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Fall Back

Don’t Miss These Sequels in 2014!

So Much Fun It’s Scary!

Haunt Jaunt Comes Screamin’ thru Plano October 19th

Rolling with the Pitches & Running the Basis World Series Begins October 23rd

You Don’t Know Jack! Nutrition Brought to You in the Spirit of Halloween

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Miami, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis

Letter from the Editor Chief Running Officer, Eric Lindberg


Looking ahead, no, not to November, but to the next election and my recommendation on who to support with your vote. No matter who you decide is the best representative, I beg you please make sure that he or she is a runner. I say this because all of the runners I know never quit (or shutdown). They run through injury, bad weather, disease, blisters, chaffed body parts and most importantly they run for the greater good. They push their limits and only look inside themselves if for some reason they don’t meet their goals. They don’t point fingers at other runners because they didn’t perform. When runners succeed they don’t take credit for their success either. In fact, they do the opposite and usually credit

“My recommendation for day one of our newly elected officials is for them to participate together in 5K.”

Grow us! run Lickyour the event icing off your fingers and dialGet the job Let mywith office without all the politics. done by calling the(339-7867). red phone, 214-DFWRUNS. 214-DFWRUNS


It is my fault this month’s issue of On Your Left! is late. I wish I could say it is because of the federal government shut down, but it is actually quite the opposite. DFWRUNS has been busy! Last month we rocked ZERO Prostate Cancer Runs in Cincinnati, Miami and Indianapolis. Held onto our lederhosen at the Rahr Oktoberfest 5K and ignited our flight at the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon, 5K and 1K. Plus we toasted our monthly Four Corners Brewery social run and Pub Run Series — just to name a few things!

“On Your Left!”?

a fellow runner for training with them or a coach that helped him/her along the way. They complement their training programs, shoes, families and just about anything else that pushed them along. They share in each other’s success and are happy for all of those that have completed the race. Through all of this they become key influencers amongst their peers. Now imagine if our elected officials shared in the same qualities as a runner. They would work together to accomplish great things. I understand leading the country is a difficult task and sometimes in involves making tough decisions that the majority does not agree with — trust me there a days at DFWRUNS that I feel some of that weight, but my point is simple and I hope you have seen and felt it at races across the country. Running events bring people and communities together to do great things. My recommendation for day one of our newly elected officials is for them to participate together in 5K. My counsel would be they congratulate the first person and the last, talk about what a great time it was and build real, working relationships. Hence, next time you have a chance to ask a political candidate a question, make sure and ask if he or she runs. Eric for Mayor! – Eric Lindberg

OWNERS & EDITORS IN CHIEF Eric Lindberg Sharon Lindberg


Cathy Hutzler

WRITING & EDITING Cherilyn Wilson

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Fall Back

Don’t Miss These Sequels in 2014!



aylight Saving Time ends next month! At 2:00:00 AM on Sunday, November 3rd, remember to turn your clock backward 1 hour so you don’t miss your early morning run! The changes closes another successful fall season for DFWRUNS and we’ll be need that extra hour of sleep after managing events in 7 cities from DFW all the way to Miami and Cincinnati in just the last 2 months. That’s all not to mention the cool race clients we worked with on branding, marketing and promoting of their events or the social runs we put on with our partners, the wellness walks and programs we implemented for companies or the many extra hours we spent planning ahead (springing forward!) to our 2014 events! Before we fall back, however, we’d like to take a quick look back at a couple of our biggest events.



The balloons went up and so did many thumbs! Well over 2,000 participants ran the brand new half marathon course last month and visibly approved the changes. In addition, we blew up the size of the medals this year to a full 4 inches and made improvements to age group awards as well. The sleeveless race shirts also received runner’s approval and we’re just feeling sky high about

Pub Run Social Run Manny’s – Uptown Thursday, October 17, 2013 VIEW DETAILS

Haunt Jaunt 5k and Fun Run Plano Saturday, October 19, 2013 RACE WEBSITE

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Kansas City Saturday, October 19, 2013 RACE WEBSITE

Four Corners Brewery Social Run – ­ Dallas Saturday, November 7, 2013 SOCIAL RUN WEBSITE


On September 28th, nearly 2,200 people gathered at the Rahr & Sons brewery in Fort Worth for the 4th annual running of the Rahr Oktoberfest 5K to benefit Trinity Habitat for Humanity. That’s a lot of festive people! Our most festooned tech tees to date could be seen for miles, 3.1 miles exactly, as the popularity of the new design became an evident green flow of lederhosen down main street. Thanks to everyone’s great support in making this one of the most fun orders of business on our busy agenda each fall!



Fall is nearing the end, so spring ahead and sign up early for 2014 registrations to receive the lowest prices available! AUSTIN • 2013

AUSTIN • 2013

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Austin Saturday, November 16, 2013 RACE WEBSITE

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Tucson Saturday, December 14, 2013 RACE WEBSITE

Form Follows Fitness 5k Saturday, February 22, 2014 RACE WEBSITE

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Ft. Myers Saturday, April 26, 2014 RACE WEBSITE


being able to give everyone better quality each year. Thanks to great sponsors like Cinemark, our runners knew exactly how to show that this race is a “must see” again next year! Way to go everyone! All of us at DFWRUNS are giving 2 thumbs up back!

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Miami, Cincinnati and Indianapolis



unday September 29th the Miami weather acted perfectly appropriate for a late September morning of outside events. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for an event to raise spirit and give “It couldn’t have memory to men affected been a more by Prostate perfect day Cancer. Thank for an event to you to everyone came out raise spirit and who to participate, give memory to volunteer and hang out at the men affected beach! by Prostate Also in Cancer.” September our race directors in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis supplemented their strengths in planning race events on a national scale with seamless execution. In step with our client, ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer, DFWRUNS leveraged our running partnerships and implemented promotions growing this event by significant numbers from last year which helped raise more funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer.

Central Market Thrill of the Grill Plano Saturday, May 17, 2014 RACE WEBSITE

DFWRUNS National Running Day Celebration Wednesday, June 4, 2014 RACE WEBSITE

Joe’s Run Ft. Worth Saturday, June 7, 2014 RACE WEBSITE

ZERO Prostate Cancer Run Chicago Saturday, June 7, 2014 RACE WEBSITE


Fun for the whole family! 3RD ANNUAL


Klyde Warren Park


WE HAVE ARCHITECTED A GREAT RACE! Just as the iconic Dallas skyline represents some of the world’s best architecture, the Dallas Center for Architecture has designed one of Dallas’ best 5K events to showcase some of the city’s most impressive architectural icons. /FormFollowsFitness

So Much Fun It's Scary!

Haunt Jaunt Comes Screamin’ thru Plano October 19th


ome dressed as a super fast runner and complete your costume with a Haunt Jaunt 2013 race bib and timing chip, or create a prize-winning disguise for those angelic kiddos. This is a great opportunity for mummy, daddy and the kids to do something wicked fun REGISTER NOW together! There are several ghastly affordable ways to enjoy this event at Oak Point Park Amphitheater. Right now, you can register for the 5K night race for $30. Each entry receives a t-shirt! Form a team of 10 or more friends and save $5 per runner! Come up with the best “TEAM THEME” and win a prize. (Anyone else having visions of The Adam’s Family or The Munsters here?) The 5 kilometer course will take participants out of The Amphitheater and onto Spring Creek, along the Santa Fe Trail then onto the Oak Point Park Trails. There will be several live Halloween scenes provided by community arts groups, plus spooky lighting, sound effects and other surprises along this out-and-back thriller. The 1 Mile Fun Run is only $10 per child but the real treat is that PARENTS RUN FREE! All the little goblins will head out of The Amphitheater and onto the Oak Point Park Recreation Trails, enjoy decorations and a family friendly Halloween themed scenes for a half-mile before heading back to the finish line. Don’t forget! Prizes and a costume contest for those runners who come dressed up! Sink your fangs into family fitness! REGISTER NOW!

In the dark about how to BOOst your event’s numbers? We know the trick so treat us to a friendly phone call! 214-339-7867

Rolling with the Pitches & Running the Basis World Series Begins Oct. 23rd


ow that the Rangers merchandise is on sale, get yourself an inexpensive, branded baseball and put it to some good use. Just as the AL Wild Card Race once was, runners’ hamstrings can become extremely tight. At this time of year while so many are training for longer distance races in cooler weather, deeper issues may arise and that trusted ol’ foam roller may no longer close the game. The hamstring, being such a dense muscle, means foam rollers may only bring relief as much as relief pitcher Kyle McClellan did against Cincinnati when our Rangers fell one win short of returning to the playoffs as a wild-card entrant. Got hamstring woes? Don’t storm the mound with punches, instead, here’s how you can roll with the pitches. 1


First, find a good bench or hard surface like the kitchen counter to sit on where your legs can hang without touching the floor. 2


Find the basis of the pain (tightest section) and place the ball directly underneath. Lean forward and/or press hand on top of leg to slightly load on

the pressure. Slowly straighten and lower that leg from the knee for five reps at each tight point on the back of each hamstring. 3


You can playoff this same exercise by sitting on the floor with legs out straight in front of you and placing your sad Rangers ball under various spots of your calf muscles. Cross your feet by placing the opposite leg across the top to increase the pressure and rock slowly back and forth to work out the knots. 4


Please note that this ball is to be used for therapeutic uses only. Do NOT throw this ball to Devin Mesoraco for a two-run homer to lose the game in the 11th inning.

Doc in the Box By Holly Johnson, M.D.

hat is cute? My two year old patient reading a pediatric eye chart and telling us the “+” sign is “hospital” and the heart-shape is “I love you!” What is not so cute? Overdosing on an overthe-counter (OTC) pain reliever and ending up in the emergency room sick as a dog, telling the ER doc you took too many “aspirin” when it was really acetaminophen because you didn’t know there was a difference. Yes, there are differences between acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Motrin and


Acetaminophen is not an anti-inflammatory, but it does help with pain and with fevers. It decreases fevers by blocking a chemical called prostaglandin in the central nervous system. The mode of action for decreasing pain is not entirely clear but may be related to the prostaglandin inhibition as well. It is the main drug in many OTC cold meds, so beware of combining OTC meds with acetaminophen when you are ill! Acetaminophen overdoses are the leading cause of acute liver failure in the US; half are “To break it down in simple language, there really unintentional because consumers are not reading the labels on the are just two types of OTC pain medications: NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) and meds they take. Max dose is no more than 4 g (eight extra strength tabs) in acetaminophen.” 24 hours for adults and no more than five doses in 24 hours for children. If Advil), naproxen (Aleve), and aspirin. I’m here to lay you are pregnant or breast-feeding, acetaminophen it out for you, so you can go back to not only being is safe. You can take it with food. cute, but also well-informed. You should not take acetaminophen if you have To break it down in simple language, there really are liver problems since it is metabolized through a just two types of OTC pain medications: NSAIDS (nonhealthy, working liver, not an already damaged one. steroidal anti-inflammatories) and acetaminophen. You also should not take it if you drink more than Examples of NSAIDs include ibuprofen, aspirin, three drinks a day on a regular basis or if you are and naproxen. You can take any of the above for allergic to it. temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains, NSAIDS arthritis, headaches, ear aches, toothaches, Moving on to the NSAIDS: aspirin is a fever menstrual cramps, and fevers. If, however, you have reducer, a pain med, an anti-inflammatory, and a pain for more than 10 days or a fever for more than platelet inhibitor. Aspirin makes platelets less sticky three days, head to your doc or urgent care center so there is a lower chance of blood clot formation in for an evaluation. Ok, so far, that was easy. an artery that supplies the heart or brain, but also Here we go — time to dig in.




GET YOUR COPY NOW! They say that doctors make the worst patients. In Pick It and Flick It, Holly Johnson, M.D. affirms that it doesn’t have to be that way as she shares the emotional, spiritual, and physical reality of how she conquered a potentially devastating diagnosis and kept away the demons of hopelessness, uncertainty, and fear that commonly paralyze any person who is faced with a life-altering event. In this true story of doctorturned-patient, she squashes her inner enemies with a hit of humor, a punch of grace, and a few temporary tattoos. Written just for you, Dr. Johnson shares her own prescription for healing that she wrote when her body staged a revolution so she could undergo an evolution.

Purchase now on Now on Twitter and Facebook


increases the risk of bleeding. You should not take more than 12 tabs (close to 4 grams) in 24 hours. Do not take aspirin if you have preexisting GI problems such as heartburn, gastritis, esophagitis, or ulcers, if you have kidney disease (all the NSAIDs are metabolized through working, healthy kidneys), if you are less than 21 years old due to the risk of Reyes Syndrome, if you have aspirin-induced asthma, if you are allergic, or if you are pregnant. (There are some pregnancy and pediatric exceptions to this rule.) The other OTC NSAIDs are ibuprofen and naproxen which help with fever, pain, and inflammation. The max dose of ibuprofen is 2400mg in 24 hours, and the max dose of naproxen is 1000 mg in 24 hours. If you are pregnant, have uncontrolled hypertension, have GI problems (especially if you are older than 60, take prescription blood thinners or steroids, or have a bleeding disorder), avoid the NSAIDs (unless instructed by your doctor). You should also not take NSAIDs if you have swelling from water retention or heart failure, if you are at increased risk of kidney disease (older than 60, taking a water pill, have high blood pressure, heart disease), or if you have preexisting kidney disease. Persons allergic to NSAIDs or have asthma attacks when taking NSAIDs should avoid them as well. If you need an NSAID short term and have GI issues, it may be okay to take an OTC proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to offset the GI side effects. You can take NSAIDs with food, but this will delay the absorption and therefore your pain relief by 30-60 minutes. If you take daily aspirin because your doc has prescribed it for non-pain related reasons, take

the morning aspirin first, and wait 30 minutes before popping another NSAID.


Many runners take an NSAID before a workout or race thinking it will enhance performance, help prevent aches and pains along the way, and help recovery time. All of this is simply not true and taking NSAIDs may be riskier than you think. During a workout, an increased amount of blood flow goes to muscles and less goes to the intestines. This creates an increased risk of GI events such as bleeds. Animal studies show that ibuprofen inhibits muscle ability to rebuild after exercise and thus increases recovery time! Also, when you run and sweat, you are dehydrating your svelte body which is hard on the kidneys. Throw in a medication that is metabolized in the kidneys, you put yourself at an increased risk of kidney damage too. It is probably okay to take an NSAID temporarily for a running injury, however it is not recommended as a preventative measure. Instead, be cute, use ice, elevate your sore body limbs, and only use OTC pain meds when you really need it. Please Note: The info in this article is not a substitute for medical advice from your own physician or PCP. Dr. Johnson and DFWRUNS/OYL! are not responsible for knowing your medical history and therefore what may or may not be best for you on race day or for the soreness afterwards. We are, however, very cute.

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Deploy by land, air or sea in the most remote regions of the world. Rescue a downed pilot or victims of a national disaster. Know the meaning of “That Others May Live.” Be a part of an elite group known as Air Force Pararescue. Discover the power within you.

You Don't Know Jack! Nutrition Brought to You in the Spirit of Halloween


eople have been carving “jack-o’-lanterns” for centuries. The practice originated from an Irish myth about a man nicknamed “Stingy Jack.” According to the story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money and put it into his pocket next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into his original form. Eventually, the Devil was freed and Jack died. Neither heaven nor hell would have him. The devil tossed him a burning coal from the fire and Jack was sent out into the darkness to wander the darkness forever in limbo. He hallowed out a turnip and placed the coal inside for a makeshift lantern, hence the name, Jack O’ Lantern.


In Ireland and Scotland, people believed that spirits and ghosts could enter their world on Halloween. People not wanting to be visited by these ghosts would set food and treats out to appease the roaming spirits and began to make their own versions of Jack’s lanterns by carving scary faces into turnips or potatoes and placing them into windows or near doors to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits. In

England, large beets are used. Immigrants from these countries brought the jack-o’-lantern tradition with them when they came to the United States and soon found that pumpkins, a fruit native to America, were softer and easier to carve than the turnips and potatoes of their homeland.

Jack-0-Beets “The purple root vegetable contains high levels of chemicals called nitrates, which have been shown to boost exercise performance. Researchers at St Louis University in America found athletes were able to run five kilometers faster after eating beetroot.” Source: Rebecca Smith, (Medical Editor of The Telegraph)

Jack-0-Turnips “Turnips are a nutrition-packed but often overlooked fall vegetable. They are not only rich in glucosinolates, compounds believed to have antioxidant properties, but the bulb is high in vitamin C, while the greens are a good source of vitamins C and K, folate and calcium. One cup bulb + greens provides 35 calories and 8 grams of quality carbohydrates along with 3 grams of fiber, a little more than 1 gram of protein and 14 percent of the dietary reference intake for potassium.” Source: Lauren Antonucci, R.D., is a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, three-time Ironman and founding director of Nutrition Energy in NYC. (Triathlete Magazine)

It’s that time of year we like to express thanks to our great sponsors like, Whole Foods Market (premier sponsor of Haunt Jaunt 5K). Visit WholeFoodsMarket. com this month to get great seasonal coupons and recipes for all your Thanksgiving needs! Runners! It is proven that endurance athletes benefit from acquiring their energy from a diet made of strictly whole foods, even gluten and/or dairy free, to optimize energy and minimize (even eliminate altogether!) the gut-wrenching embarrassment of sprinting to the porto-potties! Instead of carb-loading on traditional pastas, spaghetti squash is a good substitution. Runners should also grab their carbs from starchy vegetables. Fall favorites like sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and pumpkin! Rethink your Thanksgiving spread this year with Whole Foods!

Help us continue to improve your race experience in 30 seconds. We’re thankful in advance for your time!


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Jaunt Junkie

Preston Ridge Trail

y Trail Connection Routes Trails Sidewalk Connection Street Connection 0

k green oo Cottonwood Creek Trail

Miles 1



Tr ai l

Katy Trail

How many times do you plan to loop White Rock during your marathon training? Same dog park, same bridge, same boat house. Look Ma! Big Ben! Though the paths around White Rock are well maintained, offer great scenery and company for a good, long run, is central to most of Dallas with several convenient parking options, many runners might fight the monotony at some point during their 16-18 week schedule. I’ve experienced it. My running buddies are heading toward it now. I’ve I wondered where runners could break the cycle. Cycle, not an accidental choice of words. After developing Plantar Fasciitis

an ta



Cottonwood Creek Trail



Preston Ridge Trail

Meandering W a

By Cherilyn Wilson

White Rock Creek Trail Downtown Dallas Area Bicycle Routes & Trails Shared Lanes Bike Lanes Buffered Bike Lanes Cycle Track Trails




Miles 1

White Rock Lake Trail

Katy Trail

Santa Fe Trail



Miles 2

way to Plano. Friends agreed they’d heard this to be true but did not know the way. The folks at the City of Dallas Transportation Planning Division were extremely happy to work with me to present a map for our active citizens whether they pound the pavement or pedal upon it. (Shown above) – Jared White, Bicycle Transportation Manager, Transportation Planning Division Our city has over 100 which forced me off my feet and onto a seat — a miles of the most beautiful and diverse urban hike Cannondale road bike saddle exactly, I wanted to and bike trails in the country, but until getting my learn how to cover 20-50 miles of safe cycling too! hands on this map, I did not know how to access I had heard some of the most popular routes in them. Another beauty is the DART stops displayed Dallas have been connected from downtown all the on this map. Athletes even have the option to enjoy

“Many trails in Dallas and neighboring cities connect directly to DART rail stations allowing trail users to include transit as part of their journey, especially if they are going a great distance.”

LIKE THEM ALL! Katy Trail Santa Fe Trail Northaven Trail


Major Trailheads with Parking PRESTON RIDGE TRAIL

Campbell Green Park – 16600 Hillcrest Salado Park – 16401 Salado


Reverchon Park – 3505 Maple (On Buena Vista between Knox and Armstrong)


Valley View Park – 7000 Valley View Harry S. Moss Park – 8000 Greenville White Rock Lake


(Winsted at Garland Road) Lindsley Park – 7100 Lindsley Randall Park – 100 S. Glasgow Old East Dallas Work Yard Park – 4900 Alton

White Rock Creek Trail, @whiterocktrail Kiest Park Trail Get active in fundraising for park and trail development related to the Trinity River and Forest by contacting the Trinity Trust 214-740-1616 (1444 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 200) Attention cyclists! Dallas Parks Foundation has plans to enhance the City’s trail and on-street bicycle route (bike lanes, etc.) . Find out how you can help this happen by contacting the Dallas Parks Foundation at 972-803-1555 (Samuel F. Stiles, Director of Development) “The Dallas Park and Recreation Department maintains more than 21,000 park acres including 17 lakes with 4,400 surface acres of water at 17 park sites, 17,196 acres of greenbelt / park land, and 104 miles of jogging and bike trails at 24 locations. There’s an additional 146 miles of trails planned for the future.”



the entire 40 miles one way and catch a ride home on our rail system! No loop, no out and back! Now that all the trails are connected, I strongly encourage you to get connected! Just by clicking on any of the hyperlinks found throughout this article and “LIKE”ing these foundations you’ll receive easy updates on when and where to run and ride! Tune in to the following facebook pages and twitter accounts to stay informed of the exciting evolvements of our local trailways and learn how you can help improve both safety and maintenance! Please consider fulfilling school or community volunteer hours or simply show your enthusiasm for our city’s active lifestyle by signing up to help with trail clean-ups and other events by contacting the “friends” group of your favorite trail!

What a Difference a Decade or Two Makes Don’t Fall Behind! “LIKE” DFWRUNS on Facebook


ils Nelson, one of our most faithful Facebook “LIKE”ers, celebrated his 70th birthday this October! So what’s his story? We asked him, and here’s what he said; Back when I was handling the Marketing/Advertising and Public Relations for major corporations it was pretty much “cut and dry.” It all came down to print advertising, direct mail, some TV and radio, and personal contact by company sales representatives. Your staff would brainstorm a product and its place in the market. You would develop a concept, get your ad agency to put an ad campaign together, develop a brochure or flyer, do the photography, place the ad in your trade/industry publications and have it all ready for an upcoming trade show and just hope that you were “on the money” and that the right people saw it. At some point in time, I had enough of it and decided to become “A Different Drummer” Advertising and Marketing on the Maine Coast. Now I had to do it all for my clients. The concept, ad design, research the available print media and costs, and the client presentations. Instead of marketing office furniture, or windows and doors, I now had to have an increased range of knowledge for motels, local tourist shops, restaurants, car dealerships and

“myself.” We did it all, and we did it differently, hence, “A Different Drummer” was born. If you didn’t use a different approach than the competition, then you were just another agency. We gave it the personal touch by going to the client, with approaches and crazy ideas that would hopefully sway stubborn New Englanders. Now that I’ve been out of this public mode for many years… I still end up doing it for our own research company, but with radical changes. Now it is predominantly digital based and I don’t have to leave the office! Now I can scope out my competition, sometimes their pricing, and maybe who their customers are. Marketing was terribly inefficient back then (back when), without the intelligence and research, that is needed to have an effective marketing and advertising campaign. Marketing has undergone many changes in the past twenty years. Information on your product, or company and competition is now available at the click of a finger. Today, the company that doesn’t join the Digital Age is behind the 8 ball. Consumers have much more power in determining what they see, when and how they see it … and they do it all from the comfort of their living room, office, car and multiple cell phone or tabloid platforms and company websites.


Keep sending us your compliments! In order to create the best events for you, we need to continue showing our city officials what is working. With a quick CLICK HERE, we can all make great changes together.


So let me modify a statement I made earlier in this piece. “If you don’t use a different approach to your event marketing then the competition, what happens…you are just another event planner. This is why I am so impressed with DFWRUNS marketing campaigns because they also March (Run) to the beat of a different drummer! DFWRUNS grabbed a hold of the internet and social media early to put themselves out front and on top. Whether it is an announcement of a new event, the results and pictures of the smiling participants, or the catchy phrases and slogan posters, DFWRUNS grabs your attention and you stay with them! There is always a new approach being taken and explored, crazy ideas mastered and why I always look forward to a Facebook posting or the eZine I get by email. The internet and mobile phones have changed our lives in significant ways. DFWRUNS has mastered it and their product!


COMPLIMENT: What a great Fun Run! — Best one I have ever ran in and will run again next sure without a doubt COMPLIMENT: Lots of beer, very little food! COMPLIMENT: Very well organized. Well marked route. Great post race music and beer. I will return! COMPLIMENT: awesome race!


It is imperative now for companies to follow the latest marketing trends to not just get new customers, but also to retain the existing ones. Now it is possible for the marketing effort to facilitate instant sales through the option of mail order shopping, instant access to product information and subsequently, acceleration in the time taken to make a sale or stage a successful event. Events still need to grab people’s attention. They must be unique, presented visually to the right market and those that are going to participate. The use of the internet for Direct Emails to known clients or mailing lists… Social Media to keep you and your message out there to an audience that wants to see you, without the expense of TV ads. The reaction to you, or your company, may only be a “like” or special comment on Facebook, but in the end, you generate leads, awareness and sales.

Abby Road By Abby Werner

HEROES FOR CHILDREN So how many of you have known a child that has had cancer or extreme life threatening illness? Unfortunately, I think pretty much everyone can answer yes to that question, which is why I was so honored to run in the Heroes for Children 5k in Plano on September 7th. It was an amazing event, and is definitely a 5k I’ll remember forever. I’d like to begin my praise by saying that I loved the location. The booths and sign in stations were right on the streets of The Shops at Legacy. I liked it because it offered shade, had seating, and was just a cute area. The booths were all health related except for a hospital had a kids’ area where you could color and do small crafts. Despite the fact that I was pretty much the oldest kid doing it, I made sure I also participated in the sidewalk chalk mural! Before the race, the founders of Heroes for Children spoke and they started handing out bright yellow balloons. By the time they had passed them all out, everyone had a balloon, and I mean EVERYONE. The two founders, who had each lost a daughter, were given a red balloon. At the count of three, everyone released their balloons. Let me tell you, it was a sight to see; thousands of yellow balloons representing all the kids fighting for their lives against these deadly diseases. After that, we lined up and the race began. If you’ve read my column before, you know my 5k routine: start at a steady pace, go as long as I can before I start to walk, then walk a little off and on until I finish strong. To be quite honest with you, I think it’s boring to go into great detail over that for what seems like every race I run in, so let’s just skip it this month! I do need to talk about this part though — every 500 feet or so, there was a volunteer

“It was a sight to see… thousands of yellow balloons representing all the kids fighting for their lives.”

holding up a poster of a kid with some kind of illness. It really motivated you to keep going and to just push a little harder. I made sure to read as many as I could as I was running and it made me recognize how truly lucky I am to be so healthy. I have mild asthma and seasonal allergies which can sometimes be very frustrating but compared to what those kids have to deal with, it’s nothing. The sad part is, I don’t know if those kids are currently fighting that disease or their picture was on display in their honor. I had a decent finish and was given my red ribbon. It wasn’t my best time, but I didn’t beat myself up too much about it. However, I would like to take this time to recognize my Daddy. He did 10 minutes better than his goal time and really pushed himself at this 5k. He has done so much for me, I don’t know where I would be without him. He’s my role model and one of the people I trust the most. He’s the one that goes to most of my 5ks, and doesn’t complain at all (even if we have to drive nearly an hour to get to Plano.) Even if he can’t make it to every track meet, I can always count on receiving a good luck text from him before I run. He’s the one that cheers the loudest, is the first to build me up, no matter how terrible I do, and I love him so much. This month is his birthday, and I just want him to know that I love him and that I wouldn’t be half of the runner/writer I am now without his love and support.





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