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A Capsule to the Future

Ooopsss!! We don’t have a DeLorean to send something to the future. We need to think some other option for future citizens to see how is our live at these days‌

This old capsule restored from a space mission can be good to store some utilities from today and can well protect if it’s buried underground for long time… Now we can think what to stored that is representative of advances of our days….

Tablets are one of the technological gadgets that is used today and a tendency for a immediate future. A system used for read books, newspapers, surf internet and communications, games, other applications.

A Synthesizer like these can be good to show how we can make music in our days more modern than other more classical. We can store inside some compositions of our days‌

How many things to put in the capsule and we don’t can put inside, we can record some DVDs or Blu-Ray with images, movies, and music of our days and maybe in the future can be able to reproduce this, or maybe not. But they will know how we store information in our days.

Some clothes around the world. They can know our designs, technologies, styles, ‌ in dress.

Some packaging samples of our days. I think put with content is not a good idea to store for a long time‌..

A capsule to the future  

A capsule to the future