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Year 1, issue 2

November 18, 2012

The growth of our programs within the space of only one year of our existence as an organization can be credited to God, and to you our partners and supporters. We appreciate you all. Dream Factory is currently anchored on five main programs, namely:Women empowerment ,Volunteer program, Dream Factory Zambia Ministry, and Adopt a Club program . Added to this list is now the computer training program through which we teach youths the foundations of operating a computer in order to prepare them for future work opportunities. Thursday 31st October is a special day for us because we have clocked one year, and at the same time just rolled out our latest program for Women Empowerment. In this program women shall receive entrepreneurial skills, taught tactics of fighting malnutri-

The first women in our Buyantanshi Women Empowernment program

tion, fight the ills of gender based violence (GBV), HIV and AIDS, as well as assist them with micro loans for

Teaching at our new computer course

starting up businesses that will alleviate poverty . Currently poverty levels among Zambian women stand at over 70% of the population. We hope to reach even more women when future funds allow. Our current capacity can only allow 20 women ,we however are optimistic that another larger number of women can be taken on if we put our hands together in partnership and support. One person can only do so much for another person, but if we become a great team of partners in this noble cause, we can initiate and ignite serious change and development to many!

�If you can dream it, you can do it�

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News from a local club in our Adopt a Club program


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News from a local club in the “Adopt a Club” program Our community local club is called Superade academy, it’s a group of young people from peri-urban settlements of Ndola. It was founded for a society that feels helpless and hopeless. Most faces that you would meet here in our community would either read ‘fear’, ‘uncertainty’, or indeed ‘faithlessness’. Therefore, It took us going deep into the hearts of these community youth regardless of what we

read from the faces in order to meet their needs, thus giving birth to Superade Academy.

wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other. We always encourage positive association for everybody.

In other words, Superade Academy was born out of a passion to get into people’s hearts and remind them that right within their hearts is a hero. Its primary existence is to link local youths to something bigger than themselves.

Credit goes to Dream Factory Zambia, through the Adopt-a-Club project. It has had such a positive and greater impact on both our team and the community at large. Besides the training of trainers in soccer administration, coaching, providing football equipment and coaching personnel. Dream Factory has made us believe that we are a part of a larger world. Despite our humble backgrounds and beginnings, we feel like giants as we lean on their shoulders.

Superade Academy believes these youths can have a brighter and broader future than they can possibly think. If they could only go an extra mile in the "fog" of their hopeless future, they would be able to see yet another mile of progress. Superade Academy is a ‘team’ where we believe we are all angels with only one

Young people from our clubs in Adopt a Club

We would also want to believe that you… the reader…are an integral part of bringing these vulnerable young people a sure way in which they should grow. And when they grow up, they will surely not depart from the good morals they have learnt that is tailored for changing their community, nation and the world at large. We are now glad to claim we shall soon be flying with eagles! And for that we say, ‘Dzikomo’ (Thank you).

Dream Factory latest developments Welcome to a new lady staff This month a new staff member has joined our Dream Team. Griselia Msoni Kapembwa (Mrs.) is going to implement field work for the Women Empowerment Program as a pilot project for one year in a vulnerable area of Nkwazi compound. Griselia is trained in Business management, and farming.

started a Women Empowerment Program that is envisaged to alleviated poverty among women in Zambia. It is dubbed Buyantanshi Women Empowerment Program, "Buyantanshi" means progress, development and going forward. Through this program, Dream Factory seeks to reach out to women who by their own effort cannot make ends meet because some of them are widows or infected /affected with HIV as earlier alluded to.

in the lives of many vulnerable people. Right now we are planning for next years programs, and if you have an interest to be a volunteer in Dream Factory Zambia, let us hear from you.

Dream Cup in Adopt a Club

Volunteer Program

Women Empowerment Program This October, Dream Factory has kick

In October Vibeke Højberg Strebøl from Denmark joined Dream Factory as a volunteer for a period of two months. This gives the number of volunteer currently staying at Dream House to 3 and it is very encouraging to see how they together with our staff makes a great impact in the communities of Zambia and furthermore

Added to the regular programs in Dream Factorys Adopt a Club will now be an annual event called "The Dream Cup". This cup is aimed at improving and show(connued on page 3)

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Year 1, issue 2

Latest developments, continued casing local talent among the local community clubs that we have trained as well as those that have been earmarked for future collaboration in our program. This year's event took place on the 20th October at the local authority sports facility called Kwacha sport center, and it attracted over 250 youths from 11 different clubs from the six different local areas of the Ndola.

Receiving the container from Denmark Heartfelt thanks to every one of you that contributed various items and equipment to assist with our community work in Dream Factory. We are happy to inform you that your contributions are helping transform our communities here in Zam-

bia in unquantifiable ways. We received everything in good condition. We also

encourage all of you that would want to donate items and equipment in Denmark to get in touch with Henrik G. Pedersen via his email at for directions to where and when we are collecting contributed items for the next shipment of the container to Zambia.

Rolling out Ministry Department We have just rolled out yet another department that is defined as Dream Factory Zambia Ministries. This is the department that shall specialize in preaching the gospel to the lost souls in order to reach out to as many as the Lord will allow us to minster to. The harvest is plenty and Dream Factory Zambia Ministries is ready to provide a sure platform to every preachers with a passion to preach Christ in fulfilling the great commission. We hope to achieve this through holding citywide Gospel campaigns, preaching in church and schools so that millions and masses can make it to heaven. Soon there will be a new website for Dream Factory Zambia Ministries, where you can read must more about this latest development!

Dream Factory Zambia


Our vision is to develop the general standard of living for the

My name is Florence Shikabeta; I am a coach for a vulnerable community football club based in Chifubu, Ndola. My team is called Moto Fire which literally means fire fire. I am one of the Female coaches attached to a community football team Dream Factory has considered to be a part of the Adopt a Club program. Our team and leaders have benefited a lot by being trained and assisted with a lot of equipment which has enhanced out effectiveness. I have been inspired by Dream Factorys program Adopt a Club because it is unique and tailored to meet the felt needs of the local people in the community. I thank all of you in Dream Factory and partners for making the dreams of the youths we work with come true, thank you and God bless you.

Zambian people. We believe in a Christian, holistic and freedom oriented focus which creates a foundation for people`s future dreams by empowering them to be creative, visionary and responsible. We say: “If you can dream it, you can do it. “Freedom is vital for man to succeed” “Empowering of role models is the way to a better future” “Responsibility demands action”

Your help is vital, and reaches further than you think. Zambia`s future depends on these young people. With the right attitude and character, this generation can change Zambia for ever. Support Dream Factory with your monthly or single gift of any amount. Please go out website under SUPPORT for more details E-mail us about any subject at

Dream Factory newsletter nov 2012  

Read about our new project Buyantanshi Women Empowernment, one of our clubs in Adopt a Club and many news from our work

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