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Shield Your Eyes As You’re About to Enter Our Dirtiest Issue Ever!

For Cryo Out Loud! No More Ice Baths! CryoUSA of Dallas Offers Athletes the Coolest Therapy

Hippity Hoppity Seton Soles 5K is on Its Way!

The Race’s Beneficiary Fills Isabel’s Community Outreach’s Basket

We’ve Got Your Moto-Vation!

MOTOACTV Sponsoring Four Upcoming DFWRUNS Races

Come Out From Under That Rock! “Starfish Don’t Have Jobs”

Letter from the Editor Chief Running Officer, Eric Lindberg

I can remember it like yesterday, the first time I PLAYED DIRTY. It was 1999 and I was flipping through Southwest Airline’s Spirit magazine when a picture of a runner, covered in mud caught my eye. I tore into the article profiling this crazy race with mountain bikes, mud pits, obstacles, and trail running at Camp Pendleton in San Diego called, the “Muddy Buddy”. I had never heard or seen anything like it and instantly I knew I had to do it. Back then I was still a new runner and had short hair. Maybe just one year old in my running age. Sure I had run a few traditional 5K’s and maybe even a 15K but this Muddy Buddy jumped off the page. Mountain biking, trail running, obstacles, a teammate and a mud pit… and on a military base. How could I resist? I grabbed my clunky Motorola phone and dialed Joe Brunetti in Chicago and without hesitation he was “in” and the mighty “Speed Bumps” were born. In 1999, there weren’t very many choices for mud runs so I flew from Dallas and Joe flew from Chicago to reach our DIRTY destination. It was both an adventure and a weekend break from the Texas heat. Our first mission upon arriving in San Diego was to drive up the coast and pick up a mountain bike from one of Joe’s friends. This was then followed by a journey to Road Runner Sports to pick up our race packets. If you know me at all, then you will question this, but that Friday night was low-key as we didn’t know what to expect on Saturday. The wakeup call came at 4:00 AM and we were out the door soon after. It took a good 90 minutes to get from downtown San Diego to Camp Pendleton and by the time we arrived we were pumped.

“If you have never done one or even if you have, then I say try one of our clients’ events profiled in this issue.”

It’s a Dirty Job, but DFWRUNS loves to do it! Call us today at 214-DFWRUNS (339-7680)

WHO’S SHOUTING “On Your Left!”?

OWNERS & EDITORS IN CHIEF Eric Lindberg – Sharon Lindberg –


DESIGN Cathy Hutzler –

WRITING & EDITING Cherilyn Wilson –


Lindsay Musielak – Paul Hutzler – Caitlin Baird – Kelli Conway – Seth Gonzales – Gabriella McCord – Rosemarie Coletto –




If memory serves me correctly there were maybe 1,000 participants but it didn’t matter. To us it felt like the 10,000 and were lining up for the Boston Marathon. Being the stronger runner, I started the run and Joe was on the bike, and in that day of mud running, everyone started together. Needless to say the start was chaos with runners and bikers passing each other on the fire roads of the Marine base. We had no strategy aside from hit it as hard as we could. We didn’t come in first, we didn’t come in last. It didn’t matter. We tackled the 6 miles of dirt, mud and hills with a reckless abandon. The end of the race was the much anticipated mud pit which we dove into like two kids diving into a pool in summer time. The post race festivities included ice cold Marine showers and Gordon Biersch, but we escaped to a taquieria on the beach and celebrated our victory with Coronas on the sand. Though this memory is fresh, times sure have changed! DFWRUNS is fortunate enough to work with several adventure races including Wild West Race, The Original Mud Run, and Gladiator Rock’N Run. Even more so, the adventure racing community is fortunate in that there are a lot of options and if you live in Dallas or Chicago you don’t have to fly to San Diego to find one, although the travel element adds another layer of fun. If you have never done one or even if you have (be it two or ten) then I say try one of our clients’ events profiled in this issue. You will be hooked on our DIRTY adventures like a runner in a cargo net! — Eric Lindberg

April Showers Bring... MUD!

Shield Your Eyes As You’re About to Enter Our Dirtiest Issue Ever!


n relation to your job, your diet, or your workout routine, the same rings true — change is good. So don’t get stuck in running only 5k’s or strictly training for marathons. Change up your racing and get stuck in some mud! DFWRUNS has hand selected the best variety of adventure racing to fit athletes either like our 1999 version of Editor in Chief, Eric Lindberg — clean shaven, short haired easy runners just breaking into the idea of a mud run, or our die-hard, ripped-up, raging dirty players that return for more every year. Thanks to this trend of adventure runs that has grown to such extremes and has spread all over the nation like fire and electric shocks over the course of 15 years, your options are many, excuses are few.



First stop, LaGrave Field in Fort Worth for The Original Mud Run DFW. This race was the first of its kind in DFW, designed by former Marine Paul Courtaway and held on base pre-9/11. Intended to give civilians a taste of the military boot camp challenge, allies and enemies agreed it delivered a true battle of guts for glory — field size is huge and waves almost always sell out so grab your spot now!

The Original Mud Run DFW Saturday, April 14, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Seton Soles 5K Saturday, April 14, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

The Original is consistently popular among mud runs and has been praised as the most organized and challenging of all DFW mud runs by its participants for years. The 2012 Original Mud Run now offers a 5K military style obstacle course as well as the 10K distance. The 5K, 3.1 mile REGISTER NOW! course will present 18 plus obstacles while the 10K, 6.2 April 14 — Fort Worth mile course will stage the May 26 — Houston usual 30+ obstacles, most of which contain water and mud. Although none of the obstacles are impossible or dangerous, they do require a certain level of strength and fitness and the potential exists for injury due to falls, trips and crawling. Dependant on whether you register for the DGAP (don’t give a poop) Division or the more competitive, Trophy Division will decide if you slide into your shorty-shorts or ankle-length camo and combat boots. Read up on the guidelines for both divisions online at This spring marks its 15th year of piling on the grime in DFW and across the country.

Come get a taste of how it all started and of some good ol’ Texas Black Clay!

Big D Texas Marathon Sunday, April 15, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Central Market Thrill of the Grill Saturday, April 28, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Well tie me to a pig and role me in the mud! We’ve got you another original! This one’s original in theme and original because it’s all new! Gitty up and REGISTER NOW for the Wild West Adventure Race and be a part of mud run history in the making. We’re willing to bet four coon skins and a whiskey barrel that you’ve never hauled a bucket of feed down a wild, winding trail, or tackled Tequila shots on a run before! But unique, western themed obstacles is not all! This race also offers an exclusive CrossFit Division potentially granting your Boot Camp or CrossFit gym a specially designed award to hang in the winning REGISTER NOW! facility entitling complete bragging rights. (The fine print: winners are required to brag in a slow, twangy, southern drawl at all times.) Let’s see what kind of boots your boot camp really wears! Round up your toughest hombres and get your posse signed up!

Cowboy/Cowgirl Up on Cinco De Mayo (May 5) at Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, Texas



GLADIATOR ROCK’N RUN Last, but certainly not least! Rock your Mohawk at the Gladiator Rock’N Run during its national tour. This insane party hits its target at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio on June 2nd, and has your legs revving up and down the berms again at The Pit Mix in Terrell on June 16th! Presented in part by Dan Clark — also known as Nitro — of American Gladiator fame, the Gladiator Rock’n Run 5K pairs an obstacle-heavy running course with postrace entertainment, including beer, music, and food. Footage from previous years’ events documents the insanity from 5 kilometers’ worth of collective scampering. The course forces participants to dance through tires, army-crawl through mud, clamber up rope ladders, and juke past EMTs to avoid being tackled.

REGISTER NOW! Continued on next page.

HOUSTON Wild West Adventure Race Saturday, May 5, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

ALBUQUERQUE Jeremy Paster• 2012 GPCC Saturday, May 12, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

The Five and Dime Run Saturday, May 12, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

The Original Mud Run Houston Saturday, May 26, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

GLADIATOR ROCK’N RUN, (cont.) The Rock’n Run’s spectator-friendly course feeds into the after-race party, which helps exhausted runners forget about their burning calves and mud-splattered souls with ample beer, food, and music from live bands. Registration is only $55 until 4/13/12. But consider getting even more for your money by choosing the VIP package to the Gladiator Rock’N Run 5K race (up to a $120 total value). 5K RACE REGISTRATION INCLUDES: • One Gladiator Rock’n Run T-shirt by Affliction • One Gladiator Tough finishers’ medal • Admission to a postrace party featuring THREE live bands • One complimentary postrace beer (only for participants 21 or older)

GLADIATOR TOUGH VIP PACKAGE INCLUDES: • VIP Parking closest to entry • SuperSports Digital Photo • 2 Beers (21& Older) • Limited and Exclusive areas: • VIP Check-in, VIP T-Shirt Pickup, VIP Bag Check, VIP Restrooms

A VIP package ensures parking closest to the race’s entry, accelerated check-in and access to VIP restrooms and bag check. Participants 21 or older receive two free beers, which can be guzzled in celebration or slingshotted skyward in a sacrifice to the running gods.

April is National Autism Awareness Month so it’s a great time to sign up for the Gladiator Rock’n Run! Proceeds of this race go toward TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). Gather your friends and dive into one of our over-the-top adventure races. Whether you’re in it to win, or just in it up to your neck, release your inner child and track mud in on your shoes. You can give in to the pressures of a crisply pressed collar and itchy dress socks some other day! Join the movement and hire DFWRUNS to promote your crazy idea. We’re oozing all over the Facebook and Twitter, through our print media and blogging partnerships, and via television spots, race calendars, newly designed fliers, and even custom beer coozies.

— Cherilyn Wilson


Put your grubby paws on the digits 214-DFWRUNS (339-7680) and give us the DIRT!

Patriot Half Marathon Monday, May 28, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Dash for Dad Chicago Saturday, June 2, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Gladiator Rock’N Run San Antonio Saturday, June 2, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

Dash for Dad South Bay Saturday, June 16, 2012 RACE WEBSITE

For Cryo Out Loud! No More Ice Baths!

CryoUSA of Dallas Offers Athletes the Coolest Way of Increasing Performance and Speeding Recovery


t’s called Cryotherapy and it works. I am not alone on this one. Generally, when something sounds too good to be true, I hear that voice in my head saying, “don’t buy it.” But when Mark Murdock of CryoUSA started talking to me at his Snider Plaza location, however, I was all ears. Sticking your limbs or (I cringe at the thought of it) whole body in a frigid tub of clattering water after your long runs? Then I hope you’ll listen too. He described the practice of whole body cryotherapy being used by hundreds of elite athletes. In fact, this list includes Olympic and World renowned runners like Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Ciaran O’Lionard, Kara Goucher, and Matthew Centrowitz who have all trained under cryotherapy advocate, Alberto Salazar. Mark explained the cryosauna, a six-foot tall metal cylinder which cools to — 275 degrees Fahrenheit by nitrogen vapors below one’s neck, as an undoubtedly more effective healing Olympian Runner, Dathan Ritzenhein method than an ice bath. Although this form of therapy is cutting edge in the U.S., it has been studied and used in Europe and Asia for over 30 years. The science behind it is extensive, but summed up, the body temperature is safely lowered within a two-and-a-half minute period of time in order to draw the blood supply rapidly inward to vital organs. Unlike the all-too-well-known ice bath which potentially freezes tissue over a shivering 10-20 minute period, the cryosauna’s cooled nitrogen vapors alert your skin’s cold sensors and “penetrates only just below the skin’s surface — around half a millimeter.” Mark explains. These cold sensors on your body quickly alert the brain to the surrounding conditions and kick it into defense mode, sending blood rushing to protect your core temperature (which really isn’t at risk because of the brisk 2.5 minute speed-session). While circulating at the core, or “internal cycle”, your blood cells are being enriched with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients. These enrichments encourage internal organ regeneration, the expulsion of toxins, replacement of damaged cells and repairs tissue, rejuvenating the body at the cellular level. As cold as you may feel in the ice bath, it just does not bring your skin to this same low temperature that prompts your body into this inner action. When you start to feel colder than comfortable within the cryosauna, however, you’re already less than two minutes away from stepping out. Not only does that right there sound better to me than staying in the ice bath another 10, it is this quick warming of your body when you get out that sends all these healthy blood cells rushing back to your muscles and joints like marathoner whose just caught sight of the finish line. What a feeling! I believed Mark Murdock as he walked slowly through all of my questions. And as I learned, it’s probably the only time he walks slowly through anything. Mark is not only an owner, he’s a runner. He’s on course to tackle 4 half-marathons on top of 4 full marathons in 2012. He is assured his body will manage the heavy training by stepping into the cryo machine for recovery after his long runs or toughest workouts. Mark said he will also use the cryosuana the day before his race- to energize his body and to ensure the best night’s sleep. As he said this, I was reminded of my 7:15 min/mi tempo run a couple days earlier, my near all-nighter

FOR CRYO OUT LOUD!, (cont.) with a sick kid the following day, and the 5am 20-miler that loomed on my schedule only 16 hours away from that moment. I decided I had to try it myself. I closed the door to the changing room where only the tubular booth and I stood. It was warm and cozy and I was not intimidated by the cushy blue interior visible just inside the machine’s slightly opened door. I removed my jewelry and clothing before putting on the provided warm socks and gloves as instructed. I stepped into the booth, pulled it gently closed and pressed the buzzer signaling I was ready for Mark to enter the room and operate the machine. With only my head exposed out of the top of the booth, I was surprisingly comfortable. From the height of where I stood inside the machine, I could only see the top of Mark’s head and I knew he could just barely see my eyes. Unbeknownst to Mark at the time, I am a claustrophobe. The booth was large and my head was out looking around at the high ceilings of the spacious room. It was clear to me that I had enough mobility within the tubular chamber to do the running man if I so wished. I opted to just be still and listen to Mark lead me through the process instead. “Here we go.” He said. “You will feel a cool burst of air now.” As the first slow fog folded around my body, I waited before exclaiming, “That wasn’t very cold.” Mark said there will be a second one. I couldn’t see his face but I quietly wondered why it sounded like he said that with a grin. “Here comes another burst.” he told me. I began to think the second one was colder than the first. Mark read me the temperature inside the chamber out loud. Strangely, I didn’t feel as cold as I was expecting. I just started to shiver a little. He notified me each time the temperature dropped and talked a little more about how the machine was working which was a nice shift of focus. As I finally decided I was cold, he told me it was colder in that booth than the coldest place on Earth. That baffled me just long enough to keep me from wondering how many seconds had past. He told me I had only a minute left. “I can do anything for a minute.” I thought. Before I knew it, he spoke some words I really understood deep down in my core, “You just turned the corner and see the finish line just 10 yards ahead.” Within 25 seconds, the machine’s hum stopped. Mark exited the room. I had finished. As soon as I opened the door to the machine, I felt the warmth of the room and forgot I was ever cold. I felt completely refreshed and free of chills within a minute. No drying off, no cursing. That day, I never made my ritualistic afternoon cup of coffee, I slept great, woke up at 4:30am feeling refreshed and invigorated, excited to check off my 3rd and final 20 mile run Continued on next page.

TAKE ONE DOWN AND PASS IT AROUND! Look for our newly designed Corporate Recess on-the-go cards now in most major downtown Dallas hotels. These conveniently sized, laminated maps lead you and your colleagues to the lively KATY Trail for a much needed, mid-day, mind-clearing jaunt. Take one and hit the trail running.


Recess increases on-task time.


Physical activity feeds the brain.


Recess fosters social development.


Unstructured physical play reduces stress.


Everyone benefits from a break!

6901 Snider Plaza, Suite 250 Dallas, TX 75205 214.389.6460 cryoUSA

“I will be using it again this marathon season, when I hit my long runs.”

RUNNING GROUPS: CryoUSA welcomes your running group at a DISCOUNTED RATE! Call Mark or his team at 214.389.6460 for details.


Learn how DFWRUNS can help grow your brand or event. Contact us today!



from the training schedule. I ended up having the easiest long run to date and did not feel fatigued or sore in the hours or days that followed. Conditioning or coincidence? I am certainly scheduling my pre Big D Marathon session and recovery session at CryoUSA immediately. You don’t have to take my word for it, but how about Boston Marathon and three-time NYC Marathon winner, Alberto Salazar’s? Salazar not only has a track record for success when he was competing, but continues his achievements as coach at Nike Oregon Project- a group aimed at producing Olympic-caliber athletes. “When I told top NFL strength and conditioning coach, Tom Shaw, to let me know whenever he comes across something amazing, he recommended this machine.” Salazar told me. Almost instantly, Alberto requested a machine to be delivered from Texas to New York City in time for his runner, Dathan Ritzenhein, to use it right before the NYC Marathon. Salazar also now uses one at his Oregon training center. “There’s the theory that some inflammation is good so it is important for athletes to let their bodies somewhat systematically recover first- not to go in immediately after a hard workout, but later in that day.” He explains. “One should use it judiciously early on in the training season, maybe once a week, until the workouts become more intense and the body needs more help recovering, to be ready for the next hard workout. Then we may bump the sessions up to twice a week.” He told me cryotherapy has been “tremendous” in helping in the recovery of athletes. Alberto Salazar is not the only one who’s been on board with this cooling method for performance and recovery, but local runner and coach for Luke’s Locker ATP, Maggie Riba, also gave her testimony. “I have run most of my life, starting running marathons 16 years ago. After my long runs I used to do ice baths for 15-20 minutes which is HORRIBLE. You put cold water in the bath tub, get in, then start filling the tub up with ice. Then if our pool was cold enough, we would stand in the pool for that amount of time. BRUTAL. Then last year during my marathon training, I was lucky enough to meet owner, Eric [Rauscher], through my husband. I tried it after and 18 mile run and was SOLD. No pain that day or the days following, had TONS of energy the rest of the day, and could run the following day without any problem. I then introduced it to my training group that I coach, ATP marathon training through Luke’s locker. Many of them started going to Cyrotherapy and love it as well. I will be using it again this marathon season, when I hit my long runs.” Visit to read how your Mavericks and many other professional athletes are using this product. Aside from sport related benefits, reported wellness benefits include: Tighter, healthier skin, Cellulite reduction, Fewer skin blemishes, Decreased anxiety, Decreased depression, Decreased incidence of colds and flu, Decreased fatigue, and Psychological competitive edge. With very few facilities in America yet having the ability to offer such therapy, we’re lucky to have one right here in Dallas. How cool is that?!

Hippity Hoppity Seton Soles 5K is on Its Way!

The Race’s Beneficiary Fills Isabel’s Community Outreach’s Basket


ow that the Easter Bunny has delivered his delicious baskets of goodies, hop on over to, and register for the 2012 Seton Soles 5K Walk/Run — happening April 14th at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano! You’ll be doing a ton of good not just for your body, but for the community as well. The race benefits the Monsignor Henry V. Petter Endowment Fund, which supports Peace and Justice efforts in Collin County. Just recently, the Monsignor Henry V. Petter Endowment Advisory Board announced they will distribute their first $10,000 grant to Isabel’s Community Outreach, a charity that helps men and women learn skills to become self-sufficient The founder, Isabel Garcia, and her generous staff of teachers offer classes on everything from computer literacy to healthy living for those in need. “We are extremely happy to be able to distribute our first grant. I’m especially happy that the board elected to award Isabel’s Community Outreach as our first recipient. Isabel has been at this work for many years and has had a significant impact on the community at large,” said Tony Fleo, chairman of the Henry V. Petter Endowment Advisory Board. A check presentation to Isabel’s Community Outreach will be made at the Seton Soles 5K Walk/Run. Don’t like to get up on Saturday? Gonna be out of town? Then sign up to be a Tired Soles donor. We’ll mail you a commemorative t-shirt! STILL not sold? How about the chance to win an iPad3? The first 500 to register are entered to win! We’re celebrating the start of spring with a little hop, skip and a jump to the finish line — so come join us! For more information visit

Bandits Wanted! ...that is, Birthday Bandits! Each month we host an “exclusive” social run (location will vary month-tomonth) to celebrate all the bandits who have birthdays that month. Asphalt and good cheers will be provided to all … AND did we mention, an EPIC gift for all the Birthday Bandits.



— Seth Gonzalez


Learn in detail the different methods DFWRUNS employs to put your business on the podium!

WE’VE GOT THE TAIL END COVERED! DFWRUNS Rolls Out Another After Party for Mellew Productions


ot only do we have a great track record for keeping the port-o-lets fully stocked at the finish line, butt we also ensure plenty of snacks and refreshments — replenishing nutrients flushed out of your body during a race, so you won’t be feel wiped out. At the 9th annual Big D Marathon on April 15th, runners will not only enjoy a finishers village complete with indoor restrooms and plumbing, but will celebrate in the company of great sponsors like, Assured Self Storage, MotoActv, and Compete Every Day! And as always, we’ll provide some great music just to keep thing moving. Also look for DFWRUNS’ very own Cherilyn Wilson in the finishers arena. We know she won’t feel pooped after this beautiful 26.2 thanks to her training with Muscle Milk, a boost from her Community Coffee, and the yummy rewards from the Gordon Biersch and Honest Tea booths seated just beyond that line! In addition to our champion sponsors, it may even be great running weather-reports are calling for showers which could cool things off for the 15th! Speaking of cooling things off, Cherilyn will make a quick pit stop at CryoUSA one day prior to energize her muscles in the cryosauna — a machine about the size of a port-o-let. Do you smell a PR??? Don’t be exposed to embarrassment at your event. Let DFWRUNS do the leg work gathering cool sponsors, live bands, awards, barricades and other portable necessities! We’ve got it covered from top to bottom. Wash your hands before hovering over

— Cherilyn Wilson

MOTOACTV Sponsoring Four Upcoming DFWRUNS Races


f you are looking for moto-vation or help meeting your goals come out to any of the DFWRUNS spring events to check out the MOTOACTV. It is the world’s first GPS Fitness tracker with a smart MP3 player all in one. The MOTOACTV can track running, walking and cycling (and golf!). The smart MP3 player learns what songs motivate you by measuring your performance against your music. Need that extra kick? Choose a fit song and get one-touch access to the song that motivates you the most! The GPS will track your workout data like time, distance, speed and calories burned and you can monitor all of your training through the MOTOACTV training portal. You can also plan out your workouts and create longterm goals and your audio coach will keep you moving and grooving through your workouts with updates on your pace, split times and more! Come out to Seton Soles 5K, The Original Mud Run, The Big D Texas Marathon or the Central Market Thrill of the Grill 5K to check out all of the buzz with this product! If it works for ultra marathonman Dean Karnazes, it will definitely work for you!

— Lindsay Musielak

If you have a product or service we can put in front of the active lifestyle community, race to the phone and dial 214-DFWRUNS (339-7680)


Learn how DFWRUNS can help grow your brand or event. Contact us today!



We've Got Your Moto-Vation!

Come Out From Under That Rock! “Starfish don’t have jobs.”


y son’s voice broke the mom-numbing hum of my SUV on after a long Monday. “They just stick to one thing all day.” He finished. My 6 year old’s statement got me thinking, in this sea of life I am no starfish. My guess is, since you’ve clicked open an active lifestyle online publication, neither are you. Like members of Run On! training groups, Luke’s ATP, Dallas Athletes, Fort Worth Running Club, and Grapevine Runners & Walkers (only to name a few of the 30+ running groups in DFW and its surrounding neighborhoods), hundreds charge the streets long before sunup- before people like me used to get to bed. What I mean is, everyone is busy, and most of us do have jobs. Out there, in dark, cold rain, I’ve met pastry chefs who’ve already prepared the morning’s offerings and will head back into work after the quick run. In the scorching heat of mid-summer mornings, I’ve huffed out conversations with dad’s who pack and prep for their business trip out loud, health-care administrators who pant and rant about Obama, software engineers, nurses, fitness trainers, car dealers, blackjack dealers, architects, and landscaping business owners. Many of these people I meet go on home to shower, make breakfast for the family, get the kids off to school, commute to work, get the groceries on the way home in order to prepare dinner, coach the soccer team, do their taxes, clean the house, and so on. But they made time to run first. No excuses. Though we all may feel like our arms and legs are being stretched in 5 different directions throughout the afternoon and evening, we active types are no starfish. There is no such thing as sticking to one thing all day. If you start the day off on the right foot, however, you can still stick to your running routine Continued on next page.


Methodist Health Systems Joins DFWRUNS Corporate Recess Program Throughout April What child growing up did not look forward to “recess”? The lucky people at Methodist Health System will recapture this favorite childhood memory during the month of April. As part of Methodist Health’s 100 Day Live Healthy Challenge they have joined DFWRUNS Corporate Recess Program. This will help them finish out their 100 days on a high note. This fun and healthy event will take place at five different locations of the Methodist Health Systems. Some of the classes featured will be Yoga, Boot Camp, Shoe Clinic, Walking, and a class on Stretching and Injury Prevention. By participating in DFWRUNS recess program the people at Methodist Health will learn what it takes to live a more active and healthy life!

Join the DFWRUNS Recess program by contacting, Caitlin Baird at

— Cherilyn Wilson PLEASE NOTE: DFWRUNS does not recommend running alone before or after dark and believes there is safety in numbers.



before the rest of the day sends you into a tailspin. Early morning training. Period. Now that it’s April in Texas, there’s no better time to form the habit of getting out there before the sun rises and scorches your workout. Not only will you beat the heat through the approaching summer months, you’ll be energized the remainder of your day and have one less thing to try to check off your daily list. If you’re not already a morning person, I encourage you to try it. Try committing to meet a friend an hour earlier than you normally would wake up, or better yet, check out one of DFW’s many running clubs- most cater to various levels of fitness between running and walking. These groups help you to advance in your training and are huge encouraging assets whether you’re just getting started or preparing for racing. You’ll find that, although your quite-time-alone jogs are still appreciated occasionally, this network gives you an instant support group- a network of friends keeping you plugged into the running community. Jump on this 3x a week. Even if the early hours have you feeling a little off at first, stick to it at least 2 weeks. I bet you’ll love getting it done and will look forward to “sleeping in” that extra hour on your off days. You can do it! Don’t be a starfish. Get up while it’s still dark and be one of the stars!

Already at it? Share how you stick to your training in this busy world? Write me at and share: • Are you part of a running or walking group? Which one? • How has a group benefitted your training or complimented your busy life? • Why did you start running? • What song moves you along? • What motivational quote do you draw upon most? Your story will appear in our next issue and you could win a $5 iTunes gift card to keep those motivational beats pounding the pavement!

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On Your Left! - April 2012  

April Newsletter

On Your Left! - April 2012  

April Newsletter