me with inspiration to take things forward, and I got some useful help and contacts from the online chat. The live chat, by the way, is definitely the new way to network - think I spoke to many more people than I would have done had in the slightly self-conscious and pressurised atmosphere that face to face events can be. All in all, a great event. Thanks Ambition!” Webinar Participant Z

Webinar 7: ‘Getting to know your customers – tools, tips and tricks’

Roger Tomlinson taught delegates about customer relationship management systems and showed them how they can gather better data about their customers and put it to better use.


The GaGAs

Industry Awards | February 2011 launched in 2008, the GaGAs are industry awards presented by Culture Sparks to recognise & celebrate audience development in Scotland – the people, the ideas, the creativity & the successes.The evening hosted by Scottish actor and director libby McArthur, at Sloans in Glasgow, presented some of the inspirational work taking place by companies and individuals who are building audiences for arts and culture across the country. “Just a note to congratulate you and the team for a superb and creative celebration of the arts. Fantastic event - short, sharp and crackling with energy, which seemed to be greatly appreciated by all who attended. Perfect pitch and perfectly executed - as always. Another Gaga triumph!’ Janette Harkess, Director of Policy and Research, Scottish Council for Development & Industry

“I wish I'd been able to be there in person as originally planned, but the fact that it was possible to watch online and follow the comments made me feel part of it.” Webinar Participant Z

Host Your Own Training | January to March 2011 in January 2011, AmbiTion Scotland tested a new model for training – host your own. Many participating organisations expressed a need for more experiential and practical training. in response to this, AmbiTion Scotland offered them the chance to host their own hands-on training, on the topic that suits them best.

AmbiTion Scotland

Roy McEwan – Chair (until November 2010) Managing director, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

“It was great to have a training session in our own venue where there was no travel involved and to be able to host the event for other arts organisations that are also based in Woodend Barn.” Training Participant Z

NOTES All the project data illustrated in this report is representative of a specific moment in time and are not necessarily indicative of the position today. A upper Echelons B Families on the Move C Small Town Propriety d Country lifestyles E urban Sophisticates F Town Centre Singles G Renters Now Owning H low income Families i State Beneficiaries J Shades of grey

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (BBC SSO) l CCA l Citizens’ Theatre l Cumbernauld Theatre l dance House l dumfries & Galloway Arts* l Glasgow’s Concert Halls l Glasgow East Arts Company (Platform) l Glasgow Theatres ltd (ATG) l Hear Glasgow* l Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery* l National Theatre of Scotland l NyOS l NyCOS l RSAMd* l RSNO l Scottish Ballet l Scottish Chamber Orchestra l Scottish Ensemble l Scottish Opera l The Arches l Tramway l Tron Theatre l wasps Artists Studios

Cindy Sughrue – Chair (from November 2010) Chief Executive/Executive Producer, Scottish Ballet Janette Harkess – Vice Chair director of Policy & Research, Scottish Council for development and industry (SCdi) david Hunter Senior Partner, Campbell dallas Chartered Accountancy Jackie Killeen Head of Policy & development, Big lottery Fund Scotland

Guy Robertson Managing Partner, GRP To date, seven associate and partner organisations have ‘hosted their own’ training sessions on a wide range of topics including audio production, writing skills for online platforms and advanced twitter training.



Mark O’Neill (from November 2010) director of Policy, Research and development, Glasgow Museums




Julie McGarvey (from November 2010) director, 3x1 Public Relations


Spring Training | January-February 2011 The AmbiTion Scotland Spring Training Series featured three full day workshops teaching practical skills in using the digital tools required to build communities and increase operational effectiveness. •The Big Guys Advanced Google and Facebook •That's Rich! Using Rich Media Tools Producing and sharing rich media • Get Smart Free tools for bet-

Gavin dutch of loc8 Solutions talked about making apps for mobile.

AmbiTion Scotland

Digital Connections 2011 | March 2011 digital Connections 2011 - Monetizing Content - was a national conference and networking event designed to extend the connections and opportunities in Scotland’s digital and creative sectors. it was a collaborative event coordinated by interactive Scotland, AmbiTion Scotland and the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technology. 400 delegates attended from Scottish businesses in the digital, creative and cultural sectors. ZZ

AmbiTion Scotland

Webinar 4: ‘Mobile Operator’

“By the first break I had uploaded lots of new pics from Flickr to our website using the HTML codes which I had never done before and created my own Vimeo account.” – Training Participant Z

AmbiTion Scotland

“It is something very special for me to get an award for all my work and already I see the benefits for myself…” Shona McMillan, The GaGAs 2010 Impact Award winner Z


ter operational effectiveness: Mailchimp, Eventbrite and Surveymonkey



May 2010 Participants in the Source project highlighted the challenges faced when choosing and affording new ticketing and CRM systems.The response to this was a day-long session briefed by Roger Tomlinson, on ‘lower cost’ ticketing systems featuring demonstrations from four carefully selected suppliers. Participants had the opportunity to ask the suppliers questions, heard about the costs involved and explored opportunities for collaboration.

Webinar 5: ‘So many friends, so little time…’




“We have a new name and a new purpose but the same passion to support the needs and interests of our members and partners and the audiences they inspire.” Julie L. Tait, Director, Culture Sparks

low Cost or No Cost Ticketing

The Source

The Source

Culture Sparks launch

“Congratulations on the new name / website / brand etc – looks great!” DK, Founding Director, Media Snackers. Z


“Thanks for another interesting session yesterday. Makes me want to go immerse myself in data again.” Claire Wilcock, Marketing Manager, Horsecross Z

Data Training | November 2010 A repeat of the data training programme first run in April 2010. The November workshops were attended by representatives from organisations across Scotland including: The Arches, CCA, Tron, Platform, Edinburgh international Book Festival, Royal lyceum Theatre, Renfrewshire Arts & Museums, National Theatre of Scotland, Aberdeen Performing Arts and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Z

Since October 2010 Culture Sparks has been collecting the 'Social Media' metrics from Twitter, Facebook and youTube that are being constantly generated by arts and cultural companies in Scotland (includes each of the Culture Sparks members who range from small arts and cultural organisations to national touring companies). From their 'Followers' to their 'Favourites' we have a picture of how many tweets on average are sent out each month and how popular they are with the Scottish public and beyond. “Love the Social Media Benchmarking this is great, useful and presented in such a clear manner– think we are going to report against this for next AES meeting with our own site. I am just doing some planning for AES at the moment, and this will be a great anchor. Well done – more of this please.” Jane Hogg, Arts Consultant


Ronnie Sommerville director, Prof. Alan wilson Head of the department of Marketing, university of Strathclyde Julie l. Tait – Secretary director, Culture Sparks


2010-2011 It has truly been a privilege for me to take on the role of Chairman after the impressive tenure of Roy McEwan, and to work with an excellent Board of Directors and an inspiring team of staff.

Heartened by the Governments’ continued commitment to access, engagement and participation in the arts, we look forward to working with Creative Scotland, Scotland’s local authorities and the widest range of creative individuals and organisations to deliver these aspirations in 2012 and beyond.

*Members during part of financial year .

Cindy Sughrue

under Julie Tait’s energetic leadership Culture Sparks create and deliver a range of strategic projects as well as practical, on the ground support to sustain and grow audiences for the arts. From The Source: gathering five years of trend data, audience benchmarking and staff training – to AmbiTion Scotland; a change programme in digital development – we provide insight about audiences essential to unlocking innovation and encouraging experimentation.

l direct distribution (Associate Member)

To learn more about Culture Sparks visit our website: or follow us on Twitter @CultureSparks. JuliE TAiT

CULTURE SPARKS Julie L. Tait director; Charlotte Wilson Senior Partner; Dianne Greig Senior Partner; Kirsty McKenzie Senior Associate; Nina Honeyman Associate; Lauren Duffy Associate; Ashley Smith Hammond AmbiTion Scotland Project Manager; Elaine McMillan Finance & Administration Manager – Maternity cover (until July 2010); Jasmine Piper Audience development intern (until december 2010)

ANNUAL ACCOuNTS 2010-2011 Income

Income 2010-11 13.2% 8.9% 10.1% 66.3% 0.9% 0.6% 100.00%

Grants - Public Bodies Grants - local Authorities Membership Projects Other Bank interest TOTAL

Expenditure 2010-11 38.5% 14.5% 46.7% 0.3% 100.00%

Salaries & Employers Costs Operating Overheads Projects depreciation TOTAL

13% 9%







47% 0.3%

Reserves: The charity has net reserves at the year end of £129,632. This includes revenues which will be used in meeting the increased demand for arts consultancy, delivery of national grant funded projects and training services for which Culture Sparks has commitments in 2011-12. The full accounts and report are available from Glasgow Grows Audiences ltd registered office.The financial statements were approved by the Board of directors on 21 September 2011.

Grants - public bodies Grants - local authorities Membership Projects Other Earned income Bank interest received Total Income

£ 70,000 47,500 53,045 351,187 4,800 2,981 529,513

Salaries & Employer Costs Operating Overheads Projects depreciation Total Expenditure

204,077 77,228 247,552 1,515 530,372

Profit for the Financial year after Taxation Retaining Profit Brought Forward Retained Profit Carried Forward

-859 130,491 129,632

Balance Sheet

Current Assets: debtors Cash at Bank

4,558 59,599 316,850 376,449

Creditors: Amounts falling due within one year Net Current Assets:

251,375 125,074

Total Assets less Current liabilities:


Reserves*: Profit and loss account

Culture Sparks Suite 1/1, 6 dixon Street, Glasgow G1 4AX




Fixed Assets: Tangible Assest

The Intelligence and Innovation Partnership for the Cultural Sector


'*Reserves: The charity has net reserves at the year end of £129,632. This includes revenues which will be used in meeting the increased demand for arts consultancy, delivery of national grant funded projects and training services for which Culture Sparks has commitments in 2011-12. The directors' aim is to manage risk by building up a reserves fund adequate to cover core overheads for a 3 month period. where unallocated funds are created these will be redirected towards maintaining the operations of the organisation to ensure delivery of the core Memorandum and Articles of the organisation and ensure efficient and effective best practice at all times. These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with united Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice applicable to Smaller Entities and in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, the Charities and Trustee investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and Regulation 8 of the Charities Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2006. The summary accounts have been extracted from the audited statutory accounts for the year ending 31 March 2011. The full accounts and report are available from Glasgow Grows Audiences ltd registered office. The financial statments were approved by the Board of directors on 21 September 2011.

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2010-11  

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2010/11

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2010-11  

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2010/11