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LAGOON ESTATES POOL RULES The following Pool Rules are for the benefit of all Owners, Residents, and Guests of Lagoon Estates Townhomes Owners’ Association. Please read them carefully. Your compliance with them will be an important factor in assuring the safe and happy enjoyment of the pool by you as well as other pool users. 1. The pool will be open all year. Pool Hours are: 6:00 am – 11:00 pm. The Association may change the hours and days of operation at its discretion and the pool may be closed at any time due to maintenance without prior notice. In addition, Owners may reserve the Clubhouse and Pool Area with advance notice on a first come first serve basis. 2. There is NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please be sure to exercise caution and safety at all times. 3. Running, jumping, diving, loud boisterous behavior, inappropriate language or any other inappropriate behavior is not permitted. Radios must be kept at a reasonable volume as to not disturb other pool users. Please be considerate of others. 4. No children under age 12 are allowed in the pool fenced area without direct supervision of a parent or adult. Children in diapers are not permitted in the pool and appropriate swim pants such as Swimmers must be worn. 5. Bathing suits are required in the pool. This is a family pool environment. Please act and dress accordingly. 6. Owners are responsible for their Resident’s and Guest’s actions. 7. No pets are permitted inside the pool fenced area. 8. No glass containers are permitted inside the pool fenced area. 9. Floats, toys, beach balls, swim fins, etc. should be removed after use and should not be left or stored in the pool area. 10. Please clean up the pool area after use. 11. THE ASSOCIATION ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE POOL. PERSONS USING THE POOL RELEASE AND INDEMNIFY THE ASSOCIATION AND ITS MEMBERS FROM ANY CLAIMS IN CONNECTION WITH ANY LOSS OF LIFE OR PERSONAL INJURY OR DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. 12. All Governmental Regulations are also considered a part of the Pool Rules.

Lagoon Estates Draft Pool Rules  

This is a draft of the pool rules the Board will vote on at the June 9th Board Meeting

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