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D*G*L Board News AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, 2014



"To be the voice of Real Estate in the Dixie/Gilchrist/Levy communities--while being educated in rules, codes and ethics--so we can better instill confidence, educate, and serve the local public while extending to one another professional courtesies."

Welcome Eugene Gibbins, New DGL Association Executive! ! I had the pleasure to interact with Eugene recently. My, what an impressive resume!


“I began my real estate career in 1976 while working on my real estate concentration at SMU. I worked as a Fee Appraiser in Texas and in Florida, property management in Florida, Commercial Real Estate in Florida, and I’ve been working in International Real Estate for more than 12 years working with clients from around the world.  I’ve started two International Councils. First, the International Council of the Treasure Coast that served five different Realtor® Associations. NAR awarded us the Association Ambassadorship

to the Bahamas where I conducted two trade missions. While I served as the AE in California, I started an International Council for that Association where we were awarded by NAR the Association Ambassadorship to Taiwan. We did two trade missions to Taiwan. I have been licensed in both Texas and Florida where I practiced real estate.  I’ve been a Broker in Florida since 1992, where I have been designated broker for several offices.  I’ve been a real estate instructor since 1991 and currently operate my own real estate school.  I

teach pre-license, post license, and more than 20 CE courses for Gibbins School of Real Estate & Technology and the Florida Realtors. I teach both designation and certification courses for the NAR and the FAR, such as the C.I.P.S. Institute, A.B.R., S.R.E.S, GRI, At Home with Diversity, B.P.O.R., F.M.S., M.P.R., S.F.R., and several courses that I developed.”

To contact Dixie Gilchrist Levy Board of Realtors® ! PO Box 2059 (4 W. Park Ave.) Chiefland, Florida 32644 Office: 352.493.9683 Fax: 877.469.5094

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Q & A With the New AE:

Home and Heart

Your birthplace? Lufkin, Texas

Your sports teams?

Your spouse?

My sports teams are the SMU Mustangs, the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

I have been married to Mary for 44 years.

Your hobbies?

Your children? We have one son, Eugene Robert (Robbie) who is a police officer in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He has been married for seven years. He served two tours in Afghanistan as an MP. We have two grandchildren: Caleb Michael (4 years old) and Lillie Ann (1 year old). I moved back to Florida so that I could be close to my grandchildren.

Your education? My undergraduate degree in Business Administration is from Southern Methodist University. I have a triple concentration in Business, Real Estate and Management Science and Computers. I received my doctorate of Business Administration from Concordia University in 2001.

Your faith? I’m an ordained Southern Baptist minister. My wife and I served as Southern Baptist Missionaries to Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, and Nigeria. 

You will notice that this newsletter covers both August and September. I am sorry that I did not get the August issue out on time. I had surgery on July 28th, and fell behind on lots (and lots) of things.


My sincere apologies, Vanessa Edmunds :)

My hobbies include woodworking, gardening and video production. I have a complete “green screen” studio at home.

Your quote for the members? I have often asked Realtors® how their business is going to be during the year and I typically get this response, “I hope it’s going to be good.” My response to that is, “Hope isn’t a strategy.”  If we want a successful business we have to PLAN for that success. 

Your thoughts for our group? I’ve enjoyed my time with the DGL. The areas where we need to focus are community outreach and education of the value of the Realtor® Association.    We’ll need to work to pass the “Core Standards” requirements, which we can do with the help of our members. I would like the association to know that I have a desire for this board to succeed and to excel.

Introducing: DGL Board of Realtors® Online Education!


For those that may need to complete either their Post Licensing or Continuing Education, DGL BOARD OF REALTORS® has a solution! You can now take your required education online through our website.  We’re offering our online courses at a 20% discount.  Check out this link: 

! content=custom&menu_id=255313.


ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: On September 25th, the DGL Board of REALTORS will be having a General Membership meeting at the Gathering Table Restaurant.  The meeting will be from 11:30 - 1:30 and everyone will take care of their own meals.   


Topics of discussion:


Association business 2015 Budget for the Board of REALTORS® 2015 Budget for the MLS A few By-Laws changes (you’ll receive these in a few days)


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Be prepared to vote at the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING Sept. 25 at 11:30 at the Gathering Table Restaurant ARTICLE XI- OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS Section 1 Officers. The elected officers of the Board shall be: a President; a Vice-President; a Secretary; and a Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer may be the same person. They shall be elected for a term of one year.

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(a) Term Limits. No Officer shall serve for more than two consecutive terms.

PLEASE send your newsworthy items my way! Your DGL events, photos, updates and news will be much appreciated! :) Vanessa

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Florida Realtors® & NAR events 2014!


NAR Annual Governance Meetings, Conference & Trade Exposition
 Nov. 5-10, 2014
 Location: New Orleans, LA
 Contact: 800.650.6893


Section 2 Duties of Officers. The duties of the officers shall be such as their titles, by general usage, would indicate and such as may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors. It shall be the particular duty of the Associate Executive to keep the records of the Board and to carry on all necessary correspondence with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. (Amended 1/05) Section 3 Board of Directors. The governing body of the Board shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the elected officers, the immediate past President of the Board, or in the event the Immediate Past President is unable to serve, a Past President willing to serve; the President of the Multiple Listing Service and seven five (5) elected REALTOR® Members of the Board. Directors shall be elected for terms of three years, except that at organization, one-third of the elected Directors shall be elected for terms of one, two and three years, respectively, or for lesser terms as may be necessary to complete the first fiscal year. Thereafter, as many Directors shall be elected each year as are required to fill vacancies.

Dgl board newsletter august 2014  

Dixie Gilchrist Levy Board of REALTORS and Dixie Gilchrist Levy MLS Newsletter. Catch up on the latest news.

Dgl board newsletter august 2014  

Dixie Gilchrist Levy Board of REALTORS and Dixie Gilchrist Levy MLS Newsletter. Catch up on the latest news.