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Building for tomorrow today

Be part of this success Working in close collaboration with its members, the DGNB has been setting sustainable building standards from day one. This goal and the breadth of areas represented by its members are reflected in the DGNB logo, which stands for eternity.

In 0 0, the DGNB establishes a strong umbrella brand for international expansion of the system.

Starting pistol for the pilot phase of the international system and international training through the DGNB.

DGNB appears for the first time at O A alongside the ederal Chamber of Architects BA .

The Green Building Councils of Austria and Swit erland become the first DGNB System Partners.

The DGNB is named the official German representative of the World Green Building Council. The DGNB is immediately made a member of the Board of Directors.



pioneers from the construction and property industry set up the DGNB. Their aim to foster sustainable building.



The first buildings are certified in partnership with the ederal inistry of Construction at BA 00 in unich.


The DGNB introduces masterplan certification for buildings of identical design.

The DGNB starts offering certification for urban districts. The DGNB is officially founded on uly 00 with founding members.

The first training courses for DGNB Auditors and DGNB Consultants take place.

The DGNB Navigator is introduced, not only offering a unique tool to support all parties involved in the selection of products but also providing transparent information.

Denmark becomes a DGNB System artner.

s story! The DGNB moves into new premises in Stuttgart city centre. The office also functions as a iving Showroom to experience sustainable building first hand and bring the concept to life.

The Buildings in se Certificate is introduced. The 4,000th DGNB Certificate is awarded.

The first BA Congress China takes place under the motto The uture of Building . The DGNB acts as partner to the congress and showcases its services in partnership with raunhofer-Allian Bau.



or the first time, the DGNB and the oundation for the German Sustainability Award bestow the DGNB Sustainable Building award for sustainable and innovative projects of outstanding architectural quality.

The DGNB is made an official partner of the BA trade fair and appears at BA 0 with a special exhibition on Sustainable Building Transparency with the ight roduct.


With over , 00 members, more than ,000 qualified experts and certified projects in more than 0 countries, the DGNB is the clear market leader in Germany and a global pioneer in sustainable building.

ersion 0 of the DGNB System is published after a comprehensive overhaul of criteria, a restructuring and adaptations to match international requirements.

The first DGNB Diamond Certificate for design quality is awarded for the 0 ert Net quartier project in Berlin.

A market version of the scheme for sustainable interiors is published.




Start of the pilot phase for assessing design quality and Baukultur, working in alliance with the ederal Chamber of Architects BA and the Association of German Architects BDA .

On une the DGNB invites all members and supports to its anniversary celebration marking 0 ears of the DGNB at the Academy of Arts in Berlin.

The 000th DGNB certificate is awarded at xpo eal 0 .

The DGNB system for New Small esidential Buildings is recognised by the ederal inistry for the nvironment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and thus becomes eligible for fW funding.


No more excuses

Sustainability is not just the latest trend, it‘s a golden opportunity to change the world we build around ourselves so that we feel comfortable living and working in it and stay healthy. See our online brochure (No more excuses)

Join us on the journey to a more sustainable world and make sustainability the new normal.

The DGNB heritage Welcome to the DGNB. Ever since we were founded in 2007, our goal has been to promote sustainability in the building and property industry – and beyond – and to foster greater awareness among the general public. As a non-profit organisation, we set standards throughout the world. We have also developed into one of the most successful organisations with a civic and social impact in Germany. We owe this not least to the commitment and dedication of our honorary experts. Sustainability is about more than just energy efficiency. We would like our standards to promote economic foresight, environmental and climate protection, and of course the quality of life in such a way that sustainability is considered totally normal. In everything we do, people, their needs and comfort are the number one priority. Why not get to know us? To find out more about who we are, what we strive for and how you can also make a contribution to sustainable building, read on. Become one of our supporters today and get involved in our movement!

Dr Christine Lemaitre CEO


Johannes Kreissig CEO

0 secrets Our sustainability requirements are laid down with the support of our voluntary experts. All published criteria are freely accessible to everyone on our website.

1 shared idea


years of the DGNB We and our members have been working together to drive developments in sustainable building since our foundation in 2007. Now feels like a good time to say a big Thank You to everyone for their support and commitment.



The DGNB certification system acts as a global benchmark for sustainability. It provides a comprehensive planning and assessment tool for urban districts, buildings and interiors that really are better - for new or existing buildings.


DGNB Auditors, Consultants and Registered ­ Professionals

The DGNB heritage

We want sustainability to become the new normal throughout the entire building and property industry. Ideally an understanding of its importance should be instilled in the minds of society as a whole.

Data: December 2018

DGNB e.V. brochure

The DGNB in numbers

Through training and courses of the DGNB Academy, these experts support the goals of sustainable building worldwide.

500+ Honorary experts

Our work as an organisation is fuelled by the commitment and expertise of the specialists who work on and support our committees.


Neubau Vector Zentrale Stuttgart DGNB Sustainability Certificate Platin and DGNB Diamond


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DGNB e.V. brochure

Building for tomorrow, today. The moment the Paris Agreement was signed in December 2015, limiting global warming to a ‘sustainable level’ became a collective goal for everyone throughout the world. Sadly, despite the targets that were set, success is still not foreseeable. Greenhouse gases have continued to rise since 2009.

Sustainable building means constructing and operating buildings in ways that fulfil quality expectations and think about future needs. Using space sensibly, planning expenditures in the long term (by considering how buidings will be operated or adapted later down the line), preserving resources and creating places that people feel comfortable in, are the only way to develop urban districts, buildings and interiors that are genuinely valued – places that will last, places that retain their value in the long term, places that were built to be future-ready.

9 out of 10 DGNB certified buildings score maximum points for interior air quality.

Building for tomorrow, today.

What is now urgently needed is a fundamental rethink. It’s time to take responsibility – especially in the construction and property industry. Figures from Germany show that around 40% of energy consumption and one third of energy-related carbon emissions stem from the building sector alone. So we need to act now!


Many minds – one goal The DGNB is Europe’s largest network for sustainable building. Our goal is to improve building quality and thus also the quality of life throughout the world. As an independent and non-profit organisation, we work with a variety of other key players in the building and property industry in pursuing this charitable goal.

A ‘DGNB out and about’ event in Frankfurt

On top of the about 40 people working for the DGNB at our office in Stuttgart, there are also more than 500 experts who are supporting us through our committee work. We regularly organise expert meetups, workshops, seminars and a variety of other events to draw attention to relevant topics and foster greater public awareness of our aims. Everyone is entitled to contribute to the work of the DGNB. The underlying idea is to allow you to make use of the know-how offered by the DGNB for your own goals. We share our know-how through free networking events. We also publish our reports, issue position papers and express our views on important topics through our website. We are actively involved in the work of the German federation, states and local communities, as well as international organisations. For us, the focus should always lie in facts. We fight for the cause.


DGNB certification involves everyone working as a team and pulling in the same direction. This is the only way to ensure that sustainability covers all areas of the planning and development process.

DGNB e.V. brochure

Many minds – one goal



One system based on a strong foundation of knowledge One key tool for achieving our aims is the DGNB Certification System – a catalogue of criteria for planning and assessing sustainable urban districts, buildings and interios. This is where we establish our understanding of sustainability and put our philosophy through its paces in practice. The DGNB System counts as one of the world‘s leading systems for sustainable building – and for good reason: it revolves around an holistic view of the entire life cycle of a building. So as well as considering environmental factors, it also looks at commercial or economic aspects, sociocultural issues, technology, processes and the location. It also assessess the overall performance of a development, not just individual measures. We share and communicate our pooled know-how within the construction industry through a variety of channels. Over and above our networking events, we run the DGNB Academy to offer specialist seminars on sustainable planning and construction. Courses range from the fundamentals to in-depth instruction on the DGNB Certification System, industry know-how and current issues. If sustainable building is a central aspect of your career path, you can also train to become a DGNB Registered Professional, Consultant or Auditor and position yourself as an expert in the market. Building sustainable requires transparent information on material properties in order to select the right products. Our online platform DGNB Navigator allows organisations to provide all information on their materials and services. This provides important support for sustainable planning and development. Searches are standardised and based on the DGNB System to give architects, designers and DGNB Auditors a clear overview and help with making decisions. The platform also allows you to make comparisons. 8

Find out more about the DGNB System

Read more about the DGNB Academy

See the DGNB Navigator

DGNB e.V. brochure One system based on strong foundation of knowledge

Käthe Kollwitz Schule, Greifswald DGNB Sustainability Certificate Gold


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Become part of a movement Want to play an active role in changing your sector of industry? Keen to do more to ensure sustainability to become a standard in modern society? One fundamental belief at the DGNB is that the best way to achieve this goal is by working together. Our members work across all kinds of disciplines in the building and property industry – and beyond. They range from individuals working in an office to global corporations. What they have in common is that they have expertise and ideas to offer, and this flows into our work resulting even more new ideas and important contacts for your organisation and projects. Our organisation revolves around participation. Everyone is welcome to join in and play their part in fostering sustainability. This could even involve joining one of our committees and looking at the topics covered by the DGNB System or current issues in the industry. Support our strategic initiatives. Join in our workshops and networking events – become part of the DGNB Community. Be part of the process when new building benchmarks are set and benefit from exchanging views with other thought leaders. We always look forward to seeing you.


All DGNB members at a glance

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1200 members – 1 movement



building companies/ contractors

private individuals




project managers / consultants



specialist engineers / technical planners

building services providers


science / research

Become part of a movement


associations / societies / NGOs


investors / developers


public bodies


architects / designers



building operators


Data: August 2018




DGNB e.V. brochure

Making sustainable building tangible Our ‘Living Showroom’ at the heart of Stuttgart has a simple goal: to make sustainable building something tangible, something you can experience. Our office is also an important place for people to meet up and enjoy the benefits of the community , so our doors are open to everyone – members, experts, but also private individuals. We regularly organise guided tours around the building to show how sustainable building works in practice and highlight the benefits to people, the environment and of course the bank balance.

Making sustainable building tangible

As a DGNB member, you can add your products or materials to our showroom. Around 2,000 people visit out showroom every year to learn more about our philosophy and different products from our trained guides. Support us by inputting with your know-how and solutions. It‘s a good way to showcase your capabilities to partners and customers.



Communicate sustainably Our aim and aspiration as a knowledge platform for sustainable building is to ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse, so we‘re in an ideal position to keep our members and the industry as a whole up to speed with the most important trends and developments. To support you, we regularly issue publications on the know-how generated through our workshops and research. In 2018, we wrote a number of special reports and took a stance on topics including: ■ ■ ■ ■

Life Cycle Assessments Framework for“carbon-neutral buildings and sites” The cost trap of refrigerants German building energy legislation

We will continue to play an active role in discussion surrounding these and other topics in 2019. To stay up to date, see our website, newsletters, the DGNB blog and our social media channels. Keep up with current developments and join in the discussion on current issues. We enjoy the exchange of opinions. As a DGNB member you are also taking responsibility and showing a commitment to sustainability – within your organisation, sector of industry and society as a whole. Show this to others by using the DGNB logo in your own communication materials and keep your business partners, clients and the press informed about your involvement. You can also formulate statements regarding more sustainability in your member profile on the DGNB website, where we will show your logo and the services you offer. Furthermore, you have the option of becoming our partner at trade fairs and events, where you can position yourself alongside us.


See the DGNB reports

DGNB e.V. brochure

Communicate sustainably



Meet the DGNB community Looking for an expert for some advice on an issue relating to sustainable building? Or need someone to give a talk at an event? Make use of our extensive network of sustainable building experts throughout Europe. We‘re always happy to help, even on cross-border projects. Our network of partner organisations and professionals allows you to reach out to industry specialists in a variety of countries and locations.

The 2018 DGNB General Assembly, House of Architects, Stuttgart

There are a number of ways to meet the DGNB community at our events – at leading trade fairs like EXPO REAL and BAU, at industry meetups, or at one of our special events, which we organise in all corners of Germany. The key annual event for many DGNB members is our General Assembly, which takes place once a year. This is an ideal opportunity to exchange views and ideas with people on the same wavelength, tell us your thoughts on how things are going at the DGNB or simply meet and talk with other members and get to know people. Another popular highlight among members in Germany is our DGNB out and about event (‘DGNB Unterwegs’). We also organise regular meet and greet days for new members. See our event calendar for an overview of planned events and find out where and when your next chance will be to come and talk to others, join in on some of our projects, or even receive training.

Make use of our events, benefit from our network! 16

To see all upcoming events, go to

DGNB e.V. brochure

Meet the DGNB community



Benefit from excellent member rates Whether it’s certification, training at the DGNB Academy, the publication of products or services through the DGNB Navigator, or you’d just like to use our rooms – if you’re a member, you save money. We offer special members rates for all services at DGNB. Our alliances and partnerships with other organisations also enable us to offer preferential rates in other areas, like free or discounted media subscriptions and advertising.

As a DGNB member you enjoy a 30% discount on the services offered by all areas of our organisation.



Tailor your membership to your needs Active involvement: using and sharing know-how

Enjoy preferential rates Certification fees

Expert pool

DGNB certification ceremony

Members‘ events

Academy offers (seminars, workshops,

Network events

staff training)

Trade fairs and conventions

Add products and services to the

Public speaker service

DGNB Navigator

Help shape strategic topics

Hire DGNB rooms for your events

Take part in pilot phase

Free/reduced media subscriptions

Contribute to workshops on

and press advertising

current issues Add your comments to draft documents Use guidelines/ reports

DGNB Living Showroom Display products (if required,

Show your commitment and tell others about your membership

in appropriate context) Free guided tours Bring a customer or partner

Write your own online member profile Use the locked members‘ area of the DGNB website Use the DGNB logo (print, online, signatures etc) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, YouTube, DGNB blog) Special articles in the DGNB blog DGNB statements for your press activities


Fees and key contacts Our fees are based on a variety of factors. With private companies we look at turnover, with consultants and architects or designers we look at the number of employees. To work out your fee, simply use the fee calculator on our website or get in touch. Any questions? Interested in hearing more about the benefits of DGNB membership? You can call us, write to us or organise an appointment and visit us at the the DGNB office. We will put time aside for you to talk about areas of overlap, different ways to work together and the best ways for you to enjoy the full benefits of membership. If you‘re a new member or contact arising through a new membership, we organise an annual DGNB welcome day. We‘re always happy to hear from people interested in the DGNB, so why not get in touch today?

You can reach us by telephone: +49 711 722322-23 or via mail:

To our fee calculator

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50Hertz Netzquartier, Berlin DGNB Sustainability Certificate Gold and DGNB Diamond

G sch

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