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Gok Wan

amazes us all with his fantastic,


fashion. So when

we realise we have the chance to interview him in person, the car journey to a posh hotel in London seemed too last years. On arrival he smiles and offers us a cuppa, but we kindly refuse as our questions are almost bursting out of our mouths.


Ok Wan, slouched stylishly across a red leather couch opposite our matching arm chairs , looks at us, pulling a huge cheesy grin. The 35 year old fashion consultant, author, television presenter, and our heart throb, looks casually relaxed. His eyes staring into ours he leans out of his relaxed posture towards us and whispers “I’m actually quite scared now you’re here,” and hearing how each word has been pronounced slowly and so precise, we begin to work up a sweat now too. Leaning back into his original position he laughs, and says cheekily “are you looking good naked?”...not knowing how to answer, we laugh in conjunction with him, hoping that the conversation topic will be dropped. It seems our wish is his command, as the discussion takes another lead.. “know it’s time to really impress me..” he speaks confidently, worrying us slightly. “what questions have you got in store for Aunty Gok?” Thankfully we don’t have to stand in out underwear whilst interviewing, so we decide it’s time for Gok to face the questions.

We’re sorry to hear that you had a hard time as a kid, but why were you a victim of bullying? “Well as a teenager, I was larger that most kids, weighing 21stone. I got bullied based on the fact that I was overweight, mixed race and gay. I remember on my first day of secondary school, the teacher told us we had P.E. I was so nervous I wet myself, and had to go home”, at this point he laughs, but the look in his eyes makes us want to give him a big hug, poor Gok! “I didn’t like the fact that I was exposing myself more than needed to people I didn’t know, and people that bullied me. I also remember I used to hide away when I was eating at school, mostly at lunch times, so people wouldn’t see me eating.” He messes with his fingers now, and we feel a little guilty for bringing up the sore subject. “I know how many teenagers feel if they are a little different, it’s so hard, and I think bullying is the main cause of eating disorders and self harm, when it

really shouldn’t matter what you are, it’s who you are that counts”. On that sweet not we decide it’s time for our next question. So do you think looks are overrated? “absolutely! I think it’s about getting the right message across, dress like an angel and people seem to disregard your imperfections, they admire you because you have learnt to love yourself in the skin that your in!” We couldn’t agree more!!! Why do you think women take advice from yourself, rather than another female stylist? “I think it comes down to comfort. If the female stylist is drop dead gorgeous and sexy, you feel almost intimidated to strip in front of her. But as I am male, I am not such a threat, I don’t judge people like I think women do, a woman can’t compare herself to me. There is no sexual confrontation ... I can also be brutally honest, I think the gay language allows people to be frank ... and I have one objective to get this person from hating her body and looking downright horrible, all the way to loving her body and strutting her stuff on a catwalk with clothes, or without.” Agreeing with him again, were starting to wish he didn’t know this much, it makes us feel...erm....a little dumb! What do you enjoy most about your job, besides the shopping? (laughs) “Well yeah you got me there, I do love to hit the shops. But I love the fact that I can change someone’s life, I can make them feel confident and change someone’s life, I can make them feel confident and gorgeous without surgery, just a change of clothing.

I hope I make a difference, especially for people with larger builds, because I know how hard it can be to look in the mirror, and dislike what is staring you back. When I’m talking to a woman about how they feel about their bodies ... my lack of self-esteem and self-confidence when I was growing up and my own body issues allows me to really empathise with the women. We know your trying to find Britain’s most fashionable person, but why are you doing this when you’re a globally recognised stylist and fashion icon? “Well, I am truly inspired by the people of Britain.” Blushing slightly we try to hide our joy. “You all have your own unique trend, and it helps me experiment and create new styles...I love you all. But I think people can realise that they dress as good as any celebrity out’s all in the clothing, not the labels.” We love you too Gok! On a final note.... Do you think Britain looks good...NAKED? “Oh yeah baby!” (laughing loudly). “it’s weird somebody asking me that question for once. I’m not used to it.” (laughing again). Our interview had drawn to a close, and Just as we didn’t think anything could get better, he kisses us goodbye! Never washing this cheek again!! Walking away, he waves, leaving that tingly feeling in our bellies...what a day!

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