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Client : Private Goal : Conception to Construction Position : Architect, under design direction by Tom Kundig, in charge of design studies, presentation drawings, resolved the technical issues, obtained agencies approval. Company : Olson Kundig Architect Date : 2006 - 2009 completed Program : To design a 1,886 sf new single family residence with carport on a undeveloped 4000 sq ft site in Seattle, Washington for a single professional. Design Statement : This single-family residence aims to take advantage of a small, urban site by directing views away from neighboring houses and towards the greater urban landscape. While the building has a very small footprint, its open plan creates a sense of spaciousness. A “moment frame” was designed for the West wall of the house—a load-bearing exterior wall comprised of windows set into a steel structural frame. The frame frees the interior from the need for load-bearing walls, which maintains continuous access to the view within the space. The house opens up in multiple ways and directions, with a walled garden to the East and two decks to the West. Hanging steel stairs, suspended between the North wall and a steel plate, enhance this sense of transparency.

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Client : Private Goal : Conception to Construction Position : Architect, under design direction of Tom Kundig, in charge of design studies, presentation drawings, pushed the structural boundaries with the consultant, extensively designed every details throughout the building, obtained agencies approval. Company : Olson Kundig Architect Date : 2007 - 2009 unbuilt Program : To design a 4,500 sf Single Family Residence in Portland, Oregon. The client is a young couple with two kids. Design Statement : The site is located on a undeveloped stretch of Portland hills. On a clear day, there is an ideal spot where both Mount Hood and Mount Adams are in sight. Capturing that view at the ideal spot is the goal of the project. Staging the entry sequence and positioning the house are the means to reach the design goal. The site layout strategy is that by placing the main building and the pool on the crest of the ridge (also known as Lightning Ridge), the floating rectangular block is juxtaposed onto the main building with the ends cantilevered. The “airplane� cantilevered wings at north (private) and south (public) each designated for its unique functions. As one would approach the main house from the auto court adjacent to the garage, the short walk to the front door is poetic and makes one think in terms of the contrast between the built and the unbuilt world. First, a slow ascend to a bridge brings a sense of physical detachment from solid ground. Secondly, the 16 ft tall concrete wall frames the front entrance. Contrasting to the view across the bridge, the southern vast exposure and densely forest are at a distance. Thirdly, a steel and glass box building appears to be floating in the air, without any vertical support. Beyond the entry door, the boundaries of the inside and outside world are merged in the main living room where the mountain ranges in plain sight. The living room is designed to capture the best view on the site with the sliding curtain wall fully opened and hid away in the concrete wall.



+ 2 1 *   . 2 1 *   9 , / / $ Shek O, Hong Kong, China

Client : Private Goal : Conception to Construction Position : Details designer, under design direction by Jim Olson, reviewed window and hardwares’ shop drawings, hardwares research, conducted a site visit, coordinated and resolved issues with consultants and informed owners of status. Company : Olson Kundig Architect Date : 2002 - 2008 completed Program : Located in Shek-O, a historic fishing village in the southeast corner of Hong Kong Island, this house takes full advantage of its prominent rural site. The program is called for a spacious Single Family Residence of an ambitious 15,000 sf for a toy company’s owner. Design Statement : Overlooking the South China Sea, the design includes broad expanses of glass opening to views in every direction; seamless transitions from inside to outside to merge the house into its landscape; and broad overhangs to provide protection from the tropical sun. One of only a handful of single-family lots in all of Hong Kong, the project is truly unique.

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Client : Private Goal : Remodeling Position : Details Designer, under design direction by Rick Sundberg, in charge of kitchen cabinet drawings, custom metal fabrication drawings, lighting product research, contruction administration work. Company : Olson Kundig Architect Date : 2006 - 2008 completed Program : Located in a residential highrise in a prime Seattle Belltown neighborhood, this condo occupies the top 2 floors, with a combined area of 4,000 sf. The panoramic view at the apartment spans from downtown Seattle to up north to the Space needle. Design Statement : The remodel is centered to bring comfort and serenity to the place, yet creating a controlled dynamic space with light as one enters the apartment. Welcoming is a central theme used throughout the design provided with lots of sitting area along the full-height window walls to take advantage of the Seattle Skyline.

7 $ 1 *   5 ( 6 , ' ( 1 & ( Atherton, California

Client : Private Goal : Conception to Construction Position : Independent Designer / Architect, in charge of the design process, drawings production, managed consultants, and obtained agencies approvals. Company : D F Y U Date : 2011 Program : This 4,500 sf house is located on a long and narrow property in the city of Atherton, just north of Palo Alto, CA. The clients are a young couple: both accountants who need a fivebedroom and four-and-a-half bath house for a family of five. Design Statement : Daylighting is the main theme in the project. By providing light wells into the basement, daylight can penetrate through the floor openings into the east and west side of the building. Basement’s family room provides intimate yet secure space for the client’s three sons during their playtime, while the double height ceiling space (east light well) with the skylights atop allows parents’ supervision on the main floor. The column-free interior space is made possible by the north and south end steel moment frames. Small wall niches are introduced throughout the house for displaying the owner’s art and sculpture collection. A 32-feet long wooden deck bridges the inside living room space to the outside modern Japanese rock garden. More outdoor space such as roof decks are provided to the master bedroom and bedrooms located on the second floor.



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