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Abby Road AS LIFE TAKES ITS COURSE By Abigail Werner


riends are the family we can choose. Nearly three years ago, the summer before I began sixth grade, my family moved. We only moved to the next town over, but I switched schools. That was actually why we moved, so my brother and I would be able to go to a better school. Even though I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to go to a better school where I would be challenged, I wouldn’t have to drive so far to get to school or swim practice, and we would be moving in to a bigger house, I was still upset that I had to leave my two best friends, Cheyenne and Caitlynne. Granted, we could still get together on the weekends, but it wouldn’t be the same. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but at my old school, we ran every day in PE. We never dressed out, however, so I would usually wear flats while we ran. Because of “ We are all at that, I practically different schools hated running. On the other hand, now, pursuing Caitlynne absolutely different interests loved it. Her whole family was always and we all have doing 5ks and I new best friends.” think her dad might have run in a few marathons. If you had asked me then who I thought out of the three of us would be writing a monthly column about running in a year’s time, I would have said her. Cheyenne was in dance and didn’t have much interest in running

either. Now, nearly three years have passed and we’re no longer close. I still follow them on Instagram, and if I find a picture of us from back then, I’ll find a way to send it to them but it’s nowhere near the same. We’re all at different schools now pursuing different interests and we all have new best friends. A few weeks ago, I ran in the NKF Kidney Walk. My mother is a social worker at a dialysis center, so she had to be there for work. Coincidentally, Cheyenne’s step mom works for the same company my mother works for so she was there as well. We talked for a bit before the 5k but she was planning on walking it like

June 2014  
June 2014