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2009 season preview The Core of Temptation

The second portion of the show, The Tempting, features Dance of the Maenads. Maenads is presented in a three-part form with opening and ending sections featuring high-energy and relentless drive as the male characters attempt to resist the dominant female, Eve. The middle contrasting portion slows the tempo, but this allows only a brief respite from the high energy, as even in this section, the temptation continues to intensify. In the end, Eve’s sway is too powerful and the male characters fall helpless to her tempting.

Life was good in the Garden of Eden, or so the story goes. Then, tempted and seduced by a sinister serpent, Eve took a bite of the fruit of forbidden knowledge and plunged paradise into madness and chaos. The concept for the 2009 Boston Crusaders’ production revolves around the original femme fatale, Eve, and the design team’s speculation about the aftermath that occurred from her bite of the apple. Music for the production draws in part from some of the most well known portrayals of femme fatales, temptation, and seduction in musical literature, including Delilah and Salome. The 2009 show also continues the Crusaders’ recent tradition of bringing new composers to the drum corps medium by featuring Dance of the Maenads, the third movement of New Zealand based composer John Psathas’ double concerto, View from Olympus. In Greek mythology, Maenads are female worshipers of the god, Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, the god of wine and inspirer of ritual madness.

The bold, hard hitting Boston Crusaders will be under siege from history’s most notorious temptresses in the 2009 show.

The culmination of Maenads and the tempting of Eve lead to Seduction and Chaos. Seduction features an original composition by program coordinator and brass arranger, Jay Kennedy, which draws inspiration from Bacchanale from Camille Saint-Saens’ opera, Samson and Delilah, and Dance of the Seven Veils from Salome by Richard Strauss. Featuring a musical dialogue between mellophone and baritone Continued on Page 7

Orlando Florida Celebration Returns July 11

Dressed in white costuming with a flare of Middle Eastern style, the color guard plays an integral part in this year’s programming. The color guard will include a male rifle line and female saber line to help accentuate the story line, with interplay between the two genders.

Following on the heels of last summer’s hugely successful DCI Orlando celebration, the Boston Crusaders will again hold a special get-together for all Florida alumni, parents and friends at the Citrus Bowl on July 11.

This year’s production begins with a brief Prologue that foreshadows the melodies used in the show and reveals the dominant female character. Trouble in paradise is imminent . . .

Alumni and fans of the corps can expect an exclu Continued on Page 8 1


faces Family affair

You can help! Join the Crusader Club Members of the Crusader Club receive the following benefits (Click on a level to make donation.):

• $1,200 Founders Club

When Boston Crusaders first-year member Anthony “AJ” Griffey steps on the field this summer, he will be following in the footsteps of his father, Guy Griffey, a member of the Boston Crusaders Senior corps since its inception in the early 1990s. AJ comes to the Crusaders after four years of training in the Nashua Spartans. Now 19 years old, he says he is ready to step up to a DCI World Class corps, and with his family’s support, he is eagerly anticipating his first summer in a red jacket. Just like his father, he will be a member of the tuba (contrabass) section. AJ reports that it has taken some time to get used to the rigors of a world class corps. “I was totally unprepared, physically, for the first camp,” AJ recalled. “Our horns in the Spartans were balanced quite differently and I also needed to rebuild my stamina after taking last summer off from drum corps. Getting back into the swing of things feels really good, even though some of the effort required is very demanding. Since the winter camps are held in Florida, we’re outside right off the bat, and so the staff expects us to be in summertime mode all the time.”

 All Giant benefits plus:  2 premium tickets to the DCI World Championship Finals in Indianapolis, IN

Tax-deductible contribution: $875

• $600 Giant  All Director benefits plus:  2 premium tickets to the East Coast Classic with VIP parking  Voucher for $50 retail merchandise from the souvenir booth

Tax-deductible contribution: $480

• $300 Director  All Drum Major benefits plus:  2 premium tickets to the East Coast Classic

Tax-deductible contribution: $230

• $150 Drum Major  All Member benefits plus:  10% off Crusaders souvenirs

Fully tax-deductible

• $75 Member  Boston Crusaders window decal  Your name listed in the East Coast Classic program book and

Fully tax-deductible

• $35 Fan

When not doing drum corps, AJ is enrolled in Nashua Community College and works part-time in order to earn enough money to spend his entire summer marching in the Crusaders.

 Your name listed in the East Coast Classic program book and

AJ’s father, Guy Griffey, joined the Boston Crusaders Senior corps when the Connolly brothers first organized the group more than 15 years ago. “I was actually there at the second rehearsal in 1991,” he remembers.

The Boston Crusaders are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Guy’s drum corps career dates back to the Watertown Cadets where he started off in the drum line under the tutelage of former Boston Crusaders Director Anthony Smith. After the Watertown Cadets disbanded in 1971, he joined the horn line of the 27th Lancers as a soprano and marched in the very first DCI World Championship Continued on Page 7

Fully tax-deductible

Donors way waive benefits for full tax deduction.

Corporate Matching Gifts: Many companies match employee gifts. Check with your employer.

In Memory of Joe Ricci

Dear Friends: Just before the December holidays, the Boston Crusaders family lost one of our most loyal and passionate supporters. A mainstay of the Boston Crusaders organization for over 30 years, Joe Ricci was the greatest ever volunteer and dedicated friend of the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps. Joe was a one-time corps director, long time board member, bingo President, Gillette Stadium worker, 50/50 master, and a member of the Crusader Hall of Fame. Those who knew Joe recognized he was a one of a kind. Loving, caring and always there for you, he was the most selfless man that we will ever know. He was the type of person that made friends in every aspect of his life. This was especially true through his continuous involvement with the Boston Crusaders. It is not possible to add up the amount of blood, sweat, tears, money and love that Joe shared with thousands of our members over the years. It gave Joe great satisfaction to be able to help anyone out, but most importantly, to make them feel welcome and valued, no matter what role they played in the Crusaders organization. Joe was the nicest person any of us will ever meet. He was our caregiver, always looking out for everyone else. He was an incredible leader who demonstrated that you didn’t need to raise your voice to get your point across. He was our best friend, the most selfless person in our lives. Because of his influence on us all, our lives have been infinitely enriched for having known him. If life were a drum corps contest, as measured by the outpouring of tributes since his untimely death, Joe would be both the champion and fan favorite. This year, we are making a special effort to remember Joe and all that he meant to the Boston Crusaders. While we can never fully appreciate all that Joe gave to the corps, the 2009 season will be dedicated to his memory. A special commemorative patch bearing Joe’s initials will be placed inside each of the member’s uniform jackets as an everyday reminder of the extraordinary dedication and sacrifice required to be a Boston Crusader. Moreover, several other tributes are planned for the Spring Fling, July 4th (Joe’s birthday), and at the 2009 East Coast Classic. As the same time, we are asking each of you to see if you can give a little more to make the 2009 season one that we will never forget. The Board of Directors has set an unprecedented goal of raising $100,000 in this year’s annual fund in memory of Joe Ricci. Nothing gave Joe greater satisfaction than giving his all to make the Boston Crusaders successful and prosperous. So even in these challenging economic times, we are asking each of you to dig just a little deeper to enable the Crusaders to succeed as never before. Whether or not you have been a regular donor to the corps, this is the year to make a very special gift for Joe. We would like to think that somewhere above Lucas Oil Stadium this August Joe will be watching DCI Finals. With your generous assistance, the Boston Crusaders will bring the crowd to its feet and a smile to Joe’s face once again. Thank you,

Michael Woodall Annual Fund Co-Chair

Click here to make an on-line donation to the Boston Crusaders today.

Staff Spotlight A Talk with Visual Designer Brian Murphy process is the same for anything I design. There are basic design principles that you adhere to. The difference is in the level of difficulty and the complexity of the ideas. The more talented the membership of a group, the more you can try.

Brian Murphy will be returning to the Crusaders in 2009 as visual coordinator as well as serving as the corps’ visual designer. During his previous engagement with the corps from 2000-2002, Brian simultaneously held the roles of color guard caption head and visual coordinator and was instrumental in the highly successful programs of those years.

GS: What changes have you implemented since taking over for Kevin Ford? Brian Muphy: Kevin is a great designer and I had the privilege of working with him in the 2000-2002 seasons. I think the the biggest change is a stylistic one. Kevin had his style and I have my style. I think every designer has a particular style and it comes out in the way he or she interprets the music and musical phrasing, how the field is used, and how the different sections are utilized during the show. As I look to the corps’ future, I want to try to bring more visual excitement to the field. I think we are seeing a homogenization of our activity and I would love to break out of the mold in the coming years.

Brian brings a wealth of additional experience to his position. He was the designer for St. Ann’s Color Guard of Neponset, MA, which garnered 10 WGI medals during his tenure. In addition, he has designed shows for numerous high school and independent organizations in addition to serving as an adjudicator for WGI. Brian’s marching involvement in the activity began in 1971 and culminated in 1985 as a member of the Garfield Cadets, where he learned from the renowned visual genius, George Zingali. Brian was also a member of the Alliance of Greater Boston and the Heightsmen of Arlington. Brian currently works for IBM where he holds the position of Program Manager.

GS: What’s the biggest challenge you face when designing the visual program? Brian Muphy: Getting it right! I know that sounds a bit basic, but a lot goes into getting it right. One of the most difficult things is to balance the strengths and weaknesses of the corps and those factors change on an annual basis, so you can not always do the same thing year after year. Sometimes you may want to take on certain challenges, but you do not always have the ingredients, in terms of talent and experience, to do them. So you need to come up with creative ways of doing things.

Giant Steps: Compare your experience as C.G. caption head with your current responsibilities as designer for the entire visual program. Brian Muphy: Back in my color guard caption head days, I had my hands in the programming aspect of the show as well, so there are many similarities on the programming level. For me now, it is about having that big picture view and making sure all the pieces are working and when they are not, figure out what the problem is, how to focus in on the problem and get it fixed so the big picture stays working.

GS: Describe your program coordination partnership with brass arranger Jay Kennedy. How do the two of you work together?

GS: As a drill designer with an extensive color guard background, how much input do you give to the development of the guard program?

Brian Muphy: Jay, myself and all the caption heads have a great relationship. I believe this was key in the smooth transition last year when we had so many new staff members. Jay has really fostered an open environment among the staff. We really feed off of each other and bounce ideas around. Jay and I do spend time together making sure both the visual and music complement each other. It is a give and take process, but in the end a collaborative one. We all can pick up the phone and call one another and have a conversation about a show idea or how to make something in the show work. This is really the way it should work; we are team of people.

Brian Muphy: I try to give a lot of input to the development of the guard. We have a great guard staff in Matt, Kim, Paulo and Sarah. When hiring a new guard staff last year, we wanted to invest in the future with younger talented instructors, ones who could be with the corps for many years to come. So my goal is to help mentor them and pass on my many years of experience to them. GS: You have written for a lot of different pageantry groups. How does writing for a DCI top-12 corps differ from writing for other ensembles?

GS: Where is the design team trying to go with the 2009 program?

Brian Muphy: I have written for many color guards and bands, as well as the Sunrisers senior corps. My thought

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Boston Crusaders Present



The Tradition Continues Drum Corps fans will flock to Lawrence as the East Coast Classic continues to thrill at its new home — Veterans Memorial Stadium. Be there as the Summer Music Games makes the final New England stop of the 2009 tour. It’s your last chance to see a stellar lineup of corps from across the United States.

The Defending DCI World Champion:

Phantom Regiment

Faces a top line-up of world class corps:

Friday, July 31, 2009 7:00 PM Veterans Memorial Stadium Lawrence, MA

Boston Crusaders Madison Scouts Crossmen Colts Spirit

Jersey Surf Boston Crusaders Seniors

! t I s s i Don’t M

Tickets: $35, $30, $25, $20, $15 Call 617-268-4600 or order on-line at 5

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The Boston Crusaders have partnered with Kansas City-based UMB Bank to offer the Waldo Visa Premium Platinum Card. Not just an ordinary credit card, the Waldo Card comes in five different designs, each of which depicts a different image of the corps. According to Executive Director Tom Spataro, “Fans of the Boston Crusaders are going to love this product. We have card designs with photos of the corps from various eras, each emblazoned with the Boston Crusaders logo. The more our supporters use the Waldo Card, the more revenue the corps receives.”

If you’re going to use a credit card, we hope that you will choose to carry the Waldo Card in your wallet. Not only does the Waldo Visa Platinum support the Boston Crusaders, it also includes important benefits such as emergency cash and card replacement, lost / stolen card

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You are invited to

Boston Crusaders Spring Fling Honoring the 1979 and 1999 Boston Crusaders

Friday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m. American Legion Nonantum Post 440 295 California Street in Newton, MA,

Premiere Performance by the 2009 Boston Crusaders Cocktails (cash bar) Buffet Dinner Silent & Live Auction Prizes Hall of Fame Inductions Crusaders Senior Corps Appearance Don’t miss this exciting kick-off to the 2009 season To Order Tickets ($35 per person): Call 617-268-4600 Visit or send a check to: Boston Crusaders, P.O. Box 51391, Boston, MA 02205 4 6

Brian Murphy - Continued from Page 4

Spring and Summer Clinics Added to 2009 Schedule

Brian Muphy: When Jay took over programming for the 2008 season, one of the things all the caption heads agreed upon is that we wanted the corps to look and sound different than the past few years. We felt the corps was in a bit of a rut. So for 2009, we again want to do something different for the corps. We are bringing some new music to the field with a piece of music called Maenads, but also using an old drum corps favorite, the Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah. We are also taking a different thematic approach to the 2009 show as well. It is very important to the staff to keep entertainment value within the program and to make sure we keep Boston’s East Coast aggressive image alive, all while keeping the corps current at the same time.

This summer, the Crusaders will participate in three local clinics, in addition to various educational and exhibition performances around the country while on tour. The Crusaders percussion section will be featured guests at the Massachusetts Judges Association Spring Clinic for Fall Judges, Instructors, Band Directors and Marching Bands on Saturday, May 30 at Salem High School in Salem, NH. Rounding out the day’s agenda, percussion caption head and arranger Omar Carmenates will lead a discussion on the use of amplification and electronics in our field, featuring his section in a live demonstration. For more information on this clinic, visit

2009 Season Preview - Continued from Page 1

Secondly, on June 10, the Crusaders and New Hampton school will host the members of the New Palestine High School Band from New Palestine, Indiana for a day of interactive drum corps education. The day will culminate with joint performances by both groups as well as a dress rehearsal of the Crusaders 2009 production.

soloists, the piece starts in a seemingly innocent manner, but accelerates increasingly. Eve, now completely under the spell of the apple and its offer of bliss, becomes the seducer. She engages in an intense, delirious dance of seduction that rises incessantly and climaxes in what is now the foregone conclusion – the biting of the apple. The ecstasy desired by Eve never materializes, as paradise descends into Chaos, musically represented in a percussion feature created by percussion writers, Omar Carmenates and Jerry Carpenter.

The third local educational opportunity is on July 31 at the East Coast Classic. Students from MBDA in Maine, MAC in Connecticut, and NESBA, MICCA here at home are invited to Lawrence, MA to spend the day with the Crusaders in the all-access “East Coast Classic Experience.”

The concluding portion of the show, Ritual Madness, speculates about the aftermath of Eve’s capitulation to temptation and subsequent ill-fated act of weakness. The Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah, from which tempting melodic snippets have appeared previously during the show, provides the musical centerpiece for the finale.

Crusader Faces - Continued from Page 2 in 1972. He eventually migrated to contrabass and stayed with the Lancers through the 1975 season.

According to Jay Kennedy, “The Boston Crusaders have traditionally focused on musical material that reinforced the corps’ bold image. This year’s show explores that characterization in a dynamic and different way that should excite fans across the country.”

Despite his vast experience in drum corps, Guy receives plenty of ribbing from his son, because while AJ won three gold medals and one bronze medal with the Spartans, Guy doesn’t have any medals or championships rings.

The ending of the show remains unrevealed. Will chaos and ritual madness reign or does hope ultimately prevail?

Guy speaks of the all-family effort required to support his son’s summer drum corps experience. “AJ started out as the water boy for the Crusaders Senior Corps along with his younger brother, Michael, moved through the various levels of the Spartans’ program, and now he is finally in the Crusaders. He’s been doing drum corps practically his entire life.”

Barbara, has also worked many extra hours to make this affordable for us. Plus the Senior Corps has pitched in as well. They take up a collection at every rehearsal which helps to fund his membership in the corps and assists a few other needy New England members as well.”

Both of AJ’s parents have extended themselves again now that AJ is marching in a world class corps. “It’s been a bit of a burden financially,” Guy says, “but I’ve been able to work some overtime and my wife,

With such a strong level of support behind him, we wish Anthony great success in his rookie season with the Boston Crusaders. 7

Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps P.O. Box 51391 Boston, MA 02205


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Orlando Regional - Continued from Page 1

reporting, travel accident insurance and 100% Fraud Liability Protection.

sive gathering venue on the grounds of the Citrus Bowl where they can enjoy a pre-contest meal, get discounts on Crusaders souvenirs and renew old friendships. You can meet current members of the corps and get revved up for the DCI Orlando contest appearance of the Boston Crusaders.

Show your support and give back right now. Simply use your Waldo Visa Platinum card and you’ll be supporting the Boston Crusaders every day. The corps will receive $50 when you use the card within 90 days, plus a percentage of every purchase you make. Why carry just an ordinary credit card when you can get the Waldo Card today? To apply, visit the Boston Crusaders CardPartner website:

Key 2009 Dates June 12

Spring Fling Benefit Newton, MA

July 2

Beverly, MA Beanpot Invitational

Special thanks to our sponsors:

It’s a party you won’t want to miss. Once again we will offer a Boston Crusaders seating block in the stadium along with wrist bands to access the preevent gathering. Stay tuned to for details as they become available. July 11

DCI Orlando Regional Orlando, FL

July 31

East Coast Classic Lawrence, MA

August 6-8

DCI World Championships Indianapolis, IN

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