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" The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others "

-Mahatma Gandhi






PROUD to serve

Eloise Gómez Reyes was elected to the California State Assembly in November 2016 and re-elected in 2018 to represent California’s 47th Assembly District. Eloise graduated from Colton High School and received her A.A. from San Bernardino Valley College. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California, Eloise went on to earn her law degree from Loyola Law School. Due to the lack of access to quality legal services in her community she became the first Latina to open her own law firm in the Inland Empire. Her determination, perseverance, and conviction to succeed has empowered her to be a voice for the voiceless, an advocate for the working class and a champion for her community.


Finalists Olive Branch ReWritten Center for Employment and Training LightHouse Social Service Center Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana Fontana Resources At Work Rivers's Edge Ranch Fontana Police Officers' Association The International Reach and Teach Institute The PAL Center Project Boon Khemo Buddy's Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA of San Bernardino County Mi Familia Vota Education Fund GRID Alternatives Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (C.O.P.E) Inland Counties Legal Services Volunteer 2 Dance Operation New Hope Young Women's Empowerment Foundation Sinfonia Mexicana Youth Academy Caramel Connections Give Something Back PLuv’z Helping Hands Foundation

Olive Branch

Angela McClain, President

Angela Mcclain is the President of The Olive Branch Development and Empowerment Services Inc, a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2015 in the city of Bloomington. She was a counselor for women as well as foster children for over 10 years. This experience showed her the need for more community resources and outlets. Her nonprofit organization provides after school snacks and activities for children such as crafts and outdoor trips to local recreations. The organization also has several annual events and has resources and donations like clothing and food are provided to those in need.

ReWritten Frank Perez, April Hoss, Jeremy Livermore, Founders ReWritten exists to bring holistic support and restoration to fatherless and underserved youth in at-risk communities. No child should have to grow up without a father and carry the burden of his absence alone. It is growing up without a father and having little to no support in most areas of life that leaves children the most vulnerable, lost and misguided. Left to this reality, the trajectory of their lives becomes one predetermined by those of generations past. It is this void left by absent fathers and the challenges facing the children we work with that we see as an occasion to which we rise. ReWritten is an organization formed in 2013 as a direct response to the number of young people growing up in a largely fatherless community. We identify youths who are going to have a turbulent transition into adulthood and offer a positive support system that enables them to avoid pitfalls that can derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same: empower the participant to make positive changes in his/her life. Through the power of Education, Advocacy, Community, and Mobilization, ReWritten equips young men and women with the tools to transform their futures. The cornerstone of ReWritten’s work is personal relationships with our participants. ReWritten’s goal is to foster a commitment to the community that will promote a five-fold transformation in the lives of the participants we serve: academic success, strong interpersonal skills, creative outlets, employment assistance, and most importantly, a renewed sense of hope in their future.

Center for Employment and Training Pamela Deans, Center Director

The mission of CET, an economic and community development corporation, is to promote human development and education by providing people with marketable skills training and supportive services that contribute to selfsufficiency. They are driven to help those who want a better life get the skills needed for meaningful work. CET’s job training programs teach marketable skills to people of all educational levels and backgrounds, especially those most in need. Everyone deserves the dignity of selfsufficiency. They believe in a hand-up, not a hand-out. They want to help lift people out of poverty and into a brighter future. Since 1967, Center for Employment Training has been dedicated to fighting poverty and dependency on public aid by making hands-on job training available to youth and adults of all educational backgrounds. CET is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a nationally accredited organization with its main campus and headquarters located in San Jose, California.

LightHouse Social Service Center

Karyn Young-Lowe, Founder

LightHouse Social Service Centers is dedicated to enhancing lives and meeting the diverse needs of individuals, families and communities. Through the utilization of comprehensive integrated social service systems, LightHouse supports clients in breaking the cycle of homelessness, works to keep families together and strives to build strong healthy communities. LightHouse was founded by Karyn Young-Lowe in an effort to employ creative interventions that address the numerous issues affecting the lives of persons living in homelessness. LightHouse has expanded over the years and now employs 40 staff members at its three locations. The LightHouse main office is located in Colton, Ca. and a second office is located in Victorville, Ca. The Grant & Per Diem Bridge Housing Facility is located in Moreno Valley, Ca.

Concerned Citizens for the DEVELOPMENT OF NORTH FONTANA Jessie M. Turner, Founder

Jessie M. Turner moved from New Orleans, Louisiana in the early sixties to Fontana. Mrs. Turner organized a group of likeminded community people to meet and discuss the concerns, needs, and developments (neighborhood safely issues) in North Fontana. The Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana was formed and incorporated to be the voice of the community. 52 year later the legacy continues with Miss Black Awareness Scholarship Pageant, San Bernardino County Black History Month Parade and Expo, Health Fairs, Resource Center, Community Broadcasting Station, Educational Programs, Juneteenth Programs, Quarterly Law Enforcement Forms, and CommUNITY BBQ ComPITition every year. Their goal is to continually increase trust and communication in their community resulting in the removal of barriers and misunderstanding.

Fontana Resources At Work Sylvia Anderson, Executive Director

Fontana Resources at Work (FRW) has been providing services and support to individuals with a variety of different abilities since 1964. Their motto is to “Achieve Independence through Employment” focusing on competitive integrated employment for all who choose to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice. FRW has recently advanced their service delivery to broader community based services, allowing their clientele to learn to work and live as independently as possible. FRW is proud of the progress their clients have made in developing their skills and ability to independently navigate their broader community and utilize all services available to them. They have encouraged their staff to “Seize the Future” and assist their clients to grow!

River's Edge Ranch Doug Whiteman, Chairman of the Board

The River's Edge Ranch is a one year, three phase drug and alcohol recovery home. It is a working ranch with over 200 animals. While at the Ranch the men form a bond with each other, learn structure, responsibilities and coping skills. They get up at 3 to 4 am depending on their job. Eat, work and serve the community together with a set schedule. Upon completion of the one year program the men move in to transitional homes. While in these homes they are provided jobs and transportation while learning budgeting and life skills. The participants continue to serve in the community and are reunited with their families. With all these things in place, River's Edge Ranch has an 80% success rate over the last three years of participants not returning to their old lifestyles.

Fontana Police Officers' Association Ted Hunt, Executive Director The Fontana Police Officers' Association is connected with the community. Public safety is a community responsibility. As community leaders, they are focused on making the Greater Fontana Area safer, more prosperous and a better place for all. Over the past three years They have cooked and shared over 10,000 meals for every segment of the community including evacuees, students, seniors, homeless and faithbased organizations.

The International Reach and Teach Institute John Currie, President/CEO The motto of The International Reach and Teach Institute is "Each One Reach One Teach One." This organization is about changing lives in the community and was formed in November of 2003. Over the past sixteen years, the organization has fed the homeless community in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009, with the assistance of Phil Ivey, world renowned Poker Champion. The organization has championed mental health education to the nursing student community, participated in numerous community health fairs, trainings and conferences, providing mental health education and facilitation. In December 2016, they participated in Psychopharmacology Summit with Global Medical Education in Scottsdale, AZ, Participated in the Mood Disorders training in Las Vegas, NV, and Men in Nursing conference in Ventura, CA. Recently, Reach and Teach, in a community partnership, sponsored a Mental Health First Aid training on May 24th, 2019 with the Department of Behavioral Health at the Ontario Library. Presently, they are working with our US Veterans population in providing guidance and assistance in receiving service connection benefits. This past January 21, 2019, a Vision Board event was held at Raquel’s Jazz Lounge, in which veterans were afforded the opportunity to receive direction and guidance on how to obtain their service connected benefits. On Mother’s Day, 2018, women veterans were honored for their sacrifices of motherhood and military service.

PAL Center Dwaine Radden, Sr., CEO Provisional Accelerated Learning Center (PAL Center) operates as a subsidiary under the Provisional Educational Services, Inc. (PESI) which has been working continuously as a nonprofit since 1985. The Founder is Dr. Mildred Henry, a former Professor Emeritus at Cal State, San Bernardino. Her legacy tentacles run deep throughout the Inland Empire. Dr. Henry was honored with an Elementary school in San Bernardino for her work throughout the community. Since her retirement in 2014, Dwaine Radden, Sr. has been at the helm as the CEO to keep her vision and legacy alive. The organization has continued to serve the community at large in the same tradition that came before them. PESI provided the following services and programs in 2018-19:Community Food Bank, which serves 150 people every week, Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act program (WIOA), PAL Charter High & Middle school program, which has been serving the community for over 18 years, PAL Center Adult High School and GED Program, Upward Bound Program, which provides support for College-bound students, Today's Achievers & Creators of Tomorrow (TACT), Adult Computer Literacy Classes, and Community Feast.

Project Boon Christopher and Ana Karina Suchรกnek, Founders

Project Boon was founded by Christopher and Ana Karina Suchรกnek (owners of Firm Media and Hitch Burger) that is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They act as the organizing force behind a host of events every year, and while assisting the underserved is one of their primary goals and achievements, they are also proud to: - Show people the power they have to change the lives of others and how to use this knowledge. - Offer a meaningful experience to the beneficiaries, participants, donors, and sponsors of events and create a lasting sense of community following these events. - Engage professionals, executives, and companies, demonstrating the human impact of their business contributions. Project Boon facilitates holiday based events that bring together those in need, those willing to help, and the resources that make a difference.

Khemo Buddy's Kim Keyes, President and CEO

Kym Keyes is the President and CEO of Khemo Buddy's. As a 3 year Breast Cancer Survivor, Khemo Buddy's was conceived out of her desire for a Buddy while going through Chemotherapy treatment herself. She states, "The Goal was simple, not to cure cancer, not to hold parties for cancer, but simply to be there to support the often unnoticed in the war on cancer, the treatment patient". This organization provides assistance of a significant magnitude to patients by way of their World Renowned Buddy Bags. Their Buddy Bags have items needed to help a patient get through treatment. Their Fleece blankets protect the skin from harsher materials that cause rashes, warm fuzzy socks are provided because some days the feet will become extremely cold. They have Activity Books, i.e; Word Search, Crossword, and Sudoku puzzles, along with nausea relievers like Plain Potato Chips, Saltine Crackers, Pretzels, Ginger Ale and Bottled water. They have been sponsored by many hospitals who know that they are unable to provide individualized attention of this magnitude, so partnering with them, has allowed the patients to see how their center cares for them intimately.

Court Appointed Special Advoctaes (CASA) of San Bernardino County Cesar Navarrete, Executive Director

Every child deserves a Champion! CASA of San Bernardino County recruits, trains, and supervises community volunteers to be Champions for foster youth. CASA’s mission is to improve the quality of life for foster youth, juvenile care youth, and foster care alumni through stable and consistent mentoring, advocacy, and supportive services. CASA volunteers use their court sanctioned role to mentor and advocate for their youth’s best interest in the child welfare, education, and health care systems. “Give a person a fish, feeds them for a day. Show them how to fish, feeds them for a lifetime,” is incomplete. People need the right tools (a fishing pole, fishing line, bait), they need guidance (to find the right body of water), and encouragement (so that they don’t give up when the fish aren’t biting). CASA advocates provide our youth with the tools, support, and encouragement to prepare for and overcome life’s challenges.

Mi Familia Vota Education Fund Janet Bernabe, Riverside Regional Coordinator

Mi Familia Vota is a national nonpartisan civic engagement organization. MFV has strategic operations in six states with the highest Latino populations, including California where work is centralized in Fresno, Modesto and Riverside. They work to unite Latino, immigrant, and allied communities to promote social and economic justice through citizenship workshops, voter registration, and year-round voter participation regionally since 2012. Mi Familia Vota has successfully recruited and trained nearly 200 youth through their Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement program, training the future leaders of tomorrow. In addition, in 2018 MFV California successfully registered 5,934 people (2,000 in the Inland Empire) and 82,000 nationwide. MFV advocates for year-round on critically important issues that affect our community in the fields of immigration, voting, the environment, workers’ rights, education, and health care. MFV's mission is to build Latino political power.

GRID Alternatives Lisa Castilone, Community Development and Tribal Manager

GRID was founded during the 2001 California energy crisis by Erica Mackie, P.E., and Tim Sears, P.E., two engineering professionals who were implementing largescale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for the private sector. The idea that drove them was simple: free, clean electricity from the sun should be available to everyone. Through GRID Alternatives, they developed a model to make solar PV technology practical and accessible for low-income communities, while providing pathways to clean energy jobs.

Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (C.O.P.E) Samuel Casey, Founder/Executive Director Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) was founded in 2001 with a mission to “train and develop the capacity of religious and community leaders to protect and revitalize the communities in which they live, work, and worship.� COPE uses the strategies of grassroots organizing, leadership development, direct action, civic engagement, and voter mobilization to build people power for systemic change to achieve three broad goals: 1) To transform educational system by reforming policies and practices that criminalize youth in schools; advancing equity, access, and opportunity for black students and other students of colors; and promoting parent and community inclusion in school decision-making. 2) To end mass incarceration through criminal justice reform that includes new structures and systems to rebuild and restore people and our communities. 3) To promote community wellness by advocating for accessible, affordable,and quality health and environmental systems

Inland Counties Legal Services Darrell K. Moore, Esq., Executive Director

Inland Counties Legal Services (ICLS) provides legal assistance in the areas of Consumer, Family Law including Domestic Violence, Health Law, Public Benefits, Housing, Immigration, Tax, Bankruptcy, Education, Employment and a few other miscellaneous areas of civil law including Simple Wills, Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney. ICLS provides free legal assistance to indigent persons, especially underserved client groups, such as tenants, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; the elderly in the greatest social or economic need, disabled persons including veterans and deaf and hearing impaired; healthcare consumers with access and/or insurance issues; homeless persons including veterans; immigrant victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, persons needing help with obtaining or retaining government benefits; deaf and hearing impaired as well as monolingual Spanish speaking as well as other underserved groups of non-English speaking persons.

Volunteer 2 Dance Brenda Armstrong, Founder

Volunteer 2 Dance offers foster and underprivileged youth an opportunity to volunteer with their community and trade those hours for professional dance classes. The V2D movement is to not just bring awareness to, but to bring a solution to the cycle of crime, homelessness, and overall decline of lower income communities in San Bernardino County. They believe that every issue (crime, drug-and alcohol abuse, gangs etc.) is a direct output of nothing other than the state of ones mentality. The mind controls one's actions and future. By giving youth a safe environment, healthy outlet to cope with traumas, nurture their mentality, and develop healthy relationships among peers on a similar bright path; they will get EXCITED and be MOTIVATED to participate! Mental health issues are abundant among foster youth and low income communities, but creative mental health resources are few. They are that resource, and are dedicated to creating a NOTEABLE change."

Operation New Hope

Russell Degnan, CEO

Operation New Hope (ONH), an Inland Empire-based youth rehabilitation program, began 35 years ago as a means of preparing at-risk youth for the realities of adulthood. ONH mission is to mentor and educate disadvantaged youth with life skill tools to succeed in life. ONH envisions a community in which all youth, without regard of their living situation, have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and an equal likelihood of achieving them. Understanding the challenges of this population, ONH, in 2010, formed a successful collaboration to create a Youth Opportunity Center to provide meaningful life skill resources for disadvantaged youth. As a result, ONH was able to stimulate, sustain and engage “dropout� youth into comprehensive services in San Bernardino County. Since 2010, 2356 have completed their Career Pathway Program, 316 graduated with an accredited high school diploma; 83% entered employment and or have enrolled in to higher education or technical schools.

Young Women's Empowerment Foundation Gwen Dowdy-Rogers, Founder

The mission of Young Women's Empowerment Foundation (YWE) is to strengthen the social, emotional and academic welfare of young women ages 12-21 so they can reach their highest aspirations. Young Women's Empowerment Foundation began as a volunteer program in 2004 at Arroyo Valley High School to assist with “girl drama” during lunch time. By the end of 2004, Young Women's Empowerment created the Empowered 2 Excel (E2E) curriculum. This curriculum focuses on disruptive barriers that prevent young girls from graduating high school. YWE's main focus is making sure that girls have college/career options upon graduation.YWE now provides direct services for 350 girls at 13 schools in 4 school districts and has served 3000 plus girls. YWE also provides scholarship for girls interested in the STEM field, holds an annual "Girl Talk” conference, “Wellness” Conference, Fashion show and last year launched the “MY Sisters Keeper” high school/college domestic violence and sexual assault initiative.YWE would now like to open a “Girls Empowerment Center” in San Bernardino. Young Women Empowerment Foundation's Motto is YWE-Y Not!

Sinfonia Mexicana Youth Academy Maria Saenz

Since its founding in 2009, The Sinfonia Mexicana Mariachi Youth Academy has been guided by the belief that Music Education is transformative and creates academic, scholarship, personal, and professional opportunities. Over 500 students from San Bernardino and surrounding cities have walked through the Academy doors – where they learn to read music, understand music theory, play an instrument, study Mariachi history and continue cultural traditions. As ambassadors of Mariachi, they have shared a stage with renowned artists and Grammy winners, and have delighted audiences on world-class stages, at elementary schools, graduations, and community events throughout the region. The Academy students have inspired audiences with their music, passion, and commitment for keeping the cultural traditions of Mariachi alive. Students, past and present, truly exemplify that music education for youth changes lives, and enriches and brightens the fabric of a community. The Sinfonia family is proud of all of its students, from the first group, who are now alumni, to our current students. They are proud that the Mariachi Youth Academy has contributed to their academic and music success, their high school and college graduations, and their life accomplishments.

Caramel Connections Elizabeth McSwain, Executive Director Passionate about connecting with people and giving back to the community, Elizabeth McSwain is the co-owner of Beola’s Southern Cuisine and the Executive Director of Caramel Connections Foundation (CCF), a non-profit organization founded in 2016. CCF connects the community through culinary arts and events. The goal of CCF is to promote and educate communities on the health benefits of reading together, exercising, organic gardening and how to prepare healthy meals in simple yet delicious ways. In addition to bi-weekly organic gardening and cooking workshops the non-profit offers a 4-week cooking program, emphasizing healthy eating options. The curriculum is designed to engage families as they learn about food, kitchen safety, agriculture, and math which include measuring, science and more. CCF’s mission is to make learning enjoyable by using food as a way to connect and build lasting relationships with program participants and the community. Since the organization’s inception, CCF has partnered with community leaders, volunteers, businesses and organizations to share resources that strengthen the Inland Empire

Give Something Back Christine Brown, Regional Director

Give Something Back (Give Back) has invested more than $36 million in more than 1500 scholarships since 2003. Give Back's innovative prepaid scholarship and university partnership model locks in a reduced organizational cost per student. Institutions across the country commit to subsidizing the gap between aid and total costs for Give Back scholars. Give Back's Partner College’s benefit from their diverse group of students who are prepared for future success. The organization relies on the work of many volunteers and Community Based Organizations. The California program is partnering with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and Department of Children and Family Services to find foster youth, children of incarcerated parents and homeless youth that are excelling in school despite the adversities they are facing. Their scholars are currently thriving at Chapman University, University of LaVerne and California State University, San Bernardino. Although tuition, fees and room and board are covered, money alone does not ensure success. Give Back provides students with the support and resources to help them prepare for the unexpected challenges students face. Each of their scholars is paired with a qualified student coach, or within a group, to help the student stay on track, reach successive goals and navigate the complexities of college preparation. The Give Something Back Scholarship provides students a life-changing opportunity to rise above adversity and break the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and other societal barriers.

PLuv’z Helping Hands Foundation Paula Love-Baber, Founder

Paula Love is a loving wife, mother of one, a grandmother of 6 and a great grandmother of eight. She worked many years as a Registered Nurse and volunteer. Ms. Love spent much of her time helping the less fortunate within her community. Because of her passion to help women, children, men and families struggling with day to day life. With the help of her family, Ms. Love established "The P-Luv'z Helping Hands Foundation". This organization has delivered donations and has been able to provide assistance to those in need of food, clothing, and financial assistance.




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