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01/10/2009 12:15:00

←1= RADIO! radio-adverts or radio station? Scripting and music to consider. ←2= STATION! If so, who will run it? Probably a hard choice so needs more work AND how will we link it to the magazine. ←3= ADVERTS! Easy to link with magazine and a good way to recruit budding … ARTISTS!!! THAT’S IT! ART EXHIBITIONS!!! YIPPEEE!!! ←4= ART EXHIBITIONS! Where? WAIT!!! What if there was a way to invite budding artists to the magazine studio to paint in front of editors who will place the art in the Mag. ←5= AUCTIONS! IF WE MADE A WEBSITE WE COULD SELL OUR PIECES TO PEOPLE WHO WANTED THEM IN THERE GALLERY! ←6= NAME???? um…err…hem…oh dear. ARTISTIC TALENT? TALENT OF TODAY? ARTY-FARTY? YOUNG ARTISTS? TOTAL ART OR TOTART MAG! That one sounds good… ←7= LANCH EVENT! No idea… ←8= ADVERT! Garage band. Simple. Explain how it is usefull. Could use printed, Could be televised. ←9= JINGLE! 2D or 3D, its totARTly easy! WAIT! 3D models could be painted and sent in! IM A GENIUS!!!! ←10=LOGO! Pastels? Serious? ←11=

Advert Scripts

01/10/2009 12:15:00

←RADIO= Are you an budding artist whose work isn’t appreciated? Do you think yourself a pro painter whose work has never seen the inside of a gallery? Or are you the sort of person who draws random doodles which mean nothing at all? Then totART magazine is waiting for your sculptures, models, paintings and even random doodles. We accept them all for our Magazine! Each month we take all pieces of art and display them for all galleries, auctions or family and friends to see. Because with totART magazine… ←2D or 3D its totARTly easy! ← ← ←PRINT= (picture of a tree) What do you see here? It could be abstract. It could be an still life. It could be abstract. It could be sent to you our magazine. Here at TOTAL ART magazine, we take any form of art and place them in our magazine. If you are serious about you talent and want to display your work for all too see. ←2D or 3D its totARTly easy! ← ← ←TELEVISION/VIRAL= Art. It comes in many forms. Sculptures. Paintings. Doodles. Here at TOTAL ART magazine we accept them all. If you want your own art masterpieces displayed each month for all to see. Basically, It’s a paper art gallery that could be your first step towards art fame. ←2D or 3D its totARTly easy!

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Prodject plan  

its a plan. thats it.

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