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U1114942 Diego Torres

Scenes Moodboard

Scene 1 (cut aways/ establishing shots)

For my opening sequence I want to capture this scenario for my first few shots. To do this I will need to get up extra early and see when there will be some fog or mist which I could use to my advantage. The fundamentals I need for this scene are a camera , a tripod and a tracker to give this scene more of an artistic approach which I will have a voice over on top with no soundtrack just silence to capture the audience attention.

Scene 1 (Bedroom)

After the morning park fog shots I want to cut into a dark bedroom in the morning were the main character is introduced . The cramped and loneliness of this room is what I want to portray, a lonely man in his own thoughts living by himself.

Scene 2 (alleyway)

For the scene were Raynor picks up his escort I want to give a dark mysterious feel to the scenario.

Scene 3 (Raynors house)

In this scene because my character is lonely I want his living room to have minimal furniture with white walls , sofa and no TV to implement he is not a family man and you don’t know much about him as you see in this American Physco scene.

Scene 4


I want to have this kind of pull focus bright day effect signifying his previous night was a success.

Scene 5 Office scene

For the office scene again relating to his lonely and simple persona I want to show a simple office with a window when dressing up the scene.

Scene 6 (chase scene)

For the chase scene I want to show dark lighting with shadow silhouettes.

(final psychiatrist scene)

For my final scene I am going to get an elderly professional dressed in smart with books and shelf’s in the background.

Scene moodboard raynor  
Scene moodboard raynor