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U1114942 Diego Torres Synopsis RAYNOR Raynor is based on a story of a young man in he’s 20's that goes through a mental breakdown gradually throughout the film. With only work being the only form of identifying him, the close boundaries he sets himself from a social life is reflected through the deep and unusual way he's conscious thoughts rule he's actions and intentions. Meeting escorts at night and bringing them to he’s apartment are a part of he’s identity that reflect he’s lack of friends so the usage of this kind of company gives the audience a sense of what kind of character he is. Throughout the film he develops weird habits such as randomly exercising with obsessive execution. As one of the opening scenes in the movie were you see an empty park with fog getting deeper, the abnormal behaviour acts as a metaphor of has mental breakdown becoming thick like the fog. Apart from the negative representation Raynor is portrayed as a successful business man that works in the city which you see him going into during the day and later find out he becomes obsessed with he’s secretary. The character Raynor is very demanding and always in control of the situation or conversation. The smart clothes he wears and he’s intellectual corresponds to his authority. A date which he arranges with he’s secretary Sarah confirms he hit he’s final stage of his mental breakdown because the breaking of entry into her house and surprising her with a chase throughout the house ends up in a horrific death, The movie ends with hes thoughts which you hear throughout the narration was actually a story and previous memories being told by himself as a patient answering questions to a physiatrist.

Synopsis - Moving image 3 (Diego Torres)  
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